The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 7, 1992 · 21
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 21

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 7, 1992
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1 1 Lincoln Record Book Wednesday, October 7, 1992 The Lincoln Star Page 21 Marriage Licenses , Mllitorff, Robsrt m, Wovsrly, ond Lam- bvrt, Ltaniwt Yvomw, 34, Alvo. rewn, John J., 30, 4301 Normal Blvd., end Mllav, Klmbwly A., 22, 4201 Normal Blvd. Collin, Brian Akm, 23, SOI S. lJth SI., H1, and Brawn, Sttphanl Ann, 13. 5052 R SI. Crofton, John William, 24, 103S S. 17th ., Oi orjdBraula, Krlttl Anna, 22, 1035 ft, 17lh St FanMre, Mlchotl L, 28, 130 DonvllK Drlvt, and Iprlmwr, Potrlcla M., 25, 4520 Colvtrt St., Krwatr, Doug lot W., 35, 390 Worrnlnaton Av., and Hlllmon, Sarah J., It, 4120 B SI. Loukt, Cory Doan, 21, 1532 S. 20Hi St., and O'Doy, Jtnnlttf Maria, 21, 1532 S. 20th St. Miliar, Robert l, 33, 1443 N. 15th St., and tlaa- nlcka, Tonya B., 24, 1443 N. 15th St. forur Sr., Frank L 55, Omaha, and McCtortawi, Sharon B., 54, Lot Ansam, Colli. Van Jool J., 21, 2612 N. 4th St., and a- wck, Tabltho A., 2612 N. 49th St. Births Lincoln Oonoral Hospital Son RoMcrans, William and Brktott (Roy), Firth, Oct. 5. ryo Mwnortal Hospital Oauahttr Foubol, Pt ond Karon (Grabowtkl), 3200 St quola Drlvo, Oct. 4. Son Petting!-, Ron and Kathy (Rott), Pawn City, Oct. i. St. illiobeth Hoaltti Conttr Dauahttrs Brvor, David and Donna (Lyons), 3807 N.W. 49H St., Oct. 5. BuIhw, Brad and KrUtl (Wtantko), Starling, Oct. f ii,p..ip SHOWTIMES FOR TODAY ONLY1 KiSS.TCa(PS) UNLAWFUL MTBT (B) LETML WEAPON 3(B) EMC1M MM (P6) 3:ioio PATRIOT 6AMES (B) X&f BASIC USTIKCT(B) BATHU RETURNS (Ml J) g C8CL WORLD (P4513) i;l,pi.i il!jyii.n.,,4,iij.(ffl,; mil THELASTofthe Mohicans R llliinr- Now Showing! Is i3TWAym47Ji46s'j 5:10-7:30-9:50 CAPTAIN RON (PG13) 5:ZO-7:zo-9:zo tfBLADE RUNNER (R) 5:05-7:25-8:40 SCHOOL TIES (PG13) 5:10-7:20-9: :30 MIGHTY DUCKS (PG) 5:20-7:25-9:30 MR. SATURDAY NIGHT (R) 5:15-7:30-9:45 'SINGLES (PG13) 5:20-7:20-9:20 fMR. BASEBALL (PG13) 5:30-7:45-9:55 ''MIGHTY DUCKS (PG) 5:20-7:30-9:35 HONEYMOON IN VEGAS (PG13) 5:ZD-7:zo-9:zo inlni,.l-fJ'.!W'Ma'jai.-. - J'J iH'ii GO EYEGLASSES GO PAIR -llfSH FARMIOM HIGH FASHION FRAMES SPECIAL SELECTION INCLUDES SINGLE VISION PLASTIC LENSES AND THE EYE EXAM! ijjsfl 1 3 -1 - mmmm flsis mm mum- mmmm mi mm SUPER "NO-LINE" BI-FOCALS $(Q(nl9p, PROGRESSIVE BI-FOCALS look years youngeri 1 KZ. 1 1 PM IN FOCUS AT ALL DISTANCES! INCLUDES THE EYE EXAM!!! r-y KJ Standard Salt Contacts New Patients Onhr Certain LlnHtstlone Apply Options Avlft at iddnonel chars Eyeglass eam S?S wlthox purchase Cornea lens sent S4E rhout purchae EitenoM we sun 860 Torto 4 other speebny lanea eddkionaJ charoe All other brands from 820 addHonal Outtlds preeoriptton. ttttional Certain restrictions may apply. Previous tttm excsxlea. Iters, John and Mtllua (Wollt I, SIM N.W. 10th St., Oct. S. Potpitii, Uowronca and Liu (Koonti), 4130 N. nth St., Oct. S. chroodtr, Lynn and luiztH (Bornttt), 70 t. E Mora Lont, Oct, i. SoA Own, Tim and Sonya (Maurttad), Baotrlc, Oct. 5. Divorces Cotaon, Larry e. and Tina M. Pottw, Holm Marl and Mox Uonn. Howltt, Maxlno A. ond Charm R. Slomtm, Sttvan E. ond Nancy L Slmomoa-Para, Bonn I Elolnt and Para, Kurtls Ulan. Courts Court cost oodltlonal to tints. Ago, addratt. If ony, from public record. Corrections will be made only M public record was reported Incorrectly. District Court Third DMrt Assault Prtstoe, Patrick, alto known as Jonos, Blnson, 21, 47X Gladstone St., omended from terroristic threats, 75 days loll. Attempted Leavln Stat WMIe ea Parole Deshane, Bruce, 34, Lincoln Correction Center, omended from leaving state while on parole, tlx months prison to run consecutive to current sentence. County Court Drlvln While Intoxicated Beran, Ranette D., 20, 3101 N. 43rd St., third offense, three years probation. Burmood, Christopher, 25, 2042 1. 24th St., PI, 10 months probation. Clvmer, Steven F 30, Roca, first, seven days loll, six months suspension, $200, end second SI io A vmm&r Gary Franklin, KCOP-TV, LOS ANGELES n ini COLUMBIA PICTURES uniiw m I lit) itiuM NOW BHOWINOI iwiromnHciNnfltrfox ! i" HERO (PG13) 5:30-7:45-9:55 W MR. BASEBALL (PG13) 5:15-7:30-9:45 HUSBANDS AND WIVES (R) 5:30-7:45-9:45 SNEAKERS (PG13) 5:05-7:20-9:35 INNOCENT BLOOD (R) 5:15-7:30-9:45 BOB ROBERTS (R) 5:30-7:30-9:30 SINGLES (PG13) 5:20-7:20-9:20 MR. SATURDAY NIGHT (R) 5:10-7:30-9:50 HERO (PG) 5:20-7:40-9:55 LAST OF THE MOHICANS (R) , 5:10-7:30-9:50 - )B.i'aii,,i'i'i;i'i;tt iii'i'im $ MA COMPLETE mm CALL NOW FOR A NO OBLIGATION APPOINTMENT Df.KnlsJ Piper. 0.0. Dr. Kaytyn Jackmen, O.D. LV. Miscall Sim,0.a Guarntd ID beat any tu advertised offer! Brine; In ? 12m i 'P' PH: 477-1234 .ti a. I I 1 sMsMsMfe -jm - KM' wmm ofentes: 20 days loll, on year suspension, S5001 sentence to be consecutive to each other. CotwelL Jeffrey R., 2Z 1417 Prospect St 3, one year probation. Cenover, Cathy, J, 2020 N. 2nd St on year probation. awards, Laura, 24, 241 Huntington St., !, even days loll, six month license suspension, 1225. Oowcher, Greoory A 25, 7201 Knox St on year probation. Orass, Christian S 22, 47 Starr St on year probation. Hall, Darin L., 21, 1105 New Hampshire St on year probation. Hall, Tracy J., 22, 3500 Portia St., 302, second offense, 30 days lalL one year license suspension, SM0. Hellbusch, Worren, 22, Columbus, 20 days lall, one year license suspension, SM0. Jones, Cherl May, 2, 1315 L St., PES, 10 day loll, six months license suspension, S2S0; count two, no operator license, Stt; count three, fall appear, SS0. IT tlcek, Richard A 20, 4700 S.W. Sixth St., uvven day lall, six months license suspension, Lome, John D 20, 1127 Washington St., l seven days lall, six months license suspension, S225. MortW, Mlchotl W., 2, 1245 N. 11th St., seven days lall, six months license suspension, S200. Miller, Leslie E., 31, Crete, IS months probation. Mills, Tv A., 22, Seward, seven day lall, six months license suspension, S200. Morrow, Mary, 33, 421 Capital Beach, 7, second offense, 10 months probation. RavnhoMt, Matthew D 23, Omaha, second offense, 30 days lall, on year license suspension, 1500. Sherman, Steven A., 30, Hallam, second offense, 30 days loll, one year license suspension, 1500; count two, no proof of ownership, 150. Smith, Donald L 32, 5224 W. Vance Rood, en year probation. Stand ley. Jay D., 31, 3500 Gladstone St IS months probation. Stevens, Kevin C, IS, 2920 Mark Ave., nln months probation. Tyler, Maurice, 31, 2244 Vine St., 107, seven days lall, six months license suspension, 12O0. Warner, Scott Kevin, 20, 2345 F St., seven days tail, six months license suspension, S250. Winchester, Charles E 20, 2927 N. 51st St Pi, nine months probation. raise Statement HKs, Kevin Roy, 2427 J St 4, S100; count two, fall to appear, (50. Porter, Christopher John, 30, address not given, $100; count two, fail to appear, $50. Trudell, Steve, 30, 1801 N. 24th St., S100. Possess Stolen Property Hurtade, Jos Lara, 23, People's City Mission, $250; count two, fall to appear, $50. No Proof of Insurance Navarre Its, Ralph, 30, 300 S. 14th St., 303, $50. Wylle, Scoff, 22, 1024 S. Fifth St $50. Police Calls Of 365 police calls recorded Tuesday, the following is a list of serious crimes against persons and property. Auto Theft Between 0 p.m. Saturday and 5 P.m. Sunday, at 70th Street and Pioneers Boulevard; 194S Ford tractor was taken; loss $2,500. Between S p.m. Sunday and 0 a.m. Monday, In the 1600 block of F street; Centurion Le Mans was taken; loss $550. Theft From Auto Between 1 P.m. and 9:55 p.m Sunday, at South 56th Street ond Highway 2; amplifier, speakers, boxes wer taken; lass $500; damage $250. Theft Between 1 p.m. Sunday end S a.m. Monday, In the 6500 block of North 56th Street; 14-Inch flatbed trailer was taken; loss $825. Between S a.m. Sept. IS end I p.m. Sunday, In the 4400 block of Rainier Drive; two iron chairs were taken; toss $500. Fire Calls 1:02 a.m., 721 K St., medical. 4:1( a.m., 1500 Knox St., medical. 4:44 a.m 336 N. 32nd St., toaster fir. 8:17 a.m 2024 S. 45th St., service call. 8:14 a.m 3939 S. 58th St., medical. 9:00 a.m., 605 S. 10th St., medical 18:13 a.m 105 N. Eighth St., medical. 11:58 a.m 40th and A streets, Inlury accident. 12:11 p.m near 14th and P, Inlury accident. 12:52 p.m 3846 Touialln Av., Inlury accident.. 12:55 p.m 84th and Highway 4, Inlury accident. 1:11 p.m Lincoln Airport, D-C 10 fuel spill. S: 17 P.m 46th and St. Paul streets, medical. 1:32 p.m UNL, East Campus, Animal Research ' building, fire alarm. 4:83 p.m 27th and W streets, medical. 4:53 p.m 2100 S. Folsom St., medical. 5:31 p.m 247 W. Rio, medical. 5:47 p.m 1101 Clearview, medical. 6:4 p.m., 2930 S. 37th St., medical. ' 7:34 p.m 2707 N. Second St., medical. 8: 17 p.m 1404 W. Arlington, medical. 0:26 p.m 4241 N.W. 61st St., medical. One-car Omaha crash claims Bellevue man OMAHA (AP) A Bellevue man was fatally injured when his car went out of control and struck a retaining wall at an Omaha intersection. Police said John A. Phillips, 36, died of head and chest injuries at University Hospital The accident occurred at 10:47 p.m. Monday at the intersection of 21st and Polk streets. Sgt Rick Bell said Phillips was driving at an excessive rate of speed when he failed to make a turn and hit the walL He said Phillips was not wearing a seat belt O.S.I. DAILY WEAR SOFT CONTACTS INCLUDES THE OMAHA CLOCKTOWER VILLAGE 717NO. 98th Street (Just East of Westroads) 309-2000 en id wtthe. lower price.. WEIL BEAT ITU Deaths Anderson Phil E., 70, 4233 Or-chard St., died Monday (10592). Retired Animal Science Lob technician University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Member, St. Luke's United Methodist Church. Survivors: wife, Mary Jo; sons, Gary, Paul and Lorl, all of Lincoln; daughters and sons-in-law, Marsha and John Hatgldakis, Minneapolis, Donna Anderson, Eagle, Karen and Brent Nelson, Sioux City, Iowa; brothers and sisters-in-law, Vern and Grace, Lincoln, Harold and Carol, Davey, Glen and Bonnie, Ceresco; sister and brother-in-law, Roma and Earl Voss, Paynesvllle, Minn.; seven grandchildren. Services: 1:30 p.m. Thursday, Roper & Sons Chapel, 4300 O St. The Rev. G. Wesly Ballard. Memorials, St. Luke's United Methodist Church. Paid Anderson Sidney S., S3, UK S. 58th St., died Monday (10592). Retired co-owner, Latsch's Inc. Member, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church. Church lay reader and treasurer. Past president, state and Lincoln Junior Chambers of Commerce (Jay-cees), Lincoln Downtown Rotary Club 14, "The Old Gang," Regional Stationers Association. Former member, Lincoln Downtown Development Association. Past worshipful master of Lancaster Lodge 54, A.F. and A.M., Scottish Rite, past Potentate of Sesos-tris Temple of the Shrine, Sesostris Scimitar Patrol, Cabrinl, Jesters. Survivors: wife, Velda E. Anderson; son, Sidney E., Rancho Murleta, Calif.; brother. Dale, Charlevoix, Mich.; sisters, Thelma Kerns, Lincoln, Sylvia Carroll, La von la, M'ch.; four grandchildren great-granddaughter. . Services: 2 p.m. Friday, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, 6001 A St. Visitation: noon Wednesday until noon Friday, Roper and Sons Mortuary, 4300 O St. Memorials to Shriners' Hospitals for Crippled Children, 1717 Yo-lande Ave., Lincoln, or to Alzheimers Association, Suite 1101, Cornhusker Hwy., Lincoln. Boettcher Elaine A., 63, 13006 238th, died Tuesday (10692). Services: Lincoln Memorial, 6800 S. 14th St. Fenton David T., 84, 1318 S. 25th St., died Saturday (10392). Funeral Mass: 10 a.m. Wednesday, St. Mary's Catholic Church, 14th and K streets. Visitation: until 9 a.m. Wednesday, Butherus-Maser 8. Love Mortuary, 4040 A St. Memorials to church or Plus X Foundation. Paid Gaydon Dorothy Jean, 68, Hoi-drege, formerly Lincoln, died Sunday (10492). Graveside services: 11 a.m. Wednesday, Fairview Cemetery. Memorials to Bethphage Mission, Holdrege. Lincoln Memorial Funeral Home, 6800 S. 14th St. Paid Gugat Anna Marie, 63, 4000 Huntington St., 8, died Tuesday (10692). Homemaker. Member, Zion Lutheran Church, Garland. Survivors: sons, Marvin Wlpperllng, Marathon, Iowa, Melvln Wlpperllng, Missouri Valley, Iowa, Merlin Wlpperllng, Norfolk, Wilfred Gugat, Brook Park, Minn., Roy Gugat, Hickman, L, Lee Gugat, Sioux City, Iowa; daughters, Martha Mewis, Norfolk, Mabel Sigert, Pilger, Elizabeth Marshall, Harvard, Eva Martin, Omaha, Betty Mace, Sioux City, Iowa; sisters, Minnie Roewert, Tllden, Lorraine McKendree, Lincoln, Alice Brown, Niklskl, Alaska; 53 grandchildren; 59 great-grandchildren. Funeral services: 1 p.m. Friday, St. John's Lutheran Church, 28th and Jackson streets, Sioux City, Iowa. Visitation: Metcalf Funeral Home, Lincoln, noon to 9 p.m. Wednesday, 8 a.m. to noon Thursday. Further viewing: 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Meyer Brothers Coloniel Chapel, Sioux City, Iowa. Memorials to Zlon Lutheran Church, Garland. Hetrlck Clarence C, 85, 4241 N. 61st, 801, Lincoln, died Monday (10592) at the Nebraska Veteran's Home In Grand Island. Employed, Roberts Dairy for 32 years. Served In U.S. Army. Member, Raymond United Methodist Church, Eagles Aires 147 of Lincoln, American Legion of Valparaiso, Moose Lodge and V.F.W. 131, both of Lincoln. Survivors: wife, Helen; stepson, Howard, Ogallala; stepdaughter, LaVerna Lor-chlck, Raymond, 10 grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren. Services: 9 a.m. Saturday, Roper and Sons Havelock Chapel, 6037 Have-lock Ave. Memorials to Raymond Methodist Church, Raymond, or ) u ooo 99 CQ4 COMPLETE LIMIT 1 PAIR INTRO OFFER NEW PATIENTS ONLY EYE EXAM!! NEW LOCATION! LINCOLN CENTRO PLAZA 4Sth & R Streets 464-1000 fites lT toYo Deaths Listed The following persons ore listed today In the Deaths and Funerals columns: Anderson, Phil E. Anderson, Sidney S. Boettcher, Elaine A. Duckworth, Ellolse A. Fenton, David T. Fllipl, Edward J. Gaydon, Dorothy Jean Gugat, Anna Marie Hetrlck, Clarence C. Korbelik, James A. Messlneo, Anthony O. Sr. Nichols, W. Duane Prachell, Frank D. Pvnn, Grace E. Reimers, Rudolph Ruyle, Frelda B. Siekman, LeRoy C. Snyder, Beverly J. Svoncara, Emll C. Swanson, Frances E. Vermass, Louise Weishahn, Eleanor R. White, Mary M. NOTE: The Star runs, free of charge, a one-time notice of any death In Lincoln, In the Nebraska area served by the paper, or of any former longtime resident. There are some limits on the amount of Information that may be included. Publication after that first day requires payment of a fee and will be labeled as paid; any Information desired by the advertiser can be Included In paid notices. Star death column personnel are available at 473-7311 after 2 p.m. Sundays through Fridays. Northeast Senior Center, Lincoln. Messlneo Anthony O. Sr., 81, 630 S. 55th St., died Monday (10592). Former owner, Cornhusker Market, Demma Fruit Co. Member, St. Teresa's Catholic Church, BPOE 80, King's Men, St. Teresa's Men's Club. Former member, past president. Grocer's Association. Graduated, University of Nebraska. Survivors: wife, Josephine "Jo"; sons, Anthony Jr. "Tony," Ronald J., both Lincoln; daughter, Mary Jo Seaman, Spalding; brother, Michael J., Lincoln; sister, Josephine N. Messlneo, Lincoln; eight grandchildren; great-granddaughter. Funeral Mass: 10:30 a.m. Friday, St. Joseph's Catholic Church, 1940 S. 77th St. Rosary: 7 P.m. Thursday, Butherus-Maser & Love Mortuary, 4040 A St. Pallbearers: Michael, Anthony, Joey, and Danny Messlneo, Ted and Matthew Aleslo. Memorials to Adoration Convent or St. Teresa's Catholic Church. ; Nichols W. Duane, 54, 1245 N. 37th St., died Sunday (10492). Memorial services: 2 p.m. Wednesday, Bethany Christian Church, 1645 N. Cotner Boulevard. Memorials In lieu of flowers to Bethany Christian (Outdoor Ministries Committee) Christian Church of Nebraska or Duane Nichols Memorial Fund, In care of Northeast High School, 2635 N. 63rd, Lincoln, NE 68507. Roper B, Sons Mortuary, 4300 O St. Paid Pynn Grace E., 79, 436 Gaslight Lane, died Monday (10592). Retired sales clerk, Hoviand-Swanson Department Store. Born Wisconsin. Member, Evangelical Lutheran Church, LOVE, Telecare programs. RSVP volunteer. Survivors: husband, Edward C; sons, Robert, Donald Holman, both Lincoln; daughter, Grace Waldman, Lincoln; 11 grandchildren; seven greatgrandchildren. Memorial services: 2 p.m. Thursday, Evangelical United Lutheran Church, 5945 Fremont St. No viewing. Body donated to Nebraska Anatomical Board. Memorials In lieu of flowers to family. In care of 436 Gaslight Lane, Lincoln, NE 68521. Metcalf Funeral Home, 245 N. 27th St. Reimers Rudolph (widower of Betty), 86, Ogallala, died Monday (10592). Survivors: sons, Kent, Trenton, Kirk, Lincoln; brother, Ben, Boulder, Colo.; sisters, Luella Eich-ner, Brighton, Colo., Viola Berry, Wauneta; nine grandchildren; seven grandchildren. Services: 11 a.m. Thursday, St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Ogallala. Memorials to church. Draucker Funeral Home, Ogallala. Ruyle Frelda B., 75, Lincoln, died Tuesday (10692). Homemaker. Survivors: son, Roy, Liberty; daughter, Betty Radebaugh, Lincoln, daughter, Susan Harm, Lincoln; sister, Marie Reed, Ontario, Calif.; nine grandchildren, nine great-grandchildren. Services: 1 p.m. Thursday, Butherus-Maser and Love Mortuary, 4040 A St. Visitation: 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Wednesday, 9 a.m.-noon Thursday. Graveside Service: 3 p.m.. Evergreen Cemetery, Beatrice. Memorials to Nebraska Heart Association. Siekman LeRoy C, 88, Concord-la, Kan., formerly Eagle, died Saturday (10392). Farmed 60 years In Cass County. Born rural Unadllla. Member, Senior Center In Concordia, Famers Union Organization. Survivors: daughters, Mrs. Virgil (Velma) Miller, Nebraska City, Mrs. James (Ardeth) Pettygrove, Concordia, Kan.; brother, Raymond, Lincoln; grandchildren and spouses, Verle and Jill Miller, Atlantic, Iowa, Vlckl and Dan Creal, Eagle, Lynn and Sam Bauer, Colorado Springs, Colo., Kim CIA admits 'mistakes' in case of loans to Iraq WASHINGTON (NYT) - In a rare public admission of error, the Central Intelligence Agency said on Tuesday that it gave incorrect information to the Justice Department and federal prosecutors in Atlanta about a bank fraud case involving billions of dollars in loans to Iraq. The agency also acknowledged that it failed to provide the Justice Department with all its classified intelligence reports relating to the case. But Elizabeth Rindskopf, the chief lawyer for the CIA, denied that the agency purposely withheld information or tried to thwart the investigation. "In all of this there was no attempt to mislead anyone or cover up anything," she said in a telephone interview. "But some mistakes have been made." At issue are two separate questions about the CIA's willingness to be forthcoming in the case. One is a Sept 17 letter to the Atlanta prosecutors, later released publicly, stating that the CIA had no independent secret information about the case, when in fact the CIA had already received several classified reports about it The other is the CIA's disclosure that it has recently found new reports about the bank's activities, calling into question its assertions that it cooperated fully with the prosecution and Karl Hall, Mesaulte, Texas; grandson, Todd Pettygrove, Topeka, Kan.; great-grandchildren, Mltzl, Max, Molly Miller, Andrew, Bradley, Sam Creal, Aaron, Ariel Hall, Zo chory Bauer, Devon Pettygrove; nieces; nephews; friends. Preceded In death by wife, Luclle. Services: 11 a.m. Wednesday, Wad-low's Colonial Chapel, 5200 R St. The Rev. Charles Reimnltz. Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Walton. Pallbearers: Dennis Siekman, Verne Zink, Maynard Kline, Merle, Dennis Schroeder, Steve Parker. Memorials to Christ Lutheran Church, Lincoln, or American Cancer Society, Lancaster County Unit. Snyder Beverly J., 35, 333 W. Calvert St., died Saturday ( 10392). Memorial services: 11 a.m. Wednesday, First-Plymouth Congregational Church, 2000 D St. Cremation. No visitation. Memorials In lieu of flowers to Planned Parenthood, P-FLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) or St. Elizabeth Health Center's Oncology Unit. Roper Si Sons Mortuary, 4300 O St. Paid Swanson Frances E 77, 1810 E St., died Monday (10592). Retired sales clerk and cashier for Edison Brothers Shoe Co. Member, American Legion Auxiliary. Survivors: sons, Paul, Denver, David, Bennet, Joe, San Francisco; eight grandchildren, six great grandchildren; sister, Peggy Thompson; brother, Robert Thompson, Bellevue, Wash. Memorial Services: 11 a.m. Thursday, Roper and Sons Chapel, 4300 O St. The Rev. Bud Smeltzer. Burial of ashes, Yankee Hill. Honorary pallbearers: Debbie Kiser, Jack Krueger, Lisa Krueger, Joan Saver, Corlssa, Gina, Laura, Mark, and Mike Swanson. Memorials to family. Vermaas Louise, 79, 3640 S. Folsom St., died Monday (10592). Homemaker. Member, Westminster Presbyterian Church. Past state chairman, Nebraska Ladles Golf Association. Past chairwoman, Lincoln Ladles Golf Association, Lincoln Women's Bowling Association, State P.T.A. Board. Survivors: , husband, Roy T.; daughter, son-in-law, Carol Sue and Larry Fuerst, Lincoln; brothers, Joe Winterhalter, Lincoln, Harold Adams, Hurley, Miss.; sister. Fern Henderson, Springfield, Ohio; grandchildren, Mrs. Ron (Corl) Moeller, Amy Fuerst; nieces, nephews. Services: 11 a.m. Friday, Westminster Presbyterian Church, 2110 Sheridan Blvd. Roper & Sons Mortuary, 4300 O St. Memorials, Westminster Presbyterian Church or Tabitha Hospice Program. Paid Weishahn Eleanor R., 63, 3710 St. Marys Ave., died Tuesday (10692). Services: Roper and Sons, 4300 O St. Out of Town Duckworth Ellolse A., 66, Grand Island, died Monday (10592). Born Trenton. Survivors: husband, Jim; daughters, Mrs. Tom (June) Remington, Lincoln, Dixie Aftonomos, Fort Walton Beach, Fla. Services: 2 p.m. Thursday, Carpenter Funeral Home, McCook. Visitation: 1-5 p.m. Wednesday, 8 a.m.-l p.m. Thursday, funeral home. Memorials In care of funeral home. Fllipl Edward J., 56, Crete, died Sunday (10492). Services: 10 a.m. Wednesday, Kuncl Funeral Home, Crete. Military rites by Wllber Legion Post 101. Wllber Czech Cemetery. Memorials to family. Paid Korbelik James A., 89, Friend, died Tuesday (10692). Graduate, Mllllgan High School, 1923. Attended, Grand Island School of Business. Longtime farmer. Friend area. Member, Z. C.B.J. Saline Center Lodge 389. Survivors: wife, Bessie; brothers, Emll and Mary, Burlington, Colo., Arvll, Santa Anna, Calif.; several nieces and nephews. Preceded in death by parents; sister, Emma Havel; brothers, Sylvestor, Lee and Adolph. Services: 2 p.m. Friday, Lauber-Moore Funeral Home, Friend. Visitation: after 4 p.m. Wednesday, funeral home. Memorials to Parkinson's Disease Foundation. Family and friends luncheon, noon Friday, United Church of Christ, Friend. Svoncara Emll C, 75, 1807 A St., died Sunday (10492). Services: 2 p.m. Wednesday, Kuncl Funeral Home, Crete. Additional services by ZCBJ Lodge Llbuse 70. Visitation: funeral home. Paid Prachell Frank D., 82, Crete, died Tuesday (106). Survivors: cousins. Services: 10:30 a.m. Friday, Kuncl Funeral Home, Crete. Visitation: 9 a.m. Thursday until services. White Mary M., 97, Ottawa, III., formerly Syracuse, died Sunday (10492). Born Eagle. Member, United Methodist Church, Syracuse. Fifty-year member. Brilliant Star 257 OES. Survivors: daughter, Jayne Gerdlng, Ottawa; sisters, Mathilda Lee, California, Elizabeth Plymale, Omaha; four grandchildren; three stepgrandchildren; six great-grandchildren. Graveside services: 2 p.m. Thursday, Rosewood Cemetery, Palmyra. Visitation: 5-9 p.m. Wednesday, Fus-selman-Wymore Funeral Home, Syracuse. Pallbearers: John Krager, Gordon Strong, Don Craig, Elmer Stillahn and Harold Antes. previously. Rindskopfs statement on Tuesday is likely to fuel speculation that, despite the president's denials, the Bush administration concealed information about the case so as not to hinder the administration's foreign policy. The government has denied any political interference in the case, but in an abrupt reversal during his sentencing hearing last Thursday, a day after the CIA informed the Justice Department of its errors, the prosecution decided to allow the defendant, Christopher P. DrogouL to withdraw his guilty plea. The move was a reversal for the U.S. government, which had hoped to win a stiff sentence for DrogouL Instead, the case will now go to trial. On Monday, federal Judge Marvin H. Shoob sharply criticized the government for its handling of the case, charging that it failed to "investigate seriously" whether officials in Rome knew that its Atlanta branch was lending huge sums of money to Iraq in violation of bank policy. Mirage to buy resort LAS VEGAS (AP) - Mirage Resorts Inc. has signed an agreement to buy the troubled Dunes Hotel and Country Gub for a rumored transi- tion into a themed resort.

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