The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on February 3, 1976 · Page 16
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 16

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 3, 1976
Page 16
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16 The Daily Chronicle. 98531, Tuesday, February 3.1976 Could cutoffs hove spirited girls away? BOW ' '^IZLni $eaftle I"®* investigating witchcraft VII Ulr If %? til SEATUE A?;-A Saunk eiaalBil The disappearance of the women-ooe model airplane wing. A strange red and None of the tips panned out. police · · murder in Montana, animals found skia- of them in the comMut of th» nr»n«.«vmKni~,.t~.i.,TMZiTM,4i.K, ViTL ?T. : f.^:.hrTM^":: SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Tie Ninth U.S. Court of APpeals has ruled that there was nothing inequitable in a 1971 lower court ruling granting Indians up to a 50 per tent share of tie spring Chinook Salmon an in the Columbia river. In a ruling made public Monday, the court agreed with a VS. District Court denial of a request by non-Indian commercial fishermen to intervene in the ease. The appeals court said the Columbia River Fishermen's Protective Union action was too late. The ruling stems from a 1969 district court decision defining treaty rights of the tribes of tie Yzkima Indian Nation and tteatiUa Reservation and Warm Springs Tribe. Tie decision said tie Indians had the right to (ate fish at all usual and accustomed places and set out the way in which Oregon could regulate such Eshiag. Washington later intervened in tie suit. In April 1974 a dispute arose over Indian fishing rights in the 197* spring run of Chinook salmon, which was not large enough to satisfy all the demands and to conserve resources. The district court ia May IKt amended the 1969 judgment to allow Indians up to 50 per cent of the spring Chinook salmon harvest. It said then that the states had not complied with the 1969 ruling because they had not considered less restrictive means than limiting Indian commercial fishing. The appeals court rejected challenges to the amendment. "We do not think that the 1974 order was i departure from tie 1969 decree," said the court." Tha t decree established the Indians' right to a fair share of the salmon harvest if any harvest there was to be." It added there was nothing to suggest that the "allocation U either inequitable or impracticable." The court farther pointed to a VS. Ambassador to U.S. named CANBERRA, Australia (AP) Nicholas Fancourt Parkinson will be Australia's nert ambassador to the United States. The Australian government said Sunday that Parkinson, 50, will Ule up hi post in early March, replacing Sir Patrick Shaw, who died of a heart attack in Washington in December. The tew ambassador was high commissioner to Singapore frota 1970 to 1574 before being appointed deputy secretary of the Foreign Ministry. He was chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee of the Australian Defense Department froml967tol970. Supreme Court approval of a SO-SO fishing split involving Washington sti te. la remanding the matter for further proceedings, the ruling said the lower court would have the benefit «I the Supreme Court decision to aid in future determinations. It added the states have the burden of establishing whether the proposed allocation of spring Chinook salmon runs are inequitable or unpractical and of offering alternative proposals. oed and missing their vital organs, tod disappearances of Northwest women aU play a part in the mystery of Seattle Police File 1004. Police interest in the occult, witchcraft and sjtaoism his been stimulated by the mysterious shyiags of several Washington and Oregon women and by the ravings of a murderer in Idaho. That plus the Charles Mansco legend and a Dew wave of animal mutilations have caused a host of hysterical tipsters, officers say. of them in the company of the mysterious "Ted"-t»! filled file 1004 with citizen suspicions of a deadly occult connection, police say. Several tipsters said they'd seen men who looked tike "Ted" and had held cult meetings, talked of the occult, talked about devil worship, worshipped rattlesnakes or set op strange shrines in the forest With hindsight, someof the lips turned out to be laughable. The shrine in the forest was the work of a bickwood sculptor. A "devil mask" was a piece of i forestry sign. But file 10W continued to prow. A witch involved in "white magic" was said to know of i black magic group on the east side which bad used the missing women in isei ritual Another advanced a theory thit "Ted" wis i Jesus freak »ho traveled to South America, studied Inci religions in which an ancient god returned to earth with i wounded wing (Ted's broken arm), and was forced to sacrifice victims on i high altar. Pony Express rider now dedicated to his task OLYMPIA, Wish. (AP)- Robert Hamilton, the self -proclaimed Bicentennial Pony Express rider says the joke has gotten out of hand, though he still intends to complete his ride east. But instead of Washington, D.C.. his goal DOW is Valley Forge, Pa. He plans to deliver letters from tie faithful to President Ford. Stock market beats bingo OMAHA, Neb. (AP) - While some women like to play bingo, Rebecca Friedman, 71, prefers the stock market She's been visiting a brokerage house virtually every day for the last 1« years, usually carrying a a little green lunch sack, to keep an eye on her 200 shares of Penn Central. "I come every day. I love it. It's not the gambling. I like to see how it work;,". Mrs. Friedman says, pointing to tie big electronic board flashing the latest stock quotations. _ How's Your Hearing? 11. -- A free offer of special interest to those who hfcar but do not untlf rslui ] words haj been announced by Beltooe. A non- operating model of the smallest Bellone aiii of its kind n-ill be fiven absolutely free to anyone answering thi* advertisement. Send for this non-operating mode! to see how tiny hearing help can be. It's yours to keep, free. The actual aid weifhs less than a third of an ounce, and it's all at ear level, in one unit. . . These models ire free, so write for yours now. Thousarids have already been mailed, so write today to DepL 2714, Beltone Electronic* Corp, 4201 W. Victoria SL, Chicago, Illinois 60}6. LEWIS COUNTY MALL Inside the Mall near Value Giant's Mall entrance. CHILDREN'S COLOR PORTRAITS WITH THE OUTDOOR LOOK Thursday Feb. 5: 10 to 5 Friday Feb. 6: 10 to 8 Saturday Feb. 7: 10 to 5 · We inr rcjl trees, lems jnd bushes to Croduce l natiraf lot- *sl setting (of your Ch3^s port/ail e YcMcanlbeOerewhat * beauflM portrait · makts unia i ou see R In natural color and re«ln the bctveen Viis and the Dictum you'¥« nudebefcxt. At the moment, though, HimBton told the Daily Olympian ia i recent telephone interview, he's sitting around Billings, Mont., letting fluid drain from an injured hand. "I started this trip more as a joke than anything else, but since then I've discovered nun} things I uerer knew existed," Hamilton said. "I discovered a breed of people called Americans. I'm beginning to understand what our founding fathers most hare felt when they first arrived in this country. If that sounds corny or cootmed, believ wasn't meant to." Hamilton says he has been bogged down in Montana since early September partly because of a serious hand injury. It occurred ia late December. "I was helping buDd a home (in Glendive, Moot) to earn money to buy another horse," Hamilton said. Seal- folding fell oo my ha nd." The injury eventually became infected and he said he spent last month recuperating in Billings from "severe blood poisoning and a blood clot." Hamilton, who started his trip Aug. t in Olympia and seemed to run into misadventure ever since, complained that one of his problems "has been the press trying to gain headlines by distorting the troth and trying its best to mate meout assomekindofkook." Among his troubles were unpaid hotel bills in Washington state and Montana. "AH the hotel bills are being paid DOW by Utah and Montana backers," Hamilton said. He added: "I made the mistake of believing some people Then they told me they sere going to tale care of my hotel bill. 1 can promise you all that things like that voo't happen again." There was a haunting resemblance between several of the missing womeo; whose photos revealed them as having long hair, parted in the middle. Some said they Socked lie sister:. Could they have been hand-picked for ritual de atb? Aad vhy, when the remains, of four them were discovered oo Taylor Mountain list March, were there only skulls . and skull bones found' officials wonder. Within weeks of the skull discoveries, an Idaho murder suspect, 24-year-old Thomas Creech, began talking to authorities from his jaU cell. He said had witnessed the ritualistic slaying of several women ia Xing County by i motorcycle gang of Satan worshippers. At least the innocuous portions of his bloody story were true. There was a house ia South Xing County like the one he described as the site of cult killings, aad several of the individuals he named did exist. And human blood was found in one of the rooms in the house, although Seattle Police Homicide Capt. Herb Swindler said the room was loo small for the kind of hideous ceremonies Creech desc ribed. But the bizarre events continue, and File NXH continues to grow. Istheoccultinrolved? "I've never known," said Swindler. "I don't knownow." CAN'T SLEEP? DON'T COUNT SHEEP! COUNT YOUR SAVINGS from our Special FACTORY AUTHORIZED .. SAVE ON ENGLANDER® MATTRESSES mi BEDROOM SETS W« moy not b* obU to bring rfies* savings to you «v»r again to bt iur« to com* and save- now! Thti Is only Hi* 2nd Hm» Eng- land.r® has «»r lowered th.Ir previously fair-traded Tension Ease® prices. Tension Ease® Mattresses 'Tension Ease® 'is the finest mattress Enghnder® makes!" KING SIZE It* $459.95 NOW $959.95 SAVE* TOO FULL SIZE . ·*. $129.95 M. at. NOW »iw.95*«. ·*. 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