The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 28, 1958 · 29
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · 29

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 28, 1958
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1 if - i i, Moy 28,' 1 9S8 THE INDIANAPOLIS NEWS Pogt 29 PRERACE TV Garroway to Scan Scene at Speedway Dave Garroway's morning show, ( Today, will come in large part from the Speedway Memorial Day showing viewers the preparations leading up to race time. The program, carried by WFBM-TV from 7 until 9, will be split between Indianapolis and New York with approximately an hour of live coverage showing the last-minute work that goes into the auto racing classic. Film taken this week at the track will , provide continuity as , Garroway interviews mechanics, drivers arid Shirley MacLaine, the young actress who will kiss the "500" winner. Viewers will be taken into the pits, onto the track and into the stands.: Also featured will be a film taken from the pace car as it circles the 2' -mile track. HIGHLIGHTS OF RADIO AND TV PROGRAMS TELEVISION 6:30 WFBM-TV: Wagon Train costars Forrest Tucker and James Dunn in the story of a wild-west show rogue. ' 6:30 WLW-I: Disneyland goes on a tour , of Disneyland Park with Tinker Bell as guide. 7:00 WISH-TV: Leave Itjto Beaver, with Beaver helping in the family's spring cleanup program. 7:30 WFBM-TV; Father Knows Best. Margaret offers advice to an expectant mother which turns out to be helpful to herself. ' 7:30 WISH-TV: The Big Record features Vic Damone, Jeri Southern and the DeCastro Sisters. 7:30 WLW-I: Tombstone Territory is stirred up by a man-hunting female faro dealer. 8:00 WFBM-TV: Kraft Theater presents Peter Cookson in "A Boy Called Ciske," the story of an unhappy, sullen youth. 8:00 WLW-I: The Nelsons give an Indian party after David and his frat brothers throw a Bavarian affair. 8:30 WISH-TV: I've Got a Secret has Gordon MacRae as , special guest. : 9:00 WISH-TV: High Adventure takes Lowell Thomas to Morocco. 10:15 WFBM-TV: Jack Paar show, with Johnny Carson as ' host.:' . RADIO ' 8:30 WIRE: The Hour of Good Music with Tom Peden as host. r . Tonight's Movies on Television 4:30 WISH-TV: Early Show, "Lady In Ermine" with Betty Grable. 4:30 WFBM-TV: Movie 6, "It All Came True (1940) with Ann Sheri dan. 7:00 WTTV: Crossfire, "West of Carson City' (1840) with Johnny Mack Brown. 8:00 WTTV: Four on the Aisle, "Indianapolis Speedway" (1939) with John Payne. 10:15 WLW-I: Gold Cup The ater, "Burn 'Em Up O'Connor" (1939) with Dennis O'Keefe. 10:20 WTTV: Hollywood Movies, "Hold 'Em in Jail" (1932) with Betty Grable. 10:45 WISH-TV: Late Show, "Night Wind" (1948) with Virginia Christine, 11:30 WFBM-TV: Tonight on 6, "Return to Paradise" . (1953) with Gary Cooper. 'Film WEDNESDAY TV AND RADIO PROGRAMS (O Color i id I WFBM-TV WISH-TV WLW-I WTTVCh.4 WIRE-1430 WISH-1310 WFBM-1260 WIBC-1070 WXLW-950 . Chowntl 6 Channel 8 Channel 13 Blaomington NBC ; CBS ABC : : - - , - i :0I I Camay Tim Sti Erwia American Dance Time f aar Richard : II Brooks Show Ana Wagner Newj-Easy Music Shot 4'5 Bandstand Shaw fasj Uses II :3I Marie k Early Show mi ! With With ' '""""Si "II All Came "lady In Wild lilj Hlckoi Tepeje Ntw-Sparti AJ Iraoks Show Hewi Eaty-Mewt WUWNewt 5:1$ Troe" Ermine" News Sports Road Show Take II Easy Trivella Tunes :M MIckejMoBsi fun With Hewi :45 Chapman Maws :M News-Weather News-Weather News little Rascals Serenade Arthar Godfrey News News Dinner Data 6 iIS NEC News News Standout News Trackslde Foi's Ben 30 Wagon Trala I laie lucy Disneyland tugs funny World News Sports Road Show Dinner Dance News-Home :45 : News Perry Came . News Sports-Hews Telia Test Edition :08 Wagon Trail leave It re Disneyland Crossfire People Are Amos 'i Andy News Speedway Gossip Home Edition 7:15 fearer Funny Top (0 Club Flatter Party 30 father Xnaws Big Record Tombstone ting Sings Al Brooks Show m :4S test Territory ' Rosary ' ' - Sign Off " ' :0 TV Theater (0 Millionaire Onieand 4 On the Aisle Good Fellows Al Brooks Show Indianapolis At Platter Party 8:1$ Presents Harriet With Dugout Dope Might ;J 'A ley Callei le Gol i Secret Scotland Yard "Indianapolis Hour if Mast. Baseball ......... M5 , Clskej Speedway" . Indianapolis . . - WAJC-FM " M This Is Your lift High Boxing 4 On the Aisle Haw if Music w. . Indianapolis At Platter Party 4.sLm.f 9.1 5 Adventure (0 Rogers vs. laulsvllle Might Summertime Symphony ,:30 State Trwper Scanloi T.I.A. Renderrous ''"VidSUunw v jj'4$ ; Sports ' 5;30-Oirmet Mews-Weather Mike Hammer News Roundup News Kite Beat Scares Indianapolis At Summertime r-ooJnSrf- 1 ft;1S jtck Paar Show fold Cup Theater Holtyweed Movies Fredlawerj Might rijo-co-ctrt IU:30 News-Weather With With Show iui ; late Show "turn t-Up "Hold 'Em ., inso-N "Tbl lick Paar Show With O'Connor" In Jail" News-Hire Beat Fredlawery Indianapolis Al Summertime tlLTui n:1S "Might WW" NiteBeat Might :30 TmfgMOii - :4S j . - " THURSDAY TV AND RADIO PROGRAMS . WFBM-TV WISH-TV WLW-I WIRE-1430 WISH-1310 WFBM-1260 WIBC-1070 WXLW-950 J ' Channel 6 Channel 8 Channel 13 NBC CBS ABC ' Wally Nehrllnf Indiana Fanner Eye Opener Harry Andrews Top a' Morning - Jt 15 Show Abundant life WFMS-FM Jimmy Mack Sha Farm Maws Toist V Coffee . ' ' ' ' VS.S M.C ' tl(wt ' :(t Today tonight News Jimmy Mack Show Rardwlck Show Toast '' Coffee News-Top 111 TV ft, loo-M-,-, Musical Clk Topi'Mornln. '3' Date Garroway Orapel Doer ion 45 Cartoons isse-eiimef News News ' i Minic in. - i. ii. Today Captain Kangaroo :00-Mu,ici News-Weather Jimmy Mack Show News Taasl V Caffet Top Horning 01 S . (KHwt Coffee Break H.rdwkkSha. V1 How 4S ;- ; CBS News News-Weather :e-$ Breakfast 500 . :. . , - f Romper Room Garry Moore Kindergartei wo-ron ladies First Arthur Godfrey Breakfast Club Toast Y Coffee You Ask for It 9:1 S College mrtcono : little Margie Haw 8i Yoi Rate? "''"'Z'SSi Billboard k:4S iO:JO-Miie -Til Inspiration Tim n Widnlshl i i i . r :00 frici is light Arthnr Godfrey Shoppers Shaw ti:Oo-Si9-Off Musical Jimmy Mack Show Party Una News-World News-Regnesl Ifl'S With Thursday Reminiscing Woman's World Year Request IU:3S Trathw Dorto "tun 'Em Up loo-s-.-j NBC Bandstand HooslerHIt M Consequences O'Connor" Muiic Howard Millar Parade :0t Tic Tac Dough (C) love life Shoppers Show :3u "Lite. NBC Bandstand Peter Und Hayes Hardwlck Show Heosler Hit Yesterday's Hits n:1S 7:0O-im tacksfage Wife Faradt 30 IICridleYa Search Tomorrow oo-t!Spl?i!r Onete Vally Helen Trent Perry Com :45 ,6ldlng light -- ' Our 6al Sunday :tt Market Reports News-WHther 50-50 Club (CJ ,'Sa'?,i"y Newi News News News News 10:15 first Show Farm md Home fcoo-Muiieia MyTraeStorj Ma Perkins Farm Circle Pick i Pocket lawrenceWelk 11:39 with As the World io-w-hi-V' Young Dr. Malane Jay Arlan Show FarnRevai Fred Wiring H5 "Meet the ' ' Turns Hoiidor Fun With Chapman Nora Drake :00 Girls" Beat the Clock 50-50 Club (C) '" 'totm"" True Confessions Right to Happiness Jay Arlan Shaw Melody lam News 1:15 Ji:se-s-wA Jd Mrs. Burton Reviews and :J0 Kitty Foyle House Party Movie Honse ij One Man's Family Couple Next Doer Previews :45 With i:oc-Vori.ty Dr. Gentry Pat Buttram :(0 Matinee (CI Big Payoff "Midnight i:ot oorit Five-Star Matinee House Party Ann Wagner Easy listening Reviews and 2:15 Presents Mary" ,SBS!07i, :3S '"lutton. The Verdict Is m!oiim Woman In Houst Al Breaks Show Musk Shop :4S lutton" Yours ,;0-Mu,! Pepper Young :0a Queen for i Day Brighter Day Movie House Poor Richard Ai Brooks Show Ann Wagner Easy Does II Music Shop 3:15 Secret Storm Show :35 Edge if Night Do Yoi Trasf :4S Modem Romances -Your Wife? 1 1 5 i My AHP.icep.FoeavBiV' ivcll. A f oee.rViLTON, v okay T Y: M f lOUON&AHPHBLP Plfl IN, fl IT'S &WELL HAVIHQ "Jf f ' '-3i1 " " com6 or,sa NVbscl GWHy,coME) r I I wetuo, W ow ttotur I wcyp -ou to yROFf " aCflryUPPOR (iLvX OHHOV J tVV CWWU6.. VOUOTV)T , nCUflRUe.-W-UUv4... i!-trg s kcomy smith ily - - mm 8 Youths Are Arrested After 60 MPH Chase Eight youths in two cars were arrested last night in the 900 block on South Meridian after a 60-mile-an-hour chase by police. The chase began at Ray and Madison and continued through Union and Ray, where the two cars ran a stop sign. William A. Cronin, 16,. 519 College, and Charles Brand- maier, 17, 711 Woodlawn, were arrested on charges of reckless driving and disorderly conduct. Willis D. Smith, 20, 2304 Roosevelt, and Freddy E. bnort, 21, 1818 Bartn, were charged with being disorderly persons. Another youth and three girls were taken to the Juve nile Aid Division. SERVICE SMILES in Your gift to the United Fund is helping with expansion of clinical services provided by United Cerebral Palsy of Central Indiana. S & H GREEN STAMPS GIVeN WITH All HEARING AID CORDS AND BATTERIES ... AUDIPKONE CO. OF IND. 1116 Flttrhar Tnttt Ml 4-SOVS HAROLD PUNTENNir, MGR. Boonville Beards Gleam for History Spiclol t Th Ntwt BOONVILLE, Ind. Men's beards already are sprouting here as this Warrick County community prepares to celebrate its 100th anniversary as a town. The celebration will be held the week of September 14. Aim of the celebration Is to compare Boonville's past with its present.- Merchants will exhibit historical items in contrast with the newest merchandise. Publicity will emphasize Boonville as the "coal capital of Indiana." Artist to Teach Spxial ( Th Newt MUNCIE, Ind. John Nicholson Colt, a Milwaukee artist, will serve on the Ball State Teachers College art faculty as visiting artist this summer. In addition to teaching painting classes, he will be a featured performer at the college's summer arts festival June 30 to July 2. 5y ' i a m i 382! N. ILLINOIS WA 6-9917 Reliable Color Finishing J Om frl. Svn. Till 1:30 CALLOUSES To nliex m ealloui w, buniinf, teadwno on bottom of feet and remove caiioueee ask for Iheee noothimi, ciwhionini? pads. WGEE-1590 Thursday (Nftwtcattt every half fceur beginninf ot e:2S cm.) A.M. .M. 6:00-Merr iln 1 2:00 Country Seirituol Claiiin TrOO-Wok. Up te I:30-M,lt Nixen Muic Shew 8 JO-R-inlitln 3 OO-Mill Ntxen iOO-Hootewlvet1 Shew Muvic Shee l:00-Muilc Ue and i1:00-9!ko forty Cominq 1 1 :3Q-Country r45-SiBti Off CI isles There are more than 500,000 cerebral palsy patients in the United States. .. m K U 0 .. IMI l1H , - V TM gam ii in INDIANAPOLIS now foaltiteJu . . . a new loan service $30 for 2 weeks-70i CASH YOU j REPAY IN REPAY IN RECEIVE 2 WEEKS 4 WEEKS $50.00 $50.70 $51.40 100.00 1 101.40 1 1 02.80 ASSOCIATIS LOAN COMPANY, INC 622-62. H. CAPITOL, Call ME 5-2447 2122 W. WASHINGTON. Call ME 8-1478 223. SHELBY, Call ST 4-2491 6036 E. WASHINGTON, Call FL 9-5371 2233 E. 38th, Call WA 4-2633 THE GOLDEN YEARS By THOMAS COLLINS Q. "My husband Is seriously a couple of ill with cancer. His brother, who was the wealthy one, and a bachelor, died five weeks ago. In his will he left his estate equally to his one sister and two brothers. However, he provided that in case any of these heirs died before his estate passed to them, that heir's share would be divided between the two remaining heirs and not given to the husband or wife. "See my problem? If the estate can be cleared up before my husband dies he will get his share and it will pass on to me. But if somebody can stymie things until my husband dies III get nothing. And my in-laws will get rich. What do I do? Mrs. B. R. r A. Take a taxi don't walk to the county bar association, and ask for the name of a reputable lawyer. He'll be intrigued by this case. (If your question can be answered In this space send it in.) Radio and TV Sports Menu 8:30 WISH-Radio: Baseball, Indianapolis vs. Louisville. 9:00 WLW-I: Boxing, Rogers vs. Scanlon. Qummiteed "Can you one more?" squeeze Ball Graduates 23 Students as Secretaries Special to The Newt MUNCIE, Ind. Ball State Teachers College awarded certificates to 23 secretarial students in ceremonies yesterday. They are: Patricia Lynn Barlow, Yeoman; Jacqueline Sue Dodson, Muncie; Sandra Elaine Eley, Muncie; Mary Ellen Elston, Bluffton; Janice Ilene Forlow, Frankfort; Edna Ileen Hagerty, Brookston. Norma Lou Hagerty, New Castle; Carolyn Mae Hall, New Castle; Rosemary Ellen Humbert, Muncie; Shirley Ann Johns, Greenfield; Joyce Rose Keithline, Laporte; Ardith Lee Klinder, Michigan City; Rebecca Jane Lyons, Marion; Nanci Ellen Maple, Knights-town; Patricia Rose Morrison, Kokomo. Shelva Jeann M u r r e 1 1 , Selma; Bessie Scholarinas, Lo- gansport; Judith Ann Setty, Monticello; Barbara Ann Sey- bert, .Pendleton; Janice Lee Shaw, Pendleton; Darlene Ar ietta Uridell, Union Mills; Sally Kay Walker, Orestes, and Connie Yerkes, Misha- waka. JfTESU! BURGESS Portable Radio BATTERIES Wheletete end It-toll OPEN 1:30 TO t Dally VAN SICKLE 4131 N. Keystone Carpet Rubber Tito Linoleums Asphalt Tile inootcovRmca IT E. Maryland ME 2-6324 Member 'leei Ceverln Guild (ADVERTISEMENT) What Keeps a Husband Faithful? Experts are finding that a man 'a fidelity in marriage is intimately related to his mature capacity to love. Most marriage counsellors agree that the reasons men give for being unfaithful are self-deceptive and usually conceal deeper and less pleasant urges. In June Reader! Digest, read "What KeepsaHusband Faithful?" one of 34 informative article! at your newsstand today! Want-Ad Service, ME 8-2411 "HIGH ADVENTURE WITH LOWELLTIIOMAS" b 4 it i i v t i f f) TONIGHT SEE. ..the wild Berber tribesmen, the colorful ceremonies, the forbidden Kasbahs REPAIR YEAR 231 (ADVERTISEMENT) Too Run-Down To Want Him Around ...almost loo fired lo care " ft t M rt M te -lie- MoeeTM Roar trteie vfaea a womaa lods to w ea ad tbc cam't b r real ccmitmuou to bet basbaod! L-cUy today, wbea dw lo Tioaa-Hnngry BfcxxT fnp iro deficiency aaett-a), yon doot have to nffer sodi awfol wtriau. A omfaful von fcnae cw bo, betp this ooodhkn... thai renew yoor rigor ud rkabtri If t Lydta . Piokham a T-bied with btood-oaTcfajrvf action! Rich io ron, PintKim'a Table- ttart to ttrecge "Iroo-Hongry Btood" within omt day! QuiciJy help bod rich, red biood ... to restore atrength, energy. ..o yoat teel fine ag-ia fast, able to enjoy life od yow bosband! Pmhm'a soiqoe fortmiia caa aiso bring bkated refief from frKtjoroy-C-d "lemate dirtiesa". la docaora' le, tort-roaa moatbtj ca-mp md Hot Flae oa! abange-otAdc vere renewed at) case after caae. No wonder to maoy vocnea m Pinkimta'9 Tabkta all tkromgk skew kat B yotim tired, iwa-cke-- doe to "ooFtagry EVJod" , get Pm nfr TaAia froan iin'il iTi aoaV tooo-tmkbmg km otm amAt tgpeemSy tor woamcd Sm X yoa) dkxat feci Sfco a w " wotntt agl 1 jr ' V ic V Tjvjn p ai nnun cm v -y v M-uuiiu-iuin v I TREATED I X- I ncintMi 4iw. sm$,. - ' ' MtimwominWA 6-3021 i 9:00 p.m. channel 8 I 1 -Th S foreTrnof Service Builf fi ' ' I ZENITH r-l7ml&jm,A VwSW I "6m" TRANS-OCEAMIC ii Tubet .1 I standard and short wave PORTABLE RADIO forte Reeflcn 1 Hjj JJ the emeilest and tightest $ - ' X '- I band spread short wave- W( I ! CsJ? portable ever produced ' Ni) I IMPORTANT fi I Je? I TrTr'Tr 'TT I """ fr- "? I VCnTV M M M M M I ! lew ei fle,hlloh tV"V 1 rl I z? ".,!:?;!:': . SX. 1 1 1 1 Why not tokt a f I aw - - ' i I Zenith pocket radio jf'Ol K h I I to the race with you? JL Z Shli A II Rotary Dial i ,S I B it) r:;i J I fl!lir Zenilh I I "'"'"lh I ALL TRANSISTOR l 1 ROYAL 300 The ultimate In all wave If ;? POCKET RADIO J1 ii ,jn ..naitiv.. " r on,y "W I rwe-dovn. I 1 7f ''. I u.t.ioa I..,,.. i I . .. . n- ik I ;r.;;- why not g,v zemth s ''rgai f Quicker, cosier borrery $FQ.95 portable for graduation "iy change. New only .. . I JLEWE HHH "IVIIYTHIN8 CONSIOtllD YOU CAM IUV HEI 0 IESS" fij y X . 2828 E. lOtb St. I 7027 Pendleton Pile 7tw 1 ME 8-14.3 ) , 1 ,1 ME 8-1443 ) I , U 7-3S57 J ';' OPEN EVENINGS ;U 7-3559 1 " i ixeirr mndutom piki n a-m tat. t R Phone ME 4-4408 COLLEGE AVE. Indianapelii' Lergett TV Service Company -ftt i m ffl i .n Afl.n .al 0 n ' e1 e1' W w i m e M ie i o ti na n e i4it - .- - -4 a - . 4 -e -4 M 4 - - A 4 . - ! - 4

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