The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1948
Page 11
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1, 1»48 Aid-to-Education Bill Passage Seen Senate It Expected To Okay Act to Bring '-•— ' "• Funds Schools U.S. *f - 1 """ A- Goldsmith ^W^.^TON. M ApriVr P0 . n ^ The Senate was expected to pass the *300,OM.COf) federal.ald-to-Edu. cation bill today after disposing of one controversial amendment. Sen Robert A. Tafl, R,, O.. sponsor ol the bill, said he oxpcctes a tinal rote by nightfall. Tatt also predicted defeat for a warmly-debated amendment that trie Issue, of separation of church and sialc. Introduced by Ren Brien McMahon, U., conn,, Ihe amendment would require aid-receiving states to provide "welfare services" for the 2.500.000 students in paroch- L? otllcr "on-public schools The proposal would authorize an additional 55,000.000 annually to provide transportation, health services and textbook* to such non- pubhc, schools. The, Senate, yesterday defeated, 80 lo 5. an amendment by Ben Forrest Donne]]. R., Mo ., ' whlch would have barred the use of federal funds for any private, or scc- / jrian school. ** v 'As it now stands, Ihe measure leaves It up to each slate to decide whether federal funds should be distributed only to public schools, or whether Ihe scetwUn schools should share in the benefits. Meanwhile, Sen. J. w. Fulbriglu D.. Ark., called the federal aid program "A sound Investment ... which will pay off at a rate which. I believe, will exceed any this government has ever made." Fiilbrieht Cites Importance In a speech prepared for delivery In the Senate. Fulbriglu said education i.i "A factor of greatest importance In preserving peace." He termed It "highly.appropriate" that the Senate consider the program "as we become alerted to the danger of another war." Fulbright. a former college professor, oitied statistics to show that 1.5 per cent of the U. S. National income went for education in 1946. while Russia spent about 8 per cent. "Today we are fighting a war of Ideas with the Communists," Fillbright said. "How cnn we expect to win over the long run it Violence at Stock Exchange •MMMMMMMB^ — ..- , „, ^? Off Production WASHINGTON, April 1 Secrelarjr of Interior j ' t today lined governor, of <UP)- mueh, much a« Ihey car, lo mfrt der ""* "*"""""' "«*<*• But Krur eaullonwJ thai proditci. tkm lnww»» ihouM n«t »W,t, conj«rv»H»n w»ctle«. wroU th» governor* of Ar**i, ?•?••"• Hxi'ilana. Mlthl- safl, MlaalMlppl. New MK , eo ,£, homa and Texu. - "JL,**^ additional i>roducllon I* need«<l to m«t requirements o( rt.- ££, '."hfi mi>tor " nrt lri " :t< "- ownera thin Summer >nd thr heat- ln« and liKtuatrl.l fuel nil refmlra. menta of nert winter. «• Wh«r» Can f,[ The Ararwuh, of Her oulnea iwver mi. »ny game of I heir own killing. It muni b« nlven lo *ome. on* ehe. ind each man InmU thn —another may eat. BERLIN i New York City police took a woman from the picket hues outside the Stock ra.hfmg. building the timer pickets, in mass, rushed toward the Exchange doors, making a blockade of human bod lea. Vlo'leno. lared lor about IS minutes. Here, a striker covers r,< face with hi., rmnds as a bareheaded patrolman duteh- Teieph^o"' """* ' Oirard h ""' M l " ft ' " rroWl " 1Wh " 5l " kC '- COWCrS "°'» thc elub- S wi,, G ii, B police. (NBA $50,OOOSfo/en Swindle Victim But Only $283 ! .J? ent ; fi€ J? qs Con Be Spent ^° ZQrks ^ SIcsyer Livestock Ins Ihi'oiigh said the Russians wer< courteous, asking politely /or re«- lutratlon paper* for their vehicle* as well M Ideiillly document, for themselves. Alt Kail Trarrte *«>|<rn«eri All rail traffic, between Berlin and the three Western aones. wns suspended at 11:30 am, central European time by order of the U. «. military government. The order said "air lltt.<"—pUuea —would be lined temproarllv to handle travel and freight to and from Berlin. Berlin wss cut off from the Western world at Marhmborn. a Rtuiltn checkpoint on the Wentern allies' "lifeline" through the 100- mlle-wid« Soviet w>nt, where four allied train* were slopped this morning. Highway traffic to the Western »0n Dr. A. J. BESS of Thayer, Mo. lio came to Blythevlle last wee'; to identify two Mississippi Coumy men captured here, and accused of ATLANTA. Os., April I. fUPI — - --.- .-.„ ,.< ; arc I Nearly $50,000 disappeared from a - -.^^^, HIIO i content to spend only one-fourth as secretary's desk in ihe Aliatiln Title )!1eccm ? him of $1 Bso in a money ;ich of our national income on j Company yesterday, but police said ' duplicating scheme in Brarifor-l our children as the Rus- ] today that only $283.13 of it can be ! Al 'k.. has been identified a fur- s ) )ent - lloushcd life-icrmer from the Ar- The remainder of the $50,000 was , * ansi1s sta ^ Penitentiary, in checks made to the. company anti : A check of records in Liltlc Rock not yet endorsed. A money box was .revealed that Bass was convicted In scooped up from the desk during Benton CouMy May 25. 1035. in one a noon lunch hour. Payment has' of Arkansas' most sensational mn-- neen .stopped on the checks. ;der cases. Ke had been on furlough Detective Chief E. 1. Hllderbranci " said the company apparently was the victim of n wave of "sneak thief" visits to office buildings here. They pose as salesmen and open doors. I K anyone greets them, they offer l something for sale. If the office is plans spend?" The education bill would authorize an expenditure nf S300.00D.OOO to subsidize elementary and secondary schools. States would retain complete control of their educational programs, but federal assistance would be channeled into each state's needy districts. Aid quotas would range from five dollars per student in high income stolos lo more than $25 for each 5 to n-year-old in states with small resources. The The bill would put a "floor" under the nationw.ide .annual ex-1 penditure per student. It would pro- j vide r.t least $50 a year for each elementary and secondary school' student In an effort to grant "equal education opportunity." box Read Courier News Want Adi Held In Slaying empty, they stea The $283.13 In cash in the was insured against theft. Miss Marietta Faust, a secretary who had been working with the contents of the box, told her employers that she left the box on the desk when she went to lunch. It wss gone when she returned, sh? said. The company said the box contained 5283.14 in cash and $46,813.86 in cashier's checks and indorsed checks. One of the cashier's checks was tor 515,000 and another for Title Company officials hurriedly called authors of the checks, asking them to stop payment. The box was the standard cash box type, about ten Inches long j three inches hi»b and four inches wide. The secretary said it was locked, Mis? Faust was working in one of several small offices opening onto I a long corridor. Detectives said it was possible for someone to have stepped Into the office and picked up the box without being seen bv employes in other offices. from the slate prison since I B.iss is said to have Induced Wil- ilinm Ft. Peerman, another Misfou- rinn, 10 ta.k-e oilt a large insurance policy naming him as bcnc- , ficiary. | Later Pecirnnn's body was found :-in his automobile at the base ol n -• steep mountain in Western Arkan] MS and several hundred yard., Irom ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. April 1. (UP) — (USDAJ — Livestock: Hogs 8.200. salable 7.500 an compared with 6.500 yesterday. Weights i over 180 Ibs. steady to 25c lower [ than Wednesday's average. Lighter | weight., 25 to 50c lower; sows steady to weak. Bulk gtiod and choice no to 2-10 Ibs. 21.75-22.50; practical top , 22.50; tew loads 22,15; 240 to 270 Ibs. 20-22; 270 to 300 Ibi. 1D-202.V ' 300 to 3SO Ibs. 18-10; 130 to 150 Ibs ! 18.50-21.25; few 21.50; 100 to 120 Ibs ' U-18.25. Sows 450 Ibs. down 16-5017.25; fiver 450 Ibs. Ifi-lS.M. S(a B E Cattle 2,4m), salable 1,200; i-nlves 1 the hiphway. Efforts to collect don- i blc indemnity on the policy for »c- i cidcntal death failed. The two men arrested here In Ihe alleged swindle of thc doctor in White County Kave the name., of Thomas B, Marrow and Ben Johnson oj Manila. The nrrcst., wer^; i made when the men returned to a i car parked on the street here. all salable. Market ([generally asklni higher with little done. Oood and choice heifers and mixed yearlings 28-28; with 615 Ib. straight heifers 27.15. Good cows 21-23; common mid medium beef cows 17.50-SO; new nhMkpolnln Mt»hll»h«d h, th« Ru^.ru within th« M h our ,. Hidlo 'Motcow p*cM the* d«v»l- opm«nt« with * bro«do M t j,y|n( "th* dl«n»mb«ment »f o*rm,ny hM become an »neompll»he<1 /net' 1 Th» bro«dr«st quolert t h«t official Oommtmtat P»rty iiewMnncr Pr«vd«. '• i* l<J i!*7 thpt ih< * Mlwl ^«n- coundl In o*rm«nr. whet, tht l«rn .lll« m |,ht protert rh« Iwl.tlan of Berlin, "hM In ( . c " • Irenrty M*M<] to »ri«t •• th« >u. pr»m« ovir»n of four-power ,u, thnrlt,. In Clermnnv." The RUMl,n» out Berlin oil tivm the We«t by Inst.itun (Juj. it,,. (^ permitted to innpect. nil rond und »i]plyin» th« thr« ln lh " °' rm * n p " 1 - Oen, Liwliui D. olar, Amwlrtn romminder In fwrman.T, rejected the Russian demands. Th« Hritlph and rrench folloired autt. "W« rannot twrmlt !h. Ri lw |» tu lo enter our train* aa t new nrn- Tdure." Clay said. The New Soviet In^rx-rllon «vs. tein went | n ln effect at midnight. It promptly halted four American »nd British train, at Marl.nborn rail Nation, the Ruaslan check point for traffic with the Western T.kf. HulleU U *l«r !1 lnM Reimrts from Helmsledl, near Marienborn said niie American train rn roui* from Berlin la Hremerha- vfn *M permitted lo p.w »fter the American lieutenant in command submitted lo Rinuilun hwpee- tlon. Clay Indicated the Amevlean of- flrer would he court martlalled If Ihe reports were verified. He »ald he had flally ordered American troops lo keep RiiMlan .wldlers o/f U. S. military Irslns. One high American official who salt! that American planes were reiidy to supply Berlin If nerewarv pointed out that i train could be atopirert merely by throwing asi«llch but that guns were nec<M*ary stop « plane. There l» a alroiif feellnir among observers In Berlin llx.t the Russians will not rejnrt to jjimn to enforce their demand for Inspection of American, British mid Trench traffic. There are 25,000 nationals of Ihe three Western nations to be supplied In Berlin, but the Western , the population 01 Berlin in their KM*. The We«tern illlei now art . Two Brltloh ,nd two American wain* were halted by the Ri««lan» Marlenborn, which Is 10 mlle« , ln*ld« lh« WMt«rn txilimlm-y of Ruiwlan tnn*. »t BUVTHtVILLE'S ONLY ALLWHITt THEATDF. h»w »UrU WWkrt,,, «;45 , Saturdar liM p.m.; flunda; I Thursday Mn( ( IDonhU rralnr*} "BOOMERANG" with K.Vrt Itellh and Jana WyaM and GARDEN SEEDS COMPLETE STOCK BULK OR PACKAGE FRESH PLANTS DAILY BLYTHEYILLE CURB MARKET 130 EAST MAIN ST. Dial Opens at «:30 p.m., gtirta T:CO p.m. TONIGHT "KING'S ROW" with Ann Sheridan, Robert Citmmlnpi arm Hnnalrt Rf«it«n Warner News and Shorla Illinium Naturally Smoother Kim hs.iu Improvement In tin m.kiti, in .TOO yc«ri, Se. t riB,'l eirliuiva prnctH ronVei thi» fine fin Naturally |r,Men, Kr.lurallf nnoollirr, A'aiumll)' ilry-eM. Try il tnttarl Friday «nd • "GUNMEN'S CODE" with Klrby (trant >ni) Fuir.y Knljht tlrrbl: "th« Rnyal Mounted RMe« A»aln"| Also Shnrla E. L p\iwlrr. 3R. former Duncan. Oklahoma, policeman, is rnir-stioned 5t Cluckasha. Oklahoma, where police say he admitted the January 23 slaving of Helen Bea-er.s. a Duiican waitress. (NEA Telepholo). RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. \Ship Workers Stage Demonstration in Trieste TRIESTE. April 1, (U.P.I—Mount- ed police today dispersed a cro«-d nl • =00 sinking machine ship workers! who attempted to stage a Communist demonstration along the Trieste waterfront. The demonstrator* aMcmpled In' stage a parade Irmn their shops to Communist, headquarters and Allied j Military Government, headquarters i New Theatre Manila's Finest Shows KVKRV XIGHT Bo* Opens Week nays T:0fl p,m Matinee Saturday A Sunday Sat.-Sun. 1 p.m. Cent. Showing Tonight "Gone With Th* Wind" Tonight and Maggi* in Society" with ,Io» Yule anil Rcnie RUno News and Shorts Friday * Saturday "BRAND OF HATE" with Bob Sferle fartnon anri.lMh fhapter •Tcrlls <if Nyoka" with Clark Gahte and Vivien News and Shorts KITCHEN StRVlCI Lellh Friday 'The .Tim Vigilantes Return" with Hall and .>largai-et Lindsay Selected Shm-ls Saturday "Colorado Sun»ef".... with Gene Aiitry and .Smiley Bnrnelle Also Short Siihjcct.l HUBBAPD& HOKE APPLIANCE COMPANY il from Amtric«n Urain, 90 Corp., N.Y. Satin - Smooth Gabardine Slacks for Only S7.95 Your Choice of SOFT BLUE . . ; SAND TAN . . : In a Complete Run of Sizes HUDSON CLEANER TAILOR Blyth«viU«, Ark. CLOTHIER St««!t, Mo,

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