The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 21, 1954 · 27
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · 27

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 21, 1954
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'f''' - - - - - - y Friday, May 21, 1954 THE INDIANAPOLIS NEWS Pej 27) ' . INDIANAPOLIS ON THE AIR . Preakness Runs Tomorrow By GEORGIA GIAXAKOS The Preakness from Pirn-lico race track in Baltimore will be broadcast exclusively by CBS-TV and CBS-Radio tomorrow afternoon. WFBM-TV and WFBM-CBS will carry it at 4:30 p.m. Th turf event will be called by Fred Capossela, veteran rac-ins; broadcaster, and Mel Allen will handle the color com-mentary. Sam Renick will con-duct Interviews in the winner's circle. , WFBM-TV will interrupt its coverage of qualifications at the 500-Mile Speedway track to bring the race. The race trials will be seen from 4 to 4:30 p.m. nd from 5 to 5:30 p.m. The third event In racing's famed triple crown, the Belmont Stakes, will be carried on CBS en June 12. ; TOPS TONIGHT: Getting better with age is the way a lot of fans feel about the Our Miss Brooks TV show. It means a Jot fit family fun every Friday night. One finds it hard to pick the favorite character on the r ahow because it's teamwork that makes it so highly successful. However, Gale Gordon who plays Principal Conklin it in- creasing in popularity with fans. Iteu GALE GORDON , . . gales of laughter. In tonight's episode at 8:30 on WFBM-TV, Mrs. Davis (Jane Morgan) gets Miss Brooks (Eve Arden) interested in an old-age plan. In turn, Miss Brooks gets Conklin and Boynton interested and from then on things get hilariously out of hand. WEDDING BELLS: One of the most romantic plots hatched on TV will take place Sunday on the TV show Mr. Peepers. Wally Cox, who stars as the quiet Robinson Peepers, will walk down the aisle with the school nurse, ancy Remington. The event has been a long time coming. As Mr. Peepers' fans will recall, it all started back in the summer of 1952. It looked like puppy love at first, but sure enough it came to the courtship, engagement and now the wedding bells stage. For the ahow on Sunday, NBC has arranged for 50 honeymooning couples staying at the New Yoker Hotel be special guests for the TV ceremony. The popular comedy series will find a Mr. and Mrs. plot come next fall. The May 30 show will find them on their honeymoon with the final telecast of the show coming June 6. There is talk the show will be cut down to 3 Sundays out of 4 in the fall. There is only one problem emerging from the blissful event. The network wants to run the best from the past shows during the summer. It will be awfully hard to convince viewers the two principals, are playing .coy when they have seen their wedding on TV. ' ROLLING ALONG: WISH- TV's plans to begin operating the first week of July are right on schedule. Local features along with ABC-TV network programs will be offered. Highlights Tonight TELEVISION" 6:30 WTTV: Coke Time stars Eddie Fisher with Elaine Malbin as guest. 7:00 WTTV: Dave Garroway Show with Songstress Betty Madigan as guest. 7:30 WFBM-TV: Topper episode finds Neil, the St. Bernard, causing an interna t i o n a 1 incident. Anne Jeffreys and Robert Sterling star. 8 :00 WFBM - TV: Playhouse of Stars story, "Blizzard Bound," with Forrest Tucker. RADIO 7:30 WIRE-NBC: Bob Hope show with Merle Oberon as guest. 8:00 WIRE-NBC: Phil Harris-Alice Faye episode finds their dog's romance postponed. 9:00 WISH-ABC: Cavalcade of Sports fight between Joe Giardello and Pierre Lang- lois. 11:30 WIBC: Late Date offers music varieties. " . I GAi'f'j HOWPUM5 X ?JT0UM&tMOUSMrji rraWSeLY-eswS84JD g&1 KVT WANT 1 SSS A1,,: I K'lSTS J Pf2t r-r-'a EXACTLY HOW UY-P , W YOUCANH4VS WAQJ t)P iaIACM I I tVU TUU.V TWHK OP J I I I ITS. K W. BXVT - Donald O'Connor is expected to sign any time to alternate Saturday night TV appearances for Milton Berle's old sponsor, Texaco, on NBC-TV. Only thing holding them up , is bickering over whether the show shall be live or on film. FRIDAY RADIO AND TV PROGRAMS SMITH FAMILY BlJ WIRI-HIO WISH 1310 WFBM 1260 WIBC 1070 rVXLW 1590 WFBM-TV WTTV ".M. NBO ABO CBS MBS Channel t Channel 4 Plain Bill Open Houm Make It Mwe Easy Newi Newi Shopping Guide Howdy Doody 4:1$ FrontPage Open House Make It Music Easy Does It Music Shop Shopping Guide Howdy Doody :3i Lorenzo Jones Open House Make It Music Easy Does It Music Shop Movie Quiz Y. Conference :45 Guys Next Door Open House Make It Music Easy Dees It Music Shop Food Fair West. Ledger : News Sports Track Talk News Eaey Does It New Chuck Waeon Feature at 5 5:1$ Bernie Herman Open House Music Sports Easy Doei It Sports Trio Chuck Wagon Feature at 5 :3t Dinner Winner Lum 'n' Abner Massey-Tllton Easy Does It News Tunes Symphony Feature at 5 r :45 News and Sports Bill Stern Newt Easy News Travelin' Tunes Jane Froman Feature at 5 'M Rendezvoui Sports Newt Break Bank News Previews Weather News 6 Klubhouse Newt Supper Club Fox't Den Speedway B. Lawrence Weather :St News ol World Lone Ranger T. Ernie News Home Edition Sportt Eddie Fisher : News Lone Ranger Newt Perry Como Home Edition Telenewt News Caravan Dinah Shore Outdoort Mr. Keen Newt Concert Mama Dave Garroway 7:1$ Frank Sinatra Music Mr. Keen Tello Test Concert Mama Dave Garroway Bob Hope News Godfrey Digest Wild Bill ncS?. Topper Life of Riley , s$ Bob Hope Music Sunshine Sue Wild Bill Sl" ff Topper Life of Riley , Harris-Faye Ozzie-Harriet Top Nine News Party WAir KU Star Playhouse Big Story 8:1$ Harris-Faye Ozzie-Harriet Sox-Detroit Speedway ' Star Playhouse Big Story :3 Dentists We Live In Sox-Detroit Coffee Capert :,2rrilt Miss Brook Waterfront - T. C Andrews We I jve In Sox-Detroit Coffee Capers troo-BooTshdt Miss Brooks Waterfront Fibber-Molly Boxing Sox-Detroit Newt oo-N.'iSSSu Three Lives Boxing 9:1 Rosary Boxing Sox-Detroit News J ltSSJS1." Three L,w Boxine :? Show Time Boxing Sox-Detroit I Counterspy I T:oo-coiwrt a i I Wrestling iBoxint - :4 Show Time Boxing Sox-Detroit Counterspy io:o-sim om Wrestling Boxing : Five-Star Indians . . Sox-Detroit Newt Weatherman Playhouse I f:ll Ty-?Ur . . Indians Sox-Detroit U.N. Highlights " ZTT " News Playhouse I II:Ji Midnight Music Indians Bandstand Collins at Keyt iZLJ Fights. News Weather . $ Midnight Music Scores-News Navy Collins at Keyt Z Msic Sports :?! N.e?'rrSp?.rt", Variety Hour Breezln" Along Collins at Kevt" r Theater Starlite Theater n.Z 0 ariety Hour Breezin' Along Collins at Keyt tw ( Theater SUrlite Theater :3 Midnight Music Variety Hour Breezin Along Late Date XrlSi,,, Theater Starlite Theater :43 Midnight Mutlc Variety Hour Breezin' Along Late Date rTUM,M- Theater Starlite Theater SATURDAY RADIO AND TV PROGRAMS WIRE 1430 WISH 1310 WFBM 1260 WIBC 1070 WXLW 1590 WFBM-TV WTTV , MX? ABO CBS MBS - - Channel t Channel 4 : Farm Bureau Morning Hymns Town-Country Farm Bureau ' News 6:1$ Gibson Show Dunkin' Time Farm News Bible Says Bob Mcison ;j Dawn Patrol Dunkin' Time Early Birds Dixie 4 Bob Morrison :4S Dawn Patrol Dunkin' Time Early Birds Reveille Revelry Bob Morrison . ; " :" Newt News Music World News Newt News 7:1$ Musical Clock Stars Early Birds Reveille Revelry Bob Morrison : Musical Clock Dunkin' Time Feet's Sake Reveille Revelry Bob Morrison :4$ Newt Dunkin'Time News Reveille Revelry News : : 1430 Club No School Today News New t Bob Morrison Industry 8:1$ 1430 Club No School Today Melodies Easy on Record Bob Morrison Christophert :3 1430 Club No School Today Religion Easy on Record Bob Morrison Mr. Wizard Cartoons :4$ Breakfast No School Today Garden Gate Easy on Record Bob Morrison Mr. Wizard Cartoons :0e Join the Navy Matinee Galen Drake Easv on Record Newt Lone Ranger Mr. Wizard 9:$ Billboard Matinee Galen Drake Easy on Record Kids' Korner I-one Ranger Mr. Wizard : Mary Lee Taylor Space Patrol Galen Drake Cross Roads Hawaiian Eche T.B.A. Cartoons in :45 Mary Lee Taylor Space Patrol Galen Drake Cross Roads Pan-Americana T.B.A. ' Theater Armed Forcet Chuckles Root. Q. Lewis Pic a Pocket News Space Patrol Truth Search 1A:J5 Beauty Chuckles Robt. Q. Lewis Pic a Pocket Answer Man Space Patrol Ind. Home IIJ3' Woman In Lov Open House Robt Q. Lewis Country Carnival Mills Bros. Ed McConnell Forum Weekly : Woman in Love Open House Robt Q. Lewis Country Carnival Cage Corner Ed McConnell Forum Weekly ' Jamboree Open House Theater Today Country Carnival News Music Big Top Western Jamboree Open House Theater Today Country-Carnival Yesterday's Hits Big Top Western I Rememb. Music Back to Bible Hollywood Stars Easv at Abies Perry Como Big Top Talent Revue :$ Rememb. Music Back to Bible Hollywood Start Easy at Abie's Crosby, Croons Big Top Talent Revue :0J Newt News Newt News News J. Jupiter CoL Flack 10:il Jordan, Clubwomen Forward March Hit Parade Sports J.Jupiter Col. Flack I Z:T? arm-Hom Waltzes Top Nine Man on Farm Hit Parade Place-Face Film ;$, Farm-Home Track Talk Top Nine Mason's Farm Hit Parade Place-Face Dizzy Dean :00 Star Time Open House City Hospital Rob Harris Warmup Auto Show Balt.-Cleveland 1:1$ Star Time Open House City Hospital Bob Harris Warmup Auto Show Balt.-Cleveland :3 Star Time Open House Top Nine Bob Harris Braves-Cubs Theater Balt.-Cleveland :4 Star Time - Open House Top Nine Bob Harris Braves-Cubs Theater Balt.-Cleveland : Star Time Open House Sox-Detroit Sonny Grubbs Braves-Cubs T.bTA. Balt.-Cleveland" 2:1$ Star Time Open House Sox-Detroit Sonnv Grubbt Braves-Cubs T.B.A. Balt.-Cleveland : Star Time Open House Sox-Detroit Chuckwagon Braves-Cubs This Life Balt.-Cleveland . :$ Star Time Open House Sox-Detroit Chuckwagon Braves-Cubs This Life Bat .-Cleveland tarTJme Hoe Down Sox-Detroit Bandwagon Braves-Cubs T.B.A. Balt.-Cleveland" 3:,S o rme fi fClWn Sox-Detroit Bandwagon Braves-Cubs T.B.A. Balt.-Cleveland :3 Star Time 1 oe Down Sox-Detroit Easy Does It Braves-Cubs Sfu Erwin Balt.-Cleveland AS Star Time Hoe Down Sox-Detroit Easy Does It Braves-Cubs I Stu Erwin Balt.-Cleveland If there was any doubt in her mind that there's gold in TV performing, Opera Singer Lily Pons has the story straight now. Miss Pons wondered which would pay more a European tour or TV guest shots. A quirk check with the folks who hold the TV pursestnngs and Miss Pons called off the trip abroad. Brian Donlevy has stopped filming NBC's "Dangerous As- sienment. Now he will star in a new film series entitled "The Silver Shark" which he will own, produce and appear in. TONIGHT- Waterfront starring Preston Foster WTTV CHANNEL 4 8:30 P.M. i i i ii ii . Yes!! Dressed the Day You Get Them! FRYS or HENS, 29' lb. Eggs 29c dox. Roosters 19c lb. HEFFNER'S POULTRY S3T MASS. AVE. IM. 0423 Open Fridays and Saturdays Rod Brasfield of NBCs Grand Ole Opry ay traffic cops are men of standing in his community! MURAT TEMPLE Today Thru Monday Antique Sutfom f Gum. Whsf Yu Wsnt Is Hr. Gets Into Act as 'Band Boy' On the Walk a Mile rndio program, Emcee Bill Cullen asked a contestant how the man had hroken Into the orchestra field. "Started as a band boy," replied the man. The term "band boy" puzzled Cullen, and he turned and asked whether any one in the audience knew its meaning. No one did. Then the contestant explained that a "band boy's" duties were doing errands, looking after tne instruments, making sure each player got 'the right music, etc. Goodman Ace, king of the TV comedy writers, has sigaed for another season as Milton Berle's sense of humor. lie will get the same take home pay for 20 shows as he got this year for 2S. TV S-E-R-V-l-C-E tonM Tecnniciaa Will Your Set M.rrM PlaB fit Chart ArMaat BOURNE JVX SOtk Sktrmma Ottn CM. 071 CARPETS Robber Tile LINOLEUMS Asphalt Tile ! LkmUCK U FLOOR COVERIMCO. I7E.MARYI.AN0-PWMA.O24 0 SUTINC STORM WMOOWt A MM Of VOWS UMMM rmru want to wticohm THE AISC0 MAN NO DOWN PAYMEN1 MA. 5554 V BUY NOW! Comfort For Summer fs;i -s--tn m 'ii Cr-J You'll Feel Better with an IP Learn to beat the heat the easy way. Enjoy mountain-cool comfort all summer long, right in your own home. Sleep like a baby every night. 10 Down 71 Wttki to Par ASK ABOUT THE RCA FACTORY SERVICE CONTRACT SHARPER & GARDNER ELEC. CO. 4040 110th St. tL. 4000 23 L 38th St. TA.SS4I V Going to The "500"? By Train? Trains t Itrr 10 Minutes from 9 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. on Sohiraeri no' Sundays PARK WITH US! 2 Modern Parking Lots 2 Blocks From Union Station SENATE RAMP LOT PEfJIJ. RAMP LOT 103 Virginia Avt. 206 W. South Sf. or 349 S. Senatt Ave. Drivt Up tht Ramp Drivt Up tht Ramp Leek Your Car and Ta'xt Your Ky 50c Daily Parking Fee 4 A.M. to P.M. Decoration Be? Prices Will B Sllfktlf Hifrior "QUALITY DETERMINES VALUE" and INDIANA STATE CHINCHILLAS INVITES COMPARISON V The Finest graded stock in Americo START V Over 1,200 onimols to choose from "YOUR" V Free equipment each purchase FUTURE V Guaranteed to Litter Health Lift 'N FUR V Eosy terms orronged T0DAY1 VISIT OH CALL INDIANA STATE CHINCHILLAS 9410 E. Washington, Indpls., Ind. IR vington 3934 GET OUT OF DEBT Let Budget Plan get you out of drbt on payments yon can afford, regardless of how many you owe. No security or endorsers, not a lending institution one place to pay. BONDED FOR YOUR PROTECTION No Obligation tor InUnltw THE BUDGET PLAN, INC. omm w rmicirAi. rmr.s tMnir,Rot-t iim Mimir. 214 MASSACHUSETTS AVI. Phono AT. 3321 ROOM 134 K. of P. ILDG. SHOP SATURDAY UNTIL 9 P.M. Save W it 33 Inn IEveny DDejpit. Shop NOW for Extra Savings oi-Sale Discounts-On All Your New Furnishings Before Our Sale Closes. SALE ENDS SAT., MAY 29 T fTVfSfffi i . rrr w wk l 01 v $222.00 French Period Sofot With ploin (uncorved) Solid Mahogony trim. $lOQ.S0 Brass noilhead outlining. Brocotelle cov.rt in everol colors .r.. $210.00 Fr.nch Period L.vo Carved Solid Mchogony trim. Two Cushions, chonnel bock. Brocotelle covers in several colors $248.00 Modern Twe-Pi.ce Living Room Distinctly, wing-back styling, with wide comfortable arms. In choice of Rose, Wine, Lime, or Dark Green fritze $OOQ.OO covers " $127.30 Solid Maplo S.rt.a end Attractive wing-bock design. 6 Cushions on Settee, 2 cushions on chair, covered with fine hard twill tapestry in $113.50 leaf pattern, Gray and Green, or Gray end Red I I $99. 95 Modern Sef. With blond wood trim, feet ond arms. Very attractive SOQ.50 modern pottern. Gr.en cover with gold thread decoration $339.00 Solid Mohogony Victorian Sot. ond Choir Authentic reproductions in beautifully earved Solid Mahogony, with finest hard twill Topestry cover, floral $310.50 colors on beige ground ! $239.30 Modcrniiod Sof. Channel -button bock ond arms the SlQQ.SO some height. Two cushions. Rose or Green Motelosse covers. til $439.30 Modern Ch.rry-R.d Mahogony Suit. Includes 64" 12-drower Triple Dresser with 35"x53" fromed Mirror; ponel Bed; 8-drower Che-t-on-Chest, ond 2- S9OQ.50 drower step-top Night Stond. Mirror finish. Polished bross pulls $277.00 Mod.rn Lim.d Oak Bedroom With Bookcase Headboard Bed; 6-drower 50" Double Dresser with 30"x38" plot. Mirror; 4-drawer Chest, ond Night $747' Stond with drawer ond cupboord. Polished bross pulls Af $289.00 Mod.rn Walnut Suite Four pieces include ponel Bed, 9-drower 56" Tnpl. Dresser with 30"x42" tilting plot. Mirror; 5-drower Chest; Night Stond with SOCQ.S0 drower ond cupboord. Polished bro-.s pulls ' $359.30 Modern Mahsg.ny Suite With swirling gram. Includes 5" 6-drower Double Dresser with 32"x44" bevel plote Mirror; Inw-footnnord ponel Bed, 36" 5- $O7Q-50 drawer Chest; Night Stond. Polished bross pulls ml I $437.50 Kling Solid Ch.rry Mod.rn In "Cherry-Nut" finish. 54" 8-drewer $3QO.$0 Double Dresser, honging Mirror; 26" 6-drower Chef; Ponel Bed, Nigbt Stand. $118.40 Early Amaric.a Solid Moplo Suite With low footboard Panel Bed; $00-8$ 40" Single Dresser with plate Mirror, ond 28" 4-drower Chest (Full Selection of Ob $'ck Maplo Bedroom Pieces) $162.50 Modern Lim.d O.k Dinette 2- Pedestal Drop-Leof Table, carved shaped legs, top 26"x36" leaves down, 36"x60" leoves up, extends to 72". 4 Choirs with openwork panel bocks, and $17' nubby weave Rose seats.... m $69.50 Mahogany Drop-Lt.f Iit.mi.n Table 2 Pedestols, top sue 36" $11.9$ x 56" leoves up, extends to 66". " $317.00 Mod.rn Ch.rry-R.d Mahoganr Din.tto With Drop-Leof Extension Toble 24"x42", extends to 102"; 52" 6-drower Credeno; 4 Choirs, Red Top- $239'" esfry seats ' $179.50 M.plo Loiy Susan Drop-Leof Table ond 4 Captain Chairs 50" Round Table, leoves up; 20" Loiy Suson; 4 Contom Chairs with toddle scoop S1CQ.9S seats 137 fiii:i: TAXI fo and from cmrich t sJ in. city. free PARKING OPIN MOM WI0., SAT. TIL 9 P.M. $289.30 Mod.rn Jr.-Sii. Pullman SI. .per Makes 34-sue bed. Reversible moftress and all famous Pullman features for doy-time beouty with outstanding niqhttima sleeping comfort. Rose or $OCQ.$0 . Green Frieie ' $249.50 Modern Pullman SI.ep.r 2 cushions; opens to full -sue bed. Shaped button bock. Green or Brown $OlQ.$0 Tweed covers mil $129.50 larly American Maplo Sofa B.d With Solid Mople arms ond trim. Bedding box. Mople leaf pattern cover in combination of Ton, Block, $11C'9$ Green ond Brown 113 $103.30 Modern Sofa Bed Has modern low arms. Button tufted bock. Bedding box. Gold thread decoroted Soge $QO. 9S Green cover , d-iL- OZ'A W. MORRIS ST. ' .' fcr I " O w""On I' Since 1881 A us dome o r BETTER FURNITURE o t - - a - yjjs JgS r r i ft A ,A0 n i " J, ,-!- r i- --f r--1 m m -

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