The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 15, 1992 · 32
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 32

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Sunday, November 15, 1992
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HUSKERS SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1992 LINCOLN JOURNAL-STAR alden knows ISU win ft . -; !v St , fvf ft :r A ranks as major miracle By Curt McKeever Lincoln Journal-Star AMES, Iowa Nebraska was ripe for an upset, and Iowa State Coach Jim Walden doesn't want anyone thinking that his team's 19-10 victory against the Cornhuskers was anything short of miraculous. "I wouldn't want to play them 10 times to figure out (who's better). We have not closed the gap on Nebraska. We had a major upset today on a team that's had two tremendously positive emotional up weeks," he said after the Cyclones ended 14 consecutive years of frustration against NU. "I knew in my heart they were not going to come in here and play emotionally inspired in the fashion in which they've had to play (against Colorado and Kansas) the last two weeks. "We caught 'em looking. I dont want to take anything away from our effort, a marvelous effort by a kicked-around football team. Today, I thought we played perfect, in terms of offense not making mistakes. And I thought our defense, the second half, played about as well as you're going to have it play against a pretty darn good team." The Cornhuskers entered Saturday's game as the nation's leading offensive team. Iowa State limited them to 246 yards less than half their average. More impressive was Iowa State being able to control the ball with an offense that accounted for 373 of its 399 yards on the ground and was being directed by first-time starting quarterback Marvin Seiler. "We had to try to do one thing . . . Marvin is not exactly Dan Marino in terms of throwing the ball," Walden said. "We had no illusions." So the Cyclones ran it down Nebraska's throats. The effort was contagious to ISU's defense, which had it's share of Cornhusker-stuffing. "There's not a thing I can say that's going to change the magnitude of what's been done today. It took all of what happened," said Walden, still emphasizing that he thought Nebraska wouldn't have the emotional edge it's had recently. There was just no way in my heart I could believe Nebraska could get it cranked up today. What I didn't know is whether we're going to meet the challenge of a team that's still good enough to beat you with no emotion because they're that good. "We challenged our kids to at least make sure that when they left here, if they beat us, make sure they beat us throwing our bodies around and playing with our hearts. I said all along, all I had going this week is for us to play with our hearts." But when Walden's team took a 12-10 lead into halftime, the Cycione coaches got a little more specific in their demands. "We did talk about the first six minutes because I felt that they would line up and come after us with everything they had, the Nebraska way," Walden said. "So we told our defense, 'If you take what they're going to throw at you in the first possession we've got a chance.' Hell, we went three and out" The closest Nebraska came to the goal line in the final 30 minutes was the ISU 22. That performance had Walden close to euphoria. "Up there pretty high," he responded to a question about where the result ranks on his list. "I just wish it were for a bowl bid or I wish it would've been more significant for the seniors on the team. But for me personally, it was a beau tiful victory." Nebraska, Iowa St. sidelights TED KIRKLtNCCXN JOURNAL-STAR Iowa State's Sundiata Patterson (39) catches a shovel pass from quarterback Marv Seiler for a 12-yard gain in the second quarter. Nil's Trev Alberts (34) moves in. Cyclone offense controls football; Husker defense makes no excuses Quotes By Mike Babcock Lincoln Journal-Star AMES, Iowa Travis Hill was among the first Nebraska football players to reach the locker room after the Cornhuskers' 19-10 loss to Iowa State Saturday afternoon. The senior outside linebacker was met by Tony Samuel, his position coach. "Coach Samuel said, 'You've got two more games,' " Hill said. That was Samuel's way of reminding him of the need to bounce back, to salvage the season, according to Hill, a senior co-captain. Hill is convinced the Cornhuskers will. "This is a good group," he said. Quiet group It was a quiet group late Saturday afternoon. Little was said in the locker room, according to Hill. There was anger, but "guys were more angry at themselves than anything." And they internalized the anger. Hill didn't make any excuses for Nebraska's performance. Iowa State played with emotion, he said. The Cyclones "had a game plan, and they stuck with it. They gave us fits, on both sides of the ball." Iowa State controlled the ball with a wishbone offense that forced the Cornhuskers to make significant defensive changes in only four days of practice. The Cyclones rushed for 373 yards, which enabled them to finish with a From page 1D ISU against the Sooners in 29 years. Saturday, he became the answer to an ISU trivia quiestion: What quarterback led Iowa State to a victory against Nebraska in his first starting assignment? Seller's biggest play came on the Cyclones' second possession of the fourth quarter, when on a first-and-10 from the 20, he faked a handoff to his fullback, ran right and raced 78 yards to the Nebraska 2. Fullback Chris Ul-rich scored on the next play, and Iowa State was ahead 19-10 with 10:50 remaining. "IVe never seen that much green field in my life. I think it was the first time I've had a breakaway run, ever," said Seiler, terming his rather normal 4.95 clocking in the 40-yard dash as "maybe game speed. I want to say I have it when I need it." Iowa State Coach Jim Walden agreed. "I thought when he was sprinting down that field he looked faster than any quarterback I've ever seen," Walden said. "He played a marvelous game . . . and who didn't?" After Ulrich's touchdown, "I knew that we were going to do it," Seiler saidI believed in my heart we could actually win." And his heart was racing. But before that score, Seiler was Iowa State's Mr. CooL As the Cyclones entered their locker room at halftime with a 12-10 lead, Seiler told his teammates " 'When you come in you cannot celebrate because you still have another half to play. You've got to play four quarters,' and today that happened, both defensively and offensively." Seiler still made one more plea with the offense late in the game. "I kind of yelled at the guys with five minutes left when they were kind of starting to celebrate," he said, pointing out ISU's late-game collapse that resulted in a 50-47 loss to Kansas. "I've seen it so many times where we celebrate and then we end up losing, so I was yelling at them to not celebrate until it's over." When it was, Seiler almost had to rub his eyes to make sure he was reading the scoreboard right "I don't think anyone ever said during the week that we can win, we just said that we've got to play and then see what happens," he said. "Realistically you had to look at it and say we probably don't have a chance. But if we go out there and play, anything can happea" Even with a fifth-year quarterback who figured to end his Iowa State career as anonymous of a figure as he was when it began. "This is just a great day for me and I'll probably remember it for the rest of my life," Seiler said. But "five years is a long time. I think I'm kind of ready to get out" marked advantage in time of possession 37: 15 to 22:45. Hill said he knew Iowa State's offense was capable of playing the way it did. The Cyclones scored 47 points in a losing effort to Kansas a month ago, and the Nebraska coaches regularly reminded the players of that during practice last week. Even so, "a lot of people probably didn't think we would have to play today," Hill said. No doubts Despite the Cornhuskers' lethargy, Hill said he never doubted their ability to come back. Nebraska trailed 12-10 at halftime, but "we weren't really concerned," he said. "At no point in time did I think we were in trouble," he said. In retrospect, however, Iowa State quarterback Marv Seiler's 78-yard run to set up the Cyclones' only touchdown in the fourth quarter "was the nail in the coffin for us, really." Cornhusker free safety Tyrone Byrd never doubted that Nebraska could come back in the second half. But the Cornhuskers couldn't overcome Iowa State's emotion. "Every guy was playing like it was his last game. That's what Iowa State had on us today," Byrd said. 'I'm not making any excuses. They were better than Kansas or Colorado." He paused, then qualified his comparison. "Today," he said. !'illllifili; NU defensive coordinator Charlie McBride (on emotion): "We weren't all there today. It's another lesson learned. This is one of those big emotional letdowns because we'd been sky-high for two weeks. We probably got a little complacent. "The only reason I didn't get too concerned about the emotion this week was because we were more in a teaching mode this week we had four days to get ready for the wishbone, and we took things a little slower. "We also didn't make any big plays. We had the one sack (John Parrella for 15 yards) and then got called for taunting. Foolish penalties you can't afford." NU I-back Derek Brown (when asked if he feels sorry for Oklahoma in two weeks): "Yes. I do. We'll have two weeks to prepare for their offense and defense and you can bet we'll be emotionally and physically prepared. Much better than today. We have two weeks to start over again and we know we can do it. We've done it before." NU offensive tackle Zach Wie-geri: "They were more ready to play today than we were. At the beginning of the game I didn't think we were real flat. They were just a lot better prepared than we were. I believed we were still in the game until that last first down they got. This is definitely the worst loss I've had in sports." ISU fullback Chris Ulrica said Saturday's result was simply a matter of the Cyclones finally showing their capabilities: "We played like we always should have. I don't think the ball was in Nebraska's court today . . . we j ust played awesome." ISU running back Artis Garris, a Bellevue West graduate: "It's going to really make my year. I wish they would've stayed around so I could've shaken the hands of a few of their players and tell them how I felt." ISU quarterback Marvin Seiler (on his pre-game mood): "Doug Skartvedt, our tackle, said this morning, 'I've got a good feeling about this game,' and I agreed with him because it was just a feeling we had today." Notes Nebraska had season lows in scoring 10 (14 points against Washington), rushing attempts 39 (40 against Washington; passes attempted 12, passes completed 3; total plays 51 (61 against Washington), total yards 246 (309 against Washington) and posses-, sion time 22:45 (26:03 against Washington). ISU was the first team to outrush Nebraska this season. Trev Alberts' blocked field goal of Ty Stewart's 51-yard attempt was the first blocked kick by NU this year. ISU placekicker Ty Stewart, an Omaha Westside graduate, was 4 for 5 on field goal attempts Saturday despite not being able to use goalposts during practice in more than a week. The ones in Cyclone Satdium were vandalized a week ago Saturday and new ones were not erected until Friday. "We kicked cross field is all," said Stewart, who was just 5 of 10 on the season prior to Saturday. "I was nervous about today." ISU's Chris Ulrich (105) and Marvin Seiler (144) both rushed for more than 100 yards. The last time the Cyclones had two players eclipse that mark in the same game was against Oklahoma State on Nov. 19, 1988 with Curtis Warren and Joe Henderson. Schedule (Time subject to change) Sept. S Nebraska 49, Utah 22 Sept 12 Nebraska 48, Middle Tennessee State 7 Sept 19 Washington 29, Nebraska 14 Sept 28 Nebraska 45, Arizona State 24 Oct 10 Nebraska 55, Oklahoma State 0 Oct 24 Nebraska 34, Missouri 24 Oct 31 Nebraska 52, Colorado 7 Nov. 7 Nebraska 49. Kansas 7 Nov. 14 Iowa State 19, Nebraska 10 Nov. 27 Nebraska at Oklahoma, 12:30 p.m., ABC Dec. S Nebraska vs. Kansas State, Tokyo, 10 p.m. (kickoff is noon Dec. 6 in Japan) 1 -v 1 ill 'sv -vc -rlv ' if I : tv ..Hl S I - V'Lx V? - St- 9, RANDY HAMPTONUNCOLN JOURNAL-STAR ISU defensive end Shane Dunlevy (97) tackles NU quarterback Tommie Frazier after an 11 -yard gain late in the first half, as teammate Scott Schultz (48) moves in. Frazier was the Cornhuskers' leading rusher with 92 yards. From puge 1D Scoring summary NU-tSU How cored Time left FIRST QUARTER 0-3 Ty Stewart 37 field goal 9:48 Drive: 60 yards in 11 plays. Highlighted by Chris Ulrich 8 run, Marvin Seiler 13 pass to Ulrich, Seiler 11 run. 3-3 Byron Bennett 33 field goal 5:17 - . Drive: 56 yards in 9 plays. Highlighted by Tommie Frazier 7, 4, 11, 9 I - runs, Derek Brown 9, 1 9 runs. SECOND QUARTER 3-6 - T. Stewart 32 field goal 14:23 . Drive: 66 yards in 1 2 plays. Highlighted by Artis Garris 6 run, Seiler 8, I 32, 6, 4 runs, Sundiata Patterson 3, 7 runs. 10-8 Lance Lewis 15 pasa from Frazier 11:49 . Drive: 80 yards in 7 plays. Highlighted by Frazier 52, 7 runs, Lewis 6 ' run, Calvin Jones 5, 5 runs. Conversion: Bennett kick. 10-9 - T. Stewart 45 field goal 5:49 Drive: 46 yards in 13 plays. Highlighted by Seiler 9, 5 runs, Ulrich 9, 8 runs. Calvin Branch 8 run. 10-12 T. Stewart 30 field goal 1:38 Drive: 27 yards in 7 plays. Set up by Mike Stigge 25 punt to ISU 40. Highlighted by Seiler 12 pass to Patterson, Garris 6, 4 runs, Patterson 3, 3 runs. FOURTH QUARTER 10-19 UMch 2 run 10:50 Drive: 80 yards In 2 plays. Highlighted by Seiler 78 run. Conversion: T. Stewart kick. Huskers taunting on the play. Trev Alberts dropped Seiler for a yard loss on third down at the NU 13 late in the second quarter, but Stewart managed a 30-yard field goal Blocked field goal In the third quarter, Nebraska jammed ISU drives that ended in a blocked 51-yard field goal and on downs at the NU 27 and the ISU 11 "We made the right adjustments and got the wishbone shut down in the second half," said NU defensive coordinator Charlie McBride. "But we still gave up a big, big play in the second half. "We gave up too many of those on third down in the first half and one in the second half and that was all it took for them." Iowa State converted a third-and 9 with a 13-yard shovel pass from Seiler to Ulrich on its first scoring drive. Seiler picked up 6 yards on a keeper around the right end on third-and-3 on its second scoring drive. Seiler gained 2 yards on a fourth-down sneak and 5 on a keeper on third-and-4 on the Cyclones' third scoring drive. When the game was winding down, Seiler picked up 4 yards on third-and-4. ISU back Artis Garris ran for 15 yards on third-and-6 and gained seven more on fourth-and-5 to run out the clock. "We couldn't get the ball away from them," Osborne said. "Seiler played well, made a lot of yards after contact, and that was important. "They simply beat us. Tomrnie's (knee) injury was a factor in our not moving the ball in the second half. Not having our tight ends (No. 1 William Washington and No. 2 Gerald Armstrong, both injured) meant 15 to 20 percent of our offensive capabilities was cut "But I don't think we ever did quite get in sync. Some of it was emotion, and some of it was just not always being sound in what we were doing." Osborne's team still has a chance to win the Big Eight with victories in its final games against Oklahoma and Kansas State. "We can play better," he said, "and I think we will." Individual statistics Iowa State Offense Rushing No. Yds. Ave. Seiler 24 144 6 0 Ulrich 17 105 6 2 Garris 8 66 8 3 Patterson 8 24 3 0 Branch 6 18 3 0 WiNiams 6 12 2 0 Knott 1 4 4.0 Passing No. Co. Yds Pi Seiler 4 3 26 0 Receiving No. Yds. Patterson 2 13 Ulrich 1 13 Punting No. Yds. Ave. Schnoor 2 76 38 0 Kickoff returns No. Yds. Brooks 1 17 Punt returns No. Yds. McMiHton 2 -1 Defense Tackles UT AT TT MalGoodwin 7 4 11 T.Miller 4 2 6 Fulton 2 2 4 Cote 2 2 4 MKner 1.3 4 Mat Goodwin 3 1 4 DouBrava 2 13 Petersen 12 3 Dunlevy 3 0 3 Watkins 2 1 3 Bungs 2 0 2 Lifcbndge 1 1 2 Walker 1 0 1 Ridley 1 0 1 Allen 0 1 1 Unwcod 10 1 Harvey 10 1 Robertson 10 1 Team. 10 1 Nebraska Offense Rushing No. Yds. Ave. Frazier 13 92 7.1 D. Brown 14 64 4 6 C. Jones 9 28 3.1 Lewis 3 8 2.7 Passing No. Co. Yds PI Frazier 12 3 54 0 Receiving No. Yds. D. Brown 1 20 Vedral 1 19 Lewis , 1 15 Punting No. Yds. Av. Stigge.... 7 286 40 9 Kickoff returns No. Yds. Hughes 3 38 Dixon 2 12 Defense Tackles UT AT TT Cormealy 7 3 10 Alberts 4 5 9 Anderson 3 6 9 Parrella 7 2 9 Byrd 7 1 8 Carmer 3 5 8 Sewart 1 7 8 Wams 4 4 8 Moore 0 4 4 H 2 2 4 White 3 1 4 Reese 2 1 3 . WNhite 3 0 3 Wade .. 0 1 1 Leader... 10 1 Schkwinger 10 1 Seizys 1 0 1 Team 2 0 2

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