Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 19, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1891
Page 5
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4-V If you have a cold Call and get a sample bottle of Mneapple Cough Syrup, at 9c. Cwnbiwd wilh Petroleum Jelly Forth* euro of aorc lipa Chapped hands and facc^unburnei: CAMPHOR ICE For Chapped Hands, Face and Lips. made by Colgate & Co. The Grand Bazaar, FREE READING ROOM, .; -Open Daily and Evening, 321 Pearl Street. • Welcome to All. MONEY TO LOAN, B any mm »t the LOWEST rtam trlvute fnnfli only. Money always lii hftud. H o rert tape or delay. Interest and principal payable lii Log«u»- yori. Special arrangements as to poynwnt i.f principal and interact, made to unit the wlehftd r,l borrower. For further particulars apply to Fred W. Munson, On Mondays, Fridays or Saturdays. 214 roarth street, opposite Court House. MONEY, Qeneral Insurance and Lo&nl. All kinds ot In. .uranoeplBOodln arst class companies. Budow men* policies pnrohnsed, BondB ot enrety*i written lor perties holding poaltleno of tn;»i •her* a bond IB required. • 319 PEARJL ST. S. M. Closso n MONEY TO LOAN! And Notes Bought In any sum over 425 at lowest " '" rates. Large amounts 6 per cent. GEO.B.FORGY. <Jecl3d*w8m Daily Journal. THURSDAY MORNING, FEB. 19. Officer ; Kleckner is off duty on account of illness. First,class..drama, --Held by the Enemy"-at-the.opera house to-night. . -Fred Six went to Columbus, 0., .yesterday on a few weeks visit with i: friends. ' . U. A. Losey and wife have returned from a two. month's visit with relatives at XeniaO. . One-hundred dozen kid gloves at 53 -cents a pair; cheap v at 98 cents, at the Trade Palace to-day. «5 R»member, to-morrow noon is the last time, so come and buy to-day and "share in Harcy Frank's$125liberality. ' Ladies underwear at great bargains in chemise, drawers, skirts, corset covers and night dresses, at the Trade Palace. Just received at Barnett's chop house fresh lobsters, fresh shrimps, little neck clams, shell oysters and frog legs. A china dinner set, silver -watch, marble top center table and 22 steel engravings, goes to Harry Frank's . patrons to-morrow afternoon. ' : New Orleans Picayune, Feb. 12th: '•-Mr; Harry Frank, jr, a prominent 'merchant of Logansport, Ind,, is in the city to spend a few weeks." 1 • If competitors -will read our adver- • •• ment they will notice we have discard- ; ed home-made flour for better quality, --.•:and"by so doing are now able to name : ; 'i a better price, $2.20 per hundred.—M. McCaffrey'&Co. ; -.-". 'McCaffrey & Co. experience a won';;.: derful increase of'-trade-yesterday.. It '''•' -seems that the public "is fully conscious '•"•of the great benefit they receive by 'buying at headquarters. The cut price on..hams seemj to startle .many. while our .prices on sugar, and likewise', on flour, are truly amazing. 'We make no :l twA:idays sale; we.don't limit the time, -prome everybody, plenty for alL"—-McCaffrey &-Co. .: Dr. G. N. Fitch is lying quite ill at his home, corner of Seventh and Market streets. John G. Krattlc, a former Logaus- porter, now a. resident of Knox, Ind., was in the city yesterday. Snow Ball flour is the whitest, strongest, and most wholesome flour sold in this city. Price, *2.20.—McCafl'reyVt Co. See the new towels, napkins and linen crashes, now at cut prices; §1.25 bed spreads, 75 cents, at the Trade Palace. Miss Gertie Tously has issued invitations for a masquerade party at her home on East High street 1'riday evening. The. funeral of Mrs. Jacob Herx. will be held from the residence oa Broadway, at 10 o'clock to-morrow morning. "The proof of the pudding is the eating of it," 40,000 pounds was the sale of Snow Ball flour since February first last.—M. McCaffrey & Co. Judge Burson gave a hearing to the injunction suit ofE. H. Shirk etal. vs. the city, being a suit to enjoin the sale of tha old canal bed for taxes, last evening and will render bis decision this morning.. E ft. Cunningham, the hustling cracker salesman, of Chicago, was a late arrival at the Murdock last night, He will proceed to-day to supply the local trade with his justly famous brand of "biscuits." The funeral of E. J. Hamilton was very largely attended by the Odd - Fellows and Daughters of Rebeccah and Canton yesterday, the funeral train to Royal Center being well fulled* The Military band accompanied the cortege. Charley Longwell, whose success with his late city directory is a matter of history, is going to gei out a directory for the convenience of the citizens of Kokomo. Will Small went over to the city by the creek yesterday to work the thing up. Simply wonderful.was the increase in McCaffrey & Co's trade yesterday, two extra wagons and five . extra men were employed, and still many people were not waited on. Should this increase of trade continue, McCaffrey & Co. will enlarge their force double. A Demorest medal contest will take place at Good Templar's Hall, over First National Bank, Monday evening, February 28d. An elegant silver medal to be given for the best temperance declamation. Admission 25 and 15. cents. feblQdSt Rev. T. D. Butler, of Pittsburg, Pa. one of the foremost ministers of the Christian Church, will speak this evening in the Christian church, services beginning at 7:30. A cordial invitation.is extended to all to come and'hearhim. Architect James Rhodes has completed the plans for the English Lu- theran'Church, which will soon give place to t.hepresentinadequate church edifice on the Point. From a view of this design it is seen that the new building will be one of the handsomest churches in. the city. THE EVIDENCE ALL IN. Tlic DcfcUNe Conclude* the Evidence lu tile Harvey ITfurdcr CoKe. j Purify you blood. Build up your nerves. Restore your strength, Renew your appetite, Cure scrofula, salt rheum. Dyspepsia, sick headache, Catarrh, rheumatism or malaria- Take Hoods Sarsaparilla, 100 doses one dollar, 7 Tbe Reason. It is said that we cannot buy the flour that we once used to fill our Snow Bali sacks. It is true we do not; we did not for some time while we could. The quality grew poor and the price was high. Our pink sacks now contain a better .quality of flour to which hundreds of people attest daily. Price now $2.20 per hundred. MCCAFFREY & CO. Gratifying 10 All. The high position attained and the universal acceptance and approval of 'the pleasant liquid fruit remedy Syrup of Figs, as the most excellent laxative known, illustrate the' value of the qualities on which its success is based and'are abundantly gratifying to the California Fig Syrup Company. - Croup. ' No remedy acts quicker than Pineapple Syrup. Try it. Sample bottles free at J. F. Coulson & Co's. . to22 The Jury Will Jloiv Lir-len to tli«^ Lawyer* .Expound the Lu\v j in the Case. • i ; • i- Willai-d Harvey, the defendant, was the last witness introduced by the defense in the Harvey murder case yesterday and his evidence was finished about 4 o'clock. Willard's story of the killing of Samuel McClosky was presented in a straightforward manner which the defense fondly believes produced a good effect on the jury. lie testified that while the levy on the lumber was being carried out he was some little distance from his brother John Harvey who was keeping account of the number of feet selected by the constable and that he was attracted by the violent language being used by his brother and Sam McClosky and seeing McClosky rush toward his brother with a club and the two clinch for a struggle he believed his brother to bo in danger and picking up a strip of lumber struck McClosky over the head scarcely realizing what he was doing. He acted on the spur of the moment and did not realize that he was striking so hard. His impulse was to protect his brother and he acted unconscious of the consequences. The defense introduced a large number of well known citizens of Royal Center and Boone township who testified favorably for the previous reputatation of the defendaat as concerns peace and quietude. Among these witnesses were Wm. J. Cramer, . Walters, Esquire J. J. Glraves, Attorney Frank Kistler, Clerk Bliss, Jacob Hoffman, W. C. Thomas, W. H. Baer, George Kinler, John Hoover, James Fry and Samuel Williamson. The evidence of Constable Hoover who was engaged in. making a levy on the lumber to satisfy the judgement given in favor of Sheets at the time of the fatal encounter was mainly a repetition of what has already been given. He said that McClosky interfered with, the proceedings, saying that the writ should not be served; McClosky seized a whip which was in Sheet's hand and threatened to break his head; witness told him that he would have to arrest him if he did not quiet down. ' Martin Con a testified' that he-was at the mill on the morning the Harvey! came after some shingles to satisfy their claim; McClosky refused to allow the shingles to be taken. McClosky had several clubs made which he threw down in front of Marshall and told him not to let anybody come on the lumber yard. Witness is a cousin of Hiram Harvey. Frank George was recalled; testified that he saw Tillman Frye whittling out a club at the mill in the morning; such sticks might be used as standards for a wagon, but did not see them used'as such: heard Andrew Winkle- bleck tell McClosky at train in the morning to go ahead and run -the mill and protect the property, that he was going to Chicago to bring Henry Win- klebleck back; heard McClosky say afterward that the first • person who' came to the mill to disturb the lumber would get hurt. Witness is slightly related to the Harveys. Thomas Sheets testified that he got out a writ of attachment against Henry Winklebleck's property and securing Constable Hover to serve the same and John Harvey to compute the. lumber went to the mill; McClosky ordered me out of mill yard; I told him we had conae' on business and would attend to it. McClosky grabbed a whip from my hand and said if I did not get out he would break my head. I told the constable to arrest him. Hoover quieted him down. We went about levying on the lumber. I' heard some one cry out and going around saw ' .McClosky striking at John Harvey; did not see Willard hit McClosky; must have hit him before I came around the lumber pile. Witness identified the club McClosky had in his hand when he approached John Harvey and said he picked it up afterward and marked it and afterward turned it over to Judge Dykeman. John Harvey,, brother or the defendant testified that he heard McClosky say that he heard Hi Harvey swear to a lie; witness replied "That's a lie!'.' he started toward me with a club in an angry manner; two of the men stepped up to stop him but he kept right on; I was putting, down some figures and looked up and saw Harvey almost upon me. I stooped arid clinched him; his blow went over my head and he tried to strike me again. McClosky had been friendly with me and as far as I know with Willard; did not see Willard strike' him. The defendant was then put on the stand to testify in his own behalf. His testimony is given above. With this the defense rested the case. , The argument will bebegun this morning at- nine o'clock, opened by D. H. Chase for the State. Prosecutor McGreevy will make the-closing argument. For the defense M.. D. Fancier will open, followed by M. Winfield and closed by J. C. Nelson. Dykeman will not talk. The ANNL-iubly Pnrk Plan Adopted.' I : At the meeting of the city council last night the park question was happily settled. By the unanimous voice of the council the plan submitted by the Trades and Labor Assembly were adopted and the assembly was given permission to carry out the work of improvement as designed, the work to be done under the supervision of the city park committee and the civil engineer, but as this committee reported favorably on the plans last night and recommended their adoption it is not . likely that Wsldon Webster's pretty plan will be materially modified, The council is to be commended for its action in this important matter and it is hoped the Trades Assembly will be able to do. all they promise in the beautiJication of the city's barren park site. The Assembly is to be congratulated on the successful issue of the project in whose behalf it has labored so long and so earnestly. It must be pleasing to the body to know that the completion of its plan will stand as a lasting monument to the memory of a powerful industrial union. In giving honor to whom honor is due the untiring and unremitting labor of Mr. Webster, the designer and projector of the Park plan must be recognized in this connection. It is largely through Mr. Webster's efforts that the matter has been brought to its present favorable stage, as it required his persistent and enthusiastic agitation of the plan, which had its creation in his own fertile brain, to bring to its support the substantial offerings ot the people whose earnest advocacy of the plan has resulted in its adoption by the city. The Journal congratulates Mr. Webster. I>o)ati <fc Iwomey notified competition last evening that they had their war paint on and the feathers were flying. We said then we had (lour equal to McCaffrey's for $2 per 100 pounds. We also say that we will continue our deal longer than two days, and say now, that we will make it indefinite, particularly for all our old customers. We invite them back, and that early, for the purpose of getting goods cheap. Now is your time to buy. Twenty pounds of granuluted sugar for §1. Five thousand pounds of Hour, outside brand, like McCaffrey's, p. Five thousand pounds best sugar- cui-ed hams, any size, 8 cents. Very best full 3-pound can tomatoes, 8i cents. Golden drip syrup, sold everywhere at 60 cents per gallon, 35 cents. Star tobacco, per pound. 38 cents. Arbuckle coffee, per pound, 25 cents. Tbe best table peaches, Baltimore brand, 18 cents. All our home fancy brands of flour, $2.30. We have not space to enumerate all but hope when you call to be able to please you. These are hard times, and we would advise you to spend your money where you get the bargain. If 20 pounds of granulated sugar is not enough, all .you have to say is that you want more. DOLAX & TWOMEY. A Card. Since the papers announced that 1 was^going south, numerous friends have asked a good many questions in regard to my purposes for the future. As a partial answer to these questions I wish to say that too close application to business has reduced my health and strength to a point where it is imperative that I take rest and change of climate. This I do in the hope that in the near future I may'be able to resume the practice of my profession, and to be with.my friends in Logansport and vicinity again. I have not disposed of my business interests here.. Having associated myself again in business with my father, Dr. D. L. Overholser, the business of the office will be carried on-by him in my absence. He is no stranger in this community, hence it is scarcely necessary for me to say to my'friends needing dental services that if they entrust themselves into his hands they will be well served. FRANK OVEKHOLSEK. Logansport, Ind,, Feb. IS, 1891. * For !«alc. The two farms formerly owned by Robert McMillen, deceased, situated in Noble township, the one, one mile and the other two miles northwest of Logansport. Terms reasonable. For particulars inquire of R. M. McMillen on the premises. R. M. McMiiLEN, W. S. STEWART, Executors, febld-ltltnw 'TO 1 . CLOTH TOP SHOES. j CLOTH Cops are again being accorded a considerable degree of popularity \ in both men's and women's goods. Cloth is superior to leather in every way jj except durability, and ever, in that it holds its own in some case-> as against % some of the leather used for tops. Cloth is the best material for hoe tops-in ^> the case of persons whose feet have a tendency to perspire freely,as tho surplus-^ heat of the foot as well as its moisture is allowed to radiate and transpire ^ thruiigh the meshes of the textile fabric much more readily than though the ^ leather. Good cloth is not materially affected by moisture, and ej>ccl3 leather' tf-j used for toppings in resisting its attacks. Cloth does nof crack, scale, turn red! sj or grow stiff and chafe the wearer. It is more comfortable and smooth Citing- than leather. It makes a handsome effect by contrast whe'n used with leather- vamp. It is more '-dressy," and, in fact, as we said at the outset, better tot-^ toppings than the leather generally used in every way. providing a fir quality of cloth is employed. There :xre cloth fabrics sold for shoe tops are not desi.able, just as there are [kinds of leather used for shoe soles that are not desirable; some being cheap and poor quality, for use in cheap shoes;, and some being fine quality and intended more for appearance than wear There is a grade of cloth for every grade of shoe. and. the best grades are-marG expensive than fine leather. The patterns vary from plain black to- Jancy' figured. - OTTO KEAUS SMOKED MEAT Of this Brand will be found Select Goods: Slaughtered and Cuied by W. C. ROUTE, Logansport Ind. For SaleQbv Leading.Dealers. <*; TRY FREEMAN'S " HIAWATHA," The Latest Thing out in Perfume. Freeman's PinK, White ana Brunette Face powder/J FOR SALE BY " ' ' : H, C. PUR CELL, Druggist, 418 Market Street. Thii is what you. ought to have, in fact, you must have it, to fully enjoy life. Thousands are searching for it daily, and mourning-because they^find it cot. Thousands upon thousands of dollars are spent annually by our people in the hope that they can obtain this boon. And yet it may he had by all. We guarantee that Electric Bitters, if, used according to directions and the j use persisted in, will bring you Good Digestion and oust the demon Dyspepsia and install instead Eupepsy. We recommend Electric Bitters for Dyspepsia 'and 1 all diseases of Liver, Stomach and Kidneys. Sold at 50c. and §1.00 per bottle by B. F. Keesling Druggist. t-o'22 Worth UN TVeiffht In Gold. If a price cau be placed 'on pain, "Mother's Friend" is worth its weight in gold as an alleviator. My wife suffered more in ten minutes with either of her other two children than she did all together with her last, having previously used four bottles of ' -Mother's Friend," It is a blessing to anyone expecting to become a. \ mother, says a cusomer of mine. | HEXDEHSO.Y DALE, Druggist. I Carmi, Illinois. | Write tie Bradfield Regulator Co.. | Atlanta, Ga., for further particulars, j Sold by Ben. Fisher & Co. to22 j Cumberland Presbyterian BcYlval. i The work is growing deeper and | wider, and souls are being convicted j and converted. This evening Rev. Mr. j Sheldrake will have for his I subject --The Devil and his Work; who he is. and where he come from." Services at 7:30 o'clock His JJfe Spared PINE BLUFF, Ark., Feb^lS — tft>verao*S Eagle has commuted ,the:dealh sentence! of Gharles ,Stewart, _.yr,h.o was to , hanged here Friday' 'to twenty-oaf* years'imprisonment.'' '""'" jSTervoua debility,, poor memory, diffidence, sexual'weakness,, pimples cured by Dr. Miles' Nervine. Samples free at B. F. Keesling's. . (0) ENJOYS Both the method and results it— ^.,, Syrnp of Figs is taken; it is pleasant^ and refreshing to the "taste, and act«!j gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, v" Liver and Bowels, cleanses the — ' tern effectually, dispels colds, 1 aches and 4 fevers and cures habitual? constipation. Syrup of.Figs is,tht only remedy of its -kind ever pro s duced, pleasing to the taste and ac-; ceptable to the stomach, prompt In; its action and truly; beneficial in its effects,- prepared only, from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it. to all and 'have made it the'most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale and $1 bottles by all leading drug-j gists." -'.^Any reliable druggist v^"' may npfejbkye it on hand will pi cure it promptly for .any one wi wishes to try it. v Do not accept ai 'substitute." : 'L -•' < CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CQ SAN FRAHC1SCO. CAL LOUISVILLE, KY. "<HE\HYORK,H,t For sale byB'F. Keesling wd an irogglsts ^ '. $

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