The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1956 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 23, 1956
Page 3
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MONDAY, JANUARY 23,1956 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE If Ike Does Run, Three Big Questions Need Answering By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press News Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) — President Eisenhower's heart attack — and the possibility he may run again — raise three questions which are seldom mentioned but always are present with any man seeking the highest office. , . J-J O(D What happens if, after nomination by his party's convention, a presidential candidate dies or is disabled: Secrecy Curtain Goes Up Around 1956 Paris Fashions (1) Before election day?H2) After winning the election but before the College of Electors . can formally vote him in? (3) After winning the election and getting the electoral vote take office? but before he can The first and third questions are easier to answer than the second. No. 1— The Democratic or Republican National Committee, depending on which party nominated him, would name someone else as Its party's presidential candidate. It could shove the vice presidential candidate into the top spot and pick another .jerson to run for the vice presidency. The committees get the authority to take care of this kind of emergency through a specific resolution approved every four years by their parties' national presidential conventions. If a candidate died too close to election day— say, perhaps, the day before— the national committee might not have time to agree on a candidate to replace him because the members are so widely happens if a presidential candidate | could if they wished vote for any- wins the election but dies or Is — "—• disabled before the College of Electors formally votes him in? The election this year is on Nov. 6; the electors meet Dec. 11. nombcr: Or. Nc" scattered. No. 3 — If a man who wins the election and is formally voted for as president by the College of Electors dies or is disabled before taking office, his vice presidential running mate would automatically take office as president. This is provided for in the Constitution's 20th Amendment. No. 2—This is a tricky one which can't be flatly answered: What not directly vote for president or vice president. You vote for a slate of electors chosen by their party. The electors have generally felt morally bound to vote for their party's candidate. But under the Constitution they are not legally bound to do so. Thus if the winning candidate died before the electors met. they one they liked. A lawyer for one of the national committees said this would hap pen: The national committee would pick someone to replace the candidate who died and expect the electors to vote for him. But he had not been on the ticket meaning the voters never had a chance to approve or disapprove him, there might be turmoil. What • the national committee would probably do—this is only a PARIS HV—Will hemlines soar or sag this season? Your guess is as good as that of the best-informed Paris fashion editor. For the first time, French designers have imposed a real curtain of secrecy around the forthcoming 1956 fashion openings at the end of this month. "To reserve a bigger surprise for the public," the dressmakers unanimously decided to reveal not a single hint of the styles they are preparing, according to their syndicate president. And for once, they seem really determined to put the fashion forecasters out of business. Nobody has broken hese- crecypac yet. But If the big-name designers' lips are sealed this season, the In-Society of Modelists, and cocktail dresses that will look like suits, bloused-back effects, more Asiatic influence, and a long line free at the waist but nipped at the hem. The 1956 spring openings will get under way Jan. 30. with the shows of Patou and Heim. guess— is name the success— ful vice presidential candidate as the presidential choice. which claims to sell sketches and patterns to all the houses, has already come out with liberal predictions. They include: A new longer length: a "gladiola ilhouette longish and slinky, enclosed in hermetic but supple lines, •igorous but comfortable." Day How Cold Is 45 Below Zero? Mot too Bad for Bemidji t Minn. Farmer Got Nothing And He Has Proof DAVENTRY, England Wl—Farmer David Lloyd reported today he has received nothing from the British government, and has a check to prove It. The check from Hie food ministry is for 0 pounds, 0 shillings and 0 pence. Printed across it Is the promise that "if presented through a bank within three months, the Postmaster General will pay the amount stated." Lloyd, it seems, recently sold six heifers. The food ministry guarantees farmers a minimum price per pound on such livestock sales. Lloyd's.heifers brought more than the minimum. "So I was entitled to nothing," he explained to reporter, "and it seems that the ministry decided they should send me a check for "A clerical error," said a blushing official. Will Lloyd present his check for payment? "On the whole, I think not," he opined. "I believe I'll just frame it." BEMIDJI, Minn. Wl—In the land of fabled lumberjack Paul Bunyan. weather-wise natives moved in the even tenor of their way today, unimpressed by a weekend subzero siege that would curdle a less hardy breed. Bemidji has long since been inured to cold and has learned to live with it. The latest cola wave pushed temperatures down to 30 below zero. It was 45 below here just a month ago. How cold is 45 below? Cold enough to cause an atmospheric freak—the illusion of three suns shining through air so.frigid it is literally breathtaking. Cold enough to sometmes freeze the sap inside trees and to send out crackling reports loud as gunfire when the sap expands and splits the trees. And cold enough to bring sympathetic telegrams to Bernidji, International Falls and other northern Minnesota communities from palces like Miami, Phoenix and Los Angeles. But the sympathy, by and large, is wasted. The cold is almost a matter of _s much pride as the sunshine in California and Florida. Bemidji and International FalJs vie for 'icebox" honors. Meanwhile, life goes on as usual. John Ainley, publisher of the Bemidji Pioneer, offers this picture of Bemidji on a cold day: "When it's real cold it's always calm and clear. You get up in the morning and see three suns,' all shining with almost equal brilliance. The one in the middle is the real sun, the other two are sun dogs. ' "The brilliant white smoke from the chimneys will rise straight up for 30 or 40 feet and then when it becomes weighted down with ice particles it will drop down to street level and produce a shimme glimmering effect in the air." Ainley feels sorry for the "smog- ridden and flu-ridden" natives of other sections who don't get the benefit of Bemidji's pure and invigorating climate. SALK IN SNOW-Little Tommy Woodward, 1956 March of Dimes .poster boy, admires a snow-man bust of Dr. Jonas Salk, developer of the polio vaccine. The giant bust was built at Stowe, Vt., to help launch the annual drive there. Hurry, Hurry, Hurry before it's all gone! House paint and floor enamel in such calors as inside and outside White, Grey, Blue, Ivory Green, Yellow, Red and Rose. ptrgal. Rose Sales Co. 50! S. 21st Ph. S-4596 F YOU PRIZE IT... LET HUDSON. CLEAN IT WITH STAYBRIGHT! STAYBRIGHT is the better kind of dry cleaning that makes your clothes look like new because the STAY- BRIGHT Cleaning Process revives colors, restores textures to original beaut}-. Phone today! When You Think Enough of Your Clothes to Want the VERY BEST! • Better Cleaning •The Hudson Finish • 8 Hour Service (For The Asking) HUDSON Cleaner - Clothier - Tailor Blythevlll*, Ark. St«U, Mo. St. Louis Zoo Loses Gorilla ST. LOUIS (If',— Bobo, & playful and good-humored gorilla which became an invaluable atraction at the St. Louis Zoo, is dead of a heart attack. Zoo Director George P. Vierheller yesterday said the 8-year ok 275-pound animal was the sort of attraction you. can't put a price tag on. He said a heart attack is an unusual cause of death for a gorilla Parasites are often the killer. Mother Kills Self An 2 Children PAWS VBRDES ESTATES. Calil. p) _ police termed It suicide and double murder yesterday when the bodies ol a mother and her two small children were found huddted in a car 100 feet from a church. The dead were identified as Mrs. Betty Lou Brewer, 32 ,her son Terry, 4 and daughter Susan. 3. Police Chief J. A. Smith said a vacuum cleaner hose ran from the exhaust into the car. Mrs. Brewer's husband Everett tol dofficers he knew of no reason why his wife, a former airline stewardess, might want to kill herself and the children. Fire Is Fatal SEOUL W — A 75-year-old shopkeeper died Saturday in a S100.000 fire touched oft wh»n n> dropped a Perforated Parakeet SAN ANTONIO, Tex. Vfi — Prissy, pet parakeet of Dr. and Mrs. Orln McMillan, pecked too hard at its breast feathers and perforated its craw. A doctor sewed it up several times but Prissy reopened It every time. So Mrs. McMillan sewed Prissy vest out of a nylon scrap, fitted it around the bird's neck and beneath the wings. The wound healed. Beche-de-mer, birds' nests, and pearls, are among leading prod- r c°o f as?7Sa archiPela80 ' °"l «»™. FIFTEEN VACANCIES The vice presidency of the United States has been vacant on 15 occasions as a result of the death of the vice president, or his having assumed the presidency because of the death of his predecessor, or of his resignation. Bladder'Weakness/ candle in a cluttered market place. | Some 200 tiny market stalls were destroyed. 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