The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 26, 1956 · 8
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · 8

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 26, 1956
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We Welcome New Accounts FUEL OIL Bl ON Bl IW;FT rtAI SIEGLER OIL HEATERS to ti)dinarmlis Clif ion-Wilder COAL & OIL CO 1310 W. 29ih St. WA 6-2421 Wide Selection DIAMONDS w a i- Ilr .arret 3 Prices Very Rraswoablr! MOUNTED WHILE YOU WAIT VON RAY JEWELRY 3818 tolircr W 6-1629 OIL GAS COAL HEATING INSTALLATION AND SERVICE BMSCHMANN CO., 545 W. Washington ME 4-2779 SUEDE & LEATHER JACKETS Cleaned nd fUfiflishtd $4.00 up 20 Yrs. Beou-tihjt Oeoning 3750 N. Sherman Drive LI 6-0580 LADIES KNIT DRESSES I late clcaea M lcke. fort I - ,rjit, SI. IS M AncriciB Beaity Clcanrs viJ I ?! V'I ' ' l 1 IfeX MEW t 4rt1tt We elc s TV gns Unlighted Road The late Jomes Can and Pot Hardy play sweethearts whose happiness is threatened when the boy gets involved .with hijackers in "The Unlighted Read," on Playhouse of Stars Friday over CBS-TV at 8:30 p.m. Th teleplay is Dean's only filmed television starring vehicle and is being repeated in response to many requests. - , - r-t. "Trail of the Vigilantes" Franchet Tone ff l-'l Broderiek Crawford Andy Devinc l t- f ' tirftiinyrfit . CLAY TILE Do It Yourself Behind -the Scenes Fess Parker leaps from a locomotive cab in this scene from the adventurous "Behind the Scenes with Fess Parker," the Disneyland presentation Wednesday at 6:30 on WtJV. Parker is featured in the production, which points up Walt Disney's preparations for his upcoming motion picture, a Civil War spy story to be entitled "The Great Locomotive Chase." SUNDAY 3:0O-VFEM-TV: Antarctica, the Third World; a special documentary on Operation Deepfreeze. 7:00 -WISH-TV: Ed Sullivan show with Kate Smith, Marion Marlowe, Senor Wences and Dick Shawn. MONDAY 7 :00 WFBM-TV : Producer's Showcase presentation of 'Bloomer Girl." with Barbara Cook and Keith Andes. 9:00-WISH-TV: Studio One offers Everett Sloane in "Family Protection," which tells of the trials of a bank robber. TI I0SDAY 7:30 WFBM-TV: March of Medicine explains that prevention of mental disease often boils down to treating children. 8:30 WFBM-TV: Circle Theater has Harry Townes and Larry Gales in "The Second Family." WKDNKSDAY 6:30 WTTV: Disnejland presents "Behind the Scenes with Fess Parker." 0:00 WISH-TV: Fox Hour offers "The Empty Room," with Virginia Field, Jeffrey Hunter and Patric Knowles. THURSDAY 7:30 WISH-TV: Climax, with Edmond O'Brien and Lloyd Bridges in "Figures in Clay.'' 8:30 WFBM-TV: Ford Theater, with Robert Sterling, Tom Tully and Wayne Morris in "The Clay Pigeon." FRIDAY 8:30 WISH-TV: Playhouse of Stars repeats "The Unlighted Road," starring the late James Dean. 9:30 WISH-TV: Person to Person. SATURDAY 7:00 WFBM-TV: Perry Como Show, with Dick Powell ancl Cathy. Karr. 8:30 WISH-TV: Ford Star Jubilee, with Barry Sullivan and Anna Maria Alberghetti in "A Bell for Adano." The Sport and Mrs. Keenan Wynn and Jayne Meadows play a Mr. and Mrs. who can't decide on what model new car they'd like, on Fireside Theater next Tuesday at 8 on WFBM-TV. Wynn shows up with a small sportscar and the laughs begin in "The Sport." Here Are Your Complete Daily TV Programs for Week All TV programs ore furnished by individual stations and ore subject to change oftet The News goes to press. 'Film. 'O Color. Morning :00 (:1S :30 :4S 10 :00 :15 :30 :45 :00 113! :45 After 12 :00 :15 :30 :4S 1 00 :15 :30 :4S :00 :1S US :00 I :1S ):30 :4S :00 -.15 :30 :45 :00 C:1S :30 SPECIAL PRICES Dealers and Contractors BEAUTIFY YOUR HOME With genuine Clay Hie lasts a lifetime Forty-five new, sparkling colors. FIIA Terms, up to 3 years to pay. We furnish everything. Come in, phone, write. Hake appoint-meat for free instruction. NOW IS THE TIME Allen's Clay Hie 3192 E. Wash. Plru ME 8-5:62 ; Parking Space h Otrt-of Towi SoBcited J Night :00 :1S :30 :4S :00 ':1S :30 :4S 8 :00 :1S :30 :4S :00 :1I ':30 :4S 10 :00 :1S :30 :45 ill :00 -.15 :30 :43 WFBM-TV A1 VliHNTPVA(Y8) WTTV (4) WFBM-TV (6)' WISH-TvlI) WTTV (4) WFBM-TV (6) WISh"v1) WTTV (4) WFBM-TV (6) WTTV (4) Ma"'" WFBM-TV (6) WTvAT WTTV .41 - T1. , Lomp Unto Ding Dorg Garry Moore Ding Dong Garry Moore Ding Dong Garry Moore Ding Dong Garrv Moore ! , , , My.feet School School School Coffee Break Qllo School the Lite Look Up and Romper Arthur Godfrey Romper Arthur Godfrey Romper Arthur Godfrey Purdue '7. Romper Arthur Godfrey Chnst.on Sc. Mon to Man Room (C) Coffee Breok Room (C) Coffee Break Room (C) Ur:versity !L Room (C) Carrey Chr.stophers TV Church Morning jhev. Home Arthur Godfrey Lconcy Tunes Home Arthur Godfrey Looney Tunes Home Arthur Godfrey Looney Tunes m f. Home Arthur Godfrey Looney Tunes ReTonSHa'll' Cer 3 Strike ' Rich M9ic clock Strike ' Rich Mo3i: Clock Strike It Rich Mogic Clock Strike It Rich Magic Clock Th.slsthe Lets Takeo Morning Shew Tenn. Ernie Valiant Lady Feature Thea. Tenn. Ernie Valiant Lady Feature Theo. Tenn. Erne Valiant Lady American - . !?? Tenn. Ernli Valiant Lodv Feature ThPO Answer Trip Love of Lite Love of Life Love of Life Legion I 1 'i Love of Life Industry E.g Picfu-e Wash Report Feather Your Search Tomor Feather Your Search Tomor Feather Yeur Search Tomor. Roval J? Feather Your Search Tomer ' B A- N2 Guiding Ught Nest Guiding Light Nest Guiding Light Playhouse , Nest Guiding Light" WFBM-TV (6) WISH-TV (8) WTTV (4) WFBM-TV (6) WISH-TV (8) WTTV (4) WFBM-TV (6) WISH-TV (8) WTTV (4) WFBM-TV (6) WISH-TV 18) WTTV (4) Afternoor WFBM-TV (6) WISH-TV (8) WTTV (4) 7, E Ul . Service Salute Visto Mkt. Reports News-Weo.hei Feature Theo Mkt. Reports News-Weather Feoture Thea. Mkt. Reports News-Weather Industry ,r:? Mkt. RepoTti News-Weather Feature Thea HeoUngWctcr; News Form & Home Coff.e Break News Farm i Home Coffee Break News Farm & Home Coffee Break 10: News Form & hX Cof e Break M WildE.II OpenHouse As the World R.F.D. No. 4 Open House As tne World R.F.D. No. 4 Open House As the World R.F.D. No. 4 Open House As the World R F D No 4 es . Turns Turns Turns izL Turns Sun. Matinee Eu.aicQ v,s,a Open House Johnny Carson Les's Cartoons OpenHouse , Johnny Corson Les's Cartoons OpenHouse Johnny Carscn Les's Cartoons OpenHouse Johnny Ca.son Les's CcrtoorT CrossCurrert Picture tor Kitchen House Party I.U. Programs Kitchen House Party I. U Programs Kitchen House PcAy I U Shews :3 Kitchen House Party I U Proaroms o Sunday Wrndow iC) Ar.ndow (C) Window (Q :45 Window (C) Programs Dr. Spock Aftemocn Be. d Bennett Mot.nee (C) Big Payoff Dick Stone Matinee (C) Big Poyott Dck Stone Matinee (C) Big Payoff Bosebcll !?S Motinee SO Biq Payoff Dick Stone Preser"s Presents Presents Presents Cincinnati Presents ZooPorode;C) - They Who "Bachelor Eob Crosby You, the "Children of Bob Crosby You, the "Herself Bob Crosby Redlegs "Three For Bob Crosbv You the Darg' Buttons" Viewer Popo Juan Viewer Alone" Vs. :45 The Money Viewer Antrct'": , Playhouse Charlie Gore Brighter Cay 1GA Motinee Charlie Gore Brighter Day Roy Milland Charl.e Gore Brighter Doy St. Louis s Charlie Gore Brighter Day Ray Milland ' wJ Romances Secret Storm Theoter Romances Secret Storm Romances Secret Storm Card.nals H Romances Secret Storm World Adventure Mr. D A. Queen for a Edge of Night Dance Time Queen for o Edge of Night Dance Time Queen for a Edge of Night W :" Queen for a Edqe of Niqhf Dance Time Day Doy Day :4 Doy Speedway Face the Speedway What's Your Chapel Door Dance Time What's Your Chapel Door Dance Time What's Your Chapel Door Baseball :?2 What's Your Chapel Door Dance Time no's Notion Tnols Bid? Cartoons Bid? Cartoons Bid? Cartoons f Bid' Cartoons Pan American HoryJ,r., My Little Watch Birdie Howdy My Little Watch Birdie Howd, My Little Watch Birdie H11" Howdy My Little Watch Birdie Rood Race Doody (O Morg.e Cartoon Club Poody (C) Morg.e Cartoon Club Dcody (O Margie Cartoon Club :45 Doody (C) Margie Cartoon Club Judge Bean Telephone Cisco Kid Chuckwogon EorlyShow Mickey Mouse Superman Early Show Mickey Mouse Chuckwagon Early Show Mickey Mouse , :?? Long John Early Show Mickev Mouse I i T"v,e Tc;es Wirh Clua , Presents Club Tales Presents Club K-I S.lver Presents Club Kner YUAre ThrC RV Rogers "So This k Chuckwagon- ;Donovcri- "Badman s D Chogon T. Brown's We0t"er . Washington Totes Bran I4!. Tales School Days" WFBM-TV (6) WISH-TV 8 WTTV (4) WFBM-TV (6) WISH-TV (8) WTTV (4) WFBM-TV (6) WISH-TV (8) WTTV (4) WFBM-TV (6) WISH-TV (8) WTTV 4) Night WFBM-TV (6) WISH-TV (8) WTTV (4) It's a Great Lassie You Asked Wea,Hr, News-Weather Little Rascals Vftath News-Weather Little Roscals Weather Slews-Weather L.ttle Rascals Weather News-Weather Little Rascals c Jl. tor ' News-Paul News News-Poul News News-Paul News :,s Npws-Pnul kiw. Frontier prlvote Famous F.lm G. MacRae (C) Robin Hood Dinah Shore (O Name That Eddie Fisher Grond Ole Disneyland O'-30 D Shore (C) Sat Preston Secretory Festival News News News Corovon Tune News News Caravan Opry V 45 News Corovon News Comedy Hour Ed Sullivan "The Blue Producer's Burns & Allen TV Reader s Flonan Zabach Ph.l S.lvers Ethel and Showtime Godfrey and D.sneyland Grea7 Bob Cummings Lone Ranger"" Logoon Showcase Digest Albert Friends X:,S Gildersleeve with Jean fents Talent Scouts Voice of M'fhf Navy Leg Wyott Earp Father Knows Paul Burton :30 Mr. ond M(S. Climax Stop the Music Simmons Bloomer Firestone Medicine Best Show :45 North With Ww!rhh0Se G E' The0tef TedMock Gifl" W I Love Lucy Bowling Time F.reside Lombordo's Moke Room TV Theater The M,ll,cno,re Masquerade People's Choice " "F.gures Star Tonight ..A ". . ... . Theoter Jubilee for Daddy With porty 0:,s In Clav" Cadence Alfred Robert December Circle Theater Red Skelton Cavalcade "Box 704 " I've Got a Break the Bank O Fard Theoter Four Star Partners "'cf.cock Montgomery Bride Preset Theoter Secret :45 Playhouse Loretto Young 64,000 Ken Murray Presents Studio One Boxing "The Second $64,000 Warner This Is Your Fox Hour r :0 V.deo Theater Dance Party Lon Wolf vr:. Fi:, fr9 .. , Who Presents Cotton Vs." Question Brothers Life C) Presents Speiser Vs fTjllJ Presents Theoter J? y Heodline Man Colled X " G.ardello Big Town Do You Trust "Cheyenne" I Led Three "The Empty Pastrana' V "Indiscreet" Celebrity Ford Theoter IZl L,re- Protection News Your Wife? Lives Room" Yest'rday News :45 Theoter " Meet the Press Sundoy News Man Colled X Crunch". News Mobil Theoter Chevy Show News TV Fishing Screen News Cty Detective - You Bet Your News Dunninger rkMrVrfk cu . . Des Amos n Andy With SonF.ancisco Club Directors Highway 1 A: life I Soy Show p52. t .SS?" ,t s,Greo,t T.B.A. News Martha Reye Beat News Stor and the Patrol News I U0 Drog4t News Playhouse tote Show L.fe Late Show Hollywood Late Show Hollywood . Story Late Show Hollywood :45 Lote Show Hollywood NtteOwl Preu:nK I.U. Program VVeother-Spts. With Movie Weother-Spts. Presents Movies Weother-Spts. Presents Movies Weather-Spts. Presents Movies fork Row Sport Thrills Johnny 'Address Parti Page "We Two . "Filter, Sport Thrills "Chompcgne Presents 1 1 Potti Poge "The Present News-Sign Off The Hunter Come Unknown jSpeedway Alone" Brush Nite Owl Sofori" "Blind II'30 NiteOwl Intruder" "Bedtime Lately' Hi Lites Man" Alley'' ?45 Story" May 27-June FRIDAY WFBM-TV (6) WISH-TV (8) WTTV (4) Ding Dong Garry Moore School Romper Room (Q Coffee Break Home Garry Moore Looney Tunes t Strike It Rich Mogic Clock Tenn. Ernie Valiant Lady Feature Theo. Love of Life Feather Your Search Tomor. Nest Guiding Light WFBM-TV (6) WISH-TV (8) WTTV (4) Mkt. Reports News-Weather Feature Thea News Farm & Home Coffee Break Open House As the World R.F.D. No. 4 Turns Open House Johnny Carson Les's Cortoons Kitchen House Porty I.U. Programs Window (C) Matinee (C) Big Poyoff Dick Stone Presents "Taxi To Bob Crosby You, the The Moon" Viewer Chorlie Gore Brighter Day IGA Matinee Romances Secret Storm Theoter Queen for a Edge of Night Dance Time Doy Whot's Your Chapel Door Dance Time Bid? Cartoons Howdy My Little WatrTh Birdie Doody (C) Morgie Cortoon Club Rin-Tin-Tin Early Show Mickey Mouse "Hollywood Club Chuckwogon Barn Dance" Tales WFBM-TV (6) WISH-TV (8) WTTV (4) Theoter News Weather Little Rascals News Paul News Eddie Fisher My Friend News Caravan Flicko News Overseas Mama Ozzie and Adventure Harriet Life of Riley Our Miss Crossroads Brooks Big Story The Crusoder Dollor o Second Star Stage Playhouse of Stock Car Stors Roces Boxing Lineup Stock Cor Ryff Vs. Races Boordmon Person to Waterfront Red Borber Person Truth or News Highwoy Consequences Studio 57 Potrol Steve Donovan News Lote Show Hollywood Weother-Spts. Presents Movies Boston Block. , "The Stor" ; iNiaht To" . i. Remember.". Sport Thrills WFBM-TV (6) SATURDAY WISH-TV 8 WTTV (4) Pinky Lee Gene Autry Gene Autry Hopolong Capt. Kangaroo Looney Tunes Mighty Mouse Ponoromo Of Foith Sweet Time Texos Ranger Western -Ledger Hopolong Fury Big Top The Playroom Super Circus WFBM-TV (6) WISH-TV (8) WTTV (4) Sky King Roy Rogers Roy Rogers T.B.A. Lone Ronger Indpls. Schools Preview Baseball New York Yonkees Vs. News Les and Jack Les and Jack Easeboll Cincinnati Championship Bowling Detroit Tigers Red Legs Vs. New York Giants Hoosier Playhouse Hoosier Playhouse Captain Gollont Baseball Cortoons Big Picture Child's Museum Your City Double Circle Ranch Eoseball Boseboll Film Big Picture Wild Bill Hickok Double Circle Ramor Lottie Moore Jack Noel WFBM-TV (6) WISH-TV (81 WTTV (4) Top Ploys Big Surprise Annie Oakley Shorty Sheehon Beat the Clock Perry Como Jackie Gleason Ozark Jubilee Stoge Show People Are Funny Jimmy Duronte Two for the Money Ford Star Jubilee Lawrence Welk George Gobel Your Hit Porode Presents Mark Saber "A Bell For Adano" China Smith (C) Turning Point Death Volley Days News Susie Lote Show Amateur Boxing Indiono Hpedown . Presents Hollywood ,"Wor Of Movies s The W'cots" "Shodowed" 1 J " Maui. ' PRICE INCLUDES Federal Tax Delivery, Installation and Legs Optional ten if K3IC0uS mm w LT232E33 j CLOSED SUNDAYS

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