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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 33
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 33

The Lincoln Stari
Lincoln, Nebraska
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OCTOBER 18, 1888 SUNDAY JOURNAL-STAR HUSKERS CZZ37D Cowboy QB Gmidy' rnpaMfor OS defensei ByCurtMcKeever field the run they're going to run on you." Gundy isn't offering any advice, however. Solving the Ne- braska offense isn't as simple as playing totally for the run. "I've never been a defensive player arid hopefully as a coach 111 never be a defensive coach," he said. "I want to learn how to score. "I guess OU knows how to stop them, maybe.

I don't know how to stop them. The only time I've ever seen 'em stopped is i when OU plays them." -v. Nebraska wasn't real effective at stopping the Cowboys, ei-. ther, especially after the Cornhuskers had been so opportunism tic in taking a 354 lead after the first quarter. Oklahoma State's 42 points were the most allowed by a Tom Osborne-coached team.

But, noted OSU offensive guard Chris Stanley, "42 points isn't a win. It's just something we're going to have to take." And learn -v "Offensively, I dont think we've had a better team in the past that came in and moved the ball like we did on Nebraska today," cornerback Melvin Gilliam said. "Defensively, we have to check ourselves and get better, fast" lot of times on the options they have so many different formations but they run the same play. We were going up and taking on one guard, and looking up, here comes another guard. I dont know what was going on.

I really dont" in the Cowboys' first four games, turnovers played a role Saturday. The OSU defense had caused 19 turnovers, while the offense hadnt turned the ball over since the first game, Bug against Nebraska, the Cowboys had three turnovers, which led to 21 Nebraska points. "You give a team like Nebraska a break like that (Ken Clark's 73-yard touchdown run) long yards on the first play of the game, and then an interception Tun back for a touchdown and they've got a lot of momentum and it's going to be hard to stop them after that," Oklahoma State defensive end David Bailey said. "I think Nebraska just came out and ham mered us and they got us into some situations that we weren't ready for. They ran some stuff that we had worked on, we jusV didnt execute wen.

It all came down to, the defense not exe cutjng very well with what we'd worked on in practice. "I believe we matched up with them well physically. We just needed to stay.on our assignments." Which, according to Gilliam, was hard to do because of NUfc quarterback Steve Taylor. "Steve Taylor is more seasoned. You could tell he knew what he was doing," Gilliam said.

"He knew every audible. He knew it an. "I dont know if they're very much better (offensively than a year ago) but I think they can compare." 7 Therein may lie the main reason why the Cowboy of fensive players were sympathetic for their defensive cohorts. "You cant blame anybody," Stanley said. "You cant point fingers.

It's a team loss and that's how we're going to accept it, We lost to a good footbaU team." Mike Gundy is more afraid of Nebraska's offense than its defense. "Nebraska. I hate playing them because they scare me when I'm on the sidelines and their offense is on the field because they're so well-coached," the Oklahoma State quarterback said Saturday after the Cowboys' 6342 loss at Memorial Stadium. It marked the first time that OSU had allowed 63 points since a 63-14 loss to Oklahoma in 1980. "They run, run, run, run and fake run and then pass," Gundy said.

"That's why their tight ends are open so much. You've got to use everybody to stop the run and they just fake one time and the guy slips right behind the secondary. "TJiat damn bootleg pass to the tight end they've got, they've been using ever since I was knee high watching them. "I told them (OSU defenders), the one they scored on at the lasfThey're going to run the bootleg to the tight I told them you can't do anything about it because if you dont Jones ran't explain NU scoring explosion i i Mil 1 miMiiap 11 1 i a 1 f--4- 'ni I rNw 'I1 I i i 'vv -nV I I' came down and scored 54 points on us," By Ryly Jane Hambleton Jones said of the 54-7 Husker win. "That's tough to watch, to be real honest with you, and it's certainly not something I'm proud Just as Nebraska Coach Tom Osborne was at a loss to explain the Huskers' performance against UCLA earlier this year, when NU gave up 28 first-quarter points; Jones found it difficult to explain NU's outburst "This is my 20th year in football and they've got me on this one," he said! "It's the same thing UCLA did to them and what we did to Texas we got knocked out before we got started.

"But we showed poise in coming back and the kids arent hanging their heads in the locker room. They're not pleased, but there's a lot of football down the road." At halftime, with.the Cowboys trailing 49-21, Jones' instructions were basic. "We told them just to take it one play at a time and dont try to go out there and get it all back at once," he said. "And I think we did a pretty good job of that No one gave up or threw in the toweL "But we have tackle better, and there's no secret to that What it boiled down to is that they had better athletes on offense than we had on defense." The Cowboys start one freshman, three sophomores and four juniors on defense. "We've had more veteran units, but I'm not pleased with the defense," Jones said.

"We cant use youth or hiexperi-ence as an excuse. "We dont accept being young as an Pat Jones said he thought if his Oklahoma State team was able to move the baH' against Nebraska, the Cowboys could win the Big Eight Conference matchup. That was before Saturday's game. 'We hever did give ourselves a chalice to get in the ban game and we got beat very soundly," the OSU coach said of the 63-42 loss to the Huskers. "I felt entering the game that if we came In here and moved the ball, we could win." we dug ourselves such a deep: hole, we never could get out" The Cowboys did move the balL They had 455 yards in total offense, 208 rushing and 247 parsing.

But Nebraska struck quickly and often, racing to a 354 first-quarter lead on just 12 offensive plays and an interception return for a score. Sjfor to win, I felt something positive needed to happen for us early and, obviously, it went just the other way," Jones said, Stones said Ken Clark's 73-yard run opened the floodgates. By the time NU quarterback Steve Taylor broke loose for a 60-yard touchdown run and a 27-0 lead, "it was wrapped up." i'This was the first time since the 1982 season that any team had scored 40 or more points against Oklahoma State (Nebraska beat OSU 48-10 that year). Eut that wasnt the game Jones remembered. CIn 1981,1 was our defensive atoiriina-torand we were one yard out of leading the" nation in team defense.

And they In 11 1 It Il iiwiiiiiii nniB iniwwaw wiii in 1 mill swwm. -hi IAN DOflEMUSSUNDAY JOURNAL-STAB. A diving Barry Sanders is stopped by a host of Husker defenders as he tries to vault into the end zone in the second quarter. excuse." Loss might cost Sanders Wf RP.iirt t. Oklahoma State not only missed the opportunity: said.

"We moved the ball like we wanted to and we 'A tHUSniTr ii to take the driver's seat in the race for an Orange couldn't have asked for more than 42 points. That's Bowl berth Saturday, the Cowboys' 6342 loss to Ne- pretty good, but the bottom line is that we lost" 1 urdSKa niay iiavi ttiau tuoi muiuovr omi oauucio sanaers, 01 course, Oion nave siiuuiuci ui JL a chance to close the gap on Heisman Trophy the blame. v'v fr 1 im 1 ml iiiiiimii.iili back Thurman Thomas (now with the Nr'L's bui- jJlnnppr Sanders, who entered Saturday's contest with a "I'm pretty sore, but all right" Sanders said. "I nation-leading averages of 203.3 yards rushing and don't really recall being hit hard but I'm kind of 22 points scored per game, added 189 yards and tired." four TDs against NU to become the 10th Oklahoma not exhausted same may go for State back theSboys' hopes of winning the Big Eight Con- junior from Wichita, has 2,021 yards. ference title.

iiZi "I feel we do (have a shot at it)," Sanders said. 'fTStSM- Oklahoma and Nebraska. Now, beating Nebraska win our remaining games. isn't a possibility. If that happens, Sanders might think about get- fino a start nn an aprpntanf snepch.

v. TED KIRKSUNDAY JOURNAL-STAR Oklahoma States' Hart Lee Dykes hauls in a Mike Gundy pass gpod for 49 yards in the first quarter despite the defense of Lorenzo Hicks. Dykes caught seven passes for 1 25 yards. A4 Scoring Time left How scored NU-OSU "But there were 72,000 people here today wno oailfoloasunoayjournal-star, maybe would vote for him after this performance." "Sanders is a class guy and you want to wish a -fl Sander. hiah stBDS it into the The soft-spoken Sanders probably could care guy like that a lot of luck," NU Coach Tom Osborne less.

said. 144 21-0 FIRST QUARTER Clark 73 rurr' Drive: 73 yards In one ploy. Conversion: Drennan kick. Fryar 84 interception return Conversion: Drennan kick. 80 yards In three plays.

Highlighted by Clark 33 run, Bell 38 run. Conversion: Drennan kick. Taylor 40 run Drive: 84 yards In five plays. Highlighted by Knox 10, 13 runs. Cowboy notes, quotes a it nn Uall Uhm x4a quarters they still couldnt have stopped Offensive mud Chris Stanley and we still fought back and scored of points on Nebraska, And you canssk anybody around toe country, you score 42 points on Nebraska and cant something's 1 Dvkes established a Big Eight 1 Pat Jones, bead coach, on the Huskers' dominance of Oklahoma State over the years "We had good workouts this week and had a good attitude.

I dont know if there's an answer to the psychological aspect" Ban; Sanders, tailback, on Nebraska's recent domination "I guess Coach Osborne just gets them ready. When we come to town, that's the bottom line they're always ready." US. Stanley ea Nebraska's offense "They make things click. They just have got all the great skill people, the great linemen. They Just run the basic and they run It so well that tt just wears you down after awhile." Wide receiver Hart Lee Dykes were down, so many touchdowns "It didn't look like it but we were really cranked up to be out there playing.

A couple things just didnt work out right for us. We competed well though. We still played hard. They're a heckuva team. They showed that today.

We're a good team, too, we just didn't play the best that we can. "I don't know how the defensive guys feel, but offensively, we're still confident We think if we'd played two more record for career receptions. With his seven catches Saturday, he has 156 career receptions, erasing the former mark of 150 held by Iowa State's Tracey Henderson. 4: 4 454 42 4M4 45-14 Statistics Conversion: Drennan kick. Drive: w'yards In three plavi.

Highlighted by Clark 17 run, 5 Taylor 7 pass to AAllllkan. Conversion: Drennan kick. SECOND QUARTER 1 Drive? 68 yards In seven plays. Highlighted 'by Taylor 11 run, Clark 12, 29 runs, Carpenter 5 run, Brlnson 8 pass from Taylor. Conversion: Drennan kick.

Sanders 9 rvn Drive: 74 yards In eight plays. Highlighted by three Sanders runs for 35 yards. Gundy 12 pass to Dykes, and aided by face-mask penalty. Conversion: Blanchord kick. Sanders 1 run yards In two plays.

Set up by R. Smith' Interception of Taylor pass and 32 returp to NU 2. Conversion: Blanchord kick. i Milllkan 32 pass from Toylor 1 Drive: 64 yards In 10 plays. Set up by Brlnson kkkoff return to NU 34.

Highlighted by Taylor 21 pass to Gregory on thlrd-and- 14. Conversion: Drennan kick. -v. Dykes 12 pass from Oundy Drive: 80 yards In six plays. Highlighted by Gundy 41 pass to Green, pass to Dykes and aided by roughing penalty against NU, Conversion: Blanchord kick.

THIRD QUARTER Milllkan 13 pom from Taylor. Drive: 51 yards In 10 plays. Set up by Jackson Interception of Gundy pass. Highlighted by Carpenter 8 run, Clark 7, 5, 4, 3 I runs, and aided by personal foul penalty. Conversion: Drennan -j.

Sanders Iron 1 Drive: 70 yards In 11 plays. Highlighted by Sanders 19, 6 runs, Llmbrlck 9 run, Gundy 14, 13 passes to Dykes, 7 pass to Green. 13:55 11:29 9:16 4:09 1:85 11:42 8:45 i 4:41 1:50 8:03 4:35 1:5 9:49 5:44 1:34 Sanders 1 1 Buchanan! 1 Bell 1 4 Worden 1 0 Interception returns Nebraska Offense Rushing Yds 73: Klckoff returns No. Sanders 5 Hudson 1 Interception returns No. R.Smlth 1 Oklahoma State) 4,9:21 No.

yds. NO. 86 Yds. Ave. 254 .9.5 27 Clark Offense Rushing No.

Yds. Yds. 32 riyui i Blazek 1 Jackson 1 ,12.7 11 140 0 1 35 189, aunuuii Ave. 5.4 5.8 9.0 4.7 24 Hudson 5 54-11 Defense Tackles UT 9 14 Llmbrlck 1 3 Passing rr 10.9 5.30 38.0 2.5 1.0 1.0 PI 1 Carpenter 7 76 53 Bell .....1 38 Lewis 5 Brlnson 1 1 Gregory 1 1 Passing No. Co.

Yds 11 6 92 R. Smith 10 Defense Tackles UT 6 B.Thomas....... 4 Etienne 7 Collendo 3 No. Co. Yds PI 3 TT? 11 11 5 Jackson Receiving No.

30 17 247 Receiving No. 7 3 3 1 Griffin Conversion: Blanchard kick. FOURTH QUARTER .3 Pete Wells Milllkan. Gregory. 43-21 AT 2 5 2 3 1 1 2 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 Dykes Green Nash Vice Mavf leld Sanders AT 4 1 5 1 0 1 2 1 0 2- 2 1 0 0 1 Hicks, Colbert Bailey Drain King Gilliam R.

Gaines Ravnor McGrlggs Aboussle McCalllster Cummlngs Clark Oliver M. Jones D. Jones Mackey F.Gaines Frvor 1 Punting No. Yds. 1 Yds.

125 64 32 .20 6 4 4 Ave. 43.3 Yds. 43-35 Yds. .52 32 8 Ave. 39.0 Yds.

11 Yds. Kroeker. Punting Jobman Ty Croel Taylor 9 run Drive: 74 yards In 15 plays. Highlighted by Clark 10, 12, runs, Taylor 11 pass to Gregory. Conversion: Barrios kick.

o'Tvelra yards In nine ploys. Highlighted by Gundy 14 pass to Green, 17 pass to Dykes, and aided bv two personal foul penal-v ties, pass Interference penalty. Conversion: Blanchard kick. Nosh 21 pass from Gundy Drive: 70 yards In nine Plays. Highlighted by Gundy 14, 11 passes to Parker, Hudson 8, 6, 5 runs.

Conversion: Blanchard kick. r4 2 2 1 2 1 0 lx Punt returns No. Brlnson 1 i Klckoff returns 4H2 No. Yds. Blonchard 4 173 Punt returns NO.

Sanders 1 Ferguson 1 Tslazek 1 No. .3 T..

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