The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1948
Page 10
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R, JT - - - '' "*~"' ' ' K'^lii^'i^i-V On Olympic Team Kentucky and Oiltrt . Place Fiv* Men Each Oil U.S. Cog. Squad (Uittet Prat Svwrto Writer) NEW YORK, April I. (UP) — Rmrteen ot America's mott talented pliyeri were named today to the United states Olympic basket- tall; team, whose victory in' the f*mes at London this Summer Is already • foregone conclusion. ' The court stars, among them •ome of the most famous giants In the game, were selected by a special committee which labored .at length to cull seven collegians and seven A.. A. U. players from the eight-team post season tournament which finished at Madison Square Garden last night. The entire starting lineup of the Phillips Oilers, who won the tourney; with a 53 to 49 triumph over Kentucky, was named to the International team, and so was Kentucky's first five. Tile other four men were from different teams in the: tournament. Prom the Oilers of Bartlosville, Okla., come seven-foot Bob Kurland, forwards Jack Rentck and R. ONE'I'CROWD BY For the past several weeks speculation has been flowing freer than a politician's promises among Bly- Ihevillo's football-minded citizens with the »64 question being, "What, about (he Chicks In 1«8?" Even though the iitgskln parade U six month.! in llic future, grandstand quarterbacks and other self- styled authorities have been holding regular sessions discussing the situation and evidently have things pretty well added up. At any ra'.c they think so. Not tfmt (his department thinks that II is an authority (doubt our word and we'll brenk j'our arm) but we look a quick look into the crystal ball (our secret weapon) and came up with this conclusion. Barring any unforseen acts of fate, and providing that peacetime draft or UMT doesn't decide differently, trw Chicks will [ilny at least nine games next Fall. That's about all we can . - . . . l C. Pitts, and guards Lou Beck and I )>e sure o! right now. Gordon Carpenter. But let's take a qlck oncc-around Named-from Kentucky were cen-jtlie subject and s^e Just how things ter "Alex Clroza, forwards Wallace do add up. Jones and Cliff Barker, and guards The Chicks should be a little Ralph Beard and Ken Rollins. < stronger next P.ill than they were The other four were Don Bryks- ' in 1947 and the strength will be a dale, the brilliant Negro center of I little deeper. The candidates will be the Oakland, Cal., Bittncrs; Vince | more experienced and should be Bpryla former Notre Dame star with |larger ID number ivhlch adds to the the Denver Nuggets; Rev. Jackie | season's prospects Robinson of Baylor; and Ray Lumpp of New York University. Omar (Bud) Browning of Phillips prospci "T" to Noire Dame? Coach Russell Mosley's biggest problem will be in the backfield. Here, the 4 Chicks lack both expert, , . Kentucky his Cllcc „„„ mlnlber . W | lh only ' two R- C. Allen and Jack Elliott, two of last year's regulars, With a little polishing, Elliott could be converted Into a pretty fair blocking back, (that's the quarterback In the Notre Datae system) and right now Allen looks like a shoo-in for one of the ball-carrying slots. It looks like a pretty tight dogfight for the other baclc/lcld posa between last year reserves, a newcomer and Pap graduates, Figuring in this squabble will be litllc Roger Lum, who should play a lot of foot- this year, Larry Luti, E. B. ball Gee, Mose Simon, Charles Owens nn,d possibly Demtle Gentry, of last year's squad, Marvin Hall, a transferee from Luxora, and Charles "Ruff" Lutes and Robert Reid, ilia Hashes of the 1847 Papooses. Line Prospects Good In the line, the Chylcks should hnvc power-plus with center B. B. Hodge, guards L. W. Pitzhueh and Jim Garner, tackles Jim Berry and Buddy Doimer and end Dennlj Gentry returning lo tile fold this year along with J. A. Lloyd, a tackle from the 19+5 squad who returned from the Army too late last year to be eligible. Each one of these seven, with the exception of Gentry, will weigh upwards of 180 pounds with Hodije and Lloyd tipping the Toledoes near the «x> murk. And, unless we miss our guess, they will comprise one of the best forward walls In the state. The chief worry In the line will er the superior height of the Phillips i. '° ters - ,,,... five that made the difference al- Another pohit that looms as a though Kentucky game's greatest star looped In 23 points. Both teams held huge leads at • erence a- , .boosted the "»"»">» 'or Ihe backfleld and tho In Beard who lm . c ' (00 ' * S '? T ™ tnat ' s concerned — » —is a possible change in Coach iifosley, being TII different times but both rallied i Alnbanm graduate, is naturally best ' ' 'from behind (o bring the decision ' lulorc d in thB Nolr e Oame system ' than last year. Elwyn Caldwell, Gentry is transferred to the back- Held. Gentry alternated between end and bac^ last year, and looked (airly good while holding down the right halfback slo). Tli« stock of Hue reserves, though far from plentiful, should better down to the wire. I aild "' s a 10 ta oll « s 'i°t- 'hat he . Kurtand's 20 points were tops for j w111 llsc lhii R Vs'«m "«l Pall- the Oilers as they scored their 62nd Tnls wl11 ca " (or " lmost a corn- victory in 65 games this vcar. ' " P' e ' e overhaul In the Chick's o[. In 11 preliminary game, "the Den- ' fcnse wl^ich may give last year's »er Nuggets took third place In ' regulars R little trouble. But, in th the tournament with a hnrri-earned 13 to 64 triumph over Baylor. Carurhersville Golf Club Signs 70 New Members CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., April . , —At a meeting of tee committee in ' charge of'the membership drive for the Oaruthersville Golf Club, held here Tuesday night, reports from the committee members disclosed that approximately 70 members hart been signed with proceeds totaling *3oOO. The goal is 100 members at »50 each, and the absolute minimum lequired to start the course is *5COO. President Ralph Baker presided, »nd called for reports from the rarious committee groups. Tt>Ilowlng the reporii, lists bearing other names were given to the committees, with Instructions to make an all-out effort this week-end President Baker said today that the deadline was Tuesday night, at _ which time he has called another meeting or the membership committee. While the absolute mtnl- . mum is $5000, President Baker stated that the officers of the club were of the opinion that at least SCOOO would be necessary to put the course •I 1 ^ 0 ^ m *tial shape, and maintain it that way for one year. ei'cnt the change Is made, it -would be to the advantage of the Pap gvads inasmuch as they used that system last year. , Coach Moslcy probably will construct his backfield around Captain Kenneth. Hood, George Xenos, and Max Gurley, from last year's eleven, will be back along with a few newcomers and several linemen up from Junior high. That's the picture as we see It right now.'- Of course there's still six months to go and most anything could happen in that period of time, but anyway the situation this year looks much better than It did this time last year. Crax to Start Season With Club Called Best-Knit in Dixie Loop By William Tucker has nailed down the hot-corner. neer- *»T t* j : . . - (United Press SjUff Correspondent) Like Stockwell, Glock Is a da ATLANTA, Ga,, April I. (UP)- ous fence-rattler at the plate The Independent Atlanta Crackers Jack (Red) Hollis, a brilliant will start the Southern Association rookie prospect before the war fl- season with perhaps the best-knit nally.,got back. In flannels sifter ' , „ . lc " 8 " e - But Man "K er f °»'r In Khaki and has come , , „ . come .,, , Cu 5' ler believes rival clubs along fast as the Crackers' second will catch up with them as soon . baseman. Fred Chapman, a veteran as they are strengthened by their shortstop, was obtained in the oft- big-league parents. season hut flashy young Gene Ver- At the outset, however. Atlanta 'J'le may beat,hlm out. alone is set at every position with ' Mann's prize stroke was bringing experience, fielding finesse and off a deal with the Boston Braves long walloping power at the plate, for Tom Ncill, strapping outfielder, The Crackers lack only team speed, and pitcher Carl Llndquist -who but Cuyler believes that will come tolled with the Little Rock Trav- along as his heavy-footed base- clers last season, runners shed extra pounds they | Neill was most vluable player In Dal ••)! 1 " g Kn '" V at UlC clrCUlt 8S B Blr '» ln ? r ">m Baron e ' fl ' two years ago but after the Braves The overall sluggishness of the took him up he went Into tempo' " -" ' 'grit ran- eclipse last season. He has but high hopes of regaining hU 1946 team cost It all but two i Grapefruit League conic: found , of cheer, form. fort the City Council and at that time the minimum of $5000 must oe pledged, and collections made The Club is getting the land for the course from the City Council m lease, but before the city will make any further commitment or prom• ises, the minimum amount must b- subscribed In full, President Baker said. • He urged nil membership drive committee members to make an ^all-out" effort the rest of this "' top, I play : to i to go be- despite the defeats. Most of them were by a narrow margin and the players looked plenty capable ex- • War Yet Honored ccpt when thcs'' were running the I bases or chasing hits. t SL u *.^[S? e SL^ 1 ?. Ma . nn ."*.?•» W- D°t. Boston uiiiv, BOSTON. April 1. (UP)'—Everett _, ' \ 3S ">c outstanding sportsman in The first ,mnve thr.t paid off was college football during 10*7 the acquisition of Walter (Socko) K Read Courier News Want ads. BLYTHEVrLLB (AUK.)' OOUBIM KEW1 Cincinnati. Thinking in Terms Of a First Division Club in 1948 . ^L, ^ °° b * rth to th « National e»«ue th!, year. It rill be another Jf. . « two before they begin thinking »erlou»ly about winning a pennant, , M »n»*er Johnny Neun hu for the moat part a young club and the majority of the playeri on It are »t le»«t a year away from their peak. But when they do reach it, the Reds promise to be aulte a ball club. He"", starting with ... . , little outside of pitcher Ewell Blackwell and third baseman Ora- 7,^ "« tton . brought the Reds in fifth. He believes his 1948 club will be able to move up at least one notch, although he realize* that probably means beating out either the Dodgers, Cardinals, Braves or Giants. "But I'm »ure we can do it," Neon forecast. In contrast to last year when shortstop Eddie Miller and catcher Ray Mueller were the only regulars sure of Jobs, Neun this Spring has his club pretty well set. Miller talked too much and was, whom the Reds believe may be the freshnun of the year—VlrgU 81*11- cup. They brought him up last Spring »nd while his fielding wu utlifictory, his hlttlnc left plenty to be desired. But apparently he found himself it Jersey City where he wound up the year hitting JM. Babel Young, whote long ball hitting alter he was secured from the Gi»nU In mid-season last year added some badly needed punch to the Red batting order, will be at first with Hat kin on third »nd either Bobby Adams or Ben Zlen- tara, who divided the Job last year, at second. Neun Is going to have a switch outfield. When southpaws work against the Reds he will have Hank Bauer, who hit 50 home, runs with Syracuse last year and who seems to hive finally come up to his promise In right; Bob fjsher in left •nd Clyde Vollmer in center. When right h»nder» pitch against thf? Reds It will be Augie Galan in left; Frank. Baumholtz in right »nd Johnny wyrostek In center. THURSDAY, APRIL 1, 1948 Birmingham Barons Break Camp; Chicks Meet Travelers Sunday •on baseball squad looked for llv- ng quarters here today after break- ng their Spring training camp in Ocala, Fla., yesterday. Tomorrow the Barons travel to Montgomery to take on the Montgomery Rebels of the Southeastern League In an exhibition tilt. Three Baron pitchers were optioned to the Hatchet. Miss, club yesterday. They are Ralph Poole, Herscriel-Freeman »nd Ken Helwig. VINTER GARDEN, Jla., April 1. (UP)—The Chattanooga Ix»koute »day expected their parent Washington Senators to cut loose four Ditchers and an infielder to bolster ,he Southern Association farm club. The Lookouts, nering the end of Spring training here, hopec? to get pitchers Hal Tones and Dick Welle Df their 1<M7 team, plus hurlers Scott Gary and Joe Murray and. Infielder Sammy Meeks. PENSACOLA. Fl»., April 1. (UP) —The Nashville Vols were to play the second of four Intra-srjuad games today In preparation for their next exhibition foe Sunday. The Vols take on the Pensacoln Fliers of the Southeastern League Sunday. MOBILE, Ala,, April 1. (UP) — The Mobile Bears hoped lor fair weather- today after rain halted their exhibition game with the Brooklyn Dodger B team here last night after four Innings. There was no score. The Bears licked the Nashville Vols In their last exhibition tilt, 2 to 1, and manager Al Todd expressed great satisfaction with the pitch- Ing In that game. The Bear hurlers held the Vols to five hits. Todd expected pitcher Ed Head, /omier Dodger who hurled a no- hit major league game, to report to the Beats this week. NEW ORLEANS, April 1. (UP) — Outfielder Standly Wentzel, most valuable player in the American Association In 1915, Joined the New Orleans Pelicans today following his purchase from the Indianapolis Indians of the association. The PeJ» announced the purchase last night after beating the Indians in an exhibition game here, 4 to 3. The winning run came in the eighth inning as the Pels squeeKd over the marker on choice. fielder's MEMPHIS, Tenn., April 1. (UP) —The built of the Memphis Chick squad was due to arrive here today after breaking training camp In Fori Pierce, Fla. yesterday. The Chicks will work out here tomorrow and Saturday and then travel to Greenville, Miss, on Sunday for a pre-season garni witn the Little Rock Travelers. First concrete road in the United States was built in 1893 In Bellefontaln, Ohio, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. 3 Purpose Machine (For Dirt Moving, LANH LEVELING and Seed Bed Preparation HERE'S A LABOR-SAVING, MONEY-MAKING MACHINE! W..V >r. Evtnman you s ci la UBI« top condition quickly ««--ilr. Evrr,m»n-levtl«d field, ir. r.J»t« .W.^lv,,, You ,.»e ,;„,, Ub»r, wai.r, jro»- Ixltcr crop, — fKChiniitd'cquiptntnt »-ork» faster »•<•« .fficietuly. Th« Icr. ^ '•"', AUTOMATICALLY — "Wn wknl, so on W g h place blade >r»tr* H taVe a <:„,_ whc **. '"" f '•« P'»« blade on Ihe llrkci lodjy f,,, field.. After din i, movcd'^t "c'an'bi Ev d Liv d ^ED"*rrr,*™± i_ ~i — ~t~ —**"* * w thine. Here** > J.wav m ,r\.- i ••«*. "<""•«»» for ,«„ _,.„„> ,::;,,- tru^ <»">ing contour., .oil con,«rvMio n work md prcp'rin; ic«d UJi vt.r • fttr yt*r. ' bed EVERSMAN O-P-E-N-I-N-G CITY CAFE COMPLETELY REMODELED ORIGINALLY "THE COFFEE CUP" 508 K;ist Main St. Phone 3836 We Feature Fancy K. C. Steaks HOME-MADE PIES AND PASTRIES FRIED CHICKEN DINNERS NEW, CLEAN, SANITARY REST ROOMS Visit Us Opening Day, April 1st Owned and Operated By ERNEST RAY and ELMO CONNELL "Good Food at Reasonable Prices" Traveler f Drop 10 to 0 Decision to Buffalo SHERMAK, Tex., April 1. (UP) — Manager Jack Saltzgaver ind his IJ'tle Ilock Travelers' moved Into Sherman today gunning for .the lifth victory of their pre-season exhibition tour. , The Trivs dropped their second loss 10 to 0 to the triple-A International League Buffalo Bisonj in Waxahachie, Tex., last night. Salti- tles ugalnst the Sherman Class B team tonight. Luke Hamilton was credited with the loss last night when the hard- hitting Bisons bunched 10 of their 14 hits-in three Innings to score their runs. The Travs scattered four safeties. The pre-season record stood today I at 'four wins and two losses lor the Pebbles. : ^•fite&b'ffiifi&r/. FRIENDLY ' KING for'Friendly Flavor! BISWIEB IF FAMOUS 8LB FBIESTEI Here's Why King Block Label is Smoother... Better Tasting! * Produced by th* distiller* of famou» Old '• Foreiterl Olll FOR! STEH100 Proof. Boltled in Bond. Kentucky Straight Bout- ban Whisky. *KINO HACK, tlBEl. Blended nnisky. 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