The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 23, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, November 23, 1934
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I* Served by the United Press VOL. XXXI—NO. 21 Blythevlllo Dili, New, Blythevtlle Ocurtw > 'Mlsslppl Vulley Leader BlythevUle Uer»M IBEVILLE COURIER NEWS THB DOMINANT NKWBPAW5K OF No"nflttB^KA^ B iM^UT^l^^ ^ J-J T? k_} ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, NOVBMHKR 23, 19*1 jiired >y Automobile DIG LI DELttS v. ,-v. I Tflf v -s yX ' s Drug slorc. He Is resllni I I Hi V f we " todl> y nl " >e llomc ° I I llni'' i" 11 " son> Ma| ois Evmrd, afle I. IIIMI,. having been removed from th Special Forced to Return and Make Trip via Hayti and KenneU. WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. (Special to Courier News)—Tlie. W.-il- nut,. r RldKC-Blythcville- football rame, with (lie- championship o: northeast Arkamas ut tUkc,, slaitfd to f'.-.rt at Ji-o'clock tills afternqpp was •.os.lpomjl cue; hour and 15 minutes, because of* fh* antldjraiMl delay O f jhr«: t and a lulf hours in arrival of a special train from Blythevilie bearing tlie C)iklta» H ' fpoflrall squad. The train, carrying 450 fans wside Ibe undefeated Blythevilie team, was uprated' here at 2:-»5 o'clock after htmg re-rnulrd over a 60-mile ilclour after a weakened bridge at uiji Lake, 14 miles out of • Blythevilie, had forced the special lo back track Into Blylhevllle. It had been expected here at liris o'clock. Blytheville's football special over the Frisco railroad to Walnut Ricige for the Chick-Bobcat title clash got off to an Inglorious start this morning—one that may be reflected in Ihe score when the game is-over sometime lale Ihis lifter- A —• •dls* .ard, 85, was bndly .id bruised when struck jj'.huit evening In front of Drug store. He Is resting or after . e Blythevilie hospital where he was taken' for nn examination. The cnr struck lib neck nnd hip as' he was crossing Main street to (jet into his machine at 7:10 o'clock. The driver of the car slopped for n few moments but did not give his name: Unless' complications set (11 physicians believe hl.s condition is not serious. Rhode Island Bootleg King Never Seen Since $40000 Ransom Payment PROVIDENCE, (UP)-Daiilel K n. I.. wnlsli. NOV. 23 r."|icti'il noon. The "special" left the Frisco station here with 450 enthusiastic Courier Will Receive Reports by Quarters The Courier News will .receive reports on today's football game by telephone from Walnut Ritijc at the end of each quarter. Readers are invited to call No. 306 or 307 for information on the progress of the game. First Information will probably be available about 3:45. Due to the late start of the game fiijal score will probably not be .known until after 5 o'clock. fans and the undefeated Chickasaw squad.aboard but 'met ,mis- forturie";''before it-: htid^'travei'sed more ; '"'thniv~lT'or' th'e 70 mlles'-fo Walnut: Ridge and the scene of the northeast Arkansas championship tilt, which presumably will-be unreeled, sometime, late loday. Late Start Likely Arriving at the railway bridge over Big Lake, at, Pcttyvlllc, train officials discovered that the bridge was too weak to carry the heavy special. Weakened by the sweep of rising waters and pressure oi drift wood, collected'about the supports following heavy rains this week, the structure, appeared noni too stoiit and trainmen' decided that the wisest course was to back-track to Blythevilie and take a circuitous route through southeast Missouri on a 60-mile detour before returning to the original route at Lcachville. Delay of the starting time of the game by about an hour was anticipated as a result of the rerouting of the special. The contest had been scheduled to start at .2 o'clock but railroad officials here were not very certain that the special would reach Walnut Ridge by that time. Had it traveled on schedule over (he original route its arrival at the Lawrence county capital by 11:15 o'ljlock hnd been expected. A hurried trip from train to Held at the end of at least a 5-hour, 140-mile railroad jaunt to Jump .immediately into the most Important game of the year awaited the Chlckasaws. Such prospect dulled considerably hopes of the "stay-at-homes" for a decisive Chickasaw Irlilmpn. Pressure From Driftwood The Frisco passenger motor car the only train of any type making a daily run across the Big Lake ge ' on lmin '«"»pted sch- . i i . s- edm> today. Railroad officials pointer! 01.1 that the motor car weighed far less than the heavy steam engine and coaches comprising the football .special and could be, operated across the bridge without the danger accompanying on attempt to pull the special across the structure. While the water level at Pettyville was not unusually high, heavy rains dur- Ittg the week sent a heavy current of water down the lake and caused an umisual amount of ciriftwood lo collect about !hc bridge supports. It appeared Ihnl the bridge might be slightly out of lino. After ils return from Big Lake the special pulled out of Blylhe- ville al 10:40 for the notth. Its roi:te was to take it through HayU and KenneU to Lcachville and to Walmu Ridge by way of . Britain and U. S. Reach Agreement in Opposition lo Japan's Demand LONDON,: Nov. 23. (UP)— British and American naval delegates have agreed that:security and not equality of navies must he the basis of any naval limitation treaty it understood fcday. This would mean that Great Britain had. agreed with the Unii- ed States' contention that Japan, lacking far flung possessions, does' not nee^ for security from attack a navy as large as those of Great Britain and America. Norman H v bavls, chief • American . delegate,^ and Ray Atherton, chancellor . of the embassy, talked for two hours with Prime Minster. Ramsay MacDonahl and Sir John Simon, foreign minister. It was denied that' they in- ended to present any united front against Japan but it meant that separately if not formally in unit they would oppose the firm, Japanese demand for absolute naval equality. Hull.Praises Britain WASHINGTON, Nov. 23' (UP) — Secretary Of State Cordell Hull warmly approved loday .the close co-operation of Great Britain with the United states In the naval conversations now going ;bn, in London. ^ , f- I .iSould llfcc to pay. tribute nhode Islam! rum riiniirr, «as Ecl7«l. In 1033 by kidnapers and $40.000 was palil In an unsuccessful effort to secure hl.s release, lit was dlsclased today In state supreme court. Walsh, n wealthy big scale operator hi Illicit HO.UOJ- I» proJilu- Iton days, vanished Jannrfry 31, 1S33, nnrt has not been 'seen or heard from since. The revelation In court today iras (hat the $40,000 raised ty re- lattvcs to ' secure Walsh's release was placed in n hand which appeared mysteriously through th; partly opened door of :i room in the Coplcy-ptnea hotel in Boston. The kidnapers ihen failed to keep their promise to fre? Walsh. to; the fair and tude jwhlch ;has : co-opera! .- bseh -*£ .(lye ftill- shown b) Y the- British 'delegates throughout Hull -said in a formal statement which was Interpreted a's"a ges- ture'to eement the 'solidarity-of the American and British positions at London in opposing Japan's demand for naval equality with Ihe United 'Stales and Great Brit- Rumored Mellon Brido-to-Bft ||]fl JMO nj||nj WMLL General Election Returns From 74 Arkansas Counties Announced ' LITTLE ROCK. Nov. 23 (UPJ — Le-ss than 133.000 voles were in 74 of the siale's 75 comities n the November 'li general election, official labulalion by 1112 secretary of stale revealed to'Jav. With only Greene county unre porlcd there were 132,903 ballols ccunted In the gubernatorial rac-. governor J. M. Futrell received 18,188, O. c. Ledbetter of Hamburg,' Republican, received 12,92!. anti J. R. Butler, of Pangbuni Socialist, 1,854. Governor Putrell's two sponsored "imendmenls. Numbers 19 and o'o carried-by ..close to four to ori° majorities. Amendment is was indorsed by !)7,52! and opposed )y 2o.295 ..voters. Amendment" 20 rraiirt 5 ' 692 r " vcring il an(1 25 ,°9 S The proposed tvrjiily' first nr grab" amendment lo give foiir- •ear terms to-slate, coimtv nn-l pvusbip officers was defeated by Four Bandit? Seize . Payroll at Memphis MEMPHIS, 'Nov. M (UP)—Pour well dressed bandits,- their faces masked with handkerchiefs held up two employes of the American finishing'company here today nnd escaped a payroll of from $2,500 in $3,000. Robert McNeil, office clerk, and O. TJ. Hutchinson, of the foldin<* dcpnrtmenl, were, ordered lo "drop that money" as they stopped their car nt the company's door after visiting the bank/ The, four men flashed a sawcd-off shotgun and pistols and one.grabbed the satchel containing the money. They escaped almost in a Hash in a Ford V-8. Two Doctors and Nurse Killed in Auto Crash ANN ARBOR. Mich., Nov. 23 (U ?)— Two doctors and n nurse from he University of Michigan hos- Pilal and njurori Were killed and an intern three nurses were painfully today when their nulo- ciirve nobilc left the road on a "i»l crashed Into a tree. The dead: Dr. Robert, B. Mever assistant resident dermatologist'- Dr. Oeorge H. King, assistant res- dent neurologist, and Violet Swanson. nurse. Boy Is Killed Leading Blind Father on Road blind (UP)- While father along a ° n ' t « Ancleiil Vt'OfiArn Chest W ONVI «'E, Mo. (UP)-W. W. ck tTn a Wooden chcst datin * C 15th road near here, Russell Nutter IB was struck and fatally injured by a hit-skip driver. His father, Paul Nutter was knocked down, but escaped 9Mi for ami 83,507 against it. Vole on the two defeated refer- 'ed actr irns: Act 76-For, 28,830; against, 86- HI'.-) . , . 242°' 280 ^ For ' 51 .' 7S : against, C8.- Railroad Trustees Defend Devaluation WASHINGTON, Nov 23 (UP)— Truslees for the Missouri-Pacific Kailroad company loday filed with the supreme court clerk bri resent Inclicalions A ForJ 30,000 \Btile G.'0| In This Counly county ulnned na;nB .bate; of i!):(4 crop cotton prior t( | Novci uUer l-l, the courier New* was Informed toduy bv 0. G Dime. Mower, I.iixorn, siH'e'lnl the bureau of the commerce, In this ooim- tolnl of 113,302 bales elnne< tar to thu same date a Mr. Uiinehowor, who s ago expected thai crop would reach 140,000 bnle; snld today that the present oul- Icok did not .seem lo indicate- much more than UO.OOO blics, Ho pointed out, however, Hint much depends upon wcnllicr conditions There are many bolls In Hie fields Ilicre will lie much Imllcy in the months nhcnd. Mr. Dane- snld that unlers conditlo are very unfavorable lie expected considerable ginning tictlvlly Jf.mmry. At, tlie snmc time, how- farmers have abandoned hope of the fields and are cutting stalks and Name of Miss Mary Conovcr, above, Kansas city, Mo beauty romantically linked with that of a member of the multi-millionaire' Mellon family, in reports persisting in Kansas. City and Pittsburgh Miss Conovcr. daughter of -a physician, divorced Knvl Stanley Browii of New york after a brief married life, she is a Vnssar graduate. Named by Butler in Fascist Plot / ^ Valirfiiy. -Challenged, by iefs up- es up- noidmg dollar devaluation legislation of congress. The legislation set aside the gold clause on private and public ob- ligll liOlM preme court test. January 8. nnrt faces its first su- in arguments The railroad trustees sided with ne federal government in maintaining validity of devaluation. Capitalism Threat to Peace, Editor Believes T unlimited profit, char- actlrlzes our economic Morrison said. life," Dr. Official Who Held Salary Check Finally Cashes It DOVER. O. Rcpre- . ^ pre- cldM T P ' J ' Dunn has "nally d7- , ou "Jury BOM, were returning hom from husking corn. Ohio Caesarian Twins Recalled by Surgeon , * s «yABULA, o. (OP)-Birtl, of wins through a Caesarian opera- ion In santa Monica, cal recent ly, recalled to an Ash tabula su- attended 17 years ago Twin boys were born at that l imc o Mr. and Mrs. Harvey w«ltoh through operative delivery. Both tor cash 1933 When stale legislators began a move t 0 raise , ncir n Dunn opposed it. He crcate-i in '5 Perish as Heavy Rains. Hit Greek City Nov. 23. <UP) " um - clt5 ' rity Bondholders of -.Drainage District. 7 LITTLE ROCK', Ark.'--Success >f efforts now in progress lo obtain readjustment of the bonded ciebls of numerous eastern Arkansas drainage districts may be avgcly influenced by Ihe 'outcome of an attack upon the validity of he federal municipal debt read-1 iustmenl amendment now' pending Before Federal District' "Judge J E Martincnu. | Arguments in the cnse, brought )y a small minority of holders of l.'onds of Drainage District 7, Poinsctt county, were heard yesterday. Judge Mr.rtine.iii took "the matter under advisement and announced he would- hand down an opinion .in a few days. I About OC per cent of the brmd- holders of Drainage District 7 j "A pulillcily mnnl! I deny tha have agreed to a debt readjust- ' slory completely," Gerald p Mac- mcnt plan calling for settlement or Onlre, salesman for n Wall Street more than 55,000.000 in oblige- Becurllles ft™, asserted lu reply lions at 25.87!) cents on tlie dol-: to charges launched by Major Itir. The district hns obtained ap- ; General Smedley Duller tliat Mac- i-ioval of n 51,363,000 loan from Hie Reconstruction Finance Corporation for the purixise of mak- '"iR such a settlement. Holders of about 4 per cent of tlie district's bonds, however, are resisting the settlement and arc demanding lhat the court hold invalid the debt readjustment omendment under which It is being mnde and declare their claims prior to oilier debls of Ihe ills- trict. Should the court' hold the amendment invalid similar scttlcv menls by olher districts, In which the. bankruptcy net was not Invoked, would not be affected, but drainage districts would be denied resort to the bankruptcy act lo lorcc acceptance of settlement. 1 ;. Under the bankruptcy act, when n i certain percentage of the bondholders, it can be made effective regardless of the objections of the others. had asked lilm to lead a Fascist nrjny of 600,000 against the administration In Washington. Mrs. Futrell Leaves Hospital at Memphis MEMPHIS. Nov. 23. (UP)—Mrs. •I. M. Futrell,-wife of oov. J. M. Putrell of Arkansas, was dismissed from Baptist hospllal here today after having undergone a minor opera lion yeslerday. May Use Maintenance Funds as Seems Proper Slot Machine Thieves Continue Operations "Jack-pot" slot machine • thieves nave not only been active In Bly- thevillc but In other places In this section recently. In addition to two stolen from local siores and later found abandoned In fields near Blythevilie use maintenance funds for anything it deems necessary nnd expedient in keeping the sl.ile hi?h- w.ij-s in a serviceable condition. Robert P. Smith, assistant attorney genera!, advised in an opin- Icn loc!ny lo J. C. naker, slate high say supervisor. /CCID Do you know that the Blyllie- vllle cleaning and laundry trade is actually asking people to pay Ihem with Blyihevlllc relief ccrip? This Iradc Is 100% be- and about $25 removed from the "jack-pol." Leachvlllc, Etowah and Monette are also reported lo have been visited by the slot machine. Ihleves. who arc supporting the movement Hho!c-hc.irlcdl.v will be mentioned in this ™lumn from day to day. Make It a point to Week Merely to Present Facls ys Ira Crawford Next week's meetings In Mississippi county for the discussion oi the eollon situation nnd Its rein- lion to cotton production contra legislation will In no sense con- stiUitc a campaign for approval of continuation of the Bankhoad net, Ira Crawford, special cotton assistant In -the oltiec of Countv Agent J. E. Crilz, told the Courier News today."'." . '• , Plans for 20 meetings In : the Chlckasawba district were being completed'fit a mecling 'of cotloi comiDltteemcn here today. Nine similar meeliiiGs arc scheduled for the'Osccola district. • . "Speakers at these - meetings" Mr. Crawford said, ."will simply endeavor lo present 1 ho facts about cotton, leaving lo the farmer." themselves lo decide whether (lure facia make continuation of the Bankhcad act desirable or. otherwise, while some of the speakers norEotmlly favor continuation oi the net others oppose It. But none will make these meetings an occasion to urge or oppose its con- thiualion." Cotton farmers of the country nre scheduled to vole ne.xt month fn a poll thai win determine ivlielJier or not the B.infclicarl will be applied next year. Driver Favors Act JONESBORO, Ark.-An appeal lo farmers to vote for continuance of the Bankhead bill In 1S35 when the question is put to a vote 111 December was mnde at the Mon- ctte community house by Congressman W. J. Driver of Osceolci. "Indications now arc that Ihe farmers will vole against continuance nnd when they do," Driver said, "they will destroy the prosperity of the South. 1 ' The congressman declared thai lie himself was as. heartily oppos"d to compulsory control o[ crops as anyone, "when i snw the emergency we faced last year In con- grew, I surrendered my principles and led the fight for passage of the Bankhend bill," he said Jury Indicts Two For Textile Strike Killings ANDERSON. S. C., NOV 23 (U P)-Clrar!es Smith, Ifoiiea Path lollccfman, and Robert Oalvert special deputy, were indicted today by the grand jury on seven counts of murder in connection willi the slaying of seven strikers at the Chiqiiolla Manufacturing plant. Honen Path, diiriri" th- national textile strike September G~ No bills were returned against eight other officers and deputizad oificers. Former Memphians Buy BlythevilleJIachhe Co. B. F. Klger and Ray Pace, formerly of Memphis but who have resided in Luxora for the past 18 months, have purchased the Bly- Just Let Us Alone, Huey Long's HOT SPRINGS. Ark,. Nov. 23 (Ul>) — in characteristic volcanic tiishkm Senator llucy p. bong today expressed n deslro (lint "bunch o! mugwumps and crystal games In Washington" would "get out of Louisiana iifhiirs . . . |n fncf leave is out of the United Slates." The KliiBilsli's blnsl oniin; •>} limirs uflsr (he public works lui- mlnlslnitlon ordered iipnruxlmale- ly $14,000,000 In p\VA projects lic-l (hip in his siiiie nnd- at a :lme when United Slates. Ssnalor Bennett Chump Clark of 'Missouri led a group of nttorncys In uu allaek u'liot) h'ls 2 |::r cent iisvvs- ia))er ta.x liuv. at. New Orleans. •"We are running; l/jiiislaim,' 1 :ic blusiercd. "We lire not asking them \vlml to do. We have not made us big a miss ns they linvc. 1 mil lake one- liiilf dciz-'ii of my people und.piil the Unllul Stales on an even keel in 10 days f that bunch of mugwumps and crystal gazers In Washington will get out. 'The only (.hints'-1' would Ilk; Is n post script by Mr. lekes Hint [he president would Just leave vs out of all the government, mess— n fact leave us oul ot the united' Stales. It we didn't have 47 other slates lo Join us In 10 days I'd bp surprised. "Our bonds ure boiler thnn jjov- rninenl bonds. We liavs never delimited and never borrowed. We inve u balanced budget, cash basis. "Wo Imvo dojio 100 per cent everything asked on roller work." Kidnaps Daughter and Kills Her and Himself EASTON, Pa,, Nov. 23 (UP) — After ; kidnaping his daughter, Alice, while she was en route to school, Jacob Jacobs, 27. killed the child nnd then committed suicide today. Jacobs, according to police, had been ' separated from the child's mother.for some lime and she litul remarried. Today as Alice was going to school Jacobs stopped ber nnd jx>rsuadert her to ; go to hf:s home.whefc he killed her fmd then himself. . . • •, ' Markets New York Cotton France porl Fiom £asi Should Germany Attack Her ' PARIS, Nov 23 (UP)—A milj- 'ni'y agreement of inuliml deferilij Jclween Franco and .Kovlet Rus- sln Is Impending, u was Indicated lodrty. Icon ArchlmbniKi, repoiler of :hc win budget, went so far as lo speak of Ihe agreement us an accomplished fnct during debate In Ihe chamber of deputies shortly before the chamber voted u KM luduet foi 10115 of $174,791,- Wi-ll Infonncd somces believed Arclrimbaucl'-i plnas"ology lo have -•sen nr-mnlure altlipugH there seemed uood reason to'believe life "eh nn agreement Is In the off- Unolllcia! soinces believe Pierre .aval and Maxim LltvlnoIT, French nm\. Soviet foreign minister!,, ngrcctl nt Onera several dajs.ago o sign a pact o( mutual a?- slstniiio under which France would Sledge military aid in any Russian win In Europe but not outside Europe Russia would pl-dgo .ho nlci of her army lo Fiance it he latter Is at war with Germany Today's debate was all of war, Milch speakers seemed to regard is inevitable. Aftci Col Jean Pubry, chaliman of Ihe nrmy committee, had |x>iv Irayed the -swift horror of the next war in asking an additional I war credit of Leon Aichlm- mud war budget reporter, spoke fe .said. ^ "It is not Prance's fault ifiBiir^ ope hns fallen again Into the old error of combining for a balance, or powci But thanks'to such an illiancc Prance today H allied with Russia, the possessor o! Europe's argest army , "Russia has pledged that' her solid, well-equipped army will nnrch with us in case Prance Li attacked " .j NEW YORK, Nov. lotion closed sleady.. 23 (UP) — open lifgh )ovv" close Dec Jaii ,tar ,Iay Jul Oct Spots closed steady at 1255. unchanged. 1227 1S3S 1242 1242 1239 1204 1228 122S 1237 1233 1240 1241 1244 1240 1230 1235 1204 1199 1220 1235 1243 1242 123G 1201 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 23 (UP) , . — Collou closed steady. open high low close 1224 1229 1224 1227 1235 1237 1233 1230 1242 124C 1242 1245 1242 ]24I 1241 1243 1238 1240 123G 1230 120! 120S 1199 1202 Dec 'an Mar vfny Jul. Oct Spots closed steady at 1257, nn- linnged. Chicago Corn OJKII hjjh low close Deo 85 1-2 85 1-2 8-i 1-2 85 3-8 ,fay 85 3-4 80 1-8 85 85 3-4 Missouri' High Court Names Bar Committees CARUTHER3VILLE, 'Mo — Appointment' of' a four number "bar committee' In each ,of the 38 udiclal. dLstrlch of Missouri, 'empowered' .to hear complaints against '-attorneys anrt to file dls- bnrmenl proceedings n'fter Unbestl-.' Billions, has: been announced-by the state Supreme court. '' Those chosen foi the 38th judicial district, which includes Pemi- Mol and New Madrid counties, were: H. C. Rlley, New Madrid one year; judge John E DunairV Haytl. two years; Sharon J ' Pate' Cnmlhersvlllo, three years; , and E. P. Sharp, New Madrid, four " years and chairman. Those appointed from the 22nd district. 'Including Dunkim -and Slodtlnrd comities, sere- R 'Kip Brlney, Bloomfield, one je'ar- Clarencc Howell, Dexlei, two years; George Smith, Kennctt, Ihrce years and chairman, John A. McAnally, KenneU, four years. The new committees will take over duties which hnvc been performed voluntarily by grievance committees of local and state bar associations. An annual fee of $3 will be collected from licensed attorneys to carry on the regula- ory work. Boyle G. Clark, Columbia, former president of the Missouri Bar Association, was named is general chairman. Chicago Wheat o|»n high low close 07 5-8 ,98 1-2 97 1-4 98 1-2 lay 07 1-2 37 3-4 96 6-8 01 3-8 Dec Urge Tax Exemption to Induce Spending WASHINGTON. Nov. 23 (Up'j^ \ plan of .tax exemption induce- nenls lo encourage corporation o spend Immediately for plant mprovements has been submitted o the treasury by interested New Dealers, it was learned today. The proposal Is a development of tlie recent .United Stales Cham- :er of Commerce plan for business co-operation In' recovery. hevilte Machine iJarencc Vollmer. company from Extensive Improvements are be- ng made nnd the firm will be ilKrnled under new management ccordlng to Mr. Klger. Mrs, Klger and Mrs. Pace will Join Mr. Klger see (hat your trade gets on (he and Mr. Pace herc%ithln"a"fe"w i nun or roll. days, 'Hosing Stock Prices i\. T. and T 108 1-8 Anaconda Copper ' 10 1-4 Beth. Steel ... 29 1-2 Chrysler, 37 1-4 elites Service . 11-2 Coca Cola , .1501-8 Gen. Am. Tank ........ 31 1-4 Gen. Electric .......;. ' 19 5-8 Gen. Motors 31 5-8 Int. Harvester ... , 381-8 V°ntgomery Ward 297-8 WASHINGTON, Nov. 23. (UP)— N. Y. Central .... 21 1-4 \ Thf weather bureau reported today Packard. 4 a "disturbance" of considerable in- Phllllps Pel 15 1-2 ! tensity midway between Puerto Rl- Radlo 5 7-8 Simmons Beds 103-4 St. L.-S. F. Standard of N. J. ....' 42 1-8 Texas Co ' 217-8 U. S. Steel 36 1-8 U. S. Smelting 11G 3-4~ McKcsson-Robblns 7 3.4 Zonilc 4 Storm at Sea Moving Slowly Northwestward co nnd Bermuda was moving slowly west northwestward, attended by' strong shifting winds. WEATHER Arkansas—FViir and colder in north and central portions, freez- .Ing temperatures tonight. Saturday Appendix On Lett Side [fair and warmer. WAYNESBUna Pa tUP) - It I , ! np ,"? al , ld vielnity-Halr and took a little probing on the p»rt^° !d '""'^t-.heavy frost Saturday or surgeons to find William Gray- singer's ailing appendix. But they found it—on the lelt side, Instead of tne right. They weren't sur- ^ Hh . rlsln 8 "mperature. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 04. minimum 45, cloudy with .04 of an Inch rain- prised much, for they, already had (fell, according, to Samuel P. Nor- fonnd his heart on the right side, rls, official weather, observer. -."

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