The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1948 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1948
Page 14
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iC-v, & ,,/-"- fr .* Meal Loaf Takes On a New'Look' R«cip*« Girt Wi4« Variety for Discriminating Cook* Art you jame tor » mlx-»nd- m»tch session? In other words, a Itfton on the variety that can come to meat loaves with the flick of a urist? Th«n listen to the words Frankfurters Are Favorites In All Seasons No mailer what the season, frankfurters are favorites. Summer ami /all, they go on picnics; In the winter they ar« popular for meals or at « flreplsce roiutt. No«-, with spring coming on. they can be the basis lor delicious and mitrflfou.1 meals, and ns an advance agent of summer fun lo come. For example, yoif might net i head start on Ihe season by having an Indoor picnic, suggest;. Keba Stages, food authority. Feature a JH™! VIM ' B -.<ARX.) COURIER NEWS that meat loaves can "have the 'new look" , J. Bake the loaf in various shapes: lisc the. traditional loaf pan or mold a loaf on a flat shallow pan; bake in a square pan and cut in squares lo serve; bak«-ln a ring mold or. oncel cake pan, then unmold and fill the center with a creamed mixture; bake in individual loaves—In muffin tins or shaped In small loares to bake in a flat shallow pan. J Make an upside-doH-n meal lo»f before placing the meat loaf Mixture >Jn ihe pan, make a design in the botlom of the pan with pickles, vegetables, etc. When HII- molded. the design is on top of the | loaf Use also olive slice.!, hard- I cooked eggs, pickles, fruit, etc. | 3. ' Bake a sauce-topped Joaf: spread the top of Ihe loaf with a flavorful sauce before baking so that a zest v 'topping results Use catchup, miistafd, horseradish, beaten jellies or preserves, or any combination that yon prefer. 4. Bake a "stuffed" meat, loaf: place half of the mixture In the pan, spread with stuffing, then add remaining meat. When sliced, the .loaf reveals the sufflng in n most attractive wiry, use bread stuffing, fruit stuffing, whole pickles, hard-cooked eggs, etc. 5. Vary the meats in the loaves: , one by adding vegetable*, either grated or whole. Canolx. peas, beans, beel«, and corn are sug- large; plate .or steaming Irimkfurl.- ers »nd "Coney Island" buns, with plenty oi condiments and fresh, tcrlsp vegetable relishes. The frankfurters are all cooked (thev can be used just as they come from tlvj market, and often are in .snlads). though most people prefer to heal them before serving. Jusl drop in hoi water, cover the container, turn off the heat, and Id stand lor about 1 or 8 minutes. "Red Hots" are not. the only way lo serve frankfurter. 1 ! with a .spring irlll. For exnniplc, you may cut a slit In one side (not quite llncnixn the end) and stulf. Try mashed j>o- 1 tatoes flavored with minced onion ' and bits of leftover bacon; shredded American chccso ond chopped peanut; or slices of dill jiickle and inierlcitn cheese. Grill in the broiler or In a very hot oven. Or hejit the frankfurters | n a '•iPPy barbecue snuce and serve with Unused Hu«estlun When the Washington monument had stood unfinished for many years, suggestions wcro made that it be left at tin; height of 150 lect. and Dim a /lie he kept burning atop the shaft lhoug!>o:it, the centuries lo come. Head Courier News Want Ads. in A An ordinary wash Aw £? new costs $3.21_aman's bio::ac'a-K shirt '-$'$3J5_ * sheet I^J $?.71_so, it \y.\ want to s.iv*? on expenses, save your la'nncs! (above are lo^vst prices i£ leeding'US.department stores) ground beef, veal, lam, fresh and smoked pbrlc, 'and spicily-seasoned sausage, or any combination of these. 6. Use herbs and seasonings with Ingenuity to add true delight to meat loaves. ' 1. Serve the meat loaf with a eesty sauce: melted blue cheese, or American cheese, olive, tomato or brown sauces are onlv a few of the possibilities. 8 Make the meat loaf a meal-ln- Smart vray to sti-e-tch household dollars: Bleachailes may last up to twite as l vhen you switch from xuwontnJlfti Maiching to Con trolled-Action. Purex. U« it as directed. There's only one GRAPETTE Lush, ripe FLAVOR ' Soft CARBONATION , Quick-Chill BOTTLE Unma teheed QUALITY Full 6 oz. Uncontrolled \_ lleachin^ breaks down, fibries lon^ \3 tefore 'their time. That costs -you real money these days. QUANTITY ; J Your nickel, PAYS for Gropellc—be suie yoy gel il. Aik for il by nnme! Say "A G r a p e I I c, please." THIRSTY (£ <w NOT THURSDAY, .J, 1948 **-_ CITY SUPER GIVES YOU MORE IN THE BAG! rr CASH IN ON OUR GIGANTIC JUICE SALE! Pear Juice, Stokely's 211 size 15c Pineapple Juice, Dole No. 2 can .. 19c Golden Harvest Orange Juice, No. 2 can 13c Dr. Philip's Tangerine Juice, No. 2 can 12c Spinach Juice, Peacock's lOc Apple Juice, Mott's, Quart 15c Veg. Juice, V-8, No. 2 tin t... 13c Kraut Juice, Western, 11 oz. tin . 12c Lemon Juice, real lemon, 8 oz. ... 19c Carrot Juice, Peacock's 5 1-2 oz tin lOc Celery Juice, Peacock's 5 1-2 oz tin lOc Grape Juice, Welch's, pint 29c Tomato Juice, Del Monte, No. 2 can 15c Gr'fruit Juice, Jack Sprat, No. 2 tin 9c Prune Juice, Sunsweet, Quart 29c Orange &.Gr'fruit Juice, No. 2 tin lOc 3 Tall Cans PET MILK 41 5 Pounds CANE SUGAR 45 SOAP POWDER 29 Rrer Rahhil ] 2 Or. $YWP 19 Campbell's TOMATO v ftr 25 Gten Beauty Sour or Dill HCKLES ,, 25 ' Mormel Canned HAMS 1 1 /2 i hs _ ' 2" 9 l»r*»i«r Boneless CHICKEN 79 Wilson's Chicken SALAD )()7iar 39 Niggerhead .| 3-j Q, OYSTERS 45 Derby TUl--Rits 9 Oz PiGSFEET 39 Premier Kancy \\hole Hewrl) No. 2 Tin ARTICHOKE 49 Premier llrnsscls SPROUTS, )2(in 39 I'ink Meat 6) Si/.e / GR'FRUIT M 5 Stink ist IBMRS „„....» Florida 5 l.b. H SK ORANGES 23 MEATS You'll find Iliiil Hide's no belter nisirkcl in flic Oily of Hlyliicvillc (hnn ours for Qualify |{ CP r Koasfs ami Steaks. \Vc hiive <tnlv the heller urjides of meal. ' h Leon and Meaty PORK ROAST - --lb.49< Country Style Pure , Pork Sausage - - lb.39tf Smoked ~ BACON STRIPS - lb. 39^ Fresh ~ BEEF LIVER - - - lb. 39< Brookficld American CHEESE - - 2 lb. box 97? Hnin. R-L-J ~ b. 51.10 Home Baked EGGPLANT lb.19* Bch. GITY SUPER MARKET Phone 2668 I For better values to Cut rv~ --' the Cost of Living Kroger-Cut Beef Gives You More Meat MME THIS TEST! Buy all your food (or any week at Kroger. Compare your total cost with what you have been paying anywhere. See how Kroger's regular everyday low prices on nationally advertised brands, Kroger-Cuf Meats, Kroger Brands fresh fruits and vegetables cut your food costs. Less Bone... Less Waste! More meal, less bone '• ^W ?<^ "M. less "Ihrowaway- i ( •fcis^-^? v yj^y j/-^" '• i bfeJrC \ /^L^ \ When m ^at is cut ; (he Kroger way! ; Hcvor mote lhaii 7-incdcs Shorl lib end removed before roast is weighed and priced -^ JJ Heavy chin* bone Inmmed before you buy RIBROAST Ih 59< K.0j,'er-Cut—U. S. Graded (;ood or Choice CHUCK ROAST lu 52 Kro K er-Cuf—(/. K. Graded (,'ood or Choice YEALROAST ,,59^ Swift Premium—Boneless Roller! SPARE RIBS ..ft* Le;in and Menly SLICED BAO^N Jb 65 C (Jrade "A"—Ahros Delight SKINLESS FRANKS , 49 Swift's J'remiiiiu . lr) WHITIHG , b 19 RIVER CARP , 10 Fresh lh " T?«f t Top Quality 8-lfa. ~ ~ r ^. 7 • ^ ** " m .. , 'Juice' Valencias/ Mesh ^ Bags Ripe Cuban^Extra Large Size. Pineapple - each. 39< Red rips—slicing quality. Tomatoes - - tube25< Fresh, crisp Lettuce - lb. Strawberries Louisiana Red Ripe Pt.35fC' Potatoes Washed Red Triumphs 50 "4" k 2.59 CELERY ..,„ 10 C Florida's Finest Pascal .KROIGER VALUES IN DAIRY FOODS • Kroger Eggs U.S. Government Graded and Dated. Grade "A" Med. Ctn. Doz. CHEESE 2 89 Wisconsin Windsor (Mult MARGARINE ^ 65 K;itmore. Fresh nnd I'nrc KROGER VALUES -IN COFFEES Spotlight Coiiee 40c Hoi-Dated. Save 75c or more a lb. 3 lb. bag $1.15 Last chance to get Princess Pattern Silverware. Get details at Kroger. 3 Teaspoons tor only FRENCH BRAND 46 Hot-Dnlcrf. Kich \ignrnnr, Flwor Quick to Cut llio roKi of whpnl fell we cul l>ic.->,<l puces imnicdintelv Other costs roll nnd w* cm moi-p prices. Custonirrs saved nml vvp liflpoil lo resisi inilntion Wp will continue In reilucp prieps just as fnst ns the- cost of conuno<lilic« goes (Sown. KROGER VALUES IN CANNED FOODS Peaches 2 39c No. 2Vi Cans Avondale Sliced or Halves Kroger. Five diced fruits .in syrup KHOGER BREAD 2 t s 27 c I.CKS Than He a I'ound ANGLE FOOD CAKE 35 Krog-er. 13-R KK Recipe.— 9>/ 2 Oz. Si/e CAKE Caramel Gold EilAPMILK 3^39' each v> Silver Cow EMBASSY P1 29 C Salad Dressing 2o-lb 19! JJag FLOUR Avondale PURE LARD...;.... S 99 BISCUITS Bollard's Oven-Ready New Low A «* , Price can [\JV KROGER VALUES IN HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES 9 Johnson's -' pt. Glo-Coat CIGARETTES «„ 1.99 Popular Brands. LAMP BULBS Wcstinghouse FRUIT 39< Green Giant—Sweet Tender. nCAC No. 303 PtAi Con Kroger. In rich tomato sauce DHDIf * BeAHS rUKIV 2 No. 300 Cans Kroger. Choice fruit. APPLE"","., JUST ONE BOX OF SUPER SUDS CAN FILL A 15 TON TRUCK FULL OF SUDS! EXTRA SUDS FOR EXTRA WHITENESS LARGE SIZE 37c A BETTER VALUE AT KROGER

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