The Press Democrat from Santa Rosa, California on July 13, 1991 · 21
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The Press Democrat from Santa Rosa, California · 21

Santa Rosa, California
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Saturday, July 13, 1991
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C5 TNI MESS DEMOCRAT, SATURDAY, JULY 1 3, 1 1 S. Africa ban-lift proposed USOC aiding Olympic Fest Associated Press - LOS ANGELES The U.S. i Olympic Festival took an Interna-' tfonal turn Friday when the head of the USOC said he favors lifting the ban against athletes who have competed In South Africa. : Robert Helmlck, USOC presi- dent, said the executive committee would discuss that matter when it meets today. Any recommendation that might result would require approval by the USOC's board of directors. "It would seem to me that at our executive committee meeting this week, the United States Olympic Committee should evaluate that .rule and put that behind us," Helmick said at a kickoff news conference for the Festival. "On one side, the athlete is violating the rules. On the other side, it's up to sport to try to get redemption and to move forward and allow everyone to participate." The opening ceremonies included a 600-piece marching band and an appearance by former President Reagan on Friday. Figure skating, basketball, swimming and boxing all start today. Helmick noted the USOC only has jurisdiction on U.S. entries into the Olympic Festival, Pan American Games, World University Games and the Olympics. Any national governing bodies would have to make their own decisions. The suspensions were handed down against three coaches and 14 track -and field athletes who took part In a four-meet tour of South Africa in October 1988. The suspensions ranged from two to six years for the athletes, and eight to 12 years for coaches. The turnaround comes in the wake of the International Olympic Committee's decision Tuesday to recognize the interim National Olympic Committee of South Africa, provided its international teams move toward complete integration. "I would say we're in a period of time where everyone is looking at each other and it's very Important to study each action from here on out," Helmick said. Meanwhile, Helmick disclosed Friday that the USOC had given $300,000 to the Olympic Festival's organizing committee. It's part of a $1 million, interest-free bridge loan being forwarded against ticket revenue. "We are helping them to ensure the cash flow, to ensure the festival happens," Helmick said. He said that in December, the USOC received a report from one of its committees saying there could be problems with this festival because of the size of the city, ticket sales projections and other factors. In January, he said, "we made the corporate decision that there will be a Los Angeles Olympic Festival." "The United States Olympic Committee Is committed to making this a successful Olympic Festival," Ell Primrose-Smith, head of the festival organizing committee, said the $1 million in loans was secured to overcome a "temporary cashflow situation." She said It was due in part to the fact the venues wanted all expenses paid for In advance. This Is the first time the festival has been held in such a large city. With Its emphasis on being a developmental tool and not so much a showcase for America's top athletes, there have been concerns about how it will be received. Primrose-Smith was upbeat Friday, just hours before opening ceremonies were to be held at Dodger Stadium. She said ticket sales had surged in the past three days, and that she expected a good number of walk-up sales during the nine days of competition. "This town proved in 1984 (during the Olympics) that there is a tremendous Interest in walk-up sales," she said. "We are not designed to make money. We are designed to cover our expenses, and we fully expect to cover our expenses," she said. SportsChannel, PSN merge SportsChannel Bay Area and Pacific Sports Network (PSN) merged on Friday, giving Bay Area sports aficionados one all-inclusive sports network. ., The result of the merger is SportsChannel Pacific, which will offer subscribers the chance to view games of the San Francisco Giants, Oakland A's, Golden State Warriors, and collegiate events from Cal and Stanford and the Big West and West Coast conferences. SportsChannel Pacific will operate a service that offers basic and premium programming on a single channel. Cal, Stanford and other colle- EMPIRE giate sports will be available as part of the basic level of services. The Giants, A's and Warriors will be offered as a pay-per-view premium selection. The agreement, which took nearly four months to iron out, came about because both SportsChannel and Pacific Sports Networks were experiencing financial problems by dividing the market. The merger is expected to provide SportsChannel Pacific with 1.7 million subscribers. PSN was available to more than 80 percent of the Bay Area's cable audience but was hurt because SportsChannel Bay Area had the rights to the Giants and A's broadcasts, for which it charged as much as $9.95 a month. The merger is expected to be complete, and programming on the air, in the fall. No hitter Andrew Levine pitched a no-hitter and struck out 17 batters in a six-inning game, as Kelsevyille de-. feated Southshore 5-0 in a District 35 majors all-star baseball game at Kelseyville on Friday. Levine walked one, and one Southshore runner reached base on an error. I'MUjAiiiiM.'inrani Solano County Fair Handicap Saturday, July 13. Clear and fast. Post time 12:30 p.m. FIRST. ($2 Exacts) 870 yards (Qtrs) three year olds and up, claiming $2500, purse $3500. PP Horse Jockey Wt. Odds . 6 Natural Summit G Carter 120 2-1 3 Bruisln Bruno . C Rollins 120 5-2 2 Bosses Value J C Arias 120 7-2 , 5 Trouble Whip T C While 123 9-2 1 Flyino Frenchy G Boag 123 o-l 4 Pahkelo A AA Noouez 120 8-1 1 Sweet N Bitter K Tohill 120 10-1 4 Short Game Plan C Arias 123 5-2 2 Mondavi J Lewis 120 7-2 3 Radical Country G Carter 120 9-2 1 Lanes Request D Boag Hi 6-1 5 Starlets Secret G Boag 120 8-1 6 Wings Ot A Dove J Meir 115 10-1 6 Burnt Dreams P Atkinson 114 15-1 Natural Summit Very tough today. Bruisin Bruno Knows this distance. Bosses Value -- Hot pilot up. SECOND. ($2 Exacta) 4-12 furlongs (Appys) maidens three years old and up, claiming $4000, purse $3200. PP Horse Jockey wT Odds .. 3 Camshaft P Atkinson 1 18 2-1 4 JL's Prince Murr D Davis 116 5-2 " 6 latolla U So G Boag 121 7-2 ' 8 Cruz Bay G Carter 121 9-2 9 Miss L Domino A Ochoa 116 6-1 7 G Hankus Brown Schvaneveldt 116 8-1 5 O K Fine S Averill 121 10-1 I Rageous U Romero xlll 15-1 ' 1 Double The Fad J Eads xll6 15-1 .18 Belvedere T C While 116 20-1 Camshaft Looks best today. JL's Prince Murr Good Spot for score, latolla U So -- Could land part. THIRD. ($2 Double) one mile, maiden three year olds and up, claiming $20,000-18,000, purse $8000. PP Horse Jockey Wt! Odds ' 3 Silveyville's Love M Espindola 115 2-1 4 Capable Assertion D Thomas 115 5-2 ' 7 Shazaam D Baze 120 7-2 1 6 Leash A Guerrero 113 9-2 1 Tracero J Judice 122 6-1 ' 2 Captive Embrace C McGurn 120 8-1 ' 5 Moonfinder Fuenles xl08 10-1 9 Sierra Satan J Burns 120 12-1 8 Calaueras Kid S Parker xl08 15-1 '10 Arctic Aly N Condie 115 15-1 Silveyville's Love -- Blinkers may help. Capable Assertion Needed last... beware. Shazaam -- Coming around now. FOURTH. ($2 Exacta) six furlongs, three year olds and up, claiming $12,500-10,000, purse $10,000. Unwaxed -- Best would do it. Short Game Plan r- Look who's riding. Mondavi -- Has the credentials. SIXTH. (1st $2 Triple$2 Exacta) 5-12 lurlongs, three year olds and up, claiming $6250, purse $6500. PP Horse Jockey Wt! Odds 3 Let George Do It M Espindola 117 2-1 6 Burning Court J Kaenel 119 5-2 9 Stanton B. Fleet P Nicolo 117 7-2 2 Senator Ike A Unsihuav 119 9-2 1 Genuine Jay K Tohlll 117 6-1 I Pukkaraki P Atkinson 117 8-1 5 Square Creek V Miranda 117 10-1 8 Kings Wager O A Martinez 117 12-1 7 Beua's Sun D Thomas 111 15-1 10 Unlrameled A M Noguez 117 15-1 Let George Do It Seems set now. Burning Court --Hustling pilol up. Stanton B. Fleet Would not surprise. SEVENTH. ($2 Exacta$3 Trifecta) one mile, fillies and mares four year olds and up, claiming $4000, purse $5000. 7 The Righl Gift D Thomas 117 10-1 6 Super Fort W Stanley 117 12-1 8 Federall A Ochoa 17 15-1 10 Curragh View E Sanchez 117 15-1 Maid's Mistake Will be oul winging. Baltlstan Post should help. J.R. Johnson - Drops Into good spot. TENTH. ($2 Exacta) one mile, three year olds and up, claiming $6250, purse $6500. PP Horse Jockey Wt! Odds 3 Generator R Hansen 117 5-2 4 Such A Wager R Pfau 119 9-2 7 Dress Array R Sibille 117 6-1 5 Motel Affair B Campbell 117 8-1 1 Glowman J Eads 117 10-1 2 Impulsiveness Wm Campbell 117 12-1 t Whiskey Jack D Lozova 117 15-1 8 Chili Hill D Baze 117 15-1 9 Please Remit J Caslanon 117 20-1 10 No Show Charlie N Hubbard 117 20-1 Generator Best would do it. Deal Joker Seeks repeat effort. Dress Array -- Will have lo hustle. ELEVENTH. ($2 Exacta) six lurlongs, fillies and mares three years old and up, 11th VACAVILLE HANDICAP, $30,000 added. PP Horse Jockey Wt. Odds 4 Joys Of Love R Hansen 1 16 2-1 5 Miss Oakdale D Baze 116 5-2 7 Favorite Drive G Boag 116 7-2 9 Sweet Mvladv V Miranda 116 9-2 10 Andy's Alibhai B Campbell 118 6-1 2 More Than Gossip N Condie 116 8-1 1 Chris Darlin A L Diaz 116 10-1 3 Cookln Caiun D Thomas 116 12-1 6 Havryder Wilrun Schvaneveldt 116 15-1 8 Wyoming E Sanchez 116 15-1 Joys Of Love Top outfit has her. Miss Oakdale Strictly one to beat. Favorite Drive -- Last was a corker. EIGHTH. ($2 Exacta) six furlongs, four year olds and up, Cal bred, claiming $5000, purse $5500. PP Horse 6 Aaron's Dewan 7 A Native Sigh 3 Right Port 1 Rich's Orphan Jockey Wt. Odds B Campbell 117 2-1 D Thomas 117 5-2 D Baze 117 7-2 A Ochoa 119 9-2 PP Horse ' Jockey Wt. Odds 3 Questioning F Mena 119 2-1 8 Splendid Dream R Sibille 115 5-2 2 Estrella Blanca O A Martinez 112 7-2 1 Miss Waukesha T Doocy 114 8-1 5 Turquoise Dawn D Baze 110 10-1 4 Zapaleado C Rollins 112 12-1 6 Wanda Kave R Hansen 115 15-1 7 Dancer's Career J Judice 114 15-1 9 Lady of Fortune P Atkinson 108 20-1 Questioning Too much class. Splendid Dream Looms one to fear. Estrella Blanca -- Veteran fair mare. TWELFTH. ($2 Exacta) five furlongs (Appys) three year olds and up, starter allowance (2500), purse $3900. PP Horse Jockey Wt! Odds 7 No Mo Do D Boag 121 2-1 2 No Fun Son C Rollins 118 5-2 1 Mr. Sparrow Hawk A M Noguez 121 7-2 3 The Gigolo V Miranda 118 9-2 5 Wowee S Burns 111 6-1 6 Spooka Straw M Stanley 118 8-1 4 My Chica Mia J Burns 113 10-1 8 Secrets Oul C White 118 12-1 PP Horse Jockey Wt. Odds 8 Island Born R Hansen 117 2-1 3 Kyle's Endevor J Kaenel 117 5-2 4 Rule the Ridge J Judice 115 7-2 2 Golden Hope A Unsihuav 117 9-2 V Glory To Gill I G Diaz 117 6-1 5 Wild Lookout B Campbell 117 8-1 6 B.J.'s Law R Sibille 117 10-1 7 Finance Officer T Doocy 117 15-1 Island Born Need only repeat last. Kyle's Endevor --Found tougher spot. Rule The Ridge - Has hot pilot. FIFTH. ($2 Exacta) 350 yards (Qtrs) three year olds and up, allowance, purse $9000. PP Horse 7 Unwaxed Jockey T Noguez Wt. Odds lie 2-1 2 Momentous Memory T C White 117 6-1 9 Read My Mind R Hansen 117 i-l 8 No Story A Caslanon 117 10-1 10 Noon Sun P Atkinson 117 12-1 5 J.'s Flyer D Boag 117 15-1 4 Wicker Basket M Stanley 117 15-1 Aaron's Dewan Been freshened up. A Native Sigh - Looks tor an upset. Right Port -- Ready for smasher, NINTH. (2nd $2 Triple$2 Exacta) six furlongs, three year olda and up, claiming $8000, purse $8000. PP Horse 2 Maid's Mistake 1 Baltistan 9 J.R. Johnson 5 Harborwise 4 Afilado 3 Tin Horn No Mo Do Tough duo in here. No Fun Son Good spot for score. Mr. Sparrow Hawk -- Should show speed. THIRTEENTH. (S2 Exacta) one mile, three year olds and up, claiming $6250, purse $6000. Jockey Wt. Odds P Atkinson 117 2-1 P Nicolo 117 5-2 R Hansen 117 7-2 J Judice 117 9-2 N Hubbard 117 6-1 C Rollins 117 8-1 PP Horse 6 Search Fora Hit 3 .Crimson Cruiser 7 Prairie Angel 10 El Melor 8 Courageous Current 9 Find The Cause 5 Cherie's Ice 4 Eiffel Tower 1 Court Enforcer 2 Minstrel Power Jockey R Caballero M Espindola R Hansen N Hubbard J Jenkins A Caslanon A Guerrero J Judice B Campbell M Sianley Wt. no 117 117 119 117 117 117 117 122 117 Odds 2-1 5- 2 7- 2 9- 2 6- 1 8- 1 10- 1 12-1 15-1 15-1 Search Fora Hit -- Could pop up here. Crimson Cruiser - Pilot will hustle him. Prairie Angel -- Top pilot aboard. Best Bet: Maid's Mislake-9. x-5lbs aac. Solano County Fair Results Friday, July 12. Clear and fast. Post time 12:30 p.m. All unplaced horses listed in order of finish.) FIRST. ($2 Exacta) 400 yds (Qtrs) mdn 3, 4 & 5 yos, clmg, purse $3700. Race Sound Schvaneveldt 13.60 HiO 560 My Dream Champ P Atkinson 20.60 10.20 Geared Up D Boag 3 40 Time: :20.71. Also ran-Carllown, dq-Chase After Bunny, Ruff My Feathers, Dickeys Lypheor Ann, Broadway Regards, Murgies Jet. Scratched: Imperio Two. $2 Exacts I52) paid S379.60. SECOND. ($2 Exacta) 400 yds (Qtrs) 3 yos & up, clmg, purse $3900. Rich Tactic G Carter 14.80 6M 3M Oocs Outta Debt Schvaneveldt 8.60 4.60 Kicapu Kid AM Noguez 2.60 "time: -.20.31. Also ran-Slice, Speedy La Rue, Nothings Free, Dr Damento, B B Dasher. $2 exacta (4-3) paid $96.20. THIRD. ($2 Double) 6 furs, mdn t 3 yos, Cal bred, clmg, purse $7000. Ouaken Mary R Caballero 5.60 ilb" 380 Big Double Play J Caslanon 20.00 7.40 Time lor Taxes A Ochoa 0 Time: 1:10.1. Also ran-Sassy Placet!, Mendetee, Mar-bledancer. Arbitrator Miss, Transportable, Bonita Pleasure, Metamorphasis. Scratched: Tackfoo, Just Safe, Zams Dancer, Jim's Bugger Red, FOURTH. ($2 Exacts) 6 furs, 4 yos & up, clmg, purse $5000. Don Double Time O Davis 15.40 (LOO 440 Windy Torch Fuantes 6.40 5 80 Double Deficit P Nicolo 6.00 Time: 1:10. Also ran-Bold Dusty, No Money Down, Diamond Prince, Get Up America, Angel J.. Hor.avs Quarters, Onrelas. Scratched: Liberate Love. Blazing Sunshine, UnframeHed, Micropus. $2 Exacta (8-10) paid $118.60. $2 Double (3-1) paid $50.20. FIFTH. ($2 Exacta) 350 yds (Qtrs) t m 3 yos isp, cftng, purse $3900. , True Rule A M Noguez 11.00 6.20 3.20 Estrella Ells 6 Carter 7.60 3.20 Ala Apollo R Seville 2.60 Time: :18.34. Also ran Richs Lark, a-Miss Nordstrom, Flares Limil, Auntie Merri, a-Skips Class Act, Flash Regards. $2 Exacta (6-8) paid $64.20. SIXTH. (1st $2 Triple$2 Exacta) 1-116 mile, mdn 3 yos & up, clmg, purse $6000. Assertainly R Hansen 3.00 2.60 2.60 Tank's Promise B Campbell 4.00 3,00 Irish Milieu T Doocy 3.40 Time: 1:44.4. Also ranMy Rainman, Time Recalled, Tribal Trooper, Threeaiatime, Styled Legion, Sprlngshol, Clever Fantasy. Scratched Hidden Hall, Yashie, Northern Seed, Law Journal. $2 Exacts (1-3) paid $12.20. SEVENTH. ($2 Exacta$3 Trifecta) 6 turs, t m 3 yos 4 up, clmg, purse $6000. Crystal Bloomer C Rollins 19.20 10.60 7.00 Sully's Princess J Eads 28.20 11.80 Vagabond Lace D Baze 3.60 Time: 1:10.3. Also ranlntercrosita, Moment Of Glory, Princess Nadla, Miss Quillachee, Gentle Surgeon, Doree-do, Rich Society. Scratched Retsina Libra, Julie's A Star, Steady Natalie, Fleet Sioux. $2 Exacts (5-4) paid $828.80. $2 Trifecta (5-4-6) paid $2316.00. EIGHTH. ($2 Exacta) 5-12 turs, f 4 m 3 yos & up, clmg, purse $6500. I Adore Publicity R Hansen MO 2M 300 Eagle's Kiss JCastanon 6.80 6.00 Exploded'! Girt P Atkinson 8.80 Time: 1:04.3. Also ranPink Ballerina, Miss Classy Ana, Laura's Dance, Sofasl, Windoon, Sizzle 'Em. Scratched-Poo Secret, Judy Sunshine. $2 Exacts (4-6) paid $26.00. $2 Daity Trip) (1-5-4or7) paid $67.00. NINTH. (2nd $2 Tripks$2 Exacta) 6 furs, 3 yos i up, clmg, purse $7500. Prince Alec T Doocy TH 3M 100 Whose Noble D Thomas 14.80 10.40 Cyclone B Campbell 6.20 Time: 1:09.4. ilso ran Champagne Beau, Final Factor, Commissio, Impressive Charm, Happy Aly, Sultan's Affair. ScratchedMore Than Green, L'Brave, Dodge Ihe Devil, Tell Lucas. $2 Exacta (6-1) paid $152.00. TENTH. ($2 Exacta) 6 furs, 3 yos, clmg, purse $11,000. Perfect Heist R Sibille slo 3M 3M a-Como I G Diaz 7.40 4.60 Don's Traveler R Hansen 5.00 Time: 1:10.1. Also ran--Bet A Bic, Apasionado, Mar de Plata, Borrowed Cash, Open Ocean, a-EI. Gancho, Vista's Habit. Scratched-Exlenuatorv. $2 Exacta (4-1) paid $47.20. ELEVENTH. ($2 Exacta) one mile, 3 yos ft up, allow, purse $20,000. ArcOfTawa A Caslanon 8.00 3.40 2.80 College Green R Hansen 2.60 2.40 Cartago T Doocy 3.20 Time: 1:36.2. Also ran-Charts, Queens Emissary, Nu Midnight, Camp Bowie, Captured Pirate. Scratched-Track Dominator. $2 Exacts (1-3) paid S20.20. $2 Daily Triple (2or6-4-1) paid $66.60. TWELFTH. ($2 Exacta) 4-12 furs (Appys) 3 yos, allow, purse $8000. Charge' C Rollins 50.00 16.80 5!bo Zevis Giorgio D Boag 6.00 2.60 Big Dave G Boag 2.20 Time: :52.4. Also ranFirsl Class Rule, Bold Conquesl, Imawillietoo. $2 Exacts (1-5) paid $300.40. THIRTEENTH. ($2 Exacta) one mile, 3 yos t up, clmg, purse $6000. Turn a Proftt I G Diaz 19.40 !M0 460 Lover Juan R Caballero 6.80 3.80 Raffar T Doocy 5.00 Time: 137.4. Also ran Victorious Noble, Nevada Dancer, Chester B., Dr. Moose, Higher Yet, Verbal Leader, Some Reward. Scratched Courageous Current, Court Enforcer, Cherie's tee, Minslrel Power. $2 Exacta (10-9) paid $91.80. Totals: Total mutual handle: $1,602,803. Total on track handle: $390,915. Total off track handle: $1,211,888. Total attendance: (417. Total on track attend: 3002. Total oft track attend: 5415. Total Qtrs pool: $191,861. Total Appy.pooc $95,492. Total Thoroughbred handle: $1,315,450. SPORTS IN BRIEF llolyf icld might retire after fighting Tyson IN THE BLEACHERS i Holyfleld Undisputed heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfleld said Friday he may retire after his bout with Mike . 1 iysn on nov. o in Las veeas. - l The title-holder said he may I S3 I quit because there may be no f NtlJ cnallen8es left ,f he defeats "I've been fighting for 20 years," Holyfleld. 28. said from Los Angeles, where he Is attending the Olympic Sports Festival. "I reached my goal of becoming the heavyweight champion, and I've fought the best heavyweights out there." The Holyfield-Tyson match was signed on Wednesday, one day after promoters announced that Holyfleld would give former champion George Foreman a rematch. Tyson already has been Installed as a 2'-to-l favorite. "Tyson is more energetic," Holyfield said. "I feel he'll be more aggressive than Foreman was. He punches quicker, I think that's the big difference." Hears sets record Rick Mears smashed the track record of Emerson Fittipaldi as he held off his Penske Racing teammate in provisional qualifying for Sunday's Marlboro Grand Prix at East Rutherford, N.J. Mears, aiming for his fourth pole of the season and first on a road course since leading the way at Cleveland in July 1990, turned a lap at 1 15.991 mph on the six-turn, 1.217-mile temporary circuit at the New Jersey Meadowlands. That was considerably quicker than the 1 1 5.54 1 by Fittipaldi in 1 989, the first year the track was shortened from 1.682-miles. The Brazilian, who has won the pole for each of the past two races at Portland, Ore., and Cleveland was able to get up to 1 15.413, which was good for the outside position on the tentative starting grid. The final lineup will be determined following another round of time trials today. Nigel Mansell, seeking his second consecutive Formula One victory, claimed the provisional pole position for Sunday's British Grand Prix in his Williams-Renault. Mansell, who lias not started a race from the pole position this year, had a fastest lap of 1 minute, 22.644 seconds in the first qualifying session. A second qualifying session is set for today. Sterling Marlin was the fastest of two record-setting qualifiers, winning the pole position for Sunday's $161,395 NASCAR Motorcraft 500 stock car race at Monroe, Wash. Marlin, a former NASCAR Winston Cup rookie of the year, drove his Ford Thunderbird around the .646-mile oval at an average speed of 98.907 mph. The final 1 0 positions and provisional starters will be determined today. Jimmy Hensley broke the qualifying record he set last year in earning the pole position for the Busch Grand National Budweiser 300 at Loudon, N.H. Hensley, driving an Oldsmobile, ran his first lap around the mile oval at 123.470 mph to surpass the record of 123.410 he set for last year's inaugural event. Scott Sharp recorded the fastest practice time in the first day of qualifying for Sunday's SCCA Trans-Am Tour at Des Moines, Iowa. Sharp, driving a Camaro, averaged 73.828 mph over the 2-mile temporary street circuit in downtown Des Moines, finishing in 1 minute, 37.523 seconds. Sampras advances U.S. Open champion Pete Sampras needed just 65 minutes to dispose of fellow American Richey Reneberg, 6-4, 6-2, in the Gunze World tennis tournament at Osaka, Japan. Top-seeded Sergi Bruguera of Spain won two tiebreakers to beat Andres Gomez of Ecuador 7-6 (7-0), 7-6 (7-3) and reach the semifinals of the Swiss Open at Gstaad, Switzerland. Michael Stich, the new Wimbledon champion, was on the verge of elimination against Karel Novacek when rain delayed the completion of their quarterfinal match until today. Novacek led 6-3 5-4. Bryan Shelton and Mark Kratzmann each used strong serving games to upset seeded opponents in the $150,000 Hall of Fame Tennis Championships at Newport, R.I. Kratzmann advanced to the semifinals by defeating fourth-seeded Jacco Eltingh 6-4, 6-7, (3-7), 6-4. Shelton eliminated No. 5 Christo van Rensburg 6-4, 4-6, 6-3. Lopez wins in 6th Tony Lopez overcame a deep cut over his left eye to stop scrappy challenger Lupe Gutierrez in the sixth round and retain his International Boxing federation junior lightweight title at Stateline, Nev. The fighters traded blows toe to toe almost from " the outset, and the relentless punching often led to streams of blood on both men. On the undercard, European heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis knocked out former World . Boxing Association heavyweight champion Mike Weaver with a banging right hand in the sixth round ' of a scheduled 10-rounder. Briefly . . . The World Wrestling Federation said it would expand its drug program to include a steroid policy covering testing, education and rehabilitation. John Mazza of Mount Clemens, Mich., won all eight of his games and took the fifth-round lead in the-PBA Tucson Open. Youth league baseball accidents sent more than 140,000 children to hospital emergency rooms in the last year, according to ABC News' 2020 program. In ' addition, ABC reported that in one 10-year period, 51 children were killed playing youth baseball. The morning line Judging by the way he swings a bat, it's a good thing W.P. Kinsella can write about baseball and dreams. Kinsella, whose novel "Shoeless Joe" inspired the movie "Field of Dreams," came to the movie-set field at Dyersville, Iowa. He never played the game as a child, and it showed. Kinsella took some swings with a group of local players decked out in old Chicago White Sox uniforms. After whiffing a couple of pitches and dribbling a , weak grounder to the pitcher, Kinsella finally did crack a sharp liner to left. He quit while ahead. Quotable "I think we are better players than what we are shooting When we complain, we're bitching, but when the men do it, then it must be hard. We don't get on national television much. Then when we get on and are playing under severe conditions, people see us and say women can't play. It's hard." Betsy King on the difficult Colonial Country Club Course in Fort Worth, Texas, site of the U.S. Women's Open tournament. Press Democrat news services Calumet's Chapter 11 filing hurts owner Bertha Wright Associated Press LEXINGTON, Ky. The woman who is the last link to the glory days of Calumet Farm believes she has let her family down as the home of many famous thoroughbreds seeks protection from creditors. "It's just sad," Bertha Wright said after the historic farm filed a Chapter 11 petition to reorganize under the protection of bankruptcy court. "I feel like I let the Wrights down." Calumet listed liabilities of $118 million in its Chapter 11 petition Thursday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court. A reorganization petition also was filed by Calumet-Gussin No. 1, a partnership that holds most of the farm's broodmares, listing $16.98 million in liabilities. Bertha Wright was married in 1943 to Warren Wright Jr., the grandson of the man who founded Calumet Farm in 1924. When he died in 1978, he left his interest in the farm in a trust to her. Four years later his mother, Lucille Wright Markey, died, and the farm went to Bertha Wright and her four children. Mrs. Wright said she had not been "fit" to run the farm. "I'm the last of the four," she said. "You know, the mother and father and Warren and me and I feel badly that I can't do any better than take advice from those who would advise me." 'It's just sad ... I feel like I let the Wrights down." CALUMET'S BERTHA WRIGHT Mrs. Wright said she had been more involved with her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. "That's what I was concentrating on, raising a family," she said. "I was never in a position to run it." John T. Ward Jr., who owns a thoroughbred operation in Paris, Ky., was named president and chief operating officer of Calumet in April to help straighten out the numerous financial entanglements. "There was just no more cash, nobody else to loan us any money and the lawsuits were just taking all our time," he said in testimony at a preliminary hearing Thursday. He said it took 10 days to get the farm's books in order. Since March, 10 lawsuits totaling $27 million have been filed against the farm. Ward said the farm's expenses "were very excessive. We cut those monthly expenses just about in half without hifrting the operation of Calumet whatsoever." He said expenses now run about $270,000 a month, including a weekly payroll of about $33,000. Judge Joe Lee granted Calumet permission to borrow up to $350,000 from First City National Bank of Houston to operate until July 26, when another hearing is scheduled. Ward said the farm would continue in a normal fashion. "Everybody on the farm is secure in their jobs," he said. "We'll go ahead and operate as a commercial activity." The farm was allowed by the court to sell nine horses next week at the Keeneland Selected Yearling Sale. The farm, 880 acres lined with white fences and dotted with white barns trimmed in red, is for sale. Ward said the bankruptcy would give management time "to search for a new buyer who can come in and protect the greatest single horse farm in the world." If a buyer isn't found in four to six months, he said it could be sold in parcels. : "We'll have a very hard business decision to make." Calumet, which gained its name in 1922 from the Calumet Baking Powder Co., has been home to a record eight Kentucky Derby winners.

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