The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on March 12, 1991 · 20
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 20

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Tuesday, March 12, 1991
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Page 20 The Lincoln Star STATE LOCAL Tuesday, March 12, 1991 Douglas County commissioner calls for probe of ag society Reports allege proxy votes of inactive members used to influence composition of group's governing board. OMAHA (AP) The chairman of the Douglas County Commission said he will seek an investigation of the Douglas County Agricultural Society over proxy voting in that organization. " Chairman Ray Simon said he wants the county attorney's office to determine whether the agricultural society has done anything illegal or improper, and to study whether the Douglas County Board could take over the agricultural society. "I'm willing to cooperate in any request Mr. Simon makes of this office," Jim Jansen, Douglas County Attorney, said Monday. Simon said he expected to meet with Jansen on Thursday. Ted Arglntean, president of the county agricultural society, said Monday that he would welcome an investigation by the county attorney into the society. He also said he would welcome a larger county board role in its operation. MEANWHILE, A state senator said he is concerned that the agricultural society unfairly is damaging the reputation of agricultural societies throughout Nebraska. Agricultural societies are created apart from the county board under Nebraska law. They have taxing authority and generally benefit from tax support. "Something smells out at the ag society, and it's not just horse manure," Simon said Sunday. Simon said he was referring to reports in the Omaha Sunday World-Herald about how Jon Manz, fair executive director, and Bob Romeo, the fair's entertainment booking agent, use the proxy votes of inactive society members to influence the composition of the society's governing board. , THE SOCIETY FILLS vacancies on its governing board, known as the fair board, at annual meetings. The fair board hires contractors and the executive director. "What's the big deal? It's the way ag societies have operated for years," Manz said. "Is it illegal? No. Is it wrong? No." Regarding a possible investigation, Manz said Monday that there would be no problem providing any information that might be requested. "We have not kept anything secret," Manz said. He said records of receipts, disbursements, a copy of a Romeo Agency contract and a record of payment to Romeo was provided to a reporter upon request. a Something smells out at the ag society, and it's not just horse manure. Commissioner Ray Simon W ROMEO ALSO SAID that he would encourage an investigation, as well as greater county involvement in the agricultural society. Sea Stan Schellpeper of Stanton criticized how proxy voting allows Romeo and Manz to wield a large voting block at annual meetings of the tax-supported organization. "It's wrong," Schellpeper said, "This setup sounds too much like big business." Schellpeper is a State Fair Board member and managing secretary of the Stanton County Agri-. cultural Society. He also is a sponsor of legislation to increase oversight of county agricultural societies, which operate 89 of the 94 county fairs in Nebraska. MANZ ACKNOWLEDGED he used proxy votes last November to remove from the fair . board longtime member Joyce Janis, who said she had been at odds with Manz over how the society spends money with the Romeo Agency. Romeo and Manz said they see no harm in the business of running a fair overlapping with their private business interests. Simon said the overlap smacks of a "sweetheart deal" But Argintean said he saw no problem with the relationships. Simon advocated bringing the fair administration under direct control of the County Board. "NONE OF THOSE interconnections could or would have occurred if they were directly ac countable to the County Board," Simon said. ' ' Manz has said the Douglas County Agricultural Society is not a governmental body subject to Nebraska public records and conflict-of-inter-est laws. " , In late January, the state attorney general's office issued an opinion saying the Supreme Court clearly had ruled that the agricultural societies were subject to the state open meetings law. And, while saying there was no case dealing specifically with the issue, the opinion said the department believes the societies are subject to public records statutes. " . : . A bill pending before the Legislature would clarify the law further. The measure, LB398, also would give county boards more authority to oversee the budgets and other activities of agricultural societies and fair boards. The measure, sponsored by Sen. Doug Kristen-sen of Minden, is endorsed by the Nebraska Association of County Officials, the Nebraska Association of Fair Managers and Common Cause of Nebraska. Z Investigator fired gun in questioning Phelps Private detective testifies in Cutshall kidnapping trial. MADISON (AP) - A private invest!-gator said Monday he fired a gun into the air while questioning a man accused of kidnapping a Norfolk girl nearly four years ago because he was frustrated. Roy Stephens of Omaha testified that he and David Phelps, who is accused of kidnapping Jill Cutshall, searched a wildlife refuge for the child's body and at one point Stephens fired a gun. Special prosecutor James Smith asked Stephens why he'd fired the gun. "Frustration," Stephens said. "I'd been out there all this time, knowing that Jill was here, knowing that she'd been brought here, the pain she had to feel, the hurt, the agony, how she had yelled and screamed she didnt want to be here. She sure as hell didnt want that happening to her," Stephens said. Stephens also said he didnt have formal training as a private investigator but he stayed on the Cutshall case because her family asked him to. A DEC. 3, 1988, tape of a Stephens in-terview with Phelps also was played in the courtroom. On the tape, Phelps said there had been three incidents in which he had had sexual contact with a child. Phelps also said on the tape that he was attracted to a paper girl in Norfolk. When Stephens asked Phelpsn the;, tape whether he had bee'fattfacted i lo ". JCPhelpssaitfhe hadn't' " Stephens was expected to continue his testimony Tuesday. Stephens' assistant, Diane Robinette of Omaha, also testified Monday as the trial of Phelps entered its second week. Phelps, 28, formerly of Norfolk, is charged in Madison County District Court with kidnapping Jill Cutshall of Norfolk in August 1987. . Jill was 9 when she was last seen on the porch steps of her baby sitter's home. She has never been found, but her clothes were found at the Wild Duck Wildlife Area in nearby Stanton County a few months after she disappeared. Robinette testified that she and Stephens drove Phelps in a van to the wildlife area southeast of Norfolk on Jan. 4, 1989. , While there, Stephens handed Phelps a shovel and told him to find Jill, Robinette testified Phelps said he didn't know where the girl was but would like to help, she said. "Every now and then, Roy would holler out 'Where's Jill?' and David would keep walking," Robinette testified. ROBINETTE SAID she held a handgun while the three of them walked around the wildlife area for about 90 minutes. She said Stephens grew tired and frustrated and took the gun and fired it into the air, then he handed it back to Robinette, she said. . Phelps said he had heard the girl was buried in a cemetery near the wildlife area, Robinette said, so the three drove to the cemetery, where Phelps went to one corner and began digging a hole. Robinette said Phelps dug for a while, then stopped. Robinette said Stephens asked her to get a tape recorder from the van and Phelps then made a statement Later they drove to a Norfolk motel where an Omaha television crew . was waiting and took a videotaped statement from Phelps, she testified. . Phelps said he was relieved to tell the truth but he feared for the safety of his fiance and baby, Robinette said. Earlier Monday, KMTV cameraman Roger Prai testified that Phelps told the cameraman and reporter that he had something to get off his chest and couldn't sleep nights. The videotape has been played for the Jury, On it, Phelps said he and a friend,. Kerrrdt -Baumgartnef,"left .the' Cutshall. 5 apartment Tiduse the morning of Aug. 13,; 1987, with the child and drove her to a wildlife management area southeast of Norfolk. Phelps said in the taped interview that he held the girl while the other man molested her. No charges have been filed against Baumgartner, who now lives in California and repeatedly has denied any wrongdoing. THE DEFENSE has said Phelps videotaped statements were false and made under pressure. Prai said Phelps was not threatened during the interview he gave about his role in Jill's disappearance, but he also testified that he saw Stephens put a revolver in a briefcase after Phelps had been taken'by two police officers from the motel room to the Norfolk Police Station. At the police station, Phelps denied that he was involved in Jill's disappearance. B o winner. Venlnos too pro. ducer, fost cosh. Call Terry, 1-800-741-7507 Excellent opportunities for Bar. Stylists to own their own bull- pm. 13 partnership In estob- ntnM Dullness at over 25 years. Confidential. Sand Inquiries to: P.O. Box 4743, Lincoln, NE 68504. Former police officer is bound over tor trial in Duffy's Tavern burglary Former Lincoln police officer Donald Northcott Jr, 39, has been bound over to Lancaster County District Court for trial on a burglary charge filed against him in February. The charge alleges Northcott an 18-year veteran of the Police Department took money from Duffy's Tavern, 1412 0 St Police officials said Northcott 6130 Princess Margaret Drive, was arrested after an officer dispatched to investigate the burglary recognized him on a videotape as the person taking $72 from an upstairs office at the tavern. Northcott was on-duty and in uniform at the time of the burglary, police said The management of the tavern had . installed the video camera in response io a senes oi unsolved mens there. Northcott was scheduled for a procedural hearing next Monday in Lancaster County Court His attorney, however, requested an earlier court appearance, authorities said. During the hearing, held Thursday, Northcott waived his rights to a preliminary hearing in the case and was bound over to district court for trial, said Chief Deputy County Attorney John Colborn. He is scheduled for arraignment in district court April 3. Colborn said the case is still under investigation. He declined to comment on whether he expected additional charges to be filed against Northcott Lincoln police investigating report of man who tried to lure child into car Police Monday were seeking a man who attempted to lure an 11-year-old Lincoln girl into his car Sunday afternoon, Lt Stephen Imes said. Imes said the incident occurred at about 6:45 p.m. on the north side of Hoi-drege Street between 37th and 38th streets. After following in a car from near 48th Street as the Intended victim rode her bicycle west along Holdrege, the man blocked the sidewalk in front of the girl with his car. The man, who was a stranger to the girl, told the child her mother had asked him to give her a ride, Imes said. Imes said the girl was skeptical and refused to get into the car. She asked the man questions so he could prove he knew her mother, but although he an-' swered correctly, she still refused to get -into the car. After the girl continued to refuse, the man tried to grab her through an opened window and caught hold of her shirt, which ripped when she pulled away. Shefledonherbicvcle. The man drove away west on Hoi-drege in a car described as a green, older model, rusty, four-door with 3 (Gage) County license plates. The man was described as white, in his 30s, balding, and having a medium build. He was wearing a short-sleeved shirt and blue jeans. fiMfs oca! EgffiEtfr. sports AnhmmSmtetcl CtttOOn 1900 llnmlnWrfrWK Journal-Star WANTVADS "why wait" hours... Monday - Friday 7:30 ajn. 5:30 pjn. Saturday 8:00 am-1:00 pin. Call to place your ad .. . 473-7451 Toll Free 1-800-742-7315, or bring your ad to the Journal-Star Want-Ad Counter 926 'F St, Lincoln, NE 68508. Deodllnes for new ods, cancellations, corrections and exten sions of In-column ads: 5:30 p.m. of the day prior to publication (I p.m. Saturday for Sunday and Monday). Advance deadlines for holidays. 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Call 483-5627 SPRING CLEAN UP Aeration, power raking. Compl. town core. Free est. 423-5600. Aerating, tilling, power raking, fertilising, mowing. Jim, 4234445 Aeration, sidewalk edging, spring clean-ups, mowing. 4644187. SCOBO LAWNS POWER RAKINQ Mowing 477-9151, 48M247 Mowing, hauling, fertilizing and cleanup. Free estimates. 476-2086. Lawn Cleaning Power Raking Aerating, 421-1951 Aerating, mewing, ft rohvtllling vemon prom, Wrsui RETAINING WALLS Low rotes. Free est. 782-8035 DIRT WORKLAWN REPAIR Black dirt Installed ft tamped around foundations, low areas. Sod work. Free est., 473-2828 Now taking new customers for lawn mewlngfortlllilng. 486-1481 Chuck's power raking, clean-up ft mew. 464-4634 or 464-6295. Furniture, appliances, trash. plono moving. Holmon's 466-9088. , Painting 260 "IntExt. pointing, papering, lex- hiring, experienced. 470-2273. Interior, exterior painting. Free estimates. Phone 477-6595. DENNIS MAY PAINTING intExt, 26 yrs. Free est., 464-7063 IntExt painting, res. ft comm. Prof, work. Free est. 4664)463. Int ft Ext.. Insured, ref. Call J&B Pointing now 483-1320 or 560-2704. Int. ft ext. painting, honest ft de pendable, 50 years exp., 473-7972 Pet Services 270 Send Lassie to school. We will train him to be an ongel. 435-0729. Plastering & Drywall 272 e Drvwall e Patch e Celling repair e Texturing. 47M99t eom-ltpm CRACKED PIASTER Interior plaster ft drywall Repaired ft refinlshed Hand texturing ft painting 25 years experience, 473-1975 Drywolllng ft texturing. Dong right but cheap. Free est 489-7497' Plumbing 275 Plumbing- Prof, sewer ft drain cleaning, reasonable, 464-2284. Professional Services 278 ELK HUNTERS-Completg guided service. Limited time. lease con 3-i577. Hand pointed or screen printed banners. Phone 474-61 19. Siding 279 Lincoln's oldest Nebraskalond ' Steel, special spring rates. Vinyl ft steel siding. 464-4388-Hovolock. Arnold's emoting, tilling, mow-rog. Free est. 475-tus, 444-7355 A-1 DIRT Top solL plain or pulverised, delivered or picked up. 464-6757 Moving 266 'Free Est. Specializing In household ft appliances, office, ft all pianos. Low fair rotes. Truck ft 2 men. Bill 438-2333, 7doys24hrs TWO MEN ft A TRUCK Clean professional efficient Inexpensive local movers. 473 2777 Local Movers, Household ft Business, Competitive Rates, Insured, Enclosed Truck. Koufmen Aectton Senrtce 477-9254 Professional service at reosonoble rotes. Specializing In household, office, pianos ft organs. Insured. Localstatewide. Freeestlmotes. 437-7391, O'BRIEN PROFESSIONAL MOVING PAINTING Free estimates, lowest cost ever. Ask for Mark 464-2855. 'U SAVE time ft money. Short notice. No lab too small. Al 488-1957. - YOU CALL-WE HAUL lowest Ins. rotes around. Cellular, 560-2586 Nationwide ft local moving, in-sured, reosonoble, 466-5997. Tree Services 285 Jim's Tree and Slump removal, tree trimming. Licensed and Insured. 421-2272. Big Valley Tree Serv Lie. ft Ir. Trim ft Rem. Free Est 489-1322 TREE SENSE Licensed Arborlst to remove ft trim tree ft shrub. Grind stump, surgery, landscape renovation. Insured, Free estimates 489-6423, Trucking & Hauling 290 Free est. Truck, 2 men, tow fair rates. Kirk 438-2333 24 hrs7 days 2V ton truck. Haul anything, any where, anytime or 7 Clean bas- ments ft goroges. 4764592. All kinds of trash hauling and nam naming, coll 435-2749. Rick's Hauling Service 43S-I185 M-119 A LOAD. 477-6433 816 TO 121 A LOAD Large pickup, 466.9506, 464-7013 Hauling ft clean up, any kind. Freeestlmotes, 797-3055, local. HAULIN04LESS Coll anytime 444-0309, 464-1371 TVVCR Radio, Stereo Repair 295 Dr. Video VCR Repair, 7St-9t49 The best service at the best prices 1

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