The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 29, 1963 · 20
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · 20

Indianapolis, Indiana
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Wednesday, May 29, 1963
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Pagt 20 THE INDIANAPOLIS NEWS Wtdneidcy, Moy 29, 1963 Teacher Union Is Recognized peclol to Th Niwi GARY, I n d. Teachers streamed back to Gary's 42 schools today after their one day strike won them union recognition from the Gary School Board. .' The settlement, reached last night, affected some 1,200 to 1,300 teachers who had boy' cotted classes, and ended an impromptu vacation for 45,000 pupils. The School Board and Local 4. American Federation of Teachers, issued a joint state ment saying the strike had been settled. Hobart Butler, state labor commissioner, mediated the dispute. Neither side would disclose details of the agreement until later today, although union spokesmen said they included recognition, a key issue. Salary was not an issue. The union argued it had bargained with previous school boards for 25 years. The school board contended recognition of the union was illegal. Some 30 of the system's pupils trickled into the classrooms yesterday but all were sent home by noon. Administrators said 308 regular and 21 substitute teachers mostly members of the nonstriking Gary Classroom Teachers Association also turned up but were released as the day wore on. Migrant Farm Workers May Get Clinics From tht Washington Bureau WASHINGTON Migratory farm workers in Indiana may receive financial aid this year under the migrant health act passed by the last Congress. The Public Health Service said it has sent tentative letters of award to 30 potential recipients, including the State Board of Health. The total of the awards will be $750,000. The breakdown of amounts will be announced in several weeks, the service said. Under the 1962 act, the public Health Service may make grants to public agencies and private nonprofit organizations to pay part of the cost of family clinics and other health improvement projects for migratory workers. The organization receiving the federal grant is expected to pay part of the cost. Legislation now is before Congress to provide day-care centers for children of migratory workers. Another bill would provide federal sanitation grants in housing areas for such workers. 3d Party Set Up for Gary Voting GARY, Ind. (UPI) A group of insurgent Democrats who formed their own independent political party nominated Emery Konrady last night to run for mayor this fall against the candidates of the two major parties. Konrady, nominated at a convention of the newly-formed Independent Democratic Party of Gary, ran second to A. Martin Katz in the Democratic primary May 7. The Republican standard bearer is Theodore Nering. Officials of the new party said they hoped to rid Gary of what they termed "Democratic machine rule." Frank E. Brogno was elected city chairman of the new party. Seminary to Put Town Off Map Christian Theological Seminary is preparing to take legal action to wipe the town of Shooters Hill off the map. The seminary, now located on the campus of Butler University, owns all the property in the 22-acre area in the 1000 block of W. 42nd which was incorporated in 1925 by 11 voters. Seminary officials believe the new campus should be part of the city of Indianapolis, the area it is attempting to serve, said William Barnes, seminary director of development. Tax records show that last year there were four houses, with a total assessed valuation of $33,260, in the town area. Two have been torn down and the remaining two tre being used as dormitories. Bloomington Man Dies in 2-Car Crash A Bloomington man injured in a two-car crash on a ram swept highway died last night in an ambulance en route to an Indianapolis hospital. State police said HAROLD W. BROWN, 45, died as the ambulance approached the south edge of Martinsville on Ind. 37. The victim, injured an hour and a half earlier in the crash on Ind. 37, VA miles north of Bloomington, first had been taken to Bloom ington Hospital. State police said Brown's car went out of control on the slippery road, veered onto the berm, then swerved across the road and into the path of an oncoming car. The other motorist, Paul T. Eastman, 42, 3408 Birchwood, Indianapolis, was listed in critical condition in Bloom- ngton Hospital, with rib frac tures and lacerations. TREASURE HUNT Bulldozer Digs Buried Coins Special to Tht Newt LOGANSPORT, Ind. Four construction workers touched off a treasure hunt yesterday when they uncovered old silver coins while excavating dirt for Construction of an addition to the Public Library. A retaining wall next to a garage in the rear of the library had just been rippad away with a bulldozer when Nathan Carden, Ft. Wayne, spied a shiny object embedded in the mud. Picking it up, he saw it was an 1882 silver dollar. , Within a few more minutes, three more coins were found, including an 1818 half-dollar, 1902 silver dollar and a 1921 silver dollar. Glenn Biddle, also of Ft. Wayne, found the 1902 dollar. L. A. Britton and Don Lowe, who were working with them, said three or four other coins also were noticed before they were swallowed up with the dirt by the bulldozer scoop. Because of the excellent condition of the coins recov ered, it is believed they had been in a box or sack buried by someone in or under the retaining wall. Origin of the "loot" may never be known, librarian Mary Holmes said. However, other old coins may be buried in the earth removed from the site and taken to the city dump. Smut Banned at Muncie ' Special to Tht Newt MUNCIE, Ind. A crack down on obscene literature has been ordered by Muncie and Delaware County officials, News dealers have been given a "reasonable time" to clear such material from their shelves. Prosecutor Hugh Schulhof, Sheriff Harry How ard and Police Chief James Carey made a joint announce ment that violators would be prosecuted. The officials promised vig orous enforcement of a state law banning obscene literature after a conference with the Rev. Charles Jennings, presi dent of the Delaware County Ministerial Association, and other church leaders. The church group said there has been an increasing amount of objectionable matter being sold in Muncie and county stores. Police were ordered to keep a close watch on stores which handle books and magazines. De Gaulle Will Visit Kennedy PARIS (UPI) President Charles de Gaulle plans to visit the United States to confer with President Kennedy, Information Minister Alain Peyrefitte said today. But he gave no date for such a pos sible visit. Peyrefitte made this state ment in reply to newsmen's questions following a cabinet meeting presided over by De Gaulle. The questions were about a possible Kennedy-De Gaulle meeting on the U.S. Presi dent's planned trip to Europe this summer. Peyrefitte said, "Gen. De Gaulle considers that he owes a visit to President Kennedy who visited France together with Mrs. Kennedy two years ago." Minuteman Night Test Is Success CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) An early Wing 2 model of the Minuteman missile struck a target more than 4,000 miles down range on a successful test flight last night. The three-stage intercontinental range weapon burst from an 85-foot-deep underground launching silo shortly before midnight and etched a fiery path in the sky as its solid fuel motors ignited at 1-minute intervals. The Air Force announced success of the firing. Luncheon at White House From tht Washington Bureau WASHINGTON Governor MattJiew E. Welsh was one of nine governors to have luncheon with President Ken nedy today on the 46th birth day of the nation's chief ex ecutive. The luncheon-meeting was for the purpose of discussing federal-state relations and was the first in a series of session with small groups of gover nors, the White House said. Welsh, who arrived here this morning in an Indiana Air National Guard plane, was keeping a close look at the weather, which was threaten ing. Before going into the luncheon, Welsh said he may have to excuse himself early to get back to a reception at the governor's mansion in In dianapolis tonight for the "500" Festival queen, Linda Mugg. New Choppers Due for Viet Nam WASHINGTON (AP) The Army soon will start replacing with new turbine-powered heli copters the worn 10-year-old "flying banana" choppers it has been using to haul South Vietnamese troops into battle against Communist guerrillas. The changeover, slated to begin in July, is expected to re suit in more effective opera tion, as well as fewer heli copter mishaps and losses due to engine failures. BOSSY GOT NEEDLE, LEGISLATURE BILLED TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) The following proposal is awaiting action by the Florida Legislature: "Whereas, W. L. Richardson is a farmer, and "Whereas, Farmer Richardson had a cow, and "Whereas, in November of 1961, fanner Richardson had his cow tested for Bang's (disease) by the county agent, and "Whereas, After the testing needle went in and came out of that cow's vein, all the blood came out, too, and the cow died, and "Whereas, At the time of demise of said cow, it was worth $150, "Whereas, Since that time the other cows in farmer Richardson's herd have had yearlings, and the dead cow has not, and "Whereas, The value of such a yearling is $150 . . . "Now, Therefore: Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida the comptroller is authorized to draw his warrant in the sum of $300 upon the general revenue fund in the state treasury in favor of W. L. Richardson." 2d Hospital for Muncie Special to Tht Ntwi MUNCIE, Ind. A drive for a new hospital for Delaware county has been started. The camDaien was launched by Veva Peters, secretary of tne Delaware County Taxpayers Association, seekine a second hospital to augment Ban Memorial Hospital. Ball Hospital is presently engaged in a camDaien to raise $3.6 million for expansion and improvements. Cost of the DroDosed new hospital is estimated at $4 million. It would be located on the south side of Muncie. Daily Vital Statistics Daily Vital Statistics BANKRUPTCIES FILED Irvin f. Broodlovo, 27 H. Gladstone, mechanic; dobtt w.JM.M, assets nono. Leila Laura Appleget Strotmon, 4$ W. Fall Creek Blvd., saleslady. debts $2,440.58, assets 110. Thomas Milton Chappelle, Blounts- vllle, delievery and service mon; debts $5,797.14, assets none. Kathryn Rosalie Chappelle, Blounts- rl'i'. . 0tt,y operator; debts $5,797.14, assets nono. Ruby Elizabeth Reynolds, 2174 N. Talbot, waitress; debts $2,520.10, assets MOO. Thomas Doyle Clam, Danville, test driver; debts $14,471.81, assets Miriam Martin, Clock, Danville, bookkeeper; debts se.951.1. assets MIS. Bernard Eugene Blanford, Greenwood, salesman; debts $7,484.29, assets $400. Richard Trueblood Keith, Kokomo. laborer; debts $2,469.10, esstts S1JO. Laura Fern Keith, Kokomo, housewife; debts $2,449.30, assets $150. Roy Herbert Wilson, Kokomo, retired steelworker; debts $3,138.41, assets $50. Robert Estelle Patterson, Bloomington, factory worker; debts $18,-048.97, assets $200. Corl Maxlne Patterson, Bloomington, factory worker; debts $18,-110.47, assets $200. John Garden McKea, 2029 S. State, , salesman; debts $4,400, assets none. James E. Shank, 1217 E. LeGrande, factory worker; debts $14,597.98, assets $100. Betty Jean Pickering, 1057 Washington Blvd., waitress; debts SJ.W4.J4, assets none. Walter Anthony Lesko, 2820 Boehn- ing, machinist; debts $14,492.19, assets $53. George Elmer Dillon, 7307 Twin Beech Lane, mechanic; debts $3,444, assets $240. Helen Louise Singleton, 1744-D Mi- nocqua, office clerk; debts $4,423.49, assets $900. Donald Blaco Molott, 2854 Shelby, salesman; debts $3,147.98, assets $100. CITY FIRE RUNS TODAY "fire " m" W ' Hord'n9' ,rosn YESTERDAY 9:55 p.m., 1317 Greenbriar Lane, shed Sire. 9:17 p.m.. Meridian and Washington, first aid, false alarm. 1:2$ p.m., 9th and Pennsylvania, fire scare. l:fireP m" 5M " K,v,,on,' ,ro,n 7:54 p.m., 538 Knox, kitchen fire. 5:34 p.m., 1124 N. Meridian, first aid, Eugene Sprague, ill. 4:57 p.m., 408 E. 15th, general re. 4:47 p.m., 907 Edgemont, first aid. mwn oumea toot. 3:28 p.m., 2932 N. Chester, aula, fire in rear seat J: 18 p.m., 234 S. Rural, auto, short in wiring. 1:54 p.m., 4120 MMIersville Rd., lightning strike. 12:54 p.m., 1440 Arrow, short in television set. 12.52 p.m., 1824 N. Delaware, first aid , Mory Miller, 11, breathing difficulty. 12:18 p.m., Delaware and New York, auto, broken fuel line. 12:19 p.m., 955 N. King, first aid, Bernico Milburn, 51, dead on arrival. 11:15 a.m., 1534 E. Raymond, disregarded by police. 11:11 a.m., 535 S. Illinois, first aid, Barbara Blair, 12, Noblesville. ill. 10:44 a.m., 100 N. Plerson, auto, backfire. 18:11 a.m., 104 S. Emerson, cot In tree. 1:18 a.m., 3441 W. Washington, auto, backfire. 1:25 a.m., 1818 Brookside, first aid, Kay Harris, 14, unconscious. 7:55 a.m., 1515 Steele, first aid, man, dead on arrival. DIVORCES GRANTED Akers, Betty, Woodrew Murphy, Alma Carter, Ray F. Vaughn, Faith, Michael L. Hopion, Violet Mario, John B. Hoino, Regina Virginia, Anthony A. Snellen, Paula M., LaChester Martin, Linda Sue, Robert , R. Redman, Helen M., Sylvester Marshall, Elizabeth E., prry G. Carter, Naomi, Willis Johnson, Dorothy M., Charles T. Grimm, Eunice, George Cheney, Jo Ann, Hubert H. Show, Marva J., Eugene E. Hixon, Meiba, Basil Pendley, Ethel, Sherman' L. Turner, Frances A., Wipiom R. Byers, Martha Lou, Donold G. Savage, Brenda E., Dennis E. Mitchell, Frances J., William A. Johnson, Jane Lee. Eddie $. Heckmon, Carat M., Glenn P. Dye, Alma, Robert J. Cele, Sally Jon, Robert E. INJURED IN ACCIDENTS YESTERDAY Fall Creek Pkwy. and Meridian, 9:55 p.m., Torrance Magrath, 8, 1720 Lerl Lane, possible broken right rib, face cuts, inlured left arm. Missouri and Washington, 9:40 p.m., Gary Wallace, 12, Coatsville, face cuts. 14th and Alton, 9:21 p.m., Caryl A. Thomas, 21, 1119 Berwick, til. 10 S. Concordia, 4:12 pjn., Christina Neece, 4, 204 S. Concordia, cuts and bruises. 14th ond Alton, 5:47 p.m., Francis M. Koch, 1214 N, Livingston, in-lured left arm; Mary Koch, 4, same address, possible broken left leg; Betty Duman, 11, same od-dress, injured neck, knees, left arm. Pleasant Run Kkwy. and Bluff Rd., 5:04 p.m., Ann Thompson, 45, Martinsville, Injured onkle; Melissa Keach, 24, Martinsville, inlured knees, shock; Lita Pruett, 18, Martinsville, tniured knees; Donna Brock, 20, Martinsville, neck Hilary; Doris E. Featel, 58, Bar-gersvlllo, Inlured right ankle, wrist; Roger L. Hacker, 10, Franklin, neck Iniury. Raymond and Sherman. 4:50 p.m., Jeffery A. Baron, 17, 1121 N. Mitchner, Injured nase; Jo A Lucas, 22, 137 N. Wallace, inlured right arm, leg, neck. White River Pkwy. ond New York. 4:30 p.m., Ruben B. Robertson. 29, 109 N. 8th, Beech Grove, inlured head, right arm; Mary Dugger, 41, 1125 Winfield, chest Iniury. lath ond Coritol, 1:27 pm., Joseoh Gettlngs, 25, 1427 N. Talbot, back injury. Rural and Michigan, 1:21 p.m., Vivian Davis, 11, 748 N. Grant, nock Iniury; Candv I. Davis, i. same edrfrest. Inwd head, chest. 100 W. Mlchlann, 1-17 a.m., Jetenh J. Smith, 27, Gaspert, tnured neck, back. M-iofl ond NoHti, 1:14 p.m., , Samuel Greaa, IX 818 E. New York, back Iniurv. 400 Cinclnnntl. 1:11 a.m., James W. lies. 21. 24V M. Kevstone. lnurd right leg, bath arms, ribs, neck. PROBATE COURT ESTATE INVENTORIES Minnie Ctoe Byers, died May It, 1941, $9,412.99. Mary (Mamie) Seltaa, died Jan. 12, 1941, $9,184.74. fmmett J. wtuiams, died March W, 1948, $1,900. MARRIAGES Donatus Anderson, Evelyn Hill David Brown, Carolyn Whelchel William Maynard Jr., Wanda Jenkins Lowrence Siegel. Nina Welcher Jerry Barber, Sharon Oppeoard Wendet Baker, Patricia Thompson Richard Black, Patricia Smith Laras Clory, Ida Clary Lannio Davis, Linda Hosklns Joseph Grayson, Millie Stinsen Horvey Kama, Marcia Schultz Narbcrt Lee, Judith Wlttebort John Marsh, Judith Base Harold Oxley, Bonnie Wlndlsch William Poliquln, Mildred Mcintosh Thomas Storm, Jonef Howard MARRIAGES Fronk Shea, Mary Endres James Slock, Sharon Hall Irvin Thomas Jr., Ruth Thomas Walter Barber, Georgia Jenkins James Bregg, Shirley Siscoo Homer Davis Jr., Frances Stevens Lee Ensor, Wanda Rogers Earl Ferguson, Dorothy Cox Charles Linder Jr., Mary Tynan Frank Lett, Linda Duncan George Rohrman, Inell Wolslffor Bonnie Webb, Lois Oft Joseph Wright, Ruth Walker Daniel Alchingor, Nancy O'Dell Thomas Brown, Yvonne Miller Alfred Bell, Frieda Cowgill Paul Byrd, Vera Borla Guy Cornwall, Linda Oorbocker William Donahue, Dottle Johnson Oscar Toylor, Marlorlo Adams Iris Trickle, Margaret Baar Harold Wissman, Mary Inman Henry White, Suson Roberts BIRTHS V COLEMAN Boys , Schmitz, Gordon, Suzanne Whlta, Howard. Barbara Joan Girls Alums, Charles, Mary Johnson, George, Aggie Pritchard, Kenneth, Carolyn Ann Smith, Wayne, Helen Carol COMMUNITY Boys Davis, James. Ruby Kohe, Franz, Jean Neligh, Joseph, Linda Girls Bell, Wesley, Shirley Bossert, Larry, Nancy Bridwell, Robert, Betto Byrd, Charles Clara Campbell, Lawrence, Jocquellna Durrott, Rex, Carole Erlenbaugh, James, Mory Halcomb Chains, Wllda Johnson, Donald, Judy Lawsan, Stephen, Linda Lewis, John, Donna McDowell, William, Martha Ann Roth, John, Charlene Stewart, Lamar, Beverly Vondergnff, Edward, Glenda VonSickle. Alfred, Dianno Vittorio, Thomas, Carol Walker, Walter, Myrtle GENERAL Boys Meredith, Gordon, Shelia Millar, Edward, Gloria G-ls Aquilar, John. Rita Jonnson, Elroy, Lua Mao Stewart, Iron, Mary METHODIST Boys Bewley, Richard, Helen Caivin, Oonaid, Sharon tins, Jonn Sr., Grotta Hocnme.iier, Charles, Jo Ann Handy, Waido, Lois Hu, Robert Jr., Donna Vv..i, iimnes, Nu, Woodson, Edwin, Eva Girls Bailey, Marshall, Barbara uurbin, Martin, Imogeno Enerman, William, Barbara Livingstone, John, Karen Katie, uonald, Kuth Stevens, Joseph, Sylvia ST. VINCENTS boys Butcher, Chris Donna HanKi, Curtis, Louise Trader, Can, Waneia Girls Freije, Fred, Barbara LempM, Lloyd, Doroihy Wilioughby, James, Brenda DEATHS Albertson, Albert E., 44, Veterans, pneumonia. Bacon, Koiand Alvln, Veterans, 45, an nam. Brown, Herbert Monroe, 47, 1948 coiumbia, endocarditis. Brown, Leuetna J., 44, 442 E. 12th, urierioscierosis. Clark, Lois ester, 40, St. Francis, carcinoma. Croucner, Lucy, 71, St. Vincent's, cirrnosis. Donne.. y, Grace, 41, 4529 W. 12th, arteriosclerosis. Greene, Josepn A., 77, 205 E. Michigan, cancer. Hail, Ellis J., 42, 3335 W. Michigan, emphysema. Hoagland, Elizabeth, 70, Commu- niiy, arteriosclerotic heart. Mccoy, Stella t 74, Meiiodist, carcinoma. Morios, Maurro, 41, G o n o r a I. cirrhosis. Myers, Cathleen Ethel, 91, 125 E Fall Creek Blvd., arteriosclerosis, Phipps, Francos M., 59, Ft. Harrl son, cancer. ' Sharp, Huston, 42, Veterans, cor diovosular. Public Notices Public Notices mese notices roiaie to mailers that directly or indirectly affect me fax rate ana the public sent ices ot yout community and are at vital importance to the readers of thu newspaper NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS OF ADDITIONAL APPROPRIATION Notice is hereby given to the Taxpayers ot me Metropolitan scnoo District of Pike Township, Marion Lounty, Indiana, that the Metropolitan Board of Education will meet ot its regular meeting at 7:30 p.m., on June 10, 1963, ot the Pike High School located at 5555 vy. ist street, inaianapotis, Inoi ana, to consider the foliowina ad ditional appropriation which soid Metropolitan Board ot Education considers necessary to meet the extraordinary emergency existing at this time, 1. Emergency oppropriotion In the sum of Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000) out of the cumulative building fund tor the purpose of purchasing 35.01 ocres of rand south and immediately adjacent to the present school orooertv located on Ztonsville Rood for the purpose of constructing a new senior high siiiuui nicr eun. Taxpayers appearing a t suih meeting shoN have the right to be nearo mereon. me additional appropriation as finaliv made will nu tomaficaily be referred to the State ooara ot lax Lommissioners which Doara will hold a further hearing wnnin urieen UJ) aays at tne ioun ty Auditors office of Marion Coun ty, Indiana, or ot such other place as may be determined. At such hearing, the taxpayers objecting to wi.ii aaamonai appropriation may be heard and interested taxpayers may inquire ot tne county Auditor where and when such hearing wHI be hew. THE METROPOLITAN BOARD OF tuuLAllcN Ur Trie METROPOLITAN SCHOOL DISTRICT OF PIKE TOWNSHIP, MARION COUNTY, INDIANA By: CLAUDE M. KEESLING, Superintendent INVITATION TO BID on BOILER ROOM REHABILITATION in tndinnanoll. inriinnn Sealed proposals for rehabilitation of boiler room and providing new fuel tonk ot the Pike Township ntgt, Ainooi m war ion county. Indiana will be received in Room no. ai in pine Township High ounaoi or u west i st street, Mar-ion County, Indiana, on Monriav. June 10. 1953. at 100 nm . Fnctrn Standard Time, at which time ond place all bids will be publicly opened ana reaa aioua. ine Board ot Education reserves the right to accept any bid within 30 days from the date bids ore open, and further reserves the right to reject any and all bids. One bid shall be submitted for oil work Involved In this project. This alteration project will consist ot replacing i steam hearina boti ers with new boilers, rearranging steam pipes, ond providing new un- aergrouno tuei tank, ail in accordance with plans, specifications ond other contract documents prepared by Lennox, Matthews, Simmons and t-ora, inc.. Architect-engineers. Contract documents are on (He ond mav be examined at the office of Architect-engineers at 2201 East wn street, Indianapolis.. Indiana. ond ot the office of the Superintendent of the Metropolitan School District ot Pike Township. Copies of controct documents moy be obtained by prospective bidders at tne ottice of tne Archltect-enoi- neers. without deposit. WtlKOfOLITAN 5CHOOL OlSTRICT OF PIKE TOWNSHIP MARION COUNTY, INDIANA By CLAUDE M. KEE5LING General Services Administration, Region S, 575 U. S. Courthouse, Chicago 4, Illinois; or (bl Custodian of the building proeet after Moy 31, 191 1 Deofi Notices PUBLIC NOTICE To: All Utilities and Contractors Pursuonf to County Ordinance No. 17-1961, all persons making cuts for utilities and other purposes within the Right-of-way of all Marlon county Kooas and streets shall, be ginning June 1, 1963, secure a permit tor eocn rut ot tne ottice ot tne Marion Cojnty Board of Commis sioners, Room 822, City-County Building, Indianapolis 4, Indiana An issuance and inspection fee of five dollars ($5.00) will be charged for each cut permit and on excava tors bond shall be posted as provided Of lav. John M. SMITH, President CHRISTIAN J. LITSCHtR ,; WALTER E. HEMPHILL Board bf Commissioners, County of Morion, Indiana Sealed bids for ELECTRICAL CHANGES AT U.S.P.O. (Illinois Street Station) INDIANAPOLIS. INDIANA will be received until 1:00 P.M., C ST., (2:00 P.M., CD. S T.) JUNE 21, 1963 In Room 575. U S. Courthouse, Chicogo 4, Illinois, ond men publicly opened in Room 55. information concerning biddina doc uments moy be obtoined from (a) ABRAHAM Mr. Clarence W. Abraham, 1121 N. Central, husbond of Mrs. Nellie Abraham, father of Joseph H. Abraham, brother ot Mr. V. W. Pete Abraham and . half-brother of Mr. Norvol Abraham passed dway Tues-dy. Funerol Thursday morning 10 oclock, FLANNER ft BUCHANAN FALL CREEK MORTUARY. Friends Invited. ' BRATTAIN Mrs, Lottie Lee Bratlain, 1017 N. Rural St., entered Into rest Mondoy, age 88, widow of Mr. Homer Brat-tain, sister of Mrs. Lessle Kirch, sister-in-law of Mrs. Ralph Champers, aunt of Mr. Glen Hunsucker, Mr. Ernest C. Chambers ond Mr: Earl Francis. Services Friday 10 d.m. HARRY W. MOORE PEACE CHAPEL, 2050 E. Mich. St. Friends may call alter 7 pm. Wednesday. CROWE Mr. Elvo OA Crow (Jim), 79 yri., 1215 Polk, husband of Mrs. Ellen Crowe, father of Mrs. Doris Carter ond Mrs. Frances Kobel, city. Mrs. Mary Piccolo Jahnke, Martinsville, Lee Roy Crowe, Phoenix, Ariz., also 10 grandchildren, 19 great-grandchildren, passed away Monday. Friends may call at the JORDAN FUNERAL HOME, 2428 E. 10th, after 7 p.m. Wednesday. Funeral Friday, May 31st, 10:30 a.m. Burial Oakiawn. DENNY Mr. Roscoe Vence Denny, age 71, ol 2615 S. Collier, husband ot Helen, father of Mrs. Carole Smith and Robert Denny, stepfather of Mrs. Catherine Bain ond Mrs. Marl Stone, brother of Mrs. Delia Hark-er, Mrs. Frances Moore, Mrs. Leona Toppe, passed away Mondoy p.m. Friends may call at J. C. WILSON CHAPEL OF THE CHIMES, 1234 Prospect. Funerol Thursday 10 a.m. Rev. R. O. Mikels officiating. DRESSLAR Mr. Walter L. Dresslar, oge 78, No. 2, W. Broadway, Greenwood, husband of Nora L., father of Clarice Copeland and Louise Bracket! and Wayne Dresslar, 5 grand children, 5 great-grandchildren. brother of Mabel Day, Martinsville, R.R., Ralph Dresslar, Greenwood, passed away Tuesday a.m. Funeral j. c. wuson funeral Home, GREENWOOD, Friday, 10:30 a.m. Burial Greenwood Cemetery, Rev. Elwyn Williams, Southoort Meth odist Church, officiating. Calling weanesoay ana tnursaay, 2 to i ond 7 to 9 p.m. GMIL Mr. Ell A. Gmil Sr., 1515 Steele St., father of Eva Gmil, Ell A. Gmll Jr., Mrs. Mary Louise Tlsdial, brother of Mrs. Mary Rapla, Mrs. Olga Banoyote, unci of Virginia Banayote. Mrs. Alice DeFatXs, Benny Banayote, 2 grandchildren, passed away Tuesday. Services 8:30 o.m. Friday ot the FEENEY-KIRBY MORTUARY, Meridian ot 19th St. 9 a.m. SS Peter and Paul Cathedral. Interment St. Joseph Ceme tery. rrienas invited. HANSING Mrs. Florence Kathryn Hanslng, 3299 Ashland Ave., wife of Frederick Everett Hanslng, mother ot John D. Aitken, grandmother of Mrs. Mary Jane Beaver and John Aitken n, greai-grandmotner of 2, sister of Hannah and Richard Wyrick, deported this life Monday, oge 70. Services Friday, May 31, ot MOORE, KIRK & USHER IRVINGTON CHAPEL, 5342 E. Wash. St., 2 p.m. Friends mav call after 7 p.m. Wednesday. HI ATT Mr. Michael A. (Joseph) Hiatt, 22 yrs., 5763 Broadway; son of Ruth E. and Robert J. Hiatt, brother of Robert L.. Thomas E.. John R.. Susan . E.. Noncy J.. Mary Ann Hiatt, grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Hinton, passed away Tuesday. Services Friday, 9 a m.. at the FEENEY-KIRBY MORTU ARY, Meridian ot 19th St.; 9:30 a.m. Immaculate Heart of Mory Church. Friends moy coll ot the mortuary otter 7 p.m. Wednesday. Kosory inursdoy, I p.m. JONES Mrs. Edna T. Jones, age 74 yrs., ot 49 N. Woodside Ave.; widow at Harry r. Jones; mother ot Mrs. Dorthy Pert and W. Theodore Jones; grandmother of Suson ond Bill Pert and Bob and Mary Jones; Sister of Mrs. Ruth Tyer. passed away Monday. Services Friday, 1 p.m., SHIRLEY BROS. IRVING HILL CHAPEL. 5377 E. Wash. St Calling any time. tCinclnnati papers, please copy. KITCHENS Mrs. Minnie- Kitchens, oge 71. of 854 S. Sheffield, beloved mother ot Laura Burne , Marl Strmm. Charles W-, and Edward H. John son, an of city, and Dorothy Dickey of Los Angeles, Col., sister ot Dora Wickershom, Anna Ed-dington, Gladys Teifert. Ida Mora- field, Charlie ond Paul Morefield, 12 grandchildren and S great grandchildren, passed awoy Sunday. Services Friday 10 o.m. at the Morris St. Free Methodist Church. 2302 W. Morris. Body will lie In state one hour before service. Friends moy call at the BEAN- BLOSSOM MORTUARY, 1321 W. Ray St. until 9 p.m. Thursday. LANGE Mr. Williom J. Longe Sr., age 73, Plainfield, husbond of Lottie, father of William J Jr., and Mrs. Fronk Eower of Plainfield also survived by 4 grandchildren, 1 great grandchild passed avoy Tuesday. Serv ices 1 p.m. Friday at the HAMPTON FUNERAL HOME, Plainfield. Burial Plainfield. Friends moy call at the funeral home. LEWIS Mrs. Minnie M. Lewis, oge 75. of 2125 N. Pasadena; mother of Mrs. Mayzola Fields, stepmother of Gay-lord Emperly, grandmother of Connie Emperly, sister of Nina Lamar and Mrs. Ines Anthis, dlso 3 greatgrandchildren. Funeral Friday, 10 a.m., FARLEY FUNERAL HOME. 1604 W. Morris St. Calling after 7 p.m. Wednesday. LIST Mr. Robert G. List, age 80, of 6305 S. Emerson Ave., father of Mrs. Frances L. Simpson ond Robert B. List, also survived by 4 grandchildren and S great-grandchildren, passed oway Tuesday a.m. Funerol Friday 10 a.m. at the J.C. WILSON CHAPEL OF THE CHIMES, 1234 Prospect. Friends may call after 7 p.m. Wednesday. McCOOL Mr. Jesse McCool, age 63, of 1214 Brodbury, husbond of Lillian, broth er of Bessie Laudig, Indpls., Mrs. Ruth Roymann, Beech Grove, Mrs. Pauline Johnson, Madeira Beach, Fla., Harold, Fred, Leon, Joseph McCool, all of Indpls., passed away Tuesday, p.m. Friends may call at the ROBERT W: STERLING FUNERAL HOME, 1420 Prospect after; 4 p.m. Wednesday. Funeral services Friday, 2 p.m. at tne funeral home. Friends invited. MERCER Mr. Lanning Mercer, 75, formerly of Indianapolis, died In St. Peters burg, fia.. May zs, nusoona of tne late Mrs. Lucille Mercer and brother of Richard W. Mercer, Parkersburg. W.Va. Funerol and burial St. Petersburg Friday, Moy 31 KINFIELD FUNERAL HOME. MILLER Mr. Barry Neil Miller, age 18, 1609 Wilcox, son of Mrs. Mary Miller, brother ol Mrs. Naomi Ferch, Mrs. Gloria Breeden, Mrs. Joy Mann, Luverna, Sally, Thomas, Robert and William Miller, passed away Tuesday. Services Friday 10 a.m., CONKLE FUNERAL HOME SPEEDWAY CHAPEL. 4925 W. 16th. Friends Invited. Friends may coll after 7 p.m. Wednesday. MILBURN Mrs. Vivian Bernlc Milburn, 955 N. King, wife ot William Ellis Mil-burn, mother of Joe ond John Mil-burn, Mrs. Helen Beauchamp and Mrs. Nellie Grlder, daughter of Mrs. Ruth Jackson, grandmother ot 6, sister of Jerome Jackson and Mark Jast, deported this life Tues- doy, oge 52. Services Friday, May 31st at moore ana kirk northeast CHAPEL, 2530 Station St. 10:30 a.m. Friends Invited. PRIOR Mr. Bert T. Prior, 74 vrs., 402 N. Meridian St., brother of Miss Mar-cello Prior, passed away Tuesday. Services 7:45 a.m. Friday at the FEENEY - KIRBY MORTUARY, Meridian at 19th St., 8 a.m. SS. Peter and Paul Cathedral. Burial ond graveside services Preston, lowo, 4:ju p.m. rnaoy. rrienas may call at the mortuary after 7 P.m. Wednesday. Rosary 8 o.m. Thursday, K of C No. 437. ROSEMEYER Mrs. Mary B. Rosemeyer, age 89 yrs., of R.R. I, fotriana, ind., mother of Harold Rosemeyer, Mrs. Bertha Krabs. 4 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren, sister of Mrs. Eda Schnabet, passed away Monday. Sevlces Fridoy 10 a.m., SHIRLEY BROS. IRVING HILL CHA- PEL, 5377 E. Wash. St. Colling after 5 p.m. Wednesday. Funeral Announeemtntt 1 9 Pirtonalt ervwes ABRAHAM, Clarenc W. BATEMAN, Mr. Holbert H. HARDING, Mr. Cecil HOLTSCLAW, Mr. Oovll TOWNSENO, Mr. Charles E. WOODEN, Mrs. Ltttl M, I FLANNER & BUCHANAN) SSsVUIObV DIeLkES, Mr. Ora ' ; i ' !. FRY, Mr. Wllliom C. ' . ' JONES, Mrs. Edna T J MUTZ, Mrs. Laura ROSEMEYER, Mrs. Mary B. TURNER, Mr. Harry ' WILLIAMS, Mrs, Cora E. I Death Notices SMITH Mr. Roy G. Smith, beloved husband ot Edith, father ol Mrs. Wllma Head, Charles L. and Fred Smith, brother ot Edwin O. Smith, Mrs. Alta Roberts, Sprlngville, Ind., Mrs. Irene Price, Mrs. lien Roberts. For further Information call ROBERT W. STIRLING FUNERAL HOME, ME 2-4576; 2 Card of Thanks WALD-I wish to thank the many friends who came to pay their respects to my beloved husband, RAYMOND L. WALO. Far the Impressive memorial serv ices given by Capital City Masonic Lodae No. 312 Murot Arab Patrol and Robinson Ragsdale Post 133 tor the many beautiful flowers ond the the many friends who sent me sympothy cords, also to Shirley Bros, tor "Truly a Remembered Servlre'VMrs. Raymond L. Wnid WlWfo MAURNlTV he-Mi Con otter protective car and planning to unwed girls and their babies. for tntormoTion, riK t wi. . ""Burger Chef" Triple Treat 45c Mnl "inp'ete, Yitl W 16th. 4028 E 3tlh, 8876 E. wasn. soon t i SPECIAL-1M Each Child and Adult vitamins only SB. 10. for aeuvery call LI S-1T5 1-508 RAC TICKETS, area. CL 1-3486. Paddock 10 Cabinet Baths GLADYS1 lie. slm., moss., new oper, 2120 E. Mich. ME 1-1M'. o.m, to 4 pm. Mon. ona ww. t p.m. liiui'i unim Center. II l.m, 7 p.m. Mon. thru Sal. Steam and moitaaM. z ciperoiors. lit a. in TTV G. MASSAGE SALON Stm. bath, He. opr. .7208 E. Wosh Air Cend FL 7-3653, cl i-vym. CI II DUIIO BATH. MaSS.. NC. ODr, ME 1-1551, 7 days, 1010, Sun. 11-6. STEAM MASSAGE-W04 W. WASH 11 o.m.-8 p.m. sat. 1 1--- i cpn, litTV ANN'S. 4314 W. WASH 3 Operators - 10 a m. to 7 p.m. TnuuNV'X 181$ W. WASH ST. ru i Mi? Mole oner. 11:30-9 p.m. TRY OUR STEAM. 234 I. ILL Mns., showers, i? ny2LLL T3 Tfonsperfafiow RENT A NEW CAR OR TRUCK 4UIC. BPNT A CAR gyy '5 SIOUIIII T tf DRIVE CADILLAC to Brownsville, Tert5. Leave lmmH 1 1 nui. 16 Sleeping Rooms SPEEDWAY VISITORS RACE FANS-Eorl Hotel, 124 1 Illinois, $2.50-$4.50 niqni. Me i vast ROOMS, less than 1 block to track On W. 16th. CH 4-85M, 3 In Memon'am LISH-ln loving remembrance of ARVILLE L. LISH, who passed owav Mav 29, I960. Three years have passed since that soa aoy, When one we loved wos called awav, To us who loved you and lost you Your memory win never grow old -Mother ond Family, QUAKENBUSH-in memory of RUSSELL OUAKENBUSH, who passed - awav Mav 29. 1961 Our lips cannot tell how we miss him; Our hearts cannot tell what to soy God alone knows how we miss him In a home that is lonesome today, -wife ond Children 4 Funeral Directors ABDON. O RILEY AND HURT PROSPECT CHAPEL, 1509 Prospect ME 8-1474 BEAMBLOSSOM MORTUARY 1321 W. RAY ME 7-2431 N. F. CHANCE FUNERAL HOME 504 E. NATIONAL AVE., ST 4-3546 CONKLE FUNERAL HOME 4925 W. 16TH CH 1-4333 1202 S. LYNHURST CH 1-8381 1934 W. MICHIGAN ME 7 9622 DORSEY FUNERAL HOME 39?5 E. NEW YORK 7604 E. WASH FL 7-1173 FL 7-8349 FARLEY FUNERAL HOME 1604 W. Morris ME 8-2388 2050 N. High School Rd. AX 1-1193 ; 6. H. HERRMANN 1505 S. EAST ME 2-8488 5141 MADISON AVE. ST 7-7211 HISEY t TITUS 951 N. DELAWARE ME 4-3828 JORDAN FUNERAL HOME PROMPT AMBULANCE SERVICE 24 Hours Dally HELEN G. JORDAN ME 6-4305 7428 E. loth ME 6-4304 LITTLE t SONS 1301 Main St. Bch. Grove ST 6-1476 utnw. MOORE Jiwcml Chapels Arlington Chapel. 5811 E 38th St Peace Chapel, 2050 E. Michigan St Ml: 0-6461 MOORE i KIRK NORTHEAST 2530 STATION ST BEN DAVIS 7050 W. WASH MOORE, KtRK & USHER IRVINGTON 5342 E. WASH ST LAWRENCE 8051 E. 46TH COLONIAL 3347 COLLEGE AVE LI 6-1564 ROBERT W. STIRLING T420-22 PROSPECT : ME 2.6574 ROYSTER i ASKIN 2310 W. WASHINGTON ME 7-4308 GEORGE W. USHER MORTUARY 2313 W WASHINGTON ME 2-935! ,y FUNERAL HOMES ME 2-9433 6 Florists- Memorials jME.5-2333fCL.5-3l44 ..Floras R "Sayitwifh flowers" 2J57 MADISOH ST 6-0431 ELDERS FLOWER, GARDEN SHOP UU U.S. 31 NORTH GREENWOOD. IND. TU 1-6193 8 Lost and Found LOST IN 1000 block E. Market. oen ana Howell s mm. move camera ana cose. Reward. ME 2- ai. LOST. Min. Schnauzer. 4 Yrs. old. Block collor and toos. Namnt "Puddles." Vic. Rd. 100, E. 10th St. Reward. FL '6-0508, FL 6-0707. LOST-Toy Fox Terrier. Deaf. White and brown. 16 Yrs. 1146 N. Goodlet, ME 8-2234, ME 9-0016. Reword. - LOST-GREEN PARAKEET, yellow head. Tacoma, Wash., banded. Pet of elderly cpie. Rew. ME 2-8737. LOST-Beogle, male, brown-block- wnne. vie. 40in-Ariington. "Sport No togs, $50 rew. LI 5-4873. LOST-Blk., wht.. Toy Collie and Spome' mixed, ans. "Timmy", fe-mo.e Rew. Chllds pet. CL 1-8739. LOST. Mole, orange, yellow cat. Ans. to "Toby." Rew. WA 5-6662. LOST SIAMESE Cat. Vic. George-town ond 34th. Reword. AX 1-5505. LOST VIC. 5500 Carvel. Siamese ond Noltese cots. CL 1-1984. LOST POM. Coot sheared, brown. "Buddy". ME 7-4795. STILL LOST-Green Parrot. Child's pet, p'eose return. Rew. FL 3 0 350. 9 Personals RACE TICKETS 4 Penthouse tickets. ME 1-8003. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS may be reached at 414 Peoples Bank Bldg., Indianapolis or ME 4-1708 Wright's Famous Punch, any color. Delivered, Weddings, Parties Wright Ice Creom Co. Cayuga, ind. WE SELL HARD TO GET AUTO Inftirance. All risk, full coveroae Mo. pymts. SR 22, CH 4-1223. BIRTH CONTROL CLINIC Planned Parenthood Center, 615 N Alabama, Rm. 108. ME 4-8019. EVERYDAY LOW PRICES AT your nearest HOOK'S DEPEND- ABLE DRUG STORES OXYGEN ond Therapy Equip. For Sale or Rent. Medical Oxygen Co. i". 93 va. Ave. 2-3782. HAVE TROUBLE WAKING UP? Always late tor work? in phone you, $2 week. FL 9-3512 eves. ANY WITNESS nir.iUnl i. front of 2909 Brookside Ave., Ao'll iv contact Mrs. Christie, LI 6-5957. COL. 2348 College-Race fans or oerm. prlv. ent. Also opi. nu s -n WALKING DISTANCE 401 N. ILLINOIS. S9 S10 WK. Pleasant, quiet, warm rms. Nice lobby. Pvt. mailboxes, ivte -jjr. SOI II. PENN.-CONV. LOC. Cln. rooms, mold serv., .otf-sfreet parking. $8, $9, $10 wk. ME 4-5263 STEVENS HOTEL-127 E. Mich, ot Penn. porting. Me v-uvi. t. ST joseph-1 blocks Riley Center, cln. pkng., S8-SI0. ME 4-4233 HOTELS HURON HOTEL, 458 E. WASH, Tran., perm., sm. opts, for retired and pensioners, sju mo SPEEDWAY FANS WELCOME ROOMS FOR MEN ONLY RACE FANS WELCOME 1434 E. Wash. (Andrews Hotel) Sing. $10, dale. $14 wk. maid serv Lobby TV, free parking. ME 2-0854, COMFORTABLE rooms for perma nent guests at reasonaoie rotes. SPENCER HOUSE, 248 S. Illinois, LORRAINE HOTEL. 12 S. Capitol Rooms, $2 up, Week'y rotes. WINTERGARDEN Hotel, 5)8 Mass. Rooms with frig SB-S10. NORTH 1235 N. ALABAMA, Clean sleeping rooms, uentiemen. we 5 so. 6315 BROADWAY. Convenient lo cation in Brood Ripple. CL 1 8221 J141 CARROLLTON. NIC Iron! room. Empl. $10. AT 3-6037 1804 CENTRAL. Lg clean. Irt. rm.. hall ent., emp., 58. WA 6-0306. 4156 COLLEGE. Prlv. ent., dbl. rm.. men. Close to restaurants. 1553 COLLEGE, pleasant room, em ployed. Net to both, wa 3-3603. 1817 N. OELA., priv. ent., shr., Ige. clos., air-cond. Emp. man. WA 5-287 2146 N. OELA., nice home for girl, mi., lounory privis. wa vuo6. 1217 N. N. JERSEY. RMS. FOR men. Shwrs., TV. md. serv , clean. well turn. $7-58 50. ME 4 0071. 4000 N. New Jersey. Emp. lady. nome pnv a t j-osvj. 3814 N. NEW JERSEY. Rooms $8-S9 i Km. ettic. sio. Lady. WA6-U45. 1427 N. PENN.-Large room, hall ent., also very nice flic apt. 2817 RUCKLE. Nr. Mth-College, nice rm. 58 Week. WA 5-9944. RACE FANS. Clean rms., dbl. r single, si 00 per night. $12.00 lor 1 ooys. ueminoie. vyo N. Alabama see Mgr. or me 4-5130. EXTRA NICE. la, rms., linens, maid serv, refrlg. Men. Prlv. ent. S Up. Wkly. W A 4-34Z4, Nice. Prl Bath, entr. WA 3-6554 NR. BUTLER compus, Ire., pleasant rm. I or 1 men. at J-1403. SLEEPING ROOMS. 4300 NORTH. AT 3-8843. LGE. HOME-LIKE room with desk. Big clos. Empl. mon. $8. WA 1-6873 FAIRFIELD and Fall Crk. Lg. rms. nice turn., cooKing. wa 3-551 5. DIRECT ROUTE io Speedway. 3010 cemroi. apt. j wa 3-98. BSMT, ROOMS MEN. WA 5-t344 COL.-Pensions-ln modern home with or wimout meois. wa 4-3461. COL.-ln. 2139 Blvd. PI. Room, priv. ent., mien, povis. $7.50, $8 50 EAST 901 N. BOSART-EMP. PERSON Good transportation. FL 6-7192 744 DeOUINCY-Goad transp., kitchen rriv. emp. gin, cl -3857. 107 N. DREXEL. 4408 E. Nice front rm. nr. Both. Emp. man, FL 6 3927, 32$ N. GRANT, 4108 E nice room, loroe closet, emp. mon. FL 7-3363. 206 N. CRAY-Nice rm. next to both, Prlv. ent., gent., lody. ME 7-1063. 424 N. LoSALLE, prlv. ent., eomf.. rm,, emp. person. ME 1-3770. 1208 N. LINWOOD. 4500 E. lit Ft rm. Emp.. refined. $10. FL 9-7555. 4100 E. 10th bus. homelike; nr. bath. Emp. yo. person. FL 6-4387. 763 W. Drive, Wdrf. PI. Comf . rm. Emp. gentleman. AIR COND., EXTRA CLETnTQUIET pnv. both, shwr., prlv. ent. New turn. Men. ME 7-0987, ST 4-7103 5100 E. 1 Or 2 young men, day emp. prlv. home. FL 6-1761. NR. RCA. Nice room, nr. bails. Emp mon ME 2-6914. VIC. FORD AND WhI ei. I ... wysium. q TV. fL -fli 88 N. IRV. La, closets nr. rtm. rant, tronsp. FL 7-9769. FL 6-8419. SOUTH 1641 S. MERIDIAN. Inr.. priv.- ent., emp. man. $8. ME B 9975 2147 S. PENN.-Niu room, mn person. ST 7-9228. 1102 S. SENATE. Rooms. Also )-rm. cun. gpi. we a-uj otter 5 p . 242 E. SOUTHERN, EMP. MAN WEST 459 N. GOODLET. Clean rm . . fined, no drinking mon. ME 8-8935. 4 N. PERSHING, nice rnom. RACE Fons: Nr. Sadv , 20'9 W. New Vnrk v,E 8 5971 18 Rooms With Board PENNRIDGE MANOR For the senior citizen who wonts luxury without extravaaance. Prl. wcy In a dianifled vet hnm i'0.n.mi?. Ca" resident Mgr .... ,v, ,T n v BARTON HOUSE NURSING HOME Now occeoting reservations for nearly completed 3d floor. Ri. rm.. OPProVed. R.N. iinrui.iA rw town loc, corner Mich, and Dela- V ."' 4-5315 for tree brochure. Inspection Invited Retired Lady. WA 4-9589 fie? RIT.V . PEISON. Good food: .-" . . it. uungry. r-L y-Vl 5 1 , AMBULATORY . Ben d.., .. Tolley Convalescent Home ME 41073 ELDERLY hnnrdr ZiZ " $100 mo ; olso share rms wi RM.-BRD.-EMP. mnn fork 90rtn nil, r- ll- - - " c. ,tn, rve 0-VW4. WA S-0243 ATTR. EH. u. c77 $35 mo. ME 6-0218. ' Mf. MO. RM., beard, clean homo. .j, ctnongta. elderly. ME 1-992 ELDERLY-Are vou imi. i.., ' tor a Christian home? me 4.17s? MEN, GOOD FOOD, BUS LINE, TV 1727 Prospect MF oj7m CONVALESCENT HOMES MARTIN CONVALESCENT HOME Has vac. for eld. lody. Best ol care. Q"' rooq. WA 5-NJ29, BED PATIENT or ambulatory. Men gr om,n Fi 41007 ' 1 184 Child Care LI560904Y " tf0y my ,,0m' BRIDGEPORT. Child core. daysT Refs. Race. Children wel. en 4.7007 CHILD CARE, mv horn. hu. roce day on west side. ME 9-2055. r.riu. i...r mat SICKNESS' Have your doctor ohsn your needs to Noro Apothecary. N. SHADELANPMM. ui, Parking or delivery. CL 1-9547 I day,.-0 H?Z7 ft"- (I CO H 73 Z z m en Z H O 93 TO m 1 -a X O z m m 00 J I I L i.. l L. ,, 1-1 L j A. 1 i-sL.Ll 1 I 8. t t t L i I LLLt. tit, r. ,1ft

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