The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1931
Page 5
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THURSDAY, APUIL 2, 1031 BLYTHKV1LLR. (AllK.V COURIER NEWS PAG8PIWS STENOGRAPHERS f Most E I'i'iclou t Extension Agents • ° A Pew, Stella Will ins, Write Over 100 Words s. liinuta; For others, Who Don't, Horo Are a Fetr Hints on Spool Jl\ r JULIA ULANSIIAIll) SEA Service Writer NEW YORK,—Step on ii, stenographers! American business can BO a little faster. Every one cf you has a potential typewriting speed of 100 word a minute, believe it or not! Stella Willins. American woman typewriting cliamp, said so just bo- forc departing for Europe, where .she will demonstrate to English and Continental typists and business officials just who it is that puts the "busy" In American business. Ever since Miss Willins. a Brooklyn girl, walked away with the blue | ribbon at the amateur contest i:i | 1926, she has held the record fo: H the fastest professional \vcman typist. In Richmond last year she rat- : tied the keys for one solid liuur, | averaging 124 words for rich minute. The English record is 85 word'i per minute; the French, 3-1. Miss Willins didn't just happen to bo the champion and stay there. She developed a technique all her c*.vn, learned how to eliminate \vast? motions, how to sit, at what angle h?r wrists tired less and all that. Even now, when she is grooming herself fcr a contest, she goes into training just like an athlete. Ten hours sleep, no stimulants, plain feed, regular hours, and from four ts six hours daily practice. Between contests Miss Willins travels from one end of America to the other, demonstrating and I've known him I" send as much -,s u ti.'i'k o: r.icli. Til!! Irtill was, no', nlw.-.ys li'.rje ami yuu know '. n tm.iil pm-alors have :i lot "1 . :d i':'.'Sn;i ami by cniTiully n.'.- . lillj. II'.:' ipci-ks out o! till' a;ip!":: you still haw ;: lot of noaii lull.' 'IhSr.ys ^ei-iii to li^.vL 1 clun^i'.l MK: now the Ci'.urcli Mar.i-.fu'i.s v.a'U i-ii:h and llity want to tell you !!:;• . aii'.uunt. 'll-.e; I-YCII wan; yai lu tiy:: a Pledge. That may suit 1,0m. 1 —l;-.n r.oi mo. Ciirdweii High Fourth iii Cou'ity Driima uieei CARJjWl.'l.!.. Mu.-Cjrdv.i'll hii;! 1 .' scl:ocl p!a;:-il i'ouilh in i.'.v: annual j Uur.klin ccu.i'.y luu r h >xiucl drt 1 .- '• j malic cci:'.t'b. M:-l:l at iu.iUUn lav. ' l-'ii'.lay evening. C.irclv.vll hljh live- , !i"T,tcd "'1 r:l'.t-5," a one :u\ p'::iy. v:itn • ih'> fullov.-uVj cast: A i.irir.i'r. Koy j Lrihlty; a sht-vili, liyiun ij^i'.op; \ Iwu WGiiH:n, Eu.m.t I.-':c Coih'ns L'.nri ' Mary Ju iusg... I'Lin-u 1 :! by Ml., j i~i.'ubL'lh Jchr.jC.i. ; 'iiii- c.' .'...., '.vo:i by S^iat'n. P'.C'-.T.'.ny; -Hiui^n.;.' ^CL-jnd plr.c-j wi-nl ici M;il-!;-n v.iii! "On VuijC- ilin-;!. :.isj pruenvjj "Trilk-s." Hor- lunt, Jolmsoii comity, tied lor flfUi| lace. The county agents were: Lynn Smilh, J. if. Hcckir.RB, WMhlng- on county; Travis Hal^. Dallas county; J. A. Hempiull, Bradley county; and J. L, Wright, Union county. It has liecn found that .aluminum becomes stronger In tile bitter cold.1 or high altitudes. .My.t!.> W.'fon. licnic dcm- his'.fer .icu a;:, nt. Cr.ion county: and i ItUl. Jiii. rainlv iiKi'i". to Unicn county In count-.-, v.fre n,ime,l tin.- im...t ' i ' ei'ii:-;il i'-:"r,sl:i!is a ; ..-i',i.s for 1D3U ' tlon ' wiii tec 'xirs. j eel wire "Ti!3:!k Vnu. itelor." 1); j Campb'jll; "An Kyo fur An Eyi-, Holcomb, aiv.l "DaLR'm?rs of Men, j by Clarkloii. ., '",' 11.i' tliii-d .VL.-.I- ciiicii-ncy ratings i' >•"' Pl.'> :..,,.„ ,,., ru ... ,..:,.,.,„,! . J vanklnit livo Oemonsta'u- s were: Mrs. Wnlson, ^°- c "«' e ™ ml >"- Stella Willins.,.»«. 0 3oK>v7s vha keys to ••• "aucoass. O f02 st Wilson bellci iStudy Relationship Between jDiabetes and PeiiiiciousAnemiai^;^^" Cardwell hi^h sohc?! was one oi . yc .,;• ar.: I tiio liiree .schcoii in the csunty 0!'.- : ;.:c^r.-iir. | tcrcil in ii:e district d:.i:t:atic met: | at Cajyj Gn in (. ui In" nn. t \ i wen by IKm"n i i S c en ond, Sena'.h third and Kcnn: fouKh. Cir 1\ e)l pie it 1 fiin or Bury." •> \ '-u in t, L to "M n i i < , :;;vv-j been c^iulvictcd. IMK? Until i Mr*, •v-trn:, 1:^ ten in EMen-i , „„;, -L!~:J Vi'or^ 11 yr-.ns ana ha:; workju '.lu Un:o:i calmly during timt tlnu 1 . i Uiiicn co!;:;t;, -.vo:i lirst p!arc in th: r IIuiu-s cent'. 1 *; !a3t 1 iunuc in:[)ro^emr-nl t!-,e county has beDu u c fjl ! M;ss Sue Marshall. Nevada county; Falrbairn, Sebastian Miss Mary llucchley raiilkner county, and Mrs. :Mnbv FOR IB CtNTS Cunt, Callous, Roots and All Come Out—1'nin Gone Instantly. SIIOKS DON'T HURT UKSIJI.TH CUAUANTEED Mnny a man and woman litis exclaimed O-Joy when Ihey fo«nrt .heir coiT.s and callouses gone— pain gone—tuul shoes hurting no more. Fay a dime for an envelope ot six O-Joy Corn Wafers. Press a v.iucr, thin as paper, on the corn, flip on slices, pain Is cone Later peel oit uafcr nnd-out comes <-orn, callous, roots and all. Abso lutely Guaranteed, No bulky dough nut pads or buniliiu acidj. Just a a wafer, thin as paper,-, on priced substitutes. O-Joys newest, bcsl remedy .yet.. Six fori dime al druggists. —Adv. 1 pm culirh ^ i o u been ccunl in He up cad county sin: \ i L i ic Hr^t became connect^:! \ i i U t I I i on c ulc u' | 2Sth. The ,)1 \ \ is ( clcd 1>> Elizabeth John i T4Y OR. MOKRIS riSHBF.lx ; tcry which jecrr.s to indicate qir.:j j IKditor, Journal of the American' definitely the importance cf Uikhig ' Medical Atsccnlion, -ind of lly- in;o account the Samilv hision- inlait. .-, ,,. n i geia, the Heallh >ragaiijic should Bive ami when "it comes lo|VVi!lS opening DCC j A person who has cither d!ab?t?s j any man or set of men trying : or pernicious anemia is sick: a. to tell me how I shall spend my j combination of the two disease i money I sir.iply draw ihe line. My '! makes him especially sick. Natural-' Father worked hard lor my money ft, gOOd typist H9V93? j'y wnm two sucl1 serious dlsia^sjand property, and while h? wasp ^\ With Word Councillor EPRINCH^LD Hopper, iin') — gats "key torel"! occur in combination, physicians | what you might call a nominal icrmcrly a student n an Euslioh; are particularly interested to know Church Member, he did nc; believe i s^i-col, v.'c:i the animal spellin; •'.Moriiiti" Aflcr" HEADACHES Don't Irt a "hantj-oxxT 1 * hcrnl;i typist can learn to write 100 words a minute she insists that able ones can speed up to 115! es and seild Ulcl " lo i "'• ail1 ' whi-n tiiere w:,5 no market recommend and preceding. l,&pumne p FOR Hf ABACHfS TWO MORE DAYS until Easter There's Still time, however, to 'buy all your new tog- Hart Schaffuer & Marx SUITS speed typist out of you. 2. You must sit right to write right. The technique ol the tvpe- combination of tile two occurred. Diabetes, according to Dr. Hoot, j about equally between the " is an- . writer tegins with your sit tog j two ECS " S ' w " cr f s In f rmclcus ?"squarely in front of the machinD, [ CKm , men tend to , bc rlorc fr ,°H * I quenlly affected than women. In T-<.f ~ — ft-i- / a. ~ T u ' 3 HO C/ 4? male A. tO quenlly J31 out of 48 cases, diabetes came .first and the pernicious anemia !ol- lowed; in four cases, the pcvnicious I anemia occurred first, and in tiic j other instances it \vas impossible ' to say. The physicians are inclined to 'believe that there is family infill- j ence in this relationship between j diabetes and pernicious anemia. | Thus, in one family a man 59 ycarc I old had pernicious anemia, a brc'.ri- i cr had had excretions of sugar and i pernicious anemia, a sister 55 years j cf age had |>enucious anemia, a •brother aged 50 had diabetes, a j brother aged 49 was well, the motli- 1 er died of diabetes and the father had excretion cf sugar aid died oi I an infected foot v:itli gangrene. The i father's brother had anemia from j] [ \vhich he died, and t'.ie father's i i I iWif? Of SciisoiKiitlc, Now Merchandise. \Ve Hitvc with yor.r feet snuarcly on the floor. ! sister died at the age of 30 from j not \vrapped your chair, ' pneumonia. Th mon , ev - s s ; sln . lnd abctes. ,|< | but one brothci ot the mcthev dic-i ;* iol old age. The grandfather °' i:ie jl 1 patient died of pernicious anemia, i ! and It is likely Hint ',m bio'.h.-r • also had pernicious anemia. ] Here is the tyrx? of family his- ; crossed or in the aisle. 3. Keep your fin^rrs rtirvnl, over tlic second row of the snide keys. Slope your clbous down from the wrist. Don't btick your clbnv.s cat. and don't sit in i(.2 liiRt a rhnir. 4. Strike the keyo with a purely 1 ..' finger movement, without any \vasle j maticn. The 1355 wrist and arm ir.o- 1 tion you have, the faster yc;i can go. : 5. Rliythm is (he first tiling you ; mu = t develop. Rhythm means writ- : ing at an even pace. Don't F.lrike a ' few keys very rapidly happens to be ticn ot keys and then difficult passages. You will lose, Kl , lt . hr ,. S ,I K ,„ „,..',-,. time in collitiins keys^ b=kin S „„ i bi ^|f ^ <*«>-'« - '^ ,, n bjc^pacmg and erasing. Tne host ; vnlll . lu ,, u . o , mlM .„,.„ , n f .,,, p ,, r .i motto is. "Wriie as fast as you i can accurately." G. Don't think cf jour lioy aal-Burrow Goods Co, !v v.'V.ere there! f\ fi 1 f Q ft * ^.^un.-. Safe y and QUK i sjo.1 CIOA n en i rf ^ fricntl uhile typwrilinir. Cnn- conlialc or. j-otir work and let your date Like care cf ilsclf btcr. Keep your eyes on the copy. '• your body should have to fnnctic:! I properly) purify your bl-od n' harmful acids, and aid the i:iil- i neys and bowels to throw o:f wa-.;c I maleiial—t'.ie continual formation of which is probably the cause of ' your fat. In this tnccicrn a>-,e cf living, it's Yen tune by looking up. and i ""Pos«blo to get these sails from •>r- hke:y to IC-AVC out words, get | thc f;lnc J' foods -™" cat—b'.il don't the ttio'nz place to .Hart acain.; v -' orl - v J> ;sl as lffi '3 as yen n.i'.-- (i-anspoia "lellci's. aiifl make 'mam-! Kr J! whcn Srllts - \Vt r>vc j.;i .^iv-; 1 tiv. ••-' \\'OLiui!vf!il Y?.i\;,-.-; to oiu 1 coininuin;; ri-.r Sprini; (ipt-iiiiur oil'-' ;.!;i'-il /V[)i' Pi'itc^ b("'i'i H;il;i',-:!.'.y, AsK'il -llii, Jiiid \V!i,i. TJXUH TliiiOUGIi SA'IUUUAV, Al'UlL ^!>. S«n-,o StrilJr,!; E:;;i:n!)l'js of 0:ii' Vi:;uiy I.nw I M'Oi:'.S 7."«- Silk Hii;:i.'. All iVrfcii, ihirk pfe& ffi 8h;!!i"-'. I Take n half tcsapcon "8"'L?avn how lo return IV.; car-! ", lcrnln 5 . liclor ^. breakiasl riajc si'CCciily. Don't lock up at the end c; ;he line, l.luen ta th; bcli. Lei i: tC'l «'licn you are IhcrD. As roan a? yon can leturn the I ll!at leCt I .1 or hoi vv-aUr—Uttlt; by \\".\: I ,y fat difaiipcar?. you'll fd.1 j iVian ever bofovr — yi - ;..;•.< I a i- i yosingcr, more eiicrjjv. Youll scon I ,i^e alter the bell nr...:s. <!o' U.! ". 3 ? sfs "'•»! enviable b,auiy, cloar wall " -harp, auick movement of i Sfc " v1 sparkhnj eyes, superb mure , the inilos aiul second fingers cf tho|^ h 0:1 '- v I lcl ' tcci ll « 1 " 1 ca!1 " ll - j I An £-5c bottle (last 4 \vects) at j j Kirby Drug Co., or any progtc'-sive i druggist in America. Money b,;ck I if Krusc : ien doesn't convince 50.1 j that it is the safest, quickest. c.iS- 1 icst way lo lose fat. i A Hartford woman wntcs, "lii , te'.l the world Kruschcu Salts is j v.cnderful siufl to reduce." An Ohio ic."Keep 'your nails fairly short. I wcman lost 10 pounds with one fcr ior.g ones interfere with typing, \ boltle. —Adv. 5 9. \Vrilf flriilily at >r«r spfc.-l and m.iki- 'ewer mistakes. It's ,-\ r.cvv \rrsinu of llio stcry of ll-c tci-tci 1 -' and the hare. For (l-.c typist »''"> rushes rid' niell beyond her spffil will make mistakes .ii'<1 have to sin? lo them. Per from. ' I. A !)!:•;:• V-.S I .fifths r.i;;. r;:M ct.lor (ii'ts.-<i\s -l.r.d mid !•!.!'.") l"nui!':suii<, (Jc-iitum; Koal-l'ax :uu! !?. V. I).';; f;;ll fiis'iioncd Chiffon lio.-;e. 1'orftct Sili. •ial He EAR TEE I N THESE DAYS of careful buying. General Elcclric gucs more llian half ivay to meet pro- spcclivc users of electric refrigeration. . Now every purcliasev of a General Electric RciriicratorlienefilsliyiiEW advancements—-new low prices—anil one of tin; strongest guarantcca ever jjivcn with a rncclianical product. •': You^et al)5olulcprolcclion, for three longyc^rs, ;i"ain<l scrvicu CNpcnEC. In ailtlilion, you receive more modern refrigeration—complete protection • to Ucallli ami fooil—reliable pci foruianccu/irajs. General Elcclric's simple sealecl-iii-slecl Monitor Top mechanism is now enhanced by iiiany liew ' fiMlnrcj. New f liding tliclvcs, nc.iv inoilcrn iinr'd- warc, linfcr-tip lalche#, am! porcelain lining' that resists fruit aciils, ailil to convenience and Inn" life. Anil withlhcic atU'anlagca come an all-. tied cabinet, llircn zones of colil, a handy, fa^l. freezing control and maximum fooihtoragcspacc. Let us show you how casilyyou may own aGen'eral Kluclric out of income—wilh no added expense. , - ' \..-; •_ J r" : >: -, ' i'rrj'^rt:ri, ii7c,r,tlrnil crrry V •5i::r.- 1 "." / .s :; r r, n'.i: y r>rrn\n:; f on (I I' 5ii : ; ;n - ini;- Co;tts. In ;i!l wiiiitcd hiyl^, .' :{;; ir,;h< s vide 1'cv Ilk Byron HATS Silk Lined $5 Mead"5Spor ]\ Shoes $5 'Artistic Shirts Pre-Shrunk, White and Colors $1.95 Interwoven Sox 50c 75c; $1,00 Ties New Spring Patterns $1.00 New 1- 2£ 8 C E U A T O R, : . _ KIC U ,V T E R r, OO j. r.Sj Tl"~l I M. 1'J.l-RTi.l II >TI)«S — ouri Power Co /11SS "At Your Service" Clothing Co.

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