The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 26, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 26, 1932
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1932 jL.YTHEVn.LE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED SECTION Classified Advertising Kates Minimum Charge SOe count 5 Averaie Words to » Line Month rate per line, per month 60c Six times, per Una per day . 05c Three limes per line per day Ofc One time per lino We All Ads run irregularly take '.lie one lime rate. KllUUNDALb'S 5-10-25C Store, liunie ul IraiBUlns. savu a wan;. 281'- K Oct i WANTED—To overhaul your clee- iric sweeper. Word guaranteed. Henner iilmrii; Service, \'e Uilltn's turn. Co. Phone USU. 2SO-K OU 28 EXPERT Typewriter and adding machine repairing, u. s. Blankeuship, ll(i E. Hose. Plume HJ5W. IC-K 11-1 COAL AND WOOD Trantluun Coal & Transfer Co. Dealers lu Kentucky and Sunlight Coal Sycamore i: H, R. Bi., i-noiie *•*. •JC-K U-4 PHONE 107 "Our coal Is treut you white." BUCHANAN, black bui we 21c-kll21 COAL at low cash prices. Phone 48. Prompt, Delivery. BLYTHEVILLE COAL CO., Walnut & Railroad Sts. 5c-kNov.5 KINDLING and WOOD for healing and cooking. We deliver. W. M. Smith. Phone 080 or Gateway Store. 21p-k 11-21 FOR SALE-Good dry wood, Phone V12. Cooke and Gllllam. 12C-K 11-12 GAUAGES FLOYD HARGETT'S GAUAGE CHRYSLEK SPECIALIST OPPOSITE CITY HALL Bp-K 11-3 BEAUTY 1'AKLOliS WE SPECIALIZE IN HAIR TINTING & DYEING HEL,L,'S UEAOTY SHOP, Photic 92 20C K 11-2!) TRKES, SHUUliS SHKUIiS-atl prices. We set them oul. Hosier's Fruit and Produce. 123 East Main 19p-klllO ilOUM AUTOMOTIVE J-'Oll SALE—New end Used Auto Parts. Jackson Auto Paris Co. 2020 W. Main, Phone «. 3C-K Nov 3 Better Used Car Values J295.00 1329.00 »H5.UO 1930 Graham Coupe .. 1030 Nfarciucle Sedan .. 1029 Chevrolet Couch ,. 1923 Chevrolet Truck .. 1U31 Chevrolet Truck .. Open at night until Shouse-LHtle Chevrolet Co. FURNISHED or unfurnished E- looms i\nd bat|i, (jaragc und servant house. Good condition, vent icasonable. Uoij chic. Ava. 1'hune' 83 or 280. «ic-kll-l I WANTED WATEnPHOOi 1 Covers [or trucks und wagons. Carney Awning Co., 113 S. Fiisl Si., Plione M3. NEW FOIID I3ATTEH1ES. Rental balteries, rcclmrglng und repair- In;;. Tit Tlic A; battery Station. 1SC-K H-lti S. T. It. WATSON— yiM WCCt- . LU £,. Wici'i-y. L'UUlM uU-'. ir'-iv il-j WASHING VM - - GREASING '(5e DAY & NIGHT SERVICE PHONE b55 24P K 11-24 POULTRY . Akiu 1. rJog x-ujio l''OK SALE BAB'S CHICKS, all varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, Blythevllle. 4cktf FILLING STATION, dwelling nouse, 3 iluraye tanks, all coiu- onitd. . ULOU business. Wnl sell oiiL-;;y. Auuiesi "JIA"I Courier. '((J-K. ll-'i HOMECKAFf FRfct' demonstration on latest sew- inu an. biMGEKuHAl'T rugs, toys ana gltls. aiwotK i.i/iCHiwt CO. ;Mp-K AUTO GLABb • WOVEN WUtK l--JiiSClNG TilK <U<liMO LUMbElt YAKDB iilU-K utt 211 CLliANEKS, TAILORS HATS CLEANED and re-shaped, Voc. HiKioou 'iKilur shop, t-uune SUPERIOR DYE WORK A1TKNT1ON — MeJi'jj overcoats cleaned and hats blocked. Ladles lur truimica coati' our speciuJiy. i/all unique Cleaners lor prompt berviCL-. I'jiune 171. (ip-K 11-ti DON1' THROW TJlliM AWAY. We re-lme, re-mouel and repair coals and suits for men ana women. Experienced tailor ana experienced aressiiiaKer. Hudson lailor , 12C-XC 11-12 DAIItlES FRESH—A Grade MUu delivered iiiijiit and uiornuig. o. W. Lewis, Phone K'fl. 1UP-K 11-1U. ELECTRICAL Dust-proof bags, Brushes and rubber-covered cord lor your electric sweeper. Ueffuer Electric Service, '.', Clllen Furniture, Call 080. . 13c-klll3 ATTENTION UUNTJvllS. >'or Salu JUL-ooard moiorji, gojcl as new, J sues, buuiw nan. njp-t 11-lu FOR SALE REASONABLE— Slightly used portable typewriter, call S68-W. 12x-kU WATEKUUBY FURNACE, suitable lor heailni; school, chui'cn, store or any large bultomt'. Witt sell cheap. Write Box 127 or inquire at 117 South Broadway. GIANT Jonquil bulus-GOc i cloz. Mrs. (Sco Cross, 'JOO Lane. 2op-kH-l KEAL ESTATE FOR SALE—House and.lot. See Geo. Cross, 300 Lake St. 25P-K 11-1 FOR SALEr-Six room house, two ' acres of land on Highway 18, west of Blytlieville. Price $150 cash. Charley Avitts. 25p-kl FARM-LANUS WANTED—To rent from 120 to 240 acres of fertile land in good location. Can furnish myscll. Good reference. W. O. Turner, Holland Mo. 25P-IC U-l ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES, fixtures .:nd wiring. WALPOLE ELECTRIC SHOP, Phone 314 Hp-kll-li CALL WIGGINS Electric Sliop ior repairs and estimates. Phone 442. 10P-K 11-10 TLUMUING REDUCED RATES on plumbing work done bclore cold wcnlhcr. A. G. AHkcii. Call 89-lW. 14c-kU-14 RADIO SERVICE RADIOS REPAIRED. Work guaranteed, estimates (ree. R. L. DEDMAN, WaliMle Elcclrlc bhop, 1'houc 314. !4p-i;Il-14 QUICK SEHVICE on all types of radics. Waleh for our adverlisini; car. partrhurst, Ca. Phoi:e 57. ISp-kll-lB DRESSMAKING SEWIN'G, alterations. mending. Chcnp. Mrs. E. A. l-'jslicr, J09 W. Kentucky. IbU-K 11-15 NG—Coats rclmccl, alterations a specialty. Ruth Thomson, GolT Hotel. 20c-hll-20 TAXi IN A HURRY? CALL STRINGER TAX! ['HONE :>79 18P-K 11-18 GKKEX LEAF (,'AfK «.• FRUIT STAN!) Rcsulnr iica) s a Spiwialty. All S'oii can cat 25c, with drink. Complclc line ol Fruits & Vegetables. Sec me for wholesale prices 0:1 apples. BUCK MEIIARG, Tropticlor Wo Deliver 312 E. Main OPEN AT NIGHT Expert Ford Repairs wiecKef Service PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. I'hoDc 8IO-JTJ SECOND HAND FURNITURE See Us First R. J. Dodson FOR SALF—80 acres all cultivated, black sandy loam, well drained '/.• mile from hlgiiway. Good five room residence, large barn, three sood tenant, houses. All in good repair mid all recently painted 10 acres tile drained. Price $50.00 per acre, V, cash, balance 20 annual payments. ."OR SALE—80 acres, all cultivated, on highway, four houses Price $50.00 per acre, H cash, balance 20 years. FOR SALE—40 acres, all cultivated, on highway, t\vo houses .'rice $50.00 nc r acre, '/, cash, balance 20 years. FOR SALE—3GO acres, 33D cultivated, a houses, one nnl 0 Iron: highway. Price 5,50.000 IK\- acre oluOO.Ou cash, balance 10 yeiirs. ''. L. WAUDKLL, OSUEOLA, AK'K. FOIl SALE—53 acres in cultivation. 3 houses, big barn, in n nitlcs of Blytlieville. i mile ol B , jchool. $25.00 per acre, terms ^hone 387 or 888. W. T. BarncU. CC-K-TI- Mr. Bargain Hunter -\'ow is the golden opjrartunity Lo Jiiy a K or 80 cr larger farm, im- .iroud lands can be bom-lit at prices ranging from $15 'to $40 iX-r acre, cash or itrms. if you oily a home this fall it. will in :rcasc in value, pay n good Oivi tint and help make a living. We Jan locate you, write or phone. G. G. CAUD1U, Box 15S I'honc 7»7 15C-K 11-15 LIVE STOCK -•OH SALE~-Jcrscy Milch Cows mill ymmg calves. See n M JcckjU Harris' Barn. lOp-kii MILCffcows fo^Ta Ureter's Fruit i Produce. FOR SALE-Car load of j^- Milch Cows at barn South of annlns Factory. BlythovlllcOct. !.. Sec O. F. Wear, Wantaltnga 20c-k27 FARMERS having livcstock~to~^u,, or if they desire to buy they ; will find it coiwniem and econ- lomlcal lo use Courier News Want- LETS SWAP WHAT HAVE you to swap? Gel results—It costs only a fcv; cents a day. FOR RENT FUIiNISHED Aparlmeiitr -4 'rooms and bath. Phone 865-W. 21c-k28 WANTEl>-l.'nrii;s.xi<; rocm In moil- j em in-lvnle home, llox XV cour-1 'w. -.'Sp-k'jn j WANTED - Lady "lo~Tooiii~ mid ! board In private home. XU Don-! ). 201)1(29' WANTKIJ TO 15UY WK PAY CASH for oM cook stoves', and used fuinitui'e. l^or.'t throw Ilicm away. LKxIson Furniture Co., 301 E. Main, Phone 155. 4C-K 11-i CORN WANTED—Marilyn Halch- iry, niytlievllle. 21c-klf HELP WANTED IN THK CHANCBUY COUHT FOli THE CllICKASAWBA . DISYKIOT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AKKANSAS. Blytlieville uulldlins & Lomi Assochiiion, el ill. I'lulntlffs, vs. KvncsL Kevins, ct a). Dcfeiidnnls. WAHN1N<; OKDHIt 't'he (lefi'iiitanis, Ernest Nevlna and Daisy Novliu, his wife, Earl Kevin:; mid Xolu Ncvlns, Ills wlf«, Vliisll Nuvlns und Alma Ncvlim his wife; Eslcr Mnrlo Adnms, Moyd Ciooilmnn mid Mrs. Uoyil Clood- unin, his wife, nre wnrned lo nj>- I'l'iir In this Court within Ihlrty ':tO> days to answer Iho compliiliit «( plaintiff, Hlylhevllle Hulldlng A Loan A.'>sochllon. This 18lh day o[ October, 1032. H. L, OAINES, Clerk, IJy Elizabeth niythc, D. C. Marcus Evmrrt Atly. Ad Lllem 10-10-M—11-2-U WANTED—Yoiiiiu lady or yoiiiiK man toi 1 pleasant wort: In hoim- cominiinlly. Musi IK Interested in taklivj modern business course. Tultlcn for same ii.ild In iileasant work at home. Address I 1 . O. lios 3GO, Canilliersvlile, Mo. 25P-K1 S AI, BSAIKN \VA NTEU Men wonted to establish and conduct Kawlcigli City liusinoss In or near cities of L?achvlll;, Oscoola. Jonesbaro and Trumann. Rsllable hustler can start e^rninis $35 weekly and increase rapidly. Write Immediately. Rawlslgh Co., Dent. AK-4-V, Memphis, Tcnn. FOR RENT—One small furnished npartmcnt; two 3-room and one 5-room apartment miturnlshcd. Rent reasonable to satisfactory tenants. Frank C. Douglas, Phones 333 or 454. Hc-ktf FOR RENT—Nice furnished bedroom. Phone. T2-W. 2Cp-k30 SITUATIONS WANTED YOUNG LADY COLLEGE GRADUATE desires position. Experienced In general office work, as casliler, restaurant hostess and in caring for children. Willing to work cheap or for rcom and board and small salary. Address "S" Courier New*. fi-x-tf TO THOSE seeking jobs the Courier 'News Want-Ads offer n result producing servico at low cost. Phone 306. (,'OMMISSIONKU's SAI.S NOTICK i s hereby given that th« muK'isIuiR'd commissioner, In comullnncc wllh the terms of n dcnco rendered by (he Chnncery Cowl for the Chlcknsnwbn Dis- (rlct of Mlsslssliiiil County, Arkansas, on the 'JO day or September, 1932, wherein S. L. Cunllcy Deceiver of the si. Ixiuls Joint Stock Dank of St. Louis Was I I'lalnllff, No, 52'JO and Joe It, Hak- cr, ct al wore Defendants, will .sell ut public auction to the highest mid best bidder, on a credit of three months, ut the from door ot (he Courl House. Iwlwcen (he hours prescribed by raw, In the City of BlythevlUc. Arkansas, on the 12 day of November, 1032, the following mil cstrtto, lo-wit: The Southwest Quarter of Section Nine (0), Tu-.vitshlp t'lftccn (15) North, Hniuje Twelve (12) Kiisl, contiilnlnir 1GO acres. S.-ild siile will IK licid (o sallsfy said decree In lh c sum of $7,G(l2.ftG, wllh 8 per cent 1 interest from September 26th 1052. Tho purchaser nl snid sale will be required to execute bond with j improved security, lo sccnro Die I payment ot the purchase money, nnd ii lien will be retained uixm SUM [>r(i|ier|y as «ddltlonal security for the- payment ot Mich |mi'- cliuse Hioney. ' Wltnoss my Iwiid and the sen! of inid Court, on this, (he iGth day of October, 1»3J. R. L. OAINES, Coiumlutoner In Chancery. 10-18-28 WARNING OKUEft NO. H3» The defendants, Mildred • Rogers, ilinoiiii L. Itojjerji »»d Vlrgle May RUKIT.I am licreoy warned to upiwur hln thirty days *nd naswor UK- com|)lntiu of tho pltthum, Hie K-d- if'Hiiun,. tiled. In the ciwicory Conn of Ihe Clilck»s»wba-ni,slrlct o( Mississippi County, Arkansas. WiliiMs my hand and seal us clerk ol sucli Court this 28 day ol October, 1932, •at. QAINES. clerk Vlruli orcone li)-atl-JI)-]|) Ally. AU. Utem. KAlHliAUL/r, Minn. (UP)-Foi-- m»l dedication of the American I vision ali|K)it licre lo the memory of Ualu (Red) JwckMin, ree- oul enUurivnco lllur from Farlbuult, ixirt de<Uc'»tlori" committee announced. Three If other* Act AsTurietior Cipkl CHICO, ,Cal. CUpj-^Whco matrimony MI-o» 8anch« Wethers it hll UI«IH fji a big way. • In less than three weeks the three brothers—Antonio, Miguel and Peter— filed applications for marriage licenses. Head Courrer ^tws Want Ads. KNOW WHAT YOU PAY FOR WHEN YOU BUY Comparative analysis of our coals Western Kentucky 'Old Ben^-Illinois Acton-Alabama Red Ash Ash-Content Heal Units 8.5D! 13,318 7.1« 13,440 2.9CI 14,980 All of thpse coals burn completely leaving no slate and no clinkers. "We load our coal with forks, not shovels. We deliver no dust. These coals are priced for October at $5.75, $7.50 and $9.00 per ton, REMEMBER ,TO RING 100 WHEN YtiU NKKD COAL E, C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. WASH TUBBS D(D YOU "DO WITH THE$ 3OO I G.AVE \OU A COUPLE OF- WEEKS A60.^—I THOUGHT YOU WEV2E. GOING, OUT ON A SPUJR&E OF CLOTHE'S BUY\N<bJ-^I EXPECTED TO SEE. YOU ALL. PRILUEO UP LIKE A LAT3Y IN WAITING, EGAT3 ? OH -~<I TT2lEt> ON A . FEW TH\N(£><3 -^EUT I JUfcT l_bOKEX> LIKE A "SOF ".TH A NEW SI COV. —-I THINK 1'LU "Buv ^ Q-F THE LATE fAOr VToVESjAHU PUT THE ' ANCE OF THE > ^~ , )r£Y \S ALWAYS ' j e BALANCE WHEEL. THW NEVER WOBBLES YES, INDEED! 'GCWV MY ;' " , Bv MnrtUj -^'i: k-*X$^ i^i- j k$- £^& V KNOW. MMV\y BUT \ ^VS\VA4 -\ , .. DFOT. T'rVORfVlU it | V.OOVb'XMt R VCW'R'E OP i r^L W Si-y^ HUkftVES TO THE SIPE op MOU CAH To UF£ NOW OVP ' POSSUM cone KXl'LAINKJ)! .FRKCKLKS AND HIS FKIKNDS I, TWi l : lf>5T OOZSM WERE., \V RESTft T»CW . fcUUtTS, THO, hRt PLEMTy REN.. By Crane ^•t/n,,.^ X'.l'-'T "" «'tRro.u.» MT.ofr. AND SOU I fWSt PlVt OUST IN TIME. ONt^ TWO UE.fT.y- — - . . T - BAC- ( Z^T VtoRftV. VbO'RE A DoCgL£ ABOUT FALLIWS DOVJU OM TWC^^T....AfJD TWATS Goob THE FORWARD PASSIWS...I ) ENOU6H FOR SHADVSJDt. ri ' 'WTED To BE A 4 VJHEU \NE HAV6 A MAW i TRIPLE THREAT .'•' /=!_ LIKE REP To DO TH£ JUST COMCEMTRATE OfJ ktKIWG AWD RECEIVItJs^... HERE... LOOK THIS. AMP STUDY IT CAREFULLY.. VJE'RE 60]MS TO USE IT )SI TME 6AV6 MII"W PRIWSLE ii HO.MB WOKK! r SAY/ THIS IS OUSHT To VWRk Like A CHARM ASAIMST , PRW6LE HkSH • By Btossti •x \. FOOTBALL PLAYS T HE "Stjte of.Ual/' plajH tow thoe' Vas a p!i)! . h sfxang inlo fwiw urdcr fc Huny Up" Yo«'s' rp^tmc A ^tktugon, and JtltK^v tno$j<cvm<i now, a c«a;>on;J!y u»d vrilli coruidenU: «K- ctu. ' . -' ' . : ."> Il generally came from a punt fomitioft. The ttiiln sapped ita yj t«k lo Ac nun ti punl-. , ' As his am drew }tx\ tot th* p«s, an CM ot ' a Halfback woOJ ritlc amnJ Wio 1 )«,' ht ths til horn his hind, and slcil I)K o(9»4e od.' loJicving irlnftrax-e of !.W tlim btcl&Sj atn, if ikt onici waj m tnd, ot 1»«, B!« WM > Wf- Th-.' ma n pual'nj position voulj fcra'nii kH At U onier lo wwl ol teU» IIM '

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