The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 1, 1992 · 40
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 40

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 1, 1992
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4EE 3 HUSfCERS SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 1 , 1 992 LINCOLN JOURNAL-STAR NU linebackers make convincing case of their own By Ryly Jane Hambleton Lincoln Journal-Star Travis Hill had something to prove, and he wasted little time making his case. The senior Nebraska linebacker intercepted a pass on Colorado's first play of the game to set up a Husker touchdown Saturday and then proceeded to hound the Buffalo quarterbacks the remainder of the football game, a 52-7 Nebraska victory. "Trev (Alberts, a fellow linebacker) and I talked about their linebackers," Hill said, referring to Colorado's Chad Brown and Greg Biekert. "They're good, but people haven't seen linebackers put pressure on quarterbacks like Trev and I can. Some magazines said they were the best pair in the nation. I think they're great, but they're not as good as the media plays them to be." Hill had the interception, caused and recovered a fumble, broke up a pass, had a sack for a 9-yard loss and teamed with Alberts and linemen John Parrella and Terry Connealy to keep constant pressure on CU quarterbacks Koy Detmer and Kordel! Stuart. Alberts had one tackle for a loss, Parrella had three sacks for 25 yards in losses, and Connealy added another sack for a 3-yard loss. The four also combined to hurry several passes. "There was a lot of to-do about their linebackers," Alberts said. "Travis and I wanted to let them know there was another set of linebackers on the field." Parrella and Hill said the idea was to disrupt Colorado's offense as much as possible. "We wanted to put heat on the quarterback make them throw off-balance or early, before the routes were completed," Parrella said. "They were so worried about Travis and Trev that Terry and I got in there a few times. Then they tried to handle Travis one-on-one, and that's goodbye." Hill agreed. "He (Detmer) started feeling the heat," Hill said. "We hit him hard every time he had the ball. We wanted to put that message in his mind. I don't think he was ever scared, but he was getting rattled." Hill's interception at the CU 15-yard line to open the game set up Calvin Jones' first touchdown. "I was covering the flat, and I saw the quarterback dump off the pass," Hill said. "The ball must have been slippery because it jumped out of the receiver's hands and it jumped into mine. I think that showed it would be a long day for the Colorado quarterback." It also set the tone for the Nebraska players. "You have the normal butterflies at the beginning of the game, and that took care of them," Alberts said. "Our offense started moving the ball, and the defense was rolling. It was a cumulative effect. "We said at halftime that we didn't want to just win the game we wanted to dominate." The halftime confidence was aided by Hill's fumble recovery, which set up Nebraska's last-second score before the half for a 24-7 lead. Hill stripped the ball from Detmer 9 yards behind the line of scrimmage, scooped it up and returned it 8 yards to the Colorado 27-yard line. "I was power-rushing, and when he stepped up toward me, I just reached my hand out and knocked it away from him," Hill said. "I was upset. I'd been complaining about (Jim) Hansen holding all game. I wanted to cause something to make him stop." Parrella, who accepted a Colorado scholarship after graduating from Grand Island Central Catholic but walked on at Nebraska when the grant was withdrawn the summer before he was a freshman, said that aspect wasn't a big factor for him. "I was 0-1-1 agaimst them, and I wanted to finish my career with a good game," he said. "Maybe they're thinking they wish I was there, but I'm glad I'm here." V'M s ... & -1V H ' 4' if RANDY HAMPTONUNCOLN JOURNAL-STAR Nebraska linebacker Trev Alberts (34) and nose guard Terry Connealy (99) put the heat on Colorado quarterback Koy Detmer in the first quarter. Detmer and Kordell Stewart were sacked five times. 3 V V'tJk.jZm "'fit I-back Jones clears up record; Husker blockers clear his path ; . i. L ' . 1 s J ' " 4 Jv i By Ryly Jane Hambleton Lincoln Journal-Slar Nebraska I-back Calvin Jones just wanted to set the record straight. "Before a couple of days ago, this was just like any other game," he said. "But then something I said was taken out of context, and that fired me up." Which was enough to inspire Jones to run for 101 yards on 21 carries and score three touchdowns to lead the Corn-huskers to a 52-7 victory over Colorado. "I got a copy of the Denver Post, and they misquoted me, so I carried that around with me Friday and earlier today," he said. "That was a big motivator. They said I didn't consider Colorado a rivalry, and that was taken out of context. I said the Oklahoma rivalry was an old one and the Colorado rivalry was a new one. "One of the Colorado players said I was the Johnny Mitchell of the team, and that wasn't the point. Here I am, a kid growing up in Nebraska, and nobody talked about Colorado. Everybody talked about Oklahoma. I was a kid who lived for Nebraska football." Omaha Central graduate Jones, an Omaha Central graduate who didn't play in the Colorado game last year, made up for lost time in a hurry. He scored on a 3-yard run to put the Huskers on top just more than a minute into the game. "Last year, I had no idea from the get-go what was going to happen with me because of the other great I-backs we had here," he said. "It happened that a week later, I got into the Nebraska system. But at Colorado last year. I cheered. You do whatever it takes to win if that means in the game, you do it, and if it means you cheer, then you do that." Jones credited the blocking for his 47-yard touchdown run early in the second quarter. "(Abdul) Muhammad had a great block, and (Rob) Za-techka had a great block after (Will) Shields took out his guy," said Jones, who took off his helmet to celebrate immediately after racing into the end zone. "All they had me do was run the ball for them. "I was so fired up, and the coaches don't want us to do anything outlandish. The adrenalin was flowing, so I just took off my helmet to catch a breather." Final TD a 1-yarder Jones' final touchdown came with one second left in the first half on a 1-yard run. "Scoring there was important because if they stop us, maybe they come out with the momentum in the third quarter," he said. "By scoring there, that took some of the heat out of the balloon for them." The Huskers rushed for 373 yards, with quarterback Tommie Frazier adding 92, I-back Derek Brown 82 and fullback Lance Lewis 62. "Obviously, the running game won that one," Brown said. "Both Calvin and I played great. Things were just going our way. I ran hard when I got the chance to, and I just had a good time out there. Both of us did, and I think we showed it. You need that 1-2 punch, and we had it today." Lewis, who scored on a 34-yard romp up the middle in the fourth quarter, wasn't as sure about where credit for the victory should be placed. "The defense played great they probably won the 1 game," he said. "But we had great offensive line surge. The linemen said, 'Hey, follow us right here,' and I said, 'You get it done, and I'll get it done.' It was awesome. That's the sweetest win I've had since I've been here. "We're going to open some eyes. And when we win the next four games, then we'll really open some eyes." From page 1 E NU- TED KIRKAJNCOLN JOURNAL-STAR CU's Ronnie Bradford (13) and Ron Woolfork catch up to NU quarterback Tommie Frazier after a 19-yard gam in the first quarter. Frazier had a career-high 86 yards rushing on 17 carries. "I think I audibled better and made some better choices this week. I didn't pass that well, and I'll work on that. But we ran well and we scored." From page 1E Babcock- things. "We'll probably still drop in the polls this week," Parrella said. "We were lucky. That's probably what they'll say." Nebraska and Colorado were tied at No. 8 in last week's Associated Press poll. "We'll probably be 12th row," he said. A large-screen television in the varsity lounge was tuned to ESPN, which had shown Nebraska's victory to the nation. The first quarter of top-ranked Miami's victory against West Virginia on Saturday night provided a backdrop for Fm i ella's remarks. Maybe, the Cornhuskers can get back into the national picture. Parrella smiled. He wasn't serious about being No. 12. But then, the way things have gone for Nebraska recently, you never know. "Hopefully, we changed some perceptions," Alberts said. Individual statistics Nebraska Offense Rushing No. Yds Ave C Jones 21 101 4 9 F rarer 17 86 4 7 D Brown 20 80 4 0 Lewis 7 62 8 9 McDuffy 3 23 7.7 Shews 1 16 16 0 Schtesmger 1 5 50 Grant 1 4 4 0 Berrinoer 1 3 3 0 Davenport 1 2 2 0 Mac.ovicka 1 -1-10 Veland 4 -8 -2 0 Passing No. Co. Yds PI Frazier 12 4 55 0 Grant 1 0 0 0 Sligge 1 0 0 0 Receiving No Yds Dnon 1 48 Armstrong 1 5 Hawkins 1 1 Washington 1 1 Punting No Yds Ave Sugoe 7 339 484 Punt returns No Yds Hughes 6 47 Dixon.. Kickoff returns No. Dixon 1 Interception returns No. T. Hi 1 Mi. Anderson 1 Carmer 1 Defense Tackles UT AT Parrella 4 1 Carmer.. 3 1 White 2 2 E Stewart 2 1 Beter 2 0 Byrd 2 0 Gray 2 0 T. Hill 2 0 Alberts 1 1 D. Jones 1 1 Moore 1 1 Wtltnte 1 1 Mi Anderson 1 0 Connealy 1 0 Ellis 1 0 Dumas 1 0 Lewis 1 0 Miles 1 0 Moss 1 0 Wright 1 0 37 Yds. 17 Yds. 3 2 0 Branch 0 1 1 Collins 0 1 1 Hems 0 1 1 Reece 0 1 1 Colorado Offense Rushing No. Yds. Ave. J Hill 2 23 11 5 Salaam 2 5 2 5 Warren 8 2 03 Detmer': 6 -7 -12 K.Stewart 4 -15 -3.8 Passing No. Co. Yds PI Detmer 26 9 119 3 K.Stewart 8 3 17 0 Receiving No. Yds. Westbrook 3 54 Mitchel 3 25 Carruth 3 19 C Johnson 2 29 Warren 1 9 Punting No Yds Ave. Berger 9 422 46 9 Kickoff returns No Yds. Mitchel 2 49 J.Hill 1 13 Cunninghanri 1 6 Punt returns No. Yds. Figures 2 23 C.Johnson 1 10 Defense Tackles UT AT TT T.Johnson 9 7 16 Biekert 12 2 14 C. Brown 4 3 7 Figures 3 3 6 Renfro 3 3 6 Holland 4 1 5 Hudson 4 1 E Woolfork 4 1 5 D. Davis 3 2 5 Elder 3 2 5 Katovsich 3 0 3 Rogers 1 2 3 Dyet 1 1 2 G. Jones .... 1 1 2 Phillips 1 1 2 Bradford 0 2 2 Clavelle 0 2 2 Fauria 1 0 1 Fisher 1 0 1 Liodsey 1 0 1 Cunningham 0 11 J Hi 0 1 1 one more chance before the end of the half. He broke through the CU offensive line and grabbed Detmer's hand, knocking the ball loose. Hill recovered at the Colorado 27 with 1:43 left in the half. Facing third-and-4 at the Colorado 21, Nebraska called on a play out of the past and sent Shields around right end on a "fumblerooskie" to the Buffs' 5. Four plays later, Jones scored from 1 yard out on a dive behind guard Chris Zyzda and tackle Lance Lund-berg. "I had been complaining to the refs about getting held, and I was determined to get in the backfield and do something about it," Nil's Hill said of his fumble recovery. "Besides, I knew our offense was doing well enough that one more chance was all they needed to score." Colorado never had a chance in the second half. When the Buffs stopped Nebraska on downs, NU punter Mike Stigge planted a kick on the CU 2. Then, Nebraska linebacker Mike Anderson, just back from arthroscopic knee surgery, intercepted a pass at the CU 26 to set up a 5-yard touchdown pass from Frazier to Armstrong who has four catches for four touchdowns this year. Switch to Stewart The Buffs, after an interception on their second series of the second half, went to sophomore quarterback Kordell Stewart, who has started five games this season but missed too many practices during the week because of leg injuries. It didn't change a thing. On Stewart's first play. Hill stopped him for no gain. On his second. Hill and Alberts threw him for a 9-yard loss. On his third play, he overthrew a receiver to avoid a sack. On his fourth play, he barely escaped Alberts again. Soon thereafter, NU fullback Lance Lewis scored on a 34-yard trap play up the middle. Then Frazier hit Corey Dixon on a 48-yard bomb and connected with William Washington on a 1-yard touchdown pass. Finally, Schlesinger scored on a 5-yard dive that capped a 12-play, 63-yard drive. "It's just a beginning," Frazier said. "It's not a statement. We have too many games left. But this is a good start." O Scoring story CU-NU How scored Time left FIRST QUARTER 0-7 Calvin Jones 3 run 13:46 Drive: 15 yards in 4 plays. Set up by Travis Hill interception of Koy Detmer pass at CU 1 5. Highlighted by Tommie Frazier 6 run, CU offsides penalty. Conversion: Byron Bennett kick. SECOND QUARTER 0-14 C.Jones 47 run 13:26 Drive: 47 yards in 1 play. Set up by Hughes 11 punt return. Conversion: Bennett kick. 0-17 Bennett 24 field goal 6:31 Drive: 29 yards in 12 plays. Set up by Steve Carmer interception of Detmer pass at CU 36. Highlighted by C. Jones 4, 8, 4 runs, Frazier 1 5 run, NU holding penalty, CU pass interference penalty. 7-17 James Kill 1 run 3:34 Drive: 81 yards in 12 plays. Highlighted by Detmer 12 pass to Erik Mitchell, Detmer 8, 17 passes to Michael Westbrook, Detmer 5, 10 passes to Rae Carruth, Detmer 14 pass to Charles Johnson. Conversion: Mitch Berger kick. 7-24 C. Jones 1 run 0:01 Drive: 27 yards in 6 plays. Set up by T. Hill recovery of Detmer tumble at CU 27. Highlighted by C. Jones 6 run, WiH Shields 16 "fumblerooskie" run. Conversion: Bennett kick. THIRD QUARTER 7-31 Gerald Armstrong 5 pass from Frazier 3;58 Drive: 26 yards in 6 plays. Set up by Mike Anderson interception of Detmer pass at CU 26. Highlighted by Frazier 4 run, D. Brown 19 run. Conversion: Bennett kick. FOURTH QUARTER 7-38 Lance Lewis 34 run 14:54 Drive: 63 yards in 6 plays. Highlighted by D. Brown 4, 9, 6 runs. Lewis 4, 6 runs. Conversion: Bennett kick. 7-45 William Washington 1 pass from Frazier 11:23 Drive: 60 yards in 5 plays. Highlighted by Frazier 5 run. Corey Dixon 43 pass from Frazier. Conversion: Bennett kick. 7-52 Cory Schlesinger 5 run 6:05 Drive: 63 yards in 12 plays. Highlighted by C. Jones 14 run, Andre McDuffy 10, 5, 8 runs, Mike Grant 4 run. Conversion: Tom Sieier kick.

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