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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana • Page 7
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana • Page 7

Indianapolis, Indiana
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Mondoy, May 29, 1961 THE INDIANAPOLIS NEWS Pag 7 tMwwi Scorn Jm made mm (ilead), kept mm hkndi! RINGSIDE IN HOOSIERLAND W3 Style Is Boon to Spectacle Trade CHICAGO (AP) Women who wear glasses today have a whole wardrobe of them. Men also are using several pairs. A survey by an optical firm reveals that the average woman has 3.5 pairs and men 1.7. Fashion conscious women have jeweled frames for evening wear, sedate ones for the office and different colored frames for different costumes. Death Claims Stutz Race Team Veteran By WAYNE" GUTHRIE Death kept Frank (Shorty) Agan from sharing in tomorrow's observance of the 50th anniversary of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's first Memorial Day 500-Mile Race.

He rode in that 1911 event as mechanic in the Stutz racer which he helped build and which Gil Anderson drove to 11th place. Risks Involved in Vienna Parley We reprint periodically on this page editorials from other newspapers and magazines which we think might Interest our readers. The News does not necessarily agree or disagree with the opinions expressed. JT I The Scotch with ork Herald Tribune From The Nety km a a i'' i vt, tr 2. A calling card he gave me years ago said he was the last I DISTILLED A BOTTLED IN SCOTLAND came out a changed man but still a race fan.

That ended his racing career, however." Frank entered government service in 1918 as an aviation engine builder and mechanic. He retired at 65 and spent practically the remainder of his life at Washintgon, lnd. BLENDED SCOTCH WHISKY 86 8 PROOF. THE FLEISCHMANN DISTILLING CORPORATION. N.

Y. C. SOLE DISTRIBUTORS surviving member of the nine men who "among themselves designed, financed, built and oper a the first Stutz automobile" in 1911. I'm told that cum a AnHdrcatl. STAR and HEWS Quick-Action WANT ADS Gel Fas! Results respect to a face-to-face meeting with Premier Khrushchev is hardly in keeping with Candidate Kennedy's attitude.

Moreover, the wanton insults that Nikita Khrushchev has indulged in during some of these visitations (Prime Minister Macmillan was the target for some, on his trip to Russia, as well as former President Eisenhower in Paris) raise the possibility that "personal contact" between the American President and the Soviet dictator may be bruising. The dangers, in fine, for President Kennedy and for the free world of this second Congress of Vienna cannot be dismissed. Now that it is firmly fixed, however, there can only be a general and sincere wish that it will go well, and that it may open some avenues toward a lessening of the explosive pressures that are evident in so many parts of the world today. Special notice fo fhe thousands of Indianapolis families about to get gas for home heating: on be satisfied CARMICHAEL with less than Actually, it will be a twosome, the June meeting tween President Kennedy and Premier Khrushchev in the old city on the Danube. But Presidents and Premiers those of great powers, at any rate travel with considerable retinues, and the press of the world joins the train.

With the possibility that several hotels will be taken over for the event, Vienna may be almost as hard-pressed to accommodate Messrs. Kennedy and Khrushchev as when Metternich, Talleyrand, Castle-reagh, the Emperors of Austria and Russia and a host of rulers and statesmen from nearly all of Europe met to liquidate the Bonapartist Empire. But while Vienna is still a city of charm and music, iMs hard to believe that the confrontation of Kennedy and Khrushchev will be accompanied by the same gaiety with which a continent waltzed out of the smoky glare of the Napoleonic period into the cool shadows of the Holy Alliance. Nor, for that matter, is it to be expected that decisions will be made in Vienna this June as firm or as long-lasting as those which the Congress made in 1815 proved to be after the abrupt intrusion of Napoleon's Hundred Days had been ended at Waterloo. For the White House has been at pains to emphasize that the meeting in Vienna will be for "a general exchange of views" and not "for the purpose of negotiating or reaching agreement on the major international problems that involve the interests of many other conutries.

In this way Mr. Kennedy has recognized and attempted to guard against one of the risks of summitry: building of false hopes among the world's peoples. How successful this defense will be is questionable. Hopes are not necessarily rational and the mere meeting of the two heads of the earth's most powerful nations could set off illusions that might be damaging when events proved them imaginary despite the long record of dis-enchantments that have followed negotiations with the Soviet Union. And there are other risks.

President Kennedy's course in Agan team came Guthrie within a cat's whisker of winning the 1913 classic. Not many days afterward Agan, as riding mechanic in a new Stutz racer being tested on that same oval, was injured critically in a crash that took the life of the driver. That ended his racing career. At 80 Agan died January 9 in an Indianapolis nursing home. He was buried in Washington, in his native Daviess County.

His brother, Charles F. Agan, 2246 W. 79th, recalled interesting highlights of Frank's racing career. He said Frank was born March 13, 1880, in the Sugarland community of Daviess County. He came to Indianapolis in 1905.

Charles continued: "Frank was always interested in speed. His first efforts were bicycle races, many of which were held in Washington, Vincennes, Petersburg and other southern Indiana places. "When automobiles still were in their infancy he took employment in Indianapolis with the Marion Motor Car Co. "In the latter part of 1910 and early 1911 he, with Gil Anderson, under the tutelage of Harry Stutz, engineer, built the first Stutz car, a racing machine which Anderson drove and in which Frank was riding mechanic. It finished in 11th place.

"Frank then weighed 118 pounds. In order to pass cer ennox heating ystem tain weight tests be concealed tJOTlCE AOli TtiAT PROMOTION HAS GOiJE To HiS-HtAP MY WINDOW wjjwwftww-, I Heavy Steel Heat Exchanger jrTj Delivers all fhe usable heat 1 built to last years longer. 1 "il I 'WV i twwrF WwsWW? Hushtone Blower Another Lennox exclusive. Moves 11 ''f more air, ever so softly and quiet ym-i ss a whisper! "i BluTsrST'Filter Special, large capacity filler re-noes dust, dirt and lint from the air you live in, several pounds of wrenches in his coveralls. STUTZ HAD TWO TEAMS ON ROAD "In those days so-called road races were held each year at Elgin, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, and one or two other cities I can't recall.

Stutz was well represented by Anderson and Agan and another Stutz racing team whose driver and mechanic I can't recall. "In 1913 the Frenchman, Jules Goux, won the race but Anderson and Agan were overtaking him in the last 50 miles and had closed the gap almost to assure them of a win. Pit manager Stutz flagged them down at 487 Vi rniles for one tire. The idling car dropped a cotter pin from the cam shaft assembly and for them that was the end of the race." He said Frank was injured in June of that same year in a test drive of a new Stutz racer. It occurred on the northwest turn of that track: "Harry Martin, the driver, was killed instantly.

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NO OBLIGATION. There is milk. And there is milk. And for the first time in my life, I have just had a glass of goat milk. Unwrinkle your nose! There was nothing wrong with it.

The truth is, there Was A pen deal right with ff IL it, It was sweet. Rich. Ice-cold. In fact, at this moment there is a whole half callon of merous cuts and lacerations." IV A the health brew in the ref riger- IJ 11 He recalled that the force of that crash tore Frank's high-top button shoes from both ftet without even unbuttoning a single button. He said a 2x4 ran through the car from the radiator to the back, narowly missing Frank.

"Frank was unconscious and hospitalized for months. He EASY TERMS up to 5 years to pay or perhaps you can add it to your present houe mortgage) African Clergy NEW YORK (AP) There are 2,000 native Africans serving as Roman Catholic priests, along with 30 African bishops, one African cardinal and African nuns, the Catholic Digest says. LET US SHOW YOU WHY LENNOX IS AMERICA'S FIRST CHOICE They are of the Nubian variety, and the Toggenburg. The Nubians are large goats, standing some three feet high, with long ears and a Roman nose. They have short hair that is black and white, and black and brown.

Springing from India and Ethiopia, they were later crossed with English goats. The Jriggcnburgs came to America directly from Swit-zeflandrand have white markings on th'r faces and knees. With a height of about 38 inches, they weigh from 100 to 135 pounds. Their coats were glossy and sleek. You wanted to stroke their shining sides or head.

But when they saw us, they dashed up an incline looking almost like deer. Said Opal Soltau: "They think you are the vet." Each year a veterinarian comes from the county scat to take a blood test of each goat. So it is that every stranger who appears is eyed with suspicion by the herd. They figure that they are about to be needled. Dining on a diet of alfalfa and cracked oats, the nannies give a good flow of milk as much as five or six years after the birth of their kids.

The milking parlor was all white enamel. One by one the milk goats hop upon a stand, stick their heads through a stanchion to their feed trough, and eat while the milking goes on. The three Soltaus each have their regular goats that they milk twice daily. People come from the surrounding area to buy both milk and yogurt. Rich in alkaline, it counteracts stomach acid, and is considered highly beneficial.

One of the Soltaus' customers is a spry 93. Perhaps drinking goat's milk is a way of arriving at 93. Hilda and Carrie are you listening. LENNOX FURNACES and Aireonditioning JOHNSON SON Heating end Plumbing Ml t. Main, Crttndtltf HO 1 1IW Ntw raliitint, Ind.

TO 1 4111 -ft Mi Barker Heidi might step out of the pages of that childhood classic and join me. It is lonely to drink even goat's milk alone. And Hilda and Carrie will give me no help at all. I think maybe if they had actually visited the goats in Pleasant Valley, they would be more hepped on the product. Certainly no one could look upon Petunia and Pansy, Peony and Hyacinth, and their 40 or more goat brothers and sisters grazing on a Brown County hillside, and not take a little interest in the topic.

Just a sip, anyway. My dear friend, artist Ruth Anderson, and her foster father, Dr. Harry K. Langdon, had invited me to go with them to Nashville. We were having lunch at the Corner Cupboard when Ruth looked up and saw the Soltaus.

"Any yogurt today?" she asked. Then she explained that the folk at the next table had a dairy a goat dairy. Sometime later we headed out Road 4fi to sec the three Soltaus, living on their 200-acre replica of Switzerland-goats and all. It was in 1952 when Charles Soltau and his sisters, Pearl and Opal, bought three goats. Today they have a herd of 44.

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