The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 19, 1956 · 10
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · 10

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 19, 1956
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City Wide Coverage tjfp Repair .-'flS Nights iim Champion TV Service 553 Moss. Ave. ME 8-9507 SUEDE & LEATHER JACKETS - Cleaned Rtfinishtd $4.00 up 20 Yrs. Beau- tHS ,,ful aeanin II 3750 N. Sherman Drive LI 6-0580 LADIES' KNIT DRESSES iiB4 cltiort titd ilcktd. frk mrntetd. J1.75 . American Btaity Cltaatrt Pariltpr Sn.- Star Attraction TONIGHT JIMMY DURANTE with his guest COMNIE RUSSELL ON TEXACO STAR THEATER WFBM-TV Channel 6. 8:30 P.M. W ' " - - . m- j r -Wf i Ml g -"i is . r r- T E v fS ri- S 's.s 3i Say T.l "' IC ; vveeK :30 " .f .00 S.C-0 Goofy Sports Coofy, the cartoon canine, faces a diamond dilemma in "The Goofy Sports Story" on Disneyland. Next Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. on WTTV, Goofy will demonstrate, in a Disney way, the development of modern sports from their ancient Greek origins. Boulevardier There'll be an accent on song and merriment as well as speech when Max Liebman again presents Maurice Chevalier in an NBC colorcast tomorrow at 6:30 on WFBM-TV. The man in the straw hat will headline a 90-minute revue, with guests Stanley Hol-loway, Polly Bergen, Michel Legrond and Chita Rivera. S f V Highlights Sl'XDAV WFBM-TV: Max Liebman presents Maurice Chevalier reiow in color and black and white. WISH-TV: Ed Sullivan show, with Marcel Marceau, David Whitfield, Teresa Brewer and Smith and Dale. MONDAY WFBM-TV: Medic is brought to court because a man is convinced Dr. Styner caused his wife's paralysis. -WISH-TV: Studio One has Eddie Mayehoff in" "The Star-Spangled Soldier." TUESDAY " 00 WISH-TV": Sgt. Bilko buys an ailing horse at a county fair. 10:00 WFBM-TV: Bob Hope show with Pearl Bailey, Kim Novak and Vic Damone. WEDNESDAY WFBM-TV: Kraft TV Theater has Bedroom 12 on the Appalachian Waterfall," drama of a slick criminal trying to steal a large sum of money from a fellow train passenger. -WISH-TV: U. S. Steel Hour, with Gracie Fields and Jackie Cooper in "The Old Lady Shows Her Medals." THURSDAY -WISH-TV: Climax has Richard Boone and Jan Sterling in "The Shadow of Evil." -WTTV: The "500" mechanics banauet from the Murat Temple. FRIDAY f .30 WFEM-TV-Star Stage has Folly Bergen and John Baraquay in "Foundations." 9:30-WISH-TV: Person to Person visits Dorothy Thompson and Johnnie Ray. SATURDAY 7 :00 --WFP.M-TV: Perry Como show. 9 00 WFBM-TV: George Gobel show. f :00 9 00 7:30- 5:00- -7&fz MMmS m4 Ak4 i ii ill m I : 4? rT- ? j ll ; r:f H-ltT "-Zf'S.l- ''','A X PJLimited Tima Onlyl iJjr I tv . 1 lU V r ' v- V " 1 'x A I i.T ft Y i l.U lit ' Eyes for You School girls Elinor Donahue and Stepha nie Griffin may not see eye to eye on things, but they keep their eyes on each other as girls' school rivals tation next Thursday. The program, which will feature Irene Dunne as the principal of the private boarding home, will be carried by WFBM-TV at 8:30 p.m. Here Are Your Complete Daily TV Programs for Week of May 20-May 26 All TV progroms ore furnished by individual srotions ond are subject to chonge offer The News goes to press. Film. (C) Color. Morning .00 :00 110 YOUR ftJ TEXACO DEALErIj J J 1 JS ...e ces 'r ed cur .45 cor hoi .e- hccii N f . , f ArterHoon 1 ilM :00 wish-TVs Late Show 10:45 P.M. "Dark Command" John Wayne Claire Trevor. Walter Pidgeon Roy Rogers Gabby Hayes Marjorie Main Presented by ED CLARKE "The Used Car King" :00 :15 ;2S :00 1 :1S 1:30 :45 :00 :15 :30 :4S :00 :15 1:30 :4$ Night :00 :15 :30 :4S :00 ':15 :30 :4S 8 :00 :1S :30 :4S :00 :1S ':30 :45 10 :00 :15 30 :4S 11 :00 :1S :30 :4S SONOAY MONDAY ti i ccrv a v W",M.TV, "'S"-TV" WTTV .4) WM-TV ,o) W.SH-TV (8, WTTV ,4) WFBM-TV (6) W.liffftl, WTTV ,4) JwfBM-TV 6) ZfiOSW WTTV (4) "- WFBM-TV (6) TIT WTTV (4) WFBM-TV ,6) WlK, WTTV ,4) WFBM-TV (6) W-TVT WTTV ,4, Th;SheSLi,e 5Pd GCrr MCC,e T& GQrryMOCre D'"h-9 GrryMOCre Coffee Breo, O'"0, Coffee B,eok L" Copt. Kangaroo E,s P.ct.e Man to Men ,C, Coffeo O Arthur Godfrey Rornpe Arthur Godfrey Pu JJJ Roer Arthur Godfrey Ro fg) . Furd Gene Autr, Mighty Mouse Looney Tunes Chnstcphers TV Church Show Home Athur Godfrey Looney Tunes Home Arthur Godfrey Looney Tunes Home Arthur Godfrey Locney Tunes Home Arthur Godfrey Looney Tunes Home Gorry Moore Looney Tunes Gene Autry Sweet Time Western ReTonSHAcM- CCmer 3 Str,teltR,ch Magic Clock Stnke It Magic Clock Stnke It Rich Mogic Clock U;3 Strike It Rich Mogic Clock Strike It Rich Magic Clock Hopalong Texas Ranger . ThAnvIer T," Mcrr,rS Shew Ter.n. Ern.e Voliont Lcdy Feature Thea. Tenn. Ern.e Vol.ont Lcdy Feature Theo.' Tenn. Erre Vol.ont Lcdy Ftc-u-e Theo.' 1 1 -it Tenn. Ern,e Valiant Lady Feature Theo. Tenn. Ern.e Valiant Lady Feature Theo. ' Hopalong ETc The Playroom .ndujfry E,g P,ctu. Wash. Report Feather Your Seh T'mc, Feather Your W, Pecther Your I I Feather Your fchVa, Feather Your fca. Fury Super Circus H H1 Nest L,ght Nest Light Ne;t Guiding Light 1 Nest Guiding Light Nest Guiding Light bUP" Q"CU WFBM-TV .6) WISH-TV (8) WTTV (4) WFBM-TV .6) WISH-TV (8) WTTV .4) WFBM-TV. 6) WISH-TV (8) WTTV .4) WFBM-TV (6) WISH-TV !8) WTTV (4) Afte,noor WFBM-TV (6) WISH-TV (8) WTTV (4) WFBM-TV (6) WISH-TV (8) WTTV (4) WFBM-TV 16) WISH-TV (8) WTTV (4) Heahnc Water, SCrV,CSC'Ute rr'- Mkt' Ke,s News-Weother Feature Theo.' Mkt. Repeats News-Weother R.F.D. No. 4 M,t Reports Ncws-Weother Feature Thea. ' Mm. Reports News-Weother Feature Theo Mkt. Reports News-Weather Feature Thea. Sky Lone Ranger nTw! Waters H Form & Home Coffee Break News Farm 4 Home News Farm & Home Ccf'ee Break IT NewS Form & Home Coffee Ereck News Farm & Home Coffee Break eager News W"d B'" f Open House As the Wor.d R.F.D. No. 4 Open House As me World Science Comes Open House As the World R.F.D. No. 4 I A. Open House As the World R.F.D. Nc. 4 Open House As the World R.F.D. No. 4 Roy Rogers Indpls Schools 1 ,, , 1 f urns 1 urns I urns Preview bun.Mct.nee Euiton Fh,lcde'Ph,0 Open House Robert Q. Lewis Less Cartoons Open House Robert Q. Less Cartoons Open House Robert Q. Less Cartoons ; Open House Robert Q. Less CartoonT Open House obertQ. Less Cartoons Ray Rogeis oT7bali Les ond Jack CrCSSCUrfent " KiW,endowO HCUSeFrty U-Pogroms Kitchen Hou'sT Forty I.U. Programs Kitchen Hctte Forty ..U. Shews I Kitchen Hotte" Forty I.U. Programs Kitchen HouParty I.U. Programs TE A. Ds" Dr. Spook . Afternoon Baseball Mot. nee (O Eig Payoff D,ck Stone Motinee C) E.g Payoff Dick Stone Mct.nee (C) Big Payoff D,ck Stone Matinee (CI Bg Payoff D,ck Stone Mat,nee (C) B,g Payoff Stone Championship New York Les ond Jock Zoc Parade O Our Spare Bob Crosby You. the "ThTeottle Bob Crosby You. the Bob Crosby You, the 'cMFrom Bob Crosby You, the '.'tMoT Bob Crosby You the BW''n9 , G'n,S Mf,rv Vcv Kocm - Viewer lmP V'ewer Music" Viewer liL Boro Park- Viewer Concern" Viewer AWcrl!d,0e Sonny Grubbs Charl.e Gore Enghter Dcy IGA Matinee Charlie Gore Brighter Day Ray Millond Chorlie Gore Erighter Day IGA Mct.nee - Charlie Gore Enghter Doy Roy Millond Charlie Gore" Brighter Doy IGA Matinee Hoosier Boseboll Industry M,, m rA omonces Secret Storm Theater Romances Secret Storm Romances Secret Storm Theater S-30 Romances Secret Storm Romances Secret Storm Theater Playhouse Cartoons S,ng Time venture Mr. L A. Queen tor o Edge of N.ght Dance Time Queen tor o Edge of Night Dance Queen for o Edge of Night Donee Time J Queen for o Edge of Night Dance Time Queen for a Edge of Night Donee Time B.g P.cture Ponoroma of 5 2S1 221 Day Dov Day Faith PTr.o!sy NoTn Speedway What s Our Chapel Deer Dance Time Wrts Ycur Chapel Dc-or Dance Whet's Your Chapel Door Dance " What's Your Chapel Door Dance Time President Chapel Door Dance Time Speedway Child's Museum Speedway CENevTs 'S T0?.5 wr ur,. , u f forocns w E.d? Cartoons -Q'.3Q E.d? Cartoons E.senhcwer Cartoons Trials Your Cty Tnols s Hcy . My Litt.e Vvotch B.rd.e Howdy My Wotch Eird.e Hcwdy My Little Watch Birdie Vi Howdy My Little Watch Birdie What's Your My Little Wotch Birdie Double Circle Ju Loody (C) Mr9'e Cortoc-n Club Docdy (C) Mgrg.e Cartoon Club Doody 'O Mcrg.e Cortoon Club i- Doody (C) Margie Cartoon Club Bid' Margie Cartoon Club Ranch udge eon Telephone Cisco Kid Chuckv.cgcn Early Shew M.ckev Mouse Superman EarivShc M.ckey Mouse Chuckvagcn Early She Mickey Mouse Long John Early Show M.ckey Mouse Chuck wogon Early Shew Mickey Mouse Big Picture Double Circle Lottie Moore Jung'e You Are There cfl c. " vaJ? ru . vDlf' C'ub To'es "Scattergccd Club SUn S,lver Presents Club Tales "Wagon Club Weather Roy Rc-ge'S Witnesses" Chuclwagcn Without fulls J " Chuckvogon "Man From R,n-T,n-Tin Tracks Wild Bill Romor Jock Noel Toles Honcr Strings" Toles Cairo" Wesr Hickok U-"GrTVl'6 W'H"TV t8 WTTV 4 WFBM-TV 16) WISH-TV (8) WTTV (4) WFBM-TV 16) WISH-TV (8) WTTV (4) WFBM-TV (6) WISH-TV (8) WTTV (4) Nial WFBM-TV (61 WISH-TV (8) WTTV (4) WFBM-TV (6) WISH-TV (8) WTTV (4) WFBM-TV (6) WISH-TV (8) WTTV (7) Lfe re' L"'e YtAf d e'hDr . News-Weather Little Roscais Weather News-Weather Little Rascals Weather News-Weather Little Rascals :0J Weather News-Weother Little Rascals Theoter News-Weather Little Roscals Top Ploys Annie Oakley Shorty Shcehan MoxL.ebmcn Jack Benny rI, F 1 r. c ,n u j News-Paul News News-Paul News News-Paul News News-Paul News PretntT V G. MocRoe C) Robm Hood D.nah Shore (C) Name That Edd.e Fisher Grand Ole Disneyland 0 D. Shore (C) Sgt. Preston Eddie Fisher My Friend Big Surprise Beot the Clock Mour FT-p , li Ngws News Caravan Tune News News Corovon Opry :45 News Coroyon News News Caravan Flicko News ''on "In Which Caesar's Hour Eurns & Allen TV Reader's Flcr.on Zabach Phil Silvers Abbott and Showtime Godfrey and - Disneyland :?? GrloT Bob Cumm.ngs Lone Ranger Overseas Momo Ozzie ond Perry Como Jackie Gleason Grand Ole (C) wfrhNlrl T 1 . v 9exf tda k, w,CS,f" Fnends W G.ldersleeve Adventure Hornet Opry wirnrsoei Talent Scouts Voice of T.B.A. Navy Log Wyott Earp Fother Knows Foul Eurton 30 Mr ond Mrs. Climox (C) Stop the Music Life of Riley Our Miss Crossroads Stage Show TV Plo houe GE"h COword . F'reston' Best Show :45 North VAth Brooks Wah OUSC '' eQ,er Mack Medic I Love Lucy EowlingTime Fireside Lombordo s Moke Room TV Theater The Millionaire Masquerade :0 People's Choice "Shadow of Star Tonight Big Story The Crusader Dollar o People Are Two for the Lawrence Welk "Days of Alfred c k r, Theoter Jubilee for Daddy With Party Q:'5 E"'1" Second Funny Money Our Youth" Hitchrork f . De"mJber Playwright's '56 Red Skelton Covalcade "Bedr'm On I've Got o Ereok the Eonk 030 Forfj Theoter Four Star Partners Star Stage Playhouse of Stock Cor Jimmy Duronte It's Always Loretto You - " 00 Montgomery Bride Presents Theoter Waterfall" Secret i Playhouse Stars Races Jon oretto oung 64. ' Ken Murroy "All Ex- Studio One Stevenson- "Keyhole" $64,000 Warner Th.s Is Your Steel Hour Eoxing :00 Video Theater Donee Porty 500-M,le Eoxmg Lineup Stock Cor George Gobel Gunsmoke Mork Saber Science Fict.on What's Mv Follow Th, PeS6n f'v c , j Kefouver Question Brothers Life "Old Lady Summerlin 0:! Presents Mechanics Humez Vs. Roces Theoter Lir? M Mon .oiled X Spangled Debate Big Town Do You Trust "The Deadly I Led Three Shows Her Vs. Sotterf'd f:30 "Millie's Celebrity Banquet Fullmer Person to Woterfront Your Hit Domon Runyon China Smith Soldier Your Wife? Piddle" Lives Medals" Yesfrdoy News :4i Doughter" Theoter Red Barber Person Parade ee t e Press Sunday News Mon Colled X Doug Fairbanks News Mob.l Theoter Chevy Show News TV Fishing Screen News Favorite Story :0 You Bet Your hiTws' Dunmnger Truth or News Highway Turning Point News Amoteur Old Dutch Showeose t'.0(;n, --,,. Amos n Andy With Son Froncisco Club Directors Highwoy 111,! Life I Spy Show Consequences Stud.o 57 Potrol Susie Boxing Pteyhouse LoteShW L?fe Conquest News Bob Hope Beot News Star od the Patrol News I V:3 Dragnet News Steve Donovan News T.B.A. O T. of Disease Lote Show Hollywood Late Show Hollywood Story Lote Show Hollywood Late Show Hollywood Lote Show Hollywood Lote Show ' With "VttlrorwH '"U" PfC9rom l'fF- )"h M.ov'e Weother-Spts. Presents Movies Weather-Spts. Presents Movies :00 Weother-Spts. Presents Movies Weother-Spts. . Presents Movies Indiono Presents Hollywood "Hi Diddle On Br'dwow" N.inn n tIi V EP,ro,es Appoint- PottiPoge "Forb.dden "So Dork Sport Thnlls "Prisoner In Presents 11:'" Patti Page "Overland Present Boston Blocks "The Big "Counter Hoe down "Troil of Movies DiddlB" WCrOwoy Of t The Hunter Revenge' ment In NiteOwl Jungle" the Night" NiteOwl the Tower" "Hellship :30 N),eOwl Moil "Blind Wheel" Attack" Vigilontes" "Tonight ond B'1"1" I Morgon" ,4 Robbery" Spot" Sport Thrill Every Night" PRICE INCLUDES Federal Tax Delivery. Installation ana Legs Optional 1956 sp -t-arii..' jm CLOSED SUNDAYS

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