The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 22, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 22, 1934
Page 5
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, NOVEJ1BKK 22, 1934 5 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Assembly Places for Next Tuesday and Wednesday Are Atniounced Testing of callle for tuberculosis will be continued next week in (lie southern part of Mississippi county. A schedule for Tuesday and Wednesday has been announced by R. O. Porter, who is supervising the work in this community. Testing of all callle, regardless of whether or not they are milk animals and Including all calves above one and one-half months, is compulsory. There will be no charge if owners bring the animals lo regular assembly places at the hours designated, but, any cattle not presented for tesl at (host places will be lested at the expense of Hie owner. Testing places and hours for next Tuesday and Wednesday arc: Tuesday:—8 a. m.. Sylvan Girdley farm, Victoria plantalion, and Waller Mulkcy farm; 10 a. in., Mississippi county farm; 1 p. in., John Sparks place, Ed H. Cooper place, w. C. Howard place: 1.30 Mrs. Denton's brother and family, }r. and Mrs. Wrlglil Dcnton, of Warden, Monday. Mrs. Bert, Skinner and Miss Jewell Lewis shopped, ill Cnrutli- crsvlltc Monday. Mrs. Geraldinc Dye and Miss hrlslaii Callalier visited In Mttola Monday. Raymond Long, who is employed at the shoe factory, nt Cnrmh- crsville, spent the week end at his ionic here.' Misses Flora B. Keirscy and Nina Huckaba attended to business iu Caruthcrsvilte Monday, Corbln Gallahcr, Bert Skinner. Tom Long, Austin Curtis, niirt Clyde Long left Tuesday for ti Ihree days limiting trip on the liver above New Madrid. Sylvia Huckaba spent Saturday night with Flora 13. Keirsey. Miss Nina Huckaba spent Tuesday nfeia ivllh Mrs. Ucrl Skin- Kaletta's Pal Has Vanished It's Extra Tricks That Count in Duplicate Tournaments Langston form at Rosa \Vctincsday:-a a. in., Will Jollop' Mounties, in Arctic Four Years, Are Back Home VANCOUVER, B. C. (UP)— Fourteen men aboard the Royal Canadian Mounted Police supply ship, S). Rocli, arrived here recently after four years auovc the Arclic circle. The patrol enforced Hie King's law in llic Arctic. It's only contact was with Eskimos and scattered Mount Ic outposts. Coronation Gulf was the center of activities. The deck of the St. Koch was laden with dozens or empty fuel place, .West Ridge and C C | drllms . testifying to her numerous Danehower place; 10 a. m., I lon r voyages. ^Her jjropellor blades Hatcher school; 11 «. m,, D. M.""""" ' '" "-"-•' '— --•--• Easley place: 1 p. in., Will Massey place, O, F.' Manlcy place, and Harry Worsley place; 2 p. m., J. P. Iloliinaii place, H. E. Stanford place. ' Announcement was made by Mr. Porter lliat callle owners in .Osce- cla and vicinity who failed Lo gel llieir animals lestcd Ihis week can obtain the free tests by taking their cattle lo Mr. Mulkcy's or to the county farm next. Tuesday. French Soldiers Gel More Milk—Not Wine . PARIS. (UP)—A solution lo tile problem of the ovcr-protluctlon oi French wines tins year has just been ottered by Jean Morisson, of (he Cliarente General Council, who _ proposed that the soldiers' wine ra- tlie Rev. E. D. Crocker, at Iheltions be doubled. . home of Mr. and Mrs. Tom May, I "An excellent idea," said another for their 11. month old daughter, member o[ the Council who raises Bonila Ann. Burial was made ut | chickens, "but what about, doubling the Cariithersvillc cemetery. The Hie rations of eggs used by the Braggadocio News Funeral services were conducted Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock by were nearly Halted from repeated contacts with floating ice. Sgt. H. A. I/iU'seii, commander, noted a distinct lack or drifting ice this slimmer. "We even had dillicuHy in Jincl- ing ice for cooling purposes," he said. child is .survived by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom May, two sisters, and four brothers. Miss Norma Holt spent the week end will) her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Halt. She returned Sunday to Bragg City, where she leaches school. Miss' Beatrice Holt.'Vlio is"cnr- ployed a I the shoe factory in Car' iilhersvlllc, spent. Hie weekend here and in Hayti, visiting relatives. The high school hoys basketball team met the town team Friday for their first game of tlie season. They were defeated 28-27. The town team was composed of Raymond Long, Minai'd Pfeffcr, Clark May, Manual May and Tom Wicker. There was no girls game. A number of people from here attended the funeral of J. L, James, of Cariithersrille, Monday. Mr. and Mrs. John Curtis announce the birth of an eight, pound son on Sunday, November 18, at 2 o'clock. He lias been named Joe Jerry. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Skinner, Miss Jewell Lewis, and Mr. Roy Curtis attended services at the Baptist church at Hayli, Sunday evening. Mrs. Florinc Blackwcll, of Stcclc, is guest ol Mrs. Velma Walker. Misses Roberta Dcnton and Jewell Halley and Mrs. Florinc Elackwcll silent Saturday night U'ilh Miss Nova Davis. Mrs. L. D. Denton and Misses IJoberta atid Nova Davis visited French Aniiy?" No reply was forthcoming al- .hough the Government recently adopted a proposal lo give soldiers more milk. Classioum Covers 1,000 Acres MISSOULA, Monl. (OP) — One classroom at Montana University here covers 1,600 acres. It's Uie forestry school's laboratory in Pntle Canyon—a stand of virgin yellow pine, live limes the size of the campus. TUNE IN , K M 0 X EVERY FRIDAY MORNING at 0:30 - LISTEN TO THE CORNO FEED MAN and His Hired Hands Gela$50Biilova Watch' Free! For Further information See Fanners Cash Feed & Seed Co. I'honc 127 Thin winsome little farm Klrl— u dancer wheo tnH fanuin;;—is missing; from her Mercer, l>a., IIUIHU uhd may l»o lost in « l^reat ciiy, so 1'eiintiylvauia police arc ijnari.'liiui; illliiioutly for Inn'. Klio is Yvonne Itnitiucr, vvlio was hrldosiiiiiid for Kulotta -Mulvilnll. wlien llml iniicli-liciul- liiicd youngster married a 1'iltd- bin-gh truck driver. Solution lo Previous Contract Problem 'J'liis In (lie 1,-isf of s<".v u'liniliii; liands lire sen led Ity Aaron Trunk, of t'li'icluml, through William !•:. MvKi'imt'y. HV IVM. K, A Secretary, American lirlrt«r Leii M Q J S I V A « Q9 3 J, A Kfi 3 2 UC 9 0 -I f S7'l I 10 ( 2 i 0 8 7 N 'ioalar * A 10 * ,i s <; o + Q J10 I South IV V K J 10 C D 3 * A K V ,T, G 3 '1 1'iipltcalo—All vul WcM. .\nrlh Pass 1 4 Pa.:;. -I N. T. I y lead—.t. o. vi Kasl 1'asa I'aBR Pnss Today's Contract Problem South ( s iilnyiiiBtlicconlnict <u six clubs, west opens (ho Ween of diamond^. How I'houlil declarer pluy tlio to mnko hts contract? 4 A 10354 3 t Noiio • A 10.t 4 J S 7 2 A K J 7 2 V K J 7 C 2 » 0 J S 6 »Q1083 »74 + Q105 J A None * KS 6 2 + A K 9 G -I Solution In koxl Issue. 1 have seen already, in u •:tlc loiirnumcnl, where a pair >id and made a small slam mid slill received boUom score on the board. They piuyed the hand In clubs and made only six odd. while everyone else in (he room played lh; same hand In hearts or no and made sis or seven, in championship pluy, an , i, , , „ !e*li'a Uick may mean manv cxlra hi rubber bridge wo are generally \pglnis ana often a championship llMiw! with just, making our ran-1 Aliron ,,, rtt|lk> |n , i)ls scr|cs 0{ M _ tract, but In duplicate play, ninklng Icies, has given us iomc very 1111- your contract may mean nothing, isunl plays. The completeness of analysis of a hand is most, re- THEDFORD'S BLACK- DRAtGH FAMfLY LAXATIVE Bates Bedspreads Every women knows that a new hat gives fresh charm to even ;m old costume. Bui she often for- gcls what <t colorful new spread will do for her bedroom. 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He spread the hand on we table and said, "The average player would look at lhc hand and figure lie has lo lose u sjiailc and a club and, If there arc Uircc hearts to the queen, he will have lo lose a heart (rick. I. decided, however, llml If there were three .-hearts to Dp queen on my right,*! had a play far live odd anil, of course, It Is (lie exli'u trick (hat gives you mutch points in loiiinaiiu'iiis." Tlie I'iay Tlie nine of clubs was opened and won In dummy with lhc king. A small diamond was plswed anil won with the ace. A sparfe wns returned and won by Kast with lljo ace. He returned Hie queen or clubs, which was won In dummy with the nee. A small epadc was led nnil rulVcd. The next (rick was won with liic ace of hearts and another spade lulled. Mr, Prank cashed Ms king of dlainomls anil led a small diamond, winning wtlh Ihe queen. Ai'.olhcr spade was riilVcd with the ten of hearts and now a small club was played, East won wltli tile ;;;'_-. He now has nothing lefl but the iiuccii and nine of henrts and (he declarer hns Ihe king and Jack, giving Mr. Frank rive odd for lop score on Ihe board In the, nisi session of Ihe recent Masters' pair tomiumieiil. I only wish that all of my nuul- ers could have had lhc opportunity to have heard Mr. Frank discuss these hands In his nonchalant manner, entirely lacking of egotism. He plays good bridge be- causi! lie tries hard on every hand, Ills imme will IM cuijrnvod on'many cliiunplonshli) cups In the Jiiturt'. Ulm Planning New Flight Across Pacific MONTREAL (UpT^A "mystery" Ilidlit from Montreal lo Vinicoii- 1'iM- nncl iheiire ncio.^s the fuclile. Occnii lo Aiialrulla Is beiiiB plnn- lied hy Cliiu-ics i>. Klin, rnmcms nii-ilUtance Illcr, It is leiirned. He will lit' nmim|i;uili>(( -by raiee M. Ulllejolin. his co-pilot, iiiul 1,. Leon Kklllliut. jinvlKiilor. Skllllnti Is here awnitlng UIL> arrival of Ulm nnd Ulllejohir rroni IWlaln with their plane. Skilliui; refusiitl to ri-vnii dc- luils pf ||| ( . niKiit, in,,, lulinUteil lluiL Ulm was In Jlrllaln buying and Iratlni; a |ilnne ror llio 1'a- ctiU' hop, lie >aid Ulm would mnke liuidliids .ill Honolulu, 1'IJji Ishiiuls and AiteklaiKl, New '/,e«-l IniHl. en route Ui Aiislmlln. 'I'lu'ic . Is runsliimibli- s|icciiln- llon us lo tin' reason of lhc illBlil. tlln\ ulready hus Mown ncross Ihe i'ticllc once, In 1921), wlii'ii he| nclcil n.s co-pilot with Hlr chnrli's' SIClDliJilonl-Siiiilh, Sti !(. is siij. Bf.sled llml Hie niuht i,, n y be ronncclcd with an all-Kinpirc (ilr route from l.ijmlcni m Auslnillii with Moniivnl, Vancouver, nnd Aiic-kluiid, (lie tlircc ment Jinic- tlon DoliU.s. I'AGE In Iho past five years, Japan-'is'; estimated W have supplied from. 65 to ta pei cent of the woild's law silk, o:id China from 19 & • 20 per cent. 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