The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 14, 1955 · 7
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · 7

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1955
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2 Receive Medals Seil U The Nrw TERRE HAUTE, Ind. Two Evansville senior music students at Indiana State Teachers College, Donald R. Weil and John E. Wittenbraker, have been named as recipients of the Harold Bright distinguished service medal. Cited by Vincennes Special t The New VINCENNES, Ind. Robert W. Schultheis has been named to receive the Walter A. Davis award for humanitarian and civic service. It is given each year to an alumnus of Vincennes University. FOR THE GRADUATE WATCHES ."to "I 075 M UO WtSTFIII.D Shcafftr Snvrkrl F..nt im rm VON RAY JEWELRY 3S1S COLLEGE 1 1629 IMMEDIATE INSTALLATION NO DOWN PAYMENT CALL MR. FARMER DELCO General Motors Heating Co. 3 U CO Mm. rrmrnt run. Oi l CO 1 LENNOX Oil r Gh, CtnffHw Burner 41j l F . WH. (11 FVtS. M MMUI-IK 2473 All-Aluminum Storm Doors mnd Windows I. Mtmf Mry w 3 Xrara t. Pay ot Indianapolis, Inc. U1I R HEnoU HI 5311, HI 5312 rr ft limtlrd tlar.- art. Wf fov lorr il diMl m-exit rAm&iNO stage Don't Miss That Favorite Program! QuickiCalis J3 51 Days Eves. Sun. Ccntr.llr Lxat-d 070 SliUwrll City-Wide Coverage TNT to Show Rocky's TNT Monday Night By WAYNE OLIVER AP Reporter NEW YORK Television viewers will receive a sharp reminder Monday night that not all "big telecasts go to home sets. There will be a nationwide telecast of Rocky Marciano's defense of his world heavyweight boxing championship against Don Cockell in San Francisco, but it will go only to theaters. Boxing fans who want to see the telecast will have to pay about $3 on the average at one of the 80-odd theaters being linked for the event by Theater Network Television. Those who s' home can tune in a radio broadcast of the fight on NBC at 11 p.m., CDT. The.evcnt poinjs up the widespread but relatively unpubli-cized use of closed circuit TV for entertainment, sports and business and industrial meetings. It s the 12th theater telecast of boxing by TNT. the last previous one being the second Mar-ciano-Ezzard Charles fight. TNT and the rival Box Orfice Television have done numerous closed circuit telecasts of na tionwide sales conferences for industrial and business con cerns. BOT has done two theater telecasts of Metropolitan Opera performances, one in 1932 and the other last fall, and several of Notre Dame football games. The big broadcasting network companies also have staged numerous closed circuit telecasts not transmitted over the air to home sets. Participating theaters have found some of the boxing bouts and football games profitable, some not." TNT says the most succesful theater telecast was of the first Marciano-Joe Walcott fight in 1932, with 120,000 paid admissions to 50 theaters. 'Soap Actors E it her Bubble or Foam i IF nyi! Atlt, Scrern- Inca Ara Prt of Tom rimn Thru H9 THE ALSCO MAN NO DOWN PAYMENT ME 2-5554 By PHILIP MIXOFF, NEW YORK The knowledge that millions of eyes are upon them can be a disturbing thought to TV performers, but the suspicion that perhaps no one is watching really can play havoc with their precious little egos. Actors who toil in the teary precincts of daytime video are particularly susceptible to this latter ailment, but pert Peggy McCay, who plays Vanessa Dale in the I.ove of Life serial, never has had the feeling she's working in a vacuum. She's had too much first-hand evidence to the contrary. Some time ago there was a sequence on the series in which Vanessa's mean and predatory sister, Meg, was feigning paralysis in order to get Vanessa to wait on her. hand and foot. "After a rehearsal one day," says Peggy, T was walking along Madison Avenue when a woman stopped me. Without anything resembling an introductory remark, she said, 'Va nessa, my dear, someone ought to tell you. That sister of yours Special Correspondent f - v FENCE AND ORNAMENTAL IRON 1701 E. 38th TA 2434 PEtJGY MfCAV suffer on Love ot Life it has given her such steady employment, and that it is several notches above the average soap opera in terms of dramatic honesty. sick She's faking that to me." turned and than any soap group of Girl 02HBL?Q3QlffitE K r sk"1 ILJsSW. J 3$ isn't really if." Peg didn't know quite what to reply, but shfl did feel that disillusionment was out of the question. "Oh, you must be wrong." she answered in dead seriousness. "Meg would never do a thing like With that, she walked off faster heroine has moved in years Then, a few wjeeks back, she was trying to return a defective hairbrush at a drugstore. "He was stubbornly refusing to take it back, and it was a little embarrassing for me, because having lunch a few feet away were big-nfime TV Actors John Newland, Nina Foch and John Baragrey. "Suddenly a Scouts, who'd spotted me from outside the window, rushed into the store, bounded right past the celebrities at the table and crowded me for I autographs. j "What a f celling! The inci dent even got rrtie a new hair brush." Shortly after being graduated from Barnard College in 1919, Peg was hired by Margo Jones to play Nellie in the Chicago company of "Summer and Smoke." So taken with Peg's work was M'ss Jones ("She kicked off her shoes with a whoop the first time I read for her") that the youngster became resident in genue in Dallas' Theater-in-the Round. Since then, the bulk of her work has been in TV. Her spe cial fondness for Love of Life stems partly from the fact that IS YOUR W4TER SOFTENER SICK? that line finality ... it's BURFORD'S furniture in an office planned for business efficiency in the gracious manner. 9c 603 E. WASHINGTON ME 5-7301 Call Cutligon for First Aid Wc Repair Softeners Service Rental Home Owned CULLIGAN SOFT WATER SERVtCI 4165 College Ave. Hickory 6484 Complete Water Conditioning LARGE SCREEN THEATRE TELEVISION! Eiclvuir! Wit ! U kamt 1 I (1 $3.00 INC. TAll prrvirw ol at V3 tuT wow; I " "Matt! V 1 llMUtO OtSlGMINIj AND INSTAUMlOH I v kitcmcn AOOklANCCS. FlOO. TOPS INCIItHtfOU Some Steaks Are Touqh . . . . . . but at McLaugViner's you're sure of a large and delicious 9-Ounce SIRLOIN STEAK Perfectly Prepared From Choice Aged Beef Try One This Evening 14 ine Nome s tne t-aim lo tarns H 38th and Sherman lOii and Arlington 11 TONIGHT 7 P. M. fvllDVJESTERK HAYRl a OOttWIHBfiHBIosMp OE! 17FBM Channel 6 Singing and dancing with BONNIE LOU ZEKE & SLIM RUDY HANSEN MIMI ROMAN "MIDWESTERNERS" SQUARE DANCERS and all the Hayride gang! brought to you by Wiedemann's VINEiSFBEEft Tfce Cc. TVwdeiteiii Brew tag 9iwps, Kjf. THE INDIANAPOLIS NEWS TV SECTION SATURDAY EVENING, MAY 14, 1955 Week of May 15 -May 21 Gary Crosby Visits Ed Sullivan 'Satchmo' Will Join Bing's Boy Gary Crosby teams with Louis Armstrong to lead off Ed Sullivan's guest list on tomorrow's edition of Toast of the Town at 7 p.m on WFBM-TV. C'thcrs on the variety show are Sammy Davis Jr.. the Will Mast in Trio. England's Mr. Pastry, Richard Henrne and Ventriloquist Senor Wences. a I.I. SPOTI.KiHT: The Swift Show Wagon with Horace Heidt and the American Way will originate it.s NBC-TV telecast from Indiana University's field-house tonight at 6:30 o'clock on WTTV. Indiana students will compete on the talent por- tion of the show. AT Till: .VM): The cameras of WTTV will be trained on the Sieedway from noon to 6 p.m. today and tomorrow to catch qualifying activity. WFBM-TV will televise the trials from 4 to 3 o'clock today and from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. tomorrow. COMRDV TONIGHT: George Jessel will be Jimmy Durante's guest tonight at 8:30 o'clock on WTTV while Jack Benny comes calling on George Gobel at 9 1 o'clock on WTTV. 1 Jackie Gleason returns to his J show tonight at 7 o'clock on WFBM-TV and his Honeymoon-er's skit revolves around the Kramdens and Nortons' participation in a neighborhood theatrical. MOHK CAPERS: Bud Ablott and L,ou Cosello star on the Comedy Hour tomorrow at 7 p.m. on WTTV. The hour-long show will salute the Armed Forces and will originate from the March Air Force Base In California. Gordon MacRae is host of the show which will also feature Rhonda Fleming. SO M KTII I SO SPECIAL: Gian-Carlo Menotti's "The Saint of Bleecker Street" will be presented by the NBC Opera Theater at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow on WTTV. Richard Cassilly will portray the role of Michele in the Pulitzer Prize winning ojiera. In the cast are Rosemary Kuhluiann as Desideria, Virginia Copeland as Annina and Leon l.ishner as Don Marco. MKIHt INK MARCH: Mental patients will present their own story in person to the American public for the first time in the history of TV on tomorrow night's March of Medicine pro gram at 9 o'clock, WTTV. The i JOHN CROSBY VidaTs Barbs Find Their Mark ;.KV CROSBY ... on Toast. program will be called. "We, the Mentally 111," and will be narrated and enacted from start to finish by the patients. The telecast is being presented by the Smith. Kline and French Laboratories in cooperation with the American Medical Association, a a DRAMA: Kim Hunter stars on Justice tomorrow at 8 p.m. on WTTV in "The Blues Kill Me." On General Electric Theater ot 8 p.m. tomorrow on WISH-TV. "Man With a Vengeance." an original drama by Rod Selling, will be telev'sed On TV Theater at 8 p.m. tomorrow, Jackie Cooper will appear in "The Pardon-Me Boy" an WTTV. NEW Y O R K S a t i r e. as George Kaufman used to say. is what closes Saturday night. It's a difficult business, satire, and it has to be extremely well done to come off at all. Gore Vidal's "Visit to a Small Planet on Goodyear Playliouse last Sunday night passed the test wilh great wit and s.tle. In fact, a good many of Vidal's thrusts at our American attitudes were so sharp and pungent that I'm a little sur prised that it got on the air at all. "Visit to a Small Planet" is the story of a visitor from outer space dropping in on a stuffy TV news commen t a t o r and his family. The visitor. marvelously played by that fine English actor Cyril Ritchard, is garbed in 19th century costume under the mistaken assumption that he is arriving in 1S0, which for some reason is his favorite year. a a a Right from the outset. Rit- Crosby chard treats his unwilling hosts the commentator, his wife, daughter, daughter's suitor, and eventually the United States Army much as Margaret Mead views a South Sea islander. In short, as savages. "Everyone travels in space." he tells them gaily. "But no one wants to visit you." I know of no actor who can make condescension so charming as Ritchard. When he says a line like: "None of my people would dream of invading you." the earth and its people become a mighty unattractive place. It is Vidal"s conceit that the people from outer space, far from wanting to conquer the earth, can't stay far enough away from it. His own interests, says Ritchard cheerily, are entirely eccentric, a a a This gives him an opportunity to throw some mighty sharp barbs at some contemporary beliefs. When the .Army starts quizzing the space visitor about whether" he's a spy. Ritchard remarks brightly: "Isn't that interesting t h a t wonderfully primitive assumption that every visitor is hostile." Satiric fantasy of this sort is mighty hard to sustain on a 4 More Accept Butler Tuition Aid Four half-tuition scholarships to Butler University have been ji accepted by students in Marion County, Kokomo and Middle- ! town, in addition to 39 previous- 1 ly announced. Marion County students are Patrick George Morris, 4923 N. Capitol, of Cathedral, and Lucia Adelaide Walton, 5215 N. New-Jersey, of Shortridge. Other re cipients were Sharon Jane Mart, Middletown. and Jacqueline Jwies, Kokomo. . TV Movies for Week End TONIGHT 10: 15 WISH-TV. Late Show, "Once a Thief." starring June HaVoc and Marie "VlcDonald. 11 :00 WFBM-TV: Red Top. "The Other Love," starring Barbara Stanwyck. TOMORROW 10:13 WISH-TV: Late Show. "The Big Blockade," with Michael Redgrave. 11:00 -WFBM-TV: Night Owl, "Foi bidden Heaven," with Charles Farrell. single level throughout, and I won't pretend that Vidal managed it altogether successfully, a a a Fortunately, a little man in a white coat (or the space equivalent of such a thing came along and led Ritchard away, explaining that he wasn't supposed to be messing around with the destiny of the earth and the play ended on the light note on which it started. It was in tle main a gay romp with some wonderfully witty lines. I specially liked Ritchard. when asked whether he came from Mars, remarking: "No one lives in Mars at least no one I know." It was not all his show, however. The whole cast Edward Andi-ews as the news commentator. Jill Kraft as his daughter. Alan Reed as a pouter pigeon of an Army general, and even in a very small part Bruce Kirby as the general's aide were all splendid and. what is even rarer, very well cast for their parts. The director who got the most of-this nonsense was Jack Smight. CjpyxStiit. 15. ?cew York Ha-Tnr-une !- EXTRA SPECIAL AT LANE RADIO FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY Motorola TV won the DIG LOOK r I MODEL 17T22E sl 39-95 Fed. Tax and Warranty e Included fc. :Mllll'A.'y'IWTOrj'itfg'ii.i i m V J V X o SATURDAY NIGHT 4: 4: $ S: 6 6 6; 7: 7: 8 8 9 9 10 10 10 11 11; 12 WFBM-TV 00 Ouolif icotioos 1 5 Qualifications :00 Lite With Fother' 30 Bill Hickok 00 Playhouse ;1 5 Playhouse 30 Beat the Clock 00 Hoyride 30 Theater 00 Badge 714 : 30 Ford Theater 00 Theoter :30 Life At 80 :00 Ind. Hoedown :30 Ind. Hoedown :45 Ind. Hoedown :00 Red Top :30 Red Top WTTV Jamboree Film Mystery Mystery Trio Books Horoce Heidt Boyd Bennett This Is Hollywood Imogene Coca J. Durante G. Gobel Hit Porade Waterfront Feature Theater Feature Theater Feature Theater Feature Theater Feature Theater On film. WISH-TV Hillbilly Hillbilly Your City Dollar Second Soldiers Soldiers Lassie Jackie Gleason Jackie Gleason Two For Money Fovorite Husband Prof. Father D. R. Theoter News Weather Masquerade Party LoteShow Lote Show Lote Show Lote Show FREE OF EXTRA COST REG. 519.95 REVOLVING TV CHAIR WITH THE PURCHASE OF THIS MOTOROLA TV SET A smart TV Chair is yours when you purchase this fine Motorola TV . . . with New Extended Area Screen and Power Drive Chassis. Imagine a $159.50 Value (TV Set at $139.95 and TV Chair at $19.95) both for only $139.95. 1 You get all these Motorola features: 4 Star Chassi New Automatic Tuning New Extended Area Screen k Lifetime Focus Picture Tube it Removable Glass Screen Model $ 21K33 199 BIG 21" MOTOROLA TV PLUS AN ATTRACTIVE REVOLVING TV CHAIR (a $19.95 Value). IMAGINE a $219.90 VALUE for $199.95! Used TV Sets $39.95 Up LANE tADO Buy Your Television From Servicing Dealer LANE'S ME 8-1463 TE 3559 TELEVISION IS OUR BUSINESS 2828 E. 10th St. 7027 Pendleton Pike ME 8-1463 TE 3559 Open Man. thru Fri. Open Doily 8:30 A.M. tit f f.M. till 8 P.M. Open Sat. till t P.M. ( ME 8-1463 ) TEJ559

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