The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 28, 1954 · 23
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · 23

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 28, 1954
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Friday, May 21, 1934 THE INDIANAPOLIS NEWS INDIANAPOLIS ON THE AIR CBS Promotes Jack Paar By GEORGIA OIANAKOS Hoosiers will be happy to know that humorist Jack Paar is set for a night-time TV show on CBS-TV this summer. Paar who sot his start in radio in Indianapolis now is fraturrd every Friday morning from 9 to 10 on WFBM-TV. His new show will begin July 17. The half-hour show will feature singers Retty Clooney and .Johnny Desmond, Pianist Jose Metis and the orchestra of Pupi Campo. It will he on the network from 8:30 to 9 p.m., the time spot now held by My .Favorite Hushand. f Paav's daytime show will continue through July 2. The humorist was the hit of a Gl. entertainment troupe in the Pacific during World War II. Landing in Hollywood, he made several movies, including "Walk Softly, Stranger," and "Love Nest." He also was host of the radio series, Take It Or Leave It." j'""' 'ux 4 ' '' JACK PAAR . . . new show coming up TV TONIGHT: The finals of the Miss Indiana contest for the Miss Universe title will be seen on WFBM-TV from 8 to 8:30 p.m. The show will originate from the custom auto show at ihe Manufacturer's Building at the Indiana Fairgrounds. The program will replace Playhouse of Stars for this week only. BEHIND THE SCENES: Many questions concerning WFBM-TV' i telecasts of the 500-Mile Race trials have been directed to us. Here are some facts about the telecasts . . . Although viewers saw only Tom Carnegie and Bob Rhodes on the screen, there were 25 others in on the operation. Included are three cameramen at the track, three technicians and three engineers, booth announcer, audio man, video man, projection room technicians, a director and producer. A camera with a zoomar lens was located in the pagoda and was used to catch the cars as they came up the main stretch and to show the grandstand crowd ... a sec-end camera located high on the paddock observation deck, equipped with a reflector lens, was used to pick up the cars on the back stretch ... the third camera was for commercials. Highlights Tonight TELEVISION 7:00 WTTV: Dave Garroway show with Eddy Howard as guest. 7:30 WFBM-TV: Topper episode, "Picnic" in which Cousin Willie comes to rail. 8:00 WTTV: The Big Story comes from the Birmingham (Ala.) Age-Herald where a reporter investigates a case of accidental death. 8:30 WFBM-TV: Our Miss Brooks has a plan for an inexpensive vacation. Eve Arden stars. 9:00 WTTV: Cavalcade of Sports boxing bout between Charley Norkus and Tommy Jackson. Also heard on WISH. RADIO 7:15-WIBC: Tello-Test. game conducted by Shelton. 7:30-WIRE-RC: show with Kirkwood. 8:00 WISH-ABC; of Ozzie and, "You're Own." Rob guest 1'JIZ Jim Hope Jack Adventures Harriet epi- On Your FRIDAY RADIO AND TV PROGRAMS WIRE 1430 WISH 1310 WFBM1260 WIBC 1070 rVXLW 1590 WFBM-TV WTTV P.M. .VBC ABO CBS MBS Channel 8 Channel 4 OA piajn j5iu open Houss Make It Mmic Easy News News Shopping Guide Howdy Doody 4 "is Front Pr Onen House Make It Music Easy Does It Music Shoo Shopping Guide Howdy Doody0 '& K"jona Oven House Make It Music Easy Doe, It Music Shoo Movie Quit & Conference :45 Guys Next Door Open House Make It Music Easy Dees It Music Shop Food Fair West. Ledger .0- NPW,snort Track Talk ' Ne' Eay Does It News Chuck Wagon Feature at 5 5 -IS fernfe Herman Own House 'Music-Sports Easy Does It Sports-Trio Chuck Wagon Feature at 5 H S rS" Sv Abner Mwsey-Tilton Easy Does It vs-Tunes Symphony Feature t :S News and Sports Bill Stern ! Easy-Newt Tjavelin Tunes Jane Froman Feature at 5 " -no" RpnrtpTuou. SoTrU ; Nw Break Bank News Previews Weather New s 6-lS rai?bhouse News SuPr Club Fox' -n ?tpeedula'. . B. Lawrence Weather 11 News of World Lone Ranger T. Ernie News Home Edition Sports Eddie Fisher $ New Lone Ranker Newt Perry Como Home Edition Telenew, News Caravan ' loo" Dinah Shore Outdoors Keen News Concert Mama Dave Garroway 7 IS Frank Sinatra Music Mr. Keen Tello Test Concert Mama Dave Garroway S Bob Hope News Godfrey Digeat Wild Bill Concert Topper Life of Riley 5 RobHope Music Godfrey Digest Wild Bill Sign Off Topper Life of Riley :0ft Harris-Faye Ozzie-Harnet Godfrey Digest News Party WAIC FM Autow gig Story 8:1$ Harris-Faye Ozzie-Harriet Godfrey Digest Speedway A,ut0Showu &,K.St.0ry :30 Allen Jones We Live In Night Watch Co ee Capers ' g Miss Brook. Water ront :45 Allen Jones We Live In Night Watch Coffee Capers s oo-Bcok sunt Miss Brooks Waterfront :00 Fihher-Mollv Rnvin-r Army-McCarthy News oo-NMn-soeia Three Lives Boxing Hosary BS Army-McCarthy News JltSST r i?' Vft Show Time Boxing Nocturne McCarthy-Army roo--ntrt tun Wrestling . Roxing X;4S Show Time Boxing Sunshine McCarthy-Army io:oo-sin on Wrestling Boxing :0T Five-Star Indians News ill"',. ... u. Ui. ..i n Weatherman Playhouse 1A:1S Five-Star Indians Tom Carnegie U.N. Highlights " NeWi Playhouse (J:30 Midnight Musie Indiana Bandstand Counterspy h-i-M taaws. Fishts News Weather 1 W:4S Midnight . Music, Scores Newt Navy Counterspy ., M , Music Sports -.00 Newt Sporti Variety Hour Breezin' Along Late Date kjt t. n( Theater Starlite Theater 1 sj :1S Midnight Music Variety Hour Breezin' Along Late Date t (. Theater Starlite Theater I I :3t Midnight Music Variety Hour Breezin' Along Late Date '",lt Theater Starlite Theater 1 1 ;4T' Midnight Music Variety Hour Breezin' Along Late Date Theater Starlite Theater SATURDAY RADIO AND TV PROGRAMS AM WIRE 1430 WISH 1310 WFBM1260 WIBC 1070 WXLW 1590 WFBM-TV I WTTV XBO ABO CBS MBS Channel 9 Channel 4 :0 Farm Bureau Morning Hymns Town-Country Farm Bureau 6:15 Gibson Show Dunkin" Time aI .e Bible Says Bob Morrison :30 Dawn Patrol Dunkin'Time Early gird Dixie 4 Bob Morrison :4S Dawn Patrol Dunkin' Time Early Birds Reveille Revelry Rob Morrison :flt Kel News-Music World Newt News News 7:15 Musical Clock Stars " f ir Reveille Revelry Rob Morrison :30 Musical Clock Dunkin'Time Feet a Sake Reveille Revelry Bob Morrison ;45 Newg Dunkin'Time News Reveille Revelry Ny? :00 1430 Club No School Today New. News Bob Morrison 8:15 1430 Club No School Today Melodies Easy on Record Bob Morrison :3t 1430 Club No School Today Religion Easy on Record Bob Morrison Mr. Wizard :45 Breakfast No School Today Garden Gate Easy on Record Bob Morrison Mr. Wizard :0 Join the Navy Matinee a!en Srab Easy on Record Newy Lone Ranger 9:1$ Ri hoard Matinee Galen Drake Easy on Record Kids' Korner Lone Ranger :3 Marv LeeTavlor Space Patrol Galen Drake Cross Roads Hawaiian Echo Space Patrol Sign On :4S Mary Lee Taylor Space Patrol Galen Drake Cross Roads Pan-Americana Space Patrol Theater - : Armed Forcea Open House Robt Q. Lewie Pic a Pocket New" Space Patrol Truth Search lV" Reautv Open House Robt. Q. Lewis pjC a Pocket Answer Man Space Patrol Christophers U:3 Woman In Love Open House Robt Q. Lewis Country Carnival Mills Bros. 5th-H nd. Home IV:4S woman In Love Open House Robt. Q. Lewis Country Carnival Cage Corner Mh-H Ind. Home :09 lamboree Open House Theater Today Country Carnival News Music Big Top Panorama 1V,J Jamboree Open House Theater Today Country Carnival Yesterday's Hits Rig Top Panorama ll:3 Remcmb Music Back to Bible Hollywood Stars Easy at Abie's Perry Como Rig Top Donut C ub ' 1 :4S ReZmb. MuSiC Back to Bible Hollywood Stars Easy at Abie s Crosby Croons Big Top Donut Club :0ft News News News News News J. Jupiter Film in:IS Jordan Bing Crosby Forward March Hit Parade Snorts J.Jupiter Film :3ft Farm-Home Waltzes Too Nine Hit Parade H'tPamdi Place-Face Duzy Dean 1 :4i Farm-Home Track Talk Top Nine Mason's Farm Hit Parade Place-Face Piyy Dean :0ft star Time Open House City Hospital Rob Harris Warmup Theater Brooklyn-N.Y. 1:1 star Time Open House City Hospital Bob Harris Warmup Theater Brook yn-N.V :3ft Star Time Open House Make It Music Rob Harris Reds-Cubs Theater Brook yn-V. :i Star Time Open House Make It Music Bob Harris Reds-Cubs Theater Bmoklyn-VI. :0 Star Time Open House Make It Music Sonny Grubbt Reds-Cubs Theater Rrookln-N.Y. 2:1 Star Time Open House Make It Music Sonnv Grubbs Reds-Cubs Theater Brooklyn-N.Y. :- Star Time Open House Make It Music Chuckw agon Reds-Cubs This Life Brooklyn-N Y. ;4$ Star Time Open House Make It Music Chuckwagon Reds-Cubs This Life Brooklyn-N.Y. :(uT star Time Hoe Down Make It Music Bandwagon Reds-Cuhs Relmont . Brooklyn-N.Y. 3:1 Star Time Hoe Down Make It Music Bandwagon Reds-Cubs Relmont Rrooklyn-N Y. :3ft Star Time Hoe Dow n Make It Music Easy Does It Reds-Cuhs Meet Millie Rrooklvn-N.Y. ;4H Star Time Hoe Down Make It Music Easy Does It Reds-Cubs Meet Millie Brooklyn-N.Y. M ! 4 l l.Hr.TVServ.$250 Immrt Sr. IHPII Vnr TW in Tt H l.rk 4 Pru Oknatr4 S Mm. Nw n Um TVs A-l-A TV 5105 I. Stth CH. 5391 Enjoy This Holiday Week End at McLAUGHNER'S Cafeteria 38th it Sherman Dr. 10th and Arlington rmnr4 mi 0f" O'trf Unclintr n ChrlMMcOtk'f WANT-AD SLBVICE. AT. 2411 David Swift, creator of Mr. ! Peepers, is drawing up a new- series (or David Wayne. It will be filmed in New York because Wayne will be appearing in "Teahouse of the August Moon" for about 62 ' more August moons, according to present Broadway expectations. i 1 Report is that Henry Fonda, star of Broadway's "Caine Mutiny Court-Martial," is talking over a few TV shots with Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Waterfront ttarrlnq Preston Foster WTTV CHANNEL 4 8x30 P.M. MlluGood S' CammelBar fijil Howard 5 itirk Co.,TuLwke Mort Lawrence of "The Big Payoff" tells of the horse who put his feet in the feed bag because he wanted to feel his oats! CARPETS Robber Tile J LINOLEUMS Asphalt Tile mucu FlOORCOVERmCO. l7E.MAWlWD-rWMfttiU GET OUT OF DEBT I-et Budget Plan get ou out of debt on payments son can afford, regardless of how many you owe. No security or endorsers, not a lending institution one place to pay. BONDED F0 YOUR PROTECTION N Obligation for lntrviv OPEN Ml. EVES. TILL THE BUDGET PLAN, INC. 2U MASSACHUSETTS AVE. PK AT. SS2I ROOM 134 K. ( f. IIDG. 1-HOUR TV SERVICE A TILfVISlO BFPAtRMAN STARTS - THS MINUTC YOU CALL $2.50 IR. 1711 $2.50 (partt nW service uufntdi IMMF.PIATS SKRVK-K tAY OR NITS CUILrORD f.LBCTRIC CO. 11T GUILFORD "QUALITY DETERMINES VALUE" INDIANA STATE CHINCHILLAS INVITES COMPARISON V The fmtt oroded itock In America START V Over 1,200 onimoli to chooe from "YOUR" V Free equipmsnt eieh purcho FUTURE V Guoronteed to Litter Health Life IN PUR V oiy terms orronged T0DAY1 VISIT On CALL INDIANA STATE CHINCHILLAS 9410 I. WiMiH, IrIi., Us. IR viUa Jf 14 ON YOUR HOLIDAY PICNIC WHY TAKE CHANCES LIVE POULTRY DRESSED WHILE-U-WAIT IS ALWAYS FRESH AND TASTIER, TOO YOUNG, TASTY, TENDER HENS A EGGS 3 joi. M10 skid chickens 2r FRYER NECKS 225' VWI psts(iBsSPsssPr i OftH SlN .MO. TILL NOOM C i IRFI fARIll0 1 'SJB--SSBBBIS-aHSBfSSS- IIARHY SMITH POULTRY 337 W. NEW YORK LI ncelit 3072 J Sli i i m xp&z Y6vi - rv nsvANfe wsas. SM,iAy, COvi.sJ' 65TE6NLS. BIG BEN rU-liC SM3SM OH WW T6 GET K RAiSC. e5. AKtHQ VO M 04 XLLOAHtt. It n Ln L SMITH FAMILY K AiOC UlKiC 5.90 r40C Wt n e5l Wh OS. I'LL togutek m ex ruw r,c rac LOtin EKiCe JOB WW, Foe. meg. vjum" )...TUKT V TO e.t.-Ea n S - n nroT? aJj I 1LHS)U lyjriil Tomorrow to S ave uyo to in Every Department $359 50 French Provincial Bedroom our auihentic ppriod pieces, including low-lontboord ponel Bed; 9 drawer Triple Dresser with 35 "x44" tromed plote Mirror; 36" 5 riroi?r Chest, ond Night Stond with $ 1 Q-50 shelf ond drower $209. 7S Modern Walnut Bedroom With smort ponel Bed; 52" 6-drower curved-front Double Dresser with 30"x42" plat Mirror; 34" 5-drower Chest; $1 Qfi-75 Night Stond with drower 199 Some Suite with Bookcost Heodbnord Bed. Wo$ $229.75 . Now $206.7$ $219.7$ Modern Limed Oak' Bedroom With ponel Brd; curved-front 52" 6 drawer Double Dresser with 30"42" plote Mirror; 34" 5-drower Chest, M 97' and Night Stond with Drawer .. . Iff Some Suite with Bookcase Hcodhoord Bed. Wos $239 75 Now $215.7$ $439. $0 Modern Cherry-Red Mahogany Suite With 64" 12-drawer Triple Dre.ser ond 35"53" framed Mirror; ponel Bd: 8-drawer Chest-on-Chel; ond 2-drower step-top $?QQ-50 K'ifjht Stond. Mirror fmifh. Polished hross pulls J0 7 $359. $0 Modern Mahogany Suite Includes 54" 6-dmwrr Double Dresser with 32"x44" bevel plate Mirror: low footboard panel Bed, 36" 5 drawer Chest; $779' Nlioht Stond. Pni,hrd brass Hmwer pulls .... ' ' $457 50 Kling Solid Cherry Modern In "Cherry. Nut" finish 54" 8-drawer Double Dresser; hanging Mirror; $3QQ-50 26" 6-drawer CheM, ponel Bed, Night Stand. . . . 07 Solid Hard Maple Bedrooms Open Stock Early American $19 95 Low-footbooid ponel Bed $16.9$ $27 00 Ponel Bed, full or twin sie $23 9$ $41 95 Bookcose Heodboord Bed (Full si;e $36.95 $34 95 Bonkcose Heodboord Bed (Twin sue) $34.9$ $57 50 40" Single Dresser, with Mirror .... $48.9$ $72 50 48 ' Double Dresser, 6 drowers, Mirror $62.9$ $52 50 36" Double Chest, 4 divided drowers $4$. 60 $40 95 28" 4-drower Chest $33.9$ $13 50 Night Stood $11.9$ $59 50 4-drawer Von.ty .$$2.9$ $ 9 75 Bench (for Vonity) $ 8.S0 $98 50 Duo Dresser, 6 drowers $89.7$ $317.00 Modern Cherry-Red Mohogony Dinette With Drop-Lea Extension Tohle 24"42", extends to 102": 52" 6 drawer Oedenzo BuHet with 2 Cupboards; 79" 4 Chair with Ped topestry covers . ... . " ' $297. $0 18fh Century Mahogany Suite Includes 60" 6-drower curved front Oedena wiih 2 cupboards; 40"60 ' extension Tohle, extends to 96"; 5 Dmert ond 1 Host Chmr in Duncoi Phyte tyl, with Green ond ?A7' Beige ttnpe covers . , ... 'f $179. $0 lety Susan Drop-Lta Tabla and 4 Captain Chain- In new "Timhertone" finish. 50" Round Drop Leof Tohle is 3l"x50" leave do-n. 20" Lory Susan. M59'' 4 Captain Choirs hove saddle seats I J $64 50 Walnut Drop-Loaf Tabla 1 Pedestal style, on m.trr. Drawer in end. Top sire 20'i"x36" leaves down, $C7.95 3"55" leaves up . $49 50 Mahogany or Walnut Drop-Leaf fitemion Table 2 Pedestols, with 10" folding leaf. Top t; 'Al' 36"56" leoves up, eiends to 66" ' $11. SO Roia-Batk Chain In either Mahogany or Wolnut fmi h. Hove simulated needlepoint seots I $97.50 Mahogany Credent Buffet 42" long, $07.50 with 2 full-length drawers, ond 2 cupboards " $142. SO Madam Limed Oak Dinette 2 Pedestal Drop-Lear Tohle. corved shoped legs, fop 26"36" leaves down, etend-. fa 70". 4 Chairs with openwork ponel bock $142' ond nubby weovt Rosa seots . . SIS. 00 Mapla Drop-Leaf Tabla 0 solid hard Maple Top 24"x36 leave down, pent to JTQ.TS $222.50 French Period Sofoi 'With plain (uncorved Solid Mahogany trim. Bross railhead outlining, $1P,Q50 BrocoteUe covers m several colors... $210.00 French Period Lova Seats Corved Solid Mahopanv trim. Two cushions, channel bock. BrocoteUe $17Q' covers in several colors Iff $268.00 Modern Two-Piece Living Room Distinctive wing-back styling, with wide, comfortoblt arms. In choice of Rose, Wine, Lime, or Dork Green $030.00 fnere covers " $127. SO Solid Mapla Settee and Chair Attractive wing back design. 6 Cushions on Settee, 2 cushions on choir, covered with fine hard twill tapestry in leof pattern, $1 1-50 Gray ond Green, or Groy and Red I I of $99.9$ Modern $ofa With blond wood trim, feet ond orms Very ottroctive modern pattern. Green cover 5JJQ.50 with gold thread decoration $298. SO Charles of London Sofa and Chair 3-Cuhion So'o with, shaped bock. Mahogany-finish wood feet. $OA7' Leaf pattern Frieze covers in Red or Gray ""' $229. SO Modern Twa-Pieca Suite With typical modern styling, ond broad, comfortable arms. Covered Si OO SO in n geometric pattern Nylon Fnere, in Cocoo.. . Iff $197. SO Lawson Sofa A real "buy" in this $ ICQ. SO popular style. Covered in Red Motelosse . ... 13 f $325.00 Modern Curved-Front Sofa and Chair With distinguished modern styling. Choice of Green, $00.50 Gray, Lipstick Red, or Rose Leaf pattern Frieze. . . 7ot $289. SO Modern Jr.-Siie Pullman Sleeper Makes 34-sire bed. Reversible mattress ond oil famous Pullmon features for daytime beauty with outstanding nighttime sleeping $OCQ.50 comfort. Rose or Green Frieze ' $249. $0 Modern Pullman Sleeper 2 Cushions; opens to full-wo bed. Shaped button-bock. Green or Brown $010.50 Tweed covers ' ' $312.00 Modern Pullman Sleeper Makes full size bed Chan, pel orms, button bock, foam rubber cushioned. $070.50 Gray festoon pottern. Frieze cover , $129. SO Early American Mapla Sofa Bed With Solid Mople Orms end trim. Bedding ho Maple leof pattern cover in comhmotion c Tan, Block, Green $llC-fS and Brown 113 $103. SO Modern Sofa led Hos modern low orms Button-tulted hock. Beddmg ban. Gold thread dcoroted SQ0.9S Sage Green cover . . .... $95.7$ Sunburst Pillow Studio Couch In leof pattern Blort, Groy ond Green combination, or Green, Rose and $QL95 Groy, Moss edge trim O" $99 so $159.50 $289s 36"50" leaves up Uywhr id Indmnii r0 Parking fe Taxi tn nnd from fmneh'l m City Ki Term vrZ' I Sinct 1881 - $109.00 9 (12' Axminiter 18th Century floral, $ZQ.50 On. Beige ground , 07 $133 50 9 i13'4" Wilton' Evertwist, Rosa ground $179.9$ 12'alS'. Axminiter 18th Century floral. Beige ground . $342.00 12 i21 A.min.fer Wheat pattern, Green around . . . . 27"iS4" Sample Rugi, Aimimtan and Wiltons, food elections 20 to $0 OFF! Shop With Your Family... on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday until 9 P.M. 324 W. MORRIS ST. Ilflft Qn fit VbeUMlNGIftM f )Jft Witt Of Mil 0AH tf. m lit nomi of mm FURNITURE 'foi MS e o m m m oi i e i I I'l I- it n " 1 11 ll I . i - -J b no-S A ij-.

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