The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 22, 1934 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 22, 1934
Page 9
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V ', \ jHUftSDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1934 i CLASSIFIED j ADVERTISING ! INFORMATION Dally rate j*r line far consecu Uve Insertions; (Five average words to a line) One time per line 10c T»o tunes per line per day ., 08t Three times per line per day .. Me Six times per line per day .. 05< Month rate per lino eft Minimum charge 60o • Ads oraerea lor three or six times and stopped before explm lion will be charged for tho nnin- tor of times the ad appeared iind Kdustinent of mil mane. AD Class!neo Advertising couj tubmltted by. persons refilling outside ot the city must be iiccnin- panled by cash. Kates may be e&slly computed from aljovn table No responsllillliy will DC taken lor more than one Incorrect Krtlon at any clarified ao. Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions take iho one lime rate PHILLIPS' USED CARS RRAI;'VALUES IN USED CAIJS '3D CHEVROLET SKDAN .. $l8'i '30-.FORD CABKIOI.KT .... S '33 OHF.VROI.ET COUPE .... $-135 '33 FORD DE M1XB COHI'K. RuniWe $4-\5 V-8 Til DO It '-',} SEDAN $145 »h'CIIF.VKOr.ET COACII .. $H!i TRUCKS ami TRAIMiKR '29 CHEVROLET 1]& TON ' TRUCK $ (17 '30 CHEVROT.KT 1(4 TON TRUCK. )r,7 Itirh Wheelbase $28.-, MO FOR!) l'/ 3 TON TUUCK. Clused Cab, Dual Wheels, large BiMly $l8r> '30 FORD PIHK-UP. Clospil Cab J1S5 KINO II AM TRAILER. Dual IVhefls. A llargniii $|fl8 *WE PAY CASH FOll PHILLIPS' USED CAR LOT Cnrner Walnut & Isl Streets OPEN NIGHTS Til, !) 1>. i\], rirotic 813 Business Directory HER OUR DISPLAY OP Arkansas Pottery IflWst prkPB-I/jvely tM\s Parkhursi's Farmers! You furnish thp COTTON, ive fiir- ntsh Die Inbor nhd 8 oz. llckln? nnd ninke yon nn excellent mnl tress for 40.50. SATISFACTION GUARANTIED J. W. Jenkins & Son Upholsterers iiil R, H. R.~phone 1:10 KITK J'KJCB (JHOCKKY HUV fiUOCEHlKS HlfiHT A COMPLETE IJNE OP PANCV ft STAPLE GROCERIES, PIIE3II MEATS, VECIETABUffl, pnO- . FLOUR, MBAII, ETC. In Old P. O, fildg. Phono S3+ We Deliver WE CAN SAVE YOUJMONEY CIRCULATING HEATERS WASHINGllACHINES (•as and Electric AMMUNITION Quail, duck & s(|iiirr<;t load! HARNESS niir stock is complele IMPLEMENTS and rejinirs for / AVERY, MOL1NE VULCAN & BLOUNT I'ay us a visit and lie convinced PAULBYKUM 120 East Main "TRUE VALUE" RADIOS Battery & Klcctrlc Sets Best Value for the Wlcc Oberst Store Co. Factory Authorlinl FRIGIDArRE SERVICE Factory Tminpil Meclmidcs »H>- K1~flume— Nl e ht 382 . ' 407 Main SI. K. I!. UEE 'SALES CO. For Sale 12(1 ncres land, just oir Highway HI, soulh of lowii, FJnn Irani $75 Per Am— Easy Tfrriis W acres land, near Qscfoln. W'-il Improved. $75 Per Acre— Easy Terms Store building niid 5 room resilience oil same lot. West Main st, Wonderful location for cusir grocery. Cost $0,7M. First oil of $1750 ON TERMS H'lll Iluy it Iliornas Land Co. Filling Stations Southern Service Station' Stcele, Mo, Phillips 68 Products ANTI-KNOCK GASOLINE VAX PAID ir 24 Hour Service Shoe Repairing Hid Buyers Opportunity Surely, when imdiweloprd lands In aimn' axllom nrc ajlllnij from $•>(! '•a $4<i pci- acre, with higher luxes Inmls oul-slde of Levee nt $10 ( 0 M.I per acre, with IOXM ntinin 20 •f- 2f> cenls per m-re, nnd lands "at arc rich u ml productive must w n E<wd buy for any one who wants iijKlevelojwd Jnrxi. Come In Jet's talk It over. W. M. Burns Agency Grand Lender Building Phones 243 imd 212 |<;et Vour SHOES ready; for win- I tfr. Nfwi-st iiiMJiine just inslal- eil. Every Joli guaranlfeil ur ninney reflliuleil. ' E. E. Ratcliff Iran Hubtard Hdw. Co. • — —_ Simon P. Lee lilrsl atiop maker In county •"IVnde With A Pioneer" III S. Railroad WINTER IS HERBt I'll) your bins now with (he Famo,,, Marne K«d Ash Coal_W,h in heal, low in >sti; or Makslln Kiiunty urn« Illinois CoVl^bM? (jiiaUly trom Western KNilueky." FEED-SEED DRY WOOD-KIMDLINQ We EQlWi your rMlronnee on the basis 0 ( high quality products, low cash prices, prompt service and honest dealing. Von get, what you pay for hero. Fanners Cash Feed & Seed Co. J. W. Parker, prop, phone 127 For Sale BARGAINS" In Used Heaters. _ H^bard_Hdvv. Co. 2 nooo lino .pound MULES See . Sinrlln Bimch, y,-<r))i'o. k2B Try onr 3000 mile sOI.ES-proof of the pudding is Hie eating. When you get a goal thing remember where yon got It. PROGRESSIVE SHOE SHOP 103 Solilh 2nd st, Wanted To Rent. Knew His Home MYSTIC, Conn. lUPj-Evcr li«nr of a "homing 1 ' bull frog? A resl dent lierc found a frag |,, h,, spring and threw It In a brook about 500 yards aW ay. Next day the fiog was hack. He took it in (mother bi-ook a quaiier-niile oway and two days later the fro* wn s' back again. * s Scarcely tjellei'lng it could | 1( . the same frog, Hie man marked It'nnd carried it two mile., to „ ,oll " r brook, u took the frog a WC ek to BOt back this lime. A fourth trln to a brook five miles nway had the same rcsiilt-io daye for Hie return trln. in n nnal, attempt to get rid °I the amphibian, the distance was Increased to .six miles, in'-an adjoining town. JILSI 14-days laler the frog hopped into the '• spring and there he stayed. ' Position Wanted W. J. KNOX Having made all kinds ol shoes for ABNORMAL feet, can repair] shoesto correct ABNORMAL fee* WANTED TO RBNT-Good piano Must be reasonable Good cnre ™,: p .rurir^ 0f :%. 2E3 i ft ° OT « ANS Idaho Fanners Up FJuai)cla|lv BOISE, Idaho (UP)—Idaho-farmers nnd slockgrowers hnvi- finally learned lhat they made "lore money in 1933 than thev did in 1932. Their income, according to ihe stale agriculture department, which recently finished compiling figures for the last year In 19:il. Read Courier J?ewi Want Ad«. Eliot (Mary Evans), End; lish novelist, bom Read Courier News Want Ad< EAT Personal ....I do STENOGRAPHIC work st night. Reasonable rate. Call 306 Restaurants Oysters & River f^t |,'|sli Chlrken Dinners Every Day Jimmie O'Brien 105 6. Secon/i For Reiit room FURNISHED Apartment .nefflf school, nn Henrn. I9ii k2fi Rooms and Ualh, WARD Apartment on W. Ash. Furnished. Vn- mt Dec. I.. Call GSO or OG8. 19c, klf Chilwood & Weidmnn Automotive "WINTER AUTO SPECIALS" Ptcstont, Alcohol, Heaters, Dp. frosters, iWillard .Batteries. LET US 'PHEPARE YOU FOR WINTER Hubbarcl Hclw. Co. AUTOMOTIVE DEPT Phone 478 Phone FIX YOUR. CAR FOR WINTER Cheapest Prices Paint jobs, Repairing bodies, Si- monlzins, Chincm- Transmissions, Washing & Greasing with Marfak Grease i Quaker State oil. J n»" Hearn—Jimmie Binkloy BARNETT AUTO SALES CO Phone 888 HAVE YOUR BATTERY UE- CHARGED BEFORE COLD WEATHER J. Ben Chine - BATTERY SERVICE At Tom w. Jackson's Station Ash & 2nd Plione 8—Residence 277-w B«y FRESH EGGS the flay the"v . ° re I"'"- At PICKARD'S Store. 1(M4 Chickasawba, or direct from onr hennery. . ELECTRICAL WIRING Sheet Metal Work Metal Flues SPECIAL PRICES Between P. O. & Cicvrolet nldg. Phono 2GG AUTO GLASS AUK-MO I.UMBF.K CO. PHONE 40 PEUMANENTS Niinc Better - - Si>cclal I'rlces Ban-ell's Beauty Shop COO N. Sill - - Telephone 580 Cobb Undertaking Co., Inc SERVICE & QUALITY AMBULANCE 26 FOR BEAUTIFUL FLOORS RENT OUR FLOOR SANDER ARKMO LUMBER CO. TRUCK BEDS PANEL BODIES TRAILERS OP ALL KINDS BUILT TO OIIDEH Wanted BARKSDALE & PAGE 200 N. Second Attention Farmers! WE BUY SOY HF.AMK AND COW PEAS .Farmers Cash Feed & Seed Co. J. W. PARKER, Prop Phone 127 I MODERNIZE YOUR, COUNTRY 1 HOME WITH A DEMING WATER SYSTEM. $40 UP. HUBBARD HDW. CO. be free of No underwear or old P»ntv atfepitd. courier News. nor highest prices on. Pecans see Well Arlan, 128 E Main 1 He kH WANTED: Men-roomers and boarders; Jwln beds Call 824-J. 09 holly. 6-c\i-lt WANTED TO RENT OR BUY— « to 80 acre farm. Absolutely sober. Care /or place and business Pur- nUh self. Writ* p. O Box 764 " SAW FILING of all kinds With automatic filing machine BARKSDALE & PAGE 200 N. Second COPPER WEATHER STRIP~ Saves fuel at small cost Arkmo Lumber Co. Help Wauled BEDBOOM, stenm heal. ffn rage Men preferred. 911 w. Ash. call >0 - 8ck-8 3 .room FURNISHED APART- *"• 2-ck-tF BfcDROOM; adjoining bath. Mm prplprrcd. 212 w, Kentucky Telp- plionc 980. . Ss . c ll, TWO nicely FURNISHED BEDROOMS, -moderately pfIced. Mrs l^A. Fisher, 101 E . Davfe. 2^iik-2n WASH TURK'S ..VISETTER ^BS CO.-n.^ PERSOKJALITV. Coal & Wood •111' Coal Is Black but I t rKl t y nu ^Vlliie, Fill up now. JOHN BUCHANAN - PHONE 101 Hardin-Barron Coal Co. Yards nt Stcmberg Oln Phone 110 $25 REWARD For InfonimHon leading to tha arrest and conviction of parties who smashed Guard's window Monday Nov. 12. V. E. Tomllnson. Chief ol Merchant's Patrol. 13c k!2-l3 SOMETHING HAS TO 1{E DONE! Gt\TINS' 1 tVitR. »'HIS IS THE PLACE WHERE YOU CAN GET ANYTHING YOU WANT. Fresh Crappie, ' From Reclfoot Lake Oysters' High Grade T-Rorie Steaks Fried Chicken Roasts of All Kinds,,-: (-'old Plate Lunches' CHANGE OP MENU DAILY GFORGF WRIGHT, CUFF HARRY BAILEY'S State Line Service Station Martin HIOH GRADE KENTUCKY COAL all sizes; ALABAMA RED 'ASH & QUICK f IRE ALABAMA, WOOD, KINDLING, CORN", HAY If you are down In the mouth think of Jonah; he came out alright." PARKS BROS. COAL CO. PHONE 977 FOR "Hi-Lo Alabama" "Energy Illinois" "Ulack Royal Kentucky". CLEAN COAL-LOVV PRICED See Us About Your Coal Blytheville Gin Co. PHONE K4 ' "Radiant Alabama" 'Premium Kentucky" CALt 214"... Raccoon Coat Caused "Greasy" Neale to Blush NEW HAVEN, Conn. (UP) Earlc (Greasy) Neale, Yale's back- ncld coach and former West Virginia head mentor, tells this one 011 himself: H wa.v a cold, raw day and Neale was addressing the football squad. Now look here, you birds. Peo- arc saying that you are n lot of sissies here at Yale. We'll have )io more of such talk. You fellows Imvc got to lie tough. And what's move. I don't want to see any of those raccoon coals around this season. Anyone' who wears a raccoon coat Is a sissy, mid the first bird that shows up with one may as well turn in his uniform." Just then head coach Raymond •- J iDncky) Pond entered the room—, wearing a raccoon coat. I'rosfier on Ilifli Priced Hay HOUSTON, Tex. (UP)—The high price or hay 1ms brought prosjjer- !ty to Harris County hay growers. Hay business has Increased SO per cent over bst year's, and prices have.Increased from $2 n ton to $7 nuil j9. NOW ..WHAT?" o UWKAPPY-WAPPV, HOLD_ME TO VOUR THRDBBlNJS CHESTV WESTV. DECENT -,...,aw MOMf\ \^ &O U , fs:t -Di-, j VA'WANMft BUM ME F6R " CISflRET, HUH? OKflY' HERE VA • )THRWK9, VERV KINDLV.' I SOP' POSS Yfl UOTICe I J.CX3K A LI'L HUNGRY, OGM'TCHfl? 6oT ^ AWTHIMG TO EflT? .... ONCE WAS ENOUGH! ; BOY/ I'LL gflv w WERE Uisusyv! ~\WELL, i , OP CRACKERS.^ CHEKB^M^^ °Jl9 TH^E AIWTMMS |asy IS WONDERIWSHOWONEARTHTOG6T RID OF THE DUCHESS, WHEN THEY ARE , " T ' "" ^V TH&THUNDEBIN6ROLLOF DRUM5J n.v Small ntRciaRsTAND HIS FRIENDS I WANT 3 MEN for local Tea & ColTce Routes p«fjin? up to $60 a ween. No capital or experience required but must be willing to give ' prompt service to appro*. 200 steady ! • consumers. Brand-new Fords given as bonus. Wrlle Albert Mills. Route Mgr., CK9 Monmouth, Clnclnnall Ohio. ft THE MOMENT, WE'LL TURM CXJf? ATTENTlOW ~K> THE HOME op PROFESSOR BENSON,,,. ITS 1130 BAD .YOUR <v CONRXIND COLD KEPT YOU FROM ./SNIFFLES? oti isa SEE1NGTHE BIG GAME, f GET ME A HWDkER* • HERBERT;.' y CHIEF FROM DADO'S DRAWER, MOTHER It U I KIN 00 BV OJAY OF RETURN? ?U=7^ ,Ct>' //I SREAT SCOT.' FREC«LSS HERBERT, SWATS THrS EXAMINATION PAPSR DRAWER? I FOUND /RAreB^LET IT IIUOCD «^v,r~ \ ^ APE R • LET IT UNDER SOME HIS 7HIMGS ' WHi; EVERYONE OF THESE ANSWERS is CORRECT! AND THAT .POOR BOY HAS BE6N kEPTouTOFTHE GAME BECAUSE V/E THOUGHT HE'D FAILED.' SOMEONE SWITCHED PAPERS DM HIM j! By Btossor HERBERT, \ I'M 'GOIU6 OUT A>^> V/HERE ARE ) SCORE A ^OUCHOOV^n Yo<J<30IM<3 (ft '*"~~

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