The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 1, 1944
Page 3
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MONDAY, MAY 1, 1SM4 BLYTHEVILLE (AKK.) COURIER NEWS DONT QUOTE ME- Rushing At Head Of filing Line Would-be Candidate ^Changes Mind When Dentist Enters Race PAGE "Ancient Fountain Becomes Baptismal Font By JIM BROWNING Dniled Press Slaff Cornesiiondt LITTLE HOCK, May 1 (OP) — Closing or Ihe Democratic Primary ticket last week answered many 'questions troubling political operators and observers, but It left sllll other questions hanging wlilioul solutions. The tast-minute filing of Dr. J S, Rushing of El Doracto, n denllst, as ' gubcrnatoi-lal candidate saveii •another potential candidate from Celling in that race, well-informed sources disclosed. i They said that friends of tlie man .who di ( | «"l r»c had just imivcd in the lobby of (lie Marlon Hole) where Secretary Harvey G. Coihbs of Die state Democratic Committee is receiving last minute filings when Dr. Kusliing, at Ihe hend o! (lie line, paid his fee. When ivord of his action spread down the line, the would-be cEiudi- dale's friends quietly dropped ou of the queue. Their purpose, it was asserted, had been lo make cerlaii .there would be at least llirce cnn- .dldates seeking tlie gubcrnatorta nomination in the preferential primary if any two of the four who announced first ^decided to drop out Rushing, in becoming a lasl-min :iitc candidate, took political observers by surprise—and dopestcrs stil have not been able to figure ou exactly what prompted his en trance. The dentist, a former resident ol Mena, has lived in El Dorado for several years, building up a coasiderabl e fortune on oil investments. £jyith the filing of Mrs. Jack "lies of Camdcn for Democratic National Commlttcewoman, and Dr. Rushing of El Dorado for governor, the press of candidates from that particular section of soulh Arkansas prompted a Markliam street .wag to remark that the state capital probably would lie moved soon I to a point mid-way between Cam- l!dcn and El Dorado. To back up his contention, lie I pointed out that Col. Tom H. Bar- Iton of El Dorado, is-a senatorial I candidate; John L. McCicllan of I Camden is in the senate. Dr. n. B. I Robins of Camden is seeking the I post of National Conimittceman, land Ben Laney of Camden wants I to be governor. Moreover, Floyd Stein of ,E1 Dor- lado Is seeking the office of ,Attor- 1 ney General and Congressman Orcn I Harris of El Dorado is after re- I election to the House; Lamar ISniead of Camdcn and John M IShackleford of El Dorado are run- Ining for 13th district prosecuting I attorney; Slate Sen. Clyde Byrd of I El Dorado is unopposed lor rc-elec- Ition. 1!-, Bryan Sims, former state comp- ItroHer and now *n candidate for I governor. Iras resigned his stale post land taken a suite of offices in a I downtown office building, pending (opening of campaign headquarters Ion Markham street, traditional I campaign center. SVns, Ben Laney, Will Steel and bllflushlng have yet to name their campaign managers, but are expected to do so shortly. Sims is rc- boiied to have selected his manager .with a view of dispelling the belief that he Is the administration candidate. ' The scramble for campaign man- igers was reaching an alltime high :his week. f Many of the men generally associated with campaigns are busy on iiiore important jobs this year and Inost candidates are shopping fiir- jously for capable ringmnsters. ! Requirements are many. A good fampalgn manager mast know most i>f the leading political figures in bvery county. He must know the ftrength and weakness of each con- lending group and be able properly EPSON IN WASHINGTON Sedition Is Strictly Serious Surrn' 1 H:i!v •. (Siflital Corps photo from NEA) •rci-l statues which border a fountain on the grounds of Cascr'.a Casllo, : i.i-Mter ol Glcqdalc, Ga., is baptized into the Baptist church by Army Chaplain Tilforci Junkins of Birmingham, Ala,. .; o evaluate it. He must be fairly well known ihroughout the state. He should lave had a couple of successful campaigns under his belt to prove worth and instill confidence. He should be a master at obtaining fund, followers and publicity. 'He must be able to take the time away from his own business or pro- "csslon to give all for his candidate. He should, although it lias not always been the case, be confident of his candidate's winning liis particular race. Such men are few and far between even in peace time. Today, with the war demanding so much of talented men, the crop is extremely meagre. The candidates arc finding it so, anyway. Men In Service Smith Johnson, seaman 2-c, who recently completed liis boot training at San Diego Naval Training Station, now is stationed in Hawaii. He is the son of Mrs. J. H Johnson. Aviation Cadet Dick Wilson, son of Mrs. B. B. Wilson, lias airivci at Santa Ana, Calif., to begin his preflight training. He formerly was stationed at Shaw Field, S e. j. Corp. Newton Fisher of "the* Signal Corps has recently been transferred from Hawaii to another base in the South Pacific, according to information received in a recent letter to his sister. Mrs. Leo Stephens, corporal Fisher lias been overseas more than two years. Dell News Woman's Society of Christian Service of the Dell Methodist Jhurcli met Tuesday afternoon at :he home of Mrs. R,. A. Greenway. Mrs. J. H. Gill gave the devo- .iomil and Mrs. Greenway and Mrs. Paul Scttlcmirc gave a review of the last two chapters of : study course. "God and the Problem of Suffering." Aflcr a short business session he hostess served a dessert course. 11Y I'KTKH F.DSON Courier News Washington Trial In Washington of Ell/.abelh billing, Willlinii Dudley Policy. Joe \1eWllllams, George Sylvester Vie- Ick and 26 oilier defendants on of seditious conspiracy lo veil, nb Is claimed, then there would Ire real cnuse for four Hint civil liberties were endangered. Dili sedition is not mere domestic politico! opposition. Sedition Is only one step short of trenson. The United Stales-its govern mcnl and Its people—now fuce the task that of shaping a will represent foreign not Just the alms of any one ixilltlcul parly, but the hopes of the mujorlly for future pence. This Is no new prob- nclle disloyally In the armed for- es Ls dead serious business, a|>- jcarnnce.s lo the contrary. Nothing could be further from lie truth Hum the ensy nssimiji lou lliat the trial Is n "sedition km The Idea hns been long ii-born- ihow" Just because dcfondiuit Lois lug with both major political pur- le Lafayette Washburn was photo- tics, The < ideal is expressed in the grnphcd giving the Hitler siihite' liepubllcun declaration ill th and thumbing her nose nt the com- Macklnac Island conference Ins enimnn, or because defendant Ed- summer, in tlio IJnll-lJiirlonHntcli- wnrd James Smylhe hart (o be lltll bl-imtl.sim drive lo Inleresi jrouiiht to trial In a fishing shirt the country In post-war interim* by the PHI, or because of the lenal tional collaboration lo preservi dill If s of s,omc of the 22 clamoring peace, In the FulUi'lglil and Con defense attorneys. nally rcsolullons. To reduce (he proceedings lo a NON-l'OUTKJAI. FOUIUUN farce so as lo secure n mistrial would no doubt be sood tactics for the 30 defendants. But for Ihe public to get (he linpre.uion that this trial Is a farce would bu as unfortunate as it would be wrong to assume that Hie defendants lire a bunch of harmless Isolationist crnckiwts whose pre-Pcarl Harbor acts and utterances are now of no foascqncncc. The danger of defeating Ihls pur- >osu l.i us great today UK In 1010 ind 1020 when U. B, ]Xirl!c)p:itloh n n world-wide program to keep .he peace was actually killed by he political IsolixtlonlsL?. In Hie enclershlp mid following of .people loUlIng tlio expressed beliefs of ho '19 do/emlajil.5 now on (rial in Washington there Is n similar Iso- liiUonLst sentiment bill) alive to day. American tsoHUIonlsm cnn be more dangerous after this wur is over than it ivns before tho wni began. To kiss off Die sedition Irlnl n side .show ami btirlcnciuc is to miss its real meimlng. Percy A, frrlfjlit, attorney 'lot ilulntlff. v Claude K Cooper., attorney?!for, elcjidnnt r - —, HAKVEY MORRIS. Clerk, By DORIS MUm, D. 0, 5-1-8-15-22 'IMcirie World' Issued' '' ' WASHINGTON (UP)' —'A new nngazlne Called "Pacific World" las appealed ' n circulation here. H Is edited and published by Dr. H. M. Oancy, Filipino, of Minneapolis, Minn., who' Biid it Was pri- nifirlly for circulation'In the United Slnlcs, but nlso for export to>countries at Iho Piiclfic. , , • ' Mrs. Lester Gill will be hostess nt Ihc next meeting. Salvage Million Cartons CHICAGO (UP) — Thc Curtlss Candy Co., whose cardboard . puck- aging requirements during . one pcncclliiib yi=ar consumed the production of 14,252 acres of forest, lins conserved 4,000,000 packing cartons by teaching their salesmen how lo fold and same them for use again. • , . • . Read Conner mm wmM «b> Thinking of Hint kind Is Just as loose as the charge, reduced to writing and printing pamphlet l>y defendant George B. Deathcrnge, that tills Is a. "Moscow trlivl" . . "another example of the Inlrodiic lion to the Soviet system In the United States under the New Deal' . . . "that Ihe New Deal Ls Jewish" . , . "that wlwl Is known as the fraternal order of IVnnl ll'rltl k Ihe secret police arm of '01,10V, AIM ncallmllnn of these statements of principle Is at hand now In Ihe scries of conference Just beylnnliii;, HKlcr Secretary of Slalc Corddl Hull's leadership, .between Ihe 13c- larlincnl if Slalc mid the com- nltlec of cluht senators—four ncin- oeruls ,lhree Kepubllcnns, one Pro- gre.sslvc, 'Ihe laudable purpose of ill (Ills Is lo keep future foreign policy dctmulnallons out of liol- Jcwtsii Kubal In cliaracier : lnternallona part and parcel WAKMNH OltDK'It In Ihc Chancery Court, Clilcka- sawnbii District, Mlsslsslpp County, Arkansas. Owen McKay, 1'lalntlfr Vti. Huth McKay, Defendant. No. 8034. The defendant, Until McKny, Is hereby .warned lo appear within tlih'ly days In the court named In (lie cnpllon hereof and answer Ihe complaint of nliilnllff, Owen McKay. jj»,4 Dated this 20 day of April, lOtl. SKIN ERUPTIONS W "' » (Mtifnilly timed) • RELIEVE ITCHING PROMOTE HEALING K«md Courier Hews ««n! En«o HorcupBH— liiirtiiii* wllh niiti*C|illo Black tmi! Wliilo Oiulnii'iit. Uwunly M directed. Clcimm uila Black mill WlitloHIf in 8ani>, BUCKwd WHITE OINTMENT of the political police of the Soviet Union." .ONE STEP SHOUT OF TI1KASON If the utterances on which these 30 defendants stand chained wllh conspiracy were lio worse thhil opposition to th6 New Deal nntl . n fourth term for Franklin D. Uoosc- iPTIClSTORE Let Us Help SAVE YOUR EYESt \ 209 W. Main St. Phone 2912 Danger of extensive burns lies not so much in the burns themselves as in the loss of bod$l fluids caused by them. Wanted! Men and Women Who Are Hard of Hearing To make this simple, no risk hearing test If you are temporarily deafened, bothered by ringing buzzing head noises due to hardened or coagulated wax (cerumen), try th« Ourina Home Method teat that ao many say has enabled them,to hear well again. You must hear better after making this flJmpla test or you «et your money back at once. Ask about Ourinc Ear Drops today at Stewart's and drug stores everywhere. Sale! THOUSANDS ASSORTED HEA"I£S CHICKS A Semafional Value! We Guarantee Heavy Bre«ds <?oiJ(jVtV No leohorvii) S*nd Check 01 Moi»y Older FOR PROMPT DE11VERY ITVE^DEUVERy GUARAHFEED 6 90 £ 500 only S31.SO )4S.OO p«r 1MO fn IN SUJJWSS OVlf SO Vf*«5 8-AK, St. Louis, ALL IEXT WEEK Benefit Arkansas Guards Across From Laundry SHOWS-RIDES-CONGESSIONS "THE MOST PRECIOUS THING ANYONE, man or store/ anybody or anything, can have is the goodwill of others. It is something as fragile as an orchid, and as beautiful. As, ft **,..--•" ••? .'-•'• •- ,^. _ ' ' • ••-.'->. i •,,>';- "i • • . .>: 1 precious as a gold nu<jget-and as hard to find. As powerful as a great turbine. And as hard to build. As wonderful as youth-and as hard-tb keep." " ' —AMOSPARRISH THIS WEEK WE CELEBRATE OUR FIRST ANNIVERSARY- Toeachofyou-merchants and customers - we are deeply grateful. Your kindly patronage has made our first year here in Blytheville pleasant as well as successful... Thanksforyourbusiness,your friendly attitude,your helpful suggestions. Be assured that we are constantly on the alert to improve Hart's products, so that we may better serve you in the years to come. Dine In The Beautiful SPANISH COFFEE SHOP ««/ Hotel Noble PLATE ri 1-1 LUNCHEON OOC Delicious, Home, Cooked Menls^ :*•*" ALL OF US HERE at Hart's Bakery "Blylhcville Owned—Employ ing lilylhcvtllc People" Try our "Own Made!' ICE CREAM die Hickory Inn Acrou from nifli Sobwl CLOCKS REPAIRED Electric or Stem. Wind. Work Guaranteed. A. B. F 0 R D Al r»t 0'Brj»nt'» Jewtlrj REFRIGERATION SERVICE, Itcpalrs Qa AH Afaktf By Kvpcrt Workmen. T.F. WARREN Phono 3310 Spring anrt Sqranur T U N t - U f Save Gasoline . . . Save Tires. Get All-round Better Pcrformancel T I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrjslcr Dc»l<-r farU A Strrtoe 121 W. A«h -- fboat XUZ Elm«r Cnnningham - VULCAHIZIHG Tire & Tube Repair : Cotton B<U R.B, 48. Hwy. «1 (Formerly with Kniler Am. PU.) Have Fun & Refrigerator Motors Cleaned For Slimmer. New Location 116 N 1st J. T. (Charlie) Stalcup Phono 2993 or 2S9»' : v SBYC 50% On • , TRUSSES ,>; Steel and Elastic STEWART'S Drug Stare Main & Lake Phone 2822' Midwest ICE CREAM Pints 20c; . Quarts 40c When You Buy Your Groceries—Take Home a Carton! CECIL LOWE Grocery & Market We Deliver P.irk A- N. riiry. *1 '•' FbtfM Sfl

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