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Xirtcoln Journal Friday. Oct. 21. 1983 29 Sports renew friendships ready to By Mike Babcock Journal Sport WrHer Victor Scott will renew a pair of summer friendships Saturday afternoon in Memorial Stadium, though not under the most amicable of conditions. The senior defensive back on Colorado's 24 football team will attempt to tackle one of his friends and keep the other from catching any passes.

Specifically, Scott's friends are Nebraska I-back Mike Rozier and Corn-husker wingback Irving Fryar. Scott made their acquaintance in Miami, during the get-together of Playboy magazine's pre-season Ail-American team. "They were all-right guys once they stopped talking about going to the Or-. ange Bowl," Scott said during a telephone interview earlier in the week. Rozier and Fryar, of course, have played in the Orange Bowl each of the last two years, and they have a realistic chance of returning to play in the 50th anniversary game this season.

Scott's best chance at playing in the Orange Bowl would be getting drafted by the Miami Dolphins. His "bowl game" is likely to be Saturday's Homecoming battle with top-ranked and undefeated Nebraska. Kickoff is 1:30 p.m. An upset of the Cornhuskers would help ease the pain of a college career which has included, to date, eight Buffalo victories in 39 games. Upsetting Nebraska would be no small task.

"Everything they do works about nine times out of 10," said Scott "It's basic stuff. They run right at you." To compound the problem, Memorial Stadium "is the worst place to play in the Big Eight because the crowd gets into the game, snap after snap. It's a frightening place; you cant hear anything in there," Scott said The all-conference comerback played in Lincoln as a sophomore, and "I'm going to have a little talk with the younger players," he said. "IH tell them, 'Dont expect Nebraska to do anything without their crowd getting into the game." Another frightening aspect of Memorial Stadium is that it's the football home of Rozier and Fryar. Socially, that's fine.

Competitively, it isn't Scott, who's from East SL Louis, EL, was pleasantly surprised when he met the two most famous members of Nebraska's New Jersey Connection. "I expected them to be cockier than they were. They're cocky on the field, but that's probably the image they want to project I enjoyed being around them," said Scott who will be around them for different reasons on Saturday. Among other responsibilities, hell be covering Fryar "a lot" Scott who has :04.38 speed for 40 yards, is one of the few defensive backs in the country who can hope to keep up with Fryar. Fryar has been timed in :04.23.

According to the Colorado football media guide, Scott Is probably the Big Eight's finest defensive back." Whether or not that's true, he is one of the Buffaloes to whom Nebraska head coach Tom Osborne refers when he says Colorado always has some excellent athletes. Despite its recent problems, the Colorado program has developed numerous professional players, several of them de-. fensive backs. Of the 24 former Buffa loes in the National Football League this season, eight are defensive backs. Tbey include: Mike Davis, Mark Haynes, Jesse Johnson, Mike Kozlowski, Mike McCoy, Odis McKinney, Rod Perry, and Mike Spivey.

"Defensive backs have a good reputation here "Scott said. Colorado's success in graduating players into professional football was part of the reason Scott decided to accept a scholarship from there instead of ones from Illinois or Iowa. "I always wanted to go to Colorado since I was in the sixth grade," he said. Back then, the Buffaloes occasionally played in bowl games. In 1975, they finished 9-3 after losing to Texas in the Astro-Bluebonnet BowL In 1976, Colorado finished 84, including a loss to Ohio State in the Orange BowL Since the 1976 season, the program has been on the decline, under three coaches.

Bill McCartney, in his second year, has brought a new attitude. "When Coach McCartney came here, we were a nonchalant team," said Scott "He's changed our attitude around and put fun and enthusiasm back in the game. This was an individual team, but now we hang together." -Mm. Victor Scott That new-found cohesion will be severely tested on Saturday" afternoon. Scott thinks his teammates are up to the challenge.

"If you're going to get your program started, you've got to beat Nebraska and Oklahoma. Otherwise, they're always going to recruit the best players," he said. Probable starters NEBRASKA (7-0) Offense COLORADO (2-4) No Name Yr Ht Wt PosWt Ht Yr Name No 83 Engebritson Sr. 6-1 220 TE 242 6-3 Sr. Hestera 87 73 Behnlno Jr.

6-7 290 LT 263 6-3 Sr. Sylvester 77 58 Grimminger Jr. 6-3 260 LG254 6-1 Jr. Ill 63 57 Travnowlcz Jr. 6-6 260 225 6-2 Sr.

Heron 61 71 Steinkuhler Sr. 6-3 275 RG 250 6-0 Jr. Beard 64 72 Raridon Sr. 6-3 280 RT 266 6-1 Sr. Firm 70 7 Simmons Sr.

5-10175 SE 173 5-11 So. Alexander 5 12 Gill Sr. 6-0 190 QB 202 6-4 Jr. Vogel 13 30 Rozier Sr. 5-11210 IB 201 6-2 Jr.

Rouson 48 25 Schellen Sr. 5-10225 FB 210 5-11 Sr. Egging 38 27 Fryar Sr. 6-0 200 WB 182 6-0 So. Brown 8 NEBRASKA Defense COLORADO 87 Weber Jr.

6-1 210 LE 226 6-1 Sr. Armstrong 54 61 Keeler Sr. 6-4 245 LT 257 6-3 Sr. Hogbin 74 64 Tranmer Sr. 5-11230 MG 220 6-2 Jr.

Muncie 91 75 Stuckev Jr. 6-3 250 RT 259 6-3 Jr. Smith 96 90 Strasburger Jr. 6-1 205 RE 200 6-3 Jr. Carroll 52 51 Oaum Jr.

6-3 235 LB 219 6-3 So. Fairbanks 55 44 Knox Jr. 6-3 235 LB 203 6-1 Sr. Irvin 51 2 McCashland Jr. 6-1 195 214 6-0 Sr.

Donaldson 31 11 Harris Jr. 6-1 195 CB 183 5-10 Sr. Riggins 44 33 Burke Jr. 5-10195 CB 192 5-10 Sr. Scott 22 10 Clark Jr.

6-2 200 191 6-2 Jr. Davis 7 Klckoff: 1:30 p.m., Memorial Stadium. Broadcast: Nebraska Football Network (Omaha KFAB, Lincoln KFOR). Media attention doesn't distract NU lenged," Osborne said. "They didn't have to play much more than a half and things might have been a little out of focus." But now, Osborne said, rugged games against Oklahoma State and Missouri have put things back into perspective.

Now that the Huskers have survived some admitted complaceny at Oklahoma State and a penalty-plagued performance at Missouri, Osborne would like to see the Huskers "get back a little more dominance in the next few weeks." 1 Osborne said he will continue to with-l hold judgement on this year's team until the season is completed. "It'd be kind of foolish for me to even say this is the best team I've coached," he said. "We could easily lose three games." Characteristically, Osborne is not tak National media attention continued to focus on Nebraska's top-ranked football team Thursday. But NU's head coach refused to worry about it distracting the business at hand. Tom Osborne, who spent much of Thursday dogged by a Sports Illustrated photographer for an upcoming profile story, also greeted writers at practice from the Baltimore Sun, Detroit Free-Press and Fort Lauderdale News.

Osborne said national attention is fine long as you win." "We've got a fairly mature team. We have a lot of juniors and seniors and fifth-year players. They don't think about these "greatest ever" labels. Right now, they just want to play well against Colorado," Osborne said. The Huskers might have been slightly distracted after their first five games "because they weren't really chal ing Colorado lightly.

Colorado Coach Bill McCartney has "worked real hard trying to be positive about this game," Osborne said. "I think the mental aspect is half the battle. We've played some teams that were halfway convinced they couldn't win." Nebraska's preparations for Saturday's homecoming battle wound down Thursday with no new injuries. Defensive tackle Jim Skow continued to be slowed by an ankle injury and if he isn't ready by Saturday, Osborne said Rod Reynolds will help back up starter Rob Stuckey. Offensive guard Dean Steinkuhler and I-back Jeff Smith did not practice Thursday because of groin injuries.

But Osborne said both players were held out merely as precautionary measures. 'ffell Colorado roster 2 Lance Carl WB 6-2 180 Fr. 3 Tom Field t. 6-0 Sr. 4 Tonv Armstrong WB 5-8 154 Jr.

5 Loy Alexander SE 5-11 175 So. 6 Derek Marshall QB 6-2 190 So. 7 Kent 6-2 191 Jr. 8 Ron Brown WB 6-0 182 So. 10 John Nairn 6-1 170 Fr.

13 Steve Vogel 6-4 202 Jr. 14 Craig Keenon QB 6-2 191 So. 16 Pat Chambers 6-1 200 Sr. 18 Larry Eckel 64 215 Jr. 20 Alvin CB 5-9 175 Jr.

22 Victor Scott CB 5-10 192 Sr. 25 Dave Thistle LB 6-1 184 Jr. 26 Chris McLemore FB 6-1 211 So. 29 Solomon Wilcots CB 5-11 170 So. 30 Michael 5-11171 Fr.

31 Jeff Donaldson 6 0 214 Sr. 33 Darryl Johnson TB 5-5 180 Jr. 34 Allan Broun 6-2 190 Jr. 37 Tony Rettig 5-9 190 Sr. 38 Guy Egging FB 5-11210 Sr.

39 Tim Lancelot LB 6-1 217 So. 42 BrionSalozar FB 5-7 198 So. 44 Clyde Rigglns CB 5-10 183 Sr. 45 Marty Cone LB 5-11 205 Sr. 48 LeeRouson TB 6-2 201 Jr.

49 Shelby Nash TB 64 191 Sr. 50 Dan McMillen LB 6-4 220 So. 51 Terry Irvin LB 6-1 203 Sr. 52 Wayne Carroll LB 6-3 200 Jr. 54 Sandy LB 6-1 226 Sr.

55 Don Fairbanks LB 6-3 219 So. 57 6-4 265 Fr. 59 William Gulley 6-1 260 So. 61 Steve Heron 6-2 225 Sr. 63 Junior OG 6-1 254 Jr.

64 Shaun Beard 6-0 250 Jr. 68 Bob 6-3 220 So. 70 John Firm OT 6-1 266 Sr. 72 Tim Harper OT 6-5 265 Fr. 73 Derek Weisner OG 6-5 240 Sr.

74 Randy OT 6-3 257 Sr. 75 Craig Beverly OG 6-0 245 Sr. 77 Mike Sylvester OT 6-3 263 Sr. Pat Ryan OT 6-3 259 Fr. 60 JohnEmbree TE 6-3 204 Fr.

81 DaveAlderson LB 6-2 221 Sr. 82 Kellev Johnson WB 5-8 155 Jr. 85 EdReinhardt TE 6-5 220 Fr. 87 DaveHestera TE 6-3 242 Sr. 89 HugoNevaret SE 5-11 186 So.

90 Darin Schubeck LB 6-2 192 So. 91 Don Muncie NG 6-2 220 Jr. 92 Chuck Mikel DT 6-2 225 Sr. 95 Curt Koch OT 6-6 228 Fr. 96 George Smith DT 6-3 259 Jr.

97 Chuck NG 6-0 220 Fr. 98 ToddCiccarelli DT 6-4 242 So. 99 Joe O'Brien DT 6-4 230 Sr. Huskies gain early momentum O. Northwest stuns O.

South Nebraska roster 1 Dove Schneider 5-7 150 So. 2 Mike McCashland 6-1 190 Jr. 3 Gary Schneider CB 5-11 185 So. 4 Guy Rozier 5-10 180 So. 5 Ricky Greene CB 5-9 178 Jr.

6 Todd Fisher CB 64 185 So. 7 Ricky Simmons SE 5-10175 Sr. 8 Nate Mason QB 64 205 Sr. 9 Mark Hogerman 5-10 190 Sr. 10 Bret Clark 6-2 200 Jr.

11 Neil Harris CB 6-1 195 Jr. 12 Turner Gill QB 6-1 183 Sr. 13 Kevin Biggers. 5-11 185 Jr. 14 Travis Turner QB 6-4 200 So.

15 Craig Sundberg QB 6-1 190 Jr. 16 Dave Stacy CB 5-10 175 So. 17 Shane Swanson WB 5-9 195 Jr. 18 Brian Pokorny CB 5-11 175 So. 19 Brian Slebler CB 64 185 So.

21 Paul Miles 5-9 195 So. 22 Woody Paige -CB 5-9 170 So. 23 Roger 5-10190 So. 24 DanCasterline 5-10 205 So. 25 Mark Schellen FB 5-10225 Sr.

26 TomRathman FB 64 220 So. 27 Irving Fryar WB 64 200 Sr. 28 JeH IB 5-9 190 Jr. 29 Don 6-2 185 St. 30 Mike Rozier 5-11510 Sr.

31 Charlie 5-9 185 So. 32 TimBrungardt FB 5-11210 Sr. 33 Dave Burke CB 5-10 195 Jr. 34 Todd Prof fltt LB 5-11 235 So. 36 Scott Porter FB 6-1 225 Jr.

38 Shane Thorell 5-9 165 So. 39 Jim WB 5-10185 Jr. 40 Dan McCoy LB 64 205 So. 41 Pat Borer FB 5-10 190 So. 42 Scott Schoettger SE 5-7 155 Jr.

43 Tony Hollowav LB 6-2 200 So. 44 Mike Knox LB 6-3 235 Jr. 45 GregDivis IB 64 225 So. 46 ChodDaffer LB 64 215 So. 47 DonWingard 6-1 200 So.

48 Scott Livingston 6-2 200 Jr. 49 Rob Armstrong LB 64 225 So 51 Mark Daum LB 6-3 235 Jr. 52 KenGraeber MG 6-2 250 Jr. 53 Anthony Thomas OG 6-2 275 Jr. 54 Brad Muehling 64 220 Sr.

55 Stanley Wade LB 6-3 220 So. 56 Jock Noel 6-1 235 So. 57 Mark Troynowicz. 6-6 260 Jr. 58 Harry Grimminger.

OG 6-3 260 Jr. 59 Jim Dittmer OG 6-3 235 Jr. 61 Mike Keeler DT 6-4 245 Sr. 62 John Reinhardt MG 5-11 245 Sr. 63 Doug Herrmonn DT 64 275 Sr.

64 Mike Tranmer MG 5-11 230 Sr. 65 Tim Roth OT 5-11 260 So. 66 John Sherlock OT 6-1 260 Sr. 67 GregOrton OG 6-1 250 Jr. 68 Bill Lewis OT, 6-5 270 So.

69 Kevin 64 240 Jr. 70 Brian OG 64 260 So. 71 Dean OG 6-3 275 72 Scott Raridon OT 6-3 280 Sr. 73 MarkBehning 64 290 Jr. 74 Stan Porker OT 64 230 Fr.

75 Rob Stuckev DE 6-3 250 Jr. 76 Chris Spachman DT 6-5 260 So. 77 Tom Morrow OT 6-3 255 So. 78 MlkeZierke DT 6-3 245 Jr. 80 Todd Frain TE 6-2 215 So.

81 Brad Smith DE 6-3 230 So. 83 Monte TE 6-1 220 Sr. 84 Gregg Reeves DE 6-3 210 So. 85 WadePraeuner DE 5-11 200 Sr. 86 Dave Ridder DE 6-1 205 Sr.

87 Bill Weber DE 6-1 210 Jr. 88 Scott Kimball SE 64 185 Jr. 89 Scott Tucker DE 6-2 215 So. 90 Scott 6-1 205 Jr. 91 Rod Yates 64 185 So.

92 Don Bourn TE 6-3 220 So. 93 Rod Reynolds DT 6-4 230 So. 94 Brian Hiemer TE 6-4 210 So. 96 JimSkow DT 6-3 225 So. 9 Jon Bunger DT 6-2 235 So.

98 DaveDietz TE 6-1 255 So. 99 KenSheod MG 64 235So. taught us about being scared when they beat us. "You're also scared when you're facing the only unbeaten team in Class A and the top offensive team in the state," Hanel said. But scared or not.

Northwest now 7-1, jumped into the lead when Steve Nelson picked up a South fumble on the second play of the game and raced 14 yards to score with the contest just 52 seconds old. After the Huskies stopped the Packers on downs, Tony Higgins burst around the right end on a wing-T trap play and sped 74 yards to score and put ONW ahead 144 with 8:12 left in the first quarter. By Ken Hambleton Journal Prep Writer OMAHA Romping to four touchdowns in the first 15 minutes of the game did a lot for Omaha Northwest Most importantly it gave the No. 3 Huskies the momentum to post a stunning 41-14 victory over Class A's top-ranked Omaha South Thursday night before a crowd of 4,000 fans at Berquist Stadium. "There's a lot of things you can do" when you get a lead like we got" Northwest Coach Frank Hanel said.

"You can stick with your game plan and you erase a lot of fear. "I guess we play better when we're scared. And we were scared of Omaha South tonight" he said. "Millard North jWilkening happy to foe just a student' ft 1 if 1 Vi" IT The Packers lost a fumble on their 19, but Northwest fumbled the ball back on the South six. But two plays later South fumbled again, and on the first play from the 13-yard line, ONW receiver Jeff Bonney grabbed a pass from KeHey Gill in the end zone to give the Huskies a 204 advantage with 1:01 remaining in the first quarter.

South was held to nine yards total offense in the first quarter, and after stalling on downs with 14 seconds left in the period, Northwest took over and began its first drive of the game. Northwest covered 42 yards in nine plays and Higgins covered the final yard for his second touchdown of the game to give the Huskies a 264 lead with 8:42 left in the first half. "I wasn't worried about our kids let-" ting down because they were still scared and they knew the kind of things South was capable of doing to get back in the game," Hanel said. Following Northwest's four touchdown, South broke the scoring drought with a nine-play, 62-yard scoring drive that quarterback Ed Vacek capped with a nine-yard scoring pass to Duane Jacobsen. Northwest 'gave South a chance to close the score when the Huskies fumbled the second-half kickoff at the ONW 25.

Six plays later, including a fourth-and-7 pass to the one-yard line, Vacek crashed into the end zone to cut the margin to 26-14. But Northwest quickly answered when standout running back Gary Sel-vera broke through three tackles on a 48-yard touchdown scamper that gave ONW a 34-14 lead with 8:40 left in the third quarter. Selvera gained 131 yards on 19 carries, while Higgins rushed for 93 yards on nine carries to lead the Huskies. Northwest finished with 284 yards rushing and 325 total offensive yards, compared to South's 99 yards rushing and 17 passing. i The Huskies' defense also sparkled with eight tackles behind the line for a total of 42 yards in They also recovered two South fumbles and two Packer interceptions.

"We were ready for what they do Hanel said. "I also have to think that we were worried back when we were a wishbone-option team playing on a wet field like South was tonight "We just throw or handoff and dont have all that ball handling and cutting corners on the wet ground to do," he said. "Selvera did a great job and he's not 100 percent And with someone giving Higgins a rest on offense he was more effective running and as our strong safety. "I expected a six- or seven-point ball game and even with the big lead I dont think the kids or the coaches were ready relax. We have at least one more game before we can do that," Hanel said.

By Randy York "Horseman" in an offensive backfield After four years of subjecting himself Assistant Sports Editor that would return intact in 1983. to a certain amount of physical abuse, He still can't quite find the courage to The only problem was, Doug Wilken- Wilkening made a philosophical deci-buy a ticket and watch a game. ing did not want to return. He was, in ef- sion. He decided he'd had enough, pure But shed no tears for Doug Wilkening.

feet burned out on football and simple. The former Nebraska fullback has "The reasons I quit are secondary "I'm an anxious person," he said. "1 discovered not only that there's life now," he said. "Everybody I know tried put enough pressure on myself without after football, but it's better than he to talk me out of it Even my relatives, having the pressure of footbalL Each ever dreamed it could be. Their argument was I couldnt quit after athlete handles pressure differently.

"i always wondered what it would be coming this far. I didnt see it that way." "I could talk a lot about it but It has like just to be a college student. Now I Wilkening knew the potential was to do with how I was brought up all my know," Wilkening said. "I can't believe there to play on a national life. The natural direction of my life was how much fun it is.

team. But he also knew he was physi- in conflict with what I really wanted" "It's hard to describe the difference in cally drained, emotionally exhausted Basically, Wilkening said, "I just want my life. Saturdays are still tough, but and had this perception that the coaches to be happy with what I'm doing and the other six days of the week I don't were playing games with him by not where I'm at" miss football at all I'm so much more starting him in the Orange BowL Football satisfied only part of that de-relaxed. The pressure of going to school "Psychologically, I dont even know sire. He felt he poured so much energy js nothing compared to the pressure of an the reasons why I quit," he said.

"I into the sport, there wasnt enough left claying football dont know whether I was depressed or to relax and be the type of student he "And my grades reflect it They're what It's so complex, you cant really thought he could be. tetter than they've ever been. I'm hap- analyze it It's hard to step outside your In his first four years on campus, pier than I've ever been. That's why 111 skin, look at yourself and tell what's Wilkening said he compiled a 2.6 grade-never regret the decision I made." going on." point average while majoring in adver-j That decision, of course, was the one No one can say Wilkening was not using. This semester, "if you average all to quit Nebraska's football team during willing to sacrifice.

In January 1981, he my tests so far, I'm averaging 15 for 14 the first week of spring practice. went to Canada to receive an Injection hours," he said. "For the first time, I can It wasnt easy. Wilkening was voted for a ruptured disc He also endured a feel myself developing intellectually." lite Huskers" outstanding player in the series of nagging and painful injuries For Wilkening, the dramatic lmprove-Oklahoma game. He was the fourth throughout the '81 and '82 seasons.

ment is easily pinpointed. Tm not stud-. ying that much more," he said. Tm just more relaxed and able to absorb that iiu, An' nrM nn much more. I have the utmost respect WnO AH I Op d) pi uyS for a guy UkeRob Stuckey who can get the good gradw and play good football I It I TAFF PHOTO BY HUMBERTO RAMIREZ, Doug Wilkening relaxes with his dog, Marll.

vision, but I wouldnt be able to handle buying a ticket, and actually going," Wilkening said, admitting this Saturday would be particularly tough because the opponent is Colorado, his home state. "People still cant understand why I quit," Wilkening said. They want to give me the third degree and sometimes, I get a little defensive about it" Fortunately, he shifts gears and puts it all back into perspective. "I feel good physically and Tm happy mentally," be said. "It would have been nice to play on a national championship team with Mike Rozier.

But how long win that feeling last? One he asked "If I make it through Vus year, life's going to be pud." Lincoln apartment is Marti, the "mutt" who caught his eye in a quick trip to the Capitol Humane Society. Marti was especially nice to have around Sept 10, the day Nebraska opened its home season against Wyoming. "That was the toughest day of all," Wilkening said. "I was by myself, wash-Ing the dishes, listening to the kickoff on the radio. "Fall was in the air.

The atmosphere was there. I wasnt upset that I wasnt playing. I just felt out of place." So Wilkening did the only thing he could to clear his head. He took a three-hour cruise on his bike. "I whed the Missouri game on tele Nebraska (7-0) hosts Colorado Nebraska by jusicouianiwm.

Texas (54) at So. Methodist Texas by 9 As he has in the past, Wilkening North Carolina (7-0) Is Idle scheduled no classes in the afternoons West Virginia (54) at Penn State W. Virginia by 2 Rtatinc IT Auburn (5-1 hosts Mississippi State Auburn by 21 this fall But instead of getting taped, at- Florida (54-D hosts East Carolina no line tending meetings, watching film and SSWiWriSSJiSS GeoroiJ3biln2 running plays, be takes a two-hour bike Miami, Fla. (6-1) at Cincinnati line oimt urfthmit fall So. Methodist (54) hosts Texas Texas bv 9 ride every day, almost without tail Michigan (S-i) hosts lowo Michigan by 6 he doesnt jump on his 12-speed, Illinois (5-1) at Purdue ov JnnanPMMiuute tourina bike.

Wilkeninc Iowa (5-1 ot Michigan Michigan by 6 paiiese-maae wunng ouie, Arizona St. (44-T) hosts Washington asu by 19 hops on his 18-speed mountain bike with Washington (5-1) at Washington by 10 wWe yjj brakes. Marvlond(M) hosts Duke MarylandbvJI utMa km Oklahoma (4-2) hosts lowo state Oklahoma bvii He attacks some "wicked hius Ohio State (4-2) hosts Michigan St state by 25 around 18th and Holdrege with the same Aiobomo (4-2, idle Wakening's only companion mliis-.

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