The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 17, 1985 · 34
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 34

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 17, 1985
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iHiiftifrnn . SUNDAY JOURNAL-8TAR Perfect opportunity? doesn't help Kansas l-i t . f -mm.1 I - II.LUi .!.-. - V A . i - '' V 4 Nebraska defensive tackle Scoring KU-NU How FIRST QUARTER Johnson 19 field 9oal Drive: No yards in three plays after KU recovered Miles' fumble of klckoH ot NU 2. Klein 12 field goal Drive: 69 yards in seven plays. Highlighted by Rathman runs of 29 and 9 yards, five DuBose runs for 31 yards. Rathman 44 run Drive: 64 yards in three plays. Highlighted by DuBose runs of 1 1 and 9 yards. Conversion : Klein kick. SECOND QUARTER Sheppard 35 pass from Clayton Drive: 24 yards in three plays after R. Schnltzler's 37-yard punt return. Conversion: Klein kick. K. Jones 1 run Drive: 60 yards in five plays. Highlighted by K. Jones runs of 33 and 5 yards and Sheppard 17 run. Conversion: Klein kick. DuBose 11 run Drive: 70 yards in three plays. Highlighted by Rathman 56 run. Conversion: Klein kick. Sheppard S2 pass from Turner Drive: 82 yards in one play. Conversion: Klein kick. THIRD QUARTER Safety, Kansas punt block out of end zone Johnson 32 field goal Drive: Minus 5 yards in three plays after Harder's 29-yard interception return to NU 9. K. Jones M kick off return Safety, Dickersoa fumbled out of end zone 3-1 3-3 3-10 3-17 3-24 3-31 3-38 3-49 67 4-54 FOURTH QUARTER S.Taylor 9 run Drive: 49 yards in nine plays. Highlighted by two K. Jones runs of 13 yards, S. Taylor 12 pass to Hawkins and S. Taylor 12 run. Conversion: Cheloha kick. Munford P910 ; ln addition to Parsons, senior Chad Daffer and junior Steve Forch are experienced and can help pick up the slack created by Munford's absence. 'McBride said freshman LeRoy Etienne "is probably going to get more work" in practice this week as well ..If we can zero him in on the wishbone, he's the kind of guy who can play against Oklahoma," said McBride. TLeRoy may not be quite as fast as Munford, but he might be a little heavier hitter inside. He's a real good linebacker on the inside stuff. He's the kind of guy who can bold up weD in there." Etienne is 6-2 and 235 pounds. Oklahoma's wishbone offense has become effective because of freshman quarterback Jamelle Holieway, who took the controls when Troy Aikman suffered a broken leg in the Sooners only toss of the season to Miami r 7"W T r NU't Jeff Tom jack (11) blocks the quarter safety. Mk;buLl.9ftkilttS!d0t , i r -1 - .... J ! '-Mr ; 'WjzP-- " -" I :';- ' ' f l&T lit J -: . i .. V'' ' I r.A I i i..-1 1 . , V SSL HO ? i . if Nell Smith sacks Kansas quarterback Mike Norseth (7) for a loss of scored Time left 14:07 11:03 2:48 14:53 11:34 8:31 4:05 13:30 5:55 . 5:40 4:24 12:25 With Holieway, "you can have the quarterback covered and the pitch covered, but beH find a bole in the line of ' scrimmage and he's gone back to the other side of the field," McBride said. "That's tough to defend against when you're really trying to pursue. They can spread your defense out; you make one mistake, and they're gone. Oklahoma's the kind of team that you might shut down for a little bit and all of a sudden, boom, they're gone with a big play." Big plays for Kansas were notable by their absence Saturday afternoon. Nebraska limited the Jayhawks to 144 yards of total offense. Their longest play was a 22-yard pass from Mike Norseth to Richard Estell, and their two scoring drives produced a net of minus 5 yards. Norseth, who went into the game., ranked third in the nation in total of tout punt of KU's Rob Dlckaraon (80) fcMfWVfr-ifc AjjBu.,JjBk'.(ftiiti. - iiVi('iiiW l -1 From Huskers however. "It was costly in terms of injuries," Coadi Tom Osborne said. Junior linebacker Marc Munford suffered ligament damage in his right knee and will be tost for the season, and tight end Todd Frain left the game with a severe knee strain, which casts doubt on his availability for Oklahoma. "We need big-play players like Munford and Frain in that game down there," said Osborne. "Those are key players." Just about every Comhusker must have seemed like a big-play player to Kansas on Saturday. Nebraska rolled up a season-high 639 yards of total offense despite losing five of nine fumbles, also season highs, and finishing with a season-low time of possession, 27:32. The Comhuskers had the ball less than half the game. Rathman was one of three Comhuskers who rushed for more yards than Kansas, gaining a career-high 159 on only nine carries to shatter the school single-season record for a fullback, of 717 set by Dick Davis in 1967. Rathman has 852 rushing yards. The touchdown was the 12th of his career, tying Mark Schellen's school record. DuBose carried 17 times for 109 yards, increasing his season total of 1,115 yards, sixth-best in Nebraska history, and fense, completed only eight of 25 passes for 77 yards and was sacked nine times for tosses totaling 68 yards. "We wanted to shut these guys down," said Skow, who had one of the sacks and broke the Nebraska career record of 39 tackles for loss previously held by Kerry Weinmaster. Skow has 21 this season, which ties Derrie Nelson's record. "All we heard this week was, 'What about Oklahoma?' It was Oklahoma this, Oklahoma that We wanted to show the fans we could shut down Kansas, too." Shutting down run-oriented Oklahoma wont be nearly as easy. But "I think our defense is made to play the run. We're a lot better at playing the run than the pass," Parsons said With Munford sidelined, Parsons will be asked to play a key role in trying to stop the Sooner offense. 1 W-l rV.' out Of the end zone for a third - j Awj-.i-. ifc iT iiC - ii - ir - " - "" M.... a Id .a . .4. ... JU - 1 1 in the second quarter. Jones finished with a career-high 84 yards on eight carries. Taylor was Nebraska's fourth best rusher, gaining 48 yards on four carries. "Steve Taylor obviously has the ability to make the big play," Osborne said. "I just hope he's got the maturity now to play in a big game like next week. "Hell probably figure in there somewhere. I dont know what the circumstances will be. He may not even get onto the field. But well try to have him ready . . . well try to have all four quarterbacks ready to play." As be showed Saturday, "Taylor's got a step that's very helpful to have." The Comhusker running game, which produced 498 yards, was complemented by a passing attack that was limited but effective. Nebraska quarterbacks completed four of seven passes for 141 yards, nearly twice what Kansas managed Jayhawk quarterback Mike Norseth, ranked first in the Big Eight and 21st in the nation in passing efficiency, completed eight of 25 passes for 77 yards, not much of a trade-off considering he was sacked nine times for 68 yards in tosses. "We played awfully well today, particularly on defense," Osborne sakL ... Kansas was equally ineffective at running the ball The Jayhawks finished with 67 yards on the ground In addition to the five lost fumbles, Nebraska threw one interception, which led to the second Kansas field goal That scoring series began at the Comhusker 11-yard line and netted a minus 5 yards. "I dont think I've ever been in that situation before," McBride said of the negative yardage scoring drive. Again, Nebraska's defense was able to deal with sudden change. Everything went back to that first series, however, according to McBride. Before the game, "we were a little flat, emotionally," he said "I was a little nervous about that, but I think what happened at the beginning woke us up. That helped us defensively." Sudden change.. Forcing the field goal "kind of took the air out of them," said Skow, who made the tackle on first down. "I think that pumped us up a little." After that series, the Jayhawks "realized they were in for a dogfight They knew we werent looking past them," senior linebacker Mike Knox said Nebraska Offense Rushing No. 'Yds. Ave. Clayton 5 10 2.0 Rathman 9 159 17.7 DuBose 17 109 6.4 Koelin 1 2 2.0 Miles 4 20 5.0 K. Jones 8 84 10.5 Sheppard 1 17 17.0 Blokemon 2 3 1.5 S. Taylor 4 48 12.0 Casterline.. 1 3 3.0 Kelley....: 2 12 6.0 Nelson 2 13 6.5 Hedlund 1 1 1.0 Helbel 1 2 2.0 J. Taylor 4 14 3.5 T.Knox... 1 2 2.0 Passing No. Co. Yds PI Clayton 3 2 47 0 Turner............... 2 1 82 1 S. Taylor 2 1 12 0 Receiving No. Yds. Sheppard 3 129 Hawkins l 12 Punting No. Yds. Ave. Wlngard 1 57 57.0 Punt returns No. Yds. R.Schnitzler.. 2 34 Slebler ........................... 1 0 Tomlack .. . l 11 Klckoff returns No. Yds. Miles .....M............2 11 K. Jones......................... 1 98 Sheppard.. 1 14 Brlnson.......... 1 35 - - ! -rnii I tftnift ,h o1t r fHi h By Curt McKeever Even an early break couldnt save Kansas. Having not scored a touchdown in its previous 11 quarters, the Jayhawks were given a perfect opportunity to end that vskid when CJ. Eanes fell on a Paul Miles fumble at the Nebraska 2-yard line on the opening kickoff. Four quarters later, the streak was at 15 and KU had tost its fourth straight game. "We just got beat by a good football team," Kansas Coach Mike Gottfried said "We got beat right from the start. "If we had scored a touchdown the way it went I dont think it would've been a factor. We were limited in running the football and solely rely on bow good we throw the football and how good we protect ... and we didn't do a very good job of either today." Gottfried, however, refused to believe that his team gave up after falling behind by three touchdowns early in the second quarter. "I think it was a good effort But our kicking game was almost nothing. Defensively, they ran up and down the field on us all day and offensively they shut us down. You add all three of those together and it's lucky that it wasnt even worse (on the scoreboard). "A lot of people aren't playing them well," Gottfried added "They didn't do anything different than anyone else on defense. I think it's us more than anyone else we're facing." Jayhawk linebacker Willie Pless has seen his team take a whipping from Nebraska four straight years. The Husker tradition that had him awed as a fresh- 1 5 L Husker quarterback Travis Turner (14) yells in pain after his rkjh; knee locked up in the third quarter. 2 starters suffer injuries, may miss Oklahoma gamei Nebraska apparently came away from Saturday's 5M victory over Kansas with only two injuries to front-line players. But they were significant Junior linebacker Marc Munford the team's leading tackier, suffered torn ligaments in his right knee and will be lost for the remainder of the season. Hell undergo surgery Sunday. Senior tight end Todd Frain suffered a knee strain which could keep him out Statistics Defense Tackles UT AT TT Palmer 10 1 Tucker 1 0 1 Spachman 1 0 1 Noonan 2 0 .2 Skow. 2 0 . 2 Reeves 1 ' 0 1 B.Smith 3 0 3 N.Smith 1 0 1 Sheod 1 1 2 L. Jones 1 0 1 Thomas 1 0 1 Rogers 2 0 2 Groskurth 10 1 Etienne 2 0 2 Munford 5 0 ' j M. Knox 2 3 5 Parsons 1 0 1 Daffer Forch 1 2 3 Welnlok ........... 1 0' 1 ProHItt 2 0 2 Washington . 1 2 3 Siebler ... 2 1 3 Carl 11 2 Corr 1.0 1 Tomlack 11 2 Pokorny 1 ; 0 1 Thayer 2 0 2 Shaw 10 1 Jobman 10 1 Kansas Offense Rushing No. Yds. Ave. Norseth........ ......17 .28 -1.4 A. Fields ...M.......17 76 4.5 H. Fields., ..2 3 1.5 Rogers 4 16 4.0 Dlckerson 1 -6 -6.0 rTi 1 ft lift i0 iflf,J ilfVui .fci ,tj 1 wiia,jfcu,.i rfl man hasn't seemed to diminish. -"Il's tradition ... they're always a good football team and it dktnt seem like they were doing much wrong today," Pless said "Their offensive linemen do everything right I cant emphasize that enough on how they execute."' ' Despite holding Kansas to 77 passing yards, Kansas split end Johnny Hollo way was less impressed with the Hus&C defense. "Not to take anything away front their secondary because their second; ary is good -but as long as you've got good pass rush any secondary will look good" Holloway said "That's they key, because if they didnt have a pass rush we would've picked them apart I was open deep but Mike didnt have time to set up and throw. . , "The thing they didnt do is make very many mistakes. They Ye 'likei robots ;.. they're always where thejsg supposed to be. They're as close tojer- fectionasyoucanget 2 ' Still, Holloway doesnt think even IWC will be enough for the Huskers agabtsg Oklahoma next Saturday when the tww-teams battle for what probably wiC mean a bid to the Orange BowL , ZZZ "I'm picking Oklahoma becauseC think Oklahoma has some pride," he" said "Nebraska has a good offense but Oklahoma is really sound on defense. Plus they've got (freshman quarterback) Jamelle Holieway who can throw and run the ball. I think that will offsef Nebraska quite a bit Stopping the wishbone is tough enough without having to worry about the pass." h. i 9 1 1 v a of next Saturday's game at Oklahoma." However, George Sullivan, NU hea trainer and physical therapist said if the-knee doesnt swell overnight, Frain-' could play against the Sooners. "It's sore, but I'm not going to miss-that game," said Frain. Reserve monster back Guy Rozier apjj peared to be the only other injury -P note. He suffered a bruised shoulder. LU Henderson 1 9 9.0 Passing . I No. Co. Yds PIT Norseth 25 8 ; 77 O Receiving . No.- Yds. Estell 3 ' 39 Vaughn 2 .17 Byrd 2 "11 " McGee 1 30 Punting mmr No. Yds. Ave. Dlckerson 12 464 38.7 Team , l 0 0.0. Kickoff returns Z. No. Yds? Lofton : 8 83C Rogers 1 t ... I nterceptlon returns No. Yds Hardr V Defense Tackles yrri UT AT 3X2 Stewart 2 3 i Tucker 1 0 ZSTZ Avery 3 1 Forte 1 2, -3- Nave 3 f 32 Griffin 3 0: Popovich 0 1- TXZ Pless 14 4 ZiSZ Bredesen 2 0 f Williams 3 1,V Randolph ........ 2 3 '. "5 Hen son ............ 3 - 0 i Garner 3 0 ' Crossmon ....... 4 0 ... , 4 Hordy ..... 4 .1 Horder .... 4 3 9 Stelnhauser 1 o2 H- Lofton 1 .-.,.,t: dfhwm4V lift idkf tUt, ,111 jjfc Ai j9 j Pi.i fi Aw H- g i

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