The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 27, 1932
Page 2
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1932 Hl,VTlircViU.K (AUK.) COURIER N15«'S Campaigning for the Preside oncy M'' and Mrs. Norman Uiomas Have Worked lc«clher Since Marriage By HEI.K.V WELSIIIMKH NEW YORK.—It's always "wj." "cur" or "us" \vhei) Mrs. Normal: Thomas, wife of the Socialise par.-. 1 p:(^LiIenlia! catiUkla'.?, u>fcvs D .'?: husband's campaign. And it isn'i Ill-auvised, f:r M-.v Tl!O;ng<: ii Simon as ranch a par 1 , of Hie campaign as tlic. Candida;; is Jiimsrlf. I» the 22 years of tluu- maii-iccl Iffc they liavc iraiglu aliko, atrteJ aliHe. viewed .s'Jri-d! piabl;ms alike and tills yjar tiny UIV.T boen campaigning together. .Mis. Thomas accompanying h?. husband 0:1 -vDie-geuing loim. The career :h;y have .shared da'.cs back to 19!0 when Trnaias. a young ProAytcrian ministjr Jus- ou; of Princeton, ,-ind Violet S:>«-- r.n. daughter of . an aristoiralic imikins. familv. wcr; aoinr social v.-ork !n New York's tenement dis- triets. Ho was assistant pastor of Cja:-e eSurch. i n t:ie tenement district; she v.a= nursing i:i n tuberculosis c'.inic in the same rtntric; "I found t'.iat, helping families to adjust th?mwlvos ain getting tlie minds of patients at rest were as important as medical aid." she says, "and in this .Mr. Thomas aided me greatly. Hciievmooneil on Bicycle "It has t;en said v,e honeymooned on a bicycle. We didn't have a real hoqcymoon, but v:e went to and from our work by bicycle—and I alivar.t think of the fiKl few years of our work together as a honeymoon extended. It was just like tlut." Wr.ich "converted" the other to Socialism? "Well," smiles Mrs. Thomas, "we lived under the same conditions and came to the same conclusion—that something was wrong with the accepted system and order of things.' She knows Socialism thoroughly and likes to discuss the subject ii: iclation to the major problems o' the day, but political issues are forgotten when her family is mentioned. ,11's finite a family— tiro bays and to Separate Them Might Be Fatal to O ne or Both. PACE THREfe _• the I.M> twiivi. Klmpllrlu and l.uclit ii'i>. was made tit. Hie DlyiiK'- ho-.|>U:it ii:Jny by Dr. !•'. I,. ••'. :ui: a:ul a yicmp of Ihv i- li'-.-u! |>!r..'k'lims. i- tvltis ;',;m> ii brief liistory >: 'ii"ir lives ami explained Ilmt- ' : ' ''• Mvcral well known lios- ;]'•'.:.. in luc nisi \vhnv ilu-y liuvo II . .•: i-A.iinmcil ivlt.'i (he vl.nv of 1 [!•' .siiiiniin: whrtlu'i ur nut n SIKI <> a.l i.iicr.Ulon could bc> jn-r- |1: mud ID :L']>:ii'iHi> ilii'iu. I Alihi.'.wh i|ii' iiiihin is u miisi-u- '!.-:i <:•'.;• tliiniigli wlih'h no innln Safety Campaign i Reduces Auto Accidents \ IIAKXISUUnU. I'll. (UP>— Suc- ccwi In K'clurlns nccWonlB fe.ilur- ctl a "Hljhwny Accldcnl Pii'vcn- 1 lion .Montli" iiraclnluicd by Oov- ernoi- lililord iHiichot- In Pi'illv-jl- vnnla. Sufdy buri'inis sot August :K tl>e cuinpal^ii month. Returns .'liowrJ 11) per cent k-ivcr m-cl- toils, an PIT cent Iras falVlllk-s but 1.7 ]-er cent inoi'i- Injured In the month us cc.mpiired with llio uf lii'c-crd, tf Hie r,in(i> safety bureau fliuttvil [I.CJ8 nucldent ri'- )-orli-(i fur Aiijjiisl, la) priMJns killed mid 4 .2117 Injured. Onc-Legged Rooster Wears a Wood«n Le^ SIJA.MOK1N. l>ii. lUI'l— A |;?;{- li'UScd roostor t» a nuirketl fnvor-1 He nmoiig ninny s.'.amjkln c!ill- i (Iron. | II was marked for dlilliifllon nt ' i I , . , i -' i'.... iiinin.ll lul uill Jilt null ill 1'-.' ". hy mo:! iin'iilriu fS|:ciI.-, »-|io lilrili, foi- (In., cliililrcn of I In- fnml- : n.iM' .'Siiiimii-d iiicin mat mi cp-! ly in who*: ])e n It was ImlcliKl lie.! "•••'•»•. i:i-:;iH :at-,il to one „ Miin s nronnd Us rlglil let, ."'• -' >h of Hi., i Mil:-, ;u ,!„, lmi . o,,,, lUy lh( , slrln , cl ,,, , !ro , Isiilipy us we lire." Ut- l\vli:.s are 1M < ;.- were born In the Here is a r?c?s!t utct'.ire of Korman Thomas. Socialist oudUlnle for p-3si<leiil. tind Mrs. Thomas. 'hie, 1 girls. Two are in Vassar and can't attend to cvery.iiine. HI; day: ' Bai:urc. tivo are in hlsjh school and are crowded—but lie works in llir r.e is working. : garden every chance he ij'.'ts nii:l i«. De-spite her family responsibili-. adores the children and lh;v are tie?, she has found time to organ-! devoted to him." ize women's groups, do social, Thomas'is one of I'ne mo« v.u- icri'icj work, assist l:er liusbaiul in ustinl figures in American politics, fiis imdemkings. "row flowers. : Born at Mari-Ji). Oliic—tli» '.:c:n? raise pe<lijrced spaniel do?s as a ' town of •' Presirient Hartllnc—!S oiufilable bns::'.CH. and operaii;. ill; years ago, he turned to the min- N;w York, a restaurant which helps ' is'.ry after his ernduallosi fvoin :ol!sge girls along with thL-ir ex- ', Princeton and sorvirj r.^ assistant !)cns;s by giving than jobs a'. E.-IT-'paster In r-cveral Presbitsriai! ing and cashiering. T;:e i'=-st.iii- | churche; in Nciv Vcrk City. In'lOlB rant is in n hoa«« '-n Irving Place i he witlidrev: frcin tr.e ministrv to which Mrs. Thomas owns, but; rtsvot-3 nil his timo 12 rocljl and :ould not lease. . | anti-war work. In 1Q2B h: ivas t;io farmers Approve Tax and Mortgage Holiday DKS M01NES. Out. 27. I ls:i'ii;!s of iicimal imirnts. Thcii' i mother died wlii-n tlivy were six . it use and ihcy were Inter • :ii!n;!'r-(l !)y :in .Ameritnn coujjlc | in Washington. . i' vc'iill jenr:; nso thty umrried . !«n sWeis, "a.) wi> v.Miikln't hnvc , bin cue niot)icr-ln-lii«," accordlnv io Slmpliclo. , Tho twins arc playing at, ihe 'Hay. Thenlre tcduy mid tomorroM nnd more than u ; |c/.cn sets cf |l«'ins Ik-Ing In this vlclnlly were of the Oodlnos in the oil and the rsouer hopped nrnniul 'I'ticn nu Ingenious ndult wlillllvtl . n Hull) mid nuiiflicil II, » Dial now old. | Hie ro'jsler lius n woabn leg u 'lid It In gating uiauuil tho chl;k-i on ymd. Crii|pii;ir(uns' JVysiicr LONDON (UP)—There nre :iO rums In London, actively nigugcd In Imslne.w to<l[iy, dnllUB back to tlin 17th Cfiitury or earlier. Tin 1 oJilcst is tlw O.xWrd University Press, founiled In U68. Next to It cunuw lloure'.s. the brewers, established In urn, just about ihe UIIIL> tluit Cnkimlnib wiis |x?i.'rlnt; over (lie iwrt i-iill (o Jocntc the crtiille Of prns|x?rlly. itll 1 )—A i-psolution c.iliinj upon • "'iitincL- show today, farmers (3 declaro a mDiniovium on i — tax and mart gage paymeni.; has 1 n;c-n atioi,;rti ty th: National Hoi- . Mil:) fcrlevt OKADWOOD, S. been •<• Kocnrj I). iUP)-Thi! no Hluc.k Mrs. Tlijimas admits Ncrmnn {*, j Socialist candidate for 13 "j;erfec! husband." Like ether imui (-allctl 287.420 vnles. housewives, she has to look after I His vice presidential running n nis socks and buttons and buy his]on the Socialist ticket ibis yea ;lolr;es - ' i James Hudson Maurer, 08, for "But why ' "After all. Art fair Has "Olicst" Artlat OilCAGO. (UP)— Clilragn's latest outdoor art fair, on the Clold , president Const, in mi abair.'osifil miniature golf cours it3 ! Because 1 Is I tract, ns has n ha.s a commercial nrtlst. !u-; lory " Tlw' n his drawings as "Tho i nnu' burned ralhrr [ use his own , covered 21,nr I siy.cbi. •man-made" nreK "' -••• ...-^ i Jim Niltloiinl Forest, forestry offl- | cials report. This Is Hie only 5011! son in the history of lire records when there hiive been no flre.s other tlmn from lightning. Last . ieu.'ioii. Hie lllnck Hills Finest, of- lu ' nicmc(l for mc«. t THE BLACK PANTHER "'Nature in the , truycd by the great animal twinicr, Paul Rransom . . , inspired by the natural ferocity of "Bn K hccru," the black jicntthcr in the famous "Jungle J)ook." "Nature 171 the Raw is Seldom Mild"—and raw iobaccushavc no place. i No raw tobaccos in Luckies —that's why they're so mild W "E buy the finest, thcveryfincst tobaccos in all the world — but that docs not explain why folks everywhere regard Lucky Strike as the mildest cigarette. The fact is, we never overlook the truth that "Nature in the Raw is Seldom Mild" —so these fine tobaccos, after proper aging and nicJ lowing, arc rhen given the benefit of that Lucky Strike purifying process, described by the words—"It's toasted". That's why folks in every city, town and hamlet say that Luckies are such mild cigarettes. "It's toasted" That package of mild Luckies 'Nebraska (Millie LINCOLN, Neb. (UP)—Of 1811,101 lieiul of cullL' ("sled |» N c - Slvll f or IjDvlllo UllnsrCllllKlsi 111 II single yi'nr, tlioix' wrre only 100 rc;iutors. Nearly 13,000 ]i»nls v.-^ir U'stpd. \Tiint Aili. r*».» Latest Model PHILCO $1 A.95 Have you .see/? this nvw I'hilco and heard the wonderful reception? Think of bityiiiff a Philco Radio that can yet any station in the United States at $1935 HUBBARD FURNITURE GO. Economics/// wilh Foods SOAP . Uwl & While White Naphtha Si-oc! -or .tho winter with hic;!,- estqua! v 'rqcisat l( 'c? lowest prices. 10 Bars 25c IHi'lTKU U. & W. The Finest 1Ql> I'rovuriililc. Hi-Oz. Jar 13 . Kuil Ac \Yhiie RAISINS 3Pk&for25c! PEACHES PEARS PICKLES CORN BAKING POWDER Chnice California No. 2 1-2 Can Snui' Full Quart 20° Kctl & Whilo. Country Gentle- tm: FLOUk MARSHMALLCWS man. No. 2 Can Red & White l-I,h. Can 2] -IS I'mimlN I'luin Kcd ^ While , __ $1.23 •IS I'mimls l'l:iin firi-en & White II___-Sl!tla'. (Jmtlity Kc-ifins Supreme Rc:l & \V-iit Kcd & While Kath »ctl & While. 1 Tall Can L.'<: or 2 .Smiil! Cans for Mil l( IfllLJl PflANIIT 1!liTTKI{ '«• & W. Compare if ILt/ll^Ui \vith others. Full Qu:ir! CHUM SALMON GRAPE "T4 9K (; .'! Cans fo;- £J g i 19 <; COFFEE liluc & White Supvrior Quality 1-Lb. Can 35c 8 Ibs. 27c * Whi "- Dissert POWDER Kcd & White Northern OYSTERS MINCE MEAT"'" * WM "' CHERRIES c™ 11 3Pkgs.for22c| FLOUR VourChnlrenf Flavors 'I IVfArARnMI W liny Two No. 2 Can Self Rising. Cu:iraiUcc;l •18-Lb. Sack' Red & While Package Red & White 2 dins for Pricts Good for Friday and Saturday, Ocloher 2S and 29.

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