The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 22, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 22, 1937
Page 3
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MONI7AY. FKBUUARY New Hospital Will Advance Palestine Health Crusade 1LTTHBVILLB, fARK.y. COURIER a 300-bed, fully equipped hospital, a post-graduate medical college and a nurses' twining school. The old system of Inrge wards will bs replaced by the new plan of small rooms with n few beds, not exceeding five. Iluda^sah's nursing sen'kt 1 begun its program by doing district nursing and administering . prophylac- Ic ueiUments agnlasi Uaclioma. hey also trained a corps of mitt- iws and nursing probationers, .hen more lluin .sixty children out, f every one hundred sullenM from 'honia, ilrend Orienlal dlteass hill twists the (-yes and win Is housands. T«lay trachoma among he 45,01/0 Jewish children is only liree par cent. Modern sanitation, malaria and ubereulosls control, tlu r?duc- lon of maternal an-J Infant morality, and ivoove all. tile iimilea- Icn of HIP i'li'a of scloiUHK' treat- nent in the cure and prevention ! disease, nrn among the ncliievr- nenLs of • the Saves Mothers ami Halites Through jwrlodlc health exhibits, popular lectures on health ami die- .etlcs, cooking classss, gymnasiums '.w eorreetlvc exercises, mental hy- 'lene chnlf-S and health clubs, the children are taught to k«-i> well intl to Uach the older f;ctK l ratio]i the benefits of hygienic care. Infant mortality shows j\ droj: 'rom 1^1 Jewish babies out of evrr) ICOO.ltve Ulrtlvs in 1925 to M per 1000, ten years later, a reduction of more than 50 [Kr cent. Dni'iny the same period the infant mortality rate among the Arabs fell from ilis 126 p?r 1000. Childbirth mortil- Ity Is only 1.9 per 1000 ngninst the United Stales record of G per 1000. That Palestine is fast becoming a criterion In public health standards can he judged by the fact that neighboring countries, notably Iraq, Egypt and Transjordanla have studied its health institutions and established child welfare clinic;; modelled after those of Hadassali. Joe Craig Cuts Cost of Winter Feed to $2 Per Ton Cral-j, dairyman of lllylhc- vlllvhns foiaid that, silage Is [he cheapest, feed he can produce for Us dairy hud, according lo John L. IJ.imeroii, ii.sslstaiH county Will. Mr. Crnlg has found that Japanese ribbon cane gives him the. greatest yield nnd the best, grade of ensilage, lie estimates thai, a Ion of ensllase eosLs him approximately 52. This Includes land rent, labor, Interest on equipment, mid depreciation on the silo. In planting the cune tn '24-Inch fows Mr. Cj-alg believes that lie secures more nutrition value limn by planting in wider rows and getting a much smaller .stalk. Uasl year approximately 05 tons of easllagc was made from live acres of Ihe rlbl)on cam.'. The feeding [|ii.illl[e.s sfem to be very s oo(L l,.iu winter, eight hea:l or mules were fill nothing but sil- ase and sluyed fat. Oivj hundred ins ol silage will feed -10 head of illk cows all they want through le winter months. With three silos In the county, Ir. Cratg has the 'only two that re tilted. . . Missouri Levee Board Will Build Warehouse Health education under Hadassili aegis begins practically the cradle for Palestine children. The little girl above is receiving her diploma from the infant welfare center though she's only four. lie- low Is a model of the new hospital at Jerusalem which, when completed, will serve as the heart of the Holy Land public health service Madassah Standard rograin for 0 Sets .her Eastern Countries. Ily NEA Sen-ice NEW YORK.—On Mount Scopus, overlooking Jerusalem, there is ris- j-today'a vnst, modern, building whose construction i s a tribute to the 25 years of unremitting work sponsored and financed by the American women in Hadassali, Women's Zionist organization. It is the same hill from which. 1DOO years ago. Titus and .his Roman Legions swoojwd down to capture the Holy city; but instead of a refuge for the forces of destruction, the hill has become the slt« for a completely equipped medical center for the succor of Palestine's new settlers. "Thai," I he "dream ofTSass-Th is being realized on iu silver jtibik-e (which will bs observed on February 251 gives new enthusiasm for continuance of the long crusade waged by .the organization to improve public health of tho Hoi, Lniid"..' The .efforts began : with the sending of u™ nurses to Palestine u visiting nurses service, A two-room" nursing service was set up. Tn the intervening years these small beginnings liave developed into n countryvide^sytp- tern .of medical institutions and public health service taken as a model by other eastern countries. Rrniighi ircallli to Palestine Tiie new hospital on .Mount Sco- pns-will be known as the Fioths- child-Hatlassah-University Hospital and Medical School. Long, low and white, the buildings will bs modern CARUTHERSV1LLE. Mo.—T h e St. Francis Levee Board will begin construction of a modern warehouse, 34 by 48 feet, oti a lot oti West Fourth street, between the Levee Board oflice and the Charles Dorroh building. The building will be'creeled at the rear of the lot which is 34 feel wide and 127 feel deep. The building will be of corrti gated sheet metal with concret' flcor. A brick fire wall will b erected between it and the norrol building. } The levee board has accumulat cd equipment for which storag 'space is needed. Also, the govern mem engineers arc to leave som equipment here ami this must safely and adequately housed. ' FLAPPER, FAN NY fAGE THRM MINI Too Rendily l^iml Excuse for Church KT. ! ODIS, Feb. 22 — "Nine- lentils (if iho atli'iiilmice hi ninny ihim'lHs Is made up of women,' Dr. Wullor A. Miller (if Conomlla Seminary a»:erleil yesterday In Ills l.ntluTiin Hour address over n ronsl-ln-roust nolivoik. "Christ wiint.s men, nol onlv u'oiiien, red- Hcrdi'd, lull-blooded nun," Dr. Maier deeliirfd. nisni.wln'j n Kin-vev of rlniiTli iillimliiiKv iiml (he rnlltx of. men mul wcir.nn It) llic iiitdlcnre, nr. Muler declari'd Hint bushy.vj. the lion linve always been among the^ nmjor mchnccs'to Individual'and' 1 national pence; mid progress," Negro Pupils Give Good Health Program At ti "Coott,Health" program given by Ilrst grade students ut'jlarrl- Son school radiiy the children entertained their parents with,health fonus. rhymes, games, stories and cirnimilliutlUms. Karlnn Kcndrlek, public hctillh, jjave n health talk and administered typhoid serum to the K pupils present. Those whining print's for the greatest gain In weight, were Djlbcrt Thurmond, Robert llnr- vmilln'i, ' ji'tilf" tiiiii" .')'liie71poris!!, i!i ' Theoiloi 'c "• Hudson, Vivian mo llio niniur (-xeusi's olfercd by ! "» ""<! Jiuilor null. I'rI/cs for im- iroveiiK'nt In psrsonnl appsiuatice went to KdlUi • Crciuslmw, Thelma : talker, Myron Strickland and Halle Mai l/avc and for the best Ixjott- s( lo lloberL Crenshaw. lazarene Superintendent Will Speak Tomorrow There will be special services at :ie. First Churcli of Hie Na/arcnc 'uesday night. 7:30 o'clock, when lollniul London of I.itlle Rock, istrict, sii|X'rlntcti(lciit, will speak ltd the Knippcr Uros., trio, of flwrencebnrg, Tenn,, will sing SKV- ral nittnUcrs. Mr. London nnd tiie trio liiom- iors are making a lour of 21 owns in Arkansas dining the, cmlng two weeks, In the. inter-" 'si of Mils denomination In till ,late. 'owler Is Reelected Manila Superintendent MANILA, Ark.—At. n spjcia meeting of school board members of District. 15, VV. VV. Fowler, superintendent for the past two years was reelected Tor tile next school term. He has been a member ol Hie faculty for. the five years. Plans were discussed for an addet school day each week. Classes wll be held beginning at 1:30 a.m. mid closing at 1 p.m. each Saturday I "Why do they pile homework on kids, anyway?" Alaybe.lojce.ihat their families slay home with them at night,"' nakc up two weeks last during the lood. Reiser News Mrs. J. n Okla. Allen of I'awlinska, "n v'hfi ulKi-nt llH'tiisi'lvcs from II"Ir churrh mi Etuiday. He sliuw- "(I. luni'ciTr. iriifctTlnu to :i Kiir- >'(v rciului-li'd In his owji church) Hint the olmivii nltciulaiice of nun In fin m ili.slilcls Is fiO per ••rut. "renter s prfjpnrtloDally than hi ccaiffiiliibii' KUbiirhan sections! Decnlni,' cinntlonollsni as tho hnMi. tif iriii'Io'i, Dr. Maler asserl- «l Ihoro are too. many rcll'dous nitlH'fla.'.l'; w ho arc swayed by I asslui.s and prejudices and who lo.c Ihilr cDurnyo In any crisis. "Gal preserve us from churches Hint sim' Hie sword, lomcttliiK their fw,rei\ duty lo help ami hrul Hie wf.inulcjl souls of humanity," Or, Maler milled, "cliur- flics Hint re'.sorl lo persecution or that seek to spread their cause by lejjlslatltm. I'ri'aehcra who become policemen < ami shout In- llnmnmtory appeals^ for nend ConrWir News Want Ads Now Open for Business Our New Service Station 2<! Hour Service' Tires Itepaircd - Gas Delivered Wrecker Service Tom Little Chevrolet Co Mr. ami Mrs. W. ^f. Taylor en-1 ertained with 12 (uble.s of bridge the Home Economics building of the Keiscr school Friday nlglil ' ii honor of Mrs. L. L. Gales. n. II. Robinson won high score irlze for men and Mrs. Spence Williams that for women. Traveling prize went to L. L. Gales and Mrs. Gales was presented with a ift. Out of town puests were Miss Annette Klrby of Mncon, Miss., Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Greshain of Wilson, and Mr. Williams of Hix- ora. Harvey Wilson left early Sunday morning for Conway. Ark., where he will meet his wife and baby. They will return Monday afternoon. Mrs. Ploy Keltnec ,• spent tho week-cm! In Port Smith. The basketball game scheduled for , Friday night at \Vllson was called off because the 'lights failed. , : Dr. nnd Mrs. J. T. Polk- ; rel«rn- ecl late Thursday nlyht from a visit with Dr. I'olk's mother, ill Paydtlevllle, Ark., nnd his sister,- A film of oil [rcm passing liners extends out over the ccean for 500 miles from both New York nnd Cherbourg. The oil Is so thick hi some areas that birds have become stuck In U. Don't Irritate Gas Bloating If you want lo roilty GET KID OF GAS and terrible bio at Inn. don't expect to do it by Just doclorlna your Rioni- ach With harsh, Irritating alkalies and "rjai tablets." Most QAS is lodaed [n the stomach and upper Inlottine and ts duo to old polaonous matter In tlio conitlpatod bowels that are loaded witli UI-causliiQ bacteria. If your constipation is of long itnnd- ing, enormous title* of dnrtQftr bacteria Dccumulnte. Then your dla tlon U upast. GAS often preases heart and lunss, maklny life nniernble. You can't eat or sleep. Your heat • ches. Your back nches. Your com § lex Ion IB sallow and pimply. Your reath ti foul. You arc a vtck, grouchy wretched^ unhappy person.' YOUF SYSTEM tS PO13ONED. ' Thousands of sufferers h.iva found tn 'Adlerlka the quick, scientific w*y to rid their systems of harmful bacteria Adkrlka rids you of oai and cjean foul poisons out of BOTH upper »nt . lower bowefi. Give your bowel* i REAL de.inalnq with Adlerlka, , Qe rid of QAS. Adlerika does not flHpt^ (• not habit tormina. 1 'Klrbjr Bros. Drug Ca. : ' : ' iif • Robltisnu Orujf Co. "' WE SELL BABY CHICKS EDWARDS Wo hnvo niftclo arrangements with • THE I HOWARDS HATCHERY; S x SPRINGFIELD, MO. \ to supply us with U. S. APPROVED- Pullorum Tested Chicks These chicks aro -produced under THE PURINA PLAN 1 nnd carry th'eir stnni[) of approval. Place your order now to assure prompt delivery. 1 ; Come in and See These. -. Chicks in our Battery THE GOODWIN COMPANY 112 R. Main . ' ' - phone Kvl R.O.P. SIRED CHICKS y«*& CHICKS'. {rvm reyffftred PURINA-FED FIOCKS The Nationally Advertised Seal 01 quality . In lines, combined oriental features to fiL them to their environment. Eminent physicians ami surgeons, some of them exiled from Germany, will head the various departments and direct the research and teaching. The medical center will consist of three main units: BUCK DRAUGHT A Good Laxative THERE IS A YOUNG LA.OV IN MILES WHOSE FACE IS ALL COVERED WITH SMILES. _Whcn you're nervous they tell you to relax. Easy advice lo give, but mi B l,i y ^ , 0 foUow . You will find it much easier lo relax-to overcome Sleeplessness, Nervous Irritability. Restlessness, Nervous Headache afte N . ess, Nervous Headache after you take DR. MILES NERVINE is a well nown nrrv,, sedative Although the formjl, jrom^WchYt TS!!S d6 has ,. b ? cn '" uw f " nearly 5 yeai4 no better medicine for a tense, over-wroueht Tm"M?r &"$$$&,&* •""" b " n Prescribed DR. MILES NERVINE is as up-to-date ~ as this mornings paper. At all drug stores. Large bottle or 'package — $100 Small bottle ,«c pacWc-25 cents. IN LIQUID Q& TABLET FORM ... sun-cured in the tobacco fields of Turkey and Greece ... these are the spicy leaves that help make Chesterfields an outstanding cigarette. It talces good things to make good things . . . and there is no mistaking the fine quality of these costly Turkish tobaccos iii Chesterfield cigarettes. FRAGRANCE MILDNESS ...TASTE These arc the good things you want in a cigarette . . , You find them in Chesterfields. 7 t I.ICCETT fc Mvm T

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