The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 22, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 22, 1934
Page 4
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i'AGli —., .. ,, .,.,, .,. -___ .,__,-„.- . -*-••..*-< \*»ivi\.; v>v/uujJrMv i>i JU\Vt> 450 Fans May Go ToWgnutRJdgelw Bui Downpour Fails To Dampen Spirit; Fair Wcalhcr Promised lly J. I'. I'TllliiNI) All aboard! With final arrangements completed, fair weather promised, anil Hie Blythcville high school Chicks pronounced in thc proverbial "pink" of condition and rarin' to go, everything awaits the conductor to pronounce the words that will set Hie Blstheville Chickasaw "Special" on ils way to Walnut HUgc where the tribe and the Bobcats meet Friday afternoon at sexton Field to decide the football championship of Northeast Arkansas. The klckolf Is scheduled for 2 p.m. I Dc-spilo the downpour that fell al day yesterday more than 275 tick:lh were sold, lUdlo n, David, sponsoi of the special train, reports, indications are that at least V><> fan' will accompany the team, hi- said It is estimated (hut 60 or more students will purchase tickets. According to a dispatch from Walnut Ridge, an entire side of the field is lo be reserved for the local fans. Officials are preparing f 0 i Hie largest crowd in the history of the school. Musi Slop Slar Kadis Whatever chance Hie Maroon and While machine will have of winning ths game will depend-largely how they Hike cnrc of two members of the Uobt'.u eleven. These, Leslie "Slick" Ilalllburtoii, and "Bkect- cr" Kcll, quarterback and halfback, resiKCiiVL'ly, have been.,the mainstays iti the Walnut Ridge successes. Both are small and last. Kcll, u hard running, elusive bail carrier, if ui his peak in open Held, lie twists, spins, turiis,' and does nl- 11(051 every other action to ward off t.icfes. Hallltnntoh, also of the ccl-typ;, dors the major part of the passing ami punting, as well as lugging the.'oral. They arc rated among the best in I lie stale. Kcll was chosen on a mythical second .iJi-slate (cam Just year, it is understood. Grover Kcllcy nnd "Magic toe" Craig, ends, are dangerous forward pass receivers and should bear watching. "Popcyc" HJlburn, center, Is expected to be a good match for J. W. Purllc. Chickasaw snupiwr- back, and one of (lie test riefen- suc linesmen in the state. The Walnut nidge line is reputed to be as large as. the tribal forward wall. Wnrkoul at Armory The Chicks did not let the shower prevent them from taking their workout yesterday. Coaches Carney uislie and James "Ace" Puckett had the boys doing their stulf at the armory. Although they were forced to eliminate the rough stnil, the entire squad worked-up a good sweat running their plays, and jogging around the gy m . Every member of the squad is expected to go, The trios mentors and team will be assigned a coach lo themselves where thcv will not be bothered. The "Spjciai" will leave from thc Insco depot at 8:30 a.m. Tickets will be. available at the station tomorrow morning and may also be secured on the train ,-a other points. The special will stop at Uachvillc, Joncsboro and possibly other points cnroiitc. Tokyo Hails the Honorable Mr. Ruth ack on tliu scnf&s" as they buttled! he vmsity in n sUu scrimmnge in wlay's rain and mud. Jfurlan is napping out a defense against the BlythcviTle speedster and llio Cats xiiect lo keep Mosley In check cliir- ng the championship battle here Friday aflenioon. Out-ur-T»wn Offitials Three former oiitstniidiiiB' colleee tars.Aviiroiliclate during the gainc. luTord Blackburn, su'porintciidcnl f the I'aragoiild scliools, uiui Fiyci-Will Drop No Balis Friday Al Waliiiil Ridai Hoivard Truniiclt, 6'22 W. Asli will fly his six-passenger stinsni monoplane lo Walnut Uirlgc f or tn morrows football game but he dor not expect an Invitation to opci tlic game by tossing in a |,nl| fron among th c clorite. Tlirce years a TO Triitmell. 01 Km of thousands of Japanese welcomed Date ftuth to Tokyo with a frenzy of enthusiasm that sports celebrities a-klom have encountered anywhere m the world. The milling mot, swarmed in the s els ':unminded his car and practically brought it to u standstill. Bate. Is shown ' his wclcomcrs with at right, vocUanusly you live 10,000 years", lie went to Japan as a member of awl \niving hand in reply to their • "Banzai!", which'-mean: S. M. U. Halfback "Na- lJon's Fincsl Ball Carrier" Says Own Mcnlor HV IIAV .MOltlllSON I Hi-ail Coach, Snhtlicrn I University DALLAS, Tex., Nov. 2''.— In sc- te-iinu an alt-star team from the Southwestern Conferi'iice, the easiest proredure is to start with the uauklleld. Give me Hobeii Wilson anil .Harrf Shuford, ot Southern Melh-, and Bill Wallace and Joiinny McCaiiley, of nice, and I'll show you a ImcklK'ld tluit wouldn't have to bow to any quartet in Hie nation. Wilson is the finest hull carrier i in (fie country, bar none! He is the best passer on my team, which spoils writers have dubbed tlio "aerial circus," and is a good punter and safety mini. He tackles surely and can blcc-k surprisingly well with his M7 pounds, As an example of his ability to carry the ball, let's look back lit the Ford ham game. Hobby was in that game for six plays, aim in Winning Plays of 1934. of barnstorming Walnut. II j; (,'oaeh Takes Kole Of MosJey, Chick Star, In IVaclicc WALNUT RIDGE. Nov.. 21, (Spe- lal lo Courier)—Wearing u jersey wllli the iwii'ue "Mosley" printe port, who did his [onlbull playing nt Arkansas College, will umpire; Chaplain of linbodcn. a ......... *• "•"•"- »i,,jn.j IJIIILI^U n,i:,i,iii una|>iain ot linooticn ' >n both the iroiii and hack .sides, Hendrix man, will be licud lines ' ., 3onch W. !'. Ilarlan ran at half- man. Spurts Kllidir lo Atlenil Clyde Dew, managing .editor ot the Arkansas dandle, has advised J. L. Bland, publisher of the Times Dispatch, tlmt he wilt send Ben Epstein, spoils editor of the Gazette, lo Walnul Ridge to cover the game. lie will look over all-slate prospects on both the Blythcville and Walnul. Ridge teams. Every cur and store window in town carries a sign, "Crush ihe Chicks," and "Beat Blylhcvllle," --<j- ^^..^u.j, mm. lv t-oni.n.i, itiiii IMJ;IL iiiylllCVULC orniCT University of Arkansas star, I The "execution" of the Clilcks starts -'iU referee; James Carvcll of New-fat a p.m. • By j Harry Gray son NEW YOtlK.—It is a strange wist of fate tiiat ships Stanley larrls back lo his old berth ill Vaslilngton, where the managerial issignment tlgures to be much less iltTicult than it was for him in )ither Detroit or Boston. Stranger things have happened u baseball (ban Harris, who guided the Senators to their first two )c;inaiits in 1024 and 1025, steering .hem to antother 10 years later. Of thc two clubs that won the najor league flags in 1933, the Senators appeared much more for- uidablc as repeaters than thc Giants. Detroit might have beaten >ut Washington during the sea- QII even though, the Clark Griffith -Wry had been at full strength hroiighout, but thc fact remains that, the defending titlcholdcrs were torn apart by an unprecedented series of Injuries. Had the Washington club regained intact, there would' have seen little likelihood o[ it cnllips- "12 in the stretch as did HID Gl- rr.illing Slalerial (ialarr 'Iho Senators must bav:> Holiand Cagers Deal Steele Double Ddeat STliULK, Mo.—The Sleele Bulldogs lost both games played with Holland Tuesday night on tiic lu- cal court. In the girls game the score was 1 lo 47 In " favor ol Holland. Jimnila Edwards of Holland was high point scorer. In the- boys game Hie score it-its 24 to 11 in favor of Holland. The Cooler Wildcats will play Sicclc on the local court Friday night. At that time the. queen of Steele Basketball will be 'crowned. Jonesboro Route Is Best to WalnuURi the lime. runner, n those six plays carried 'the ball - i"™ times and scored two touch- baseball players. | downs. — llc !s an All-America back if there ever was one! Slmford is the best blocking icr; in this .section, a line IJML-- uaslier, a jam-up ejcfcujsire man, .".net smart enough that he called -signals for the Mustangs most, ot LIMOBER To KlCIlT, WHl^L^ - VftBn' "To is another reat ball eel-hipped , carrier, a passer and punier. Both' lie iVilson are excellent «iiss rc- cr-n'crs. What a pair they would make, in one. backflcld! McCaiiley Is' a heady field I lie Ohio State game, Mike Tobin, the publicist, suggested that it be called the Flying Trapeae. Tlic name stuck. 11, probably the best defensive back in u,c southwest, a smart Bail carrier and also a deadly pass receiver. * » * line Comes Ihe l,im : Now, we need a strong line lo .JSZJZJSZ-A'S STWCStSS-' I re-crossed the line of scriniuri»e Hie play brought, Zupnke's ,-, n mul I and returned deep into his mvn its second and winning touchdown! backficld in the second quarter of the bat- Takinc n,,, i tie with the mighty Buckeyes. .-I, !C> " 5 IiUcral !ronl Biipko's" developed a running Llhfll)el S- Beynon turned, looked version of this maneuver which I',"?,"".' 1 ' " Jok "''»• "nd dropped the. •ball into the arms of dene Dyk- •ight end, who jnadc nn easy ill the end /.one for the 36- ocJist. ,,-', and it's good to see him remaining in Uie league. * • » I'ltllc Nn. 2 at Stanford Locker room enthusiasts are scratching their iicads and trying to figure out how Lawson Little, British uiul .if. s. amatcilr Igolf champion, could do no better than get the No. 2 position on Stanford University's golf team. Little, unquestionably Ibe world's No. 1 amateur, was relegated to second position on the Cardiniijl team when he was soundly trounced by one Tommy Dwycr, 1 and 5,1 in the- piny for positions. j H was an oft day for Uttlc, something like thc one he experienced last summer after returning from Europe when he shot an 83 in the National Opsn. The case strikingly Illustrates the. vagaries of the royal and ancient game, and accentuates Robert Tyre Jones' grand slam, and dual victories like llic ones Little turned in this year. Sliacl'Ier Meets Kandie; Williams. r n rp i i i o lac.klc The best motor route to Walnut Ridge tomorroW'for those who go, in cars instead of on the special train i: ' understood. ; 0 [f The trip can be made either by'' Starting Phil the ends, there Sanger, of Texas,, and , , Mnra Stewart, of Souilicrn Mcth- are hard t o get off their '- r o get off the r ° f JonCSbOT0 ' il is K«/. Stewart hasn't been blocked the way of Paragotild or Johesboro but the latter route is reported to be in the best shape. The distance Is about 1)5 miles. On thc ParagouUI route it Is necessary to traverse a "fill" being built through the cache River bottoms where bridge construction is underway. The road is difficult to negotiate during rainy weather: Woman Held Master's License EAST WEYMOUTH, Mass. CUP) -Mrs. Jennie Crocker, widow of a veteran retired sea capiahi who died recently, is believer the only woman who holds, a master's license to sail ships on all oceans. , Jack Chpvigny is the greatest • J--.. ~..J^ I.] v,u; 51 ^lliuM. J-'iig he ever has seen, has either «oth are adept at catching forward passes. Both have cleverness and fight. The tackle position fall to I'n- »>° Miller, of RI CC , am , "^ Carter, of Southern Methodist. Both arc over six feet and tip «e beam above 200 pounds, earlier is i| lc best blocking tackle I hii^e seen this season. " r suarcls. Ironmnn Welsel of hern Methodist, stands head shoulders above any other M" in this section, and Red c o Rice is close behind him. ; cl lias cvrcvlhhio .. . He's Champion Corn Husker Speedy ShacfTor ot East SI. l/iuis. III. lakes on Ed Kanthc, Cicrnian *lr»n2 man, in the feature two uost o[ their bud luck out of Ihi-ir * lr »»3 man, in the feature two systems in l!»l. and lev, t>[ tlic ""' "latch on Monday night's inriViV V"'". " w "«"»-ii. on a remaining psnnanl-jwUicrers nf I lvlx ' slI '"R card at the armory. oarnstorm n g tour, was at Walnut ISM have outlived their nst-fiilnrs-, I J " "^ preliminary Kmil Firpo, niclce u-ni^n urilr.,,1 r>jj__ , • .>,.[ . ^ . . ' Eidge when Walnut Ridge ....... Ho\ie met to settls differences''^!) the gridiron. Somebody suggested that ft- would lend a touch an:l n vv i|| i,^ intor,-Qii,, i n • , " ""' " 1 h oV color Griffith ami"llards."hoth David Hanun?. rchuiUl the- oullit Thrv ran be cnmucd upon to make few mis- lakes, and have trading material "-'-- usually manage.'; to steal the IVM\ from thc principals, will -obably iiavc his hands-full 'in the •rson of one Scotty WilHams. of anisvilic, Ky. Tlicy are tlowa tor i MI hour or less, two out of three to the affair ;[ Trunnetl would drop the ball onto th c Held al llu openini! ol the. B amc. So up h-PTi'^' , '• (a!ls , with the pipkin but unforlj,.,,"" 11 '^'.'.'-'^..... 5 ," 11 "!': 1 :" WO ™L Kanlhe appeared here this week In llir- role of winner, defeating HiilTalo Joe, alleged Indian bad man. I-'irpo also was on the card. -•- ...*,, t i,i, ^'^^^LN out iiiiior-i miatcly lie misjudged his height or] strong, and whcii hr drnppLl *hc ball it sailed away on the gat" far bejond the; birders of tlio fieH To rnaks mittcr, worsr it vas thc oii- ly new bail available for thc fracas. , .Accompanying Trunnrll t n Walnut Kldgt tomoirou _ih i, r n p Kirshncr, va o will (akc a mollnii Dicluie camcr-i in the hop" of getting some bird vesc pic! nes n' the game. B B Gee Matt ScrnuM and IKL-slhly liibscll Phtlh|)5 and D-n Wilson Stewart. Monte Weaver, .lark Rus- Ejli, Al Thomas. Alex McColl. Khnc Urcani Uistbratcd Ncik lo . ull Martin on a foul but , A " " f -ors who wiU work L-iry; and outrieldcrs as ac compllshed as Hfliilc Mamisli. Schulle, Jomitlian Stone and i)\v- Harris. The hitUng avid dash and five ol Joe Cronin will be missed, but Ury may do. sandwiched, in between ! Mycr and .Travis or Ulueae. [lers to show here while Sliacffcr Has shown a willingness to parlicl- l«tr in the rougher forms of Ihe -A stirtluig dream . in ihe neck Awakened by a pain how 16 nances Hunt, his luck along .. a nlghtlnare she fprlng and the her head and was nnablc Harris, given a i ro '" r " I<J ll) notm-U |x«illon.]jlanc!s an exccllei A phisician Informed her she Uig the Junior Ic z wtebra I Bucky is that ut regardl this line e', Its or of chance of I'HtLADEljPHtA, Pa. (UP)— All °!d visitor to the port of Philadelphia in the last, docked here again recently hut, .not ui Hie role of a irclghtcr as before. The Commercial Traveler, as she was knoivn lh;n, arrived all dressed up as a member of the Colombian Navy nnd il," , a :. nc . w '«"":—Cucula.' Tills naval vessel from nation 1 nv Aitv KI;I-;N/, NliA Scrvic-i- S]lur(s Artist IJob Xuppkc created the must spictac'nlai- play ot the football icasnii now drawing to a close. While a group close to fllinois day or two before blocked and come out of "The p,ay carried perfect . • *« *•**»- • 'H'iL, wiun- cd, and threw a 25-yard lateral to Co-Caplaiii Jack Beynon, quarler- back. "Whal was Ohio State duiil this lime:'" asked Kyle Ancfi Chicago scout. "Probably worked against Northwestern. "llnofs put the bull In play on Ohio State's 30-Yard line, and six n:f-n, including the center, ' Read Courier "Newa Want, it Phone 777 At . Night — Sunday— AnyflJ Fur Quirk and Dcjicndajl died the ball. A triple lateral, the! last of which was onirof'25 yards. 1 preceded a long forward pass into ! thc end zone. Joiinny Theodore, fullback, took the ball from El Sayre, center, and failed a buck. Just before ho j of scrimmage, I lateral to Co- j - Cnptain Charley Bennis, left guard, ; Wrecker Service! Phillips Motor Co]| reached the line Theodore tossed a ." Now . totaled al !{» North"'"Second'' ' ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON l-DWAIiI)S, Propriety All makes of rebuilt Typewriters, Adding Machines and CalculaJj Hcpairing—I'arls—Ribbons Jarre,, Lcsle| . of T( , MS ^^ F fill i" 'J" 1 *' 1 ' 1 ' "'"S'liBlician, Is I "• "eel 4 inches tail ,i n , t weighs 220 |»unds He ,, i , m n cs hLs buf^h .0 pousc of a panther, fie gets 'te thfo^iea'- 8n ' nB ' Klicvc '« Team On,,,,, ,.„„ T C , thiS clllb 1>acks ««"•'! nn n"" 11 am Brnatncss n llK '' '"'""Ination of , lbc • W)l '»i«'c*l, allhoiigh C °" tran> Bonn f fop „ R , c;lt HiHiard. n, ,'"""' Ln , " o te 1 V;' Cant 1), r ' " ' crcil ^ 'l'L '»«» -season Cko ™ 5alni: BOC.S for J ' Mk '' cara ' ! 'I'' .l 'i cr; A jouug Minnesota farmer Is th9 world's chatnplcn corn husker. Ted Balko, 29. above, of Red. ivoort FallF. nipjx-ri ^0.7 bushels of.corn against the bansboards in SI) minute? la aimcs Llio crown. The national championship cohtcst w,ia held ucar Fair- mom. Minn., with a crowd of SO.OOO following Hie coairctllors. Ealko bad placed jecoad. third, fourth and fifth In previous attempts at th* title, who uTir nosed Pghl for ,,o,™,: r " "'"' Gror St ' lm llnll " ! Kline. Ralph Soithci l - acks; White Bacons. femilli. Sotithen, JfrlhodLsl a , Ck 0la i>T«« end; Ai- hnwn. Sffiuhcrn Methodist n ,,d Peicy Arthur. Rice S: iti!;cr, .Vtllrr, I'liOM SOUTHWKST FIRST TEAJ1 Texas L.U. ..I..T. Jirlsel, .SiMithrlu Methodist . ..u.u, Lrstrr, Tt x .,. s fliriilian ir, f'ailtr, Smilhcrn Mclhoilist .K.T. filcwnri, Knnlhnn AIclhodKl -Mi-faulty, like <).U Wil>on, .Soiillimi .tledtodisl M'allace, Kite -H.B Sliufcrd, Southern Mcthoiltst F.B Foe Men Who Want Oualil) Wo have just rcteivcd a new .shipment of thc.s iwpularuiils in blues «ml grey.s. Materials an Worsteds and Knskbl Waive*. \V C rion't hcliev Uicru is H bctloi- suit anywhere at the price Se them now while thc line is sfili cotii[)lele. J lyric I SUITS We Arc Conliiuiiiiji; Our Siiic nj " ( or Park UillSuils - SIH.50 Hm.1 Your VwA Troubles With Holm Nu-Alalii: Slices (\ si' iiiiirr iulr tlial prnlrcts .(be faitt and inalirs H'ulliinj; easy. 6' Bosloiiiau Shoes $7.45 tunl J:le-aili|uurleio- for Hc-sislol Swc H»is, Hornn- bV iuegel Slurls. Soeiely Uraiul Sails

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