The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on April 29, 1990 · 32
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 32

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Sunday, April 29, 1990
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i " m m m m r ppi IfiPniriG GAME APBn. 29, 1990 SUNDAY JOURNAL-STAB . --r"" e'"H--e "Tir"! I1 'Hn1' t "l T f m rn'l w IT w o mm m m m m Rathman offers a friendly suggestion, in passing By Ron Powell Tom Rathman returned to Nebraska for Us first Spring Game Saturday since joining the San Francisco 49ers inl9S& The former Cornhnsker fullback brought a present ?. he hories NU Coach Tom US- hone wiD out to use K "I. brought some play- books back so they could check out the passing attack we have in Frisco, so maybe they'll start throwing the ball a little more," Rathman said before speaking at the Husker Beef Club luncheon Saturday morning at the Devaney Sports Center. Nebraska hasn't thrown the ban enough in past years? PL--.' 1: Tom Rathman "That's what I'm saying," Rathman said, smiling. "Snoot, I caught five passes in my career here." Rathman catches that many passes in a single NFL game. He finished last season with 73 receptions for 616 yards, seventh in the NFL He's one of the top receivers for the two-time defending Super Bowl champions. Rathman carried his good-natured passing campaign into the Beef Club luncheon. After Osborne addressed the estimated 700 in attendance, he slopped to talk momentarily with Rathman. John Knicely of KETV, the master of ceremonies, told the audience be could ten them what Osborne and Rathman were talking about since they were so close to him. That's when Rathman made a motion with his arm as if he were throwing a football. Rathman later told those at the luncheon, "I was going to ask him (Osborne) how many times hell throw the ban today, but it supped my mind." In a more serious vein, Rathman said be enjoys doing functions for NU. He also helped with the "Drug Free RaDy" at half time. "I try to get back here as much as I can and try to help out the university as much as possible," said Rathman, a Grand Island native who now makes his home in Redwood City, Calif. "Without the university, I wouldn't be where I am today, so Fm real grateful to them." Rathman said the other former Huskers on the 49ers running back Roger Craig and tight end Jamie Williams feel the same way about Nebraska. An three wear Husker stickers on the front of their helmets. Rathman said he started the trend when the Oers played New England at Stanford Stadium last fan after the Bay Area earthquake damaged Candlestick Park. There was a Husker sticker on the locker next to me and I found out manager from Stanford had some so I put one on my helmet," Rathman said. "I had 11 catches for 103 , yards that day so I kept it for good luck." Soon after that, a supply of Husker stickers arrived from Nebraska. "The three of us have our own little dub," Rathman said. "Denver has The Three Amigos.' We've got The Three Cornhuskers.' " Rathman saw the four-part series the Hartford, Conn, Courant wrote about former Husker and tier running back Doug DuBose. In the article, DuBose talked about his drug problem, how he supposedly sidestepped drug testing at Nebraska and claimed be received benefits in violation of NCAA rules. "I think there was a lot of truth in it," Bathman said. Tt's unfortunate because Doug had a great career going. They really liked him in San Francisco. Gave him many chances, chance after chance and he just couldn't lick it (drug abuse). It's unfortunate because he had a lot of talent and that talent went down the drain." Rathman said he didnl know if DuBose's statements about Nebraska in the articles were (rue or not 1 didnl run around with Doug much when be was at Nebraska so I cant comment on that," be said. The university, they keep pretty good control over their athletes I don't know how be could have gotten around an the drug tests here." Baldwin underlines bid for I-back spot By Curt McKeever want anyone thinking that he plans to Quick, name the leading rusher from live off his Spring Game effort Saturday's Red-White game. "I've been doing OK," he said, but, "I Leodis Flowers? Sorry. cant see why I cant work myself a little . Mickey Joseph? Try again. higher." &eGrShYuLU8C0Wer' NeedS t0 be qU'Cker George Achola? Nope. The fc-st step to achieivtag that goal, Hmmmro. stk.-- Baldwin says, is to improve his quick-Had enough? 11 V ness. With just a 4.7-second clocking in You're forgetting X the 40-yanl dash, Baldwin relies on being Scott Baldwin, a f4 I a tough runner. With a lot of off-season sophomore-to-be a? ork, he's hoping to come back next fan who redshirted last ?t P, tavinS a better balance between speed .ann h' anasirengin, The product of SI fa "I have speed in the open field," he re- Bospiip nj frvinn'f L i nunds one, "and I use it. his hardest to eet C I J Baldwin also has a knack for hanging noticed nirk! im "Sesslwa! onto the ball, which he showed Saturday. 115 yards on 16 Scott Bakhrtn Nine Huskers coughed up 11 fumbles in carries, scored a touchdown and even sPriRi Game- Baldwin wasnt one romnlPlPrf a ninp-vartl taat in wrcnnino Contributing to that mark. imasoUdSDrinBDractice. . He was drawing attention in better Mt un.. J-a ...L.i iLu.lL. WflyS. T LT- T ,TL V "I'm sure it adds to the good things gong to thtak." said Baldwto when that rve done this spring." he said, asked how Husker fansjwouM react which, after his latelt performance, when they saw the numbers beskie his Baldwin is sad to see end -right? name. "As far as what ! think. I hope No te one of they see me in there more as an I-back." Um&JA Umes of year Coming Halftime SwitCheroo out of a redshirt year is rough on me Baldwin, a H 200-pounder listed sec- mentaUy and physicaUy because I didnt ond on the depth chart behind Rowers, ve aU down- Next faU rm started the game playing for the victori- MPta8 1 only tav t0 worry about ous Red team. He gained 56 yards on six physical part of it carries in the first half, just 32 yards less . Red44,Whlte34 than the White team's production. SIT hmnm-" Maybe that's why It wasnt surprising to "2 r tru see him switch sides for the final 30 Artololrun(IUf,Hlllrll, minutes. During that time, he added 59 wcmSm! varrlc nn 10 parriM the lad nf tuhirh RtdOowM 39 pass IromJoMph (Borrlos kick) yaras on IU CameS Uie last 01 WMCn , Gorrttt V pou from Gront ( Barrios kick) was a one-yard dive for a touchdown. -F6eorrios3 "It was kind of confusing running with &m2!?mcm the first offense and then going over to l?,l'!TrZTXTkW the second," Baldwin said. "My running i-FGBomosit ,,,, j-jJT -i,-- .. . .. WhiMMcDonoM I run (poss failed) style didnt change any because I was Red white running behind a different Brie I just First down. ..... is 19 had to bear down." Rustwwords 43-m 71-241 , , . , 7 . , . , ,. Passing yards 231 131 Nebraska's defensive players would Return yards 9t likely agree that be did. On plenty of Total yards 3 m Baldwin's runs, he produced yac Punts?.:::::::::::::::::::::::: I 1 That's yards after contact Fumbies-iost ., 5-2 4-2 Pertoltles-yords 12-84 440 "We (I -backs) dont like that term," rushino: Red, Grant 5-49. Joseph - Ralrtwin oiA "If vnu opt varrt aflpr ")' F'wr Johnk 3-5. Soto 4-19, tjarawui saw. 11 you get yaras auer Hoonts Vit Baldwin 4-54. Lindquist i-a contact it counts against the defense, but stissw 4-z Roder 1-1, Duniop i--5). Turner it brines down your mde if you dont ','5)' w' ,lfc Col"e$ '"('2)- Whl"' L. ' Donlop 4-1-3), White 4-7, McDuffv 2-I-12). gel It- Baldwin 10-59, Achola 9-24. McCont 4-li Baldwin only bad two YACs against G'onti 1-34, Hoose 4-12, comweii 5-7. vJ n,.r. ,, . n ... McDonald 7-38, McClanahan 9-42. James Wm this spring. That s pretty good, he Boboii i-z Kieidosty 3-9, Fiaia 1-4. said, but, T dont think I had any today." passing: Red, Grant 9-u-a 134; Joseph 4-9-0, II; Duniop 1-2-0, 5; Lindquist 1-4-1. 11. StOCk QOinaUD WMtt, Duniop 2 7-l. 21; McCont 2-3-0. IB; , . ,. Hoose 2-7-1, 3; Cornwell 2-4-0, 44; Jomes , Which would explain one reason why 0-1-0. 0; Baldwin 1-1-0, 9. stock as. Husker I-back appears to ?g&&& 3 be CUmbtng. 2-24. Bostick -7l Hughes 1-9, Schepers 1-5. ' "I was pretty pleased," Baldwin said Fieiscnmon mi. white, vedroi 2-35, -1 ; Iir wrvi. , rfoi-. Werner 2-35, Pleasant 1-5, Devall 1-3, Hoase of spring practice. Things are starting v Duln ,.24, Avont hn. to work out for me. AD spring I've been punting: Red, sum 1-37, Liiiedahi working on catching the coach's eye." L7'J5fTert MU" Wh,,e' S,,M 2'3'0, . No doubt, running backs coach Frank punt returns: Red, Bostick 1-3. Solich had both eyes focused on Baldwin Hhe W1, lcDona,s '-7- Brinkiey Saturday. k'ickoff returns: Red, Huehes 1-28. , "He's a great coach, as wen as a good Flowers ms,. Leoette 2-15. white 1-27. hi-.j m Umi ,fc ft White, Armstrong 1-8, Baldwin 1-15. White rnend, said Baldwin, who started spring jAcnoio 2-44, Gionti 1-22. practice on third team, of Sohch. "He interception returns: Red, gavemeantheoppcrtuniueslneeded.- cfSBtTE?us1 Re Croe. M4. ; At the same tune, Baldwin doesnt White, cotton 2-44. ' I - , 1 1 I .n j 1, W .I, wm, -y w-iBWWW-W-'.,W Mt$kt -f&X -Jlfimi -mM' i i . . r 4., , ('" " i i. , - .u -" i . . . . 4.v-r- : ' s 4 - ; - I v v . t - , . . : - ' - 1 j , - - - - " f - , 1: . ... -.0:. ... - .A..... --- .,,. :.rYrwr ..-. . . ' 1 '"" '' TED KIRKSUNOAY JOURNAL-8TM1 Nebraska safety Reggie Cooper races down the sideline on a 47-yard interception return for the game's first touchdown. ' ' m Spring Game notes & quotes 1 Chris Demuth, a sophomore from Seward, was the only player seriously injured in Saturday's game. He suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his knee. Other players injured were: safety Reggie Cooper, bruised knee; I-back Leodis Flowers, bruised knee; linebacker Jim Prevette, sprained ankle; kicker Byron Bennett, bruised knee; I-back Andre McDuffy, bruised shoulder; tackle Roderick Washington, sprained ankle, and safety Curtis Cotton, bruised knee. The injuries were not bad considering the amount of contact we had this spring," Coach Tom Osborne said. "The only injury to a front line player that wUl affect us next season was to (cornerback) John Reece, who had knee surgery." Osborne said Demuth was going to be redshirted next season. 1 Outside linebacker Hike Croel, who scored on a 14yard fumble return, said the only thing in his way was teammate Joe Sims. The ball came to me and I . started to go and I guess Joe was just going to grab anybody with the balL I finally got away from him," Croel said. "Joe apologized after the play." 1 Quarterback Mike Grant said he enjoyed the most pain-free day he has had an spring. Grant has been hampered by a shoulder bruise not related to the shoulder surgery be had last December. "I finally felt like letting loose and not protecting myself after I took a few hits and didnt suffer too much." Grant said he win work on his flexibility the next, few weeks. "I built up my strength in my shoulder, but tost some flexibility." A year ago. Grant passed for 20 yards and ran for 157 yards in the spring game. Saturday, he passed for 134 yards and ran for 49. Tight end William Washington caught two passes, one for 10 yards that be fumbled, and one for 44 yards . that set up a touchdown. Those are his first two catches in a major scrimmage or game," said NU receivers coach Ron Brown. "He's no longer the designated downfield blocker. That one catch (the 44-yard-er) was very good." Osborne said be was Impressed with the defensive line, but said after middle guard Pat Engelbert and tackles Joe Sims and Kenny Walker were out of the game, there was a dropoff. Osborne said Nebraska's kicking Saturday, except for the field goal kicking of Gregg Barrios, was disappointing. "I was not happy with the kicking. We were hoping to get the ball kicked into the end zone and we didnt. And our punting was erratic." On 10 punts, NU averaged 34.1 yards. Overall, Osborne seemed pleased. "We have the makings of a good team We're not there yet. But with the fan practices we could have the kind of team peo" w pie are used to around here," he said. lS Mark Wartmrton and Virginia Stahr were honored'. at halftime as Nebraska's male and female students! athletes of the year. The awards reflect academic and athletic achievement as well as leadership and com-, munity service. Warburton, a senior majoring in English, has-achieved a 3.91 grade point average and was an AUs American for the Comhusker men's gymnastics team. Stahr. an August 1989 graduate with a 3.907 CPA, ex-,it celled in volleyball and the the classroom. Now a' graduate student, she won the NCAA Today's Top 1 Award, Woody Hayes National Scholar Athlete and , Delta Scholar Athlete of the Year. GDIette Dairy presented the Husker Beef Club with a check for $34,164.48 from the sale of autographed" footballs, ice cream buckets and the ice cream called '-"Quarterback crunch." Osborne said he hopes the NCAA win not further" cut the limit on spring practices, which has been reduced to 15 days next year. This was the last spring for -20 days 15 in pads -for Division I schools. & More than 3,000 youngsters took a halftime pledge " to say no to drugs, led by Osborne and former Corn- " husker Tom Rathman of the San Francisco 49ers. Spring sir?? TEDKWKSUNDAYJCXW4M.-STAH White defensive tackle Paul Brungardt (95) sacks Red quarterback Mickey Joseph for a 14-yard loss and forces a fumble in the first quarter. The Red team maintained possession. Early in the second quarter, the White offense marched 57 yards against the No. 4 defense, with the help of Robert Glantz's 34-yard run, to take a 14-10 lead. But - quarterback Mickey Joseph brought the Reds back with a 39-yard touchdown pass to Mark Dowse, and five minutes later, Grant added a 27-yard TD pass to tight end Chris Garrett to give the Reds a 24-14 halftime lead. Joseph, who shares the top quarterback position with Grant, hit Jon Bostick for a 22-yard pass to spark a Red scoring drive to open the third quarter. Grant followed with a quick scoring drive to pad the lead to 34-14 four minutes later. Grant gained 15 yards on a keeper, hit fullback Omar Solo for a 14-yard pass and found Garrett for a 7-yard pass to set up Soto's 2-yard scoring dive. Ba!dwin.gains115 Scott Baldwin, who played for both the Red and White and finished with 115 yards, broke loose on a 33-yard run to set up a touchdown by the Whiles late in the third quarter. But the Red defense eliminated any chance of an upset when Mike Croel recovered a fumble and raced 14 yards to score on the third play of the fourth quarter. Grant completed three of his last four passes for 65 yards, including a 44-yard ". bomb to tight end William Washington to' set up the Reds' final score. J- Grant also had a long, first -quarter'" TD pass called back on a penalty. QBs may alternate "Mike (Grant) had a good day and Mickey (Joseph) had some good plays!! today after a shaky start," Osborne said. ,', "But this was the best day Mike's had an spring. He has played wen the last eight days of practice. But we need to look at the whole spring and Mickey had a better first three weeks of spring baH. "Well probably use both tatorchangS I ably." 2" Grant, who will be a junior next fall, was slowed by a sore ami most of th-spring. He also is recovering from shoiiEI der surgery last December. "This was the best rve felt an spring, he said. T took some good hits and um pain wasnt too bad. I think I got a htCa? more into the rhythm today once we SC a bunch of plays in a row in the second half. - - i ZZZZ Today, I bad some zip back on j passes and I think the pass to Washing, ton was the one that showed I was g&SZ ting back to where I want to be. I was; making good decisions because I wasnt protecting my shoulder, and that fett . better, loo.

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