The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 22, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 22, 1937
Page 6
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- V •-/>< i ,, J-Hj'/;' < ' 'PAGE 'SIX '"^ Jonesboro Only Club lo Oppose Admission; Os" rcola Stains Uncertain •By J. P. I-'KIKN'I) The DlyllievUlc Baseball Association, Inc., which will be op?rateil as a farm of the New York Gianl.-i of the National Ua^ne, was award-' td a berth In the Northeast Arkansas league by the board of directors In Parngould yesterday. This vote was'5-1. ' Because of the uncertainly of th< O>ceo!a Indians and liatesvlllc \Vlille Sax, II;rb Sanderson, aclin" for the jonesbojo Cfi.ints, voie( ' against'-tlu admission of Ulyttic ville until. the status ot the two eiubs could bo definitely detenrmi- rd, whieli will b= not late;- thai WediiPS'lay D PreJ T.ijlor jr., xe~- reliry of the, Osceola chit), tolJ ;lhe. directors that they were without the sei vices of tlielr park, were waltlng-on a W!>A project f;-r li'jht- >ng, and had not completed thei .arrangements for a tie-up with I*. St Louis Browns He expected to know by Monday night. Mr. Menard, president of the natesville organi/ation. rciwrlcd that It would be necessary to oblaln assistance fiom a club of higher clas- , Mflcallon bcfoie they would be ren- <ly. President Joe R. Bcrtlg ga\c Iliem iinlll Wednesday for an nn- SMr. / Hopes for an eight, club league were expressed if both Osccola and Balesvlllo are successful an- otlici (oitn must bo secured. If cilhei diops out In nil probability it will remain, at six club.?. Ken-' nctl, MO., and sikeston. Mo., word mentioned as possibilities carnth- crsillle, Mo , 1930 champions. New- porl, parngould, Joneiboro arc ready to go Ha\e Split Sp.i<-<m : Tlie league will play 112 gamps, beginning May o and closing 'sep-' tember 4 with double-headers Proposal foi the Sbaiighiic.wy system of play-oil was defeated. Salary, llnnl was lalsed from $81150 Id $900, including the mann«er A' shoug nltempt, headed by Blythc-' ville, Batesville. and i'nrngoitM wns made lo exclude the manager's sn\- ary from th e limit. It was braten' by one vote. Each club H m post' $1.000 with the National Bn.sebalt Association as a guarantee. .Only $425 was leqnlrcd last season. Hnl'f qf^lhe,)lotal must be sent, In .by Maicli 10. the remainder- 20. Inter. The present offlceis. Joe Bertie Parngould. picsident; R c Mc- QuIAton Newport, nnd Paul Malh- £'. n If sb °W" vlcc -PresWents. and Kenneth Rtadlc, Jonesboio seme- irer, we Pays For Puneh in (ARK,) COURIER NEWS JL'irry Grayson Eddie (D.ibe) nWo is <.1 M to have liken bo pei cent of the net and guaranteed ncddlc Steele $25,000 toi a third ciaek nt tho •rncoma Tapper, who relieved him of the middleweight championship last July, if UuVt wn.s Ihe case, ni.sko paid dearly for a pounding nt tl.e Garden. Steele captured nine of (he 15 rounds and the decision, and the net receipts totaled only $15,000. msko • Is shown )c.«wk«l otr balance by a right-hand Jaw jolt in the 'ninth, n ' otic of. the few exciting interludes. O'Dowdy Takes On Carnthersville in Double Mo])lcv In Featni't- Victory Over Hnllai Pryor Evans, of Batesvllle announced that Thomas whiford so--' curea from SprlngnelcT, Mo., of the }YM.ton Association, for 'worse Hurst, third baseman; Edward 'Campbell, shortstop; and Lee PO™ter, p.txher, had been sold to Monroe, La., O f lhe Cotton Was tr!U13fer ers wll(> ""vanccd lo h, yslem T "ej' include- rlV,J, V!>lc ' p Ne« port, nnd- Roy Ilerndon. Ca uthersville, to Deca- iiir. III., or the Tliree I Leaeue : N^por?", 011 "^ r joi '» «S: fi.pi wini Port , 5 "'o»»i. Ohio, of the Middle Atlantic L<, ngue . j ac " I e H m *, NC(lp ° rt ' to Albuquer- W N. M. of the Arlrona-Ncw Mexico League, Quest BIn»h-,m Oceota, to Sprmgfield, Wo O f the Steele Commercial Club Will Sponsor Soft Bali STEELE. Mo.-At the last mcct- ng of the Commercial club the ncinbcrs decided to sponsor the local soft ball .league agnjn mis year inn the following officers «ere •Icctcd: A. L. Jordan, president, uccecdmg ocrnlcl Urooks- o L Storey, vice-president, and Husseli "rakes, secretary and treasurer. « U. have . Ca! 50ld , secretary of the lorni .b, represented BijthevllleiS Brazill, manager of the Greenwood Mi«,cl«b. also a Giant fan", °v^ s among the thirty present ' S Cooler Places Se^nd '" F. F. A. Tournament COOTER, Mo— The Cooler P p A. boys basketball team won sec- cnci place in the recent Southeast Missouri tournament at llorncrs- ville. Horncrsville non'nrst place and Campoell third Thoie on the local team are Fred Vaughn, Westal Rlddick, Charles Wagster. Jas Broun, James Owens, Bill Coban Lynn Vaughn nnd Woodrow Gay-.' lord . \ W A N T E D Government Loan Cotton Phone 167 APPLEBAUM BROS. COTTON CO. "«tlf Kif, Mjthevflle, Art. Of Wrestling Card .-Irish. Patrick O'Dowdy. claimant for the middleweight cli.imploasliij). ami'Rex iTex) Amarlllo. Texas, I\VQ local favorites, head the wrestling program at the American I.e- glon arena tonight. ; O'Dmvdy, n product of Oklahoma A.-& M.. known for Ms nne wrestlers, faces a newcomer, Rani la- pez, Mexican, and the handsome ;Texan lakes on the mat villain Clinrlrs (j didn't da nii(hin'i : Sinkey, Corinth, Miss., in ths double fcnlijre. They are down for ninety Victory Over Holland CARuTHEnsvn.u:; MO _ ei- iilliersvllle Moan teams took a doii- Weheadcr from Holland here Prl- tlay nluht. the girls by a.lfl-lll .score and the boys. 31-7. Kcnley, Holland forward, with 15 liolnts. «-a s lilgli KC orer In the girls' Biime, while Oliver, wlili 10, led Ca- rutliersvltlc scorers. "aird, canillieisville forward with 10 paints, «-as high scorer In (lie boys' game. Tills was Irs second victory of '•mi' ear • for Ulc slrlv b " 1 ' llie lost a game [„ u, e com)ly »„,("„„,., one outside, lliat ( D SikeslbnJ illes oi-JOfa. with me i, s ,mi h™ Uj'>'»,l ! "^r—^T-r-r!,- prcvaiiin». IHani.'a Meel Reverse Mils onl of amateur oxers will meet In two live round ijoxtiig preliminaries. beginning at 8 p.m. Mike Meiancy, popular olllcln! Both Steele Teams Defeat Braggadocio STEELE, MO.—The Steele high idiool Bulldogs won a double header over the Braggadocio teams nt Stcele Friday iilght, tlie girls' score being 27 to 21 and the boys' 29 io 28. The Sl.eeId girls will tie with Warden for Hrsf In the county league if they can beat Deering Monday iiiglit. Dcerln g and Steele Birls are to meet In the first bracket in the tournament and there h much Inlcrm In this Monday ni»h't. Bame. at Hands of Marniadnk'e •MANILA, Ark.-TliR Mnvmadukc .Marvels Invaded Manllu Saturdav and. captured two of tlic fastest gnmfs ever seen on Hits court. The uoys score was 28 to'22 and the Birls 24 to 2:1. Williams was high.point man for Manila boys with g |>oltils, shock- ley and Berry eiich martc 7 The defeat, was the first, suffered by tne Manila boys on their home court, this season. Their only defeat was at the bands of nivltieville on tho niytlievllle court. ' No Rest For Weary Warriors at Alabama TUSCALOOSA, Ala.-Thc next tmng you know the members of the University of Alabama boxing Their coach. Richard Tirlckatos Is. against pillows, believing i) ln t Bleeping without pillows helps the brcall.lng and strength™., t !lB muscles of the neck. And wlitn Brickates says "no pillows ' ho means "no pillows" if Ihe Alabama coach .ves an v niilows on the bed? of bis charts 1,1 (oss- es them-the pillows and not the pugilists, that is-rigl,t on Ihe floor. Ken I.oelllcr ot Yal? . siis;Mcli( that. George Kro^an of N.oire name hud an iilfirlor motive'in attack- Ing ' tlie v.onc defense al. a New Yurk basketball foruni. "The reason ihul- soins coacliss arc so dead against, it. is that, they go out and get tlis fastest and bcsi players," say.s l/»|[ler, whose success at Geneva lonk lilrn to New Haven, "if some of the ether teams «Vre loretd to try to chass them tiic result, 'A-oii'd b-t obvious." Loelller asserts that he is not. ;le- fc'iidlnj; the 7.0IH!, but JnsL nltempt- In^ to show that, its more vbeifer- OHS foes (ire iiafso mindfin g f ths public interest as they like to appear, I-osfller agrees with Kcogah (hat the; /one- dcfi-nss I 5 resiwnsible for the bulk of slow. unlntere-Stlno com- |»lltlon, but stresses the ]K)in"t that the lirst thin.- to b:.- considered In planning any systsin of defense Is tha tytiu of material. rceojnn Illumes Uic -/.one defpnsi- for taking away opportunity lov skillful indivWiinl e.tion. "Tlie ;.MU defense :s tlv: casi 5ast lo tsach, 1 ' recites Keojan "That's w't:y K:> niany employ it The KIIK is the subterfuge by which a imn whs cannot le.ich man-to man gimrding covers up Ills short comings. A boy who hiis playe nothing but xone defense emerge from college with no knowledge o Ilia fundamental principles o guarding. "Any fast ball handling leair any Intelligent team can riddle' th zone because of Hie undeniable fat Hint you can pass a ball faste Uian you can shift your position. l>c|i:nils un (he Material To which I/jcffler replies- "i ytinr tuatcrial is not fast, H,. is • sure bet that you will nol wan lo eliase the opponents In a ta> defense, not unless you are a lip Hevci- In Ihe saying that -man than half of life's happiness Is li Hie pursuit, and not in realization 'If (he men are tall, even thougl slow, thai fad enhances the viihu. of llie /one defense, the reason'bo- ing obvious. If the men lack slam- ma, the zone Is desirable because running: distances are limited lo tlu '/.one each man defends. "» yon have little' offensive •strength, the zonc very often en- nolcs your playci-s to dash down Ihs floor into the offense before on lonenls get back on defense "It there is no we.iUh of siib- nilnle matorial the zone Is'tlcsir able because inuler this system 'here is less milling Tlic men 11 I the .ball instead of th* ^ '^ i -(JiH'nlly there is less eoutaci 1 Here Is more opportunity for situ]. Ing Hie ball by intercepttmis bc- causc the plnycr on the defensi fan lake more chances'' Kcognn ilcclarci' that when (lie lO-seeond , lllc , vll a f ° book by advocates; of llie Z811e ( l". "Mne^iS^^nl^w™!;! spring the xotie defense in all mrll of llie cOunlry. * * s Slalinnary Set Shot conie.,1 t»e. 10-soconcl rule and three- second foul lane nnd circle , (s t,ic- ion on the pivot nndoublrtllv strengthened the position of tl e Mne defense, but. as Loefrf plains, before their ; question arose whellici Ptav for Pcmiscol County tillc Will Open at Holland Wednesday MONDAY, ' FEBRUARY SJ2, ] ?37 Well, They're Signed, Anyway '•t-hools will participate hi the nn- inial I'emlscot County High School basketball tournament, to be plaj- "d at Holland. Feb. 24, 25 and 2G oiiitpeii games are scheduled foi the Iliri'c-day tournament, • four W(diies<l:iy nflcnioon. torn (hat „—. four Thursday night and V.'o Friday night. Officials will be w. E. Mnvhcv, •>lk.«-|oii, nnd I,, r, Schuctte,' New Ma ilrltl. The official schedule is as fol lows: Wednesday afternoon — Warden vs. Cooler girls, llayti vs. Bragga- .-ooo boys; liayli vs. Caruthen, ville guts; Dcerhuj vs. Steele boss Wednesday nlglil - stcelc vs Offi'liiB ylrls; Cooler vs. Holland toys; Holland vs. Braggadocio «'i'ls; C'aiullicrsvllle vs. Warden ioy.s. Thursday nfeht—Winner Word- ••Some coaches blessed with am J"c talent have adopted tl" To to offset the c 1 s^-ce OPTOMETRISTS Joe Isaacs' SI ore MAKE -KM SKI:-Phone, (HO LICENSE FREE S5 £{ K SU1;, ^ei™^ 0 jr- ,r 'r nsc '<•" - ™» *«« ' Tags. Don'l Delay. Tra *°^r"«Sr^a™:*345 -s-ss^ws "H"...""e«5 $325 $165 '34 FORT) V-s TICK- rf.ooC HI 1 TKUOK <pi}<)0 I5 ° r ° re Yotl Mllsl ««v '« CHEVROLET 5HSTFK TOWS *0/r SEDAN vpOlD 'M CHEVROLET COACH .... $335 DOOR SEDAN ... '34 roiil) V-S COACH .. '32 FORD V-S SEDAN ... '35 CHEVROLET )'!CK TRUCK. A-1 C--)Cr '36 FORD V-S 1'iru Condition tJMUt),, UP TlttTK 193.1 CHEVROLET i, } TON TRUCK. Rood Ti 35 FOUI) V-S ]>K t.IJXl: C'oiii'c. with tf>jnr Kadio .HJ5 •36 1'ONTIAO CO A OH. v o ,, Must .sec io d-roc Aiiin-orialc .pOOO '.w I'r.y.iioirni COACH, c'lo.m As A Via. A Good liny MSnoncn . COUPE $445 $395 ^Thh Offer'(My. Good To Mnrch 1sl . 0|lcn Af N , Rht Tom Little Chevrolet Co, Call r,33 - Ask For Any Salesman winner Deeiing-Seele game, boys-' Winner Sleoie-Uwing game vs winner Holland-Braggadocio game' J'Hs; Winner Cooler-Holland game vs. winner Canilhersville-Wardeli mine. boys. Friday nielli-Girls' chnmpfon- silp came, 7:M p. m.. and boys' I'liiniiplonshli'i same, 8:30 The arid-noon session begins at [o clock, while the nighl . w . w io,v s »«'ne«lny and Thursday bepin il 6:30 p. m. <| in the last few years." con- uces LoefTler. "Screening gencral- is ineffective against a zone do- •''f you can match tl le opposition physically, the man-foi-iuan defense unquestionably j s (He su- pwlor. A man always Ls near his opponent for shot prevention „„«s he has allowed himself e ° " ic " Nat Holmau of the Collcgs of the City of NC,V York calls the zone defense a cancerous growth callus «l ths roots of the game, but there ire tii-o sides to every story As Loclller points out. so lon« as >omc coaclies must ,,-ork with slower material there will contimie lo be -zone defenses unless. tlic - rule- makers decree otherwise'"^"' The first corkscrew palrnt ""•^nital states wa.s issued -° Blake in 1880 lo icago. June Illinois commission. ^ T i^ 0ar{ | ensnys jt wij , ^ UM ^ m ^^^ ^ ; ' '• "' —r f SWVHJR.A REAL LIVE WIRE WlHlERK|R SETS THETOVfK OH FIRE/"' 1 the original Nm BEER in Bottles ! '•>*» ^ i. * s » --»•» Hw I ItH W^C t , TO FAL5TAFF WINTER BEER IT J^i YOU UP- PEPS YOU «JP. K^-* 8 * ' i FOR SOME K Keyed To Today's Higher Happier Spirits! Ihe whole town's swinging to Falstaff Winter Beer as thousands step up and pep up to its merry tingle and taste tang. 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