The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 29, 1944
Page 3
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SATURDAY, APRIL 29, 19'W , DON'T QUOTH ME BLYT111MUAO (AHK.) COUUIHK NEWS tadio Preacher iupports Bartpn iMcKrell Says Singers "May Employ Talents For El Dorado Man By JIM DOWNING United Press SUIT Corresiiondent UTTLE ROCK, April 29-IU1')- ptons which arc rei>ortcd to be lu ic making work out. Arkansas Is fling to see a. colorful Senatorial cc this summer—staged by Col. om H. Barton ol El Dorado. Tentative plnns call fur Barton to ijiear on the rnmixilgn platform 1th none other than the Rev. nines MacKrell, Little Hock radio •caelicr. and The Stamps-Baxter Melody Boys, a Little Rock radio entertainment Aggregation. MacKrell had planned to use the uarlet in his cumpnlgn for govcrn- • if he had mil tills year. But tfler pulling out of the (juberna- orial struggle a couple of weeks ago. c announced that, he WHS going, to 'do everything in my power to elect Mlonel Barton to the Senate." blueprinted the campaign Australian Wives of U. S. Servicemen Sail for America Aii-diahan wlfcs of American sen icemen play with their four children aboard ship in Austrnlinn "First, the boys will sing a few I*"''' as they arc ready lo sail for the Unite,! Slates. Miurmges (o America,, servicemen,' however ,tco llmHM 1 '; l.npn T II ovhnrl Hio iiniHi_ ~rti»r~,. A. ! -I... . . ' """*-»**i «iuv. lumbers, then I'll exhort the multi- ude, mid after a few more songs. ;ol. Barton will make a speech." Tlie Stamps-Baxter aggregation iffects a thumping off-beat sort of yncopation in delivering songs of a eligious nature. "Those who like singing can have ; those who like preaching can lave it, 'and those who go in for lampalgning can have all they want if that, too," MacKrell said.' "We mght to lay 'em in the aisles." No official, announcement along hat line had come from Barton Kfk'Uarters. ~ —o— J. Bryan Sims, apparently acting o remove the widely-held belief lat he is the administration choice or governor, was reported mid-week o be dickering with a west Ark- insas businessman with known anti- dministration tendencies to handle lis campaign. He was expected to make the an- louncemcnt today. —o— Meanwhile, reports were current inong hotel lobby politicians that Var - Manpower Director Floyd Sharp might rcslyn his federal job o handle Sen. Hattie W. Caraway's ampaign for the summer. It was pointed out that if .Mrs. laraway were re-elected, Sharp irobably would be rcappointed, ami f she lost the race, he might be et out anyway. "So what has Sharp got to lose?" sked one political observer. Mrs. Caraway's campaigns have :en featured by the activities of i "strong men." First it was the confer American citizenship upon these mollu-rs. rallied the faithful to her support to beat off opposition. Today, Huey Long is- dead and Oov. Homer M. Adkins is seeking lo prevent Mrs. Caraway's re-election uy going after the Senate job himself. | The state Democratic central committee, anxious to'get a clear-cut picture of the negro-voting question, has checked the matter to two separate committees of lawyers. One group was chosen Irom central committee attorneys, the other from men not directly affiliated with the central commute. Chairman Joe Barrett of Jonesboro and Secretary Harvey O. Combs of Liltle Rock said the committees would report on their findings on or before the central committee meeting on May 17th. Arkansas' 20 convention votes in the Democratic National Convention will be split up between S2 delegates, Combs said. iK'EA Telepholo.) s not EAQB'THREEfi- A'rkansans Send Protest Against Seizure Of Ward UTl'I.K HOCK, April SO—(Ui't — Soventy-scven Uttle Heck business men mid attorneys Imvt sent n siroiio-worded telegram lo Arkunsas bcnnlors ami represeiihUives. In the telegram tho busini'ss nit 1 )) demaiul Immediate passiiue'of li'^ls- lallou lo curb assumption of power by Iho \\h\r Labor Hoard and 1'rcsl- dcnl liooscvolt In lukliii; over Mmit- iiK'iy Ward Company In Cihlnigo. The group term the I'l-eslilent's cllDn "pure dlclalorslilp." They prolcsl the entry of President HousL'vcll Inlo prlnile enterprise through war emergency powers. Editor Henry Humphrey ol the Texiirkinm Clu7.cit<> and Daily News also 1ms sent u me.ssiiHO. Ills wont to bolh Aikansus and Texuti members ol congrt'ss. Humphreys says that "If U Is It-gal for Roascvcll to turn Ward ovi-r to Ihe CIO by force, who imulo it louiil, and what do they Intend lo do lo correct the slluallon?" Then adds Ihnl "Arkansas ami Tt'Xus want lo know." GLOUCESTER, Muss. <U1>) Slxly-yoar-old Cap'n Frimk Hose is Ijoth lli,> luckiest and Ihe most unlucky skipper lit this fishing port In (lie past 13 yam, flose hns lost lour stilps—but not a .single man went (Itjwu. 'Unfair/ Says RFC nt! dfjctlcdly ngnlnst n typewriter ill H. Kiislls Vn 1>I''C ' (1'oor Fuzzy Oil) oMimlnes u map of lha Sonlli Pacific war zone' iiiul complnlns Ihnl (he services me mifnli' lo nils, Puss Ihluks llierc uuuht 10 bo n llj;l»tlnK brunch for wils, similar to Hip K-9 Corps /or cloys "WeV'nui|«! shurl work of Jnii rats." soys PFC, nnlloii. .' • ' ^ Vj ; Governor Adklns says he became mlcrestcd In llw case after receiving' n letter from Dr. E w. Cocke, a' prominent Mcmplite jaychtatrtel, rn-" liillng n long history of Insanity In ' Ino Tacker fnmlfy. The - governor says he might, btay the execution pending* tin exhaustive study or the cnsc. Ur, A. a. Kolb, superintendent of the Stntc Hospital for Nervous Dls- cnsca, said the hospital file on the cnse icpoits that Tacker apjicaied to he feigning Insanity, Moreover,' NU said, the man's grnndrilo'cc testified that Tacker told tier aft*!r (he slaying o( PnUcrson thai ho Intended to pretend Insniilly. In December, 1043, C673 air-' planes wcie accepted by the Aimy Air Voices. - . Head Courier News Governor Studies Case Of Condemned Slayer UTTliE DOCK, April 2!)—till') — Oovi-rnor lloiiu:r M, Ailklns IK milking wbal lie culls "an exhaustive study" of Ihe case ot nn Kasleru man simlcnct'd to die Monday fnr murder. 'J'Jio condi-juiiL'il man is Jim Tnek- er, (js-yoar-ulil Cilllc-nden county Inrmc-r, fouuil f.ullty of llio murder of liskur I'ultcrson of llcnfur. Tucker pleaded insanity at the Irlnl, but Slide lUispllnl psychlulrlsls found him smie ultfr throe weeks csnml- Albert C. Saliha Named President of Fraternity Albert G. Salib.i ,a sophomore in the college of Engineering, at Louisiana Slate .University, Baton Rouge is the newly elected president of Theta XI social fraternity at that school. He also is a', mem- g alib ^ j tl • o[ Dr d [oundwagon around Ihe state and Jraled the widow of Thaddeus Car- Iway into (he upper house. 1 Six years ago, Homer M. Adkins First testing ground for the Germans' Messerschmitt fighter plane was the. Spanish Civil War. FUNNY BUSINESS "He's a dycd-iii-tlic-wooi sailor, sir!" C O U R I E R - NEWS • CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS GET • THE JOB DONE! PRIZE WINNING WAR BOND MESSAGE.' Tliii ailvciiiinncnc prcsenis ilic sccoml prize winnlns otiioilnl in a ,naiiomviilc coiilfsl iuuo|lj; liisli scliool and collfjc ]>iilili»iion;, comlucibl liy ilic Hclucaiiou Section of die War Finance Division m cooixjaiioa with [lie Columbia Scliotecic Press Association, as o( die Tre.isury l>|ur(jncnt'> Sclimls-alAVnr progiam. It WAS writ- icn by l.orcn Srailciiiiin/Ilyjliljml 1'itk Senior ilifli Sclionl, lligli. Iniul Park, MicliifiJii, for ilic Si-liCTAroil and was scUwd from tliousaiuls ol cdiioiisls which w«c subiuiued. being tramhmd {romKar a c lo PT Bool, Cape Gloucester, New Britain. Army Signal Carps Photo is s your In the dark off New Britain 1 the davits creak as another landing boat goes over the side. At Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, a surgeon raises his scalpel to begin a delicate brain operation. Somewhere in England an American airman gives a final tug at his parachute straps and climbs aboard for Hamburg and points East. This is your doing. Tor one-thirtieth of a second the $75 you put out for a §100 war bond is paying for the war. It's paying the salaries of all the generals and all the admirals and all the buck privates. It's paying the wife of the sergeant in the German prison camp. Your money is buying all the gasoline and oil, all the bread . and milk, the penicillin, oranges, ammunition, hot coffee, the lima beans, peanuts, shoe leather, and elbow grease used by our army in all of the 40 odd countries where it is stationed. You're paying Sincbaldo Lelli* out at Chrysler's, Bob Mcstach* ovct at Exccllo, the janitor at Willow Run, and Dean George Altenburg.'who has left the halls of our Junior College to train fliers out Mount Clemens way. For one-thirtieth of a second the war is your responsibility. It rests entirely on your shoulders. Snap your fingers and think of all the things going on all over the world while sound is in your ears. It's an extremely short'time, to be sure, but it's the thirtieths of seconds and hundredths of seconds that ate turning Berlin under and chasing the Japs from New Britain. T/JC boys referral to here were until recently members o/ the Undent liojy at Highland l>qrk Senior High School. Lets AN KEEP BACKING THE ATTACK! This space is a contribution to America's all-out war effort by Arkansas Grocer Co. L. K. Ashcraft Co, Joe Atkins Machine Shop L. H. Autry, Burdette A. S. Barboro & Co. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Blytheville Water Co. The Crafton Co. Delta Implements, Inc. Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. Gay & Billings, Inc. Guard's Jewelry & Optical Store Halter's Quality Shoe Shop Happy Hour Grocery & Mkt. Hardaway Appliance Co. Herrick's Jewelry Hubbard Furniture Co. ••bbard Harfairi Ci. Huddleston&C»." r Tom W. Jackson Jiedel's Langston-Wroten Co. Charles S. Lemon* Tom Little Hardware Co. The New York Store Pat O'Bryanl Palace Cafe J. C., Penney Co. 1 Phillips Motor Co. Robinson Drug Co. I. Rosenthal, Inc. , Rock Saliba Rustic Inn A. G. Shibley Wholesale Grocen C. G. Smith Floyd A. White Zellner's Slipper Shop AT FIRST 666 TA61ETS. SAIVL N0« MOW Spicy lasle und chewing pICUMIIC— HOTOiiu yivcn ijoth In good inciisuie. ruui« CMMITTU - JT*I mmat STAFF - HCTORY me Try our "Own Made" ICE CREAM Ole Hickory Inn ACCOM trim tilth Schwl II HEAR "REPORT TO THE NATION ivory week this New Time 9:30 P.M. WEDNESDAY ..CBS Net Work ',^. Boii't Miss IK AHK-MO POWER CO. CLOCKS REPAIRED Electric or Stem Wind. Work Guaranteed. A. B. F 0 R D At Fat O'Hrjmt'. Je we lrj ' REFRIGERATION SERVICE Repairs On Alt Makes By Ejpert Workmen. T. F. WARREN Phone 3310 Spring and:8nmm«r T U H £ - U f Save Gasoline . . . Save Tires. Get;All-round Better Performance! . T I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler U«ler P»rfi A gerrlee 121 W. Aib * Phone 2122 timer Cn'nnlngHam VULCANIZIMG Tire & Tube Repair Cotloo Iklt R.B. * S. Hwy. «1 (Former!]- pHh En*rter Am. Pf*| Have Fun & Refrigerator Motors Cleaned For Summer. New Location 116 N 1st J. T. (Charlie) Stakup Phone Z993 or 2598 Sare 50 % On " TRUSSES-, Sleet and Elastic STEWART'S Drug S t•re Main & Lake Phone. 2822 Midwest ICE CREAM Pints 20c; Quarts 40e When You \Buy Your Groceries—Take Home a Carton I CECIL LOWE Grocery & Market V We Deliver Park & N. Hwy. 61 jPhon* »7

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