The Press Democrat from Santa Rosa, California on March 14, 1993 · 2
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The Press Democrat from Santa Rosa, California · 2

Santa Rosa, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 14, 1993
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TNI mESS DIMOCRAT, SUNDAY, MARCH 1 4, 1 Ml AO Tiorst U.S. storms on record 1888, March 11-14: East Coast; 400 dead; up to 5 feet of snow. 1922, Jan. 27-29: Washington. D.C., area; 100 dead. 1940, Nov. 11-12: Northeast, Midwest; 144 dead. 1947, Dec. 27: New York City area; nearly 80 dead. 1950, Nov. 26: East Coast; about 250 dead. 1 958, Feb. 15-16: Northeast; 1 7 1 dead. 1966, Jan. 29-31: East Coast; 165 dead. 1967, Dec. 12-20: Southwest; 51 dead. 1977, Jan. 28-31: Buffalo. N.Y., area; 29 dead; 25-foot snowdrifts. 1978, Feb. 6-7: New England; 29 dead; 339 houses destroyed. 1 985, Nov. 28-Dec. 1 : Midwest; 26 dead. 1987, Jan. 22: East Coast; 37 dead. Associated Press Storm Continued from Page Al the Northeast, heavy seas washed coastal areas of New Jersey, Long ' Island and Connecticut that were heavily damaged by December's northeaster. There were no Immediate reports of coastal flooding or ' major damage, but the storm burled inland sections in a foot or more of snow, stranded thousands of travelers and wiped out the weekend with a siege of howling winds and wintry drifts that forecasters said would continue through today. "Nothing like this in recent history has struck the state of New York, or the Northeast for that matter," said Jim Ryan, spokesman for the New York state emergency office. "You're talking about a problem that's 600 miles across." In West Warwick, R.I., where town government was shut down because of a fiscal crisis, all 10 town highway workers agreed to work without pay to clear snow. "I didn't expect them to do it," said Mayor Katherine O'Hare. Shore residents were evacuated from Delaware to Maine. The weather service recorded winds of 40 to 80 mph in the East and said one gust hit 109 mph in the Dry Tortugas off the Florida Keys. The highest gusts In the New York City area were 68 mph at La Guardia Airport, 63 mph at Ambrose Light outside New York Harbor and 93 mph at Peconic, L.I. Power outages were reported Dad Continued from PageAl child-abuse conspiracy is shared by clusters of people scattered about the country, groups that include the Santa Rosa-based LINK: Loving Intervention for our Nation's Kids. Tscherneff was a central figure in LINK before leaving town with his son. His former roommate and LINK colleague Doug Millar of Santa Rosa said the group seeks to expose a dark secret that people at the highest levels of the U.S. government want concealed. "We're dealing with national security here," Millar said. Theories called delusions , Authorities say the grand conspiracy theories of Tscherneff and his allies are delusions. Speaking not for attribution, one federal officer said current stories about a top secret child-enslavement project is a rewarmed urban myth whose previous villains include extra-terrestrials, the Trilateral Commission and the KGB. Whether or not there's any truth to the mad plot, It provides a glimpse into the mind and motivation of Tscherneff. It has been nearly six weeks since he and his girlfriend, Santa Rosa businesswoman Linda Issel, 45, failed to return his son to the child's mother following a visitation. The boy's mother, Barbara Blal-ock, 27, was never married to Tscherneff. She has legal custody of Alex, who turns 3 in May, but allowed Tscherneff to take him for daylong visits. Because of suspicions Tscherneff may have left the state, a $500,000 federal arrest warrant is out on him and the FBI is looking for him. "There's nothing new to report as far as significant developments," FBI spokesman Rick Smith said Friday. Starting last fall, Tscherneff and other LINK members organized public programs on child abuse. Members said their mission Is to expose and prevent all types of child abuse, which they complain is too often Ignored by authorities. Child abuse Is real. LINK members are among a great number of people concerned about violence against children that Includes molestation by relatives and strangers, abductions and murders. The Department of Justice says that in addition to all the American children harmed at home, more than 3,000 are kidnapped and abused each year by strangers. But LINK focuses mostly on allegations of ritualistic abuse: the rape, torture and even sacrificing of children, often by members of satanic cults. Though little exists in the way of proof, LINK isn't alone in alleging that such abuse exists. In the cover story of the current Ms. magazine, a woman using a pen V v from Louisiana to Maine. Nearly 2 million customers lost electricity in Florida. "We have some people In trucks who can't go anywhere because the snow Is too deep," said Alabama Power Co. spokesman Dave Rickey. "I'm 6-foot-5 and I went outside a little while ago and was up to my knees in snow," said Jeff Higgen-botham in Dalton, Ga. "It's a pretty sight ... but I'd rather have somebody send me a postcard of it than be in it." The southernmost part of the storm blacked out Havana, Cuba, according to news reports monitored in Mexico City. States of emergency were declared from Florida northward to Maine. The storm closed major airports at New York City, Washington, Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Atlanta, stopping hundreds of flights. A USAlr jet skidded off the runway in Charlotte, N.C., but there were no injuries. Almost 3,000 people were stranded at just New York's major airports, Port Authority officials said. Snow squalls wrapping around the back of the storm caused 250 flights to be canceled at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, and a 40-car pileup near Detroit. There were no serious injuries. Churches and armories were opened for stranded travelers and for people without heat Police and National Guardsmen in some states were sent to rescue stranded motorists. Fifty tornadoes were reported In name writes of being raised by a Satan-worshipping mother and being forced to watch demonic sacrifices. "I personally witnessed the murders of two children, one of whom was my baby sister," the author wrote. She wrote that immediately following the decapitation of the 2-day-old girl there was "a communion ritual, during which human flesh and blood was consumed." LINK members say they are convinced that such stories are true. They say the two main reasons there's not much proof are that many children are delivered at home and sacrificed before anyone knows they were born, and because authorities routinely cover up whatever proof exists. Tscherneff and his associates in LINK go well beyond the Ms. article. They contend that ritual abuse not only exists, but that it is promoted and concealed by some of the most powerful people in America. 'The Monarch Project' In a videotape that Tscherneff produced on Feb. 14 while on the lam, he refers to something called "the Monarch Project." Other LINK members, too, speak often about the Monarch Project. They refer to a paper written by Mark Phillips, a resident of Kentucky who spoke at a LINK presentation in Petaluma one day before Tscherneff took off. Tscherneff attended that meeting. Phillips said he works to expose abuses by the U.S. intelligence community: the CIA, the Pentagon spy network. In his paper, he describes the Monarch Project as a closely guarded national-security secret, a mind-control and genetic-engineering scheme run amok. In essence, Phillips' accusation is that in the 1960s the U.S. Department of Defense refined an old Nazi theory for breeding split-personality slaves, people who seem normal but are programmed through the use of terror and torture to obey a master's every command. Human robots Phillips contends that thousands of American families have been programmed to produce human robots, and that central to the scheme is the horror of intergener-ational incest and physical abuse. His article describes how children have been forced to retreat into a dual personality by being systematically raped, nearly starved, forced to witness bizarre occult ceremonies, deprived of sleep and shocked with high-voltage electricity. The result, he wrote, is a completely controllable Individual who will do anything provide sex, run drugs or guns to America's secret allies, commit murder upon demand. And who will breed children just like themselves. In Phillips' scenario, some "conspiracy members" operate child- 'Snow nut' wild about blizzards Associated Press STATE COLLEGE, Pa. When Douglas Fournier Is In town, stay Indoors. The self-described "snow nut" from Grand Rapids, Mich., has made It his business for the past 15 years to travel to areas braving the biggest storms. "I've chased all the biggies. I can't sleep when there's a snowstorm," he said Friday. "If everything comes as I think It will, this Is will be my biggest snowstorm of my chasing-storms career," he said gleefully. The 35-year-old's career Isn't remotely scientific; he's an advertising representative. But he knows meteorolo-! gists around the country who tip him off to potential storm action, and he hits the road In his four-wheel drive vehicle two or three times a month in the winter. By day, he shoots video footage of storm effects; at night he heads to pubs and talks about the weather with locals. "I'm an obsessed weather nut," Fournier said. "I've thought about counseling to , get over it. It's weird." Florida and one In North Carolina. Water was up to 6 feet deep In places along Florida's Gulf Coast. In its timing, awesome size and destructive power, the storm conveyed a kind of majesty as well as a sense of history. It arrived a week before spring on the anniversary of one of the nation's worst storms: the Blizzard of 1888, a three-day onslaught that left 400 people dead and a host of calamities in five feet of snow. On satellite pictures, the ferocious storm looked like a great spiral galaxy churning counterclockwise, reaching from the Appalachians into the Atlantic and from Florida to Maine, obliterating whole states and mountain ranges under its enormous mass. This story contains information from the New York Times and Associated Press. care centers and deploy their sinister mind-control methods on the youngsters. The plot has high-up politicians, big-name entertainers and law-enforcement officials secretly they are satanists, pedophiles, drug dealers, Phillips says all using Monarch victims as drug mules, sex slaves and assassins. Phillips says he is the "unlicensed psychological hypnotherapist" to a Project Monarch victim, a woman who tells of being used for sex and drug-delivering by three presidents: Ford, Reagan and Bush. He wrote that there may be "a bare minimum of 250,000" such drones "walking around waiting to explode as serial killers, child abusers, etc." And that they are breeding more every day. This appears to be what Peter Tscherneff believes. . In his videotape warning parents about the Monarch Project, Tscherneff said more proof of a nationwide child-abuse conspiracy is available in a 1992 book by a Nebraska lawyer and former state senator named John DeCamp. DeCamp's self-published book, "The Franklin Cover-Up," describes a child-abuse conspiracy ; that reaches across America and that's been wilfully concealed by police, the FBI, the courts, Congress and the press. He wrote that he got onto the conspiracy by looking into the powerful people who contributed to the collapse of the Omaha-based Franklin Community Federal Credit Union. He writes of discovering that many of the same prominent people engaged in "drug peddling and drug abuse, child abuse and pedophilia." Swap and sell He alleges a nationwide network of powerful pedophiles and homosexuals who swap and sell children like trading cards and rape, torture and kill them. His book implicates George Bush without specifically accusing the former president of direct involvement in the alleged conspiracy or its cover-up. Tscherneff and other LINK members also refer regularly to former FBI agent Ted Gunderson of Santa Monica as a source of corroboration. Tscherneff gave Gunderson's name and phone number on the videotape. Gunderson has become a critic of the agency he served with for 28 years as a special agent and supervisor. He said in a telephone Interview he knows that from time to time private jets and motor homes converge at a remote desert location in Nevada for a clandestine swap meet at which children are bought, sold and traded like collectibles. But Gunderson said he can't get anyone in authority to believe him. Peter Tscherneff evidently believes him. So he stole a child who today has been away from his mother for 38 days. Abortion Continued from PageAl killed outside a Pensacola clinic during a protest by Rescue America. Michael Griffin, a participant In past anti-abortion protests, was arrested in the shooting. "We are here to bring home the responsibility for Dr. David Gunn's murder to anti-choice fanatics, whether they gather under the name Operation Rescue or any other," said Laura Weide of the Bay Area Coalition for Our Reproduc-tlve'Rights. Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry has called Gunn's killing a "repulsive act" but added In the same breath that "we must also grieve for the thousands of children (Gunn) has murdered." Demonstrator Claudette Begin said she joined Saturday's protest because she fears the potential for increasing hostilities in the abortion debate. "There seems to be an escalation of the violence by these religious groups," said Begin. "People on the right fringe are getting more and more frustrated and more and more violent" Jeff White, director of Operation Rescue of California and a principal organizer of Saturday's session, said it was the other way around and added the demonstrators were infringing on his group's right to peaceful assembly. "You can see where the violence is coming from. These are angry, hateful people," White said, pointing to unruly demonstrators and defending Operation Rescue's anti-abortion tactics. "We have the best record of non-violence in the history of civil disobedience," White said. "Nobody has had more arrests and more activities with less incidents of violence." Yeltsin Continued from Page Al of the Russian parliament Yeltsin's arch foe for the past several taonths, must now be reckoned as another of its leaders. The struggle between Yeltsin and Khasbulatov has been not only a personal battle but also an ideological fight over whether Russia should move rapidly toward a free-market economy or whether its economic levers should remain largely in the hands of the state. Saturday, the Congress of People's Deputies rejected Yeltsin's attempt to override the legislature by holding a presidential referendum. The Congress also voted Saturday that the Supreme Soviet the much smaller working parliament that regularly convenes to pass laws should consider dismissing two of Yeltsin's key Cabinet ministers, Anatoly Chubais and Andrei Kozyrev. Such a move could come as early as this week. Property reform Chubais, the minister of state property, is in charge of Yeltsin's program to turn thousands of state-owned enterprises over to private hands, a process that now stands at the heart of economic reform. Kozyrev, the foreign minister, has long been unpopular with hard-line deputies for pursuing policies that they see as too conciliatory toward the West. Finally, the Congress passed its own message to the Russian people, denouncing Yeltsin for indulging in "political adventurism, chaos and the disintegration of Russia." Khasbulatov dramatically read this message out loud at the end of the session, sparking loud applause from the deputies. Afterward, Sergei Krasavchen-ko, chairman of the parliament's economic reform committee, said, "The Congress showed just how powerful the former party functionaries still are." One pro-Yeltsin deputy, Viktor Mironov, resigned his post, saying, "I would like to announce that a Communist coup has taken place. I can no longer be part of a body that does not allow for the people's voice to be heard." The rejection of Yeltsin's referendum came on top of Friday's actions, when Congress ended Yeltsin's powers to. issue decrees and initiate legislation and threatened "immediate" impeachment if Yeltsin violated the constitution. Stalked out Yeltsin stormed out of the hall when that measure was passed, and said through his aides that he would go on governing as if Congress did not exist He then ordered authorities to schedule a referendum for April 25, asking the people if they agreed that Russia is a "presidential republic" and if they should be given the right to own land. Yeltsin has argued that only strong presidential powers can carry out reforms over the resistance of the legislature, which was elected while the Soviet Union still q FOB THE RECORD The Press Democrat use this spec to correct errors that appear in the news column. Please cat the newsroom at 528-8685 to report error. Police arrest a protester Saturday outside Bethel Baptist Church in Fremont, where abortion rights activists disrupted an Operation Rescue meeting. During the demonstration, a three-block stretch of Fremont Boulevard, the city's main artery, was closed. About 50 police officers, including reinforcements from nearby Newark and the California Highway Patrol kept the two sides apart and restored order. Demonstrators yelled and cursed at Operation Rescue members and in a couple of instances shoved and jostled them. Others held up signs reading, "Stop Anti-abortion Terrorists" and "Operation Rescue Is Out for Blood." Ed Kelly, an Operation Rescue member and high school teacher, said he was roughed up by the existed and which remains dominated by Communists. Several of Yeltsin's allies said the referendum was the president's only way out of a thickening stalemate. With Saturday's action, Congress denied him this way out. His information minister, Mikhail Fedotov, told reporters after the session that a referendum will no longer take place. Plebiscite However, Yeltsin's chief of staff, Sergei Filatov, said Yeltsin might hold a plebiscite on the issue of who rules though such a step would have no more legal force than a public-opinion poll. 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J A J4 ' AbbOUAIlB demonstrators as he tried to leafe the church. ' "They knocked my lesson bodk out of my hand and when I bent down to get it, they kicked me," hie said. ( Police pulled Kelly to safety aid pushed away about a dozen demonstrators who had clustered around him. ; Though the meeting was canceled in response to a polide request to help defuse the situation, White said the organization's leadership group would meet elsewhere. They would not say wheije they were going. t Interfax news service reported Saturday only that Yeltsin was fpr now "studying the documents" of the congressional session. 1 All last week, Yeltsin warned that he would take "extreme mea-'sures" if Congress did not agree o 'keep his presidential powers n place. However, he never defined what he meant and now he seems unabje to take any such measures, evenjif he wanted to. i Anatoly Shabad, one of his leading supporters in the Congress, sajd after Saturday's vote that the parliament will continue to mount further incursions on Yeltsin's powers and that Yeltsin "has no means to resist." J i quality look. Extending U.V. Sun Screen mm Expires 3-12-93 578-8485 Rarcrv Tiopcnt 1 vJWU XTENDEDl 2 MORE VJVEEKS M2SC0 Mi 5j SAN A R...SA. jVg.

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