The Press Democrat from Santa Rosa, California on July 23, 1991 · 26
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The Press Democrat from Santa Rosa, California · 26

Santa Rosa, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 23, 1991
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00 THI PRESS DEMOCRAT, TUESDAY, JUIV S3, 1 ttl 'Veronica Clare' Bogie and Baby rolled into one OFF THE LEASH W. B. Park By JERRY BUCK AmociMed Fmi i LOS ANGELES Private detective Veronica Clare slunk across the smoke-filled arena in her skintight dress and confronted the fighter at ringside. ; "I didn't think you'd be back," he said. She looked at him for a moment, then replied, "I can never walk away from a mystery. That's a little problem I have." ' Laura Robinson stars In the title role of "Veronica Clare," a new Lifetime series that seeks to capture the 1940s film nolr flavor of old Humphrey Bogart movies but with the Lauren Bacall character doing the sleuthing. Robinson Is the hard-boiled, wisecracking private eye. She's also a private eyeful, which figures in plots as she uses her seductive charms in solving cases. In this scene, Veronica's form-fitting dress is royal , blue with a sweetheart neckline, and her long blonde , hair cascades onto bare shoulders. She packs a Walter ; PPK automatic, the same weapon used by James Bond. "Veronica's a blend of brains and beauty," Robinson ', said. "She's strong, sexy, smart and really witty. I see ; her as a cross between Bogart and Bacall. It's rare for an actress to be able to play a strong, capable lead in a ; series. - "But It's not just a woman's show, although Lifetime's I been called the 'woman's cable channel.' This show's ; about boxing. I think it will appeal to both men and women. I've said she's a grown-up Nancy Drew, ; although I don't know If the producers would agree with that." The one-hour "Veronica Clare" makes Its debut on the Lifetime basic cable channel at 10 tonight. It also stars Robert Beltran as Duke Rado, her partner In running the Veronica Jazz club, Tony Plana as a police lieutenant, and Christina Pickles as a former spy who runs a bookstore. Veronica Clare doesn't have an office. Instead, she does all her business out of her art deco jazz club. It's In the script that she's the daughter of a detective, but Robinson has expanded the story. "She grew up loving mysteries," she said. "I've made up a background that her father would tell her bedtime stories about his cases. And she would occasionally offer an insight that helped him solve them." Robinson, a Canadian actress who previously co-starred as a police detective in the CBS late-night series "Night Heat," auditioned for the role after the producers had seen several hundred actresses. "I came in Just as they were down to the wire," she said. "They told me the minute I walked in they knew. I've played a lot of femme fatales, and my voice helped. It's kind of rich and smoky and sounds good doing the voiceover narration. "I've always felt I was born 40 years too late. I grew up watching Lauren Bacall and Katharine Hepburn movies. They were the women I wanted to play. They stood their ground with men, yet retained their femininity." Robinson said she also Identifies with the Jazz background of the show. She started singing at the age of 15 with her father's jazz band In London, Ontario, Canada. Her father, Ian Robinson, Is a retired businessman who plays tenor sax and has his own band. Her brother, Chris Robinson, plays the tenor sax professionally and has made several albums. "I was very close to getting my own album when I was cast for 'Veronica Clare," she said. "I hope to be able to do an album when we finish for the season." Robinson recently played the vlllalness on CBS' "The Flash." She's also done guest roles on "Cheers," "Hardball" and "Friday the 13th: The Series." She has a leading role in an upcoming theatrical film tentatively called "Mlkey" as the mother of a psychopathic child. She was under contract to ABC for four years and co-starred In a pilot based on the comic character "The Spirit." It was not picked up and she moved on to "Night Heat." Thanks to her way with words, though, she never has had to struggle financially and has been able to pick and choose her roles. She is the creator of the board game "Balderdash," which she said has been the biggest-selling board game in Canada for the last three years and is in the top five in this country. From across the valley, Chief Bentbow heard the lyrics of the hated song, "Davey Crockett." DAYTIME 6:00 , B CNN Newt , S Newt (CC) . 4 Daybreak (CC) S.CNN Newi MacNeilLehrer NewsHour (CC) CO Wake. Rattle 4 Roll 38, USA Paid Programming ' 40 The 700 Club ' 44 Kenneth Copeland 64 First Business , ARTS Deivecchio , OIS Mousercise . DISC Assignment Discovery . ESPN Baseball Tonight . SHOW Movie: 'So Proudly We Hail!" (1943) Claudette Colbert, - Paulette Qoddard. (2 hrs. 15 mins.) TUT Fraggle Rock 6:30 7 News CO Tom 4 Jerry CC To Life) 44 Police Academy BO CNN News Bit You and Me. Kid ESPN Baseball (R) MAX Crazy About the Movies: Gregory Peck (CC) TNT Pink Panther 6:45 CC A.M. Weather 7:00 C Mornings on 2 8,4 Today (CC) B This Morning 7 Good Morning America (CC) 0 Sit 4 Be Fit CO Woody Woodpecker CC Sesame Street (CC) 30 The 700 Club 40,44 Super Mark) Bros. BO Success-N-Life ARTS The Fugitive CMM World Day OIS Good Morning, Mickeyl DISC Dr. Edell's Medical Journal LIFE It Figures TNT Daktarl - ISA Cartoon Express 7:05 .HBO The Red Shoes (CC) 7:30 - Sesame Street (CC) CO Jetsons 40 Merrie Melodies 44 Nlnja Turtles BIS Care Bears (CC) .DISC Your Health! .ESPN Best of American Muscle HBO Encyclopedia Brown: Boy Detective (CC) LIFE Everyday Workout MAX Movie: "Dirigible" (1931) Jack Holt, Ralph Graves. (2 hrs.) TMC Picture Show 8:00 CO Flintstones CC Mister Rogers' Neighborhood (CC) 30 Paid Programming 40 Alvin & the Chipmunks 44 G.I. Joe BO This Morning's Business ARTS The Avengers (CC) CNN Daywatch DIS Donald Duck Presents DISC Tastes of the World ESPN Getting Fit HBO Babar LIFE Attitudes TMC Movie: Touch of Evil" y58) Charlton Heston, Orson Welles. (2 hrs.) TNT Daktari USA JEM 8:15 SHOW Peter RabbitMr. Jeremy fisher 8:30 O Mister Rogers' Neighborhood (CC) 20,40 Leave It to Beaver CC Reading Rainbow (CC) 44 Dennis the Menace BO CNN News CNN Crier 4 Co. DIS Welcome to Pooh Corner DISC Pasquale's Kitchen Express ESPN Basic Training Workout HBO Wonderful Wizard of Oz USA Cartoon Express 9:00 C Joan Rivers 3,7 Sally Jessy Raphael 4 Regis 4 Kathie Lee B $100,000 Pyramid O Sesame Street (CC) CO Little House on the Prairie CC Fun With Watercolors 40 1 Love Lucy 44 Muppet Babies BO Paid Programming ARTS Movie: "The Captive Heart" (1947) Michael Redgrave, Rachel Kempson. (2 hrs.) CNN NewsHour DIS Under the Umbrella Tree DISC Do It for Yourself ESPN Bodies In Motion NBO Movie: "Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger" (19771 Patrick Wayne, Jane Seymour. (2 hrs.) LIFE Growing up Together . SHOW Heartbreak Winner . TNT Movie: The Hurricane" .! (1937) Dorothy Lamour, Jon Hall. (2 "hrs. 15 mins.) ; 9:30 ' 8 Family Feud CC Calligraphy is Fun 30 CNN News ' 40 1 Love Lucy 44 Head ot the Class ' DIS Dumbo's Circus DISC Square Foot Gardening ' ESPN Body Shaping LIFE What Every Baby Knows , MAX Movie: "Young Einstein" , (1988) Yahoo Serious, Odile Le - Clezio. (1 nr. 30 mins.) 10:00 ' 2 1 Love Lucy 3 Joan Rivers ' 4 Gerakto B The Price Is Right 7 Home Wind in the Willows CO Full House (R) CC Adventures in Scale Modeling 30 Movie: "Legend of the Champions" (1968) Stuart Damon, "Alexandra Bastedo. (2 hrs.) 40 Mama's Family 44 Webster 60 Movie: "East Side, West Side" (1949) Barbara Stanwyck, James Mason. (2 hrs.) CNN Sonya Live DIS Movie: "Rainbow Brite and 1he Star Stealer" (1985) (2 hrs.) DISC Rendezvous ESPN Body by Jake LIFE Frugal Gourmet ,... SNOW Movie: The Naked Kiss (1 964) Constance Towers, Anthony .Eisley.fl hr. 30 mins.) . TMC Movie: "Follow the Boys T944) George Raft, Vera Zonna. (2 hrs.) USA Lost In Space f 1 TUESDAY TELEVISION July 23, 1991 I 6l00 I 6130 7tOO I 7130 I 8:00 I 8t3Q I 9.00 I 9i30 I IQlOO I 1Ql3Q I IllOO I 11l30 Who's the Three's Com- Cheers Rebec- Baseball New York Mels at San Francisco Giants. News M.A.S.HA Taxi Bobby, Al- 2 Boss? Gang pany Jack and caeyes grateful Marine ex and Louie KTVU reminisces9 Janet learn Drake.(CC) J'""' lllS Nn about Tony's Chrlssy s beau Hawkeye. Ing tales. (Part arrival. (CC) Is married. 3 NBC News News(CC) News(CC) Entertainment I Matlock Investigation of a state In the Heat of the Night Gillespie Law 4 Order Greevey and Logan Ntws(CC) The Tonight (CC) Tonight Former prosecutor pits Ben against a top tries to keep personal feelings investigate the gang rape of a re- Show Host: Jay KrB. jobs ot the defense attorney (Nicolas Cos- out of the prosecution of Harriet porter, a case once dismissed for Leno. Zar now-famous. ter). (Part 2 of 2) (R) (CC) De Long s ex. for robbery and lack of evidence. (R) (CC) Nm- (CC) murder. (R)(CC) News (CC) Wheel of For- Jeopardyl (CC) Matlock Investigation ot a state In the Heat ol the Night Gillespie Law 4 Order Greevey and Logan News (CC) The Tonight tune (CC) prosecutor pits Ben against a top tries to keep personal feelings investigate the gang rape of a re- Show Host: Jay KRftki defense attorney (Nicolas Cos- out of the prosecution of Harriet porter, a case once dismissed for Leno. uan ter). (Part 2 ol 2) (R) (CC) De Long's ex, for robbery and lack of evidence. (R) (CC) NBC murder. (R) (CC) New, a Current Af- Inside Edition Rescue 911 Sidewalk Santa aids Movie "Out of Af rice" (PG, '85) Married Baroness Bllxen News Cosby Seeing 5 fair (CC) Murder on the choking child. Loggers find aban- (Meryl Streep), pen name leak Dine sen, loves British hunter Denys football-player JJ.y Appalachian doned newborn. Tiny victim sum- Finch Hatton (Robert Redford) In early 1900s Kenya. Oscars for Theo in action ng Trail. (CC) mons help. (R) (CC) best picture, director Sydney Pollack. Klaus Maria Brandauer. (Part dims Cliff 's joy. 2) . . .. (CCJ News(CC) ABC News Entertainment Who's the Davis Rules RoseanneDan Coach Hayden thirtysomethlng Nancy's con- News(CC) Nlghtline (CC) y (CC) Tonight Former Boss7 A Davis and tells Roseanne spends Christ- stantly changing sexual feelings jrt jobs of the friend's daugh- Yeargin are at- about erotic mas with the affect her marriage; Hope feels now-famous. ter falls for traded. (R) dreams. (R) Rosebrocks. overwhelmed by two children. (R) ABC (CC) Tony.(R)(CC) I (CC) JCCj I (R) (CC) (CC) I 9MacNei'Lehrer NewsHour Jim Nightly Busi- Wild, Wild Giant Nile Secret wrestling tour- Giant Nile Modern cities flourish Nova Hunt for China s Dinosaurs. American Masters A. Einstein: Lehrer Robert MacNeil Judy ness Report World of Ani- naments of the Nuba; nomads on ancient sites; tombs and pyra- Chinese and Canadian paleonto- How I See the World. Interviews KnFn Woodruff and Charlayne Hunter- Market updates mals move their camels to fresh graz- mids of Giza; realms of the dead; logists collaborate to scour dino- and archival film show scientist. Snc Gault detail the day's top stories and economic ing grounds; Christian influences; feasts of Opet and the Virgin saur fields of Asia's Gobi plateau, humanitarian and philosopher Al- (Spanish) (R) (CC) news. I ancient capitals. Mary. (CC) bert Einstein. (CC) ,, Hunter A former colleague inter- Perry Mason A client tries to Gunsmoke Tragedies lead to the Streets of San Francisco Keller News BobNewhart Mary Tyler Mary Tyler 2 O feres in McCall and Hunter's in- make Perry a suspect in her hus- death of three cowboys, one of unwittingly leaks information to Bob turns Moore Ted s Moore Mary JnFY vestigatlon of a white band's murder. Guest: Patricia whom was Mart's old friend. his neighbor (Brenda Vaccaro), a sleuth to find a visiting brother sees her least- jn supremacist's escape from pris- Barry. Guest: Nicholas Hammond. professional killer. Guest: Barry missing tape renews a sib- liked ex-beau at INU on (Part 1 of 2) Sullivan. I recorder. ling rivalry. a reunion. world Chroni- I America's De- Firing Line Is Life Choices National Gal- Of Monuments Cityscope Cityscope MacNeilLehrer NewsHour Jim Off the Air 22 cle fense Monitor Peace Possible Religious per- leryofArt 4 Myths Bry- American Writ- American Writ- Lehrer, Robert MacNeil, Judy KBCB The necessity in the Mideast? spectives of son Rash ex- ers. Morris ers. Linda Woodruff and Charlayne Hunter- pSe of testing nu- Daniel Pipes, big-bang theo- plores Dickstein, Jerry Wolfe ("Wast- Gault detail the day's top stories. clear weapons. RitaHauser. I ry. landmarks. Rubin. led"). (R)(CC) Simon 4 Simon Rick s old flame 21 Jump Street The squad Movie "BAT 21" (R, '88) A U.S. pilot (Danny Glover) races an News Brian Adams Sanlord 4 Son Hawaii Five-0 36 wants the Simons to locate her probes neighborhood break-ins air-strike deadline to find en air-strike expert (Gene Hackman) WithCostner, (Parti) KICU missing husband, but is charged blamed on affluent teens and a downed in Vietnam. Jerry Reed. Crystal & Kline IND wi,n murder when the police find security firm. him dead. ' Cheers The I Who's the Cosby Seeing Cheers Woody Movie "Stir Crazy" (R, '80) Two losers (Gene Wilder, Richerd News WKRPinCin- Star Trek The 40 mother of Boss?Mona's football-player puzzles over Pryor) dressed as big birds for a bank's PR stunt go to prison after cinnatlMr. Trouble With KTXL Woody'sgirl- new limousine Theo in action how to handle a two other big birds rob it Georg Stanford Brown. Carlson meets Tribbles. lun friend makes service is a dims Cliff's joy. boxer who in- some Christ- passes at him. I success. (CC) suited him. I mas spirits. I Star Trek- The Next Generation Night Court A Night Court Movie "Superman II" (PG, '80) The Man of Steel (Christopher Reeve) gets serf- Benson Clay- Arsenio Hall Guests: Lenny Krav- jlA Hide and Q "native ot Sat- Dan fights for ous with Lois Lane (Margot Kidder) and fights three Krypton outcasts in league with ton tape-re- itz, Rob Reiner, Kevin Pollak and JnuH urn" holds Dan his professional Lex Luthor (Gene Hackman). cords an Bob Amaral ("Morton & Hayes"). Jjjjj hostage. life. (Part 2 of 2) airnes bribery (CC) Cheers I Newhart News Who's the Movie "The Secret of My Success" (PG-13, '87) A would-be News CNN News Paid Programming Bj Q Boss? Tony yuppie (Michael J. Fox) from Kansas sorts mail in Manhattan but KPYY 9e,s jealous pretends to be a corporate executive. Helen Slater, Richard Jordan. when Angela works nights. I Contemporary Mozart Alexander General Motors Playwrights The- Improv Host: Estelle Getty. I Prince Charles: A Monarch in Contemporary Mozart General Motors Play Wrights The- ARTS Bovd and Mitsuku Uchida per- ater Let Me Hear You Whisper. A Guests: Steve Kelly, Susan Nor- Waiting Interviews and film clips ater Let Me Hear You Whisper. A Arts form two concertos by the com- cleaning lady helps a dolphin at a fleet, Kip Adotta, Rob Becker, profile the heir to the British cleaning lady helps a dolphin at a Ent' poser. research lab. MikeColyar. throne. (R) research lab. Larry King Live! Lyle Alzado; Er- World News Sports Tonight I Moneyline Newsnight Showbiz Today NewsnightUp- Worldwide Up- Sports Late-CNN maBombeck. (R da,e da,e n'9M Cable News Bevond Tomor-1 Invention Ro- Shark Week '91: The Revenge Wings Boeing B-1 7 Flying For- Shark Week '91: The Revenge World Monitor Profiles of Na- A World Away Rome prides itself DISC row Satellites botsforthe Jaws The True Story. An ex- tress. World of Sharks 4 Barracuda. ture White pell- in its past. Dis- improve sea handicapped; amination of the great white Sharks and barracudas are cans look coverv rescues. mousetrap. shark includes an interview with among the most feared preda- bizarre as ' author Peter Benchley. I tors. I chicks. I Teen Win Movie "Pete's Dragon" (G, 77) A lighthouse keeper's (Mickey Rooney) daughter Return of Sherlock Holmes The Mary Martin in the Sound of American Musicals Movie DIS Lose or Draw (Helen Reddy) befriends a runaway orphan (Sean Marshall) and his playmate, an ani- Musgrave Ritual. Holmes con- Mary Martin shows film clips, scenes of stage pro- "The Diary of riionou ico mated areen draaon. (CC) nects an old ritual with a maid ductions and interviews in a profile of Rodgers 4 Anne Frank" Disney tow mateo green uragon. (v.w and butler's disappearance. Hammerstein musicals. ('59) Millie Per- Chan- king- Baseball (4:30) Oakland A s at Cleveland Indians. I Baseball Montreal Expos at San Diego Padres. SportsCenter Running 4 Surfer Maga- ESpaj v Racing zine Sports Ntwrk. Movie "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Movie "The Monster Squad" (PG-13, '87) Movie "Indiana Jones end the Last Crusade" (PG-13, '89) Ar- When It Was a Game (11:15) HBO Kid" (5-30) (PG, '69) Two outlaws (Paul Newman, Members (Andre Gower, Robby Kiger) ot a mon- chaeologist Jones (Harrison Ford) and his tweedy father (Sean Baseball from the late 1920s into Home Robert Redford) romp through Wyoming, then sell ster tan club meet Count Dracula, Wolfman, Fran- Connery) race the Nazis to the Holy Grail. Directed by Steven Spiel- the 1 950s. Narrated by James Bxoff to Bolivia and take on en army. Katharine Ross. kenstein, the Mummy and Gill Man. Stephen berg. Denholm Elliott (CC) Earl Jones, Jason Robards and I Macht. Roy Scneider. (CC) Supermarket I Shop 'Til You j Great Ameri- Duet Ben gets I L.A. Law Adoptive parents Kel- Confessions of Hidden Room Veronica Clare A mob boss Tracey Ullman Days 4 Nights LIFE Sweep Drop can TV Poll Sa- a surprise sey and Markowitz get a shock. Crime Til Dream Child. threatens to kill Aunt Clara if she of Molly Dodd Life. maritans; when he re- Brackman guits as manager. Death Do Us doesn't repay stolen funds. Molly incurs Time number of off- turns to Brook- Roxanne needs Becker. (CC) Part. Sara's wrath. spring. lyn with Laura. I (CC) Movie "Dirty Dancing" (PG-13 '87) A doctor's (Jerry Orbach) Movie "Ghosts Can't Do It" (R, '90) An older Movie "Crezy People" (R, '90) An honest ad- Movie "Blue Thunder" (R, MAX daughter (Jennifer Grey) gets slinky with the dance teacher (Patrick man's (Anthony Quinn) young widow (Bo Derek) man (Dudley Moore) lands in a mental asylum, '83) Police pilot (Roy Scheider) Cine- Swayze) at a Catskills resort, summer 1963. (CC) tries to find him a new body and save his empire finds a girlfriend (Daryl Hannah) and turns the in- commandeers top-secret heli- Max from Donald Trump. Don Murray. (CC) mates into copywriters. Paul Reiser. copter. Malcolm McDowell, Can- " Movie "Dusty" (5:30) ('82) I Peter Rab- Orchestral (CC) Movie "Steel Magnolias" (PG, '89) Six Southern women gos- Just for Laughs '91 The Montreal International Comedy Festival. Fred SHO Australian sheepmen's (Bill Kerr) bitMr. Jeremy sip and kid around together, through good times and bad. Directed Flintstone appears with Kevin Nealon, Mark Schiff, Ellen Degeneres, Show- herd dog heers call of wild. Noel Fisher Meryl by Herbert Ross. Sally Field, Dolly Parton, Shirley MacLaine. (CC) Brian Regan and Mary Tyler Moore. Time Trevarthen, Carol Burns. Streep nar- rates. ' " " Movie "The Rainbow Warrior Conspiracy" Picture Show Movie "Betsy's Wedding" (R, '90) A Long Island contractor Movie "Schizoid" (R, '80) Someone's scissoring a group thera-TMC (5:00) ('89) This re-creates the case of the Green- (Alan Alda) wants en ethnic bash for his daughter (Molly Ringwald) ; pist's (Klaus Kinski) patients, who Include an advice columnist Movie peace nuclear-protest ship sunk by France in the groom's family does not. Madeline Kahn. (CC) (Mariana Hill). Craig Wasson. Chan. 1985 New Zealand. Brad Davis, Jack Thompson, Bruno Lawrence. II I Movie "Kingdom of the I Movie "The Vengeence ot She" (7:05) (G, '68) The immortal Movie "Pretty Maids All in a Row" (9:15) (R, 71) A California Movie "Home From the TNT Spiders" (5:00) (PG, 77) Veteri- king (John Richardson) of Kums thinks a South of France beauty high-school faculty member (Rock Hudson) seduces students, then Hill" (11:15) ('60) A Texas big Turner narian (William Shatner) and bug (Olinka Berova) is Ayesha, queen of his lost city. Edward Judd. kills them. Directed by Roger Vedim. Angie Dickinson, Telly Save- shot's (Robert Mitchum) son ri-Ntwrk. expert (Tiffany Boiling) face las. thma1h horde of starved spiders. (George Peppard) tor a girt. Cartoon Express MacGyver A painting leads to Murder, She Wrote Trying to Boxing Riddick Bowe vs. Phillip Brown, Heavyweights. From Atlantic Crime Story Obsessed Torello USA neo-Nazis trying to re-create the clear a relative's (Peter Bonerz) City. takes his fight against Luca all USA Holocaust in the United States. name, Jessica unmasks murder the way to the grand jury. Chan Guest: Barbara Stock. suspects at a Mardi Gras cele- I bration. (CC) I I i 10:30 C Odd Couple O Long Ago 4 Far Away (CC) CO Wheel of Fortune CC Herbal Harvest 40 Mama's Family 44 Webster DISC Antiques Roadshow ESPN Tennis (Tape) LIFE Sister Kate 11:00 C The Judge (CC) 3,4 Classic Concentration B The Young and the Restless S Square One TV (CC) CO T.J. Hooker CC Creativity 40 Andy Griffith 44 Benson ARTS O'Hara, U.S. Treasury CNN Newsday DISC Dr. Edell's Medical Journal HBO Movie: "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" (1989) Harrison Ford, Sean Connery. (2 hrs. 15 mins.) LIFE Image Workshop MAX Movie: "Jason and the Argonauts" (1963) Todd Armstrong, Nancy Kovack. (2 hrs.) USA Divorce Court 11:15 TNT Movie: "Captain Pirate" (1952) Louis Hayward. Patricia Medina. (1 nr. 45 mins.) 11:30 C.USA Divorce Court 3 A Closer Look (CC) 4 News (CC) 7 Loving (CC) 5 3-2-1 Contact (CC) 40 Dick Van Dyke 44 Bewitched DISC Your Health! SHOW Movie: "Radio Days" (1987) Mia Farrow, Seth Green. (1 hr. 30 mins.) 12:00 C,B News 3 News (CC) 4 A Closer Look (CC) 7 All My Children B Kids of Degrassi Street CO Perry Mason CC Crisis in the Arts 3B Movie: "Charley and the Angel" (1973) Fred MacMurray, Cloris Leachman. (2 hrs.) 40 Andy Griffith 44 Movie: "Night Shift" (1982) Henry Winkler, Michael Keaton. (2 hrs.) BO CNN News ARTS Movie: "Russian Roulette" (1986) Alfred Molina, Gary Cady. (2 hrs.) CNN International Hour DIS Lunch Box DISC Tastes of the World LIFE Duet TMC Movie: 'Betsy's Wedding' (1990) Alan Alda, Madeline Kahn. (1 hr. 35 mins.) USA The Judge (CC) 12:30 C I Love Lucy 4 Challengers B The Bold and the Beautiful (CC) 0 Degrassi High (CC) 40 Dick Van Dyke SO Graham Kerr DIS Music Box DISC Pasquale's Kitchen Express ESPN Sunkist K.I.D.S. LIFE Tracey Ullman USA The Judge (CC) 1:00 C Newhart (CC) 3 Santa Barbara 4 Another World B As the World Turns 7 One Life to Live 5 Wild America (CC) CO Lou Grant CC International Jam 40 Mannix BO Movie: The Bridal Path" (1959) Bill Travers, Bemadette O'Farrell. (2 hrs.) CNN Newsday BIS Hey, Cinderella! DISC Do It for Yourself ESPN USWA Wrestling LIFE Supermarket Sweep MAX Movie: 'Radio Days" (1987) Mia Farrow, Seth Green. (1 hr. 35 mins.) SHOW Movie: "Steel Magnolias' (1989) Sally Field, Dolly Parton. (2 hrs.) TNT Movie: "Gun Glory- (1957) Stvart Granger, Rhonda Fleming. (2 hrs.) USA Chain Reaction 1:15 NBO Movie: "Nickelodeon" (1976) Ryan O'Neal, Burt Reynolds. (2 hrs. 15 mins.) 1:30 C Too Close for Comfort 0 Wild, Wild World of Animals DISC Square Foot Gardening LIFE Shop Til You Drop USA Name That Tune 1:35 TMC Movie: "Repossessed" (.1990) Linda Blair, Ned Beatty. (1 hr. 25 mins.) 2:00 C Silver Spoons (CC) 3 Days of Our Lives (CC) 4 Santa Barbara B Guiding Light 7 General Hospital Wild, Wild World of Animals CO Barnaby Jones CC Spotlight 36 Hart to Hart 40 ALF 44 Weekday ARTS The Fugitive CNN Early Prime DIS Under the Umbrella Tree DISC Mother Nature ESPN Monster Truck Challenge Series LIFE Moonlighting USA Wipeout . 2:30 C Merrie Melodies S Wildlife Safari CC Marilyn MacKay's Autograph 40 Facts of Life 44 Heathcliff CNN Showbiz Today DIS Mouse Factory DISC Wildlife Chronicles ESPN Harness Racing '91 USA Win, Lose or Draw 2:35 MAX Movie: The Bear" (1988) Tcheky Karyo, Jack Wallace. (1 hr. 55 mins.) 3:00 2,40 Peter Pan 4 the Pirates 3 Sally Jessy Raphael 4 Days of Our Lives (CC) B People Are Talking 7 Oprah Winfrey (CC) B MacNeilLehrer NewsHour (CC) CO Cannon C2 Sesame Street (CC) 30 All in the Family 44 Gummi Bears (CC) BB Joan Rivers ARTS The Avengers (CC) CNN The World Today DIS The Raccoons DISC Beyond 2000 ESPN Running 4 Racing LIFE Attitudes SHOW Steve Winwood: Roll With It TMC Movie: "Life Begins for Andy Hardy" (1941) Lewis Stone, Mickey Rooney. (2 hrs.) TNT Giiligan's Island USA Hollywood Squjres 3:30 B Alvin 4 the Chipmunks 3S All In the Family 40 Nlnja Turtles 44 DuckTales (CC) DIS Pound Puppies ESPN Up Close HBO Movie: 'Bad Jim" (1990) James Brolln, Richard Roundtree. (1 hr. 30 mins.) TNT Bugs Bunny USA $25,000 Pyramid 4:00 C Merrie Melodies 3 Donahue 4 Geraldo B Love Connection 7 Donahue 5 Reading Rainbow (CC) CO Hogan's Heroes CC Mister Rogers' Neighborhood (CC) 30 Highway to Heaven (CC) 40 Family Ties 44 Chip N Dale's Rescue Rangers (CC) BO Star Trek: The Next Generation ARTS World of Survival CNN Moneyline DIS Care Bears (CC) DISC Rendezvous ESPN SportsCenter LIFE Movie: "Sworn to Silence" (1987) Peter Coyote, Dabney Coleman. (2 hrs.) SHOW OWLTV USA Press Your Luck 4:30 C Tiny Toon Adventures B Love Connection B Mister Rogers' Neighborhood (CC) 20,40 Charles in Charge CC Reading Rainbow (CC) 44 Tale Spin ARTS Crusade in the Pacific CNN Crossfire DIS Donald Duck Presents DISC World Monitor ESPN Baseball (Live) MAX Movie: 'Defense Play" (1988) David Oliver, Susan Ursitti. (1 hr. 30 mins.) SHOW Heartbreak Winner USA High Rollers 5:00 C Out of This World 3,4,7 News (CC) B News S Sesame Street (CC) 20 A-Team 22 MacNeilLehrer NewsHour (CC) 32 Alles Gute 30 Hawaii Flve-0 40 Who's the Boss? 44 Brady Bunch BO Mr. Belvedere ARTS Prince Charles: A Monarch In Waiting CNN Primenews (CC) DIS Kids, Inc. DISC Blue Revolution HBO Encyclopedia Brown: Boy Detective (CC) TMC Movie: The Rainbow Warrior Conspiracy" (1989) Brad Davis, Jack Thompson. (2 hrs. 30 mins.) TNT Movie: "Kingdom of the Spiders" (1977) William Shatner, Tiffany Boiling. (2 hrs. 5 mins.) USA Just the Ten of Us 5:30 2 Hogan Family (CC) 4 NBC News (CC) B CBS News (CC) 32 Alles Gute 40 Kate 4 Allie 44 Family Ties BO Who's the Boss? DIS Mickey Mouse Club (CC) HBO Movie: "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" (1969) Paul Newman, Robert Redford. (2 hrs.) LATE NIGHT MOVIES 12:00 B "Kiss Me Kate" (1953) Kathryn Grayson, Howard Keel. (2 hrs.) BO "The Rounders" (1965) Glenn Ford, Henry Fonda. (2 hrs.) 12:45 HBO "Friday the 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives" (1986) Thorn Mathews, Jennifer Cooke. (1 hr. 30 mins.) 12:50 MAX "Cobra" (1986) Sylvester Stallone, Brigitte Nielsen. (1 hr. 30 mins.) 1:00 3B "Taras Bulba" (1962) Tony Curtis, Yul Brynner. (3 hrs.) 40 "Marathon Man" (1976) Dustin Hoffman, Laurence Olivier. (3 hrs.) ARTS "Russian Roulette" (1986) Alfred Molina, Gary Cady. (2 hrs.) 1:15 TMC "Keaton's Cop" (1990) Lee Majors, Abe Vigoda. (1 hr. 45 mins.) 1:25 SHOW "Watchers II" (1990) Marc Singer, Tracy Scoggins. (1 hr. 45 mins.) 1:30 44 "Matilda" (1978) Elliott Gould, Robert Mitchum. (1 hr. 45 mins.) 2:00 7 "Slaughter on the Khyber Pass" (1977) Peter Lee Lawrence, Alan Steel. (2 hrs.) BO "East Side, West Side" (1949) Barbara Stanwyck, James Mason. (2 hrs.) 2:20 MAX "A Man for Sale" (1981) Lilll Carati, Mircha Carven. (1 hr. 35 mins.) 2:45 HBO "Quick Change" (1990) Bill Murray, Geena Davis. (1 hr. 30 mins.) 3:00 TMC Touch of Evil" (1958) Charlton Heston, Orson Welles. (1 hr. 50 mins.) USA "Sarah T.: Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic" (1975) Linda Blair, Verna Bloom. (2 hrs.) 3:10 SHOW 'Fright Night Part 2" (1 988) Roddy McDowall, William Ragsdale. (1 hr. 50 mins.) 3:15 44 Trouble Along the Way" (1953) John Wayne, Donna Reed. (1 hr. 45 mins.) 3:55 MAX "Purgatory" (1989) Tanya Roberts, Julie Pop. (1 hr. 35 mins.) 4:00 30 'She" (1983) Sandahl Bergman, David Goss. (2 hrs.) BO "Covered Wagon Raid" (1950) Allan "Rocky" Lane, Eddy Waller. (2 hrs.) 4:15 HBO "Dog Tags" (1990) Clive Wood, Mike Monty. (1 hr. 45 mins.) 4:30 DIS "ft Happens Every Spring" (1949) Ray Milland, Jean Peters. (1 hr. 30 mins.) 4:50 TMC "Repossessed" (1990) Linda Blair, Ned Beatty. (1 hr. 25 mins.) 5:30 MAX "Jakarta" (1986) Christopher Noth, Sue Francis Pai. (1jhr. 35 mins.) (

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