Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 26, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 26, 1896
Page 8
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THE GOLDEN RULE. FIVE GRADUATES EXTAORDINARY -:- MARK DOWN SALE. Greatest Values of the Season, i We advise Early Selections. 3000 LADIES' SHIRT WAISTS! nust Be Sold We have made Three Lots out of the Stock we offer. Lot 1..Elegant made Shirt Waists in many colors and styles. Best Bargains ihat we ever offered, Choice only 28c; Lot 2 This lot includes many different colors including- Linen color and varied designs such as stripes, plaids, and figured, choice only 48c; Lot 3. are very fine Shirt Waists in Lawn, Dimities, Modress, Dresden Designs such as are sold for $1.25, $1.50 and $1.75. These are all new goods, but are 'broken lots in sizes, choice of any 98c. Schmitt and Heinly. Holy Angels' Academy Sets Five Small Barks Adrift. IN CURRENTS OF LIFE Commencement Last Night—Essays and Flowers. Be Good to Your Feet Don't expect then to be comfortable iu uncomfortab'e shoes. BRING YOUR FEET HERE MEET Logansport Speeding Club Fixes on Dates— Program. And clothe tiem in a pair of our easy-Jitter*, tan or black. We ' GOOD SPORT PRO/USED have fixed the price so you oan do that easily. We don't want to carry over any tans and will puih them out at these prices. Ladies' Tan Walking Shoes 7'Jc, 98c, .fl 28 and Jsi.48 .Gents Tun Lace Shoes $1.48, $1.03 and $2.48 Our line of elegant button boots can never be equaled. E. M. Walden & Co. 315 Fourth Street. Straws That Show Which Way the Wind Blows Show that lit must have blown a tremendous gale -towards Fisher's, for they have'straws of aU the new shapes and sizes, straws In straw color and any other color you wteh piled on their shelves and waiting to be called "the last straw" In the newest style bought at Fisher's by every pleased resident of Logansport. Light Derby's, light nobby straw hats and Jaunty-handsome bicycle caps are wliat we have a big run m now. Program Same as Last September—With Extras-Coleridge flay Appear. HORRIS FISHER - THE HATTER. WHEEL TALK. '.Though lie punctured his tire 'twice, '<&. J{. Broadbent brought down the Jmstralian 100 mile road record I. to ii:45:00, breaking the Australian record atoeteen minutes. The American re- owil to 4:40:00, held by A. B. McDon- ari, of Toledo. World's record Is 4:21:45 acid by A. E. Walters of England. Po&et Kodaks at the Burgman runs hard with one's best ' on- Uh& front seat Tho- Fleet-wing for ladies. There are more- of ttee wheels used la this city tbaa all' other makes of wheels. Lore <ra<3 toll-gate keepers differ •omt'what. Love never asks for pay tn •dyanee. Have' your blcy.de insured against tbett. Burgman Cycle Co., will do It. ELECTION OF OFFICERS. A regular meeting of t'ho Cass county Medical society was held Thursday •night. A paper ou "Erysipelas" by Dr. Gould of Royal Center, was discussed nt length. Dr. Hcmn.'iim reported a aise of Jip- pcndicicta The following officers wore elected for the ensuing torm of c-ue year: President—B.' C, Stevens. V-k-e President—E. P. Gould. Secretary and Treasurer—J. X. Powell. Ccifiiw-s—\V. II. Bell, ,T. G, Rogers and B. D. BradlleM. The next -meeting will be hold July 30th, and at that time papers will be re:ul by Drs. Boll, Busjaha and Cady. Last night tlielje was-a mue.tlmg-uf-thu Log.-uiisport Driving club at which-the time of'Uu; nitiijg louruameu.t for 18!JG w;iis jsot for St;i't|e fair week from September intlvftO'IiTth. The profjiMini .Xvlnkili. Ls. (ho same as g-ivon last Sei)tcm.ber, follows: ' TUESDAY, SEPT. 15. .• 2:40 Pace—Puijse $150. 2:40 Pace...-.- '• WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 1C. 2:2S lYot. i 2:35 Pace. Frce-for-All Pace. THURSDA.V, SEPT. IT. ' 2:25 Paw-Purse ?200. 2:24 Trot—Piwse $200. In addition.,tx> jtliusetiittractloins tlicru' will be a mixed, ti-ottiug .aod pacing contest .for two-yea.r-oIdiS, that- :wili draw inainy.blooded yoivngsters-info the' haii-uess. The day for the,,extra event 1ms uoit; beeu .set, Bicydq rit<;-eH;;\Uu prx»ba,bly again. b« a featui.ce. Xlie gi.t>at Cass county pacer, ColerWge,.: was ! made a- aird at - last ye;i:r'.s meet, uoid' ou- tiie day of hiis appMurance tire int-ix-baatS-C'losed their .stores fro.ni 2 to 5 in the afternoon and everylwdy wont •(!» the park. It Is certain tlint Ilio big] pacer will prove 1 no loss strong jw "an abti-action tWs year. . The com'se a.iidi the stables arc to be In better condiiiUoii tlran ever this year at^l the prospects arc bright for a high iy successful met't. , .Last; uyeni.iiK at Sr. Vincent's hall nc- ctirreil flu: graduating of a class of 11 vu yuiing ladies fran Holy Angels' Academy. The hall was beautifully decorated for the ooi.iinioii with the eia.ss colors, cream and licliiOtiropi-, and t!n> class 11101,10, "Virtiiis Kt Scioutlii," written ibove the stage. There were live grrttlu itc.s, .Misses M. Kii'iill, M. Irwin, M. Ma- hoii.i'.v a-inl M. McCaffrey oil -Jiis city, wid 'Miss A. .Stafford of Clu-ago. The irst. miiiilx'r on tlio projrram was a win;; 'Summer F.-iiieu's." by (|IQ Suuior vo- •:il class. Tlie NOIIJT wa.S we'll ri'rcivi.'il unl was hi'a.rlily iipplaudud. The next utm-Lefwa-s an i;ysay,"r'i:lgri-iii.*in Lifi;'-: "lo\*'cry Mi'adows,"given in vi'ryaccjp-' able siyJo by .Mass Mary KuiJl. "Ttu-- Tlirks," a sang by the Minims, was well rendered and wmi groat app-l.-uiso. An-essay, "Ktiilders," by Miss Mary Ma'honcy, wnw read in a innimor that n:- iliici.i.-d great crwliit uixm the young lady. A vocaJ duet ,-md chorus, "Slarry '.Vlgli.t." met the approval o.f the audience. Miss jr.-irsarct Irvvln rertd au I'ssny.on "X:iHire's Varied Language" Yluir liict witji tbe pleased aj)proval of every otic. Miss Annie Stafford's essay on '•IJeiiiiiiciation'' wa.s ivnclcrwl cxcol- lontly and was eomplihiunted by all. Miss Stifford has an excelluiit voiee,and good delivery. "Xiglu.'Britngs Omfthu Stars as Sorrows Show us Truth, 1 ' wa.s rendered wuH. a.ud was noted with demonstrations* o-f apjirovaj. The conferring of (.lie graduating gold medals ;iud diplo- •wa.s performed by t.he Very Rev. M. E. Campion, who, in his address, ;ml tlw.t. (In-, graduates had completed thuir work a.t. Holy Angels' Academy nui wore now ready to start into the votid lumlified intelleotu.-illy and spirit- tally but rlrat they should rmneuiber liat'-th(ilr studies wore.not"finished, as huy were now only fitted for a lir'o tudy'. He said Hia.t the reason that so :inny graduated aud were never fcanl • of • after they had rccclv- d 'tiieir diploiiiiis, was because hey kid ceased to study aud a result life to thorn was a failure. To said that they should make a success of the profession they adopted.as iwe wa.s no ohuor country in the world ja-t ollVred the excellent opjwrtunUies or--poople in lliciir stnudiwg that this I'aiid conn-try o-f cure offers. "Your a.ss motto will arm you to face the. orld," Iu: said. "Christliniry is the light of the world, wldliout it. we have night. --Be true to the principles of Particular and Careful Buyers. Will Notice at once that we are determined to quit business and that we will ruthlessly slaughter he prices on all goods in our Great Closing Out Sale. The following quotations tell the whole story. .10 Men's all wool black cheviot suits, tire ?32 kind now go at !?5.0S 110 Men's all wool 20-ouucc clay worsted suits, sack or Crock, worth §14, slashed to «724 2r>0 Men's all wool business suits, well worth $10, now go at $o.4S 200 Men's pants-that always sold for ?.]. ;U id ?3. are offered in our fare-' well sale tvt S2.-13 2riO Children's ,<ui-ts, double breasted, iu latest fabrics, worth ?5 to ?(!, slaslKxl down to S;) -IS 200 Children's suits, reefers and jttnior.s. well worth $3 and ?3,oO, iriven away now sit S1.9S Suiiin:cr coats and. vests for ninu and boys, only $ .50 Men's work pants that any merchant will charge you SI. for, our price sla light r.Ted to" i? .08 25 Dozen balbrtegan umlersbir.!* ihat refill the world over for 2Cic, now.? .10 100 pairs boys' knee pants, any size, worth 25e, now go at 5 .13 100 Dozen swspraidors, silk overshot., always sold a.t 25c. go in this good•1 i.vc sale for QS 100 Dozen men's seamless lOc socks DOW at 0-1 - PercalG dress shins 33 Ucwt work slu'rts 35 Best unlaundared shirt 30 Best white laundered shirt „ $.50 au d .73 Bdst uiglit shirt $.35 aj]( i .50 Genuine 25c celluloid collars 15 Hats, umbrellas, children's waists, overalls, u-cckwoar, all go at same ratio. Alpaca coats, mohair coats and vests, linen coats a'nd vests, at your own price. Our stay in Logausport is so limited that we arc compelled to offer the goods away below cost, to got rid of them in a hurry. HARRY FRANK 313 Fourth Street. Christ find to your God. Lite is before you, make tlie effort of your life a suc- cc-ss awl always respect your 'Alma Milter. 1 " CHASED HIM DOWN. Hounds Trace a Horse Thief From Monon to Winamac. | The flghit is on, and its not an extrava- gtmee now. !?C.OO French patent leather ladies' dress shoes for $2.98 during Otto's sale. Mrs, C. B. French and Hitle daughter, Manuel, of North Grove, arc visiting Eva C. 1'omig of Ottawa street. BREEDERS' MEETING. At Washington Park, Chicago, June 37thito July 4th. During the- Northwestern Breeders' meeting at Washington park, Chicago, for QUO week beginning June 27th, there will be a full week of high class racing. Coleridge,, pride of. Cass county, In en- lea-ed. for the free-for-all pace. There •are ulrie .entries for this event, which takes qlace. Friday; July 3, as follows: Tom Ogdeu; rHrectjon, Badge E.: (formerly Badge), Frank Agan-; Afrlte, ,T.o He, W. W. P., Coleridge.. Thursday, July 2, . there. • will- be n. match race for the world's championship, betw.eeu the great pacers, Joe Patchen, 2:04 and. John- R.' Gentry, 2:03%. .. , ' , E. -L. Hottaistoin of Williaiusport was.-In,.the city last night with a pair of , blood hounds which excited quite a great deal of interest, from the 'fact that they Jiad jost run, to earth a horse thief. The story of the chase is brieily tol'd. A valuable driving horse was stolon from the stable of G. G. Brown, n real estate dealer at Monou Wednesday .night. The hounds were sent for lit Wil-LIiiinsport yesterday morning ami took up the trail as soon as they could be taken to jroiwm. They trailed the thief across country to about eight, miles north of Winaauac, where lie was overhauled late yesterday evening aud captured. He was safely lodged Iu ja.ii and Mr. Hotbensteln came on to this city, where ho took the 10:20 train, on the Wabash 'foir Homer, 111., where the dogs will be put on. the trail of a rnau or men who shot qnd killed a man iiursdfly night and blew two safes ipou and rifled them. The dogs aix; perfect specimens of Elite Southern fox hound a.nd are niistakiirs- ly called a blood ho mid.. They are''not tlio fierce naimals Unit many suppose them to be, but are quiet and like to- be fondled. The trausi'lion from the common fox chasing dog to that of a m.-iii- huutcr has been accomplished by patient training. From the time Uie pups are old enough to play, they are given a daily lesson in man hunting, and as they grQw al-der the work Is extended until finally they \ know iiotliing. oilier to trace a uunitm by ihe scent, as niiiccstors clinsed the red fox. It. Js the sharpest-scouted dog known and for this reason is the best for trailing. When tihe dogs are starred on' a trail they are held in leash until they get fairly started away from tljc spot where started, ami theoi arc turned loose a.ud the officers follow ou horseback or on bicycles, . Mr. Hottenstein saW last -night: "We follow as close as we ca.n, somoti'mcs on, horseback, Somelimes ou- bicycle, whichever is most convenient. If the roads are good we can keep up much, easier on a bicycle, but on such a rum as we had yesterday the wheel would have been useless. Tliose two dogs cost $100 apiece, and twice that would not buy them. Their names? liainbler and Henry." As he spoke their names tihe dogs looked up and wagged their tails-, then strained at thc.l-cash, impatient to be off. Tlieir owner said .that it was seldom that the dogs were put on, the trail of horse thieves; fib at they were generally busy with larger game. HERE THEY GO! CHOICE OF ANY SHOE IN' MY STORE FOR ?3,48. NOTHING EESERVED-MEN'S AND WOMEN'S $5, ?6 & $7 FINE SHOES YOUR CHOICE FOR 53.4S. THIS SALE IS STRICTLY CASH- ALL GOODS MUST BE PAID FOR BEFORE LEAVING THE HOUSE. I propose to close out all my spring and summer goods. It don't pay to carry goods over until next season. I prefer new ones, consequently this big reduction. Low shoes and slippers are low, awfully low in price, but quality very high. Pilling, the hustler for business. 412 Broadway, Logansport, Indiana. To The Ladies !?2,OS these dull times buys SG.OO worth of shoos, crash-suits Cor men, and lots of other Roods at Otto's. George Warner aud family of Race street are eutcriaiaiimg Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wairner a,ud thek daughter Bessie of HaiTisburg, Pa. Attorney C. C. Shirley of Kokomo was in the city yesterday on legal business. Mrs. Frank Guth.de is the guest of friends in the country. This is the season of the year when the unpleasant but necessary work of house-cleaning claims tbe attention ot the housekeeper and not a little d» pends on toe appearance of your lace curtains as poorly done-opcurtalnispoil the effect of a well-furnished home quicker than anything else. We nav« • experienced help In this class of work who do nothing else and w« Know w« can give yxm perfect satisfaction. We are also making a specialty this year of laundering shirt waists, being- th« only firm In the city using machinery exclusively for the purpose. We will appreciate your patronage. Campbell Bros. 429 Market St. The Opportunity of Your Life. A X ':-...•;• - %/ FOR CA SH ONI V e WU1 SeU witllput reserve oiir entire $14,000.00 stock of shoes and slippers AT ACTUAL COST as we r \Jt\ V^V^l I \JW L, i are a b ou t to remodel our store room and must have the space. This is no Fake Bankrupt Old Stock nor SOc on the dollar sale but clean fresh goods bought for. the Spring trade. This is your opportunity, call early belore sizes are broken. AH foods charged must be at regular Prices. Stevenson & ^BROADWAY.

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