The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 22, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 22, 1937
Page 1
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VOL XXXIII—NO. 200 RTYTHFVTJ T li 1 PriTTPTPD TII ~ niylhovl'lc Courier niylhevlllc HcrnUl WILL HOLD rn-Yisal to Limit Debate Advanced ; in Effort lo End Deadlock. _ LITTLE HOCK. Feb. .25 (UP)— The rrgHar filibuster by opponents of the Vcscv prohibition bill, s aged to hold the measure from the senate, occupied the moriiui-r hciir in the lioute of representatives again today. . ' A motion |jy proponents to limit debate to nvc minutes clirin* Hie morning hour was ' rclerrcd lo the rules ccmiulltee. Another motion by the opponents of the 1)111, to change the order of business to enable them lo refer action indefinitely, failed. The bill was recalled last week for a vole on the emergency clause which vote Is blocked each morn-' Ing hy a filibuster Says Inquiry I'oMlical The charge that the Hot, Springs Investigation was the "airing ri n. Garland county political n-hl", \VrtC mnfln ft,. 11- _ n • D"» I EillSl OP Be'icvj Congress Will Pass;?War.ProjiU Bill WASHINGTON, Ffb. 22 (UP)— j Senate' leaders .said today -they : believed the congress would pass, at tills sessipn an anti-war profits' bill: to uioiibliz"''(he • human and! economic resources of tlie naticn in event of-Mvnr. Chaiimr.n Morris Sheppard (Dem., Texas) of lhe senate military affairs committee, co-author of, the Eheppard-Hij] anti-war profits bi'l. backed bv the American Lesion. ;nid .sentiment toward i liis proposal "is practically unanl-- moi's." , . Senator Ci-rald P. Nye (Ren L MADRID ' Pcb - 22. (UP)-l/iyalist I N. D.) chairman of the noiv re' ''°° 1)S ^ a Bcncral offensive (o-' fund senate munitions commit- y , on thc fronl soutl! of Madrid lee. said he felt congress was in official dispatches reported the temper to pass ,„<;„ u., a i s la m wh ' !lncill S «" along (h e line | lion before the end of Ihfs %es " wns ' assertccl that loyalist sion." ' I storm troops captured La Marln- iosa, 15 miles south of lhe capital ] at II a.m., and that troops were measure with _experts"ri-om" the It ' lvalK ' ln S i", along a battle line . ' E r/flt SOUTJ1]JAST SINGLE COPIES PIVC CENTS COURT PROPOSAL jr'now Falls dn Justices and President Alike Claim General Aclvnnce in' New Offensive; Fall of Oviedo Near. Inishund, J j ' liistin ngaliisl liohhuon, lower court hud awarded Mrs. Itoblnson J5.000 for Injuries while she. was u pussen- in her- husband's automobile of the 'was made on the floor house 'this morning; The charge was hurled .by Rep i Kenneth Coirelt of Saline ccimly as the .house went, j'ni 0 'commil- lec ( pf the whole to. consider ndpption of one of two reoorts submitted by investigators. " Coffelt was speaking in lavor of a motion to postpone Indefinitely further action on the invest i»a I ion. "When you boil it down," CofTell said, "one report favors one political faction and the other report favors. unolrt'r faction" No Evidence Against Judge .....v r Hc = rtec)a.rfd that the committee had hot . produced^ enough'^evi district" ^"convict -the ^Kt negro in Arkansas" . mackest Coflelt said that gamblin- Kts in every city in Ar fc the size of Hot 'Spring. .. • "" w 111 t>c resumed the house reconvenes follow-in iionn recess. Sheppard prepared' to resume! _ 1C . ari . n ° s ea . r !y < llls w «k on his' OF ----_-_- ...,,,1 _i,,\[jcj L;> iioin In&i .u , = , o « LMiut: ijjiy war and navy departments sched-1 " ','"" -^""'Mstward from the uled lo appear. ' . rnnu»i i~ >i.. . Secretary Perkins and ,- ..u,,,. Governor Homer Mav llcnvy mactin e emi nre from r II r [ ? new weapons taken Into the na- capital lo lhe Argandn sector 10 miles southeast of Madrid aion» the vitally important Valencia" The'.loyalist, attack was-slarlert at diuvh on a beautiful surlno-iik? day under persomii orders qf°den """• Mlaja, commander-lii-chbf. ordered general stair ni'm- tUo lhe field to ink? direct „. of operalions. The loyalist battle line extended altogether over a twisted 37 i '> mile front. . _- . . II f] n I rim n r U nULU LL/IU Conference. WAU'KEGANTlii.7 Feb. 22 (UP) j ?,'" rie , SpJlQ -A joint invitation f rom Secretary! !L 'i'™! .." "•' ir t ,,h*,. ,, _ . ^i«i/ t (trough at several poi . "J nit i Lit- ist trenches for a decisive battle raked the loyalist shock troops '"" •"•"•"" '"- "-., dispatches from thp L. S. Kersey, Wilson, Dies of Tuberculosis L S. Kersey, 45, of Wilson, died M..'S^ "i 0 ?: 11 * »«>"""* al years illness his homo after two of tuberculosis. Mr. Kersey is survived by his wife, Mrs- Lela Kersey, one daiign- ler. Paulino .1 -.-• _ a Luther three held ler, Pauline. th reL „„ jr., John Kenneth and Jc brothers and two sisters Funeral services will „» ,,n, a Tuesday afternoon at Little Prairie cemetery at Caruthersvllle wl er< interment will be made. The Rev. Mr. Faulkner will officiate at the services The Moss Funeral Home is in charge of funeral arran»e- ments. = Labor Prances Perkins an« jov. Henry Homer to rival uar- •ws m u, e Faiisleel Metallurgical iil-<town strike may be tlie next move to break lhe deadlock in conciliation efforts, parties uiose .0 the negotiations .said loday The Informant said such a con-i »,','* ""V rerence would .be, called on'. i t h e M^'M following conditions. c ;Madild Thai tuxn, 'iv.- - Will [n —.--•"» i'vitit^) iiiiil L'Lltl- cr captured, machine glm ncsts or forced the nationalists to r?trcit and That both (he company striking,'members of the -Amal^a mated Iron, Steel and Tin !\VoTk- irs either have legal counsel or not. have legal counsel. The company has insisted the strikers ne- Sh, ce r °of'""T' V , CS " Wfth ° ut ' as - aji ui nee ot outside nrnf*>« i/ii^i agitalora." P'oiessional .That no further attempt ' be inarfc to evict approximately hoo sit-downers in two FanSfeel plants « nearby North Chicago pendin* outcome O f peace elforLs Tie sfnkers have held the buildings «'"ce last Wednesday and on Frl ' repulsed HO sheriff's men'who attempted to . oust them Robert Pilkington. U.' S labor department conciliator, said f'alt of Ovicdo Near BIARRITZ, France, Feb. 22 (U '—Tlie loyalist generals of the Asturias country were lerstood to have wired to thc arm command tonight that "we "HI take ovledo tomorrow ciil- "S"V '"•" olle » si ™ '• which ^^•<o a.ruSS.mile frohi'In was Mnjestie serenity cloaks the llgl,(ed portico of the i, Cw sil.ocooco u WnchlODlnr* [c Mntil. n «^.l I... ' - , u.uvu u. S. Supreme Courl building hs — poll were as follows; For lhe pro '""">' "•--••••>" • Wife Can't Collect For Auto Injuries LITTLE ROOK.' Feb. : 22 (UP) — .'nit; Arkansas .stale suprcmn court today lidd Hint the stale automo-, bile "jiii'sl" Inw Hiipllc.s In wives 1 tluiy nrc occiipnnU of Uiclr' sniuls 1 vehicles. The opinion was handed down m reversing n decision of llm llniipsteud county circuit court In |.i „ I | ~ W ; n the case of Mr.s. Mary Bell. Rnb-i' lousc Leaders Want Sen- Noted ale (o Consider Measure First. WASHINGTON, reb 22 (UI') — The senate Judicial j- commltlce, dciklctl today to start public hcai- ings on President Roosevelt'^ Judlcliuy icoiganloillon bill Mai eh » I" tin iipixiient elloil to .speed • its consldcifttlon in the face ot tlntalciiod nitbusier tncltcf ' . 1" line with thc move lo speed , »l> tonulo action, Speaker Wil- I mm n Bankhcad of thc housu , said that should lhe 4W ia(e net ?.SL..° l ?... p . l " M ?P t Rowevclta '.>M>- ^nuii^u nuiuu «S """• ul1 ncsment Roascvclt'ii Vnfiie Piln -I In I 1\1 [Judicial icoitanlallon prosrnm'lt. , \ Otci lie Lip hi NcWS-jwoirtd-inccl with ft pp,o v nl of U u> paper ii<«'"" I....!....... house Icadoishlp j Kctircnicnl illli Hcporifu . in progress """"Bh the IRY JCTICS Slnke for Union 'Recogni lion of Their Own Asso ciation. of rUT€Lfcl YOU BOB BURNS tnL!' 1 ' 1 * °" e ot the Wggcst mis- o i«d ^i rs011 can make is ">•'"' jirage the gum, or innocence of a person by the expression on then- face when they're suddenly accused iT±i n ;; N ™»^out a ori^ look a - --, man the BUllty of it, That's became the Hh r, ith reports "hourly" Martin P. Durkin. director he state department of tabor ' rt^, 1 " Charge of metii «n rts between thc company and organizers for John L ' L cw^ Committee for Industrial 'oiganl • ""on. left Chicago this morning or Spnngneld to give Govcrno? •toner a complete report. Durkin, who made three unsiic awul attempt, to get company 'ITicials and strikers into confer ?nce with thc governor, said the" ' From Air Rjf[ e Strikes Boy-in Eye \ r ' Mr. and 'MVs ; y.Bcn white '' : Mcaped;';iosmg the ' son of Saturday Punctured Un wlicn of 01 n "BE" muscle of an Stan'S . ^ aCddent occurred «hen. John and Wilbur Evrard toys were shooting their air rifles «hen a shot tram Wilbur'. Bcc-identally struck Jo!,,, " was first believed the shnt »d penetrated the cyeS but -ray pictures revealed thnl the ot bounced out and only plln "' Hired a muscle. NEW YORK, Feb. 22, (UP>Wholesale dry goods dealers turned the tables on nmasted employes today by picketing luiion headquai- dcmanding coljective physicians have s'lid «'H1 not be impaired. his ters ant Saining. "We decided to strike against our employes until (hey>seQ thc light said .Jacob M. Mandclbaum attoi ne'y 'for the Dow'titown Dijgosds Jobbers association. ' Outside union headquarters two men paraded placidly back and forth bearing placards. One read: "We want union recognition. Another proclaimed: "We as employers recognize the °»n right of our employes lo bargain 1 collectively through the union. The iitiion has refused to deal * ith i collectively. Until they give, us inch recognition we cannot resume employment of our employes. Arthur Osman, union head, loot Icok' at Die pickiits and d bul sight Will Levy Final Tax" This Year small assess- town Promised Land Farmer Struck by Automobile There will be a mcnt of beuents ngaliut lots in Paving and Outtcrin^ tricts No. One Ihi.s year it announced today. " ' =. r °"<;ously Saturday (hat no further The assessment of benefits u,,-, year wlll^ probably be the i ast . J. W. Duffa! Dead Word has been received here ^««*»n.^ J -^ i a;^ffi 'ite of Jonesboro, who died iry 12 al Jonesboro after «n fiiitoinobile driven Rcdfcrs, clear Lake aser. is i :) a « ' ' '<! Promisee' t-v F. A farm man• -, ,„ •, scr ious condition me IS/vthevl'ie liospital smith sustained a head in- J'ry and several fractured ribs It is feared that pneun,onia ,'my compjicatc his condition According to reports Smith stepped suddenly 1nlo , he ,,„ fi cf Dodgers' automobile while look Iwfl "cci| lr 'ii° P tir ilC d . irection - " e to Hits c^'ly 'cccasionally "rt"h ... have been unavoidable" 5 Sa ' d Mr. Kocigcrs rushed the'-Inliirrd man lo the hospital. J grumbled: didn't have the Kit to show the men how much «,2 children knew. The teacher called the children In. onc ,i a uVi^d would ask a question and as soon M the child would amwerfhe HO S. Mam St., Jonesboro. died at morning -~— • *. ,.,.t m*rvr 'o picket themselves. Tliey hired two Bowery guys." The tiirti-.ibout picketing c'i- maxed a lockout of 1.000 workers m 35 ivIiolcKtte es(abllshm-:nt.s ar- ttr break down of negotiation, cvn the association and (lit l union: it was explained that the union hntl refused lo si'in a new contract with the nssocia- 'irai. charging (hat individual employers had not abided by thc last o-/: The jassociatlon. in turn, refused, to sanction the signing of individual contracts. F. C. A. Will Establish Emergency Loan Office A local office of the F.\rm Cred- 't administration will be established in the courthouse here on Friday. Feb. IS. to receive applications for emergency crop and feed loans. Applications t ^ i Oilchrtst plantation He is survived by ' ' o'clock '"yesterday his home on the M will be accepted from only those producers who are not eligible for a loan from Production Credit other lending npen- Moss Baby Dies stcplc ' nn <1 Moss ' refugees, ^fV.r'HJiiy « n i «f°?« n* Top, 10.45. 170-230 Ibs.. 7.00-JO.OO. Bulk sows, 9.50-9."75 Cattle: receipts, 3,500. Steers, 1.00-10.50. church with the p c v M, n * ? iy "* ls s " n ' iv<!d by his Barents. pcnter. nastnr ^ 7... i trcd Car- three brothers and two sisters. pmtcr. pastor (1st church,, Crump, shed Burns, K. „. „„», bins and Mr. stcwan were bearers. Interment was ,,»de Maple Grove cemetery ' Bcvlll, ' r, « ™ Clifford The family lives h, the "hig Lake lowlands, west of Gosncll Funeral services were held Saturday and Interment was made at Number Nine cemetery. The Cobb Funeral Home was in charge of funeral arrangements. Tortoise shell is oli I allied from thc hawksblll lurlle. liosal, 05.670 J2G.D41. a voles. Jhe niort rcnmrkable, feature of the poll thus far has beciv lhe consistency of the perccntaees for Riici afnl.ul In four dally tabula- lens thej l,au not vnvled 2. «,- thc senate ' the houso" bill foi vohinta.y ic- llrcmcnl of supreme couit Jus- of 102,oi7Jtlces at"7o"on" U nm ; |iay of the total and ,ttie'-"a 8 a!n™'' side PG uiid C7 per cmL Today's total again at almosi, l wo to one snows JJ pei tent for. nnd ; ii7 per' '(lit agalnM the proposal; althouch the "rttrtfns fiom various B <To Biophlcal sections of the country from ( |nj [ 0 o«y. » Voik stale leads in' the S!" ™?» V0lc ' i rast ' wttti ™ than .10.000. ninntng five to one nsalnsl tnc ph,, tal7 fai . ..., «fl« atalnst (fc xa s , on the other hum has consistently. nmUKaln- Iti leid fo. the plan, W | th nqw 'he plan ™ S ^ """ 4 ° 53 n « n1 '^ Othci states favoring : the re- Nn,"i'i "i 0 "' ,!""" are Oklahoma, Noith Carolina, Miniiesota . and California led hy a heavy' "pio ote „ UK, Angeles.: SHI u" Double inajoiltlcs were IK *icii\ \ thnti tlie trcmctulotts inn ioiitics against lhe plan h, CMnessing that opinion Instance, is thus far might possibly result, resstonal Justice', than nvo to onc hi more opposition, The same snowfall covers the White House ami its spacious grounds Here you see the north portico of lhe house the people built, for the man they choose each four years lo be their president, and here centers thc movement to reorganl/c the court; Vouno jVIemphian Spends Hours in Thorn Tree Near Hughes. MEMPHIS. Feb. 22. <UP>— isoia- licn for 13 hours by a sea of flood water, with only a tree of thorns lo cla.=p, climaxed Ihrce weeks of rescue and medical work for Victor Hudson. Memphis medical stu- <ie»t, who volunteered to help In the East Arkansas flood crisis. Ruling Opens Way for Closing of Railroad Street Places. I Tlie way was p,ived for city officials to "crack down" on at 'least onc Railroad street beer dealer in their drive to close beer gar- dons on the street, between Slain and Ash, when Chancellor J. p. •" ""<- Hi Ull Pennsylvania four to one Individual cities showed stnmt Aneclcs ' „,,,! ., 07 ngn) jevcn to one favorable. But Bos on uns rcfclstcrlns a tremendous n y ( ,r nearly S8 ., Rgalnst the plan Many cities conducting the noil have nol as yet revert their C K> the present vote will be ° few "" ri " g Tlie totals from stales where thc vote was especially widely" trjbutcd was as follows: dis- Slatc Texas , Oklahoma N. Carolina . Minnesota ... California ... Wisconsin ... •Pennsylvania New York .. Massachusetts Kansas Indiana . , Illinois'' ...... For . 5.C03 G.752 SOI 3,55G 3.593 6,025 3.117 4.837 4.028 1,278 :. 1,002 3.519 4,853 5,112 808 • 3.381 2.59S 9,496 9.03S 25.G40 12.2S3 7.0CS .2.050 8.010 i - , insr prereuic for enactment of the piesldcnt's reorganization pio- .,fiiri,< Gruup at .While Hoiis'c ,Tiio commltlce action came, as Secretary of Agriculture Ticniy A .)Y»lace and Edwaid A ONenl prosWcnt 6f the American Finm Ifiircaii Fcdernllon , led n delegation of mhl-ncstern and soutlicin rnrm spokesmen lo lhe while Ilousc foi a umfeicncc on lhe Judicial) plan Congiess, looking back on almost seven weeks of organizing and p,e- Mrlng- bill, hi committees, tcxhy started what promised lo be its bus- test legislate week thus fni Leadois survejcd the moimt!n 5 stock of measures awaiting aolion .»oled lhe (cw actuaUv. ready fo, floor consideration; andV conceded they were almost greater almost certain n up their work furore tl'e nol lo e part of Wellington's £l "" mer Gautney denied . petition .......... ui ^ Chadad Abraham for a rcstraln-i frcm prevent " ness and arresting bin Chancellor Gatitncy ltv ofriciats his tas Next Monday Last Day to Buy Auto Licenses ,..- „, , . . " bc P°si"vcly no fiir- , C!ilcnslon ° r the P ertod f» r i " ng stntc ««tomoblle Hcera- Ifudson, who graduates from thc strict supervisor for the revenue parlmenl's office here. In the In- Returnhig fo lt:c J. 6. E. Beck plantation near Kuglics. Ark.. Saturday night after having icle- 'honec! his wife he would b; home Sunday, Hudson was caught tn a N'ihtfstorm \vh£ch laslird wax'cs of 'Vaicr into liis boat ami caused it lo begin sinking. A lone tree stood within reach— ind that welcome haven turned out •Q be a thorn tree. Hudson and a companion, jack alcy. plantation employe,' remain- eel in thc tree 13 honr.s before a rescue parly found Ihcin, Charles Corey, another Railroad street beer dealer, was also n to -the litigation but by party agixcment btlween counsel presentation of liis case was i»st- poned with thc understanding that he \vpnld nol be molested i" the meantime. Two other Railroad street beer dealers voluntarily "closed shop'' when city and county officials voiced Iheir determination seycnl weeks a so to close the places,'following a series of occurrences "long lhe street, Including n slaying, minor fights ,-ind thefts. I.illlr- Done Thus Far on President Rooseielfs judicinv rcorsanizatlon program, most controversial and number onc admin-' istralion measure befoic coneicss ; To show for Its efforts thus far thp seventh-firth congress could' point to only one appropriation b.ll cnac ctl-lhc $950000,000 dcficicnc'y, relief measure -three acts extend-. In* Administration financial pro- • 8rams_thc R r. c.. lhe slab.ll/i- tion fund nn<i the resenc note is-,., .uancc^anthonty-and various mi,';. The "speed-up" was scheduled toi begin tomorrow' when the s^nato wns staled to consider a b,n c\-' tending for three jears the administration's reciprocal trade nro-- gram A huge navy department an- ' proprlation bill was slated to bn' brought up in the house Moon, for Dcmocmcj MINNEAPOLIS, Minn, Feb •>} (UP)—President Hcoseielt's couit reform plan "will destroy the supreme court," open the door to autocracy and doom dcmocracv. Frederick H Slirichfield, president of the American Bar association, said In a national broadcast, today. "My statement' is not mad; 1 lightly." stlnchfield 'said. "I mean what I say. Roosevelt's plan would destroy the supreme court, and from that destruction would' come fundamental changes in the constitution." All other Judiciary reforms suggested by the 'president were described by the speaker as unimportant—"the camouflage conceals the weapon beneath." m-am building, will. be ready to handle all license applications but urged as many car owners as possible to avoid the pre-deadline rush. w. E. Armstrong, revenue ofltccr. Is in Manila today to take applications and will be in LCach- vllle Tuesday and Wednesday. $15 for Disturbance Charley Larry, negro, was fined *15 In municipal court this morn- tng on a charge of disturbing Uic peace, ' WEATHER—Partly cloudy tonight. Probably iight rains'in north por- ion tonight and Tilesday. Some- vliat wanner tonight Slighlly colder in northwest' Tuesday. Memphis and vicinity (imoffl. :la)>—Pnlr tonight Tuesday. In- j creasing cloudiness , and warmei, followed by rain : The maximum temperature hero yesterday was 60, minimum 35, clear, according to Samuel F. Nor- rls, official weather 'observer;

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