The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 29, 1944
Page 6
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f'l. PAGE SIX BLYTHEVII/LE (ARK.) COUKIEU'NEWS SATURDAY, APRIL 29, 1'J-M. Rober ts, Szabo u ,1 ., * Teorii To Meet t ri' Promoter if ike Meroney's luck holds out for another week, local wrestling fans can e.xoect another rip-snorting, side splitting and rib busting program Monday night. The local matchmaker has been forced to -niter his weekly mat DOPE BUCKET BY J. P. FRUND FI,ASH! ma Mrs Sylvester (Pop) show and, as usual, lias come up M ^ , received word llirough -"- IS^'^^^,1^^ mgAtnfs Hmhell's wife-thai "Hcrky" lias been promoted to be able 10 stage quite evening's eiiterlain- Ahother tag match, plus the usual > who an exciting ment. First Lieutcnnnt.. .'.'Herk" has been in England for several montlis Toliver, Iwlli 2nd Lieuts,, from there. Maybe 1 will run Into some of my old Blythevllle Chicks ol Shawnec Indians hero. If so, I'll let you know. Boy, it really makes you feel good to see anyone from Arkansas, let alone someone you know. The boys appreciate mail nbovc anything else over here"... two single fa Snta*ries are '">«...He has participated In «von tan"ta Ihe cart fca urtn' Ous'^' raids over enemy territory, . . Wisbar the blond wizard o°f thc'nwMriB his first March 4, target Lieut. Mosley wns a fine seal back mat' Buck Lawson, ex-naval chief Berlin...Herschel . also revealed under Ensign Ix»!lc (Dukie) Speck and' commando .instructor: Red'some bad news about two of his at Osceola...lle should make a Roberts, No. l mcanle, .and-:'Joe Szabo. 210-pound flash who returns to local haunts after an absence ot about two years. . Wisbar teams with Lawson against Roberts and Szabo in the tag'match, which will have an hbur-and-ri-half time limit, Iwo former flying buddies. ..Lieut. Lewis Lubla, who received his wings at We Blyllievllle Army Air Field. failed to return from a recent mission...On April fi Lieut, John Curtis, who wcnl through cadet training with "Herky" mid was stationed 'with him at Dycrsburg, best falls out of three deciding the | Tenn,, was killed in action over winner. Pairings for Ihe prelims pit. Italy .'..The other local Mosley Wisbar against Roberts and Law-1 brothers, also in the service, arc son opposing Szabo. They will work over the 30-minute lime limit route. .Has To Woik Fast The Legion promotci was called on at. the last minute to rearrange doing all right.. .Russ started work Inst Monday in advanced training in twin engine at Marfn, Texas... He said he believed he was going to like the twin engine jobs, ills cai'd. Fortunately, both changes'though lie preferred the single mo- we're' : necessitated within n shorljiors.. .Eni'oulc to his new bnsc, time pf eachother, i which was sort' of -a'break for Meroney. First, Johnny (Tiger) l/ong called and Informed him that lie had received a summons from the shlpyaid In Baltimore where he was employed until recently, to return to woi'K. To Jill tbnt gap, Wlsbnr was placed on the card with Liwson. Feeling Hint all .was not well : with Canny, who was booked to renew relations with .his arch vllllan playmate, Roberts, the promoter called "Wild Bill" by long distance telephone to be sure tlial(lie would fill the engagement. He had been informed from a rc- llBble source that Canny was "hot" at him and was ciertltcd with the statement that he was "through" with the circuit. Ills hunch was right. Canny - refused to come to Blythevllle for (his show. ' The promoter Hien got busy, contacted Joe Szabo and completed all arrangements before he got. to lied, which was up in the wee hours of the morning. . Mike Gels Break has- been unusually for- with his "last minute' Mike tunate changes in recent months. In the last two eases they turned out as good— if not better— that the orlg- irial bookings, which speaks wel! Jfor his organization! Sonic time ago Ituss bumped Into Lieut. Dick White, son of Mr. tmd Mrs. Floyd While, (it Yuma, Arizona...Over In the Southwest Pacific at Bougainville Pfc. Norman (Monk) sends word lhat he has been corrcspond- .iiB with his former teammate and [>nl, Pfc. Mayfleld (Sonny) Lloyd ...Both were surprised to learn they were not far apart and lio)>cd soon to sec each other if at all possible...Monk Is with the Infantry; Sonny the 1st Marines. HAITI' One happy fellow wns Ensign Victor Ivy last week...A rnbld Softball and linseball fan, almost as'wild about the diamond sports ns his Dad, Superintendent Thomas R. Ivy, Victor was in the stands nt Shlbe Park when the Philadelphia Phillies and Brooklyn Dodgers opened Ihe National League season .:". Vic already has located Lieut, (j. g.) W. D. McClurkla, former superintendent of schools lime, who has been stationed In the Quaker City for scene time...Ho also has contacted Buck Lloyd, another Blyllicvlllclle...He hoped to reach Bobby Wnldcn before the ex-Chick end sailed with the TJSS Wisconsin 'recently/ nut failed. ..DIDJA KNOW that Clint Castlcbcvry, the fine soldier and officer. ..lie wielded a tremendous influence with his mates on the Osceola athletic teams...To help Captain Puckett locale sonic more boys from this sector I have forwarded the addresses of several, Including Lieut. Co!. Jimmy Tipton, Lieut. Hcrky Mosley. Lieut. Clyde (Bud) Wilson, Capt. G. L. (Litlie Dutch) LhUzcnlch, Lieut. L. G. (Lilllc Pete) Thompson, Allen Plckard, Sergt. Earlle Croxlon, who played basketball under him at, Slmwnce, Sergt. Charles Wright, Mike Simson, Sergt. Johnson Blackwcll, Pfc. Roland Warrlngton. Sergt. I'aul A. Burks, Pvt. Charles C. Bassctt... He ought to find some out of that bunch...There are others ,whose addresses I didn't have handy, in Britain, including Capt, jack Finley Robinson, : Phll Robinson, Jim Mckcuzic, Lieut. Roljcrl Recder, 'aul Blackwood. Armorel Club Membership Totals 200 I Eddie ncgenold, president of Die 1 newly organized Armorel Fishing Club which will |>ry the lid off the 944 fUlitng season at Armorel Lake Ainorrow, has announced a com- )letc list of (lie club's 200 charter nembcTs. Names of (lie following now appear on the club rosier: If. j. Ar- i)ol(l. Ned Ayies, Louis Applebaum, W. A, Alfllck, 13. J. Allen, Claud Alexander, E. n. Alley, W. V. Alexander, Don Aycock, R, li. Alklssoii, ISarl Buckley, ncn Duller, puy Bryant, U. S. Branson. Hcxmcy BanLslcr, Pied Boyette, Mrs. Brax- toii Bragg, II. L. Ilyers, J. G. (Bob) Barnes. J. H. Bell, J. T. Boutwcll,Roy JI. W.-.j^Hughes,, H. II. Jlcmchins, Mrs. W.'-'.t, 'Homer. R. U ilbuck, 'Russell Hays, Dr. F. L. Husband, Ney Hiinli W. C. Higglnson, T. L. Hcutori, V. G. Holland, -J. E. Halsell, R ..M. • Hateell, Sherwood Hol- tholf, Doyle 'Henderson, Jesse Horner. • / ; he had assigned Jack Ijirue and great Georgia Tech grid slar. Is Phineas Hall as a lag team. Both i stationed at the' Blythevllle Army failed to get lieie for the show. I" Air Field.. .Lieut. Murray Tnomp- their places the matchmaker put! S0 n, one ot. the most promising Sergt Chris BeHas and 'HecKRobr^Kifbncks („ local-prep grid history erts, pairing off with the other two.' ls slttl | 0]lc( ] somewhere In the The'resulting show was terrific, one ot the best ever staged .here. Then, I only a few weeks ago Irish Eddie Malone was called In'' a'substl- tute arid he nol only won in-the preliminary, but win' on the winning side in the wild lag match." This show has a popular appeal and should develop into an 'exciting and interesting affair comparable to the other fine ones in recent weeks There nre few wrestlers who have been appearing here regularly with more drawing power and E, It. Hale A. H. Hai'fihmah, L. S. Hartzog, Park Hatcliett, R. D, Hughes Bruce'Ivy, W. H. Jackson, E. R."(Rabbit) Jackson, Riley B. Jones, Selgbcrt Jic'dcl. Robert- J. Jontz, Francis .Jackson,' Jeffries, Jim Jackson, Neivcir' Jerome, H.. c. Knappenbeiger, Turner Kls- .SPJ1. Abo Klnnlngham, J. C. Kln- nlnElmm, Theodore Logan, -. R. L Logglm, .Dave .Lancy,-J. C. Lowe, n. a. Langslon, nay List, Miss Josephine Montague, W. J. Malln fioyce Moore, O. M. Morgan, Jack Marsh, Matt MOntighan, John McDowell. . Marlon McClanahan, ' John Me- Gary. John MoHaney. Jolihnle No- Loubi G.- Nash, Samuel " Baseball Standings NATIONAL LEAGUE W. L. New York St. Louts 6 2 Cincinnati 5 2 Philadelphia ....4 4 Brooklyn Pittsburgh . .... Boston Chicago 3 5 1 4 3 .fi 1 6 AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. 0 2 3 4 3 5 St. Louis 3 Philadelphia New York . Boston . ... Washington . Detroit .. 4 .. 3 .. 3 .. 2 3 Cleveland • ..•'• ..2 Chicago •'. i 5 Pel. ,857 .750 .150 .600 .375 .200 .333 .143 Pet. 1,000 .607 .500 .429 .400 .375 .286 .167 Electric motors of modern battleships have the energy of a million men. Beavers, M. W. liolick, Ira Craw- Morris, Dr. Cnrl Nlcs, R. A:'Ncl- ford, John Caudlll, Rev. Earl son, Dr. M. S. NIchol, W. M.' Niinn Cravens, Charles R. Coleman. Dixie '• Lane Newell, James Dates, ' S. C. M »'s. J. M. Walls, R. L. Wade, Vlr- Crawford. , | Owens, Pat O'BryaiU, Dr. W. M. e" Williams, J. B. Walker, Lieut Clarence Cnmmlngs, Aubrey Con-1 Owens; Jim Peterson, Joe Powell, Joe Wcigman, A. p. Ward, EC way, Sam Coble, Mrs. Aubrey , , , . . , Pryor, harlie. Perry, Elmer Wiseman, Carroll Watson, W. M , , . , . , , , . Cowan, W. ,C. Gates Fred Cope- Patton, O. E. (Dutch) Quellmala, 'Wallace, E. D. Williams, Max Watland, p. W, Copnedgc, Luchm Colc-D. D. RyaLs, P. A. .Rogers, E. M. son, C. B. Wood Jr., Hush Whitman Jim Crafton, Rupert Crafton, Rosco Crafton Bill Crawford, Bob Coleman, Chester Caldwcll, Marlon Dyer Earl Damon, Chester Danehower, Gene Dickinson, Wesley Doxler, M. F. Day, Don, Edwards, '!'.' 11. Esles, Justice Erlringloi>, J. C. Ellis Jr., E. H. Ford, Fletcher Fisher, Fred Flceman, Thomas Fox, Joe R. Fitzpatrlck Ed Ferguson neeenold, Ebb Reynolds C. O. • s'tt. Elza Wheeler, Dr. Floyd Webb Redman, Mrs. Bert Ross, ~E. E.' Ea rl Williams, Jesse White Baker Ridings, Sam Rhodes,' Lorlng • A.• Wilson and Jesse Webb. Robinson, W. T. Reynolds Max B.' Reid, Charlie Short, Dr. W. J.' Slieddan, Matt Scruggs, B. H. • Yesterday's Results NATIONAL LEAGUE New York 0, Brooklyn 4. Boston 2, Philadelphia 1. Cincinnati 2, Pittsburgh 0. (Only games scheduled.) AMERICAN LEAGUE Cleveland 2, Detroit 1. St. Louis 3, Chicago 1. Philadelphia 1, Boston 5 (16 innings). (Only games scheduled,) Today's Games SOUTHERN LKAGUB Open Pate. NATIONAL I.EAGUK Brooklyn at New York. Boston at Philadelphia. Pittsburgh at Cincinnati. Chicago at St. Louis. AMERICAN LEAGUE St. Louis at Chicago. New York at Washington. Philadelphia at Boston. Cleveland at Detroit. It is estimated that one-sixth ol .the 3,000,000'golfers In the United States are casual players. NEW YORK (UP)—Combination rail-air express shipments of the nation's commercial airlines were up 18.6 per cent in February, according to the Railway Express ' Agency. • BOB MALOHE Plaster, Stucco, Ceneit Wwk fkeat 882 CHICKASAW West Main Near 2lit St. Bit. lUrti KM; Sun. «t»rti 1:U Night show» 5:45 Eicept Monday, open* (:45 Conlinuoiu ihowi gat. *n4 Bun. Smith, George Smith, Elliott Sar- tnin. C. G. Smith, C. G. Smith Jr.,' Russell Farr. Richard Green, Dyer Fied S. Sailba, Jiminic Sanders, J. Raymond Smith; Ross Stevens, John Gardner,'n. Shanks, W. Leon Smith, T. I. Charlie Gaines, Bob Giiinn, D. Car-lScay, Hays Sullivan, J. N. jSmoth- rcll, J. M. Gipple. Russell Onlnes, ]ernioi), D. Luclan Gnines, W. B. Garrott, G. •son; J. Simmons, Pete Thom|>M. Terrell,'Doyle Turner,! E. Gillcmvalcr, C. R. Graves, Virgil'Jesse. Taylor, C. R. Thomas, W. N. Greene, C. Y. Young, Roland Green. Thomas, C. F. Tucker, Arthur W. W. Hawkins, Bonnie Harpole, Vance, Joe Whilley, C. B. Webb, S. W. P....Scrgt. Dun Wnrrlngton three sports slar, with the Chicks has been transferred from' Trlicn field, Madison, Wis., to Scott Field 111....Also there is Richard Roberts ...Carlos Deal, co-captain w'ilh Elmer Stone In 194S, has finished his radio course nt Scott Field and is slated for a change next week. MEETS Capt. James Ace Puckett. who coached the local Juniors and Shawnce Indians before his rc- populanty than Wisbar, , Roberts entry into the Army, Is on the and Lowson All are capnble ring move a gain...Today's mall brought artists and showmen with contrast- a V-mall from Ace, written in ing individual stylos'. Comes Well Recommended by Promoter iferoncy who describes .him. as a'versatile workman mucli on the order of his . teammnte, Roberts. He likes to mix it; prefers It good and rough, and together with "Rough Red" should make Szabo .comes highly recommended .the fans forget that Canny ever was scheduled in Ihe first place. .Lawson teamed with Long on the ; winning side of a screwball match last Monday night, though beaten by the Arab star, Emll Badul, in the preliminary after completely outwrestling the huge Middle East- .erner. Wisbar and Long turned in a peach of a. duel in the second match of the evening. They toiled 25 minutes before Long caught Gus with a siege of flying tackles and Bet the stage for the fall. Despite a decided weight superiority by his foes, Lawson and Long. Wisbar made a creditable . showing. His fine work paved the way for his team to take the first fall. Roberts has just returned from Florida where, as visual, he made life miserable tor foes and referees alike. His return bodes no good luck for Referee Meroney, who will ofticiate'in all events. Roberts takes special delight in picking on Mike. Once he even ripped Mike's panls off, leaving htm standing in a bright colored pair of green trunks, lhat may account for him bringing an extra pair of trousers whenever the rneanle Is scheduled. The'starting time has been mov- Erigland.. ."It might interest some Osceola folks to know I have recently seen Pat Mosley and R Yarbro Women To Serve At USD Here Tomorrow The Yarbro Home Demonstration Club met April 25 with Mrs. Spencer Bunch.' Mrs. Dave Abbott, led the group in singing "A Mother's Problem." A poem was given by Mrs. Spencer Bunch. Fourteen members answered roll call with "What my home means to me." Sunday afternoon the Yarbro club will serve at the USO beginning at 3 o'clock. Mrs. Victory Mallory resigned as flower chairman. Mrs. Dave Abbott was appointed by the president, Mrs. George Bunch, to take the place of Mrs. Mallory. During the recreation hour led by Mrs. Paul Abbott prizes were won by Mrs. Walter Barnes and Mrs. O. O. Elkins'. Tulips and other spring flowers were used throughout the home. A snlad plate was served by Ihe hostess. Mrs. Ramcy was a visitor at this meeting. , The club was dismissed by the club motto. Tlie next meeting will be with Mrs. Dave Abbott, May D. One million military vehicles, civilian commercial units, and trailers are scheduled to be built in 1944. ed up 15 minutes, gelling under way at 8;30. WRESTLING Legion Hut, Monday, May 1,8:75 p. m, Lowest Admission or any Wrertlinf Anns In America, Aflulk, 3Sr, Tax Sc-Tolal, 45c. Reserved Seats, He, Tax 3c-To- tal, 15c. Children's Seals 12c, Tax 3c, Totzi, ISc, Reserved Seats On Sale at the Legion Arena Every Monday from 6 p. m. on. TAG MATCH WISBAR & LAWSON ROBERTS^ SZABO 2 30-min. Preliminaries GUS WISBAR RED ROBERTS BUCK LAWSON ; JOESZABO, > -v t'-"' THE OLD JUDGE SAYS. "We can't argue with the Judge on. itat point, can we Mabel? It's not fair to penalize the many for the actions of the few." "That, folks, is exactly what we would be doing in this country if we ever voted for prohibition again. Authorities who have made a careful study of the problem, report that only about E%'0f those who drinls abuse the privilege occasionally... 95% drink sensibly. Probably; doesn't compare with the number of folks who overeat and do other tilings to excess. Prohibition certainly isn't the answer. It's not tliat simple. We had nearly 14 years prod! of that, didn't we? "The real answer is education and bettci control. Iri fact, the responsible members ol the distilling ^industry are working constantly toward that end. They don't wam anybody to abuse the use of their product any more than the three of us do." "If everybody would take that sensible altitude, Judge, and cooperate as more and more are now doing, we'd be a lot betici oft a lot quicker." Second Consignment Sale of Registered Guernsey Cattle This sale is sponsored by tlic ARKANSAS GUERNSEY BREEDERS' ASSOCIATION To Be Held At the Armory At ROGERS, ARKANSAS Wednesday, May 3,1944 The 0. P. A, and War Transportation officials h;wo declared attendance' at Sales with intent to buy as .'• • . necessary travel. ' • Sales Committee: Pete .Ilogan, Fort Smith, Arkansas Ld'c Smith, 'Benfonville,-Arkansas F. P, Rose, Rogers, Arkansas Auctioneer: Roy Johnson Decatur, Indiana Sales Manager: Mort Woods Ardrnore, Okja. Last Time Today Double Feature FIGHTING FRONTIER"] with Tim Holt anil "THE GHOST AND THE GUEST" V'llll James Dunn and Florence Itlce erial "Don Winslow of the Co;ul j Cunrd" Comedy Sunday and Monday Tuesday "HELLZA POPPIN" witll Olscn and Johnson ami Martha Kayo — Universal News Comedy NEW* THEATRE! Manila's Finest Shows Nightly at 6:30 MATINEES Saturday •& Sunday at 1 To My Friends and Customers: 1 have plenty of city property listed for sale . . . Let me handle ydiir realty problems. i '• • - , •• f ,1 am no longer connected with the Tom Little Realty 1 Company. . , ; • H. C. CAMPBELL, Realtor 120 S. Second phone 440 Last Time Today "CARSON CITY CYCLONE" A Ucpublic Western Serial and Short Sunday and Monday "DESERT SONG" with Dennis IMorgim Fax. News niul Sinai *•** T*(J adtnlhemtnl J OirJ by Conjtitrxt of Alcoholic tJttnatt InJusltits, lnt\ '...50 DRS. NIES & WES OSTEOPATH/C PHYSICIANS RECTAL DISEASES a SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 514, Main Blythenlle, Ark. Phone 2921 I'M SAVING WASTE PAPER!" Yes . . . waiting is hard. But it's easier whop, you're doing something to protect and aid him , . . and bring him home sooner 1 Your Government snys that waste paper is (ha No. 1 war shortage. There's your opportunity 1 For waste paper is everywhere. Newspapers, magazines, wrappings, corrugated paper . , , bundle them all in packages about 12 inches high and turn them in. The very waste paper yon tie up may well be made into paperboard that packages th» K-rations, ammunition or blood plasma your fighting man will use. So enlist the children. Enthuse your neigl* bori and friends. Scour attics and basement* Then start a regular system of saving and bundling your waste paper for war. It's so little to do ... and it may mean so much to him I Q,S. Victory WASTE PAPER Campaign THIS SPACE CONTRIBUTED T O X11K SCRA1' 1'AFER CAMPAIGN BY TBK COURIER NEWS Mr. COTTON FARMER: Don't take a chance when you can huy GRADED, DEL1NTED and CERESAN TREATED PLANTING SEED! A51 of our seed is first year from pedigreed Slonerille 215 and DI'L 14. $5 Per 100 pound bog RED TOP GIN N. Hwy. Gl Phone 2H2 THEATRE LUXORA 'PRlb£ OF THE COMMUNITY' Open 7:15 Show Starts 7:30 Last Time Today 'Hail to the Rangers' with diaries Slurred :iml Bonnie Eyes Chapter 1: "King of Die Motmliesj Short "SQUARE DEAL" Xo. 105683. . Minnesota State Champion 10JZ, Senior Boar Pij All American Champion, 1942, Senior Boar Pig FOR SALE A few choice FALL BOARS sired by SQUARE DEAL. Thick, smooth and well grown out, with plenty of quality. JOE T. CAGLE S. Hwy, 61— Phone 3390— Rt, 2, BEytheville Saturday Midnight Show Tind The Blackmailer 1 Hill! Jerome Covran anil F;iyc I-mcrso:! Shorts ' Sunday and Monday THE GREAll AMERICAN MOTION PICTURE! iSvROONEYl ""FRANKMORGAN ', Prom Ihe s< 0 ry by William SaroyatT Screen Play by Howird Esubrook. Paramount News Comedy.

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