The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 20, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 20, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX mum Best Not To Expect Too '..' Much; Feller, Owe . Head Paiade !By lilCIMKI) ' , NBA Service Spoils Writer : At "about this time of the ycai a y:ung man's fancy turns u floves, nnd « couple hundred o f lie flower ol hnr youth sluir Dial oilier,shirt,Into grandpa's carpetbag and hustle oil haplly to majoi !eague training camps. , And, thereafter, from lime to lime, the dispatches from tlie front, toll you ot thh nnd that sen- sadojml youngster who -can hli aliything, including the number cover more ground than Shanty •llogan's shadow; nnd run like Pastor.. • . ' , • . .., < • Most of llicm catch an ewli freight home. All too soon, yon see .end, all too often, the'blossoms thai bloom in the springtime fade am d>g on some stony hush league field. Tjjc buds become duds. ', : Now and then, however, there coiiies along a Joe DIMngglo, 01 n Buddy Lev Is, to make, the grade .right off the bat, But onlj no« and then These * so-railed overnight success are ns rare ns fie publicans ( „ 'Nevertheless, Jt seems thnti (lie miijor league owners and managers, Ibis year, moie limn ever, are banking on their reciults belni; able to step into (he brench nnd deliver with no further rtelay Of course, there nppen'r; (o be enough reason for these lilgli hopes This year's crop of rookies Is, indeed, a most promising one with practically every major league club being a sharc-croppei ' « • * Ftllcr Is Tops /flic Cleveland Indians, no doubt, appear to have the cream of Ihe crop in jouiig Mr Bob Feller,' the Town schoolboy 'Nearly all the evperts agree thai • Peller can step right in nnd win 20 games tills coming season, although there are n few who' point out that ills strikeout records were made against the St Lousy Browns and the Philadelphia. Apnthctlcs • when the season had pretty \\ell run Its course and the Brownies and A's realized that they were consigned to Ihe bottom of the page Be that ns It may, there is some question now, however, about Feller being a regular pitcher. Manager Steve O'Neill o( the Indians was saying the othei day thai lie might start FVIler only nboul once a week this season "He's still..growing and regular work ii^jliable lo burn him out,' ocelli explains "I'm not aiming to rulnjthe kid Jiist SThave him win 2fl games in his first jenr" The- New York Glnnts «111 anxiously watch Johnnys McCarthy up trom Newark to take over the first- baslng job shared by the aged Bill Terry and crippled Sam Leslie McCarthy is said to be a fine fielder but not so much with the' baton He hit, only 270 in the International league last year nnd that doesn't sound so good for the. National League Next to Feller the most balU- hooed voungster ts Arnold Malcolm (Mickey) Owen, who hit 338 for Columbus last jenr Owen, »ho won't be 20 until April 4, was priced at $100,000 during the winter trading season The Cardinals thought so much of him that they traded Spud Davis, their only veteran catcher « • « Curse on Marty ,The boys have put the curse on Joe Mirty, up from San Frnuclsco for a trial with the Chicago Cubs Thej are calling him the Joe DiMaggio of the National League because he hit 358 Marty is n great norspcct but he may not ha\e that DiMagglo coldness and printers ink may not run oil his bact- like water off a duck's Frc-«?nson t>an>noo is a heavy burden The Boston Red So\ have finally come up with a plajer they dld- nt buy from Connie Mack He's 19-}car-o!d Bobby Docrr, who'bat- ted 342 with San Diego In the ooast League. Joe cronin thinks so much of Mr DoerrTriat he has already allotted him second base Then there is Johnny Dickshot ot Pittsburgh who hit 353 with Buffalo and drove home 112 run', • He's expected to step right In and Play one of the outfield position.? And Cincinnati is sayln* that H, has a left-handed National League Bob Feller in John Vander Meer, who ; won 19 games and fanned, 295 with Durham. cut for the right field"job on'lh'e .Boston Bees They are vince Di- Wtting brother, and' the \enerable pcagreen, Prank McGowan, powerful Buffalo Bison who batted 356 The American League is not so sell slocked with recruits, as things look now. Most of the jounz- sters are fellows named Joe. But Mickey Cochrane at Detroit thinks highly of Rudy York and Is going to try to^lace him In the outfield to get he benefit of his long hitting. And, Mickey'may give his own catching job to George Teb- OGtS. -. , * Jimmy' Dykes of the Chicago . While Sox 1 thinks that Henry! Stetobwher, up f fom S[ p^ ^ .y, i a 4S6 batting average, might crash thetWhlie Sox outfield Yes, a lot of them will crash.' But not lineups • Iii Ncu r York Golden Gloves Tourney w^^ Jamos-Roberts, B.'yjSevi'lo Light Heavyweight .Claylor Fowler,Jonestown, ('. Welterweight One lilythcvHIi! boy nnd two others, well known here, arc members of the Memphis'division Golden Gloves clinmpionslilp boxing tenm Hint will <i|i|icnr in the nntloiml Goidcii Gloves tourney at, New Yoik, he ginning Monday. They Imve already nirived in the big . cJly : for-.-preliminary - training: and a ' look iround New York before the bouts begin. Jamc.s "11 nb" Mylheville representative, ciu'ytoi Powler of Jonestown, : Mfss.l has appeared lure ami John Blair formerly lived here. By Harr-y Gi'ayson II}- II/IKKV GIMV.SO.V Sports Editor, NliA Service NEW YORK.—Tlicvc is more fic- ion In boslus! right,now than there vlll bo In June, no matter wlio Ights Jim livaddock. There Is-more going on .behind he:scenes than was revealed when Mk I'Wlllps, Jack Willis, or wlinl- vcr his name was. run out of 0113 f those'things w'lth ,;nck Tornuicc and. talked. There Is • more. covering up than ob Pastor did against Joe Ixjuis The fight beliveen the Oanlcn ml, Ihc Hearst A. C. has broken nt on nil fronls. The Garden Is very inad at the lew York Boxing Commission for s refusal to wain Mike Jacobs ami ic. Hearst A. C. thai they cannot et away with Inking n Braddock- j3Uis nmteh to'Chicago. June 22. hlle Bracldock is signed to tackle Jax Sclmielthg In.the .Sunken Garen of Queens. June 3. JaniK A, Farley booted Jack eiiipsey and Gsne Tunncy and a i.835.133 cnU! to I'hllndelphln in 92G, but Big Jim Imd'ftn eye on lie ^CKTO vole In chanipioning or' lar' Wills and,' havlnu listed Hie ainpered Panther as Ihc hallenser, stuck to his guns. At II other time 1 !, nirlcy did cverj- ilnn in jilj j>pwcr lo keep Hie bulk f th3 jjeak-bii'itlng bmlncu In lanhntlan. * * * aVilcn Heads Rescnl ycar.Traytllng with Jacobs Inasmuch, ns the' current New ork sock scions. scarcely are inserted in the colored vote of Chi«go. Col. John''Reed . Kllpalrlck nil his Garden aides cannot im- erttiind tlieli neglecting to pro- ect liomc Indiibtiy rl, e Garden id.n't always hit it. 0 iT with Farcy but now wishes the IXinocrit c boss were back on his old fob ns aultnoucr czar It has gotten so tliat a New York wxing commissioner can't even lake, n (rip to Kansas City witn acobs and other agents of the rears! A. C. without arousing sus- tc:on. There were nasty cracks lade at West 43th street and ighth. Avenue whr-n it was discov- reri that Davitl Walker Wear of ie New York board was a prnmi- cnt rlngsider when Nalle Brown ut on that wrestling finish lo an alfair with Louis In the stockyards section Die other nlglil. •' .';'./'. ' Meanwhile. Garden chieftains I'c- inalit confident (hat n Judge will force Ura<lclock lo fill- nil his Hgrecinehl with them: mid Sclnnsling— jlvc New York niiotlicr big n^ht In spite of its commission. Not the least reason for their Ijosltiveness Is Hint precedent |to!n(s to this. Garden men don't like the way the Louisiana scandal Is being shushed In New York. , To Ihelr way of thinking, it was bad cnoujh for Hearst sport.-; editors (o acl ns promoters and matchmaker without licenses without one of them serving as the' allbnicy o( a Jnlleil manager nnd practically entering the ball bond business us well. Re siime Shows Here Next Week l'ii .S'lu'iuiil Torrnnn: and IiLslriidcil l'lillli|is? oi 1 n ifumbcr of years now. sports editors liny'c had a lot of fun calliii g Hie New York commissioners three dumb dukes. One would llllnfc that the three dumb dukes wonid get In on this gaiety now 'hat the I.infslaua commission offers them the opportunity. Certainly, none of the three dumb dukes 'would b« dumb Diioiigli to tvp; Instructions such as those carried (o llaton HOIKC . by Plung-.T Phillips, who refused to plunge Nor would nn y O f them be slut"d 'cliouch to plvc Torranco, an ovcrsliilfcd and Inay slVntput'tcr, 11 Contract In a strani-e .-lod^e call- inj; for an nnnimi minimum [jiiai-- nnt"e of S2500 for 10 years. Who <!ave Torrannc the cunlract? .Cerlniiily.' -It wasn't Kcrli Bralic. Hie ssuman \vlib handled' him. . Who tt'ocrt the Instructions for Plunger Phillips, w i, o refused to pinnae? • There must bo some amuslii" stories about the contract and type- WTlllin" Inslruclloiis 'to' tankmen not tn iiicntton wails from jails via 'ono distance telephone. Hut. then, maybe (he- New York ••nmmlssion isn't Interested in New York-directed irregularities nrraiii>- ed for the cdincritlon .or Ihe goo'd buryhcrs of Baton Rouge. Van Called Hclaxin°- .TORONTO, Out. (UP) - Men over 40 who play badminton unless they . have been nclive ntli- leles nil their lives, are "Insane" Dr. C. O. Young, local physician, declared. Golf Is the n.iest game "f nil. for men between 35 and 50. and poker Is n much better game to piny tlmn bridge, because it Is more relaxing, believes Dr Young. nv .T. _. Inactive for n , month due lo Hood conditions, the weekly wrestling shows nuclei- the auspices of the American Legion will be resumed nt Hie Legion nrcna, Mon (lay night. / Rex (Tex) Mobley, linndsome blonde giant from Amnrlllo, Texas f will lace Charles (r <lldii't do mithln') Slnkey, lough guy from Corinth, Miss., in one half of the tlunl star bill. , Pnlrlek (Irish) O'Dowdy,. Okln r lioiim A. & M. pride, mldclleweiglit title clmmplon claimant by virtue of his recent disputed victory over Gus Knlllo, tackles Pnul Lopez fast ' nnd clever Mexican, in the other mulch. Belli iKiU-s will toil over the horn- and hnlf route, two-best- falls-oiit-of-threc gelling Uic verdict. . : From the basis of .past performances the program should provide action of the rough and tough variety, mid n demonstration of ivrcsUlng skill. The blggci- boys, Mnblcy nnrt sinkcy, nre expected |o adhere to the modern style of milling where flying fists nre more common than scientific and clever holds. I ,, . It has been almost -five' years since O'Oowdy hns: been Mic'nten it was late In 1032 when he received »s lust setback. During tl mt , m . i°d he has recorded r 153 wins' u, oKlcr and i s still going strong fie has \von all his slrirls here and made a gicnt hit. His specialty is he drou toe hold. Once he clamps It on n vlclim it Is. usually over for the evening.. Ray, Myers' ami umcksmflh Pcdigb, by no means in the novice class.'. will attest to us m-oneicncy with his legs. Pal is n finished wrestler,- young , )OW . erful nnd aggressive. Lopez's record as n' mntman «ns enough for matchmaker Mike Meroncy to „,„ h|m w . (h : Oklahomah. Mike says he will test Pal to the limit, nmt st(1I d ' clmnce to .snnp , he winning The card will Include two box-' n» exhibitions bctweii local <,ma- prampt'y 0 ^! 1 f ltl " S m " tCr "^ u= tlie tlilixi man in the ring. Wnnt Arts Club Leads National Lcaf'uc While Pirates Lack Two-Way Baiters NEW YORK (Ul')-Nolcs oil the Nalicnal League records: Tito Chlcaijo Cubs, with Au?h fiahn, Ripper Collins and Linus Fray swinging from both sides !e«l in switch-hitters, . while the PJtlilnirfjh Pirates are totally devoid of turn-over baUsmcn. .... No matter how It's flgured, nte.y l);an ranked no better than fourth It) the pitching standings. Van •Miui«o, Carl Ilubbcll and Bill Lee bettered- him in the opponent's' tatting average column, a new way of compiling the rankings; llubbell. Danny MacPayden and Red Lucas rated above him in the earned run column; and Hubtiell, Lucas and Larry French topped In the win nnd loss pillar. . . . Dailies' Ueconl Outstanding- ' Jess Haincs Is the only pltpher In the senior circuit with more tiian 200 National League victories tu his credit. . . . 1 The St. Louis Cards nnd the Philadelphia plillllcs lead the league ill players used. Each club made use of 38 different men in the coursc of the season. . . •'.Half of the Cincinnati Reds' catching slnff, Dee Moore arid Ernie Lombard!, were born on April 0. ... '-\ Lee Grissom, pitching prospect up. for a second try with the Reds tills year, almost struck Bill Terry nn the head with a "wild pitch last year and then promptly struck him out • . Only three pitchers, Schoolboy Rowe, Dfo.y Dean nnd Carl Hub- tell are figured'to win 25 or 'more Games this year. .Experts ;pralict that night baseball will become universal in five- years, poinlihg to the almost total conversion of the National Lea»uc 16; tile idea.. . . . • ..Prom 1000 to 1936, the New York Giants were the only team in the league that has won more games ihan they have lost to all seven opposing clubs—best, record ts igninst the Philadelphia Phillies •KM-2OT, the poorest against the Jlilcago Cubs. 405-335. 'Ilic Phillies have "landed in eighth position In the final stand ngs ten times and the Boston Bees line times in 30 years, wliile the Giants L hold the first division record v ,-:laiiding.In that sppt*3i'» times? nth (lie Pirates but one ".step behind. , , ' REAL VALUES--$$--GOOD BARGAINS GUARANTEED TRUCKS and PICK UPS 1930 CHEVROLET Long \Yliccl- basc TRUCK niili Closed Cab. 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Mei.on is a . re n handers from Greenwood, of the Cotton States League, where Benne fun d In nh Ynrcsvlck Ls a New York High school southpaw There is i slight LIT ?i ' n °" rU " B-P may evcntuaUy v.ud up piaying ^is *" Action on Franchise for Blytheville Expected at Paraoould . Fred Sallba, secretary of the recently organized Blytheville branch house of the New York Giants, and Hank Deberry, who is a sort of general superintendent of Ihe New- York firm's Interests west of the Hudson river, will sit. down with directors of the Northeast Arkansas baseball league at Paragould Sunday. First on the program, so far us Saliba and Dcberrj- are concerned, will ,be action on their application ior a league for Blythevlllc. The.y are not worrying about the outcome, as league o/licers have assured them that Blytheville will be more than welcome. h^ league, a six-club circuit last ,-ear, its first, will hare eight'mem- bers thus year if that many, can be. found. Five of die-six clubs which finished last season's schedule have notified league officers that they will be ready for the 1937 opening day. Ttiese are Jonesbbrb. Paragould, Newport, Caruthersvillfl and psceola. The sixth, Batesvllle, is looking for financial support from some big league club. Sikeston, Mo.. is a prospective new member, and if Batesville drops out an invitation will be extended to some other Missouri town. Besides action on new members, business to come before Sunday's meeting at Paragould will include election of league officers and draft- in!! of Ihe 1937 schedule. Blytheville, according to Saliba, will suggest ihat the league's present salary limits be boosted somewhat. French Convict Port Slowly Being Eclipsed SAINT MARTIN- DE-RE, France (UP)— Tins little village located in Ihe Atlantic on" the city of La Roehelle has suffered from adversity as well as its reputation as the prison town from which former criminals were sent, to prance's Devil's Island, Safeties ijust pub 7 llshed : revea! (hat the village popu- alion has diminished from's.OOQ'.to 1,300 .In the course of the list cen- tury. ;,v ! Present-day statistics show Him alarming condition, will, <| Ca iii s far surpassing births, and ninfH'- agcs falling oft. iV Pianist Keeps Hands Warm" PASADENA, cal. (UP) _ California's famous mild winters ire- ecived another jolt when Sergei iiachniaiiinoff, famous pianis't during a concert here kept 'Viis jawds encased in an electrichllv heated pad between his concert numbers. But Just to spare -the feelings of Californians about their weather, he explained that he i Always docs that anyway WANTED!; I Government Loan Cotton Phone 1G7 APPLEBAUM BROS. < -COTTON CO^«' £V MARY'S to be married in June June seems a long way off. But it's right around the corner \vhen you consider all the things Mary must have._by:then. Linens .. .clothes . .. furniture . . . kitchen utensils .. , silverware. Goodness! But Mary—and her Mother- are wise. They're going to cut shopping time in half. Already Mary has started to study advertisements in the newspaper. She's finding out who sells what—and for how much. She's making\up her mind which, are the most important items—and which can \vait^uniil:after--jthe' ; wedding. She's learning brand names, new and o'ld following trends in furnishings' and fashions. In short, Mary is developing a veal knowledge of- buying. :; ••• •--• •.;. . . Learn to read the advertisements in this newspaper. Year-in, year-out, you'll find that they simplify your shopping .. . make your dollars go farther give you better values and greater satisfaction with all your purchases. t; v;'

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