The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 5, 1990 · 9
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 9

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Friday, October 5, 1990
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Friday, October 5, 1990 LEISURE STATE LOCAL The Lincoln Star Peg Two Rivers a winner for campers, anglers and naturalists ,i I Unlike Napoleon, you can be a winner at Waterloo. ' Two Rivers State Recreation Area, 9 miles southwest of Waterloo, offers winning experiences for campers, anglers, picnickers, nature lovers and people who like cabooses. Located on the mimmmmmmbb I ? east bank of the j Platte River, Two j "Rivers is named j ' .for the confluence j - of the Platte and j Elkhorn rivers, a ,'couple of miles ; south of the recre- ation area. I '1 A favorite Nebraska Getaways Go north on U.S. 77 to Wahoo. Go east to Neb. 92. Continue east to Two Rivera SRA. weekend destina- - lion since the j 1960s, its grounds j encompass . 964 I acres of timbered j land and sandpit lakes. j Campers will find several campgrounds ranging from sites with complete hookups - like the Fawn Meadows Campground to primitive sites at the Goldenrod Camp ground, for those who prefer to rough it Fees vary according to the facilities; stays are limited to 14 days. One of the area's newest features, Caboose Park offers overnight accommodations in 10 refurbished railroad cabooses, donated by Union Pacific Railroad The cabooses are. open through Oct 29. ' Fishing is offered at several lakes. A popular trout lake, Lake No. 5, is usually open April 1 through Oct 31, weather permitting. The lake is accessible to the handicapped. Several other lakes contain such popular species as crap-pie, catfish, bullhead and carp. Picnickers will find a day use area on the Platte River and a river access nearby. Other popular features are a children's playground and a walking traiL A concession stand near the entrance is currently open on weekends. Special attractions during the summer months are a swimming beach, and paddle boat and bicycle rentals. Gate hours are 7 am to 10 p.m. through Oct 31. Unless otherwise posted, the area is open to hunting, in season, during the winter months. But such camping ameni-. ties as water hookups and the dump station are not available that date. Lucy Olson Hit Photo ' f I Refurbished cabooses provide lodging at Two Rivers State Recreation Area southwest of Waterloo. Woman seeks clues to disappearance Mystery shrouds disappearance of woman in early 1 900s. By Betty Stevens of The Lincoln Star ' 1 An unmarked grave and an 80-year-old story about who might be buried there, the disappearance of a woman in her 30s who boarded a train and was never seen again, and cloudy streaks across current photos taken at the grave site provide the stuff of which mysteries are made. Geneva Fuchser of South Sioux City hopes a search that began in 1983 will end after the showing of the story of the disappearance of her grandmother when the tale is telecast on "Unsolved Mysteries," later this falL THE GRANDMOTHER, Conradina Wilhelmina Heidtmann Olson, boarded a train in about 1910. She said she was going to keep a medical appointment and was never seen again. There is an unmarked grave near Nevada, Mo., along the railroad tracks. Fuchser wants to believe it contains the remains of her grandmother, but she's not sure. The story that has been kept alive for 80 years in Nevada is that a woman and man got off the train one evening. They were arguing she was crying. They walked up the tracks. Two days later her body was found with a bullet in her heart THE UNKNOWN WOMAN was buried right where she was found. . Fuchser has visited the grave three times. In each photograph she has taken there, or in which she appears, an unexplained light streak also appears which Fuscher calls an apparition. She believes a common legend that the spirit remains with the body until the body is claimed. Recently, when "Unsolved Mysteries" was filming at the grave site, an old man from the area reported that the woman who was buried there was in her 30s. "Little pieces keep coming in that confirms my belief that it is my grandmother's grave," Fuchser said. "THE SEARCH has been compelling. I don't know why," Fuchser said. Fuchser's father, the late Edwin Olson, who lived in Dakota City, said his mother boarded a train in Brookfield, Wis., when he was about 14 years oil He never saw her again and never knew what happened to her. That bothered him until he died in October 1966, Fuchser said. Fuchser began the search by writing and visiting the area where the grand- The search has been compelling. I don't know why, . ... Geneva Fuchser r mother boarded the train. Relatives there confirmed the story about the departure on the train as well as the common knowledge that the grandmother and grandfather had dissension in their marriage. IN 1985, a woman who described herself as a psychic came into the Fuchser's gift store. When Fuchser showed the psychic a photograph of her grandmother, the psychic immediately said, "I see a train." She also told Fuchser she would find her grandmother at a place called Ellis. ! 1 f iitft ..' I 1 A Btttv SltvtfliUncoln Star Geneva Fuchser hopes "Unsolved Mysteries" TV show will lead to information concerning the whereabouts of her grandmother. "The place where the train stopped was called Ellis Junction," Fuscher sail "It is no longer there." She wrote to "Unsolved Mysteries," in July 1989. Last spring a researcher from the television series started work on the mystery. Fuchser, 59, has recently been filmed with the psychic, searching a cemetery, in her home and at the gravesite. "I want to believe my search is about over. Maybe someone out there will be able to confirm the story," she sail Sexually active 1 1 -year-olds in need of education DEAR ABBY: My 11-year-old daughter (I'll call her Cindy) just told me that her girlfriend (I'll call her Debbie) told her that she and her boyfriend had had sex. Debbie and her boyfriend are both 11 years old! Debbie made Cindy promise not to tell anybody, so I had to swear on my honor that I wouldn't say or do anything about this. Abby, I'm afraid NOT to do anything about it but if I break my promise to my daughter and she finds out about it it will ruin the wonderful, close mother-daughter relationship we have always hal I dont know what to do. Cindy told me the boy's name. If I send it to you, will you intervene? Or should I make an anonymous telephone call to the kids' school or to the police - and let them deal with this? SMALL TOWN, U.S.A. DEAR SMALL TOWN: This is not the business of the school or the police; it's the business of Debbie's and her boyfriend's parents. Assuming that what your daughter told yon is true, punishment is not the solution. Education is. Debbie and her boyfriend need to realize that sex is not all fun and games; along with sex should be commitment and responsibility far beyond the intellectual and financial capabilities of two 11-year-olds. Since yon and your daughter enjoy such a close relationship, urge her to try to persuade Debbie to confide In her Dear Abby By Abigail i Van Buren own mother or even in you If she cant bring herself to discuss this with her mother. She needs an adult friend she can talk to. And so does her boyf rienl Anyone who doubts that two 11-year-olds can produce a baby, or contract a venereal disease, should get In touch with the nearest United Way or family planning clinic. Regrettably, it can and does happen, - DEAR ABBY: My husband died six months ago. We had a wonderful life together, but we were never rich. Our son and daughter both married were aware of our circumstances and promised to pay for their father's funeral but they never did. so I paid for it which wiped me out financially. Abby, I need this money now. My husband's illness took everything we hal and my children knew this. I have mentioned this to them many times, but so far they have ignored my hints and requests. My son makes good money, and his wife works, too. My daughter and her husband also have jobs that pay welL Next week my daughter and I are driving across the state to visit my son and his family. They are all fans of yours, Abby, and never miss your column, so I hope you will print this as a reminder of their promise. DISAPPOINTED BUT DESPERATE DEAR DISAPPOINTED: It's too bad your children need to see a letter In my column to remind them of their promise. I suggest that you remind your daughter again on the drive to visit your son. When yon get there, remind the two of them while you have them together. And here's your letter just in case. I wish you well DEAR ABBY: Because you have been a good friend and booster of Over-eaters Anonymous for years, I want to share this with you. I had been going to OA for only a few weeks. On Tuesday night I was running late and knew I couldn't make it on time, but I decided to go anyway. I rushed PATCHES Christmas mPi Open HouseW -lLU $M Sunday, Oct 7 V 10am-5pm MUW rJ) ft Holiday Hours: Sunday mm r naay iu-a Thursday til S .tU 3927 So. 48th Due to a massive overstock situation, this White Sewing Machine . . . dealer is offering for sate to the public a limited number of new special 1990 HEAVY DUTY ZIG ZAG open arm sewing machines that are made of METAL and sew on all fabrics, Levi's canvas, upholstery, nylon, stretch, vinyl, silk, EVEN SEWS ON LEATHER! No attachments needed for button holes (any size), monograms, hems, sews on buttons, satin stitches, overcasts, darns, appliques, stretch stitches, and more. Just set the dial and see magic happen without old fashioned cams or programmers. These WHITE HEAVY DUTY MACHINES are suitable for home, professional or school room sewing. YOUR PRICE WITH AD $188.00 WITHOUT THIS AD $499 Check, cash welcome, VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express accepted. Brand new in factory sealed cartons. 20 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY. Place: HUSKER SEW-VAC 1309 No. 48th October 3-October 6, 1930 Thurs. 9:30-8:00 p.m.; FrL 9:30-5:30; Sat 9:30-4:00 This is the machine your wife always wanted PHONE ORDERS ACCEPTED WITH VISA. MASTERCARD. AM EX. DISCOVER Date: Hours: NWU sororities, fraternities announce fall pledge classes Nebraska Wesleyan University sororities and fraternities have announced their fall 1990 pledges: Alpha Gamma Delta Kim Gotcholl, Atkinson; Allison Hlnn, Bush-mil; Jeri Vaslna, Columbus; Rebecca Kren-ter, Michelle Nevius, Michelle Tabor and Cha-rlssa Terry, Fremont; Janelle Schutte, Guide Rock; Klmberlv Peck, Hastings; Kerl Friesen, Henderson; Inarid Person, Holdrese; Tonya Gibbons, Lexington; Amy Attenbereer, Debra Lee, Almee Lempke, Sherl Motls, Jodl Pendar-vis, Stacy Spldel and Kelll Sweet, Lincoln; Melanie Prentice, Mullen; Kristin Johnson and Jennifer Wagner, North Platte; Andrea Har-Bus, Allison Hurt ond Mindy Vacanti, Omaha; Melinda Sherman, Overton; Jen Emrv, Panama; Glna Keller, Randolph; Cheryl Modson, Sidney; Tamar Kohti, Waco; Aimee Johansen, Peoria, Arii. - Delta Zeto Stephanie Yost, Clay Center; Clndv Rlckard, Angela Wessel and Jennifer Williams, Columbus; Rachel Reiabek and Tiffany Sleplcka, Dorchester; Katherine Real, Fairmont; Rona Wolthuis, Fremont; Heidi Norber and Trocev Underwood, Grand Island; Julie Dickinson, Gretna; Julie Pixler, La Vista; Linda Bobrow-ski, Hold Kavan, Lonna Keller, Klrsten Longe, Gretchen Petsch, Rachel Sandhorst, Stacy Schwenke, Kellie Thomas ond Melissa Wor-ster, Lincoln; Jana Beddow, Mitchell ."Jessica Littlelohn ond Melissa Pariset, Omaha; Re-bee co Harnisch, Pawnee City; Kerrl Hllbert, Scottsbluff; Lvnn Bovd, South Sioux Cltv; Dawn Hunt, Thedford; Julie Kohti, Waco; Ml-; chelle Schall, Vork; Megan Parkhurst, Spring-. field, Mo.; Amy Christianson, Mitchell, S.D. Wlllard Rlchone Johnson, Davenport; Jenninr Delnes, Goring; April Frazier and Meighan Hornaday, Grand Island; Amy Houston, Harvard; Jill Colwell, Hav Springs; Alyssa Pum-. phrey, Hebron; Shantel Harrington, Kearney;-Heather Japp, Kennard; 1 Zinaida Bevnon, Laura Campbell, Melissa Davis, Heather Fox, Lisa Keith, Dawn Kubik, Nancy Kuhlman, Donna Rltchev, Deb Rivett and Sheila Smith, Lincoln; Laura Albers, Minden; Stephanie Thonen, Nehawka; Peggy Blessing, Blair Gilbert, Laurie Haior, Kelly Metcalfe, Luann Meyer and Wendy Orr, Omaha; Robin Ambro, m St. Poul; Pattl Karobel, Tllden; Deanna Fu-W chert, West Point; Tracy Russell, LaSalleo Colo.; Amanda Blue, Lakawood, Colo. Fraternities , , Phi Kappa Tou . Barrett Schmidt and Joson Strand, Fremont; Adam Bailey, Grand Island; Darrell Svoboda, Lexington; Keeley Blhr, Brian Boon, Dave" Burt, Trent Green, Mark Lewallen and Mike -Record, Lincoln; Robert Albano, Dave Ellers, Scott Mcintosh, Chris Posterfield, Kevin Wat-,, kins and Justin Zetlerman, Omaha; Rvan , Lamberty, North Platte; Brian Porter, Scrlbn- , er; Laird Ruth, Walton; Dave Hennessv, West 4 Germany. ; , Tou Kappa Eptllon ' J Bryce Spann, Ainsworth; Steve Jurgens, Be- atrlce; Chad and Joson Schernlkau, Ceresco; t Tom Schrock, Elm Creek; Bryan Dexter, Fair- 4 bury; Justin Petersen and Chad Turner, Gene- va; Chad Essex, Hastings; Doug Zavadll, Humphrey; Todd Batenhorst and Jeff Searcey, Kearney; Mark Bliven and Scott Porter, Lin- coin; Jeff Engdahl and Eric Hansen, North Platte; Chad Bacon, Scottsbluff; Derek Bar-.' tee, Tllden; Chad Berlowlti, Waver ly; Chris " Thomas, York; Zack McGuire, Lakewoodi Colo. , , ThetaCM 1 . .i Trent Patrick, Grant; Mike Dempsev, Kelbv Hansen and Matt Richardson, Lincoln; Trevor Klein, Mitchell; Kevin Koelling, Norfolk; Kevin Boyles, Jason Emry, Tony Geist and Brad Underwood, Omaha; Brad Eberspecher " and Brent Herron, Scottsbluff; Jeremy Ander-J son, Wvmore; Chris Anderson, Colorado.., Springs, Colo.; Matt Fowler, Pueblo, Colo. . ,.a ZetaPsi Ronald Weekes, Alliance; Trent Wagner,' , Archer; Scott Bull, Central City; Trocv HolSr a ng, DeWlIt; Stocey Albers, Curt Geren, Mike . Harrington, Sieve Horst, Patrick McNemaf . and Sieve Reynolds, Grand Island; George Easlev, Jim Edwards, Kelly Hendricks, Lee i Hunsaker, Rob Kant, Jeff Perdew, David Reese, Sky Schroeder, Matt Spethman and Matt Yost, Lincoln; Travis Tessendorf, Mon-" roe; Steve Lundstrom, Osceola; Tovis Chrl$--'i tionsen, Pender; Beniamin Huls, Plckrell; Poul Mohr, Scottsbluff; Scott Sundberg, " Stromsburg; Chod Springer, Utica; Matt , Tappe, Wakefield; Mike Sebek, Wllber; Rob 1 Legislador, Des Moines, Iowa. Odabasi, Douglas named NWU royalty Seniors Turan Odabasi of St. Paul and Tracie Douglas of Fort Collins, Colo.,, have been crowned 1990 Homecoming King and Queen at Nebraska Wesleyan University. Odabasi, a political science major, is president of the Senior Class Council,. Student Affairs Senate and Political Af- ,-fairs Club. Douglas, a business administration major, is affiliated with Delta; Zeta sorority, and is a Theta Chi Little Sister. from my home to the downtown library where the meetings were held. When I got there, I darted up to the third-floor meeting room as fast as I could. A glance at my watch told me that I was 10 minutes late. The meeting was already in progress and the members were gathered around the table as usuaL I quietly took an empty seat, and everyone stopped what they were doing to look at me. As was the custom, I spoke up in a loud and friendly tone, "Hi, my name is Nancy, and I'm a compulsive overeaten" Everyone looked at me and smiled.. Then a gentleman said, "That's nice, Nancy: I'm a compulsive overeater, too, but Overeaters Anonymous is meeting on the second floor tonight This is a meeting of the Coin Club." NANCY DEAR NANCY: Dont be embarrassed about the Coin Cub incident You put your 2 cents in. 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