The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 5, 1966 · 13
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · 13

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1966
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Thursday, May 5, 1966 THE INDIANAPOLIS N E V Page 13 v-once rnmg Both Legal By Richard K. Shull A quick scan of the behind-the-scenes activities of the Federal Communications Commission can bring one to realize abruptly that America's air waves are more congested than the sinuses on a TV cold remedy commercial. ... ' - The FCC must wage' a continual two-front war on behalf of. (1) those citizens who complain of outsid interference disrupting their radio-TV reception, and (2) those who complain of what they receive when their reception is good. ' The FCC devotes considerable time to remedying th former, but is powerless to act on the latter. FCC field men devote their time to tracking down precocious teen-agers witn bootleg radio transmitters, doctors with static-inducing diathermy machines, and other such clutter. In Detroit, for example, a rash of complaints over TV interference brought the wrath of the FCC down on a female dog with a litter of pups. Each time the mother dog shifted, she jostled a short in the heating pad her thoughtful master had put in the whelping box. In Dallas, radio distress calls were being received over the FM band. Turned out a defense contractor manufacturing An Shull TRUDY ; 'lit u mir: , -'ft v w Irritations, d Bootleg distress buoys for the Navy had been testing the "SOS" signals on his product to the distress of everyone tuned to that frequency. The most persistent problem for the FCC probers is tracking down unlicensed transmitters, usually operated by young men who build their own equipment, assign themselves a frequency and call letters, then go on the air, sometimes interfering with crucial radio communications. You'd fail to recognize the humor, for instance, if your radio-controlled garage door suddenly descended as you were driving in, thanks to an impulse from a bootleg transmitter. Even the licensed broadcasters sometimes give the FCC fits, as in the case of an Air Force plane flying over Florida. The plane's crew enjoyed the music on its radio frequency from an off-frequency FM radio station until it needed the use of its radio for a delicate in-flight refueling operation, then came the protest, detection and correction. These problems, the FCC can handle. The more knubby ones concerning smelly programming, offensive commercials, and stupid broadcasting station management, the FCC is powerless to handle. When a housewife writes and complains that the deodorant commercials on TV are infinitely more offensive than any of her musky friends, the FCC can only suggest she refer her lament to the network, station or sponsor. (Freedom of speech, you know.) Nor can the FCC stop stations from mutilating old movies on TV, or prohibit radio stations from cluttering their frequencies all day in give-away contests to spur ratings. The FCC gets an average 2,000 complaints a month ranging from objections to interference to protests against spe cific programs or commercials, of which only about one-third are within the FCC's realm of authority. Smokestacks, it seems, are only a minor form of air pollution. The Memory Donald Davidson, the British immigrant with the photographic memory for statistics on the 500-Mile Race, will begin his own daily radio show here tonight, "Dial Davidson," 6:30 p.m. WIBC. Davidson will take phone calls during his 15-minute show in what may be a game of stump-the-expert.. A Londoner, Davidson made a specialty of memorizing statistics on the race. When he first came over two years ago, WIBC's Sid Collins discovered him and put him on the world-wide radio network for the race which Collins annually announces. Since then, Davidson has moved to this country and became a regular part of WIBC's coverage. Speaking of Collins, he again has his six-a-week "Speedway Gossip" show at 6:45 p.m. for the rest of this month. Collins said about 250 stations in the U.S. and Canada will be hooked in for his half-hour time trial reports on each of the qualification days, and some 800 stations world-wide will be tied to his four-hour Race Day coverage. j? 'Now you're" deliberately trying to confuse me jfcby listening!" -,' . mcvnn ... COMPARISON 1$ Our BEST Salesman! r i i i WW 7TTT 1-1 -.1 i s rv NO MONEY DOWN! FOR A LIMITED TIME YOU GET: 1. EUREKA PORTABLE VACUUM 2. TV HASSOCK and STORAGE CHEST 3. EUREKA CARPET SWEEPER Powerful EUREKA Cleaner suction deep cleans in record time Complete with most wanted feature De luxe 7-pc. set of cleaning tools at no extra cost Vinyl upholstered, cushioned-top TV Hassock doubles as hide-away storage cabinet for cleaner and tools Handy new EUREKA Sweeper for quick "Tidy-up" cleaning Quality sweeper with over 100 uses. Complete 58! Immediate FREE Delivery! OPEN DAILY 9 A.M. TO P.M., SATURDAY 'TIL 6 SHOP SUNDAY ... 1 TO 6 P.M. fine FURNITURE 6427 E. WASHINGTON 3021 W. WASHINGTON 1436 N. ILLINOIS 8939 E. 38th St. 3639 ROOSEVELT AVE. 2738 MADISON AVE.- Bats About Adam West and Burt Ward: How old are they? What's the address of the studio where they pro duce the show? D.K.U. West is 37. Ward is 20. The show is filmed at 20th Century-Fox, 10201 Pico Blvd., Beverly Hills, Calif. Why Let's get level: Why are you a TV critic? I'm waiting for a stupid answer. BATS Oh, because it's less hazardous than stealing hubcaps. Xt McCallum Tell me how old is David McCallum. is he married and does he have children. S.A. He's 32, married and has three sons. Opinion New Influenza Vaccine Made ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) Two University of Michigan doctors said today they have developed a new, more potent influenza vaccine which can be safely used to protect young children and infants. In a paper prepared for delivery at the annual meeting of the American Society for Microbiology at Los Angeles, the doctors said the new vaccine eliminates the - flu-like symptoms of fever and headache often noted by adults following vaccination and is several times stronger than the standard type. Driving safety tip: .Don't follow the car. ahead ' too closely. ' ' ', ; ; V Give me your opinion of the Academy awards. G.L. Asinine. Nonkudos Nonkudos to you, Shull. Al though I find the majority of your acrimonious comments entertaining, they sometimes show a lack preception. Re garding your comment claim- Adam West On Pico Blvd. ing the ending scene of "Lamp at Midnight" was "infantile and condescending," I found the scene personally satisfy ing. The presentation of Galileo's dialogues by John Milton was tangible proof to Galileo, in his own lifetime, that his work was not futile. The fact that his principles have since been accepted is hardly relevant when consid ering the personal satisfaction Galileo must have felt. Must you find fault with everything? T. SCOTT DU BOSE The playwright, Barrie Stavis, considered his work complete without it. But then, if you feel you needed it, okay. MlJ4f ...!7 GIFT IDEAS I U Very Special from SABLOSKY'S! LADIES' BULKY KNIT MOHAIR CARDIGANS ONLY $88 m 2 prs. 77 Dressy solid colors and tone on tone patterns. Jewel neckline, button front. Sizes 34 to 40. FIRST QUALITY SEAMLESS NYLON HOSE Choice of your favorite-shades in deluxe nylons reinforced heel and foe. Each in attractive gift package.- mm 'if cji LADIES" SLEEP WEAR long Gowns Shift Gowns Walti Length Gowns Bsbj Doll Pajamas Man Tailored Pajamas 2 Pc. Bikini Sets Rayons, Cottons and Blends! A huge ossortment with a gift to make every Mom happy! $188 i f SJiopjwri Mr STORE HOURS: Mon.-Thurs.-Frl. A.M. to l:N P.M. Tutt.-Wtd.-Sat. A.M. le P.M. Sunday 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. - - DOWNTOWN 804-12 MASSACHUSETTS ME 4-2364 WEST 2125 W. WASHINGTON ME 4-9261 SaPttlO&AdUaBbdUJatfinafcJOl TELEVISION TONIGHT 6:30 WLW-I : Cheyenne: Cheyenne is held prisoner by three men who believe he shot another man. Repeat. 7:30 WFBM Q Q: Daniel Boone: Mingo is jailed on suspicion of murder. Repeat. 7:30 WLW-I : Batman: The Penguin crashes the , millionaire's dinner party with Alfred's help. 7:30 WISH Q: The Munsters: Herman is transfigured ; when a bolt of lightning strikes him. Repeat. 8:00 WLW-I 8: Gidget: Gidget's blind date buys . ? her a junior ticket at the movies. Repeat. 8:00 WISH O Glltlgan's Island. A meteor lands on the island. 8:30 WISH O Q: My Three Sons: The boys have flashback solutions for what is bothering their father. ' 8:30 WFBM Q : Laredo: A prospector offers the . , Rangers half of his gold if they'll help him past an outlaw's hideout Repeat. 8:30 WLW-I : Henry Phyfe: Phyfe is to make - ' : contact at a carnival. 10:00 WFBM O Q: Dean Martin: Bill Cosby, Guy . Marks and Liberace are guests. 10:00 WLW-I 0: The Baron: A double for Manner-ing plots to steal England's crown jewels. 11:30 WLW-L : 77 Sunset Strip: Kookie defies police to solve a crime without help from his colleagues. : ! Repeat. RADIO TONIGHT 6:15 WIBC-FM: Concert Stage: Beethoven's "Leonore" Overture, Roussel's Symphony No. 3 in G Minor and Brahms' Concerto No. 2 in B Flat. 6:30 WGEE-AM-FM: Baseball: Indianapolis vs. San Diego. 7:30 WAJC-FM: Concert Hall: Bizet's Symphony in C Major. 8:00 WFMS-FM: Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 7. 8:00 WATV-FM: Masterworks: Music by Bach, Mahler, and Tchaikovsky. .. 10:15 WFBM-FM: Symphony Hall: Mozart's Quintet in A for Clarinet and Strings, Mendelssohn's Concerto No. 1 in A for Piano and Orchestra and Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik." 11:15 WIBC-FM: Casper Citron: Helena Rubinstein is discussed by her niece. THURSDAY TV PROGRAMS Film (C) Color 4 oo :1S 30 :45 5 00 :15 :30 :45 6 :00 IS 30 :4S 7 8 :00 :15 30 :45 9 :00 :15 :30 :45 10 :00 :1S :30 45 11 :00 :15 :30 :4S Hatch Game (0 Secret Storm Don Melvoin Mighty Hercules Bernie Herman Early Show Fireball XLS "Virginian" "Midsummer (C) Night's Oi lands Popeye and Dream" and Seas (C) Janle Rocky Popeye, Janle Bernit Herman The Westerner News-Weather Yogi Bear Trick jide Cheyenne HunfleyBrinkley Walter (ronkite Theater Twilight Zone JO JO Early Report World At Cheyenne Twilight Zone Seven Today at Track Daniel Boone Munsters Batman (0 World Beyond (0 "Mark ol the Daniel Boone Gilligan's Island Gidget (0 Vampire" (0 (0 laredo (C) My Three Henry Phyfe Sons (0 (C) Laredo (0 Thurs. Movie Bewitched News "John Paul USAC Champions Jones" (C) Peyton Place Merv Griffin Dean Martin (C) ThursTMovie Baron (C) Merv Griffin J (0 Final Report News World Tonight Movie Wealher-Spls. "Force of Tonight (C) Tracktalk 77 Sunset Strip Impulse" late Show FRIDAY TV PROGRAMS Mm (CI Colsr :00 7:15 :30 4S :00 8:15 :30 :4S IS Threatened ATHENS (UPI) The Acropolis, ancient ' and glorious monument to' the birth of Western civilization, which has endured centuries of war, is crumbling under the onslaught of nature and air pollution. The historic and architecturally beautiful buildings that remain today on the hill rising above the oldest section of this Greek city are in danger of falling to pieces, according to British and Greek archeo-logical experts. Dr. J. J. Plenderleith, a British specialist in the preservation of ancient monuments, recently warned Greek officials that pollution in the air, sea water and from planes poses a serious threat to the Acropolis. mm WHO'S MAKING CAT FOOD! STtOMGHEAIT STIONGHEAIT QUAUTY V mi Tonight's Movies On Television 4:30 WFBM Q : "The Virginian" (1946) with Joel McCrea and Brian Donlevy. 4:30 WISH Q: "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (1962) with Richard Burton. 7:30 WTTV Q: "Mark of the Vampire" (1957) with John Beat. 9:00 WISH O 8: "John Paul Jones" (1959) with - Robert Stack and Charles Coburn. 11:00 WTTV O: "Force of Impulse" (1961) with Robert Alda. 11:40 WISH Q: "Death in Small Doses" (1957) with Peter Graves and Mala Powers. Up And Down Five years ago today in a suborbital flight, Commander Alan B. Shepard Jr. was rocketed 116 miles above the earth in a Mercury capsule and landed safely in the Atlantic. SAVE MONEY ON Don't overpay I No othtr tablet In govtrnmant-tponaorad taat of 8 laadlng pain rallavari gavt atrongar orfastar pain fallal thin St. Joaaph Aaplrln. bantla aa buffaring, coat laaa than half aa much aa laadlng "combination of Ingradlanta" prod-ucta. Contalna no addad druga or Ingradlanta you may not naadl pure pain 9 00 :15 :30 45 10 Today (0 Today (0 Chapel Door MnWood Mike Wallace Good Mornhg Spotlight Kindergarten (apt. Kangaroo Movie Party "Crime Nobody Saw" 11 :00 :15 :30 :45 12 :00 :15 30 45 1:,S :30 :4S 2 :00 :1S :30 :4S 3 00 :I5 :30 :45 Movie Party Concentration Morning Star (C) Paradise lay (0 Pres. Johnson In Mexico Easy Money Coffee (up Theater "Case of the Red Monkey" Coffee Cup Theater Real McCoys Andy Griffith Dick Van Dyke College Paul Dixon (C) Spanish Class Second Cup Bonnie Prudden Donna Reed Easy Money lets Make a Deal (C) Days of Our lives (0 Doctors Another World You Don't Say! (0 love of lifo Search for Tomorrow Guiding light Faith Levitt As the World Turns Password House Party (C) To Tell the Truth Edge of Night Super Market Sweep Dating Game Confidential for Women Never Too Young 50-50 Club (Q 50 50 Club (0 Ben Casey Ben Casey A Time For Us General Hospital Nurses Father Knows Best Billie Boucher lunchtimo Theater Mike Douglas Mike Douglas . Girl Talk Texan Where The Action Is Tha listing of TV programs it published as a service to our readers. The schedule is compiled from information furnished by the TV stations. Occasionally, the stations make last-minute changes in the schedules and fail to notify The News in time for the change to be made in the published log. The News; regrets any inconvenience caused by these lata changes. R A FM Stations Stereo 88.7 WICR-FM 90.1 WIAN-FM 92.3 WTTV-FM 93.1 WIBC-FM U:4i a.m. 11:15 o.m 94.7 WFBM-FM (14 hours) 95.5 WFMS-FM (I a.m. 1 a.m.) 95.9 WIFN-FM (S a.m. 11 p.m.) 97.1 WSVL-FM 98.3 WJMK-FM U a.m. 11 p.m.) 99.5 WSMJ-FM U a.m. I o.m.) 103.3 WGEE-FM (4 a.m. Midnight) 103.7 WFIU-FM 104.5 WAJC-FM (4 p.m. Midniqht) 105.7 WAIV-FM (11 a.m. Midnight) 107.9 WIFE-FM (14 hours) DIO AM Stations 810 WATI (7 a.m. p.m.) 950 WXLW (4 a.m. 4 p.m.) 1070 WIBC (14 hours) 1260 WFBM (14 hours) 1310 WIFE (14 Hours) 1430 WIRE (24 hours) 1500 WBRI (7:M a.m. S:N p.m.) 1590 WGEE (7: o.m. S:3e p.m.) HOT DOUGHNUTS! EVERY NITE! 0-12 P.M. MIGGENBURG'S BAKERY SMI E. Wash. Opm 24 Hrs.l k Listen to 7 WiBC... JwYl i f X w w Sinn IB BVBl t iQHUHi.mtti

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