The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on August 13, 1989 · 47
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 47

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 13, 1989
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AUQUST13.1989 SUNDAY JOURNAL -STAR IIEBE1ASICA 5E Sate relay Following are top award winners announced Saturday at the Lancaster County Fair (4-H winners are purple ribbon winners unless otherwise specified; open class are first place unless otherwise specified): 4-H Dairy Cattle OiwmeyChampkm: Dona Eaar. Junior antrum Champion : Dana Eaatr, AyrtMr Champton: Bruc Kampkn. Junior Ayrthlr Chompton: Bruce Kompkts. Stnlor Amtilrt Champion: Bruc Ktmpkis. Holtteln Champton: Heather Vokoun. Hotstetn Rewrve Champion: Jason Vokoun. Junior Holtteln Champion: Tonya Brunke. Senior Holtteln Champion: Heather Vokoun. Jenev Champion: Chad Hunt. Jersey Reserve Champion: Jason Movers. Junior Jersey Champion: Chad Hunt. Senior Jersey Champion: Chad Hunt. . Milking Shorthorn Champion: Jason Parte. Junior Mllkina Shorthorn Champion: Joson Porde. junior Herd Champion: Jason Merer. Jason Vokoun. Top Product Cow: Eric E daemon. Top Junior Dairy Judge: Heather Vokoun. Top Senior Dairy Judtw: Jason Vokoun. Junior Showman Champion: Heather Vokoun. Junior Showman Reserve Champion: Natalie Mlnzel. Intermediate Showman Champion: Rachal Vokoun. Intermediate Showman Reserve Champion: Brent Nordmever. Senior Showman Champion: Olann Anderson. Senior Showman Reserve Champion: Michelle Porde. Junior Showmanship: Kane Nordmever, Meghan Slttler, Mary Beth Vokoun, Lance Steinhausen. Intermediate Showmanship: Michelle Apfel, Christina Heldtbrlnk. Senior Showmanship: Jason Vokoun, Chad Hunt, Mlkt Apfel. Jersey: Jeff Meyer, Lance Steinhausen, Chod Hunt, Lana Steinhausen, Jason Meyer, Mlchele Porde. Holsteln: Heather Vokoun, Mary Beth Vokoun, Chris Apfel, Tonya Brunke, Rachal Vokoun, Jason Vokoun, Natalie Mlnzel, Renae Anderson, Corey Heldtbrlnk, Kane Nordmever, Eric Edgmon, Jana Slttler, Dlann Anderson, Michelle Apfel. Milking Shorthorn: Jason Porde. Club Herd: Central Dairy Club, Rokeby Dairy Prairie Pals. 4-H Herdsmanshlp: Renae Anderson, Chris Apfel, Michelle Apfel, Mike Apfel, Eric E do man, Bruce Kempkes, Mlchele Parte, Chrlsta Bearing, Christina Heldtbrlnk, Corey Heldtbrlnk, Melody From Doctor- 1968, Travnicek came home. Never last His Washington friends told him he'd never last, or never get out, but Travnicek said he had to prove he could manage a rural practice and pay back the state for his education. "I've fulfilled it, I've done my job," he said. Travnicek said rural doctors are getting clobbered on several fronts, includ- tag: Technology. Rural clinics and hospitals cannot afford the expensive machines of modern medicine, he said. Medical students are reluctant to come to the country because of the lack of technology, Travnicek added. ; "Without the technology, you're naked out here you've got to transfer all the interesting cases to Lincoln," he said, leaving rural doctors to treat "the running nose" cases. Poor pay. Nebraska rural practice, he said, is at "the lowest end" for Medicare reimbursement payments, a tier lower than cities like Lincoln, two tiers lower Healthy, Non Smoking or Light-Smokers, Caucasian, Male and Post menopausal or Surgically Sterile Women between the ages of 19-65. 13 VIslia over a 0 vvcc'x period ' Frco Physlcsl flo Confinement For rnoro Information csll 470-654 7:30 a.m. Study 912244 , Men 19-50 In-House Stay: 9:00 P.M. Saturday, August 19 to 7:00 A.M. Monday, August 21 ; plus 9:00 P.M. Tuesday, August 22 to 7:00 A.M. Thursday, August 24; and 9:00 P.M. Friday, August 25 to 7:00 A.M. Sunday, August 27 to complete. Physical Date: Wednesday, August 16. Pays up to $350,001 Study 312194 Ken 19-45 Non or Light Smokers Only In-House Stay: 8:00 P.M. Thursday to 7:00 A.M. Monday; 3 consecutive weeks. Study begins August 24. Physical Date: Thursday, August 17. Pays up to $300,001 Study 1 2142 Men and Women 1 9-45 (Women must be surgically sterile or post-menopausal) In-House Stay: The study includes a one hour pre-study visit plus a 7:00 P.M. Monday to 7:00 A.M. Friday in-house stay. There are five groups. The first group begins August 21. Call for details. Physical Dates: Mondays, August 21, 28, Wednesday, August 31 or Monday, September 11. Pays up to $325,001 ($375.00 Labor Day Weekend) Study 12210 Men 19-45 In-House Stay: 8:00 P.M. Friday, September 1 to 7:00 A.M. Sunday, September 3. Schedule repeats September 8 to September 10 to complete. Physical Date: Monday, August 28. Pays up to $300,001 winners Heldtbrlnk, Roy Heldtbrlnk, Natalie Mlnzel, Nicholas Mlnzel, Brent Nordmever, Kane Nordmever, Josh Schulz, Dlann Anderson, Tonya Brunke, Dana Eager, Chad Hunt, Jeff Meyer, Jason Meyer, Jana Slttler, Meghan Slttler, Lana Stelnhousen, Lance Steinhausen, Heather Vokoun, Joson Vokoun, Mary . Beth Vokoun, Rochal Vokoun, Michelle Ronhovde. FFA Herdsmanshlp: Jason Parte, Michelle Porde, Rachal Vokoun. 4-H Judging Contests Junior Livestock Judging: Brandon Oesh, Anthony Ntslev, Kent Rosenboom, Kristlna Grose, Jeremy Holthus. . Intermediate Livestock Judging: Scott Keetle, Joel Reddish, Joy Rosenboom, Stacy Nelson. Senior Livestock Judging: Matt Warner, Darin . Gable, Bob Muhlbacti, Ryan Folkert, Kenny Kot-ten, Chad Hill. Dairy Cattle Judging: Heather Vokoun, Natalie Mlnzel, Chris Apfel, Jason Vokoun, Lana Steinhausen, Jeff Meyer, Chad Hunt. , . Dairy Goal Judging: Charlie Fitz, Nlckle Nichols. Tod Stertz, Laird Ruth, Heather Keith, Justin Blr-kett. - .... . Horse Judging Vegetable Judging: Ryan Swmton, Debbie Thles-zen, Matt Swlntoa Marlon Talcatt, Shelley EquolL Mike Schepers. Flower Judging: Dam Ion Schepers, Morion Tol-cott, Shelley Eauoll, Mike Schepers. . Grassand Weed ID Judging: RyonSwInton. Tree and Shrub ID Judging: Brent Page, Ryan Swinton. Beginning Kami EeMeniics Judging: Kim Vance, April Buss, Laura Krenk, Loura Youneman, Carrie Denton, Valerie Goehrlng, Amy Vandewollo, Mlndv Strizek, Kristin McHole. Advanced Home Economics Judging: Krlsta Vance, Stacy Brandt, Dawn Fiedler. General Judging: Jolma Fuller, Kim Held. 4-H Hay Hauling Contest Youth Division: Happy GoT-ucky Club (Bob Muhlboch. Matt Warner, Dorln Goble); Raymond Central FFA (Lvle Bouc Craig Benes, Pot Donahue). Open Division: Central FFA Alumni (Let Hor-nung, Kevin Henrlchson, Gregg Hall). ' Celebrity Division: Police Department (Dennis Miller, Richard Doetker, Timothy Carmlchael). 4-H Demonstration Contest First Place Beginning : Jayme Grundmon. First Place Advanced: Matt Rayno. Second Place Beginning: Margie Hobelman. Second Place Advanced : Jennifer Cuslck. Third Place Beginning: Sarah Hall. , Third Place Advanced: Dana Seller. ' Demonstration Contest: Jason Denton, Jennifer than big cities. Rural doctors may be paid less than their Lincoln counterparts, but Travnicek said he must pay his nurses nearly as much to keep them. Lack of trained personnel Trained X-ray and lab technicians are impossible to find in rural areas. Travnicek said he must train his own staff . "They do the best they can but what do I know about the stuff ?" he asked. Complicated rules. Travnicek said he has hired a person just to fill out Medicare forms. Still, he said, he has been questioned by Medicare about every third or fourth case concerning treatments he ordered or patient visits over the allowed limit ' "They're trying to control costs and they dont care who gets in the way," he said. "(And) the system is going to get much worse." Travnicek is as interesting as he is outspoken. ' , - For 40 years he has been raising exotic birds, shipping offspring all over the world from a flock that once numbered 400. Two weekends ago, he was in Lon- - UP TO - 3:30 p.m. Esrrl3 Ix&orstorSos, Inc. 621 Rose Lincoln, NE 68501 Providing Quality Research Since 1933 You will receive a free physical exam. All studies are fully explained. All studies are medically supervised. Call In advance of the physical date for further information on these and any future studies. Call! 474-0627 H&rrto LcboratOrlOS, Inc. at fair announce Cuslck. Dana Seller, Matt Roma Rhonda Tucker, Jovme Grundmon, -Gene Gillom, Tina Novratll, Ruth Vohle, Stacev Kublcek, Margie Hobelman, Dallas Gerhard, Sara Bartek, Robin Stearlev, Carrie Denton, Sarah Hall, Jared Denton. 4-H Bicycle Rodeo Bicycle Skills Event: Ryan Bergsten, Darrel K route, Casey Jones, Kris Peterson, Loura Krenk. Rhonda Tucker, Aoron Schepers, Jay Rosenboom, Joson Mlnchow, Domlon Schepers. Bicycle Inspection: Angela Blackburn, Gary Waters, Chris Baumbach, Mlndv Latzel, Shannon Meglll, Tim Tritsch, Kent Rosenboom, Laura Krenk. Courtney Wlttstruck, Rhonda Tucker, Aaron Schepers, Dallas Gerhard, Adam Prior, Ana-llsso Prior, Jay Rosenboom, Jason Mlnchow, Domlon Schepers, Patricia Barker. Open Class Beef Oelbvleh Heifer Champion: Highland Cattle Co. Oelbvleh Heifer Reserve Champion: Ward Gelb-vleh. Oelbvleh Summer Yearling: Wart Gelbvleh. Oelbvleh Spring Yearling: Wort Gelbvleh . Oelbvleh Jr. Yearling: Highland Cattle Co. Oelbvleh 1-Helfer Group: Wart Gelbvleh. Oelbvleh Bull Champion: Word Gelbvleh. Gelbvleh Bull Reserve Champion: Ward Gelb-vleh Gelbvleh Jr. Bolt CaH: Highland Cattle Co. Oelbvleh Sr. Bull CoH: Wort Gelbvleh. Oelbvleh Jr. Ynrllno: Wort Gelbvleh. Oelbvleh J-Bull Group: Wort Gelbvleh. Oelbvleh Jr. Get of Sire: Ward Gelbvleh. Hereford Heifer Champion: Renee Sintek. Hereford Heifer Reserve Champion: Moans Here-fords. Hereford Spring Yearling: Maohs Hereford!. Hereford Jr. Yeorllng: Renee Sintek. Hereford 1-Helfer Group: Moans Herefords. Angus Heifer Champion: Russell Prlnc Angus Bull Champion: Hollman Angus Farm. Crete. Angus Heifer Reserve Champion: Russell Prlnc Angus Bull Reserve Champion: John Evasca. Firth. Angus Jr. Heifer CaH: Hollman Angus Farm. Crete. Angus Sr. Heifer Calf: Bill London. Angus Summer Yearling: Chad Hill. Angus Spring Yearling: Russell Prlnc. Angus Jr. Yearling: Russell Prlnc Angus J-Helfer Group: Russell Prlnc. Angus Jr. Bull Coif : Hollmon Angus Farm, Angus J. Year-Old: John Evasco. Shorthorn Heifer Champion: Nlsley Bros. Shorthorn Heifer Reserve Champion: Nlsley Bros. Shorthorn Sr. Heller Calf: Nlsley Bros. Shorthorn Summer Yearling: Greg Crawford family. don to judge an international bird show. World traveler He has traveled the world on safaris. Trophy-size animals line the walls of his rural Wilber home, including a world-record banteng shot in 1988 in northern Australia. , Travnicek said he had a chance to become the Nebraska Health Department director at age 27, "but I said the wrong thing at the wrong time." This spring, he was fired as the medical director at the Wilber Nursing Home after siding with nurses in a dispute with the a(lministrator, who later resigned. Travnicek called the resignation "one of my greatest accomplishments" but said he "burned a lot of bridges" in the process. He is leaving Wilber after looking unsuccessfully for three years for someone to take over his practice, the only one in town. Totally dependent Local residents, he said, are "totally dependent" on him for their care, a de : , 1 9-49 YR8. OP. AGE - FREE SHAE9POOS & PHYSICAL FOR liORE INFORMATION CALL: 476-6548 MON. - FRI. 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. ONLY 3F Study 12209 Men 19-45 In-House Stay: 8:00 P.M. Friday, September 1 to 7:00 A.M. Sunday, September 3. Schedule repeats September 8 to September 10 to complete. Physical Date: Tuesday, August 29. Pays up to $300,001 Study 311937 Men 1 9-40 Non or Light Smokers Only In-House Stay: 9:00 P.M. Tuesday, September 5 to 7:00 A.M. Thursday, September 7 and 9:00 P.M. Friday, September 8 to 7:00 A.M. Sunday, September 10. Physical Date: Wednesday, August 30. Pays up to $300,001 Study 12251 Men 19-43 Non or Light Smokers Only In-House Stay: Weekend stays with weekday returns. Study begins Saturday, September 9. Call for details. Physical Date: Tuesday, September 5. Pays up to $1,200,001 Study 12158 Men 19-65 In-House Stay: This study consists of one, 7 day stay in our facility. Call for details. Physical Date: Wednesday, September 6. Pays up to $600.00! Study 1 2231 Men 1 9-50 Heavy Smokers Only In-House Stay. 6:00 A.M. Wednesday, September 13 to 7:00 A.M. Tuesday, September 26. , Physical Date: Thursday, September 7. Pays up to $1,300,001 621 Rose Lincoln, d Shorthorn Serteg Yeorllng: Greg Crawford fan tv. Shorthorn Jr. Yeartmg: Nlsley Bros. Shorthorn 1-Helfer Group: Nlsley Bros. Commercial Heifer Champion: Geraid Halting. Commercial Spring Yearling: Gerald Hailing. Exotic Heifer Champion: Trick) Purvlonce. Exotic Heifer Reserve Champion: Gerald Halting. Exotic Summer Yearling: Trlclo Purvlonce. Exotic Jr. Yeorllng: Gerald Hailing. i Open Class Poultry Champion of Shew: Julie Madden. Large Fowl Champion: Robin Schumacher. Bantam Champton: Julie Madden. Duck Champion: Don Madden. Bantam Duck Champion: Ken Hansen. Oeese Champion: Julie Modden. Turkey Champion: Doug Bamberger. Large Fowl: Don Madden, Robin Schumacher, Bud and Jean Adams, C.B. Glfbortson, Betty Vor-hees. Bantams: Janice Madden, Bud and Jean Adams, Ed Lahmann, Denlse Chrlstensen, Mark Benes. Ducks: Ken Hansen, Lance Neeman, Julie Madden, Annie Ludemann, Robin Schumacher, Don Madden, Cathy Chrlstensen, Doug Bamberger. Oeese: Cathy Chrlstensen, Don Madden, Timothy Clifton, Don Madden, Julie Madden. Turkeys: Doug Bomberger Open Class Pigeons Champion: Chuck Hennessey. , Reserve Champion: Jimmy Hudson. Youth Champion: Jimmy Hudson. Youth Reserve Champion: Patrick Everett. Clou Champions: Timothy anion, Jim Novak, Kelly Peet, Marvin Beunnlng, Steven Smith, Jimmy Hudson, Gary Everett, Julie Madden, Pat Sobln, Patrick Everett, Chuck Henessev. Reserve Clou Champions: Julie Madden, Marvin Beunnlng, Timothy Clifton, Kelly Peet, Gary Lien, Gary Everett, Pat Sobln. Patrick Everett, Chuck Hennessey. Utility Champion: Marvin Beunnlng. Fanrv Champion: Jimmy Hudson. PerKrmlng Champion: Chuck Hennessey. Utility Reserve Champion: Marvin Beunnlng. Fancy Reserve Champion: Gory Everett. Performing Reserve Champion: Chuck Hennessey. Utility: Jim McCollough, Marvin Beunnlng, Jim McCollough, Julie Madden, Chuck Hennessey. Performing: Jim McCollough, Marvin Beunnlng, Gary Lien, Annie Miller, Chuck Hennessey. Pat Sabln, Annie Miller. ' Fancy: Doug Bomberger, Patrick Everett, Julie Madden, Kelly Peet, Jason Ross, Jim McCollough, Steven Smith, Timothy Clifton, Jim Novak, Pat Sobln, Jimmy Hudson, Gary Lien, Annie Miller, Liable Miller, Gary Everett, Marvin Beunnlng. pendency that scares away some candidates. The isolation from big-city amenities also is a deterrent "I like it here, but most people want to see the Boston Celtics," he sail The goodbyes already have begun. In his office on Monday, Travnicek assured Olga Keller of Crete that a "younger and cuter" doctor (and a native of Wilber) was near a commitment to relocate in Wilber. "I must cry," Keller, 81, told the doctor, offering a farewell hug. "He's been a godsend" Zimmerman said he told Travnicek that he was sorry to see him go and that he had been good for the community. "We probably won't have that kind of doctor again," Zimmerman said. Travnicek said Zimmerman had asked him if a visiting reporter was trying to discover why the doctor was leaving his rural practice. "No," Travnicek told him, hearing a bureaucratic train whistle whining in the distance. "He's trying to figure out why I stayed so long." ?? LOSING YOUI3 HAIR?? EARN UP TO $1500.00 HY HALES HsitIs IsAbcrctorids, Inc. Lincoln, NE 68501 Providing Quality Research Since 1933 "In a World of QugcUont, Harris Answers" rt 0X0 NE 68502 To ease high courts Property tax a could be consolidated OMAHA (AP) - Faced with the possibility of 200 to 300 appeals on personal property tax exemptions, the Nebraska Supreme Court may decide to consolidate some of the appeals to ease the caseload. Judge John T. Grant said Saturday. Consolidation would happen only if the same legal principle were at issue in a large number of the appeals, Grant said. If cases were consolidated, he said, the court most likely would hear arguments in one hearing and issue one opinion. Grant said he would not comment extensively on appeals that might be filed, to the court Exemptions denied The State Board of Equalization voted 4-0 Friday to deny personal property tax exemptions being sought by businesses in written or oral requests. State Tax Commissioner John Boehm said Saturday that appeals of the board's decision must be filed with the Nebraska Supreme Court Appeals directly to a federal court are not likely, he said. "Generally, the federal courts do not entertain state-taxpayer questions," Boehm said. After the Board of Equalization's vote is officially recorded Monday," Boehm said, businesses and individuals have 10 days to file notice of appeal. The total number of appeals should be known by Aug. 26. Boehm said appeals must be filed separately. State law does not permit class-action lawsuits on tax equalization questions, he said. "There is no such thing as a class-action suit on equalization," he said. During the equalization hearing, Gov. Kay Orr said the board has no power to grant personal property exemptions. , Several of the companies represented at the hearing said they were not seeking tax "exemptions" but said they wanted their personal prop-erty taxes "equalized" with railroad IGirl From 22 ally go get her and bring her back, that's the worst part of it." Man interviewed In January; Roy Stephens, an Omaha private Investigator who specializes in cases involving missing children, interviewed a 24-year-old Norfolk maa Stephens said the man made both video-and audio-taped statements that Stephens believed were incriminating. Later that day, under questioning by Norfolk police, the man recanted his earlier statements and was released. At. the time, Police Chief William Mizner said investigators considered the man a possible suspect but had no evidence to detain him. "I think there is something wrong with the police or the judicial system. Knowing that he is out on the streets drives me crazy. It's not right," Cutshall said. "Since January, rve been finding out little pieces of things that supposedly happened to Jill that morning. I always thought that imagination was worse than reality, but it isn't The reality is something that just keeps going on over and over in my head. I see her being held down, you know, and hit to the point of death. And I can see Jill's eyes," she said. "I want so badly to put all that aside, but it's difficult to do. I feel weary, drained I can't put it away." Solution doubted Cutshall said she doubts police will ever solve her daugher's abduction. Mizner said investigators have not lost hope. "We are not giving up," Mizner said Omalian shot to death OMAHA (UPI) - An Omahan looking for his wife was shot, and killed during an argument with the owner of a house on the city's south side, police said Sgt Max Fricke of the homicide-assault unit said Jack Leonard, 55, allowed the victim to enter his home Saturday and the two argued in the front room and the kitchen, where the victim was killed by two shotgun blasts. Colleges Area students earn ISU degrees: Douglas Madsen of Lincoln has earned a master's degree in landscape architecture and Jeanne Mercer earned a bachelor of fine arts degree at Iowa State University in Ames. Former Lincoln student earns master's: Janet F. Nickel has earned a master of arts degree in economics from Wichita State University in Wichita, Kan. , Residency training to expand: Training for family practice residents at Creighton University Medical Center in Omaha will be expanded with a $225,000, three-year grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Creighton's Department of Family Practice will use the grant to create a quality assurance program giving residents more hands-on experience, and training in health promotion and disease prevention will caseload, judge sayi ppeals and pipeline Companies. Separate appeals i - John Boyer, an Omaha attorney , who testified Friday, said he has toldr ; his clients to file separate appeals if , : they choose to appeal. tv "I cant speak for other lawyers, but we're advising our clients to e feet (individual) appeals in their own, -name," Boyer said. Boyer represented Enron Corp., a ..; successful appellant of a State Board of Equalization ruling. In a July 14 , -decision, the Nebraska Supreme Court extended personal property ex ; emptions to Enron and another pipe line company. . -A That decision provoked the flood" 4 of exemption requests Friday in Up-' coin. Boyer said he would expect most "centrally assessed" companies --- those whose personal property is as sessed directly by the state to file ,, separate appeals. He said he could not speak for companies whose per- sonal property taxes are determinedj-by county assessors. Boyer said he would not absolutely " rule out attempts to file class-action suits by some businesses. "They may have some scheme dreamed up," he said. ,, If appeals of the equalization nil-"' ing are filed, Boyer said, they autQrj matically move ahead of other civfjC cases under consideration by the ;) state Supreme Court . " He said it was difficult to say how long it would take the court to proV cess the appeals. Its July 14 decision t was the culmination of almost ohe'" ( year's work, which Included the filing . of legal briefs in the case, oral argu-- ments and the court's deliberations, Boyer said. i - "But that was only two cases," he' said. : . s 22 Another point to consider, Boyer." said, is whether all of the businesses: ! that sought exemptions Friday did so , seriously, with the fun intent of appealing. "We don't know how many did, it "on a lark," he said. ' "In essence, the case is still anopen case. It is not closed we would ndt close the books on it We still have an investigator who is primarily reponiible for the case." t Without new leads, it is difficult t keep the case alive, he said ' ; "The status of the case is basjcally, inactive. For two years it was an active,' ongoing investigation where we '.were spending a lot of man-hours followingltp leads, trying to dig up new leads. WeVe reached a point now where we "feel we've done about all we can do with the current information we have." Looking back at nearly two years of continuous investigation, Mizner said,.he is satisfied the police division has done all it could "The investigators devoted ah 'extremely large amount of time to -this particular investigation," Mizner -said. "They probably put forth more effort ta try to solve this case than any other case they have ever been involved with. '; Still working y Stephens, who is director of investigations for the Missing Youth Foundation of Omaha, said the group is pursuingits own investigation. Cutshall is a boacd member of the foundation. "The foundation is not about to let the case sit as an inactive case," Stephens said "There Is still Information being developed We're still pursuing the suspect from January." : But Cutshall said, "There are only one or two people who know where Jill is and ... no matter what happens, they will never say where she is. At this point, I don't think IH ever have her." while looking for wife - The victim's body was found near the . backdoor. Fricke said Leonard was hooked on suspicion of criminal homicide and use of a weapon to commit a felony pending review of the case by the Douglas County attorney's office. ' The name of the 35-year-old victim was not available Saturday night '. " be expanded significantly. Residents also will receive more training in geriatric pharmacology to help prepare them to handle the health care needs of an aging population. - ' " SCC-Beatrice offers classes at satellites: The Beatrice Campus of Southeast Community College' 'wfll offer evening classes at its satellite sites in Fairbury, Hebron, Gerva, York and Seward. Courses will be Offered in English, geography, math,, history, business, sociology, speech, psychology and political science. Other high-demand courses could be offered. If interested, call Freddie Fairbury at 729-3686. ' '. Uncolnlte studying in Brazil: Catherine Howell of Lincoln is studying in Fortaleza, Brazil. The Lincoln Northeast graduate is a senior at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minn. f'.r' ( 4 -1

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