The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 26, 1951 · 11
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · 11

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 26, 1951
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SafufJoy, Mgy 26, 1951 THE INDIANAPOLIS NEWS Po3 " z. THIS IS THE WAY IT WILL LOOK INDIANAPOLIS ON THE AIR f ;r rite v , -r frr'n ft lifwr J fji' n w i An architect's conception of how the Downey Avenue Christian Church will look shows the present educational unit "peeking" over the center of the proposed structure's roof. .The church will front on Downey Avenue. ' Mission Society Head Retires Dr. Harry B. McCormick today announced his retire-; ment as president of the United Christian Missionary Society, Disciples of Christ. He has held the post since November, 1946, and will leave it June 30. Dr. McCormick has reached the society's compulsory retirement age of 67. He is a native of Allen County, Indiana. After a period of rest Dr. " McCormick plans to serve out the rest of his life in Christian ' service as an interim, or supply, minister. Dr. McCormick was 1941 president of the International Convention, Disciples of Christ, and formerly was executive secretary of the department of promotion of the society. In July, 1930, the Christian i Church leader resigned this position after holding it seven years - and became pastor of the Lake-, wood (O.) Christain Church. He . was pastor there 16 years be-i fore returning to Indianapolis 1 and his present position. Dr. McCormick also held a pastorate in Detroit, Mich., at one time. . , REOPENED ORIENT, . 'CLOSED' CHINA He was a delegate to the r First Assembly of the World Council of Churches at Amsterdam in 1948 and also was a delegate to the founding. convention of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. in Cleveland last November. Dr. McCormick took office just in time to reopen most of the society's work in Japan and the Philippines following World War II. The last year of his -term of office was marked by a neccessary "pullout" of missionaries in Communist China leaving work there to Chinese Christians, as other denominations have had to do. He visited Japan and the Episcopalian Men to Hear Director -of Laymen's Group The Rev. ClarenceR. Haden, Jr., executive . director of the presiding bishop's committee on 'laymen's work,- will address Episcopal laymen here next week. , The Rev, Mr. Haden, who has extensive experience in Prot-. estant Episco- s- pal Church ac-t i v 1 ties across t-the nation, was appointed last March. He will speak - at the annual c o n f erence of 'the Episcopal Laymen's League of the Diocese of Indianapolis, Inc., Saturday. The conference will open at 10:30 a.m. with a communion service in Christ Church, on the Circle. The group will have luncheon in the Columbia Club and take up its business session in the afternoon. All Episcopal men of the dio-. cese automatically are members of the lea true. Philippines last year, inspecting the society's work there. Under Dr. McCormick's leadership, the United Society undertook a number of new projects in the United States and expanded its work in 12 foreign fields. The women's work functions among nearly 200,000 women in almost 2,000 local groups under the reorganized Christian Women's Fellowship plan. A comprehensive program of Christian education for Negroes in being developed at Jarvis Christian College, Hawkins, Tex. Student work in college and university centers throughout the United States was greatly expanded. During Dr. McCormick's presidency, church membership on the foreign fields increased from 81,653 to 97,000 persons. Upon announcement of his retirement, Dr. McCormick was praised by his coworkers as having brought about greater unification of the Disciples during his administration here. They also said he had shown a spirit of fairness and democratic fellowship in relationships with employes of the society and church workers outside the society. He is' especially noted for his memory for people and details. Plans for New Downey Church OK'd Downey Avenue Christian Church has approved plans for a new church plant. The present structure, at the corner of Downey and Julian, will be torn down and construction on the new plant is expected to get under way next spring, Downey Avenue Church voted its approval upon the recommendation of the general board. The congregation has been considering a new plant and has been studying plans for years. The plans call for a modified Gothic structure of Bedford stone. One of its outstanding features will be a tower, the windows of which will light the Chancel. There will be a sanctuary with balcony seating 450, administration offices and ladies parlor on the main floor. There will be two grade entrances into the sanctuary. The basement will include a fellowship and dining hall which will seat 250 and which will include a stage, a kitchen and a recreation room. The present 3-story education unit is expected to be adequate for the congregation's Sunday school. It will be romedeled at the time of the new construction. Architect for the new building is Edward J. Clark, of Indianapolis. What will it cost? "We don't know," the Rev. F. W. Wiegmann, pastor of the church, answered ruefully. "We're saying $200,000." NO-PROFIT PUBLISHER Newspaper Keeps 9 Churches in Line Rev. Haden A Marion County housewife Is running a "syndicate" newspaper that keeps nine churches in four communities "synchronized in their activities. She is Mrs. Elizabeth Frink McCain, of West Newton. Her "newspaper" has an editor, Mrs. McCain; an office, the children's playroom fn her home; reporters, the correspondents in each church; a pressroom, the mimeograph machine of the West Newton Methodist Church, and a dis tribution system, her husband, Samuel McCain, in the family automobile. The eight-page, 7x8'?-inch paper is issued every other Sunday, and its calendar of events is its principal attraction. "IT MAY DIE ANYTIME" Mrs. McCain's publishing venture is not intended to make a profit and it doesn't. It is supported by donations from the churches and from individuals. She told the churchmen that she thought she could publish the paper for $5 an issue but later found that that amount covered only the paper for the 450 copies, stencils and ink. Incidentals such as phone calls and postage have come out of A CHALLENGE TRY BEFORE YOU DUY And BE SURE you have ONE FULL YEAR warranty Phone Now for 1 1 Cw Demonstration -OR-, Drive Out & Save Plenty of Parking Our Savings in Overhead 60 TO YOU!! Sylvanls Prices Start at $239.95 Model 7120M S309" Ki, Buy From TV Experts 7inrfl ETD'C Open Every Nile blbllLEaflO And Sunday Afternoons ' . (Neoring Quarter Century of Service) GL. 2235 4930 N. Keystone GL. 2235 her own pocket. As she puts It, the newspaper is living a hand-to-mouth existence. "It may curl up and die any time," she exclaimed. However, as the paper continues to prove itself, Mrs. McCain believes it will be easier to get money for it. She hasn't asked anyone for donations, but merely publishes a financial report occasionally and lists the churches and individuals who have contributed. The nine supporting churches are Camby Community, Center Friends, Decatur Bethel Methodist, Fairfield Friends, Friends-wood Baptist, Mt. Pleasant Baptist, Valley Mills Friends, West Newton Friends and West Newton Methodist. These cooperate with each other in church projects, including a joint sunrise Easter service and a leadership training school held in the fall. 3 CHILDREN ALSO 'HELP' In addition to her husband, Mrs. McCain has three other pairs of helping hands those of her children, Margaret 5, Carol Ann and Helen 2. Mrs. McCain started her paper last September. At first she planned to make it a general community newspaper, but at that time the Mooresville Times decided to extend its coverage to Decatur Township. Not sure she could whip 'em, Mrs. McCain decided to join 'em and now is the township correspondent for the Times. SATURDAY RADIO PROG RAMS P.M. I WIRE 1430 I WISH 1310 WFBM 1260 WIBC 1070 WXLW 1590 I NBO ABO CBS MBS :00 WIRE Star Time News-Onen Housa Make It. Music Easy Dors It 10th Inning 4:15 WIRE Star Time Open House Make It Music Easy Does It Mike Dunn Show :30 Vets Reporter Open House Make It Music Easy Does It Mike Dunn Show :4S DcPauw Univ. Open House Make It Music Easy Does It Mike Dunn Show :Oo News Music Saturday Strings Hormcl Girls Bobby Benson News Music 5:U Sports Edition Race of Day Hormcl Girls Bobby Benson Mike Dunn Show :30 Charlene Track Talk Make It Music Yukon Challenge Mike Dunn Show :4s News Sporti Club Time Winplcker Club Yukon Challenge Hall of Fame :00 Reservist Salute Luke Walton Ncw Sports Column " News 6:1$ Reservist Salute News Modern Music Here's to Vets' Speedway News :30 Saturday Musltf Rep. Brownson Vaughn Monroe News Home Edition :H Newg America Plays Vaughn Monroe Three Suns Home Edition JoiT Merry-Go-Round Ralph Flanagan c,ene Aut 20 Questions News Music 7:15 Merry-Go-Round Ralph Flanagan Gene Autry 20 Question! Bill Stern :() Mr. Montague Dugout Dope Hopl'ng Cass'dy Errors Comdv Here's to Vets :4J Mr. Montague TmSi tne Story Hopl'ne, t'dy Errors Comedy Sign Off 00 Hit Parade Fans in Stands"" Gangbusters Tune Crier 8:15 HitParade BasebanV.ame angbusters Tune Crier :30 Dennis Day Baseball Game Broadway Beat Rods-Cards W AC FM :45 Dennis Day Baseball Game Broadway Beat Reds-Cards ei.e n. :0f Judy Canova Baseball Game Renfro Dance Reds-Cards Mrtmoii muni 9:15 Judy Canova Raseball Game pPfro Dance c!3s'ar!!s s to-. n-- :30 Grand Ole Opry Baseball Game Crime Don't Pay Reds-Cards : Grand Ole Opry Baseball Game Crime Don't Pay Rcrts-Cards 5;Kttf." :0n Newt Baseball Game " News News tiitSSj. -lV'S Dick Haymei Baseball Game Wayne Mulr Guest Star itn- 1 11:30 Magic Music Scores News Oscar Dumont Navy Star Time mV" 45 Magic Music Silver Serenade Oscar Dumont K. Cole Newg h oo-,., :0f News-Sportsman Variety Hour Million $ Party Record Party ' """m".'" ' ' n:15 Magic Music Variety Hour Million $ Party Record Party no-i-nwi 11:30 Magic Music Variety Hour Million S Party Record Party :4S Magic Music Variety Hour .Million S Party Record Party SUNDAY RADIO PROGRAMS A.M. WIRE 1430 WISH 1310 WFBM 1260 WIBC 1070 WXLW f590 NBO ABO CBS MBS 7'ij Zion Church News " " Frankle Collins News Music iao c t - 4 Iritual Tmp,e Chariot Wheels Frankle Collins Sunrise Serenade String Quartet Church of Christ Sun. Gathering Sunday School Sunrise Serenade .ll- String Quartet Ft. So. Church Sun. Gathering. Sunday School Stars on Parade 815 JJorld Ne2"- , . Calvary Temple Christian Hour Bercan Gospel News-Music :30 w,nn.wS,ar?rrt Calvary Temple Garden Gate Berean Gospel Sunrise Serenade :45 lva yJSmn M Church of Christ Rihle Class Chas.-E. Fuller Hymns You Love Waliys Funnies Church of Christ Bible Pass Chas. E. Fuller N. Bethel Church 915 Eternal Light Church of God Bible Sneaks Chas. E. Fuller News Eternal Light Church of God Dr. Backus Chas. E. Fuller Funnies Art or Living Baptist Church Christian Men Christian Science Funnies J". Indiana U. Baptist Church Christian Men Hoosler Pnlnlt Funnies - :-is j?,,archTime . 101 Bible Class Christian Men Baltimore tab. News-Music lln:3d SIor?' o nu. JPI Bible Hasj Christian Men Baltimore Tab. Sweet Molodv I Sunday Sunsh ne De Luxe Four Sunday Serenade Baltimore Tab. Waltzes For You Sunday Sunshine S. Harmonl?e-s Sunday Serenade Baltimore Tan, Government Says --15 Sunday Sunshine S. Harmonlzers Peoples Platform Bible Church News Music 11 -30 Sunday Sunshine Baptist Church Peoples Platform f'hle Cbnrch Here's Haymes I 1:5; Church Services Vaughn Monroe Reserve Salute Frank-Ernest Remember Church Services News ' Reserve Salute Sunday Serenade Martin's Music . Ji s DePauw U. Capitol Capers News News News Music Q:,o Eddy Howard Capitol Capers Housing News Dixie Four ' Guv Lombardo American Forum Capitol Capers Lutheran Hour. Stars on Parade Antique Records American Forum Capitol Capers Lutheran Hour America Speaks Bine Crosby -lS Sa&0lii-C50Ur usicEaJ! Hack to BiWfi Movie Menu News-Warm Up 120 au"1C ilUP Music Hall Back to Bible Marriage Series Warm Up Time ;30 BobConsldlne Mr. President Symphonette Civil Dofene Million $ Revue Gospel in Song Mr. President Svmnhonette park prnl;r'am Million $ Revue 2:?? Music and Girls Cisco Kid . Bill Shadel fcciwfiT Million $ Revue" ; Music and Girls Cisco Kid Larry Le Sueur Bine Crnsbv Million S Revue David Lawrence Wayne Kinc Show Guy Tmhardo Official Dick Million $ Revue John Swayzee Vavne King Show Guv Lombardo Official Dick Million $ Revue The Falcon Harold Har'lev Dave Hamilton Under Arrest Million S Revue 3: The Falcon Gordon MacRae Dennis Deslcns Under Arrest Million S Revue :.3 Symphony Echoes Damon Runyon Rate Vour Mate Private Eve Million S Revue Ai Symphony Echoes Damon Runyon Rate Your Mate Private Eye Scoreboard :00 Phil Regan Show Tex Beneke Frank Sinatra The Shadow News Music 4:J Phil Regan Show Tex Beneke Frank Sinatra The Shadow Tops in Pops :30 Songs of Time! To Be Announced Diarv of Fate True Detective Kay's Melodies :5 Lyn Murray To Be Announced Diarv of Fate True Detective Kay's Melodies :0 Walter Brennan Pw Pearson Charlie Wild Yukon Challenge "Hal1 f Fame 5:1 Walter Brennan Monday News Charlie Wild Yukon Challenge News Music :30 Archie Andrews Custom Car Show Our Miss Brooks Nick Carter Speedway Report :sS Archie Andrews Track Talk Our Miss Brooks Nick Carter Speedway Report . :0 Quiz Kids Baseball Review jack Benny Bill Hickok News Scores 6:15 Quiz Kids Baseball Review jack Benny Bill Hickok Speedway News :30 Harris-Fave Bandee Orchestra Amos V Andy . Peter Salem Salute hc r:how :45 Harris-Fave Bandee Orchestra Amos V Andv Peter Salem Salute the Show :00 Texas Rangers Stop the Music Charlie McCarthy Mystery Traveler News Music 7:15 Texas Rangers Stop the Music Charlie McCarthy Mystery Traveler Classic Concert :30 Theater Guild Stop the Music ncA Skelton Ave Maria Hour Classic Concert :45 Theater Guild Stop the Music Red skelton Ave Maria Hour Sign Off :0O Theater Guild Walter Winchell Corliss Archer puTio.r' q:15 Theater Guild Louella Parsons Corliss Archer $Z v 3KS "r WAC-FM 0:2? I?e American A hum Horace Heidt KntDanwr The Blandings , American Album Horace Heidt R?pSCBrownn k.or, 15 lUtt Gloria Packer Rented Hour Triad Chorus " , m. $64 Question uona Parker Contented Hour Triad Chorus " "-'"' y:3i Screen Awards Prophecy Voice Dr Kildare nVer 5tnt- Z:45 Screen Awards Prophecy Voice Zlt Salute m-,,.,, :0ft News Errand of Mercy nTws" News " '3"" lV'S Lonesome Gal Favorite Hymns Elmo Roper Npw nd mhm mkw""W ( lO.:43 ter PfW Henry Jemme Sal Center '" Freedom Story Essie Havderi Henry Jerome Revival Center :0 News-Mr. Smitn Rev. Jas. Sarver Oscar Dumont Christ Temple Mr. Smith Show Rev. Jas. Sarver Oscar Dumont Christ Temple :3 NBC Orchestra 25th St Baptist Jerrv Gray Air Force Hour : NBC Orchestra 25th St. Baptist Jerry Gray Air Force Hour MONDAY RADIO PROGRAMS Ohio Church to Get Muncie Minister Spwltl to Thf Nfwt MUNCIE, Ind., May 26 The Rev. Edward Angeny, pastor of tne Muncie Church of the' Breth ren, has been appointed pastor of the Lower Miami Church of the Brethren near Dayton, O. He will assume his duties Sep tember 1. No successor has been named. A. M. WIRE 1430 WISH 1310 WFBM 1260 NBO ABO CBS j9,2 Farm Journal Pastor's Study Early Birds 6:' Farm Journal Music Message Devotions :30 Dawn Patrol Bill Faulkner Back to Bible :45 Dawn Patrol Bill Faulkner Back to Bible :00 Worl(j New9 News Music World Newg 7:5 Musical Clock Bill Faulkner Headlines ! Musical Clock News Music Bing Sings :5 News Bill Faulkner News :" 1430 Club Breakfast Club News of America 8:15 1430 Club Breakfast Club Circle Ranch :30 1430 Club Breakfast Club Circle Ranch :5 Woman's World Breakfast Club Mrs. Farrell : Vt Y?y,me Ilav!!er M-V True story Arthur Godfrey 9:15 W'lc'me Trav'ler My True Story Arthur Godfrey :30 Double-Nothing Betty Crocker Arthur Godfrey :5 Double-Nothing Mod. Romances Arthur Godfrey :00 Break the Bank Victor Lindlahr Arthur Godfrey jf:!5 Break the Bank David Amity Arthur Godfrey 1 11:30 Jack Berch Quick as a Flash Grand Slam 5 Dave Garroway Quick as a Flash Roswmary :00 Gloria Swanson Joffnny Olsen Wendy Warren 1 :15 Gloria Swanson Edwin C Hill Aunt Jenny I 1 :30 Bee Line Happiness Keys Helen Trent :45 Woman in House Faulkner at Noon Our Gal. Sunday :00 News Newg Newji j r'li Markets Music Help Wanted Ma Perkins I :30 The Low Down Kay Reporter Farm Circle .45 The Low Down Jackpot Quiz Farm Circle :00 Bright Side C Daniels 2d Mrs. Burton 1:15 The Low Down C Daniels Perry Mason :30 The Low Down Sweeny-March Nora Drake :45 Music News Frances Scully Brighter Day :00 Life's Beautiful News-Open House HiiiW Hous 2:15 Road of Life Open House King's Row :o0 Pepper's Family Open House House Party :45 Happiness Right Open House House Party '.1 l?cust?51, Wif News-Open Houie Strike It Rich O J Stella Dallaa Open House Strike It Rich 0:3? Lorenzo Jone Open House Share the Wealth :45 Widder Brown Open House Make It Music WIBC 1070 WXLW 1590 MBS Farm Fair News RFD 1590 Oscar Cooley RFD 1590 Farm Fair Sun Dial Farm Fair Sun Dial Nqws News Music Reveille Revelry Sun Dial Reveille Revelry Scores Music Reveille Revelry Sun Dial News News Music Wife Savers For 'Evans Sake Wife Savers For 'Evans Sake Kitchen Club For 'Evans Sake Easy Listening News Music Easy Listening Guv Lombardo Easy Listening Inspiration Time Easy Listening Jan Garber News News Music Easy Listening Personalities Easy Listening Personalirleg Easy Listening Personalities Tune-O " News -Music Country Carnival Crosby Croon! Country Carnival Requcstfu y Country Carnival Renuestfully Newg News Music Pick a Pocket Requestfully Dixie Four Requcstfu! y News (Foster) Requestfu,ly Big Sister " News-Warm Up Dr. Ma lone Warm Up Time Guiding Light Million $ Revue Judy and Jane Million $ Revue Queen for a Day News Music Queen for a Day Million $ Revue Double-Nothing Million $ Revue Double-Nothing Million $ Revue Easy Does It News Music E'asy Does It Million $ Revue 1 Easy Does It Million $ Revuo Easy Does It 10th Inning NBC to Cover Guild Directors' Awards By MARTHA MeHATTO.Y Hotel t Grain, AT ; lardner, Stan- i dMack , Jl There will he a special program on WIRE-NBC tomorrow night at 9:30 o'clock when the Screen Directors Guild annual awards P reientations from the Beverly Hills Hotel will be gl Jeanne A v a Gar Barbara wyck and Sennett. Don Uortman la thn show's emcee A Gardner and Jimmy Wallington, the announcer. The winners are John Huston for his "The Asphalt Jungle," Billy Wilder for "Sunset Boulevard," and Joseph L.. Mankiewicz for "All About Eve." In addition to this is the newly returned show to WIRE-NBC, Talcs of the Texas Rangers, starring Joel MeCrea, which look over for the Hedda Hopper show at 7 p.m. Sundays. Until June 10, WIBC will present the Mutual show, Challenge of the Yukon adventure series at 5 p.m. Sundays. The stories in this series dramatize the legends built around the latter 19th-early 20th century de velopment of the vast Northwest those Alaska-Canada territories of the colorful Yukon gold rush. The heroes. for each drama are Sgt. William Preston of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police, and Yukon King, his wonder dog. WIBC is presenting another new series, Marriage for Millions, Sundays at 1:15 p.m. sponsored by the Family Service Association Indianapolis, a Red Feather agency of the Community Chest. Tomorrow will be the second in tbe series of dramatic programs showing 'how marriage counseling works. Frank Lati- more is this weeks guest star. The story tells of the problems of a very young couple. Charlie Brockman will have the WXLW microphones out on the apron of the Speedway to morrow to bring the last half-hour of qualifications to the radio audience at 5:30 p.m. The Sam Levenson show, which Is one of the best in the comedy line on TV, tonight at 6 WFBM TV Channel 6 o'clock on WFBM-TV will present Dorothy Kilgallen and hef 9-year-old daughter, Vlcki, ai special guests. Fred Waring's Pennsylvania nji iwing low for a hobo sequence and high for a campus medlej, with the Mad Dane (Victor Borge) in the middle as a stabilizing element tomorrow at 8 p.rn. on WFBM-TV. ; Eddie Cantor, the pop-eyejl comedian, will be taking thp Comedy Hour audience tomorrow at 7 p.m. on WFBM-TV for ft tour of the lower East Side qf New York visiting the areas In which Cantor grew up. In a nostalgic setting Eddie will escort Connie Haines on the tour. Vivian Blaine, star of "Guys and Dolls," nd Hal Block, panelist on What's My Line, will join the regulars on This Is Show Business panel to view the talents of Herb Shriner, John Raflt and Dorothy Keller at fi:30 p.m. tomorrow on WFBM-TV. Radio High Lights SATURDAY NIGHT P.M. (CDT) 4:00 Plainclolhesman. s 4:30 Mr, I. Magination. 5:00 Burns and Allen. 5:30 Groucho Marx. 6:00 Sam Levenson. 6:30 Wayne King. 7:00 Ken Murray. 8:00 Cavalcade of Bands. 9:00 Wrestling. 10:00 Backstagf Revue. 10:30 Beat the Clock. 11:00 Red Top Theater. 12:00-Sign Off. SUNDAY A.M. (CDT) 9.45 Bible Parables. 10:00 Lamp Unto My Feet. 10:30 Versatile Varieties. 11:00 Pentagon-Washington. 11:30 Frank Sinatra. P.M. (CDT) 12:00 Super Circus. 1:00 Morton Downey. 1 :30 Showtime USA. 2:00 Sports Scholar. 2:15 Top Views in Sports. 2:30 Penthouse Party. 3:00 Speedway Time Trials. 4:00 Sagebrush Theater. 5:00 Junior Matinee. . 5:25 Headlines. 5:30 Mystery Theater. 6:00 Paul Whiteman. 6:30 This Is Show Business. 7:00 Comedy Hour. 8:00 Fred Waring. 9:00 Celebrity Time. 9:30 Who Said That? 10:00 News Review. 10:15 Paradise Isle. 10:30 What's My Line? 11:00 Youth on the March. 11:30 Sign Off. MONDAY DAYLIGHT A.M. (CDT) 11:15 Trees for Tomorrow. 11:35 A Continent Is Bridged P.M. (CDT) 12:15 Kate Smith. 12:30 Garry Moore. , 1:30 First Hundred Years. 1:45 Vanity Fair. 2:30 Fashion Magic. 3:00 lloosier Homemakers. 3:25 Tele-Kitchen. 3:30 It's Fun to Know. SATURDAY MGHT ; 7:00 WIBC-MBS Binnle Barnes is guest on Twenfy Questions. 7:30 WFBM-CBS Hopalon's Cassidy finds a pigeon la an aecessorv to crime. . 9:30-WIRE-NBC Ernest Tubb visits Grand Ole OpfJ?. SUNDAY J 12:30 WIRE-NBC American Forum of the Air discusscp "Should Beef Be Pricey Controlled?" On the panel are Michael V. DiSalle, director of the Office of Price Stabilization, and Joe d. Montague, general counsel for Texas and Southwesterp Cattle Raisers Association. 6:00 WFBM-CBS His cast members disagree on why Jack Benny should be "shot." 6:00 WIBC-MBS Outlaw; take gold and horses while Wild Bill HocKok walks. 7:00 WFBM-CBS Fran J I)vejoy joins Charlie Mo Carthy in a scientific expe dition to the frozen north in search of "The Whatzis." I 7:30 WIRE-NBC-Paul Douff las plays the title role in "Elmer the Great" for The ater Guild on the Air. 8:00 WIBC-MBS Jack Benny and Lucille Ball appear oil Family Theater. 8:15 WISH-ABC Frances Langford chats with Louella Parsons. ; 8:30 WIBC-MBS-Dr. William C. Menninger, director ojf the Menninger Foundation of Topeka, speaks on "Wi Must Tell the G.I. the Rea son Why" on Present Dai ger. ; PERMA-CRETE drives: Ar Onaranl4 Dartlll in OusllftM , at Low t:nt EASV TERMS; LOW DOWN PAYMENT : rsTiMATFH prompt unmet TRI-STATE CONSTRUCTION CO; Sol- Proitwrrt PFRMt-CRFTE Sinn e. br. g4ft. mi, ol. zest. America's Outstanding Comblnafioi Windows ud Doon Small MomtUt Payment! MA. 5554 i UU-Storinm 934 SOUTH f AST ST. 1 In I . : M WITH BUD COLLYER Watch SYLVANIA'S new TV fun show BEAT the CLOCK Hit TV shew with 1,000.000 taught, prtitnttd by your Sylvania Electric Dealer 10:30 P.M. Ch.6 Bible School Graduate Paul M. Hubble, of R. R. 5, Box 387, will be graduated from the Philadelphia School of the Bible Thursday. The School of the Bible has been merged with the Bible Institute of Pennsylvania and the combined schools will open next fall as the Philadelphia Bible Institute p' juiurir a.m. juii. Kev. John Hanly Morgan Aftiit-nt M In liter llJjfe "liberal ReligifrTanlf Human Suffering" tTecSSr 11 A.M. AT THE OHl'RCH tssS&VfJJfM Dr E BgrdeTte Bachus A Rtligiout Center With a civic Circumference "When Unitarians Get Together" ALL SOULS UNITARIAN CHURCH 1453 N. Alabama St. Are you overdue for a laugh? see presented by DESOTO-PLYMOUTH DEALERS OF AMERICA mm jM TODAY ON TV! J&Sr- WFBM-TV CHANNEL 6-5:30 p.m. DON'T BE CONFUSED!! TELEVISION IS OUR BUSINESS, NOT A SIDE LINE . . . COME IN TODAY . . . COMPARE SETS WE SELL IT ... WE IT UCU 1Tmioi-i I1LTT II Ma TElMON S0 1 095 U H tu teelda LOWEST TERMS ARRANGED It's newer than new! One of America's favorite TV sets, j packed with wonderful features. Tlctures are better than . you evpr thought possible. Compare It now at Lane's. OPEN TILL 9 P.M. LANE RADIO The Store That S.rvict Built

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