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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 32
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 32

The Lincoln Stari
Lincoln, Nebraska
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4Df" 1 HUSKERS SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 1992 LINCOLN JOURNAL-STAR Nebraska defense couldn't ask for more fr oore By Ryly Jane Hambleton Lincoln Journal-Star Bruce Moore couldn't see the scoreboard that read "Oxygen!" after his 54-yard interception return for a touchdown. "Toward the end, I was just waiting for somebody to clip my heels," said Moore, the 6-foot-6, 240-pound junior from York who was starting his first game at defensive tackle after Jamie Liewer broke his leg last week. "But the worst part was when everybody hit me in the end zone. Darren (Williams) tackled me and then I was at the bottom of a big pile. "I just wanted some air.

That was harder than the 40 yards. Was it 54? Well, I always thought I was pretty quick." Moore's first varsity interception and touchdown gave Nebraska a 38-10 lead against Arizona State early in the third quarter. "That play was probably the biggest play of the day on defense," said Charlie McBride, NU's defensive coordinator. "Bruce can run. He probably ran close to 4.4 or 4.5 in the 40 down that sideline." Moore said he's been timed at "4.84 or 4.85 electronic" in the 40-yard dash, but teammate Travis Hill was still surprised at Moore's quickness.

"Bruce Moore shocked me. I was running right behind him and I thought somebody would tackle him. I was hoping Bruce would get tackled so he could pitch the ball to me," Hill said with a laugh. Moore credited pressure on ASU quarterback Garrick McGee for his interception. "A defensive touchdown always looms pretty big," he said.

"The middle was getting soft and I saw John (Parrella) hit the quarterback and force a bad throw. That play wouldn't have happened if we didn't have that." Moore nearly had an interception two plays earlier. After Trev Alberts forced McGee to get rid of the ball early, Moore batted it in the air then nearly caught his own deflection. "It makes you mad when that happens. Any time a defensive lineman touches the ball, you want to hang on to it," he said.

"It makes you go that much harder after you miss one like that." Another Cornhusker interception helped set the tone on the first play of the game. Steve Carmer and Troy Dumas sandwiched ASU receiver Kevin Snyder and the ball was tipped to Ed Stewart, who came down with it at the Sun Devils' 38-yard line. Six plays later, Nebraska scored its first touchdown. "Any time you can start a game like that, it gives you a big lift," said Stewart. "The guy tipped it up and I came down with it." Hill and Barron Miles slammed the door on the Sun Devils' comeback hopes.

Trailing 38-24 with eight minutes left in the game, ASU backup quarterback Grady Benton started to scramble on a fourth-and-7 play when Hill stopped him short of the first down. The NU offense held the ball 3V4 minutes before ASU got another chance, but on another fourth-and-7 play, Miles dove to intercept a Benton pass at midfield. On the next play, Lance Lewis rambled the distance to give the Huskers breathing room. "I was just helping out John Reece on coverage, turned my head back and saw the ball in the air," said Miles. "I didnt have time to think about it, it was just a reaction to dive for it.

You have to leave your feet on something like that because if you stay planted, you can get hurt." Three interceptions and two fumble recoveries made the defensive players feci bolter about their performance, despite giving up 514 yards. "We could have played better, but we got the win," said Parrella, who added Llewer't No. 70 to his helmet "The offense came out and exploded all day. We saved them nonw times and they saved us sometimes. AruuMt State was well-prepared for us, but we did things that hurt them early." JtT oni Grant, offense keep their cool, remain confident vs.

Sun Devils By Ken Hambleton Lincoln Journal-Star Mike Grant said last week wasn't as tough as lot of people thought. The senior quarterback was criticized for his performance in NU's first three games, including last week's 29-14 loss at Washington. Some questioned whether he should be replaced. Grant said he shook it off. "I believe in myself and the coaches believe in me and we did pretty well today," he said Saturday, although he was booed twice during the game.

Can't worry about criticism "That's some fans, not Coach Osborne or Turner Gill (NU quarterback coach) or my peers, so I don't worry about it," Grant said. "Eventually, it gets to a guy when you hear it over and over. These are the guys who cheered for me when I was a freshman, cheered for me when I was a sophomore. It's just like the older guys faced when I was younger. "I try not to think about it.

I'm not down on myself throughout the game. I just wanted first downs at the end of the game," he said. He cited a short pass to Trumane Bell with 10 minutes left as a sign of the confidence the offense had, despite the gains Arizona State was making in the second half. Grant rushed for 28 yards and hit 6 of 14 passes for 50 yards. He was intercepted once, at the end of the first half.

Faced extenuating circumstances Osborne said he was pleased with Grant's performance, especially with the extenuating circumstances the senior laced. "It's difficult to play quarterback when apparently there is a lot of concern about your ability to play," he said. "I thought Mike did a good job of holding himself together all week. I'm not sure what the nature of college football is anymore. I'm not sure a player should be questioned whether he should play or not.

That's our decision. If you don't like the way we do it, get rid of us. I don't think players should be put in that position." Grant said a game-opening interception by teammate Ed Stewart helped set the tone for the offense. "We got momentum early and kept their offense off the field, but toward the end we had to fight to eat up the clock," he said. Ball control key Grant said Osborne chose to stick to the ground since the Cornhuskers were leading 38-10 and needed to control the ball.

"We could have passed more, but when it's looking like a blowout, you don't want to keep shoving it down somebody's face. You want to punch it through by running the ball and controlling the clock." Grant said he was impressed with the offensive success in the first half and the first drive of the second half. "We got some good blocking and we got the right plays at the right time a lot of times like the touchdown run by Derek Brown in the second quarter and the touchdown pass to Gerald Armstrong." Huskers ready I-back Calvin Jones, who gained 111 yards and ran for a 24-yard touchdown in the third quarter, said Nebraska was ready for big plays Saturday. "We were seeing the same kind of defense Washington had with the fast people on the outside and some trouble insde, but we punched through for enough points," Jones said. "Because there was so much talk about the Washington game this week, not too much was said about ASU.

But we players understand college football. We got the job done. "We just never took the momentum away from them. We slugged them and slugged them and they kept coming back. We didn't slack off, but we did see them get back in the game." n' -fvw vy fs- TED KIRKUNCOLN JOURNAL-STAR The pass was incorn- NU quarterback Mike Grant (1) sets up to pass to wingback Abdul Muhammad plete.

Grant completed six of 14 passes. Nebraska-Arizona State sidelights Yards weren't enough. Quotes play of the game. Bates, who rushed for 118 yards and two touchdowns, left the field on crutches with his leg in a brace. Notes y' i Lance Gray David Seizys lead.

"We were able to make some big plays and get some turnovers and good field position," Osborne said. "That's something we didn't have last week." Nebraska opened the game with an interception of a Garrick McGee pass. Troy Dumas tipped the pass over the middle, and NU teammate Ed Stewart intercepted the ball at the ASU 38. Six plays later, Nebraska quarterback Mike Grant slipped through the line, spun away from ASU cornerback Lenny McGill and scored on a 5-yard run. The Cornhuskers jammed the Devils, and Byron Bennett kicked a 37-yard field goal to put Nebraska ahead 10-0 with 7:21 left in the first quarter.

McGee, in his first start for Arizona State, hit tight end Brian Ryder on a 15-yard touchdown pass, but Nebraska answered with a 7-yard touchdown pass from Grant to Gerald Armstrong, ending a 12-play, 79-yard drive. After ASU scored on a 37-yard field goal, Nebraska pounced on a fumbled punt return at the ASU 9, and Brown swept around the left end to increase the halftime lead to 24-10. "In some ways I'm concerned with the way we did not stop the run at all in the last quarter and a half," Osborne said. "I was afraid we wouldn't have quite the same reservoir of energy and enthusiasm we need to have to win the game. Defense is played with emotion and heart and that's hard to do back-to-back." Mistakes, in the form of 12 penalties, stymied the Sun Devils throughout the game.

No penalty was more devastating than a call for having a lineman downfield on a pass with eight minutes left. Arizona State trailed 38-24 and was driving for the third time in a row at the Cornhuskers. A 37-yard run by reserve quarterback Grady Benton and a 19-yard pass from Benton to Clyde McCoy moved the Sun Devils to the Nebraska 24. Facing a third-down-and-2, Bates took the ball but was tripped up for no gain by NU defensive tackle John Parrella. On the next play, Benton hit tight end Steve Bush on a gain to the NU 14.

But the play was called back because an ASU tackle was still downfield on the pass. On fourth-and-7, Hill smashed through the Sun Devil line and grabbed Benton from behind on a 3-yard gain with 7:49 remaining. "That's where the pride kicked in," Hill said. "They were running right at us over and over again. I could see the quarterback getting ready to tuck it and run, and I just put my ears back and went to him.

I guess it was a big play." It turned a threat into an opportunity for Nebraska. Barron Miles intercepted an ASU pass at midfield three minutes later. On the first play after the interception, NU fullback Lance Lewis broke around the right end behind a clearing block by William Washington and raced 50 yards to pad the Cornhusker ESPN's "Block of the Day" was Husker Gerald Armstrong's block on Arizona State free safety Adam Brass, which allowed Derek Brown to score on a 9-yard run in the second quarter. Nine men were honored by the Nebraska Football Hall of Fame Saturday. Named to the Hall were former Omaha University standout Bob Matthews, former Doane Coach Jim Dutcher, and former NU players Fred Preston, Fran Nagle, Frank Solich (current assistant head coach), Rick Berns and Tom Rathman.

NU athletic director Bob Devaney was given the Clarence E. Swanson Memorial Service Award and Jack Payne of KFAB was given the Lyell Bremser Special Merit Award. The university of Nebraska presented the local chapter of the American Red Cross with a check for $5,000 raised through donations at the last home game. them to do in terms of playing hard. But we were beaten by a very good team, and we made some critical errors to help them." (Asked if he thinks Nebraska is on the same level as Washington, which ASU played in its season opener): "Oh, absolutely.

There were some calls up there (in Seattle) that were suspect. I'd bet if those two teams played 10 times it's going to be awful close." ASU quarterback Grady Benton (on ASU's penalties): "Just a lack of concentration. We possibly could've won the game if we could have (corrected) the mistakes. We hurt ourselves a lot (and) we played a dang good team." (On the officiating): "Costly mistakes at crucial times is what hurt us. You could blame the refs, but we're not going to do that.

The refs did their job, we did our job and in the crucial time we did our job wrong." ASU center Toby Mills (on playing Nebraska): "They're tough guys and they played well and hard. We just had it in our mind that we're going to have to match their intensity level and then some to move the ball. Our coaches prepared us well and I think people are getting more comfortable with what's going oa" l-Back update No. Yds. Ave.

TO Derek Brown 57 407 7.1 4 Calvin Jones 49 401 8.2 3 Injury report NU quarterback Mike Grant has a sore back, and tight end Gerald Armstrong has a bruised hip. Linebacker Matt Penland suffered a strained right knee, one he had operated on last year, and two broken bones in his left foot. ASU tailback Mario Bates suffered what was diagnosed as a sprained left knee on the next-to-last NU quarterback Mike Grant (on he, I-back Calvin Jones and fullback Lance Lewis escaping tacklers on their touchdown runs): "A lot of that comes from Frank Solich (NU running backs coach) who says nobody, except maybe a wingback, should be brought down by one tackier. If you've got the moves, then use them to your advantage." Jones (on his 24-yard touchdown run early in the second half): "It's hard to explain it if you aren't a running back with instincts. You just do it." (On being in the same backfield with I-back Derek Brown on a few plays.

The two have alternated starts this season: "It take pressure off both of us because of our running game, and they've got to respect both of us." NU fullback Lewis (on his 50-yard touchdown run that ended the scoring): "I knew that No. 44 (Brett Wallerstedt) was running to catch me. He told me during the extra point he got me. I don't think so." Wallerstedt and Lewis played against each other in high school. "On the run, William Washington must have blocked out four guys, and Trumane Bell took out another guy downfield." NU safety Troy Dumas (comparing ASU quarterbacks Garrick McGee and Grady Benton): "Benton was more of a runner.

McGee didn't scramble unless he absolutely had to. When Benton couldn't find somebody to pass to right away, he'd just take off." McGee, a sophmore, finished the game with 3 yards rushing on two attempts. He passed for 124 yards, completing 8-of-14 with two interceptions. Benton, also a sophomore, rushed for 53 yards on seven attempts and passed for 139 yards, completing 11-of-14 passes with one interception. ASU Coach Bruce Snyder: "I want to compliment my team because I think we played very hard.

They're doing what I'm coaching Schedule Gray's hit on kickoff first 'ooh9 Lance Gray had been waiting all year for a play like the Huskers' kick-off in the first quarter after taking a 10-0 lead. Gray raced downfield at full speed and slammed into Arizona State's return man Mario Bates at the llyard line. the kickoff, David White told us in the huddle that we hadn't gotten an 'ooh' all year," said Gray. "Well, we got our and I just happened to be the guy who got it. "You visualize a hit like that the night before the game, but when you get it, you hear the crowd." That wasn't the only devastating blow delivered by NU special teams.

With just over two minutes left in the first half, ASU forced Nebraska to punt from near midfield. Sun Devil Adam Brass waved his arm for a fair catch, but when the ball went through his arms, David Seizys recovered the fumble at 9-yard line to set up another Husker score. t'The special teams are just trying to make a difference in the game," said Seizys. "You aren't wishing bad things on somebody else, but you hope something will happen to turn things around. have to let up a bit so the guy doesn't scream past you, but when the bail slipped through his hands, everything picked up a lot." Banquet honoring Devaney scheduled Retiring Nebraska Athletic Director Bob Devaney will be honored at a banquet Oct.

30 at the Devaney Sports Center. Bob Rydman. chairman of the Bob Devaney Appreciation Dinner organizing committee, announced Saturday that tickets for the banquet are on saleand are available by mail. Tickets for the dinner are $50 and may be obtained by sending a check t5 Devaney Appreciation Dinner, P.O. Box 82848, Lincoln, NE 68501.

Those wishing to sit together should send their requests in the same envelope. Scoring summary i (All times Central) Sept. 5 Nebraska 49, Utah 22 Sept. 12 Nebraska 48, Middle Tennessee State 7 Sept. 19 Washington 29, Nebraska 14 Sept.

26 Nebraska 45, Arizona State 24 Oct. 10 Oklahoma State at Nebraska, 1 p.m. Oct. 24 Nebraska at Missouri, 1 p.m. Oct.

31 Colorado at Nebraska, 1 p.m. (Homecoming) Nov. 7 Kansas at Nebraska, 1 p.m. Nov. 14 Nebraska at Iowa State, 1 p.m.

Nov. 27 Nebraska at Oklahoma, 12:30 p.m. Dec. Nebraska vs. Kansas State, Tokyo, 9 p.m.

(kickoff is noon Dec. 6 in Japan) ASU-NU How scored Time Individual statistics Nebraska Offense Rushing 12:27 n. 7:21 14:15 8:34 3:19 2:08 14:22 13:55 7:15 0:49 2:23 FIRST QUARTER 0-7 Mike Grant 5 run Drive: 38 yards In 6 plavs. Set up bv Ed Stewart interception of Garrick McGee pass. Highlighted by Calvin Jones 5, 8, 15 runs Conversion: Byron Bennett kick.

0-10 Bennett 37 lield goal Drive: 31 yards In 7 plavs. Highlighted by Grant 20 run, Lance Lewis 7 run. SECOND QUARTER 7-10 Brian Ryder 15 pass from McGee Drive: 80 yards In 9 plays. Highlighted by McGee 32 pass to Kevin Snyder, McGee 12 pass to George Montgomery, Jerone Davison 4, 5, 4 runs. Conversion: Mike Richey kick.

7-17 Gerald Armstrong 7 pass from Grant Drive: 79 yards in 12 plays. Highlighted bv: Grant 23 pass to Tyrone Hughes, Derek Brown 11, 10 runs, Lewis 11 run, Gront 6 pass to Trumane Bell. Conversion: Bennett kick. 10-17 Richey 37 field goal Drive: 72 yards In 11 plavs. Hlghllghed bv Mario Bates 25, 5, 17 runs, McGee 18 pass to Montgomery.

Conversion: Richey kick. 10-24 Derek Brown 9 run Drive: 9 yards In 1 plav. Set up bv David Seizys recovery of punt fumbled by Adam Brass. Conversion: Bennett kick. THIRD QUARTER 10-31 C.

Jones 24 run Drive: 50 yards In 4 plavs. Highlighted by C. Jones 17, 4 runs. Conversion: Bennett kick. 10-38 Bruce Moore 54 interception return Conversion: Bennett kick.

17-38 Bates 6 run Drive: 59 yards In 8 ploys. Highlighted bv Davison 10, 12 runs, Gradv Benton 17 poss to Clvde McCoy, Benton 9 pass to Davison. Conversion: Richey kick. 24-38 Bates 9 run Drive: 80 yards in 9 plays. Highlighted by Bates 4, 9 runs, Benton 18, 12, 17 posses to Bob Brasher, Benton 11 pass to Montgomery.

Conversion: Richey kick. FOURTH QUARTER 24-45 Lewis 50 run Drive: 50 yards In 1 play. Set up bv Borron Miles Interception of Benton pass. Conversion: Bennett kick. No.

Yds. Ave. C.Jones 17 111 6 5 Lewis 6 78 13 0 Brown 17 69 3 8 Muhammad 1 25 25.0 Grant 10 28 28 McDuffy 3 13 4.3 Passing No. Co. Yds PI Grant 14 6 50 1 Receiving Kickoff returns No.

Yds. Hughes 1 21 Dixon 1 50 Defense Tackles UT AT TT Dumas 6 4 10 White 4 5 9 Stewart 5 3 8 Wilhite 6 1 7 Wright 1 5 6 Williams 3 3.6 Connealy 2 4 6 Parrella 2 3 5 Carmer 2 2 4 Alberts 1 3 4 T. Hill 13 4 Mi. Anderson 1 2 3 Penland! 1 2 3 Moore 3 0 3 Gray 2 0 2 Reece 1 0 1 Miles 1 0 1 Brown 1 0 1 Beler 1 0 1 Moss 1 0 1 Schlesinger 10 1 Nconan 0 1 1 Wade 0 1 1 D.Jones 1 0 1 Arizona State Offense Rushing No. Yds.

Ave. Bates 23 118 5.1 Davison 19 72 38 Benton 7 53 7 6 Montgomery 1 4 4 0 McGee 2 3 1.5 McCoy 1 1 1.0 Passing No. Co. Yds PI Benton 14 11 139 1 McGee 14 8 124 2 Receiving No. Yds.

Snyder 5 79 McCoy 4 66 Brasher 3 47 Montgomery 3 41 Ryder 2 19 Davison 1 9 Bates 1 2 Punting No. Yds. Ave. Rausch 3 127 423 Punt returns No. Yds.

McCoy 1 0 Brass 1 -1 Kickoff returns No. Yds. Land 3 56 Bates 3 37 Interception returns No. Yds. Soward 1 0 Defense Tackles UT AT TT Brass 7 4 11 Dragoo 6 5 11 Wallerstedt 6 4 10 Carver 6 2 8 D.

Moore 2 4 6 Hooks 0 5 5 Soward 4 1 5 Miniefiek) 2 1 3 Stanley 1 2 3 G. Hill 3 0 3 McGee 1 0 1 Powers 0 11 Rashada 0 1 1 J. Boyd 0 1 1 M. Brown 0 11 Rchey 1 0 1 Yds. 19 23 7 1 No.

Bell 3 Hughes 1 Armstrong 1 Brown 1 Punting No. Yds. Ave Stigge 6 267 44.5 Punt returns No. Hughes 1 Interception returns No. Moore 1 Miles 1 Stewart 1 Yds.

1 Yds 54 0 -1 'The dinner will begin at 7 p.m. and wJU be preceded by a social hour at 6.30 p.m..

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