The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1948
Page 12
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' TWEL1 SfiNell Attacks Kai-shek in Diary U.S. (ttiMral Bitterly Umpt Chili*** Leader Aftd Wife in Writing* 1 By M*rt Mutri &mk*4 ftnt S*»ff C«m«pange«i) NKW YORX, April 1. (UP) — Wunt old Oen. Joseph w. Stilwell, Aimrtcta commander for most of Mw China-Burma-India campaign, fOOfUtti Jn hU diarv «nd papers ttiat "Peanut"— lib " contemptuous nickname for Oenerallsslmo Chiang K»l-*hek— was a "double crosser" and that Winston Churchill had the I«t» President yvankltn D. Roose- T*)t "in hit pocket." A <Jlg«t of the lit* General's writing!, shortly to be published In book form, appears In the current l«u« of th« Ladles' Home Journnl. They war* edited by Theodore WhlU who covered the CBI front M a war •orrespondent. In an accompanying note, Wll- well'a widow reveals that he. conducted, his harrowing Jungle cam- P»igti» while partly blind In one •ye and with only indifferent sight In the other as a result, of « World War I: In jury. Chlane; Kai-shek drew his bllter- **t tin. One of the acknowledged American authorities on chiiu, Stilwell wrot* of the Chinese Natloiinl- Ut leader: "Chiang Kal-she)c 1 5 the head of • one-party government supported by a Gestapo and » party secret •eryice. He U now organizing an SA (an apparent reference to the Na» storm troops) of 100,000 members. He hates the so-called Communists. He Intends to crush them Of keeping any munitions furnished him and \> r occupying their territory as the Japs retire. He will not make an effort to fight seriously. He wants to finish the war wasting, with a big supply of material, jio a s to perpetuate his retime. Attacks Churchill "He has blocked us for three f*«rs and will continue to do so." Stilwell found Madame Chtnng a "clever, brainy woman. , .direct, forceful, energetic, loves power,<i ts •p publicity and flattery., .a grout help on several occasions." Siilirell said that from his obser- Tstions Churchill then British Prime Minister had Mr. Roosevelt TlypnotlMd." He added ihnt he wu Informed that the President had suggested his withdrawal several times but that Gen George Marshall had not acted on' the sug- settloD. He said Mr. Roosevelt wanted him out because he couldn't "set along 1 ' with his allies : Just before he was removed from command In the C-B-I on the dl»ct request of Chiang to President Roosevelt in Oct. 19U, the tmeral wrote his wife: 'It looks very much as though »ey had gotten me at last. The Peanut has gone off his rocker and JtoOMTelt has apparently let me down completely." •Th« trouble,'",' he added. :"«.„., largely one of posture. I tried to st.nd on my feet Instead of my knee«. I did not think the knee position was a suitable for America lis." Man Claims 'Perfect Murder' But 'Victim' Found Still Alive BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) 1 COURIER NEWS *««d Courier Hew« Want Ada •' KEDYED, the old ( shoe becomes smart, • new appearing <par•„• ticiilarly if also re- J built here). We re- 1 dye slioea any color ; —perfectly. H-flLT€RS QUflUTY SHOC SHOP "M W. M fl 1 M ST. OHVCAOO, April 1. (UP)—A M- ye«r-old man claimed" today that h« commuted the "perfect niurder" aeven years ago but Houslon, Tts., police satd his "vlcllm" wa» very much alive. Harold Gudmanson told Chicago authorities that he killed his sweetheart since childhood, PalrlcU Soule, IT, »l Houslon, when »))• r«- fused to many him. Houston police, however, said they had found Mi.« Sotile "definitely alive." Miss Soule told Houslon officials j that she had known Gudmansou I some years ago. But, she said, he I either fabricated the story about I j killing her or else he was mistaken I and had kilted someone else. ( Houston homicide detectives asked Chicago officers to hold Oiid- mnison until they could check whe- Iher he .was connected with .any unsolved niurder cases there. Chicago police said they would be only too K lad to hold him. nicy [ had spent more thnn 15 hours listening to Gudmanson's "confession" after lie telephoned from » flophouse In cjhlcago's skid-row yesterday and said he wanted tt> tell them about the "murder." "I still can't believe 11 Isn't true," t detective said, "if It Isn't, he's Hie fanciest liar 1 ever ran up I against. The guy ought to-be writ- I ing fiction." v v .Oudmnnson's "coufwalon" told a yarn about how he destroyed all 'clues and set up the "perfect crime" • ailer "killing" Mist Soule In 1341. Oudmaiuon claimed he had glv: en Miss Soule a $60 engagement ! ring which she wore on a chain around her neck "because she was [afraid the girls would tease her." From then on. |x>llce snld, his story became a literary gem "I loved her with all my hearl." he salri, "Tiicn, one day fn May of 1941, I rented a car from a friend of mine for $20 and wcnl lo Pat's house with a wedding license In I "I asked Pat's mother if I could lake Pnt for a ride. We drove to a ! drive-in restaurant and had some-1 thing to cat. Then f drove to a • lonely spot near the restaurant to I ask Put to marry me. K»fii«d Him Tulre "When 1 showed her Die license, she turned me down. She satd we were loo younj(. I was terribly nervous. I wanted fl cisaret but had no matches so I looked In Ihe glove compartment. "In there, t saw a .32 caliber Smith and Wesson revolver. r l\iat gave me an Idea. I pulled the gu» out and told Pat I would shoot her unless slie promised lo marrv me. Gudmanson said the girl refused again. "I forced her'out'of the car," he «»1<!, "When w« vert «boiil three feet from the car I shot hr-r. The bullet hit In the upper narl of the chest. She fell, wounded." Gudm»nson said he lold the girl that he would take her lo » hos- Pllal if she would marry him. She r 'J>lled, he *»ld, that sh« "wanted no part ol me." He sBld he shot her »8"ln, this time through the head, killing her Instantly. Afler that, he sntd. he sal for some time, figuring every detail of now to avoid trial for the minder. When his plan was complete, he we;it lo work. leaving ihe girl's body, Oiidman- son said lie drove home and relurn 1 - cd with a shovel, a knitting needle and i pair of forceps. He used Ihe needle and forceps lo remove the bullets from the girl's body nml then burled her In > prairie near the murder site. He placed the bullets on a railroad Irack and watched a train smash them /lat. he snlrf. He disassembled the gun and scattered the parts over Ihe countryside, 'Hien he returned the car to Its owner and went home. He Was the first suspect picked up by Houston police, he said, In llielr Investigation of the girl's dls- ap|>earance. He "beat the rap" by alibiing that ho had taken her to a movte and never saw her after he let her off near her home With no body or oilier clues, police were forced to release him. Many Seek Clemency LriTLE ROCK, April 1. (UP) — Sixty.three applications for clemency awaited acllon of the Stnte Parole Board as it met Uxlav for Its monthly session. On the agenda were 51 requests for paroles, four for furloughs and two for commutation of sentence The meeting of the board was advanced on the calendar to allow members and pnrole o/flclnis to attend the Southern Parole and Prison Conference at Nnshville, Term next week. More Missouri Counties Added To DDT Program CARUTHERSVILUB, Mo ., ADr |, I—The 1«« DOT spraying nro- l»m will bt lncrea«<l to Inch* e the couiitle* of Bollln^r, Madl.son, Ripley, Wayne, and the delta section of Cap* Olrardesu county. It wm announced here loday by Dr S. R. Beechcr of the Pemlscot Couti- ly KeRlth office, who also said the Dm program would again be conducted in this county this yeBr Since 1845, the program has functioned In PemLscot, New Madrid, and Dimklln counties, and In 1946. the program »-».? broadened In Southeast Missouri to Include the counties of Scott, Mississippi. Buttler and parLs of Slodrmrd coun- It Is estimated, Dr. Beeoher said that 55,000 homes will he sprayed f" all counties this year. Hie charge IK $1.50 per home, with slight additional charges where the resident wants outbuildings and barns .sprayed also. Mississippi Senate Gets Bill Requiring a "Good Moral Character" to Vote JACKSON. Ml**., April 1. <UP)_ A rraolutlon requiring prospective voters to have "good moral char- actor" before they c«n register was sent to the. Mississippi State Senate loriny nflcr tde House approved it yesterday behind closed doors. The same resolution was defeat- I "I In the House recently when it was argued that the measure might boomerang on white as well as Negro voters. Ypsicrriay. however, (he measure Admittedly- aimed at preventing Ne- grop., from voting was approved In secret session by a Us to H vote If the seriate adopts Ihe resolution. II goes lo the state's voters In the November general election Proponents of the legislation argued It would be needed In Mississippi If Congress passes [lie pending anti-poll tax law. Laney to Speak At Dedication In Greenville LITTLE ROCK, April 1. (UP) — Gov. Ben Ijney left the en pita] city today pnroute to Qreenvllle Miss., for ihe formal dedication of Hie Mid-South area development program tomorrow. He halted briefly at Cummins Prison Farm near Pine Bluff todav U> (urn the first susde-ftill o f dirt on the new building program being launched by prison offjclals. con- slructlon, which will be handled by prisoners, Is designed to eventually replace all buildings on both the Tucker mid Cummins farms with concrele- block structures Laney will l« one of 'the three Mid-South governors who will speak ' at the Greenville ceremonies, others Include James H. Davis of Louisiana and Folding Wright of Mississippi. Other speakers include Mnl Gen Robert w. Crawford, president of (lie Mississippi River Commission and C. Hamilton Moses, president Pemiscot County Get* National Publicity CARUTHKRSVJLLK, Mo.. April 1 -Ihe l-ebruary j Mue 0 , ,. Thf c ' ly OHIcer." nationally circulated magazine published In ogtlti, ui.i, has » four-page spread clcvo'led to Pemlscot County. The spread contains 16 pictures of various sections of (he county T "'"" s "°" 'rom Sieele, Warden, ^and Carulliersvllle, and » tory of the county, with emphasis ?" ts d «'elO|>»wiit Along agricultural lines, lnilll , t , , « only Ihe largest ,ural co.mtv J,, he slate, but one of the largest, rural counties In the nation. The spread and story WHS pic- ^Sr^'ni^X*' CWe ernors and ofTiclnls of A. P «,,d 1 the . Ix>ii| s | B ,, H Pover A J" •• Co.npany, the Mississippi Power and Light Company and the N'cw Orle ' <ms Public Service. Inc., v m ° R 'I Pledfie dedicating lMr „„„*£",£ betterment of the Mid-South THURgPAT. APRIL 1,-IMf First National Insurance Agency *'OR COMPLETE PROTECTION Phone 2311 108 North 2nd St. BILL WILSON CHARLBS B1TTNEK ^Followlngjhe addresses Hie gov- Reacl Courier News Want An*. / Thousands A»o«ti 0 HiAVKf , •• a n CHICKS 'B" V H» NOTICE Having eslnhlishcd the Mountain Home branch of (Hir Company lo (he poinl of being self-sufficient, and looking forward lo new opporlnnities, we notice R need of craftsmanship In (he Neon sign anrl sign painting field in Bl.v(hevi|}c. We wish !o conlHct all parties inferesled in obfain- in K a Neon Painting ManufactiirinK Service Companj- for Rljlheville. We have a reptitalion for prompt servic. . . . ; and BlylheviUe heiri* the heart of one of the more progressive centers of our territory, we feel * branc?, plant there would h. beneficial to ourselves and nl, Rdvertisinx-minried Blytheville businesses. Pl ea se contact Wimmer's Neon P. O. Box 378 Jonesboro w ^nv ^» ^** ATLAS Things are getting light Auto Body Repairs K.r Ihr h, 8< In A.l.n,.blU., lUd.r Repair., h,l nr y .. r „_ .. „ ... we h»ve all m»dern equipment t. «t labor eiata' I Stand intf 12 Y*,r« of Sati S f at ( ory Serviet JVIi.ssitwippj County BARKER'S BODY SHOP •125 East Kentucky 2500 Orer iltoo par(5 make up faar r»r. Ni> wonder II rnllles after a while. A n overall clehti-ninff will •l«P thai racket and prevent Innsa parts from wearing. Oef your car ed tomorrow. In Our Hands, Your Cor U In Good Hands. Complete Ports Dept, • For Oldsmobile * For GMC Trucks "See The Futuramic!" ON DISPLAY IN OUR SHOWROOMS LEE MOTOR SALES INC. GMC TRUCKS—OLDSMOBILE 307 E«r Main St. Phone 519 Funeral Insurance PHONE 4431 COBB FUNERAL HOME Blytheville. Arkansas INJOY THE BEST JlN PIT BARBECUE! f AT THE — (RAZORBACK IDRIVE-IN & Long Distance Hauling Moving a Specialty Anytime — Anywhere Any Place Buck Mehorg 401 E. Main St. I* ho lies: Day 1677 N'ifjhl 29S6 \Vhcn In Need 0£ Shoe Repairing Call -1347 Frff Pirkiip and l)i-lircrj! H A L F O R D SIIOK SHOP IM Snulh Znil HU RAHY CHICK TIME • BUY EARLY • BUY THE BEST A Complete Line »f Keed W* Buy Poultry! Lewis Poultry •119 K. Main Phone 3317 FOR SALE (iet our prices on tested 12 inch to IS inch roiiercle culverts. Also concrete building blocks. CALL ON US DIAL 691 We Deliver and Sell for Less Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver _ Phone 6SI I Have On Hand At All Times j Several traders and equipment ' . . . both new and used ones JOHH DEERE. PARMALL anrt other make.';. Also, t have for sale at all limes 70 lo 80 head of ; mules. Terms can be arranged • will trade for most any thine you havn. \ New Ford Tractors j • Ready for Delivery J F. C CROWED 1 .\!llc S. of Brasuadoclo ) Flash Cameras At Barney's' 2006 West Main Street ' PRICED FROM $9.90 to $14.95 Him Development and Free 5x7 Enlargement With Each Roll * " l K«ll F,)m in All Siwss—Ea.slman Kodak Film BARNEY'S Phone 3647 2006 W«t Main St. FARM £ LOANS KATK < Offlo, N»w»rk, N. J. Ttmmtt TtiOMf-t CLOMM* OAU., WHITS OK SI I u?A Y WORTH,NGTON Serrlnj Thli Section 2S Tear* MUDENTIAI. l,\SlJIU,V<.e COMr^nwmci f***c*t w*cv*y sewn MM Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Dealer Phone 3479 Blytherill, Ark. 112 W.lnot St. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 PRESCR!PTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug SroreS RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKK OR MODEL R¥LIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Electrical AppliRnce Co. *nlhnri7»d Mnlornla TUdls S»l«s >nd ScrrlK 1»« South Si. 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