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OCTOBER! 1989 SUNDAY JOURNAL-STAR .1 ushers9 mystery man makes an impressive debut By Mike Babcock ft was a case of mistaken identity. The, Nebraska football player wearing jersey NoT Saturday afternoon was Jon Bostick not George Achola. After the game, as he headed to the Corn-taer locker room, "everyone wanted George's "autograph," said Bostick, a sophomore split end front Bellevue, Wash. "I just kept walking." jsTconfusion was understandable. JTJWb official game program lists Achola, "sophomore I-back, as No.

4. But Achola watched Saturday's game in street clothes, after being sidelined by a broken leg during the pre-seasoa And Bostick was an anonymous redshirt until a week ago, running other teams' plays on the scout squad. The attention on No. 4 was the result of a 6ft yard touchdown pass play from quarterback Gerry Gdowski early in the fourth quarter, which gave Nebraska a 28-7 lead and settled the issue. The play was supposed to look like an option run, according to Bostick, who was wide open behind the defense, "I was a little surprised being as open as J.

was," he said. "I just wanted to catch the ball and runwithit" -s I Catching is something Bostick does very according to Ron Brown, the Cornhuskers' receivers coach. "Jon is a very smooth player," said Brown, "He's got a great feel for the passing game he was a classic receiver when he came here. And he's a very competitive That competitiveness enabled Bostick to take off his redshirt three games into the season. "He didnt just blow it off," Brown said.

"He really wants to play." The initial decision to redshirt Bostick was based on the fact that the Cornhuskers have senior Morgan Gregory as the No. 1 split end) with Chip Bahe, also a senior, as his back-up. But Gregory the team's best receiver, according to Brown has been slowed by an ankle injury. And Bahe is suffering from a sore shoulder and sore foot So Bostick, who took a recruiting trip to Oregon State, was given a choice this week by Coach Tom Osborne. He could remain a redshirt or he couldplay.

He chose to play. "It was something I had in the back of my mind for a week or two," Brown said. "And when Morgan went down, it was clear we heeded his (Bostick's) ability as a receiver." The situation was similar to one last week in which sophomore quarterback Mike Grant was taken out of a redshirt and played against Minnesota, "lake Grant, we wanted to save him, but we had to play him," said Osborne. The big difference was, everyone knew who Grant was when he made his first varsity appearance. But Grant's debut wasnt nearly as spectacular as Bostick's, His first pass reception became a 60-yard touchdown play.

The chances of that happening, particularly at Nebraska, with its run-oriented offense, "are pretty Bostick said. The public address announcer at Memorial Stadium got his name right But Bostick was too busy celebrating to hear it. He would have to wait for the headlines in the morning newspaper. Then "I will know that I did iChesaid. It was Bostick not Achola.

2 HUSECSRS Gbrnh ii. ii i in inn ii. i i n. im -1 1 if -s I KU defense kept Husker center says offense progressing By Ken Hambleton There is no time to worry about the past, even right after the game, Nebraska AH-American center Jake Young the pressure on C3v lan UamKIMAM Ki ichard Bell said the offense may want to send a thank you note to the Ne-Jfraska defense. 2 "We put them 1ft a heck of a position a guple of times today, and they played geat," the Nebraska senior wingback llxcept for a two-yard touchdown run, Ke Cornhusker defense shut out the egon State offense, despite a 269-yard Sashing performance by quarterback Sick Schichtle.

5 "I know it sounds strange because jhey got all those yards, but when teams ass on us, we have a lot of control of ft'i going on," NU cornerback Bruce Jfickens said. "Our line knows what it JJjas to do. The secondary is in a man-to-wan setup, and the'destiny of the game In our hands." Pickens intercepted a pass at the Ne- aska 17 late in the third quarter to set the same thing. Our defensive line was putting the pressure on so we could cover the receivers, and it worked pretty well." Nebraska defensive tackle Englebert, who filled in for injured Kent Wells in NU's dime defense, returned the praise to the defensive backs. "When our secondary holds up the receivers for two seconds or so, we've got time to pressure the quarterback," he said.

"When you've got Kenny Walker racing in there and Ray Valladao and Jeff Mills and Mike Croel and LeAndre Anderson all crashing in on the quarterback, there's a whole lot of pressure, on him to do something in a hurry." Nebraska finished with 11 sacks, six passes broken up and 13 tackles behind scrimmage, totaling 93 yards in losses. NU junior cornerback Tahaun Lewis said it wasn't a perfect performance by the defense. "There were a couple of times in the third quarter when the defense loosened up a big, but in the fourth quarter we started tightening things up on them I think they passed a lot more than they planned because of our pressure," he' said. They'd get some momentum going and get a big play, then get the big play on defense with an incompletion or an interception." Nebraska defensive co-captain Reggie Cooper said the improvement in NU's pass coverage was evident "WeJearned a lot from the Utah game because they threw everything but the kitchen sink. I think the reason the blitz worked so well today was because we had that experience," he said.

The pass defense was important for another reason, he sakU "We wanted to have a good showing on defense at home in front of our NU third touchdown of the game. eammate Reggie Cooper intercepted a V. f' -it at the NU 17 at the end of the third and Nebraska followed with a Mot A tig? wksskjk JP yard touchdown pass from Gerry idowski to Jon Bostick to increase the Siadlo 28-7 early in the fourth quarter. Thrfce consecutive quarterback sacks Jiyfc Jeff Mills, Pat Engelbert and Jravjs Hill sent the Beavers reeling for of 24 yards on Oregon State's next ossflsion. The Cornhuskers answered yith touchdown pass from sophomore iuarterback Mike.

Grant to Mark Dowse fhiish the scoring. "We" had one breakdown in pass Average on the drive they scored on," Jickens said. "But other than it eally too bad at alL "-It's a team thing with us. The offense JM the defense playing for each fjherxOur offense picked right up on ghat we were doing and we tried to do HARALD DREIMANISSUNOAY JOURNAL-STAR Nebraska cornerback Bruce Pickens knocks the football away from Oregon State's Lloyd Bailey. crowd.

We had a good showing in Minne- we were ready for the pass." last week. I think we proved that it was sota, but we wanted the whole group of Mike Petko, NU sophomore lineback- valid and showed Nebraska has a great fans to see what we could do," he said. er, added, "There was some question defense. I hope we alleviated some of "We were solid against the run, and about the validity of stopping Minnesota the questions." "You make a mistake, you go on to the next play. If you keep worrying, your future is not too bright And I think our offense has a bright future," he said.

Despite the Oregon State defensive line that held Nebraska to 397 yards its lowest production of the season Young said the Nebraska offense made improvements. "Their defense came at us with all kinds of loops, stunts and blitzes and they caused us to make a lot of adjustments," he said. "We blocked as well as we could, and we got better as the game went along." The Cornhuskers counted on five offensive tackles and three guards throughout the game. "We had a lot of different combinations, and the kids need work with new people on their side," NU offensive line coach Milt Tenopir sail "But today was more of a man-to-man blocking scheme. And the way Oregon State played their defense, there were just too many times when they had somebody loose.

When they stood, around we got them We're learning, and well see that land of movement from other defenses down the road." The gambling Beaver defense paid off in some frustration for the Nebraska offense, but it also paid off in big plays, quarterback Gerry Gdowski said. "Well get better at taking advantage 'of that kind of defense," he said. "I think we can use all these games to focus in on the Big Eight games. Some teams feel it's worth trying to stop us' with some big plays and maybe we wont get the big plays back. But so far, we've managed to get enough to win." Beaver notes, quotes l1 Oregon State Coach Dave Krag-thorpe's impressions of Nebraska after Saturday's game were similiar to what he thought beforehand.

"They're a very sound football team. They dont beat themselves," he said. "They played very steadily, and stay after you on defense. And again, they've got a diversified offense. They're a good, solid, sound football team" How sound? They would compare favorably, but not necessarily overwhelmingly so (in Kragthorpe was satisfied with his team's offensive yardage (228) but not in its scoring efficiency.

"In the third quarter we really controlled the tempo of the game as far as having the ball and moving the ball down the field," he sail "But we didnt come up with any points until right at the end of the third quarter when we had at least three good opportunties to score. "I think the game was ours to be had, until after they got the touchdown that made it 28-7." lS Oregon State threw a season-high; 41 passes against Nebraska. "We tried to run on first down early uv the game, and we weren't getting enough to make it worthwhile," Krag thorpesall ffeavers'pmslpro down, Uiid quarterback was left scrambling Oregon State's pass protection against Nebraska held up liket pOrly constructed dam Saturday afternoon, As a result," Seaver quarterback Nick Schichtle too often was sent running Wer ground. a tmioh nnp cairl tho conlnr Srhirhtlo whn in mat. "It was was ing his, fourth start threw for 269 yards but was sacked 10 we got in a couple of times, how can you call a play for that? It's a hard situation." Still, the Beavers trailed just 21-7 after Schichtle drove them 75 yards for a score with 3:23 left in the third quarter.

The Beaver defense then forced a punt and took over at the NU 44. But on the next play, Schichtle overthrew a pass and Nebraska's Reggie Cooper intercepted a free balL The Cornhuskers scored four plays later on a 60-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Gerry Gdowski to split end JonUostick. "At that point'(21-7)i the momentum is all our way and guys are up and we're 'hey, let's win the Ross said. Then we come out and throw an interception. "Right how we're really a momentum team, and those kinds times Jpr minus 70.

"I don't think they really sent all that many people out there, maybe let one guy get through. Usually I can fcet away from one guy. Today that just wasnt the case." Schjchtle.was sent scrambling despite the.fact that Saturday's ffort by the offensive line was "probably our best day (is far as pass protection," said tight end Phil Ross. "And that's of things really hurt us. You could just see everybody's jaw kind of scary.

Msft'SNj ffiaifei' M. i i i I I sr i rThat's really hurt us all season long. Nebraska has a tough drop then. I think that was the turning point of the game." a i. it.i i (defensive) front but I think right now we're our owri worst Schichtle accepted responsibuity.

enemies as far as that is concerned. A lot of guys are missing Assignments. It's a team thing and we just have to tie it down, ptftil we do that our passing game won't be as consistent as we, wanted it to be." AndJDregon State Coach Dave Kragthorpe didn't have any answers to how he'd solve the problem that has resulted in his being sacked 26 times in four games. Unless 1 find something different in the film, I don't think that Nebraska did anything that we couldn't have expected or anything that was out of the ordinary," he said. "Sometimes jve, blocked them pretty well and then sometimes, in streaks of four consecutive plays, we were terrible.

"Basically speaking, today the problem was more with the tin?" When the line did its job and gave Schichtle lime to throw, the Beavers had some success moving the ball But because of penalties (six for 44 yards, including one that wiped out a 26-yard gain to the Nebraska 27 off a fake punt) and a dormant running game (27 carries for minus.36 effective passing wasnt enough; Tlf we keep ourselves out of second-and-long or third and-jong, we can drive on anybody, 1 mean Schichtle said. "But when it's second-and-15 and then lhird-and-20, like "Out of habit I slap the center's side of the leg to tell him that we're ready he said. "I do it every time and he was really wet. I had a wet hand and I was trying to dry it off as I was calling signals. I saw the open man, I was throwing it to him, it just came out of my hands with the wet grip.

I hope no quarterback in the nation would throw a ball like that on purpose." Right defensive end Pellom McDaniels said, "This is not humiliating, but it's like another missed opportunity," said "We played a team No. 3 in the nation and we played them tough, I say three quarters, and the fourth quarter we break dowa There's nothing you can really say, it's just really frustrating. "We had things going, but too many times we beat pur-selves. We're working and we're getting closer together as a football team. It's just going to take an extra effort" Kragthorpe agreed.

"I'm not saying the effort wasnt good, but I mean, it wasn't great" he' said. "I thought when we're in a football game with one of the best teams in the country you ought to have an exceptional effort We didn't play as hard asi felt that we shoul-d've been playing, (and), against a good team you're going to go backwards if you aren't playing as hard as you can." TED KIRK8UNOAY JOURNAL-STAR NU linebacker Mike Croel (88) sacks Oregon State quarterback Nick Schichtle in the first quarter. Statistics Scoring Time left How scored NU-OSU 'Thomas 10 1 Cotton 1 0 -1 Reece 10 1 F.White 1 0 1 Oregon State Offense Rushing No. Yds. Ave.

Punt returns No. Yds. Bell 2 9 Interception returns No. Yds. Pickens 1 3 1 8 Defense Tackles Chaff ey 8 22 2.8 Conversely, the Beavers held Nebraska to a season-low rushing effort (278 yards).

Defensive endTellom McDaniels left Memorial Stadium with a lot of re-, spect for Nebraska. "They execute everything. They work harl Their linemen and their they kept on their blocks and they work hard," he sail "We got around the ball; but they Just executed everything." Quarterback Nick Schichtle didnt have the same respect for the NU secondary. I "We would love to play their secondary again next week, and the week; after," he sail They dont see the pass, enough to where I think they really do us any harm. We get some protection and stay out of the long-yardage we would love to play them every week.

"It's safe to say they're used to the run, and they like to come and make the big hit They're good at that" Place-kicker. Troy Bassanlch started another streak in the first quar-, ter Saturday when he missed a 46-yard field goal attempt Busschich, who had. made nine straight prior to the errant kick, missed again in the third quarter from the same distance. 11 3.7 UT AT TT Jones 3 Williams 1 Booher 2 Schichtle 13 1 1.0 0 0.0 -70 2 2 I -Nebraska I Offense Rushing 7 No. Yds.

Ave. 5 82 16.4 Clark. 50 59 3.0 Gdowski 12 47 3.9 Joseph 3 32 10.7 3 28 9.3 Flowers 3 20 6.7 Carpenter 2 10 5.0 Rodgers 4 5 1.3 LWhlte 3 -5 Passing No. Co. Yds PI tdowskl .14 5 110 0 rant 1 1 9 0 Joseph 2 0 0 0 Receiving No.

Yds. Eostlck 1 60 ell 1 ,16 Clark JU Garrett 1 11 Turner 1 9 powse 1 9 Punting No. Yds. Ave. SNgoe 7 267 38.1 Kickoff returns No.

Yds. 4 87 Missed field goals Bussanich 46, 46 Defense Tackles UT AT TT Vladlc 5 4 9 Tuaoio 8 0 8 6 1 7 Overstreet 5 1 6 B. Sanders 4 2 6 Thompson 3 2 5 Hughely 4 0 4 Huff 3 0 3 Magglore. 2 1 3 .....2 1 3 2 1 3 2 1 3 3 0 3 McDaniels 0 2 2 2 2 S.Sanders 1 2 Beck i i 2 1 0 1 Mc Kinney 0 1 1 1 FIRST QUARTER 7-0 Gdowski 7 run '36 Drive: 42 yards In 10 plays otter Bell 10-yard punt return. High-lighted by Bell 10 run with fumbled pltchout.

Conversion: Barrios kick. SECOND QUARTER 14-0 Carpenter 8 run Drive: 36 yards In seven plays after fumble recovery by Petko. Highlighted by Gdowski passes of nine yards to Turner and 12 to Washington. Conversion Barrios kick. THIRD QUARTER 21-0 Clark 2 run Drive: 80 yards In four plays.

Highlighted by Bell reverse for 48 yards, plus 15-yard personal fout penalty, and Gdowski 12 keeper. Conversion Barrios kick. 21-7 Chaffey2run Drive: 75 yards In 11 plays. Highlighted by Schichtle passes of 16 yards to Kent, 39 to Wilson and 16 to Ross. Conversion: Bussanich kick.

FOURTH QUARTER 28-7 Bostick 60 pass from Gdowski 13:99 Drive: 75 yards in four plays after Cooper Interception and 8-yard return. Conversion Barrios kick. 35-7 Dowse 9 pass from Grant 4:24 Drive: 86 yards in 14 plays. Highlighted by Gdowski 16 pass to Belt, Bell reverse for 11, Joseph keepers for 14 and 15 and Grant keeper for 21. Conversion: Barrios kick.

Passing No. Co. Yds PI Schichtle 39 18 269 2 2 1 -5 0 Receiving No. Yds. Croel 6 Engelbert 4 Lewis 4 Cooper 4 Plckelns 2 Bvrd 3 Sanders 2 Anderson 2 2 Mill .....2 2 Caliendo 2, Sims Valladao ...0 Walker 1 Kurtz 1 D.

White 1 Jobman 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 Kent 5 Wilson 2 feallev 2 Ross 3 Chaff ev 4 Hubbard 2 Pltchford 1 PUntlng No. Yds. Ave: Bennett 6 .265 44.2.

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