The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, October 27, 1932
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Served bt/ the United Press THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHKA RT ABIT .TOK»s*»*m 2rJ5i r S.nT/S^^!T. ^ V-*~4 _ Y T k^/ NKtySPAPER OP NORTHKA ST ARKANSAS*AND SOUTHEAST M13SOUIU VOL. XXIX—NO. 190 Hlylhevlllu Dally News, lilylheville Herald. .Mississippi Valley Leader. I'K-Om-il'.e Courier. IK.MtSDA Y. (KTOBKK ?.l, IOI12 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO WITH MOTHER Mrs 'P. U. 4 Flies Drivers .-Summoned to Ex-| nlain Crash That Cost j Life of G. W. BumeUe. \ Drivers of two cars, on? a Ma-1 nlia. school boy. will be brought in-1 to municipal court Friday attern:o'.i' to give details of an accident -in j Highway 18, near Rostand, last | night which rEjtilied in ti;; fan! i injury of G. W. Burnett. CO. | No specific charges were prefc;-- j iccl against drivers o! the two heav-! ily loaded cars by deputy shsrMIi. who investigated the cras.\ but both were told to appear in court tomorrow afternoon. The cars t:3l- j liiied almost head on. I Burnett, one of eight occupants , of a small touring car, was hurl?:l j to the concrete when the two ma- j chines collided. He sustained a I fracture at the base ot the skull and j died K-jtl.'oui regaining conscious-1 ness, shortly before noon tcday at the Blytheville hospital. I Reports of the collision as dc-! tailed to officers by ccci.pams nfi the two cars vary. According to re- , ports, occupants of the car in wnich | the old man was riding sai:l that' the other car failed to "straighten i up' 1 after passing, another machine I going in the same direction and smashed into the side of their car. TI* school boys stated that the other car was on the wrong siie of I the rosd when their machine struck ! it, according to officers. John Petty I was the driver of the car in ivhich Burnett wos riding and Hjrschel | "Foggy" Johnson was the driver of| the car in which the school boys i were riding. The sged victim of the accident drifted into this section as a cotton picker. He, came here from .Mississippi and >»as employed on a farm below Rowland; ' .-•• Offlcers' memorandum showed that Perrell Harris, who was slight- I ly injured, Raymond Todd. Virgil Croft, J. W. Xumpkin and others were occupants of the machine driven by Petty and in which Burnett was also riding. From the same source tt was reported that in- addition to Herschel Johnson. Ray Moore. Sam Jfoore. J. W. Moore and another youth were riding in the other car. A!, (luck in llanuss. Flays G. (). I>. Invade Now Enp1n n d Si ales Whi'n Hoover Starrs to Indiananolis. By llnilrd rrrss Two crucial buttle grounds of the jwliticnl campaign were in Iho ipotltehl today ns President Hoov- cv ore-pared for a fniinli invasion n! (he doubtful middle wcsl and former Governor Allied E. Smith :-dvani""l lino New EiiLOnml where I- Gov. Franklin Roosevelt v.-ill ccn- ' t i .- >.;- .1^x1. offenMvc. i Political activities. however, i stretched to Manila, in the Phil- I ippiiic islands. G.Of/O miles awny. as both parties Beared for their j flnnl drives of tlw national cam- ! pni'jn. Gov. Gen. Theodore- Roosevelt, son of the late President, whose birthday is today, will make i an overseas broadrns'. for ihc R e i imblU-nn national ticket. ' Cutting for Rocscvelt /"•ros5 Ih" Mlssisslnpi river the battle was intensified as atiothe: j Diocressive Republican ! Cutting of NKV Mexico, broke I from party ranks In a snccch at | f ' r j Seventeen thtiisand admirers reared nn SL ™okc ! A1!ml El Sl " ilh "' New Voik tt " llcn hL ' oiiitlon to nrni.iry UK shown lure j form in LI Newark (N. J.) [Denver, Col., last niBht. !tn called I fihoublrr.s. spread out hi;; arms nnd'sAkl- "Well in ! .til "nil uiU.i f .,,i:.-..P^ M.~l L1_ __ I . r ' • < 1.H, JJ.J iscs, bigotry, deception and hypocrisy nnd calllm; incunu-d to the .speaker's pli'.l- Disorders Climax drat Di'monsti'uliou by Great Britain's jobless. HVDK PARK. London, Oct. 'J'l. nil')—Two rlol;; were broken up | by iwlli'e when Ihe British "hnng;r I marchers" reached Hyde Pink lo, day, ; Uimlon hoodlums who a-.valh'd | the marchers In ty.« park wei:- (•rallied with ;;Urllnu the disturbance which attractcj n crowd ;1 100,000 prTEOn:;. Miiny were Injured nnd demonstrators threv; iu;i:;i nt police and xmuslicd >vhiJo«.'i of ai.tomobUes and shops. Tli:- oHIclal list, of injured Insld? Hyde Pnrk v.'ns given as CO, but many ol!:ers were Injured oiilslil: Ihe park. One marcher was rmiiv.1 to bo alnicst deal from stiirva- tH«i. Tii2 hunsei marcher.';; who walked ID London through n. week at cold rain, concluded (heir demon- Gnvsinor stmllon ngnliiu decreased unemployment rclfcf hi perfect order, but Refusing to be "late to school". Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt left the Governor's campaign party at Atlanta, Ga., and flew to New York right to sliare In thc benefits of our civilization." to vote for th^ Democratic iminit;.?e for president. President, Hoover's dramatic personal campalen will become more gruelling with the start of his triu to Indianapolis todny. He will sprat there nt T:3o n. m. Friday. H,> plans a series of back Dlatfcrm .speeches en mute and fnccs similar speech making on his (rip tn New York nest Mon- „,<„,- Picsliii-nl Hoover the leader oC the dry forces. Shown lit the left nn Hie speaker's stuiul willi Smith. Is Mnyat- Frank Hague, uf Jersey City, Ui-ma- cr.illt- trader, .smlllm; his satisfaction \vllh Ihc prouc:cdini:s. so'that she could teach her classes dav at Todhuntor's School the naxt] Indinnanolis tomorrow will be da}-, litre you see thc Democratic I deluged with political color. Gov i • candidate for "First Lady" as she "i Albert Ritchie of Maryland will U S Will Launch changed .planes at Washington, D. j be appealing. for Democratic sun. ' C. She declared she woulil hot, I nort at one end of the city while" let her-husband's campaign inter- J. C, Welman of Kennett Heads Bankers Group POPLAR BLUFF. Mo., <AP)~ J. C. Welman, cashier of the Bank of Kennett, at, Kennett, was elected chairman ef Group VI, Mir,- coiiri Bankers' Association, at thc close of the annual meeting here. G. L. Saracini, Poplar Bhifl, was named secretary. Kennett was chosen as the nrxt meeting plac?. The bankers adopted a resolution endorsing C. D. Matthews. Jr.. president, of the Bank of Eikestcn. for treasurer of the Missouri Bankers' Association. Services Held Yesterday for Albert Milligan CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo. — Fu- r>eral services \vere held Wcdne3- c'ay afternoon at the First Baptist church in this city for Albort Mil- 1'san who died al his home Mon-~ay at 11 p.m. Thc funeral s°r- >'ices were conducted by the R;v. U. K. Fester, and interment war In Maple cemetery. ^Mr. Milligan was nearly 52'years o!d. He had been a resign:, of thir city for many years, and was a carpenter by trade. He is survived by nis wife Mrs. Isatell Milligan ant: n daughter. Miss Lorene Milligan ."-nci numerous other relative?. Mr. Milligan was a member of he local Odd Fellows I/xljc, nnd this lodge also had charge of funeral services. "Rainbow Turns" by Automobiles Discouraged ^ HARRISBURG. Pa. <UP) — "Rainbow turns" by automobiles are discouraged by the Governor's Committee on Street and Highway -afely in Pennsylvania. The committee said the term Applied to automobile drivsrs who insist on makln? a right-hand . , r " b V first curving out onto Ihe Highway.- Truck drivers were the P r| ncipai offenders. An analysis of motor vehicle ac- n' l« f ° r t1lC rirsl C 'S !lt monllw o> 1932. made by the committee, -.iioived 24 persons wore fatally injured n, ld 470 1 , on . tataUv in j Urc j i n eM-ionts involving right-hand turns. fere it With her teaching "unless was absolutely necessary." P. c • r> I ic ou - nosi 'i° 11 i DUW oession in Project i n 'w l11 Hc refen- When Criminal Tenn Opens Here. the president speaks in thc other. Smith in New England Governor Smith will spenl: In Providence. R. J.. nnd Boston. Mass.. today. He carried both states as thc Democratic' preslden- ncminee in 1928. Republicans year. Monday Roosevelt will speak in Boston and possibly the in Portland.- Me. Secretary of Treasury Mills con- tnned his attack on the Dcmocrat- al Toledo. O.. last ed to some of the if tl'r> election should take place tomorrow." fnrm aid. tariff ndiustment, and economy proposals of Roosevelt as i "onlv el'iterinst promises." I At Philadelphia .Norman Thomi ns, the Socialist candidate for from" the Blythevine"'"iriunidpal l prcsidnnt P rrficled tlla ^ R»^c- couri. which supplanlcd ma"is- criminal conrls in the Chickasuwbn distrio!. of Mjssissin- •i county Inst January, are on the docket for tho criminal division , of circuit court which convenes here. Monday. Oct. 31. T)-,? fust few rtnvs of [he two •Vcfcs term will probably be de- vnt«d to trial of appeal cases but the impossibility of cle.irin? the clorkct of nopeal cases at tly -"mini? term is generally conceded".'« ,. n i r- • , 1 However it is known that a ] n ,-m, i Carolina Danker LOllVlctCCl number of (hp appeals from th^' inunicir,il court's drcisions were i-'ken for the uurrofc of nuttin» off pavment of fines and costs nwessed. With the fall tr>rm of circuit court and nossibillty of If Arms Parley Fails Says Hoover. WASHINGTON. Oci. 27. .(UP)— America will build up iU fighthiB fle-21 to full treaty strength if world disarmament efforts fall. Presidcin Hoover has warned. the nations preparing for further negotiations at thc Ojneva arms conference. hccillnms caused |>ohee one of their bi:.sle\l iiflentoon.s In years. The llrsl otilbrsok came f,oou after 4hc> various contingents ol the I'.unstr mnVchcr.s had reached the park nn;l marched in order to Ihc various platforms designated for speakers. Hyde. Pnrk Is famous for Us meetings In willed (he. govern- menl allows spfakars tfroal freedom in discussing .practically any subject. Approximately 1,1 youths ami n TWtv Scnjencccl La-st Nipht oh Picas of Guilty'; Nelson Wins Mistrial. OSCEOLA. Ark.. Ocl. 27.—Thirty prisoners who entered pleas of euilty to various crimes rnngtni; from liquor charges nnd larcenv to murder, were sentenced at n special night session of Circuit Court heic last night. few women smnshcd the windows of 1 half a do/en limousines off Ed- wnrd road, parked behind fi r.'gnl cinema opposite Marblo nroh. Many windows In stores and hou»« were stnnsned. Police repeatedly charged the mob with their batons and wero Atoned as they loaded.prisoners,In motor trucks. Mounted police chargod th: rioters when the limousines were nt- tncked. HijIUItij; spreail to four streets In Iho district. Such efforts, the president silil.jiu arc making progress. He nd:ed,' With Luke Lea Starts Sentence. RALEIGH. N. C.. Oct. 21. IUP) however, that: If these efforts finally fall we shall be compiled by roascn of the jtilFturbcd conditions prevfllllnsr throughout tile world and Hi; nc- cersity of protecting American nmerce to built! our navy to the full strength provided in thj Lindon agreement, equal to that of [Inmost powerful In the wo:1d." National defeine. the president snU, "is the first nnd most solemn obligation plncrf upon the federal government by the constitution." The administration has spared no efforts to brins about world arma- r.enl reduction, he said. HOiVOLULU. T. If.. Oct. T, (UPi Military authorities today withhold further comment on llieir invisti- iation into .sensational reports nf nn nltcmnt by t -irmy defense (lowers. , addilional costs n n a fines n n v-on- •~ Wallace B ' D:lm - /crmer nn;111 " viction in th e higher court it is dal cx:lr of W ' c5tern North Caro- Una. was comtnilt?d to the stnt? prison here at 10:55 a.m. lodav. Shortly after the former brink president ki=sed VK wile goodbye, he became convict No. 21.531. Divis was accompaniad to th? prison by Special Deputy John Thayer. /Vsheville, Ills attorney. Albert Cox. Raleigh, and Mrs. Davis. believed that n number of tho^e convicted 'in the lower court will pay off. D.-?feiidnnt.s. convicted in the lower court but who have appealed, will probably discover that the municipal court convictions have been affirmed if they fail to attend circuit court. A lame niuntor of appeal cases were "siimmarliv I He seemed in pxxl spirits ns Ir en- dispoMJd of at the spring term of lercd thc old brick prison wlilcVi i; circuit, court by affirmation of th» lover court's dicision when defendants failed to put in their ap- oearance at circuit court. About 05 of the caws annealed i gn t c sen t?nc:s on four different port totaled nine to fifteen years. He was convicted In connection with the crash of his bank, th» Central Bank and Trust company o! Asheville. tiro years ago. Col. Luke Lea, Nashville, Tenn., publisher, and Luke Lea jr., his son, also were convicted with Davis on -the conspiracy charge. from the city of Ri- leight propsr by several railrcaa' tracks. General Cox said Davi unreal cases prior to that time are still on the docket as are a number of old appeals from masis- f.rnlfi's ennrls Orders Inquiry Into Florida Floggings JACKSONVILLE, Fla.. Oct. 27 (UP)—Circuit Jud=rc Gcorc.e Coop«• Oibbs today characterised Jacksonville's masked flogging s m, a _ lion "deplorable" and charged "he Di:val county grand Jury to ninVp a thorough Investigation. With.24 offically reported floggings the situation was considered so serious that JnckKonvipv s 6 " (eclivc inspector. E. L. Acosia was recill-'d from vacation to Inquiry, York Cotton NEW YORK. Oct. 27 (UP) — Colton closed steady. Dec Jan March May- July Oct open 633 633 646 656 665 G82 high 640 64J 653 662 672 686 low 627 632 641 651 C(iO 675 close 637 641650 CS1 670 685 Spdls closed nl 645. up 5 quiet. lo s^ll secrets to foreisn of thc county to n from till? end the pcntentlary In vear'. will no fnllnwlnt; adjournment of this lerrn of court. A Jury at -I o'clock Wednesday nfternoon reported a honeless deadlock In the cnsn of Robert Nelson, on Irlal for thc murder of his n«cil fnlher-in-lnv.-. J. W. Foster, nnd the court declared n mistrial. The jury, which had been out since II o'clock vcsterdav mor- nlni; reported that It stood 7 to 5. If. vnr; said outside the courtroom that seven of the jurors were In favor of an acquittal for thc voung fisherman, formerly of Go-s- nell. who shot hts fnther-ln-law during an argument over th^ son- In-law's refusn! to pull corn on Rujidfiv. nelson' nlcadcrt self defense lo Ihe killini; which took nlacp on Foster's shenly bont on the MIssLMlnnl River near Joiner ocout 2 weeks ago. in Slight Gain Keep Conscience Clear, Dr. McCorkle Advises Dr. Kenneth H. McCorkle. of Record LOW Dj ' crsl)1lrt! ' Tenn.. Is continuing the _ i cvaneelistic mcctiuR at the "~" CHICAGO, Oct. 27 (UP)—A- vlieat war" along a front ex- ! ' tc-mlin-» Into thrc,? continents ; Christian church. He used as li!« .' subfect. last ni!!hl "Conscience". Usln? the 139th Psalm ns n bnsls uwrked by n surprise fractional • fcr hls '" ws:1 B c llc s ltl t ccl t upturn of price.--, on the Chicago j ' ID:iv W fennel it imp:5.",ible tonrd of trade today. axvay from the remorse of his The trend was. reversed after thc i conscience because of his sins of struegb for exports hnd driven ; coveting and murder, that Ihlr prices (o th c lowest levels in more ! Fsnlm was dictated as o result of I David's consciousness of the ever mentor 'conscience'. Giv- llvrm 300 yervrs. The upturn continued through the session. Ihe market closing 3-4 I fn 8 several^ examples of men and to 7-8 cenis r-M" bushel higher. Closing prices were: December. 45 1-2. in) 3-4: 51 1-8. up 3-4: and July. 52 3-<J. up 7-8. Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T 103 1-2 Anaconda C3p]>?r 81-8 Auburn 41 Caterpillar Tractor 8 Chrysler 14 Cities Service 35-8 Coca Coin 94 Continental Baking 45-8 General Electric 15 3-3 General Motors 13 Montgomery Ward 115-8 New York Central 23 "•!) Packard 3 naJlo 7 Slmmoa"; Bsds 81-3 Standard of N. J 30 1-1 Texas Co n U. a. Steel 35 5-8 women v.ho, stricken with remorse by conscience, either become suicides cr lunatics, he asserted lli.-u "HO hell of llternl | fire can compare with the Internal fires of remorse that burn as a result of the desecration of conscience." Addressing hlmsclt to thc members of thc church he urged them to line up to their duty under God to the end that theirs might be a conscience void of ollense. ~ otton NEW ORLEANS. Oct. 27 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open high low 033 039 626 635 G43 630 W CS1 C38 C53 660 648 CC3 C6D C59 Dec Jan March May July Oct Close 635 Q38 64D 658 6(18 681b HITS REllErJPPrl Jackson Editor Charges Governor Conner With Misrepresentation. WASHINGTON, Oct. 21 (UP) — The E«ccoi!5tructfon finance corporation today granted a relief loan of $850.000 lo Mississippi to meet relief needs In 70 counties and 13 cities fro::'. November 1 to December 31. JACKSON, Miss., Oct. 21. <UP1 — An editor's charge thnl Governor M. 8. Conner and lib; 3«nclat: r have "gone lo Washington to act their fingers Into tre national treasury to the extent of 59,000.00'' which Mississippi does not need." resounded through the s'.atc tediv The charge was made In a telegram .sent by Ma). Fr~l«i-yk <••••' Ions, editor of the Jnckson Dally News, to Harvey Coiicr. />t the Reconstruction Finance corporation In Washington. It snld that "conditions here w-;re outrageously misrepresented," thct the statement there are 840,000 dcs- llute persons In Mlsslrslnpl Is ff>lsi> that such figures were gathered by hirelings of Govcrncr Conner. The governor, along with Holt Ross, director of the slate's unemployment relief commission, and L J. Folse. .secretnrj- of Die budc.-t commission, were in Washington to- fiay to apply for the $9.000,000 loan from the Reconstruction Finance corporation. Conner In Denial WASHINGTON, Oct. 27. (UP)— Governor Conner of Mississippi today denied newspaper charges thai he hired special assistants to gather data on relief needs ot Mississippi and that he would ask Reconstruction Finance corporation for A relief loan of $9.000.000. Conner said the corpora!km probably ivould announce a relief loan to Mississippi this afternoon to relieve Immediate distress and that supplemental application would be filed from time to time as tr.c need Spots closed at 640, up 4 steady, (welcome, Masons Meet Tonight The Chlckas&wba I/jclge No. 131 F. and A. M. will hold 'heir .slate3 communication Thursday evening at 7:30 |>.m. Visiting brothers arc West Coasl Kidnaping Sequel lo Suit Over Possession o[ Babe.. . 1 I.OB ANGELES. Oct. 27 (OP)-i: Thrce-yeiir-old Nancy frcne Buch. iiiiBii. stolen licm her foster mo- i Ihtr nljjhl. was found todny . «-ltli her ov.ii mother, Miss Uulh liaruiHii. 21, ut Nuwhall, u;ar here. i I'oller held Miss norninn and | M. E. Warnt-r, iilluied driver of th'ii • I ne.:luclloii car, nflur, they said, [Misr. normun had admitted kld- ! 'iitplii", Iho child. They quutgd • her ns guying she -*us driven • mail by urlef ovsr sciwratlon fro:p Ihi' child, whose ouloUy had been »!vfii Hit; (osier mplhl'r, wealthy Mrs. Violet Buchanan, and Intended to kill both thc child and herwlf. MI.M Herman, subbing and hys- icrlcnl, denied to reporters that, she hnd made sut-h a statement nnd Raid she merely told the authorities, "t Intended lo go away '.o a, place where they could 'not. lli'.il elllier Irene or myself." ' Afier lengthy questioning police scoked both Miss Dormnn ami' Warner on charges ol kidnaping. _ to escape return lo (lie United sutcs lor trlnl In Chicago for larceny In connection n-llli Ihe collnjwc of hl.s vast utility empire. SniHiicl Insull, So., Is shown as he went for a walk on the streets of Alhena, Greece. Greek authorities have ordered jwllco to Accompany him since Insull reported learning of n plot to kidnap him. State Has .Been Paying Interest On Issue.Which Brought No Cash;. . : LITTLE : noCK, Oct. 27 (UP)— Another Item of more than.$100,000 Is due thc state of Arkansas, loalltnony before the highway audit commission revealed today. Thc money Is allegedly due from Ihc Arthur Orthwcln estate of St. Lou.-, Mo.. Roy Campbell, receiver for ihc Wncdruff Perry county road district testified. Campbell said the district, ob- Inlticd judgment ngalnst thc estate for $112,000 sonic time ago. Some 525,000 more was estlmnlcd diie by thc receiver. "The money is due for bonds sold Orthwcln with thc understanding they would be paid for Inter," Citmpliell said. 'This was not done. Wo obtained judgment for Ihe amount," . II was brought out that interest has been paid on the bond e\er since they were "sold". Tl'.i amount was not estimated. Vague testimony by Campbell, questioned by Auditor" Rennie, re- vcnlcd lhat some $15,000 in Inler- :st was duplicated on bonds o; he district. Joe House of Ihe law firm ot Robincon. House and Moses o! Utllc Rock, attorneys' for the bondholders, was to "appear this jftcril£0!l. H was revealed he was paid i30.881.88 by the commission p: interest on bonds about a year igo. It nns thought the object if hts appearance was to tell how ;hc money had been spent. At (he early session W. P. Me George of thc McGeorgc Conslruc- '.icn company of Pine Bluff war questioned regarding the Salem- Ash Flat road contract. McQeorge, tho audit engineers estimated, was overpaid feome S22,- 517 on the Job. They estimated It should have cost the contractor 50,040. Mcdeorge In testifying today said he estimated th c Job cost" him $26,000. He will bring on Item- zed list of thc costs to a fu- .ure hearing. P.U TD MEET Delegations From 22 Associations Expected at Session Here; ' The 22 active ParcntrTeacher-as- .- iiodatloni in .MlriUfSpii.UrAtsii'.y. yffcpv send representatives 'lo ilie hni>iul'-- county council of P. T. Ar,s'here'- ' •••-.The council, to be In 'the form of ' a school of instruction', -'will be of-- .^iwclttl Interest of educational lead- ', ers and parents who aro cappsrat-"; tng bi i. county-wide movement for' bigger and belter Parent-Teacher- nssoclallons. ..... •' •[•£• Ti-.e talks are to "deal with "iiich matters in whloh the national, stale nnd county P. T." A. '3 groups, thfc standard of excellence and oilier - tlvltlM of n ujill. . • •-. There will b; a playlet by the Red ' Pepp:r clitb of the city hij'l} ic:-o3l, the Rsv. Alfred s. Harwell, . pastor of the First Bap:'!it church, - afll conduct the devotional following the registration at- 0:30 o'clock, the junior high' nictheri' '.slnifsft chorus of Blytheville will render' selections nnd a business session will complete the day's meeting. Luncheon will be served by the lo- cat high school p, T. A. Suitor Defrauds Girl of $2 500 SAN FRANCISCO. CUP)—No woman worthy of th; name can resist a real bargain, and Miss JoS2- ftiia Jordan Is no cxccptlcn. Wlien lier fiance ofTfired her 56,000 In green backs for her paltry mvin;s account of S2.500, Miss Jordan leaps;! at the chance and 'i=ssd over the savings, she told the judge. Thc only hitch In th; bargain v.'as that the $6.000 was stage mori-" •y, and Jcseflnn h3i forgattJif. to innuire thc name of her tu'nc:.' • License Plale Colors Are Announced Railroad Employes Organizations Formed sr;NBURV, Pa. (UPl-Organl- rattona of rnilroat! employes were formed throughout central Pennsylvania railroad ccnlers to offer organized opposlilbn to motor truck and bus compstitlon. The organlzaliou here called itself the Cll'.-ens' Railroad Transportation Protective Association ji | Northumberlend countyi HARRISBURO ,Po. (UP)—Pennsylvania's 1933 automobile tajs will have an ultramarine blue background with gold letters. The colors are the same as USKI in 1931. The only difference in the Ugs will be the' position of the word "Penna." and the numerals for toe year. These will ba above the registration number. In 1931 they were found b;low t'-e tag number. Application forms for renewal'Of licenses will be malle-d early In November. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Fair tonight, Friday partly cloud}'. According to the official weather observer. Charlss Phillips Jr., t'cera was a hsavy frost list lUsht. Th3 minimum temperature yesterday was 3D degrees and the mixlmum 74 dcjre-ss, clear. Today a year ago the minimum temperature was 51., degrees and th; maximum » (decrees, cle»r;

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