Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 19, 1891 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1891
Page 6
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THE WOMAN OF FASHION. She Must Wear Skirts That Sweep tho Muddy Streets. The Shop Windows Keveal Oliuipsi'S of the Iliirly Spring I-'a.shIciiK—VlolctM llnii <:r.iysAre to He the l''avorltfi <'olors—Charming; Toques. icppvruciiT. 1S9I.1 Tho pivttu-st dross of the season \v;is seen at Daly's on tho first night of "School for Scandal." It was of light gray Judy's cloth, trimmed with velvet and satin of the sarac tint. A small satin to<i\ie bordered with volvct and adorned with two American Beauty roses was fus'.euodto the hair by means of a cut, silver hat pin, giving the appearance of a diamond-headed ornament. A tiny muff of lace and gray satin was suspended around the neck by a silver chain. It is a signed, sea led and settled fact that the woman of fashionimust sweep EKIDE'S l-JVEXIXG GOWN. the streets witli her skirts. The Paris modistes have sifted their names to paragraphs embodj-ing- this fashion. Our own dressmakers have sealed the decree by following- it to the letter and the woman of fashion has put on the sweeping- skirt and wofS it on the public thoroughfares—and that settles it. Yet one constitutional on any of the mxich frequented streets dulls the beauty of the lower two' inches of the skiit, fags out the skirt braid and causes the facing- to hang- in rag's. A few neat and ingenious women have overcome the difficulty by binding the gown with velvet and facing it with oil eloth, which can be obtained for such purposes. This arrangement greatly lessens the otherwise attendant slovenliness. Glimpses of early spring goods are already to be seen in the show windows. The spring styles are not fully revealed to the expectant world of women, but mysterious peeps arc permitted to the watchers who await them each season as eagerly and impatienWy as the small boy watches for the curtain to go up at the show. The shop windows, as novr seen, are but the prelude to what is to come later —the orchestra that announces that it is nearly time for the real display oi the season. If one might note an}' special characteristic of the materials displayed, it would be the peculiarity of tint. De-- eided shades are used scarcely at all.- In their places are mezzo-tints and hues -combining sxieh variety of color as to be scarcely describable. There are dozens of shades of purple lavender, violet and heliotrope whic vary in many grades so slightly ,tha one as at a loss how to describe them The element of pink is also combine so as to make it but a step from the lavender and that step such a small one a to be not discernible to any but profe; sional eyes. All the semi-mourning colors are ex tremely fashionable, and particularly the violets and light grays. So great i the demand for all articles of dress in •these colors that manufacturers havi been compelled to supply gloves hosiery, shoes, silk underwear, corsets and. even underskirts in varying tints o: violet and gray. Delicate, undecided lines, rather than pronounced colors are the favorites. A certain pretty gray cloth dress has oxydized silver trimmings. Another, o: TCWrs. r'or very young pir-ls. giit braid is used and is repf nt-?rl upon the bodice anil j::cket. Sleevosr.ro wovj almost - uncomfortably long. They must extend certainly over the wrist, and, preferably, down to the knuckles. They are full at the shoulder ami down to the elbow where they become close fitting for tho remainder of the length. Long sleeves are worn with evening toilets if the bodice is cut square or pointed. But if the shoulders arc exposed, then the arms must also be bare. This fashion is a boon to those not richly gifted in figure, as it gives them abundant opportunity to conceal their thinness of build without being conspicuous in dress. Many of these very long-sleeved dresses are seen upon the stage. And, as all modistes know, the stage sets the fashions for the fashionable world. Trains have become narrower. They consist of little more than a plait at the back of the dress and are cut so as to appear very narrow until rounded at the end, where they have a rather broad sweep. Street dresses have all a slight train or arc, at least, cut to touch the street when walking. Jewelled trimmings and jewelled fringes are much worn and are suitable \ipon all gowns whether for the street or house. This is the direct result of the Egyptian Cleopatra craze that is upon us; and for which Bernhardt openly declares that she has beer, saving jewels nnd metals for years. Properly handled, these metals are extremely effective in fringes, passementerie and ornaments, but a real artist must place and select them, or the effect is garish, grotesque and bizarre. Narrow edges of silver or gilt braiding are placed at the top of fur bands that border the dress skirt. A girdle of the same material accompanies this and falls low on the waist. On the jacket are silver or • gilt clasps and a narrow braiding of the same metal' edges the Medici collar. Galon is made to form ornaments for the toque and delicate metal braiding borders the band of fur that goes around the hat. These fur and feather hat bands anfr quite narrow, and arc set so low upo* the hat that they appear to rest upon the hair. Blondes can produce a pretty effect by bordering the hat with dark fur, which seems to rest like a crowij .upon the fair locks. With equal effect brunettes take advantage of the present style to edge their hats with white astrakhan, mindful of the beauty of the white fur against their own dark coils. So accommodating are these toques in shape that they may be adapted to any head and any style of hair dressing. In many cases where individual peculiarities ex.st, the milliner actually meas- .ures the head of her customer and fash- EXCITEMENT IN ROCHESTER. TIae Commotion Can wed 1>y tlic NtiiXc- MANTLE AND .BOXXET. cloth, is trimmed with silver galon And a whitish silver is treated •with a deep pearl fringe. 1 It is again coming the fashion to wear Ibodices-of different color and material from the skirt. The black net drj^es that have been favorites for the past :-two seasons are to be worn, but with * thick silk or even cloth waists in place of the lace. Pipings or bands of the silk are placed .around the skirt in SEW STYLES IS HAIKDIUiSsUXG. ions the hat to suit. The fur band with which it is to be trimmed is always placed next the hair and prettily contrasted before being- put upon the hat. For a wedding that is to take place very soon, the following- are among- the g-owns ordered: An evening- dress of white erepe do Chine, trimmed with string-s of pearla and pearl embroidery. There is a broche train. The sleeves are prettily opened from the shoulders and caught in two places with pearl clasps. A long pearl girdle hangs at .the side. The wedding 1 gown is of ivory Duchess satin, trimmed with chiffon and point lace. Orange blossoms are embroidered from the shoulders down to the front of the pointed bodice. White ostrich feather trimming- extends around the -front and: sides of the foot of the skirt. The court train is entirely unadorned and is .nearly four yards in length measuring from the waist. There is a traveling gown in-electric blue cloth, trimmed with gold and blue passementerie. A band. . of beaver edges the neck and reversof the bodice, and also borders the dress skirt. -Velvet forms the material for the bodice, cuffs, collar and band around the skirt above the beaver. ... As the bride. elect is to marry an amateur sportsman, a dress has been ordered for tramps over fields in muddy and all kinds of weather. It is not a sportswoman's dress precisely, but Will do. very nicely for ; honeymoon ; expedi- ;ions. It is of thick, soft, brown tweed. A box-plaited skirt extends nearly to he ankles. Underneath, are knicker- >ockers, and leggings' buttoning to the cnee to meet the former. A plain,, brown cloth waist is worn and, over it, a zouave jacket, double-breasted,- with high sleeves. With this goes a little oreadovhat, with brown silk porn pons. J/usquetaire gloves of tan color, stitched with black, are worn beneath white inen cuffs. An unusual article from the Rochester N. Y., Democrat and Chronicle, was recently republished in this paper and was subject of much comment.That the article caused oven raoi'e commotion in Rochester, the following From the same paper shows: Dr. S. B. Henion, who is well-known not only in Rochester but in nearly every part of America, sent an extended article lo this paper, a few days since which was duly published, detailing- his remarkable "experience and rescue from what seemed to be certain death. It would be impossible to enumerate the personal enquiries which have been made at our office as to the validity of the article, but they have been so numerous that further investigation of the subject was deemed necessary. With this end in view a' representative of this paper called on Dr. Henion at his residence, when the following .interview occurred: "That article of yours. Doctor, has created quite a whirlwind. Are the statements about the terrible condition you were in, and the way .you were rescued such as you can sustain?.' 1 ••Every one of them and many additional ones. I was brought so low by neglecting- the first and most simple symptoms. I did not think I was sick. It i» true I had frequent headaches; felt tired most of the time; could eat nothing- one day and was ravenous the next; felt dull pains and my stomach was out of order, but I did not think it meant anything serious. "The medical profession has been treating symptoms instead of diseases for years and it is high time it ceased. The syraytoms I have just mentioned or any unusual action or irritation of the water channels indicate the approach of kidney disease more than a cough announces the coming of consumption. We do not treat thecoug-h, but try to help the lungs. We should not waste our time trying to relieve the headache, pains about the body or other symptoms, but go directly to the kidneys, the source of most of these ailments." "This, then, is what you meant when you said that more than one- half the deaths which occur arise from Bright's disease, is it Doctor?" "Precisely. Thousands of diseases are torturing people to-day, which in reality are Bright's disease in some of its many forms: It is a Hydra- headed monster, and, the slightest symptoms should strike terror to every one who has them. I can look back and recall hundreds of deaths which physicians declared at the time were caused by paralysis, apoplexy, heart disease, pneumonia, malarial fever and other common complaints which I see now were caused by Bright's disease '" "And did all these cases have simple symptoms at first?" "Every one of them, and might have been cured as I was by the timely use of the same remedy. I am getting my eyes thoroughly opened in this matter and think I am helping others to see the facts and their possible danger also." Mr. Warner, who was visited at his establishment on N".' St. Paul street, spoke ve»y earnestly: "It is true that Bright's disease has increased wonderfully, and we find, by reliable statistics, that from '70 to '80 its growth was over 250 per cent. Look at the prominent men. it has car-, ried off, and is taking off every year, for while many are dying apparently of paralysis and apoplexy, they are really victims of kidney disorder, which causes heart disease, paralysis, apoplexy, etc. Nearly every week the papers record the death of of some prominent man from this scourge. Recently, however, the increase has been checked and I attribute this to the general use of my remedy." "Do you think many people are afflicted with it to-day who do not realize it, Mr. Warner?" "A prominent professor in a New Orleans medical college was lecturing before his class on the subject of Bright's disease. He had various fluids under microscopic analysis and was showing the students what the indications of this terrible malady were. 'And now, gentlemen,' he said, 'as we have seen the unhealthy indications, I.will show you how it appears in a state of perfect health,' and he submitted his own fluid to the usual test. As he watched the results his countenance suddenly changed— his color-and command both left him and-in a trembling voice he said: 'Gentlemen, I have made a terrible discovery; I have Bright's -disease .of the kidneys;' and in less than a, year he was dead. . The .slightest indications of any kidney difficulty should be enough to strike terror to any one." "You know of Dr. Henion's case?" '''Yes, I have both -read and heard of it-" "It is very wonderful is it not?" "No more so than a great many others that have come to my notice as having been cured by the same means." "You believe then that Bright's disease can be cured." "I know it can. I know it from my own and the experience of thousands of prominent persons who were given up to die by both their physicians and friends." •••You speak of your own experience, what was it?" "A fearful one. I had felt languid and unfitted for buairJess for years. But I did know what ailed me. When, however, I found it was kidney diffl culty I thought there was little hop' and so did the doctors. I have sin& learned that one of the physicians o this city pointed me out to a gentle man on the street one day, saying 'there goes a man who will be dead within a year. 1 I believe his words would have proved true if I had no fortunately used the remedy now known as Warner's Safe Cure." "Did you make a chemical analysib of the case of Mr. H. H. Warner some three years ago, Doctor? was asked Dr, S. A. Lattirnore, one of the anal ysts of the State Board of Health.'' "Yes, sir." "What did this analysis show you?' ••A serious disease of the kidneys.' 1 "Did you think Ml-. Warner could recover?" "No, sir, I did not think it possible.' "Do you know anything about- the remedy which cured him?" "I have chemically analyxod it and find it perfectly harmless. 1 ' The standing of Dr. Henion. Mr. Warner and Dr. Lattimoi-t. in the community is beyond question, and the the statements they make cannot for a moment be doubted. Dr. Henion's experience shows that Bright's disease of the kidneys is one of the most deceptive and dangerous of all diseases, that it is exceedingly common, but it can be cured if taken in time. SPOONER'S SUCCESSOR. Colonel William F. Tilas, Wisconsin's Sew Senator. Mr. Vilas was born at Chelsea, Orange County, Vt., July B, ;S40. When he was eleven years old he went to Wisconsin, where a few months later he was entered as a pupil of the preparatory department of the university of that State. In 1853 he matriculated in the freshman class of that institution, and was graduated there in 18HS. After taking his academical degree he studied law .in Albany, N. Y., and was graduated from the law school of that city in 1SGQ. After his admission to the Supreme Court of New York he removed to Wisconsin, where on his birthday, FRIEND ?pa --•»w^l$ MOTHER* WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD, "Mothers' Friend," is worth its weight in gold. My wife suffered more In ten minutes with either of her other children than she did altogether with her last, after having used four bottles of "Mothers' Friend." It is a blessing to expectant mothers, says a CUStomar. HENDERSON DALE, Carml, 111. Having used two bot-'les my sixth child was born with no pa:-' comparatively. Mro. L. O. VauRb&n, Shoridao Lake, Col, Wonderful—relieves much suffering. Mrs. M. M. Br6-weter, Montgomery, Ala. Sent by cxprcsn on rcrcipt of price. Sl.M per Imttlo, Sola by nil drusBis'e. Cook to mothers nmilud fro« REGULATOR Co.. At'anta, Ga. by Ben Fisher 4lh street. A. Ti'KA'II ! 1 JiiirlrrtHJc* t& ru>)t, who i' niter Iuitlr how lo rill it i-tnd dud wrllt, mid who. :!loii,ivMJ work Induitrloutl}-, , Tliri-i, Tlmiiniiinf Uuirurt, u i-rrlliej-IIvG.lw-lllnljofuniW? the dilution oreiiii No II10IIUV for I1H: unlL'n* nut Imveulrendy tniif,'lit mul provided wltli vliipluvmem a ln'rfro number, ivlit, HI-<: mnltlnfr over *:inw) it ii-uct-iidi. It's JVEW Dr, C, McLane's Celebrated LIVER PILLS WILL CURE' A few doses taken at the right time will often save a severe spell" ol sickness. Price only 25 cents at any drug store. Be sure and seo that Dr. C. Mc!_ANE : S CELEBRATED LIVER PILLS, FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa., is on the box. None other is Genuine. Use IVORY POLISH for the Teeth, Pimiroinis Tint EKEA.TE. UDIES \\ <'iit,iU r IVytii euch dlMrlct or county pvided with vlnj |.- U |J jjnrllcujnm FjrKK. Ad.lrm. at (men, V. Jtoac 42O, Aiiu'ii«tu, Jkluinv. "Wood's D?tLosj>li.oc3L±33.e. THE GREAT EJVGU8H REMEDY. tjsod for 35 years i —— ^nw of Youthful folly by thousands BUG-| S^^^f^^ and the ercessos L-eE«!ull.Y. &ua.r-t tm-yft&f of later yearn. annxd to mrc alii TIiAH^I Gives immediate rornis of Nervous Weakness, Emls-l Bions, Spermator-i"™*" 1 rhea. Impotency.LJil "'' and all thu e.leccs.3™ strength and vigor. Ask dri for Wood' or. AskdrufKrtstt " "" 1'sPhoi. phodlne; takono substitute, package, $1; six, fB, by mull, Write for pamphlet. Address The.Wood Chemical Co.. 131 woodwurd ive., Detroit, JUcli. PEERLESS IPYES »o Towr Own Dyeing, at Home. • Tb-y will dye tverythinf. They wcsoJd every- here. Price JOc. a package. They have noeqmd for Strength, Bnghtneis, Amount in Packflgei orforFuKtm-snof Color, or nor-fiuling- Qualities. 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Six $5, bv mail. Write for Pamphlet. Address Eureka Chemical Co., Detroit, Mich. • .Far sale hy B. K Keesllne. mar5<J&wly 1 WANTED iar D "x SCOTT'S IIMH I E.U beantilul Electric | Corsets. Sample free to those bt. . ' cornillR- agents. Jf» risk, quick ult*. territory Riven, stuikfactioa gu«rani«d. Addreu DR.SGOTT.342 Broadway St..N.Y. linsloi.Lanier&Co., 17 NASSAU STREET, New York, BANKERS, FOR WESTERN STATES, CORPORATIONS, BANKS AND MERCHANTS. INTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITS AND L OANS A'EGO TIA TED. OTOPS ALL x -' unua,tiiral discharges in C URES Gleci & Gonorrlieu in 3 days. TloStricture No Pain. SURE Adopted by the Ger- nianGovertimentfor (hospital &Armyuse P.S.C. is put up for American trude iri ^ patent b'otclc holding syringt (sec cut) At druggists, SI. 00, ' CARRIAGES! i make n, specialty of manufacturing Biiby Carriages to nell direct tii i»rtvnte jmrtle*. You can, therefore, do better wltb me than with u dealer. Carriages Delivered. Free of-Charge to ail points in the United-States- Send for Illustrated CataloRue. CHAS. RAISER, Mfr. G2-6+ Clybourn Ave., Chicago, 111. TO WEAK MEN Buffering from £he effectA of youthful errors, earl7 decay, fv&stingwc&kncHa, lost manhood, etc., I will eend & •raluible trettise (sealed) containing full paitictrl«rs for home cure, PREE°' chargo. A eplendid medical work; BhouloToe read by ovcry jnMl -who is nervous and debilitated. Address, Prof. F. C. FOWLER, Hoodus, Conn. ---- ,. Tho Von Mohl Company, Cincinnati, Ohio. £o!c American Assam. Bj F. KEESLDJG, Agent, Logansport, lAd. SKSATOB-ELECT V1I.AS. July 9, 1SGO, he made his first argument before the Supreme Court of that State. Upon the outbreak of the war Mr. Vilas entered the army as Captain in the Twenty-third Wisconsin Volunteers, and rose to be Major and Lieutenant- Colonel. He resigned his commission and resumed the practice of law January 1, ISCi. The Supreme Court of Wisconsin appointed Colonel Vilas one of the revisers of the statutes of the State in 1875, and the revision of 1S7S, adopted by the State, was partly made by him. He came to Chicago as a delegate to the convention of 1SS4, which, honored him with' its permanent chairmanship. He has held various positions of trust in Wisconsin, and in 1884-85 was a member of the lower House of the Legislature. .He is a fine orator, his famous eulogy •'of Grant at the Chicago banquet giving hi™ a National reputation. In 1S85 Mr. Vilas entered.President Cleveland's Cabinet, as Postmaster-General, and when 'Justice Lamar was elevated to the Supreme Bench Vilas was made Secretary of the Interior, which position he filled •until the close of President Cleveland's administration. ROF.DIEFFENBACHS SURE CURE for SEMINAL, NERVOUS ond URINARY TROUBLES in YOUNO. MIDDLE-AGED <"i<l OL6 WEN. NO STOMACH MEDICATION, NO UNCERTAINTY OR DISAPPOINTMENT, butnonl. tlvt'ly reMcrea the worn: eases (n 24 hours, and permanently cures la JOOdaVK. l£dars treatment on trial by return mull for SI; Circular free. THE PERU DRUG CO., Solo nets, for the U.S. 189 WIS. ST., MILWAUKEE, WIS. HOFFMAN'S HARMLESS' HEflMCHE POWDERS. 'Positively thg Best. CURE ALL HEADACHES. 'heyarenotaCathartlc YOU For some of the choicest, lands in \VEsTEItSl KANSAS, both clear and Incnmberea. Improved and unimproved. ty~Sen£ for Our i.l«t of property that we will Exchnrnyr for I, AM), KKH- IDENCES, MEaCHASDISE A»il> UIVB STOCK. • Addreas A. K. PABKK&. Bailne, Nesfl County, KanRSo. TIME TABLE A Physicians Advice. I iuffered for years from general debility. Tried other remedies, and got no relief. My Physician prescribed S. S. S. I Increased in flesh; appetite improred; I gained strength; Was made young again; It Is the best medicine I know of. MAHALBT TUUPKW, Oakland City, Ind '- Send for our book on Blood and Skin Diseases. SWIFT SpKCtntc Co., Atlanta, Ga. BABY Lake Erie & Western Railroad Co. "NATURAL GAS ROUTE." |CondenseK TimeTable I IK EFFKCT MAKCH 1st 1890 Solid Trains between Sandusks and Peorla and IndlauapolLs and Michigan City. DIRECT Connections to and from all points In tie United States and Canada. Trains Leave Logansport and connect with the LOGANSPOR^T CT BOUND. ' KewTork Express, dally.. ........... 255am Ft Wayne (Pas. )Accm., excpt Sunday 8:lSam Kan Jlty i Toledo Ex., excpt gundayllJ.5 a m Atlautlc Expreae.daUy ......... ....... 4:06 p m Accommodation Prt, excpt Sunday.. 9:26 p re WXST BOUND. facLIc Express, dally ................. 7:52 am Accommodation Prt., excpt Sundar.,12.15 p m Kan City Ex., except Sunday ......... 3:45 p m Lafayette (Pas.)Accm., excpt Sunday 6:03 p m at Louis Ex.. dally.... ................ 10:S2pm Eel River DIv., LocaiiNport, \Vcst Side. Jleuveeii fco;;<iii!spo'rt nnd CliIH. EAST BOCKD. Accomodatlon, Leave, except Sunday.lO:00 am; Accomadatlon, Leave " •• 4:40 p m L. E. & W. Trains as follows: WABASH E. K- Leave Logansport, 4:1K p.m.. 1120 a.m. Arrive Peru 436 p.m..11:44 a.m. L. E. & W. E. H. Leave Peru. North Bound 4:45p.m SonthBound ll»0a.m WABASH B. E. Leave Logansport. 3:45p.m.. 7:50 a. m Arrive Lafayette, 4:55 p.m.. 9:2] a. m L. E.' & W. B. R. Leave I.aFayette, EastBound 150pm WestBotmd 5:10p.m • H. C. PARKER. Traffic Manager.' C. F. DALY, Gen, Pass. 4 Ticket •VN-DUNAPOL1S; IND. 8:19 a.ro 8£Sa.m 18 : 40a.ir A Chicago druggist retailed 2000000 of B. P. Keesling and Cnllen & Co.,8ole Accomodatlon.Arrlve.except Sundny, 8:10 am Accomodatlon, Arrive, " •• 4:10 p m JUDICIOUS AND PERS1STEMT Atlveitislng has always^proven £ successful. Before placln* any Nowsp'nper Advertising consult LORD «t THOMAS, ACK>TS, • : l, CHICAGO J»TKW. KEMEDT CII UK FOB We make a specialty of manufacturing Baby Carriages to ; ncll dl: rcotlo.private pnrtlco. 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