The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 29, 1961 · 23
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · 23

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 29, 1961
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Monday, May 29, 1961 THE INDIANAPOLIS NEWS :n-vr.f fogt 23 MUTUAL RESPECT Steel Hour Loyal to Theater Guild By PHYLLIS BATTELLE, Special Correspondent Battelle NEW YORK In the slippery world of television, sponsors are constantly skidding out from under one show and sliding back of another. It is re- u.t.LI. . I . j" ' irmriiMiiic, men, C to note that on ( V June 28 The I J United States . cto Hour will c e I e b r a te its eighth year of continuous live dramas by sign ing up with the Theater Guild for another 15 months-worth. To understand why a huge corporation should be so apparently content with one program (especially one with de-! cidedly fluctuating ratings), you ' need only talk to the show's producer. She is a womanwith enormous charm, and common sense. "Why, the reason is very simple1 really," says Armina Marshall warmly. "When we started outit was 17 years ago, because U.S. Steel sponsored 6ur radio show for nine years Before television well, it was just a matter of coming to an understanding. "We learned all about how to make steel. And they learned how to put plays together. We found both businesses were fascinating and worthy of respect, and that is the whole secret. We respect their steel and they respect our drama." Miss Marshall, who is co- director of the Theater Guild as well as TV producer, makes everything look so simple. Like the matter of ratings, which throw the fear of Neil-sen and Arbitron into most TV personalities. "Oh, of course it's lovely to get fine ratings," she says, "but you can't expect that every week any more than you can hope to do a masterpiece each time. It can't be done, can it?" The Steel Hour is considered something of a phenomenon also in that it has continued to be telecast 'ITveT while virtually all other dramatic shows have gone to video-tape or film. Among the strong talking points for taping shows are the facts that big-name stars can perform at their own convenience on tape, and that editing can make a "perfect" production. Miss Marshall concedes there has been "talk" of converting her show from spontaneous to "canned," but she is adamant. "By doing shows live, we're closer to the theater. The actors play for an opening night. You can feel the pulse change, you can get a finer performance, you can sense the immediacy. TVamigiaclw TV STARSCRAMBLE I J'il;;;g';;Pj-f;rri 'y V lJ I Ju 1 " TT I'M I K a ACROSS I Mickey Mouse Club grad (2 words) 5 Cartoon clue A (2 words) 8 Nancy 9 One of four comic brothers I I September Bride 13 Beau Maverick (2 words) 14 "I Kid You Not" ' l k. I:: : flKT Tim OH TV. . . Channel 6 takes you to the "500" DRIVER MEETING Never before has anyone outside the "500" witnessed 11 rD their biggest race ... see and hear this exciting on-the-spot special telecast. time un station MONDAY 10:30-11:00 PM eckr!ch luncheon meats COVETED A see theVictory Dinner" climax of "500" events on WFBM-TV 6 WEDNESDAY 9:00-10:00 p.m. WFBM-TV-Chanrtl l-NBC WFBMRadlo1260-ABC WFIM-FM-M.? me.-OXK WFBM-MunV TlMl UK STTIOHS See the winner receive the fabulous honors that ro only to the "500" victor, including WFBM's annual award of the actual checkered flag that waved him to victory lane. We hope you have enjoyed VVFBM'a record-breaking 105 broadcasts of month-long "500" activities as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to you. 15 Cartoon clue B (2 words) 16 People ..... Funny 18 Cartoon clue C (2 words) 22 McCarthy 23 Miss Lansing 24 M. C. of "It Could Be You" (2 words) 27 TV impresario (2 words) DOWN 1 Mr. George 2 Mrs. Steve Lawrence 3 Wallach 4 Lisa 5 Charlton 6 Cartoon clue D (2 words) .7 Cartoon clue E 10 TV game 12 Poston 17 Benny's valet 18 Perry Mason 19 Secret Storm 20 Garry 21 Cartoon clue F 25 And Marriage 26 Brinkley and Garroway ANSWERS TO LAST WEEK'S STARSCRAMBLE WHOSE ff HAMS k WILL iAk rani TW0, ATOM ' ' AWARD? V HIGHLIGHTS OF RADIO AND TV PROGRAMS TELEVISION 7:30 WLW-I: Cheyenne, with Bronco Layne accused of murdering a wealthy rancher. 8:00 WISH-TV: Pete and Gladys. Gladys takes over as a projectionist in a movie house with disastrous results. 8:30 WFBM-TV: Wells Fargo agent Hardie nearly loses an Army payroll. 8:30 WISH-TV: Bringing Up Buddy has an episode concerning a phony explorer. 9:30 -WFBM-TV; Speedway Press Party, special half-hour showing featuring sports editors and writers in a discussion of tomorrow's 500-Mile Race. 0:30 WISH-TV: Andy Griffith's comedy involves Don Knotts in a make-believe crime. 9.30 WLW-I: Adventures in Paradise stars Skip Homeier and Jan Sterling in the story of mutinous passengers who take the Tiki away from Capt. Troy. 10:00 WFBM-TV: Barbara Stanwyck costars with Joseph Cotten in "The Hitch-Hiker," concerning a woman lawyer. 10:30 WLW-1: A special preview of the 500-Mile Race. 10:30 WISH-TV: June ADyson presents Robert Vaughn and James Komack in "Emergency," telling of a young surgeon. RADIO 8:00 WIBC-FM: Concert Stage plays Richard Strauss' "Death and Transfiguration" and Mahler's Fourth Symphony. 9:00 WFBM-FM; Symphony Hal, with Bruch's First Violin Concerto and Brahms' Third Symphony. Radio WIBC 1070 MONDAY NIGHT ACROSS 1 Walktr S Conrod t Chtyenn I Lawman 10 Ruth It J.romt Cowan 14 Lit of Rilty 15 Kat 17 Stooqot II Avalon 10 Rtaton 11 Beat . Nyt 24 Albert 7i Joion M Tim If Walter Brennon 30 Lee DOWN 1 Aletter 1 Run 4 Marionettei 4 Cara Williomi 7 Eliot Mickey Mou 11 Week 13 Bee U Howard 1 Dennn it Russell 51 Bean n Astalre 2S Beta 71 A bay Constitutionality of Property Tax Law Challenged An Indianapolis attorney has filed a suit seeking to have a 1961 Indiana personal property tax law declared unconstitutional. The suit was filed in Superior Court 2 by G. Weldon Johnson, 2831 E. 66th. It claims that a 1961 law providing for assessment of personal property beginning March 1, 1962, at 5 of the assessed value of the house is unconstitutional and creates an unjust burden on property owners. The suit was filed against David D. Finney, Marion as sessor; Carl T. Bowen, Wash- i n g t o n Township Assessor, and Edwin K. Steers, Indiana attorney general. TO-DAY Beach Open Play the finest in MINIATURE GOLF pccti ftirr beach WCOILHIIC club P M 7:1S-Plotter Party CS-lndplj Today :1J-Tom Doyle 10:0-NewsTom Doyle 11:00-Tom Doylt R M. 4:0S-Eaty Does It j OJ-Take It Easy 4:00-News t:1S-Fer's Dsn 4 30-Bii) Four 4 45-Tello Test 7:00-Soeedway GOSSIP TUESDAY DAYLIGHT A M. A M. 5:4S-Bible 8:i5-Toasi n' conee 4 00-News-Form 10:0i-Hoosier Hit V3o-Toast 'n' Cotfee Porode 7:00-News-Toosi 'n' 10 JO-500 Rote Coffee fM 100-News 3 00-Eosy Does It WIRE 1430 MONDAY NIGH1 P.M. 5 Radio Stations to Cover 500 Radio coverage of the 500' Mile Race will start between 10 and 10:30 a.m. tomorrow over WIBC, WIRE, WFBM and WISH. Originating with WIBC, the 4'2-hour broadcast will be carried by 450 stations through the United States and will be heard on the Voice of America. Sid Collins will act as chief announcer for the program. No television coverage of the race is planned. P.M. 4:00-Best Music In Town S:0ft-Best Music In Town S:5-New$-Sport t W-Money Talks TUESDAY DAYLIGHT ;IS-Besl Music In Town 7:30-News 7:4J-Rosary lOO-Foollight Revues A M. 4 00-Bet Music in Town 7:0O-News 7:1S-Best Music in Town 7:45-News 1.00-Best Music In Town A M. 1:45-Bia Boy Breaklost OO-Best Music In Town 10 30-S0O Race P.M. i M-Rest Music in Town WFIU-FM-103.7 MONOAY NIGHT p u l:00-Eveninq Concert 10 00-Mws 10:15-concert P.M. 5;30-5oorts 4:00-Dinner Music 7:0O-Face Future 7:30-Lively Arti TUESDAY DAYLIGHT P.M. l;3S-Atternoon Concert P M J:00-Afternoon Varieties WISH 1310 MONDAY NIGHT P.M ;:30-News-Dick summer 10.00-News 10'15-Dick Summer 12:00-Jimmy Mack P.M. 4 (K)-NfwS-ABbOII S.OO-News 5:lS-Don Abbott 4 30-NewS t:4S-News 7;00-ln Person TUESDAY DAYLIGHT AM. i oo-Tom Maims 10 uo-nuj r-. 7 30-News 10 3O-5O0 Race 7:4S-Tom Mathis P M. f;00-Arthur Godlrey 100-Don Abbott WIBC-FM-93.1 MONDAY NIGHT P M 4:00-Music In the Air t:0O-Twiliqht Serenade P M I od-concert Stage 11 00-jmr in ttie Night WFBM-FM-94.7 MONDAY NIGHT a u P . r-m. , in tha t:1S-Dinntr - !:0olsymphony Hall U OO-LOvert Hour 10 30-News TUESDAY DAYLIGHT AM. .".1. 4 oo-Mornin music n -v.... 100-Mornina P M ..-- Matinee ! I0:00-Sleyt Allen 2 0O-Desian WFBM-1260 MONDAY NIGHT P M. . :M; ........ 4 do-Johnny snnno i.-n." I:00-Berni Herman f .JO-ternie 4.00-Newt Herman e-1V-Weother 11 M-Bernie'f Jart 4 JO-Trocksde 12 0O-Lever' Hour 4 JO-New-Sportt TUESDAY DAYLIGHT AM P M. :0-Form Rfport J 90-Johnny Sarin" 4:1J-Frank Prater 10 OO-Hol Fryor 10 30-500 Race at GATHS only 1961 CHRYSLER . . . f KlCUPnDT m is 11 1 wn 4-DOOR some WHITE SIDE WALLS HEATER UNDERCOAT TURN SIGNALS CHRYSLER'S NEW ECONOMY V-8 ENGINE OPtN 10 TO 4 MlMQMAL DAY GATES MOTORS INC. IMPERIAL CHRYSLERPLYMOUTH VALIANT 34th and N. ILLINOIS WA 6-3343 Tonight's Movies on Television 5:00 WISH-TV: Early Show, "At War With the Army" (1951) with Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis and Polly Bergen. 5:00 WFBM-TV: Frances Farmer Presents, "Wing and a Prayer" (1944) with Dana Andrews and Don Ameche. 11:20 WLW-I: Critic's Choice, "Waterloo Bridge" (1940) with Rob ert Taylor and Vivien Leigh. 12:00 WISH-TV Late Show, "Road Demon" (1939) with Tom Beck. MONDAY TV PROGRAMS Film (c) Com WAJC-FM-104.5 MONDAY NIGHT P.M. P.M. $:00-OH the Record :30-Words in :00-Dinner Music Our Tim 7 Oft-Concert 10:30-Muiic Is Read By P.M.! WFBM-TV WISH-TV WLW-I WW"" . Channel 6 Channel 8 Channel 13 Channel 4 :J i Make Room Brighter Day American Chatier V 4: for Daddy Secret Storm tandstand Bugs :jj Here's Hollywd. Edge of Night Popeye Shew :M Frances Farmer" Early Show American Popeye Shew 5:'5 Presents' With Bandstand 1 "Wing and "At War ft;n Tin Tin jlL' ftwr" With the ;W Frances Farmer Army" News Ruffles 6:15 I presents Weather-Sports M News-Weather Huckleberry Jeffs Colli! 'Mj NBC News News Hound M , News Lockup Mr. Ed Adventure 7:5 Weather :9 The Americans Tell fhe Truth Cheyenne Annapolis :00 The Americans Pete and Gladys Cheyenne Wrestling OIS 0:39 Wells Fargo Bringing Up Surfside Six :5 Buddy iOO Whispering Danny Thomas Surfside Six Citizen Soldier 9:15 Smith :39 Press Party Andy Griffith Adventures in Jim Bowie AS Paradise -.09 Barbara Hennesey Adventures in Anatomy of i Ifl-.lSi Stanwyck Paradise Race Car ' I U:30 Drivers Meeting June Allyson 500 Preview Frank Edwards Ay . :09 : News News-Weather Big Three Frank Edwards , n:1 5 'Weather Speedway Critics Choice Wrestling :39i Start Your "Waterloo J :45' Engines Bridge" TUESDAY TV PROGRAMS A.M. WFBM-TV WISH-TV WLW-I WTTV Channel 6 Channel 8 Channel 13 Channel 4 :09 ' :15 0 39 :45 . , 7:15 . :39 Chapel Door j5 Cartoons : ' -" ' ' :00 Today NewsWeather 8:15 Capt. Kangaroo News Weather :39 looking Around 45 :09 Three Stooges Margie Kindergarten 9:15 College :39 Jack LaLanne Debbie Drake :45 Glamour :09 Highway Patrol I Love Lucy Camouflage 10:39 Play Your Hunch Video Village About Faces , :09 Price Is Right Double Exposure Gale Storm n:15 (C) :39 Concentration Surprise Pack- Love That Bob :45 age :00 Tnlthor Love of Life 50 SO Club (c) Theater 1V1S Consequences IL M Could Be You (c) Search Tomorrow Ding Dong , :45 Guiding Light School :09 News News-Weather 50-50 Club (c) Milady's 1:15 Matinee Farm and Home Matinee :39 "One Touch World Turns Number Please "Best of -.45 of Venus" fhe Badmen" :09 Matinee Face the Facts Day In Court Milady's 2:15 Matinee :39 Loretta Young House Party Seven Keys Indiana U. t45 ( :09 Young Dr. Millionaire Queen for a Day Crossfire 3:15 Malone "Rio Grande :39 From These, Verdict Is Yours Who Do You Patrol" :45 Boots Trust WFMS-FM-95.5 MONDAY NIGHT P.M. P.M. 3:00-MemoryLon 10:3-Mutie 'Til 7W-HI-R Midnight l:(H)-Concert Hour 12:00-Serenade :0O-Varietiej TUESDAY A M. 4:oo-Sacreo Music 7:0O-Vorietiej l:OD-Ripplinq Rhythm l:30-Music tar Misses lOrOO-Hi-Hi Holiday 10:30-Fovorite Tunes DAYLIGHT A M. 1130-Serenode P M 12:o-Serenadt 1:0-Variely 3:DO-Hi-Fi Melodies J:30-Favonta Classics WXLW-950 MONDAY NIGHT P.M. PM. 4 00-Muilc Shop a:eo-Dlnner Cot 5 00-News 4.30-Hom Edition IilS-Travelin' Tunes TUESDAY DAYLIGHT A M. 4 90-Too th Morning 7:4t-News IiOO-Tobo' the Mornina :3S-Billboard f :4S-lnsoiration Tinto A M. 10 ea-Ai Your Request 11 00-Yntrdoyi Hits P.M 11 so-Ncws and Previews I:30-Music Shop WGEE-1590 TUESDAY A M. lot-Country Classics 10 (MVTod Peps 11 M-lnspirolion P M 11:00-News 12:1S-Country Classics :tO-Sound Stag WAIV-FM-105.7 P M. i oi-Pop-Phonics 4 00-Soit scene 4 30-siocks 7;0S-Skrliner MONDAY NIGHT P M. 7 30-Just Fun J 5-Fliqht 0S 10 OS-Ehbtide 10:30-Mosterwerks Vicksburg to Honor Hoosiers Mississippi is inviting Hoo-siers to visit the Vicksburg battlefeld the week of June 18 to see where 24 Indiana infantry regiments, two artillery batteries and two cavalry companies fought in 1863. Special ceremonies are to be held June 24 at the Indiana monument in the national military park comprising the siege lines around the onetime "Gibraltar of the Confederacy." Governor Ross B a r n e 1 1, over whose Statehouse at Jackson the colors of the 59th Indiana Regiment flew after Vicksburg, has issued a proclamation setting aside Indiana week at Vicksburg. Similar weeks also are set aside for other states whose men fought there. There are 1(5 monuments and 53 tablets on the field marking the sites where Indiana units fought. They were dedicated in 190S by J. Frank Hanly, then governor of Indiana. The principal Indiana monument, a bronze statue of the state"s Civil War governor, Oliver P. Morton, was dedicated in 1926. Disabled Vets Elect Special to Tha News NEW CASTLE, Ind. Cleo Elam has been elected commander of the Omar Bundy chapter of Disabled American Veterans here. Other new officers are Gerald Flayler, first vice-commander; William Worthington, second vice - commander; Howard Byrd, adjutant; Mer-vin C. Heefner, treasurer; Floyd Riley, chaplain, and Roy R. Ferguson, sergeant-at-arms. 8tTV k tarsSi-,,? t 1 ' 4WTt J Your Can hove a new look give them a NEW color Have Them DYED coll ME 4-344S GENERAL DYEING 818 DORMAN ST. "SPEEDWAY SPECTACULAR " MONDAY 11:15 pm

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